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Christian Cupid Review

Christian Cupid Review
About Site
Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 75%
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A high number of religious singles ready to commit to a serious relationship
  • Smooth-in-use and official Android app
  • Sign up in less than 5 minutes
  • Many profiles do not contain detailed information.
  • For an average user, membership prices seem high compared to other services.
  • No official iOS app, and no development planned any time soon.

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On Christian Cupid, you may connect with a soulmate and speak from your heart. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a partner. In a big city, people feel lost and can be tempted to sin by many attractive opportunities. If you live in a village, you may feel lonely in your Christian faith because you don’t share your neighbors’ views or lifestyles.

That is why an online dating portal has been created for Orthodox, Catholics, Pentecostals, and other Christians. Christian Cupid will unite all believers into one big family.

Christian Cupid Review in 2020

Does Christian Cupid Support Any Languages Apart From English?

Yes, it does. You can use a Spanish version as an alternative to the English version of the website and app. Communication can take place in every language you and your partner consider convenient.

Who Runs Christian Cupid?

The worldwide known Cupid Media Company is an official owner of Christian Cupid and is also responsible for operating the website. Thanks to extensive experience in the sphere of niche dating, Cupid Media is considered one of the best dating site providers in this field.

Where Are the Headquarters of Christian Cupid?

The headquarters of Cupid Media Pty., the company running the Christian Cupid is not baptist dating website, are located in Australia. However, the area of their business influence includes Asian and European countries as well — the USA, South American, and Middle Eastern countries.

When Christian Cupid Was Launched? Is It a New Project?

No, Christian Cupid is not new, although its modern client approach may make you think so. The Cupid Media company was founded 20 years ago, in 2000, and had vast expertise in the creation and operation of niche dating platforms.

Can I Use Christian Cupid Everywhere?

Of course, you can access the website from every corner of the planet, as long as you have an Internet connection and comply with the rules.

Is There Any Age Limit I Need to Fit in to Join Christian Cupid?

Following the law regulations of most countries, you must be at least 18 years old. There is no upper age limit, as long as you are sane and capable of using the PC.

Is There a Windows Store App or Something Similar to Use Christian Cupid on PC?

Sorry to disappoint you in this Christian Cupid review, but Windows Store does not provide an application for the Christian Cupid website. However, you can use any browser to access the web version. There will be no difference in functionality.

How Big Is the Christian Cupid Community?

The community has recently reached 60 thousand members all across the world. In comparison to other portals for religious dating, this number is somewhat low.

Approximately a quarter of all users noted the United States as their primary place of residence. In general, English-speaking countries, such as Canada and the United Kingdom, are very well represented. There are quite big minority groups of German-speaking users and thousands of members from smaller countries.

Website Design & Usability

The structure of the Christian Cupid website is thought-out; the use is feasible even for people who might have less experience with computers. The information comes in multiple items or blocks so that you will not get overwhelmed by too much data. Many Christian Cupid reviews by registered users report that they found the website development not up-to-date. On the other hand, they shared positive opinions on smooth navigation and high user-friendliness.

Can I Use Christian Cupid With Google Chrome/Opera/Firefox/Internet Explorer?

The Christian Cupid website is compatible with all popular browsers. If you are experiencing trouble accessing Christian Cupid, please send an email to the support team.

Do I Need a Webcam to Connect With Other Users on Christian Cupid?

There is no need to use a camera on the Christian Cupid website. Most communication happens in written form.

Do I Need a Webcam to Connect With Other Users on Christian Cupid?

What Is so Special About Christian Cupid?

You need to know one thing: this site cares about some kind of morality. Christian Cupid moderators check the information posted by users. If it does not comply with the rules, then your account can be banned, just like Adam and Eve from the Eden. Also, the Christian Cupid website offers various additional services. For example, it is possible to make use of so-called Cupid Tags. They work just like regular tags, but instead of searching for a publication or a photo, you will be looking for a profile with a matching CupidTag. This is a secure method to pop up in someone’s search result and let your brother or sister in Christ find you.

Another good idea is to complete the procedure of account verification to inspire the trust of your potential spiritual soulmates. In other Christian Cupid reviews, you may find information that there is no email or photo verification. This statement is only partly true: the simple email verification procedure awaits you right upon registration and is obligatory. Photo verification is not an option because Christian Cupid takes its members’ security concerns seriously. Every visitor can verify their account but only upon identification using an official document, like a national identity card. If the original is not at your side, you are free to use a copy.

What Are My First Steps on Christian Cupid?

As soon as you register an account on Christian Cupid and go to the start page, you may take on your search. The algorithm will offer you profiles who might spark your interest in terms of their location, age, or CupidTags. You cannot take a look at all appealing pages at once, and it is better to add some of them to your Favorites list. To do so, click the heart button next to their avatar.

