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Love Roulette Review

Love Roulette Review
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Active Audience 68%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 25-29
Profiles 500 000
Reply Rate 96%
Ease of Use 7.2
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free access to four anonymous chat rooms.
  • Many options for guest users and free registered users.
  • Full gender selection options - meet male, female, couple, or transgender matches on Love Roulette.
  • Simple, straightforward, and user-friendly interface of the website.
  • Separate registration for each Love Roulette chat room.
  • Lack of clearly organized information on the website about the service and how to use it.
  • Performance of the website - pages can load slowly.
  • No guarantee of protection against exposure to inappropriate content.

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Tired of elaborate dating websites and long searches for a match? Welcome to Love Roulette, a chat room system that offers you the best opportunities to meet and talk with strangers instantly. The service hosts four custom chat rooms where users can video chat with randomly selected matches, find and add friends, or watch streams from webcam models. Like most free platforms that use webcam-based technologies, Love Roulette is notorious for the amount of sexual content you can encounter. This Love Roulette review discusses the platform’s basic features and determines which audiences and purposes the website serves best.

Languages Supported on Love Roulette

Love Roulette is available in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Additional available languages are Russian, Polish, Turkish, and Romanian.

Incognito Owner

The owners of Love Roulette have decided to remain incognito. They use the services of Privacy Protect, LLC (PrivacyProtect.org), to represent them as the owner of the domain.

Country of Origin

According to certain online reports, there are two countries involved in the operation of Love Roulette. One of them is the US, while another country remains unknown.

How Old Is Love Roulette?

As stated on the website, Love Roulette has been operating since 2012.

Global Roulette Chat Room Service

Love Roulette is available in different countries and supports several languages. It is safe to say that the service is truly international and aims to welcome users worldwide.

Appropriate Age of Users

Love Roulette is strict about the age of its users. As the platform caters to an adult audience, the brand cites zero tolerance for adult content involving minors and warns that only users who are over 18 years old can use the chat rooms.

Platforms to Choose: PC or Mobile?

Users mainly access Love Roulette from their computers. The service does not offer a desktop version, but you can easily access Love Roulette’s chat rooms from any standard web browser.

How Many People Use Love Roulette?

It is difficult to determine the exact number of users on Love Roulette, although it promises thousands of active users who are ready to chat 24/7.

Basic Design and Inefficient Layout

Basic Design and Inefficient Layout

The design of Love Roulette is effortless and straightforward. The website’s developers decided to focus more on functionality than the look. As such, you can find all of the service’s chat rooms linked on the Home page. Love Roulette’s alternative chat rooms are all listed in the top navigation menu for easy access. The website does lose points for the lack of clearly organized information on how to use the service. Moreover, the text description contains many errors and misspellings, which brings down the general look of the website. Finally, traffic and performance on the Love Roulette website can be slow as the website uses basic support for webcam technologies to accommodate all users.

Choosing the Right Browser

To use Love Roulette, you do not need much except for a good web camera and a strong Internet connection. Any standard web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla is good to use to chat on Love Roulette as long as you allow access to your camera and microphone.

Video Dating: Turn on Your Camera

On Love Roulette, the main method of communication is through live streams and private one-on-one video chats. Therefore, a quality webcam is a welcome feature if you want to make a good impression on your dates. To use your webcam on Love Roulette, simply enter your preferred chat room and click on the Turn On Camera option. Make sure that your browser settings allow Love Roulette access to your webcam and microphone.

What Makes Love Roulette Special?

What Makes Love Roulette Special?

As a provider of chat roulette alternatives, Love Roulette has all the features needed for easy video communication and streaming. The service offers four different chat rooms, each with a specific theme and purpose. You can get random matches and communicate with new people in a chat roulette, or you can watch live streams of webcam models. Additionally, you can add users as friends and send both matches and webcam models gifts.

Learn to Use Love Roulette

To start your fun chatting experience on Love Roulette, you only need to choose your preferred chat room. Keep in mind that all Love Roulette chat rooms have a different design and layout. Two of the service’s chat rooms, CooMeet and BazooCam WeMatcher, match you with random users to talk in a video chat. You just need to turn on your camera and start a random chat. Afterward, you can add a user as a friend to stay in touch or simply move onto another chat with a different user. Find out later in this Love Roulette review which options are available for everyone.

The other two chat rooms provide live streams by webcam models. Here you can choose a live stream that you like and, for a reasonable price, watch live performances in public or private streams. You can get familiar with the services and prices in the Paid Features and Prices section of this Love Roulette review.

How to Start Chatting on Love Roulette?

To start a random chat with someone in one of the chat rooms on Love Roulette, you need a working webcam and allow the website access to it. However, to contact a specific profile directly, you need to register a free account first. After chatting to someone in a random video chat, you can add them as a friend to message, or video chat them later.

