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XMeeting Review

XMeeting Review
About Site
Active Audience 92%
Quality Matches 83%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 2 470 000
Reply Rate 78%
Ease of Use 6.2
Popularity 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration process will not take too much time: everything is very fast there.
  • From the very beginning, it is possible to sign a denial against the use of virtual profiles.
  • There is a special section for solving urgent issues: support will try to help at any time.
  • XMeeting wants to help its customers when it hook-ups are approaching.
  • This dating website has an attractive design, and it is pleasant to use.
  • The navigation process at XMeeting is more than easy; even the beginner will understand everything.
  • Members of the community have the option of live cams.
  • In most cases, a member of the community can receive a message from the chatbot without knowing it.
  • At XMeeting, there are lots of fake profiles, especially among women profiles.
  • Communication means are not free there; it is necessary to have paid subscriptions.
  • The majority of features require upgraded membership.
  • XMeeting does not have mobile applications neither on Android nor on iOS.
  • There are lots of irritating advertisements, which are sometimes far from dating theme.

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XMeeting is a popular dating website in different continents. People tend to register here for dating, meeting new friends, and romantic partners. This website facilitates establishing new relationships, which sometimes even lead to marriage. This XMeeting review will help to understand whether XMeeting can fulfill all romantic goals in meeting everybody’s ideal partner.

Many XMeeting reviews underline that this dating website has everything which good website of such type should have: care for security issues and enough community members. However, sometimes it is difficult to understand which users are real and which are fakes. Even when such profiles are active, they can be bots. Nowadays, chatbots are a rather widespread phenomenon, to which modern society has already got used. There is a lot of information about the verification process of the profiles before their registration. But skillful scammers and their chatbots know enough about how to omit the checkpoint.

All the customers of the XMeeting website pay money for the majority of services. That is why they would like to get appropriate customer support in case of need. Customer support is considered to be one of the best at XMeeting when comparing to similar dating services. However, the browser always warns about the threat to data security. It happens when using the website’s services with the help of a desktop version. That is why it is necessary to be careful.

XMeeting Review in 2020

Languages on Which XMeeting Is Functioning

The only language, on which the XMeeting website is functioning, is English, an international language known in different corners of the world. However, it can be a drawback. It would be better to launch several additional languages. More languages would increase the number of visitors significantly.

The Owners of XMeeting Сommunity

Unfortunately, it is difficult to establish who is or are owners of the XMeeting community. On the official page of the website, in the Privacy Policy section, there is information that they belong to the Service Development Limited corporation. The main office of this corporation is in Cyprus.

The Location of XMeeting’s Main Office

The location of XMeeting’s main office remains to be a secret. In the XMeeting review above, it was underlined that the main office is in Cyprus. However, on one page, there is information that the owners of XMeeting are in Great Britain.

The Date When XMeeting Started Its Existence

XMeeting website has been on the market for dating services for about 17 years. They launched their existence in 2003 and are still active now. But the popularity of the website is doubtful. Continuous complaints that the website has lots of fake profiles has undermined the reputation of it. Some users do not want to return to it in their search for true love.

Countries That Can Find Matches At XMeeting Website

The XMeeting website is open to all the countries. The residents of all continents have the right to register and start searching for hook-ups and casual encounters with other singles. For being an active user of this website, it is necessary to know English because it supports only this language.

An Average Age of XMeeting Member and Minimum Age for Registration

By many features, XMeeting corresponds to an average dating service community where the most active users are young people from 20 to 35 years old. About 72% of all visitors are females. The rest 28% are males. But speaking about the reality of the profiles, the number of real male profiles is much higher than that of female ones.

The Way To Use a Website With a Help Of Computer

Unfortunately, the computer is the only device where it is possible to use the XMeeting website fully. There are no mobile applications for smartphones. Maybe, neither Google Play Market nor Apple App Store is in a hurry to create the ios applications. There are too many questions regarding the reality and authenticity of the profiles. For using this service with the help of a computer, it is necessary to enter XMeeting.com in any search engine

The Number of Subscribers of XMeeting Throughout the World

Because of its long existence, the XMeeting dating website managed to attract the attention of many people. Thus, according to recent estimates, about 940 thousand visitors visit this website every month. Such a high number is since XMeeting is not narrowly directed. Among its visitors, there are people of all genders, ages, occupations, and sexual preferences.