A lot of Christian people tend to be shy when it comes to dating. For them, the best option for the first contact would be a simple friend request.

How Does Messaging Work on Christian Cupid?

If the Christian Cupid hits you right into the heart (or other body parts), skip the listing and come directly to messaging.

If you don’t have a paid membership yet, your contact options on Christian Cupid will be limited. Feel free to express interest or lash out at members with multiple friend requests. However, messaging is possible only if one of you has a paid membership. Keep reading this review until the end to check out the Christian Cupid subscription options.

There are some simple rules in the nature of Christian morality. It is forbidden to abuse, harass, or offend others. Threatening or using obscene or racist language while talking to a Christian Cupid user could lead to legal prosecution. Refrain from sending spam messages or irrelevant advertisements, keep the tone of your communication peaceful and friendly. The Christian Cupid website is firmly against prostitution and human trafficking, and illicit activities of that character may be reported to the police, too.

How Does Messaging Work on Christian Cupid?

Do I Have to Pay a Fee to Send Messages on Christian Cupid?

Unlike on many other platforms where you have to pay a particular fee per message, Christian Cupid doesn’t charge you for that. Note that at least one of two users communicating must be a paid member.

Are There Any Recommendations on How to Start Messaging a Christian Cupid User?

Feel welcome to message anyone who matches your expectations for a friend or a spouse. Everybody knows that zeal for romantic action can drive a person crazy. Try to be modest and moderate; it is always good to start with a proper greeting. Don’t wait for God to give you a sign and text a guy or a girl first.

I Have Trouble With Accessing the Christian Cupid Website, Why?

If you violated the community guidelines or the portal‘s rules, your Christian Cupid account probably was banned by the moderators’ team. Refer to them for further details.

My Christian Cupid Account Was Banned. How Long Will the Ban Last?

It is a bad idea to tempt the patience of Christian Cupid’s moderators. Unfortunately, if your account is once banned, you can‘t use it anymore. There are no temporary bans on the Christian Cupid portal.

I Have Realized My Mistake, Can I Ask Christian Cupid Moderators to Un-Ban Me?

The ban at the Christian Cupid dating portal is usually permanent. You can learn more details by contacting the moderators.

I Want to Delete My Christian Cupid Profile. How Does It Work?

There is a “Switch off Profile” option. So, you can always delete your Christian Cupid profile and all the data you have been specified.

I Want to Delete My Christian Cupid Profile. How Does It Work?

What If I Disable the “Show Me on Christian Cupid” Option?

If you disable this option, other Christian Cupid users will not see your page anymore.

How Do I Find Matches on Christian Cupid?

Look for people who matched your Christian Cupid profile in the match column on the main panel. The suggestions are made based on preferences, such as Catholic or Orthodox, men or women, etc.

Where Can I Find Messages From Christian Cupid Users?

All the messages will appear in the message tab on the main panel.

I Bookmarked a User Profile on Christian Cupid and Can’t Find It Anymore, What Do I Do?

Everyone you marked with a like will appear in the mark list on the main panel.

Is There a Spy Mode on the Christian Cupid Website?

Yes, there is a special spy mode. You can use it to browse the Christian Cupid database anonymously, without revealing your identity.

Can I Change My Christian Cupid Username?

Yes, there is a possibility to edit the username you entered during the registration process. Go to the settings of your Christian Cupid profile.

The Christian Cupid Website Doesn’t Respond, or the Login Process Takes Too Long. What Do I Do?

The most popular reasons why you can’t log in or register on Christian Cupid:

  • You are already registered/logged in. In this case, you will be redirected to the homepage;
  • The cookies of your browser are not working correctly;

The safest way to resolve your problem is to get in touch with the Christian Cupid support team.

What Search Options Can I Use to Browse the Christian Cupid User Base?

Check the search settings before clicking the search button to make sure you are looking for the right person. Christian Cupid users can be filtered by age, location, gender, and country/city.

Signup Process

To register with Christian Cupid is a piece of cake, requiring only a valid email address and a safe password to start. Some necessary details like age and gender belong to the next step. To avoid the tiresome data-entering procedure, sign up with your Facebook account, and the required data will appear in your Christian Cupid profile automatically.

Is the Christian Cupid E-Mail Verification Process Easy?

Yes. You will receive an email from Christian Cupid. After clicking on the link, you are in: as simple as it goes. To get a more solid verification, prove your identity with an official document, and Christian Cupid moderators will be happy to mark your account as verified.

Is It a Good Idea to Register on the Christian Cupid Website Through Facebook?

The Facebook sign up process is very fast, but you will need to share your personal Facebook profile data with Christian Cupid.