Chat With Strangers for Free on Love Roulette

Chatting on Love Roulette is free for everyone. You can connect with random matches in CooMeet or BazooCam WeMatcher chat rooms at any moment. However, if you want to connect with the webcam models, you need to give them support in gifts, coins, and rewards.

Your Chatting Experience on Love Roulette: How to Start

To enter your first video chat on Love Roulette, select either CooMeet or BazooCam chat room in the top navigation menu. This Love Roulette review recommends to register an account for a better experience. Registration is free and anonymous, and it gives you more options to communicate. Then, allow the website access to your camera and microphone and click on the Start Chat option. You will be able to meet your first match right away.

Losing Access to Love Roulette

There are a few reasons why users may be having trouble accessing Love Roulette. As most chat rooms provided by the website use webcam technologies, you have to allow the site to use your camera and microphone. Another reason may be that the actions you want to perform in the chat room require user registration.

Duration of a Ban on Love Roulette

Love Roulette is not known to ban its users, unless the account promotes sexual content involving minors. In this case, the ban is permanent, and the service promises to report information to child protection agencies.

Restoring a Suspended Account

You can restore your account on any of the Love Roulette chat rooms if the issue is a technical one, such as a forgotten password. No information is available about the restoration of accounts banned for inappropriate content.

Removing a Registered Account

Each chat room on Love Roulette allows you to close your registered account with one click. In CooMeet, you can go to your account on the left side of the page, click on the Settings icon, and choose the Close My Account option in Personal Details. Alternatively, in BazooCam, go to your Profile settings and click on the Delete button. Your accounts in Love Roulette chat rooms will be removed permanently.

Who Can See You on Love Roulette?

Your accounts in any of Love Roulette’s chat rooms are completely anonymous. No one can find your profiles with a search engine or through social networks.

Where to Find Your Chat Partners?

On Love Roulette, you do not have to search for matches. Moreover, the service does not have a matching system to customize the search. Instead, you can chat with random people and make connections spontaneously. Simply add a random match you like to your friend list to keep in touch with them.

Where to Read New Messages From Love Roulette Users?

In different chat rooms on Love Roulette, users you have added as a friend can send you messages. For example, in the CooMeet random chat users have both a Video Chat section and a Messages section. You can check your Messages page to see if there are any messages from your contacts or other users.

Staying in Touch With the Matches You Liked

You can keep track of users you liked by adding them to your Favorites list or Friends list.

Anonymous in Love Roulette Chat Rooms

Love Roulette does not offer a spy mode as a function that makes you invisible to other users. However, you can rest assured that all of your profiles in chat rooms are completely anonymous.

Replacing a Username

You can change your username to a new one in every chat room on the Love Roulette website. This option is available in your chat room account settings.

Unable to Enter the Website

Possible reasons why users may be unable to access the Love Roulette website include standard issues such as forgetting a password or having an unstable Internet connection. Alternatively, you might need to check whether your browser allows cookies and pop-up windows, as Love Roulette uses both.

Roulette Style: No Search, Only Random Matches

You cannot search for matches on Love Roulette. The service works in a way that connects you with people randomly. However, you can filter your preferences of contacts by specific age and gender.

Love Roulette Registration: Multiple Accounts, Simple Process

Love Roulette Registration: Multiple Accounts, Simple Process

To sign up on Love Roulette, you have to choose a specific chat service. Each one requires its own registration. The standard way to register is with an email address. Love Roulette chat rooms do not ask you to fill in any information beyond your nickname and email address. To complete the sign-up, you only need to confirm that you agree with the chat service’s terms of use, and then you can start using your account. No confirmation codes or verifications are needed.

Confirming Your Email is Optional

If you want to complete a verification process offered by one of the roulette chats on the Love Roulette website, click on the Verify My Account option in your account window. Your CooMeet verification email will ask you to complete the process by clicking on a link back to the website. Flirtymania chat service sends a confirmation email automatically. Neither BazooCam, not Realive chat services have a verification function.

Tying a Social Media Account to Love Roulette Accounts

Love Roulette chat rooms do offer the chance to sign up with your Google, Facebook, and other social media accounts. However, this review does not recommend registering in Love Roulette chat rooms using any social media accounts for low security guarantees.

How to Become a Love Roulette User?

If you are wondering where to start using the service, this Love Roulette review is here to help you. First, choose the roulette chat services you want to use. BazooCam and CooMeet are best for instant video communication, while Realive and Flirtymania allows you access to thousands of webcam streams from regular users and webcam models. For the full experience, you should register an account and consider purchasing the chat room’s currency to view unlimited webcam performances.