Website Design and Usability

The XMeeting website is a user-friendly one. All the functions are clear and understandable. At the upper corner of the XMeeting’s first page, there are four sections: Dating Center, Live Cams, Search, and Help. Initially, the Dating Center is the first subpage where the users find themselves after registration. There, it is possible to see who is online. Also, there, one can see all the messages he or she received from other members of the community. In the Search section, it is possible to start searching according to the age and location parameters. There is also a chance to filter those who have photos in their profiles. But these are the only available search filters. XMeeting does not offer such advanced search filters as other similar dating websites do. When the user likes someone, it is possible to write this person in a separate window. A message must not be longer than one thousand characters.

Browsers That Help to Open XMeeting Website

For those users who are savvy in the Internet search, it will not be a problem to reach the XMeeting website. Any comfortable search engine will help open the website: Google Chrome, Yahoo, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and others.

The Function of the Camera on XMeeting Website

The function of the camera at XMeeting is questionable. As it was mentioned above, there is a function of the live cams. That is why it would be logical to suppose that the camera will be necessary for communication with the help of a web camera. But when to click to the button Live Cams, the website will redirect the user to a different page, which is different from the XMeeting website. It will require additional payment to use this service. In such a way, with the help of the camera, it is possible to take photos, which will be useful for the website and the user’s profile.

Distinctive Features Available at XMeeting

The XMeeting website itself is quite simple and user-friendly. There are no too many functions. That is why an average user will not experience difficulties in navigating the website. Not all the distinctive features are pleasant. Thus, there are lots of computer-generated profiles, or as they can also be called chatbots. Such a situation creates difficulties for those looking for real communication with potential partners but only meets fake profiles. It is one of the reasons for high customers’ turnover at the XMeeting.

Distinctive Features Available at XMeeting

XMeeting and Its Principles of Work

The main principle of XMeeting’s work is to involve as many people as it is possible. First of all, it is necessary to register on the website. Only registered members can start messaging and viewing the profiles of others. After registration, the user can browse for other people. But there is a large number of blocked profiles, which were created artificially and obtained reports.

Ways How to Start Messaging at XMeeting

All means of communication at XMeeting are not free. For sending or responding to messages on this dating website, it is necessary to be paid members. There is no other way to do it. And users do not have to be worry or to wait because the website will remind several times that only paid members have the right to communicate. For inducing the willingness of the user to buy a subscription, the website itself may send messages purposefully from fake accounts to prompt the free user to buy subscriptions.

The Price for Sending Messages

As it was noted above in this XMeeting review, only the paid members can send messages. The minimum payment may be the monthly subscription, which will allow communicating with other members during the whole month until the next payment.

The Procedure of Starting Messaging With Other Members on XMeeting

Before starting messaging at XMeeting, it is necessary to assure that the member has paid for the advanced membership in the community. Then, there will be an opportunity to write to the liked profile or to respond to messages, which come from other members. If the community member cannot understand why he or she cannot send a message, the system will thoroughly explain the payment procedure.

Issues That Prevent an Access to XMeeting

As a rule, the XMeeting website does not have problems with access to the community. If a user cannot access the website, it is necessary to check on the Internet connection. Also, there could be a situation when the website launches some updates. Then, everything becomes ok after some time. Sometimes, a browser may demand to launch the VPN or check cookies.

The Duration of Ban at XMeeting

The website administration of XMeeting may decide to ban a member of the community when he or she has violated one of the website’s rules, described in Terms and Conditions of XMeeting. The duration of the ban will depend on the severity of the violation. It may be one month or forever exclusion from the community.

Is it Possible to Return After Ban at XMeeting?

At XMeeting, there is a possibility to return after the ban if the reason for exclusion was not so serious. Sometimes, it is necessary to provide some people with a second chance.

The Possibility of Deletion of the XMeeting Profile

The procedure of deletion is also available at XMeeting. The deletion may be the consequence of the user’s desire or as a result of the administration’s decision. In case of conscious decision of deletion, it is necessary to write to the support department of the website and describe the reason for such an action. Also, it is necessary to understand that it is impossible to delete all of the personal information. The thorough cleaning of the information should include the deletion of messages with other members. The bulk of personal data may be there.

The Way How to Switch Off the “Show Me on XMeeting ” Option

Such an option is not available at XMeeting. All the paid members will be able to see the profile when browsing for other members.

