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Adventist Singles Review

Adventist Singles Review
About Site
Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 23-29
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • High level of security, since all the profiles are verified on Adventist Singles.
  • Basic information is required for the registration process.
  • Sending messages on the website is free regardless of your membership.
  • Mostly the profiles are filled up with the personal information.
  • The Premium Membership of the Adventist Singles website is quite cheap.
  • Anonymous browsing is only available for premium users.
  • Uploading a photo is a requirement. Without it, you cannot join the Adventist Singles website.

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Adventist Singles is an elite online dating platform for those Christians who share the same belief and want to find someone who shares the same religion with them. As the name suggests, the website target group is Adventist Christians. Currently, it is considered as one of the leading Adventist websites in the world. It offers a wide range of features to its users, including messaging, uploading a photo, safety, and so on. However, the Adventist Singles website aims to put Adventists rules thoroughly into its community.

Adventist Singles Review in 2020

What Languages are Used by Adventist Singles?

The main language for the Adventist Singles users is English. English is an international language, which is used worldwide. The website uses English as a tool to connect Christian singles from all over the world. However, except for English, the website is accessible in German, Spanish, and French.

Who Does Adventists Singles Belong to?

Adventist Singles belongs to Spark Networks USA, LLC. This is one of the globally leading companies that aims to connect singles from different parts of the world.

Where Is Adventist Singles Located?

Adventist Singles is located in the USA. Most of the users are from the USA citizens as well.

When Does Adventist Singles Started Its Mission?

Adventist Singles website was founded in the 2000s. Its owner Spark Networks Company started operating in 1997. Later on, after some successful dating websites creations, the company created Adventist Singles. Currently, Adventist Singles is teamed up with Christian Mingles, and they are introduced as one platform.

Is Adventist Singles Accessible for All the People All Over the World ?

The Adventist Singles is a free dating platform for Christian Singles. As the name suggests, the Website targets joining and connecting Christian singles worldwide.

Is There an Age Restriction for the Registration on Adventists Singles?

Like any other online dating website, Adventist Singles is for the mature community. Therefore, to be able to register on the Adventists Singles, adventist dating website, you should be 18 years old or above.

Can the App be Uploaded in a Computer?

Unfortunately, the application version of Adventist Singles is not accessible through computers. If you want to enjoy the application

Can the App be Uploaded in a Computer?

Member Structure of Adventist Singles

The main target population of the Adventist Singles is Adventists and Christian singles who are looking for a partner to build a serious and long-term relationships. The female population slightly outweighs the male one composing 54% percent of the whole population. Most of the users age ranges from 25-37 years old. In this age group, men are more active than women are.

There are 30000 users from the USA. 10000 users are active weekly, which shows that the website is trendy among Christian singles.

Usability and Design of the Website

The design of the Adventist Singles is neat and organized. You may not difficulties finding whatever you need on the website. The features can be found in different proper sections. What refers to the user’s profiles, everything is also very straightforward. The profile pictures are prominent on the Adventist Singles website enough and clear to see the faces. The website is the combination of white and pink colors, which are quite attractive according to many Adventist Singles reviews.

How to Access Adventist Singles?

You can browse the Adventist Singles website using any Internet engine systems, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You should check whether the website is optimized to the Adventist Singles if you face difficulty with browsing the website. Once you type the website name on the search field, you may find the link (https://www.christianmingle.com/). Go through the link and enjoy your dating journey with Adventist Singles.

Uploading Photo on Adventist Singles?

Uploading a photo is an essential part of the registration process. Your picture should be your one, and your face should be visible. The Adventist Singles website has a photo verification system. Once you upload a photo, you will “Pending Picture” icon. The approval of the photo may take 24-48 hours. Bear in mind that if you make some changes in the photo until it is approved, it may take a longer.

Uploading Photo on Adventist Singles?

Special Features Offered by the Website

Adventist Singles offers the following special features to its users:

  • Spotlight

If you want to appear at the top of your potential partners’ search results, you can activate this feature. In this way, you may increase the chances of getting more messages and matches.

  • LookBook

Enabling this feature, you will see the list of potential matches in a tile view. You can look through those tiles and read the short information about each user.

  • Messaging +

With the help of this special feature, you may send messages to other users of the Adventist Singles, white dating sites without any limitation. This special feature of the website allows us to communicate with any member regardless of their membership status.

How Does the Website Work?

Adventist Singles, like other dating websites, is also based on a matchmaking algorithm. Once you register, you provide all the information that the website may use to analyze and suggest the potential matches.