Using Love Roulette As a Guest

Love Roulette allows guests to use the random roulette video chat without having to sign up. However, using Love Roulette’s chat rooms without registration does not give you many options for continuous and quality contact. You can preview some of the features on CooMeet and BazooCam, but you need to sign up for the chat room services to interact with other users and webcam models properly. Do not hesitate to register an account as it is a fast, efficient, and completely anonymous process.

What Profiles Can You Find on Love Roulette?

What Profiles Can You Find on Love Roulette?

Users should not expect much from profiles in Love Roulette chat rooms. In BazooCam, you can fill in your country, gender, approximate age range, and gender preferences. You can also write a short bio for your video chat matches. You can also upload a profile picture in BazooCam and CooMeet. Otherwise, all profiles are completely anonymous in other chat rooms.

The Love Roulette website promises thousands of users online at all times. However, based on Love Roulette reviews, there are more real male accounts than female accounts. Most female accounts are reportedly fake profiles created by the service to attract the male audience.

Apps for Love Roulette Chat Rooms

Love Roulette’s separate roulette chats have mobile applications that you can download for free on different Android and iOS devices. To download the apps, you have to visit the chat service’s own website instead of the embedded one on the Love Roulette website. The CooMeet application have an average score of three on Google Play Store and App Store. BazooCam is only available for unofficial third-party downloads.

Your Premium Options on Love Roulette and How to Pay for Them

Your Premium Options on Love Roulette and How to Pay for Them

You can use chat rooms on the Love Roulette website for free. However, certain features are only available for Premium members or a special fee. Continue reading to discover paid features on Love Roulette and how much they cost.

You can pay for Love Roulettes paid services with any currency by using different credit cards and payment systems. Love Roulette takes Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and several other card payments. It is also possible to use PayPal, Verotel, WebMoney, or even Bitcoin and Ethereum to buy coins for the live stream and cam chat rooms.

Free Features on Love Roulette

As a free registered user on Love Roulette, you can use most features in certain chat rooms. In CooMeet, you can watch other users’ profiles, send messages, add friends, and make direct video calls. In BazooCam WeMatcher chat, registered users can chat with randomly matched people, add them as friends, or send them gifts. Two other chat rooms provided by Love Roulette require purchases of Premium access or coins.

Love Roulette Chat Rooms: Free Access but Paid Support

Love Roulette chat rooms are free to use for everyone. You do not necessarily have to be a Premium user to message or video chat with strangers – only if you want to use certain extra features. However, if you are here for quality live streams, you need to support the webcam models with gifts and rewards to watch their performances.

How to Learn If Someone Is Interested in You?

As mentioned previously in this Love Roulette review, the way service works is simple and straightforward. You can talk to a random match directly over the video chat to learn right away if they like you.

Becoming a Premium Member

All chat rooms offer free and paid services alike. On CooMeet, you can get a Premium account to unlock extra features such as sending a gift or making a direct video call to another user. On BazooCam and webcam streaming chats, you can top-up your account with coins or points to interact with webcam models.

Paid Features and Prices

Paid Features
CooMeet Premium



$119.88/12 months

BazooCam WM Points




Terminating a Paid Subscription

If you wish to terminate your subscription to any of Love Roulette’s services, you should contact the customer support of the chat room you use.

Automatic Renewal of Paid Features

Repeated payments for Premium features in Love Roulette chat rooms are not charged automatically. Each purchase is a one-time payment, which you can choose to repeat at any time.

Refunds for Unused Resources

Love Roulette chat rooms do not provide refunds for the unused time or coins.

How Frequently Love Roulette Will Charge You

You can only pay for a Premium feature in one of the chat rooms once. Love Roulette does not offer to divide its fees into several payments.

Love Roulette’s Policy on Giving Refunds

Chat rooms hosted by Love Roulette have a strict policy of no refunds. Buying a Premium membership or purchasing coins and points to reward webcam models with, you should expect that you will not be able to get your money back. Therefore, make your purchases wisely. Certain chats like CooMeet state that they may consider giving a refund in the form of additional points or time you can spend on their service.

How Love Roulette Purchases Appear on Your Cardholder Statement

When paying for a Premium membership in CoMeet random chat, payment will appear as Comewel.com. Charges for BazooCam WeMatcher chat will appear as vtsup.com*verotel.

Gifts and Rewards on Love Roulette

Sending a gift is a standard option in Love Roulette chat rooms. You can send support to another user or a webcam model by using your points and coins. For example, on Realive streams, you can send credits to webcam models to support their performance.

Getting One Month of Paid Services

Love Roulette’s chat services have flexible paid plans. You can give support for one day or one month to see if you would like to use the service for a longer period.