The Place for Controlling the Matches Statistics

At XMeeting, the website sends notifications when someone liked a profile. But again, here plays the role of money because it says that it will be possible to see the features of the matching profile only after buying a subscription.

Tracking All the Received Messages from Other Profiles on XMeeting

All the messages received at XMeeting from other members are stored in a special place. But the recipients can read them and respond to them only when they are advanced members of the XMeeting website. It means that they have to pay for a subscription.

The Way How to Save Profiles, Which Were Liked

At XMeeting, all the profiles that are received like go to a special place. From there, the user can look through these profiles again and again. Also, they can postpone the writing to them and message them when they are ready.

Do Not Track Mechanism at XMeeting

At XMeeting, there is no spy mode. It is impossible to hide the profile from other eyes. After visiting other pages, they will see that such a profile looked through their page. In such a way, the do not track mechanism is absent here.

Edition of Personal Information at XMeeting

At XMeeting, the users may edit their personal information at any time. The block for fulfilling the personal information is quite small. That is why the process of registration does not take much time. But when the user experienced some changes, he or she may edit them in the profile without any troubles.

Problem Issues With Entering the Site

In most cases, the problems with entering the website may occur because of weak Internet connection. Also, it is better to double-check the rightfulness of email addresses and passwords. Even the tiny dot, which is odd, may prevent you from entering the website.

Search Options at XMeeting Dating Website

At XMeeting, the search process is based on the desired age range and the location of the potential partner. These are the only parameters that can be modified. Also, it is possible to turn on in the filter to show only those profiles with the photo or those currently online. The more extended parameters, such as preferences, habits, weight, and others, are simply absent at XMeeting.

Search Options at XMeeting Dating Website

Registration Process at XMeeting

The main advantage of the XMeeting dating website is that the registration process is fast and free. In the beginning, it is necessary to enter the real email address and password and choose the date of birth. After this, it is necessary to agree with terms and conditions and click on the “Get Started” button. In the next window, it will be necessary to choose a gender and a gender of seeking a partner. Also, the user here will have to develop the username. Then, it is needed to upload a picture and write a short text description of the user himself or herself. The last step will be email verification. It is needed to open the email box and follow the link, which was sent by the website.

Email Verification Procedure at XMeeting

As it was noted above in this XMeeting review, the email verification procedure here is quite simple. For confirming the email, it is necessary to follow the link from the website. The link should redirect to the XMeeting website again. But then, the user will be a registered member.

Registration With the Help of Facebook Account

XMeeting website is not connected to the social media pages. That is why registration with the help of a Facebook account is impossible for XMeeting. It is necessary to enter all the data manually. But in any case, it will not take too much time.

The Way of Becoming a Member of XMeeting

For becoming a member of XMeeting, it is necessary to register here and buy a subscription. The last step will open all the website features, which, however, are not so broad.

The Chance to Use Website Without Registration

At XMeeting, as in most dating websites, it is impossible to use its features without registration. It is only possible to see the welcoming page and look through the terms of condition and other documents. The rest of the functions will be closed.

The Quality and Design of Users Profile

The design of the user’s profile at XMeeting is as simple as possible. It is not overwhelmed with many details. This point may be frustrating because everybody wants to know about the potential partners as much as possible. The description for one thousand characters may not be enough. Moreover, not all the members use the whole length, and their description may be too short.

Main Features of Mobile Applications

This XMeeting review has already underlined that among the disadvantages of this dating service is the absence of mobile applications.

Pricing Policy at XMeeting

The pricing policy of the XMeeting website will be described in the table below. The main feature is that the longer the subscription, the lower the price will be per month.

Duration of subscription Price per month Total
1 month 29.95 USD 29.95 USD
3 months 19.98 USD 59.95 USD
6 months 16.65 USD 99.95 USD

For payment, the members may use the following means: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Paysafecard, and Diners Club International.

Free Membership Features

At XMeeting, the free membership features are quite limited. Here, only registration is free. For other features, it will be necessary to pay. The member can see that someone has written to him or her, but these members will not be able to see who it was exactly. To answer the messages remains impossible as well.

The Availability of Free Membership

The free membership is formally present at XMeeting, but free members are extremely limited in their actions. That is why the website will always offer them to buy a premium subscription.

The Ability of Free Members to See When Someone Likes Them on XMeeting

Free members will see that someone has liked them, but to see who it was exactly will be possible only with the premium subscription.

