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MilitaryCupid Review

MilitaryCupid Review
About Site
Active Audience 50%
Quality Matches 71%
Popular Age 29-36
Profiles 40 000
Reply Rate 97%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 5.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • On MilitaryCupid, all the members are verified with the help of their ID cards.
  • The website provides an advanced search option.
  • There are several premium membership plans.
  • Top-notch encryption of users’ profiles.
  • For those who do not know how to navigate the site, MilitaryCupid offers step-by-step instructions.
  • Messaging is possible even between free and fee-based members of MilitaryCupid.
  • On MilitaryCupid, greater opportunities require more expensive membership.
  • There are too few features related to the military sphere. The percentage of civilians is much higher.
  • The price for some features is higher as compared to similar dating services.
  • On MilitaryCupid, only premium subscribers can specify their hobbies and interests.
  • Only Android users can download the MilitaryCupid application.

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MilitaryCupid is an online dating website designed primarily for military people who serve in the army or fleet. The primary aim is to find matches for single military personnel. The MilitaryCupid review underlines that it caters to the needs of men and women, equally. For military women, it is even more difficult to develop relationships with someone. In the majority of cases, they are looking for their love among service members.

MilitaryCupid belongs to Cupid Media Group’s websites, which started its existence in 1999. After they launched this project, the company commenced developing more narrow-oriented platforms for different categories of people. Single military men and women appeared among them. Thus, in 2006, they launched the MilitaryCupid dating website, which is still functioning.

Nowadays, the number of registered members at MilitaryCupid reaches one million people from all over the world. However, the majority of them (450,000) are residents of the United States. MilitaryCupid offers many features, which make it attractive to its visitors. Even free membership allows you to look for matches that are available on the platform. There are two premium options (Gold and Platinum). Each of them offers its peculiarities, which depends on one’s needs. Not only service members are active here. People of different occupations are glad to join MilitaryCupid and find a dream partner.

Can I Translate MilitaryCupid in My Native Language?

On MilitaryCupid, there are three languages: English, Spanish, and German. They cover almost the whole of Europe, the Americas, and Australia. In such a way, the geography of the website is more than extensive. However, the majority of visitors speak English here.

Owners of MilitaryCupid

As it was mentioned above, the MilitaryCupid website belongs to Cupid Media.

The Location of MilitaryCupid’s Main Office

The main office of MilitaryCupid is located in Queensland, Australia. That is why when someone wants to call the support team, it is necessary to consider local time.

The Date When MilitaryCupid Was Founded

The MilitaryCupid website is a part of Cupid Media, which runs approximately 30 platforms with a similar interface. The main difference is that all of them are meant for different audiences. MilitaryCupid was launched in 2006. Since then, it has managed to host approximately one million users throughout the world.

Countries That Have Access to MilitaryCupid

You can access the MilitaryCupid website irrespective of the country you reside in. The main requirement will be to understand one of the three languages offered by the service (English, Spanish, or German).

Minimum Age to Get Registered on MilitaryCupid

The MilitaryCupid website follows all the requirements established for the dating industry. That is why they do not accept members younger than 18 years old. To verify the age of visitors, the MilitaryCupid conducts ID verification, which is the most effective means to solve this issue.

The Availability of a Desktop Version

Primarily, MilitaryCupid was designed as a desktop version. Later, the company asked to develop an application for smartphones. People can download it from Google Play Market only. There are no significant differences between desktop and mobile versions: they are almost equivalent. However, the website is more convenient because it does not spoil the quality of avatars.

The Number of MilitaryCupid Members Worldwide

MilitaryCupid’s community is continually increasing. The official website claims that, nowadays, approximately one million civilians and military men and women comprise the membership. In the previous year, the number was three hundred thousand less. It underlines the fast rise of the site’s popularity among single people.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

The MilitaryCupid website has managed to combine such features as simplicity and high usability. It is very straightforward and does not offer more than needed. Also, it helps newcomers register by providing step-by-step recommendations on what to do next. Such an approach significantly increases customers’ loyalty and their stay at the platform. All the fonts are readable to facilitate navigation. It will not be an exaggeration to name the website user-friendly. There is a translation feature for those who cannot find his or her native language, but it is fee-based.