Risks of Using Love Roulette’s Video Chats

Risks of Using Love Roulette’s Video Chats

As mentioned previously in this Love Roulette review, the website has little to offer in terms of official agreements with users relating to their protection. Love Roulette assures its users that all chat rooms and one-on-one video chats are encrypted. Your accounts are also completely anonymous. However, you have no way to protect yourself against inappropriate content that may appear in webcam chats or the possibility of someone recording the stream. Therefore, you should use Love Roulette at your discretion, and consciously choose to take all the risks.

The Quality of Moderation on Love Roulette

Love Roulette chat rooms are private and anonymous. The service does not monitor video chats, although it can record or take screenshots exclusively for safety reasons. The website moderators may also occasionally check user contributions for inappropriate content.

Sort Out Your Potential Matches

You can filter users who can get you as a match and contact you by age and gender on CooMeet and BazooCam.

Technical Security on the Love Roulette website

Love Roulette offers standard SSL protection and encryption technologies.

Reporting a User on Love Roulette

There is no special button that you can use to instantly flag a user on Love Roulette’s CooMeet and BazooCam chat. You can contact moderators to report or block malicious behavior in chat rooms. Find out further in this Love Roulette review about ways to contact customer support in different chat rooms.

No Tolerance for Commercial Use of Roulette Chat Services

Love Roulette only allows female webcam models to receive gifts and rewards as payment for their performance. Any other commercial use of video chats on Love Roulette is not tolerated and results in an immediate ban.

Taking Care of Your Safety and Personal Data

As with most online dating services that do not require registration or membership, you should be careful about sharing information on Love Roulette. Do not give out personal information such as addresses, credit card details, security codes, and other sensitive data. Additionally, try to use only secure encrypted payment systems to make purchases on the website.

Secure Communication: Is It Possible on Love Roulette?

Many users are worried about the privacy of their video chats on services such as the roulette chats on the Love Roulette website. The platform ensures that all conversations are encrypted, and users can rest assured that no one can spy on their interactions with other chat users.

What Love Roulette Learns About You?

Love Roulette collects and stores information through cookies. Do not worry; this does not mean that the website tracks you. Your activity on Love Roulette can give the service a chance to monitor your preferences and adjust the content it suggests to you.

Collaboration With the Police

Chat rooms on Love Roulette state in their terms of use that they will actively collaborate with law enforcement agencies to deal with any potential criminal behaviors on the website.

You cannot contact Love Roulette directly. Different chat rooms have separate customer support services. In CooMeet, you can address your questions in a chat with CooMeet support, which appears in your list of contacts. To report a privacy issue on BazooCam, you can write to [email protected].

Deleting Your Information on Love Roulette

You can delete any information that you have written in your profiles on the Love Roulette website in the settings of your respective accounts. However, to delete all information, you have to close your account permanently.

Love Roulette Matches: Real People or Bots?

Although few reviews are available for Love Roulette, the service reflects the tendencies on other roulette video chat services. There are speculations in the Love Roulette reviews that most female accounts, including webcam models, are not real. Still, in chat rooms such as CooMeet and BazooCam, you can definitely meet someone real to chat with.

Contacting Love Roulette: Is It Possible?

Contacting Love Roulette: Is It Possible?

No actual contact information of Love Roulette is available. Web analysts trace the Love Roulette website to Privacy Protect, LLC. The only possible way to contact Love Roulette is through the Privacy Protect Contact Domain Owner form.

Best Analogs of Love Roulette

Chat room services on Love Roulette have many analogs. For similar experiences, you can use Chatroulette, Omegle, Chatrandom, and many others.

User Experiences on Love Roulette

There are few Love Roulette reviews available online. This Love Roulette review relies on user feedback about different chat rooms hosted by the website. Many users find CooMeet a useful and engaging service to talk to people.

Is Love Roulette the Ultimate Dating Website?

Love Roulette offers chat rooms for quick and efficient contact with random strangers. The platform does not offer many options for real online dating. Moreover, in terms of safety and user ratio, there are many roulette chat room alternatives for Love Roulette.

Move on From Your Matches With a One Click

It could not get any easier on Love Roulette chat rooms in terms of dropping a contact. For example, if you do not want to continue chatting with your match in a BazooCam video chat, do not hesitate to move onto another conversation by clicking on the Next Chat option. Similarly, if you add someone as a friend, you can easily remove them from the list if you change your mind later.

Chances of Finding a Date on Love Roulette

Love Roulette is an international service used in many countries. Its method of connecting random users does not intend to provide opportunities for finding a real date or a hook-up within your area.


From this comprehensive Love Roulette review, you now know more about Love Roulette chat rooms and whether they are worth your time. Love Roulette has a simple purpose of providing users with instant fun and engaging communication. There is no lengthy registration process, no need to establish contact over days of conversation, and no expensive membership fees. Ultimately, if you are looking to have instant video chats with random matches – Love Roulette is definitely an excellent service for you.

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