Communicating with Other Users

If you want to like someone and want to initiate a conversation on Adventist Singles, you need to upgrade your account. Except messaging, you can also send a “wave” to another user that they may understand that you are interested in. On your main page, you may see a list of your matches in a tile view. Those suggestions are randomly, but carefully chosen by the Adventist Singles website. Each tile represents essential information about the user, including username, height, age, and so on. However, sharing contact information is prohibited because of the safety. It is up to you to share that information with another user or not.

Is Messaging Free?

As stated earlier in this Adventist Singles review, messaging on the website is for Premium users. As a standard user, you can send “waves” to other users showing that you would like to contact them.

How to Start a Conversation with Other Adventist Singles User?

If you like someone on the Adventist Singles website, click on the member’s profile. You may find a messaging icon under the profile picture. Click on it and enjoy limitless messaging opportunities.

How to Start a Conversation with Other Adventist Singles User?

Access Restrictions for the Users

If you have a problem with accessing the website, many factors need to be taken into account. Firstly, make sure that you have typed your login information correctly. Moreover, you may an access problem if you have violated any Adventist Singles community rules.

When Can I Have Access to Adventist Singles After a Ban?

If you violate any Terms of use of Adventist Singles, the website may suspend, deactivate, or terminate your account. There is no exact time limit for bans. They may limit your access to some of the features or hide information from your account.

Reactivating Banned Account

If you have some bans on your Adventist Singles account, you can apply to the Customer Support Service. They may view your profile, and if they find that everything is normal, they will reactivate your account.

Deleting Your Adventist Singles Account?

If you have decided to delete your Adventist Singles account, it is essential to remember that it will be removed entirely from the website’s database. You will not have access to your photos, messages, and matches anymore. However, if you have finally decided to follow these steps to delete your Adventist Singles account;

  • Click on the thumbnail located on the right corner of your Profile Page.
  • Choose the “Account Settings” button.
  • Select “Profile Display Settings.”
  • Find and click on “Permanently Delete Profile.”

How Does “Show Me On” Feature Works on Adventist Singles?

Once you purchase premium membership of Adventist Singles, you will be able to activate the “Spotlight” feature. With this function’s help, you will be able to appear at the top of search results. This may increase to likelihood of finding more optimal matches for you.

Where Can My Match List Be Found?

Your Adventist Singles Matches can be found in the “Matches” tab at the top of your profile homepage. Click on the button, and the system will show up your suggestions. You will find each suggestion separately. If you like the user, click on the “Heart” icon located under the user’s profile picture. If you do not like the suggested match, click on “Next Match.”

How to See My Messages on Adventist Singles?

Your messages in Adventist Singles are collected in the tab called “Messages.” Click on the button, and all the messages that you have will appear on your screen.

Can I Know Who Liked My Profile on Adventist Singles?

Unfortunately, you cannot know who liked your profile on Adventist Single. However, in the “LookBook” section, you can find the people who have visited your profile. You will see the profile picture of the user and underneath two buttons. If you click on “X,” you will pass on the profile. The user will not know that you have passed on him/her. The “Heart” button indicated that you like the user. If you like the person who has liked you back, you will get Mutual Like. Only Mutual Likes are visible for the users.

Can I Know Who Liked My Profile on Adventist Singles?

Spy Mode on Adventist Singles

You can visit Adventist Singles through the Incognito window. There are not any restrictions for the users using the spy mode. All the features will be displayed on your screen, and you will be able to enjoy your journey with the Adventist Singles website furthermore.

Editing Your Adventist Singles Username

If you do not like your current Adventist Singles username, you can easily update it. Click on your profile picture. Choose the “My Profile” option from the list then click on “Edit Profile.”

Issues with Logging in the Website

Here are some potential reasons why you may face problem with facing logging in the Adventist Singles;

  • Make sure that you type the correct email address or password.
  • Check whether your web browser supports the website features or not.
  • Some caches and cookies may cause problems.

Other Searching Options of Adventist Singles

To be able to find the official website of Adventist Singles, you need to type the name in the provided search field of the browser. As stated in one of the previous paragraphs, Adventist Singles is joined with Christian Singles. The official webpage is currently called Christian Mingle.

The Registration

The signing up process of the Adventist Singles is fast and straightforward. There is no need to complete any personality test or provide detailed personal information. The website asks you only a little information including birthday, religion, gender, and so on. Moreover, you need to add some information about your preferences and hobbies in the “About Me” box. Later on, you can edit or remove any piece of information.