Search Engines Compatible With MilitaryCupid

All the known browsers support MilitaryCupid. Thus, to access the site, it will be enough to open a browser — Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Yahoo, etc.

The Camera Function on MilitaryCupid

Video camera, either on your laptop or smartphone, may be used while browsing the MilitaryCupid, military dating sites. It is needed for live chats and video calls. Keep in mind that only Platinum subscribers can avail of it. Thus, it costs some money.

Special Features

Special Features

The MilitaryCupid website has many distinguishing features; they are as follows:

  • There are two types of paid membership (Gold and Platinum).
  • All the profiles are verified. Thus, scammers are a rare phenomenon.
  • When someone buys Platinum membership, they obtain the translation tool. It facilitates communication between the representatives of different countries.
  • On MilitaryCupid, it is possible to use an advanced search to narrow down the results.
  • People can purchase a video chat feature.
  • One can add new information to the profile to make it more attractive.

Working Principles of the Website

All the users are provided with advanced search, which guarantees faster and more accurate suggestions. First of all, it is necessary to sign up. Only then will it be possible to enjoy MilitaryCupid’s functionality. All the matching criteria can be customized according to one’s requirements. When a user likes someone, he or she can message this person.

Ways of Communication

On MilitaryCupid, there are several ways of communication; messaging is the most widely used. To communicate, choose a member and write your text in a corresponding box. Messaging possibilities on MilitaryCupid depend on the type of membership. If you cannot text, it is possible to add the profile to Favorites or send an interest. Then, that person will see that someone liked him or her.

The Price of Sending Messages

Price of Sending Messages

On MilitaryCupid, it is free, but not all the messaging tools are available to free members. Thus, all the accounts can text each other, but free visitors can initiate a conversation only with premium subscribers. Premium plans can expand your possibilities.

The Main Principles of Messaging With Other Members on MilitaryCupid

Before starting messaging on MilitaryCupid, it is crucial to remember the membership option. Free members can message everyone, but they cannot read received texts. As for Gold or Platinum packages, messaging features are broader. If there are some tech issues, it is possible to like other people to let them know about your feelings, and the profile owner will respond in the form of a message.

The MilitaryCupid platform is well organized and easy to find with the help of any search engine (Google, Yahoo, and so on). When facing some troubles, it is necessary to check the Internet connection. Alternatively, the browser may need some updates. If everything is ok with the points mentioned above, try to use another browser.

The Duration of Bans on MilitaryCupid

You can report a suspicious person on MilitaryCupid. When scamming or another dubious activity is confirmed, this profile will receive a ban for one month. If caught again, it will lead to permanent exclusion from the community without any refunds.

Is It Possible to Reactivate the Banned Account?

To renew the blocked profile on MilitaryCupid, write to the support department and explain the situation. Send a message at [email protected] or use a contact form on the site.

Available Ways to Delete the MilitaryCupid Profile

On MilitaryCupid, there is no direct option to delete the profile but to terminate the access to it. The termination can be initiated by the website or upon the profile owner’s request. The reasons for such an action can be various. When a person breaks the rules, the service may terminate his or her subscription without any warning.

The Procedure of Disabling the “Show Me on MilitaryCupid” Option

After you disable the “Show me on MilitaryCupid” function, you will no longer be displayed in search results of other people. Thus, only the members you have communicated with previously can continue interacting with you. The rest of the community will not be able to see your page until it is activated again.

Where Are My Matches?

All the members of MilitaryCupid can see who matched them. This information can be found in the “My Matches” tab. When new suggestions appear, there is an indicator with the plus sign. It is possible to sort profiles and mark the most interesting ones as your Favorites.

Will I Be Informed About a New Message on MilitaryCupid?

When someone sends a message on the MilitaryCupid website, the receiver will be notified right away.

Where Can I See My Favorite Profiles on MilitaryCupid?

As mentioned earlier in this MilitaryCupid review, all the liked profiles are placed under the special category — My Favourite. In such a way, it is possible to get back to the conversation later on.