How Can I Join the Christian Cupid Dating Community?

Just register using a valid email address or a Facebook account.

Is Christian Cupid Open for Non-Registered Users?

The Christian Cupid policy only grants access to registered members to ensure a safe atmosphere and enhance security.

Is Christian Cupid Open for Non-Registered Users?

User Profiles Quality

Let’s take a look at the profile section to get a general feeling of how Christian Cupid is designed. Every profile is constructed in an understandable way and provides ample information about its owner, given that they took pains to fill in the data fields. The head of the profile starts with essential data like name, age, gender, etc. Scrolling down, you will proceed to the appearance section where you will get an idea of your potential spouse. You can also get several facts about their lifestyle, personal background, and what they hope to find on the Christian Cupid website. The last block gives a user complete freedom of expression as people can write anything they want.

Thankfully, there are virtually no bots here, only real users. To have no doubts at all, you can ask the Christian Cupid participant to verify their page. The majority of visitors are looking for private interpersonal communication with a focus on spiritual issues.

Mobile Applications

You will find precisely the same functions packed into the comfy and laconic Android interface. The app is not very heavy (just 3,1 MB), the download will finish in a flash. In some lands (such as Austria), the Christian Cupid app is not available in the Play Market, so you need to look for an APK file.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

The payment methods on the Christian Cupid website include credit cards, PayPal, and more specific options like direct bank transfer. The platform also offers an exclusive possibility to pay with a personal bank check. To proceed with this option, contact the Christian Cupid support team.

Free Membership Features

The standard membership offers a simple range of Christian Cupid functions free of charge and allows to:

  • create and edit a profile with detailed information (e.g., about your faith tradition),
  • report inappropriate behavior to the Christian Cupid moderator team,
  • match or block users and show interest to them,
  • add up to 5 pictures to a gallery (appropriate in terms of Christian ethics).

Can I Use Christian Cupid at No Cost?

You will not get all the Christian Cupid functions for free. However, the registration procedure won’t cost you anything. This is a unique opportunity to look at the site from the inside. You can evaluate the number of active users, additional services, and security measures at no expense.

Can You See If Someone Likes You on Christian Cupid If You Are a Free Member?

Yes, even free members of Christian Cupid can receive likes and expressions of interest. Unfortunately, you will not be able to answer to a user if neither you nor they have a paid membership.

Gold and Platinum: Premium Features

If you are generous enough to afford a premium Christian Cupid membership, your first choice would be the gold package:

  • price starting at a monthly fee of $8 (approx. $100 per year),
  • free message exchange with every member,
  • additional options, such as instant messenger,
  • ad-free experience of meeting Christian singles of your choice.

With the Christian Cupid Platinum membership, the sky is your limit:

  • price starting at a monthly fee of $10 (approx. $120 per year),
  • ability to highlight your profile in the search results or put it at the top,
  • spy mode in the Christian Cupid database for browsing incognito,
  • a greater variety of search filters and advanced matching algorithm,
  • in-built computer-assisted translation into languages of your choice.

Is There Only One Premium Membership Option on Christian Cupid?

No, on the Christian Cupid, christian dating website, you can choose between two different packages. They will assist you in finding your perfect churchgoing and pious match.

Is There Only One Premium Membership Option on Christian Cupid?

Is There a Possibility to Cancel My Christian Cupid Membership?

To cancel, you simply need to stop the auto-renewal function before the payment period ends.

Is There an Auto-Renewal Function for Subscriptions?

Yes, every Christian Cupid membership is subject to renewal at the end of the payment period.

Will You Refund My Unused Subscription Time?

Only residents of particular USA states (Ohio, Illinois, New York, and California) are entitled to a partly subscription refund. The unused time will only be refunded in the case of the death of an account owner.

I Want a Refund Because Christian Cupid Did Not Meet My Expectations. Is That Possible?

Yes, a full refund of your subscription usually is possible. Contact the Christian Cupid support team for more detailed information. If you violate the human rights of the support team representatives (e.g., harass them with sexual content or discriminate them), no refund will be possible.

Will My Christian Cupid Expenses Appear as a Dating Site in My Bank History?

The name of the Christian Cupid dating portal will not appear on your credit card report.

Can Other Christian Cupid Users Receive Support From Me?

Regarding spiritual support, you are welcome to help and inspire your brethren in faith. However, the option of financial support for other members is not provided on the Christian Cupid website.

Is There a Support Option for One Month?

Yes, you can limit your Christian Cupid subscription to a term of one month. In this case, you will pay $30 for a monthly Platinum membership, or $25 for a monthly Gold membership.

How Safe Is Christian Cupid?

If you are acquainted with basic Internet security guidelines, Christian Cupid is a very safe site for you.