Main Features of Premium Subscription

The main features of the premium subscription at XMeeting are the following:

  • read and respond to messages sent by other members;
  • use the nuances of Dating Center;
  • use the advantages of search filters;
  • the members can use cameras as a means of communication.
Main Features of Premium Subscription

The Way to Know About Premium Membership

At the XMeeting website, the administration will remember several times about the advantages of switching to premium membership. For the first time, it will be after receiving a message from someone, not excluding the chatbots or fake profiles.

The Way to Discontinue the Membership on XMeeting

When the member of XMeeting wants to discontinue his or her membership in the community, it is necessary to write to the support department. They will consider the application and delete the profile.

Auto-Renewal of the XMeeting Subscription

Such function is absent at the XMeeting website.

Refunds for the Unused Time at XMeeting

At XMeeting, money does not come back when the member has not used all the time or decided to discontinue his or her subscription beforehand.

Automatic Renewal of XMeeting’s Support

When the former member decides to return to the website, the support to them will be automatically renewed.

The Availability of Chance to Get Money Back if the Member is Not Satisfied With the Service

When the member is not satisfied with the service, the money will not come back. Such a situation is described in terms and policies of the XMeeting website.

The Impact of the XMeeting Platform on the Credit Card Bill

The XMeeting website’s impact on the credit card bill of the member is limited to the monthly payment, which the subscriber agreed to pay.

An Opportunity to Share the Subscription With Other Members

At XMeeting, it is prohibited to share the subscription with other members. However, this prohibition may be omitted because nobody controls it.

The Possibility to Send Support for a Month

The fee-based members can buy a subscription for a month. But formally, they cannot share their usernames and passwords with other members even for a short time.

Safety Issues at XMeeting

As it was noted above, there are many fake profiles at XMeeting. These profiles may violate the safety policy of the website. That is why other members may report about such scammers to the website’s administration. When someone has noticed the suspicious activity, it is necessary to write a report to the support department. They should control such issues.

The Control of Forums at XMeeting

At XMeeting, there are no forums. That is why they do not require any external control.

The Way to Restrict Sending Messages from Other Members

Each user of the XMeeting may restrict other members of the community from sending messages to them. For this, it is necessary to click the Block button at the profile of the user.

Care About Security at XMeeting

Security issues at XMeeting are controlled by the support department of the website.

The Ways to Block and Report Any Scamming Activity

As was noted above, each user can block other members. When they feel that a suspicious profile should be blocked, they may write to the support department and report such a user.

The Consequences When a Member Uses XMeeting Account to Solicit Money

The XMeeting does not welcome any scamming activities or desire to earn money illegally. When a user is noticed in suspicious activity, he or she may be blocked forever.

The Information That Is Not Welcomed in the Profile

At their profile, the users write by themselves. That is why they should know that it is better not to write about their credit cards, passport data, or any other data that must not appear in the third parties.

The Encryption of Messages at XMeeting

All the messages distributed between the XMeeting members use the security encryption that prevents unlawful breaking by the third parties.

Tracking Down of Website’s Members

Such information is not available concerning the XMeeting website.

Tracking Down of Website’s Members

Police Rights to Trace the Members of XMeeting

When the police have a special order, they can trace members of the community.

Organ Involved in Solving Privacy Issues at XMeeting

All the security issues should be coordinated with the website’s support department.

The Ways to Delete the Information That Was Posted At XMeeting

For the deletion of any information at XMeeting, it is necessary to contact the website’s administration or support department.

The Presence of Fake or Scam Profiles on XMeeting

At the XMeeting website, there is an enormous number of fake profiles. Some of them were created by the website’s administration.

Contact Information

The website’s main office is located at the following address: 6 Elpidas, Lakatamia, 2304 Nicosia, Cyprus. More detailed information can be found on the official website.

Alternative Websites

There are many alternative and better websites: AdultFriendFinder, eHarmony, AshleyMadison, and others.

The Quality of the XMeeting Website

The quality of the XMeeting website hardly reaches medium.

The Possibility to Block Member at XMeeting

Yes, it is possible to block a member at his or her profile.

The Type of XMeeting Website

Without any doubt, XMeeting is a hook-up website.

The Type of XMeeting Website

Concluding Remarks About XMeeting

Many XMeeting reviews recommend to stay away from this dating website. There is a solid background for such a statement – lots of fake profiles, absence of safety control, and absence of freedom for free-based users. Thus, it is recommended to be careful when using the XMeeting dating website.

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