Ways to Activate the Spy Mode on MilitaryCupid

The MilitaryCupid website doesn’t offer spy mode because it is against the security rules.

Changing the Username on MilitaryCupid

The platform accepts real names only. Initially, they are verified with IDs. That is why once can change the username only if it is changed in one’s ID card.

Possible Reasons for Having Issues While Entering the Website

The most common reasons are:

  • A weak Internet connection.
  • Incorrect username or password.
  • Problems with a browser.

Keep in mind that it is better to get in touch with the support department for further assistance.

Available Search Options on MilitaryCupid

There are basic and advanced search engines on MilitaryCupid. Free visitors can apply basic filters, and premium subscribers can enjoy more accurate results, thanks to numerous parameters. The more filters you apply, the higher the chances to meet like-minded individuals.

Signup Process

Signup Process

The signup process on MilitaryCupid is as simple as possible and takes one minute. Enter email, username, and password; if you have a Facebook account, then the process will be even faster. The website will import the required details from there. After that, MilitaryCupid will ask to upload the photo. If you want to complete the profile later, you may skip it.

Email Verification

Email verification on MilitaryCupid is easy as well. You will receive the letter to the specified email address, and you are to respond to it. Thus, you confirm that you are not fake.

Registration With the Help of a Facebook Account

When a person wants to register with the help of a Facebook account, the platform will take all the essential info, and the user will not have to enter these details once again.

How to Become a Member of MilitaryCupid?

To join MilitaryCupid, a profile must be approved. It can take one or two days, though.

Free Access Without Registration

If a person wants to use any of the platform’s features, it is necessary to sign up. Without this procedure, the user will not be able to perform any action. When registered, people may opt for either free or fee-based membership, depending on the perks they want to enjoy.

Users Profile Quality

MilitaryCupid Users Profile Quality

On MilitaryCupid, all profiles are detailed and of high quality. Everything is up to the owner. Also, it is possible to update the info at any time. All members can view avatars. The website offers interesting questions, which help to make the profile more catchy.

Mobile Applications

MilitaryCupid has a mobile application; however, it is available only for Android devices. You can download it from Google Play Market. The app offers the same features as the desktop version. The design and interface are almost identical. Even a newcomer will easily get an idea of how to use it.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Price and Other Payment Method

MilitaryCupid provides two options: free and fee-based membership. The latter is divided into Gold and Platinum. The price per month depends on the duration of the subscription. Thus, when buying Platinum membership for a month, it will cost 35 USD, a year of the service comes at 12.5 USD per month. The Gold membership is cheaper: 30 USD for one month, 10 USD per month for an annual subscription. The platform accepts credit cards and PayPal.

Free Membership Features

As a free member of the MilitaryCupid website, you can register, upload photos, and search for your dream partner. Also, it is possible to see their profiles and photos, block users, or add them to the Favorites list.

Free Membership on MilitaryCupid

From this MilitaryCupid review, it is easy to understand that this service is not completely free. To get the best experience, consider purchasing one of the plans.

How Can Free Members Know When Someone Likes Them on MilitaryCupid?

People can see when someone liked their pages. But the communication between them is possible only when one of them has a fee-based account.

Premium Membership Features

Being a premium subscriber of MilitaryCupid, you can send and receive messages without restrictions and comment on photos. Communication means include video calls and live chats. VIP visitors can avail of advanced search filters. What is more, they can browse without ads.

Premium Membership on MilitaryCupid

The website always reminds its community about the benefits of premium membership. It especially underlines the unlimited possibilities of messaging.

The Way to Discontinue the Membership on MilitaryCupid

When a person wants to discontinue the membership, it is necessary to contact the support department. They terminate the subscription, but the user will not receive any refunds.

Auto-Renewed Option on MilitaryCupid

On MilitaryCupid, the membership is automatically renewed. However, you can cancel this option in the settings.

Refund for Unused Time

There are no refunds for unused time or any other reasons. The administration never tries to terminate a subscription without cause. But the violation of the rules can be a strong argument for them.

Recurring Support to MilitaryCupid

MilitaryCupid automatically renews users’ support to the website every month.