Is there Any Moderation on Christian Cupid Forums?

Christian Cupid does not have a forum.

Can I Prevent a Christian Cupid User From Messaging Me?

You have full control over who you want to communicate with on Christian Cupid. If you see a suspicious person, please don’t hesitate to write to the support team about it.

What Are the Most Important Christian Cupid Security Features?

The most important security features of the Christian Cupid dating portal include:

  • ability to control the visibility of your profile and gallery,
  • ability to block any member,
  • ability to report users who harass or discriminate you,
  • data protection by international law.

I Suspect One of My Contacts Is a Scammer. What Can I Do?

You can block or report every Christian Cupid user. By terms and conditions, you are obliged to inform about people who try to scam you for money. Contact the Christian Cupid support team for better safety.

What Happens to Scammers Who Demand Money or Financial Details on Christian Cupid?

All further action is up to the administration of the Christian Cupid website, and the fraudsters may even face law enforcement.

Is There Something I Should Not Post on My Christian Cupid Account?

Please refrain from posting explicit sexual or pornographic materials, abusive content, texts, or pictures glorifying violence. Never share your financial info with strangers, even if they appear to be good Christians in need.

Is There an Encryption on Christian Cupid Chats?

Regrettably, the chats on Christian Cupid are not equipped with any encryption technology. However, there is SSL encryption for the payments. In 2014, the website was fined for the lack of password encryption. You might want to learn about that from this Christian Cupid review.

Can the Christian Cupid Administration Track Me Down?

No, this dating site does not track you, but your location can be detected with your IP-address.

Can the Christian Cupid Administration Track Me Down?

Can the Police Track Down Users of Christian Cupid?

Yes, the police may request materials from the website for investigation if you have committed a crime. However, they must have a legit reason for this. Please use the Christian Cupid website within the limits of the law.

I Have Questions About My Privacy on Christian Cupid. Who Do I Talk To?

You need to fill in the contact form to get in touch with the Christian Cupid support team: https://support.christiancupid.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Can I Delete My Data From the Christian Cupid Database?

Your data will remain in possession of the Christian Cupid administration as long as they require it for legal and commercial purposes.

Is There a Chance to Meet a Scammer or Impostor on Christian Cupid?

The chance of stumbling upon scammer on the Christian Cupid website is not high. However, the owners encourage users to take care of their physical, financial, and mental safety.

Christian Cupid Contacts

Company: Cupid Media Pty Ltd.

Address: Level 5 2502 / 5 Lawson Street Southport QLD 4215 Australia

Email: [email protected]

Phone-Hotline: 1-800-787-0838

Fax: +61 7 3103 4000

Christian Cupid Alternatives

There are some alternative apps and websites if you don‘t want to join Christian Cupid. Some of these portals are Christian Mingle, eHarmony, and Elite Singles. All of them are niche Christian dating platforms. If you are searching for an app, then the next names will be useful for you: CDFF, ChristDate, Free Christian Dating.

Real Experience

Real user reviews about the Christian Cupid dating website prove the excellent reputation of this portal. People of all ages and nations have found acceptance, spiritual inspiration, and inner balance thanks to partners they met here. Acquaintances at Christian Cupid lead to successful marriages, happy relationships, and strengthening of the Christian community all around the world.

Is Christian Cupid the Best Option for a Single?

Most people come to God when they are disappointed in life. Many of those who believed in God were former criminals, drug addicts, parents of seriously ill children, or disabled people. Some lose faith in themselves, though they were still young. Religion saved them and their children.

There are many such examples. The religion helps find the right way and family happiness, create a healthy marriage. While Cupid is an ancient god of pagan love, Christian Cupid stands for actual religious values that help create a spiritual bond between two people.

If you can relate to this story wholeheartedly, this Christian Cupid review is a chance for you to meet a soulmate. It is not the best dating website in the niche of religious dating, however.

Is There a Possibility to Unmatch a Christian Cupid User?

The matching on the Christian Cupid website happens automatically. However, you can always block a member if you don‘t feel good about them.

Can I Look for a Casual Affair on Christian Cupid?

Take into account that Christian singles are mostly looking for marriage, or brothers and sisters in Christ. If you have a fantasy of seducing a nun or having sexual intercourse with a priest, this is not the right site for you.

Can I Look for a Casual Affair on Christian Cupid?


The creators of Christian Cupid have developed a resource for communication, creating international relations and marriages. Although there are other platforms for Christian dating with more members and better features, the Christian Cupid website does what it should do. If you feel more comfortable about smaller communities and don‘t like to choose from millions of members, visit this site. Like an island of sincere spiritual relationships, the Christian Cupid service will stand out from your other options.

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