The User Is Not Satisfied With MilitaryCupid. What to Do?

There is an opportunity to terminate the subscription if someone is not satisfied with the service. It is possible to do either manually or address the support department. But in any of these cases, the money will not be refunded.

How MilitaryCupid’s Transaction Will Appear on the Credit Card Statement?

MilitaryCupid will not appear on the credit card history if you pay with the help of PayPal.

The Provision of Support to Other MilitaryCupid Members

On MilitaryCupid, people can only communicate with others and provide them with at least some pieces of advice. Only the administration can support MilitaryCupid’s members.

The Duration of “Support”

As was noted above, there is no possibility of providing other members with any support.

Safety Guarantees of MilitaryCupid

Safety Guarantees of MilitaryCupid

MilitaryCupid is safe as it uses profile and photo verification. Thus, scammers will not be able to register on the website. Also, personal information is encrypted.

Forum Moderation on MilitaryCupid

The forum is under control of the administration to avoid any fraudulent or harassment activities.

The Ways to Ban Other MilitaryCupid Profiles in Order Not to Receive Messages

The option to block and report users is open to all members. In such a way, the blocked person will not be able to text. Also, the support team may decide to remove them from the database and terminate their membership.

Security Measures on MilitaryCupid

The system verifies all the profiles. When a user stays inactive for more than 20 minutes, MilitaryCupid launches an automatic time-out session so that other people cannot misuse the account details.

The Ways to Block and Report a Fake Page

It is quite easy to block members from contacting you. It is even possible to create a special block list of users. Also, you can report that person to the administration, and they will take the necessary steps.

Can People Use MilitaryCupid to Earn Money?

The MilitaryCupid website is not for earning money. If a user is detected to solicit money, he or she will receive a ban.

Content Regulation on MilitaryCupid

All the information on MilitaryCupid is encrypted. Also, no third party will access private details. It’s highly recommended to avoid posting any data related to your credit cards.

The Encryption of Messages on MilitaryCupid

All the messages are protected with SRS encryption. Thus, any third party will not have access to the information shared via messaging.

Guarantees That Any Personal Information Is Not Used Against Its Owners on MilitaryCupid

The website’s responsibility is to ensure that personal info will not be misused. The admins do their best to maintain the highest standards of data security.

Can the Police Demand My Personal Details on MilitaryCupid?

When MilitaryCupid’s member is engaged in any criminal activity, the police can get the information, which will help them to investigate the issue.

Who Is Responsible for Dealing With Privacy Issues on MilitaryCupid?

If you have any concerns about your privacy, contact the support department. They should help with various issues and clarify all misunderstandings.

The Ways to Delete the Information That Has Been Submitted to MilitaryCupid

All the users can edit the information at any time. If it has something to do with security, it will be posted after verification.

Fake and Scam Profiles on MilitaryCupid

A great advantage of the MilitaryCupid website is that there are a small number of fake profiles. The administration keeps an eye on this.

Contact Information

The head office is in Australia. It is possible to call them on any working day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The telephone number in Australia is (07) 5612 5016; in the US — 1-844-968-0958. For other countries, please visit the Contact Us page.


There are no alternative platforms that target military personnel. MilitaryCupid is one of its kind.

Real Life Review

MilitaryCupid Real Life Review

Many MilitaryCupid reviews highlight the stories of couples who remain thankful to MilitaryCupid because it has helped them to find each other and create families. All the success stories can be found on the site.

Is MilitaryCupid One of Its Kind?

Of course, there are similar services, such as eHarmony, Zoosk, AshleyMedison, but they are not focused on service members.

How to Stop Following a Member on MilitaryCupid?

There is a block option to restrict communication.

Is MilitaryCupid Meant for Hookups?

It depends on what one is looking for. On MilitaryCupid, people are mostly interested in long-term, serious relationships.


MilitaryCupid Conclusion

The MilitaryCupid website is for military personnel looking for love and respect. However, people from other fields also join this platform because it offers high security standards. Thus, if you need commendable service without any fraudulent activity, join MilitaryCupid today!

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