The site needs a verification that you are 18 and above. Adventist Singles has a rigorous verification process. You cannot skip any registration step of the website. The focus of the Adventist Singles is more on quality rather than on the quantity. To complete a registration process, you need to upload a photo. The photo needs approval by the website’s moderators before being visible to other users.

You can sign up for the Adventist Singles website, also using an email address or Facebook account. The website regularly checks whether the profiles are authentic or not. If they find something suspicious, they will terminate your account. The system uses red flags for uncompleted profiles, and if it is not fixed immediately, the account will be deleted. Overall, the whole registration may take up to 5 minutes.

The Registration

Email Verification

Adventist Singles has a rigorous registration process. To complete your registration, you need to verify your email by clicking sent to it. Later on, you can change the provided email address in your profile settings.

Facebook Registration

Adventist Singles allows you to register using your Facebook account. No information will be revealed to the other users on your behalf.

Joining Adventist Singles?

If you want to find people who share the same religious background, Adventist Singles can help you. To be able to use the features that the website provides to its users, first, you need to join its big community. You can see other users’ profiles unless you register on the website as a user. You can also register using your Facebook account. However, you need to prove basic information on the website.

Is It Possible to Use the Website Without Registration?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Adventist Singles website, if you are not registered yourself as a user. The whole registration is no longer than 5 minutes. As stated in this Adventist Single review, the website concentrates more on the quality of the Service rather than increasing the number of users. It has strict security rules, which cannot be violated without being terminated.

The Quality of Users’ Profiles

Adventist Singles allow to see you other users’ photos even if you are a standard user. The photos of the profiles are of a good quality because of strict photo approval rules. Each photo is viewed and approved by the website’s moderators. Your photo should not contain something offensive or out of norms. You can create your photo album, but you will be able to upload up to 6 photos.

The potential users cannot skip any registration step. Most of the users have completed profiles. You can view detailed information about the user in “About Me” box. This information is accessible to all the members regardless of their membership. This helps you to be sure that there are not fake profiles on Adventist Singles.

Is Mobile Application Available

Adventist Singles has a mobile application, which is compatible with all the devices. You can install the application from Play Market or App Store. However, there are some limitations for the Android and iOS users. To be able to install in Apple device, the version should be 10 or higher, for the Android users 5 and above. There are almost 1000 installs by iOS users, which rated the application relatively fair.

The interface of the mobile application of Adventist Singles is straightforward and easy to use. You will not face any issues while using the mobile application. The homepage is divided into five sections; home, account settings, likes, search, and messages. Even if you use the app for the first time, you may not encounter any problems since it is quite user-friendly.

The mobile application of Adventist Singles has all the features suggested by its desktop counterpart. It is much more convenient to use compared with computer version as long as you have WiFi. One drawback of the mobile application is that the profiles pictures are smaller.

Premium Membership Price and Payment

The premium membership price of Adventist Singles is low, compared with other similar dating websites. Although most of the features of the website are available free, to enjoy more advanced ones, you are encouraged to upgrade your account. Communication methods are also for the premium users.


  • 1 month/49.99 USD/Month/49.99 USD
  • 3 months/11.66 USD/Month/34.99 USD
  • 6 months/5.00 USD/Month/24.99 USD

You can pay for any subscription plan through a credit card. No other payment option is suggested for Adventist Singles users.

Premium Membership Price and Payment

Available Features for Standard Users

Free Service of Adventist Singles suggests the following features for its users:

  • Uploading up to 6 photos to your profile and creating a photo album.
  • Search members using different criteria.
  • Creating an Adventist Single website’s account.
  • Sending “Smiles” to other users.
  • Like other users’ profiles.

Is Adventist Singles Free for the Users?

Most of the features suggested by the Adventist Singles website are free for the users. You can enjoy browsing the matches and visiting other members’ profiles. The information and the photos on the other users’ profiles are visible for you regardless of your membership. However, to contact other users by sending messages, you need to upgrade your account to the premium one.

Can I Learn If Someone Likes Me

Adventist Singles does not let you see when other users like your profile. You can only Mutual Likes, when you and the other user liked each other.

Features of Fee-Based Service

As many Adventist Singles reviews state, the premium membership is worth to be purchased. Here are some of the features that the website offers its premium users;

  • Activating the “Spotlight” feature and appearing at the top of search results.
  • Sending messages to other users without any limitations.
  • Browse other users’ profiles anonymously.
  • Read the receipts.
  • Have access to all the photos

Does Adventist Singles Have a Premium Membership?

You can enjoy the Adventist Singles website’s features, either a standard or a premium user. The price of the premium membership is one of the lowest ones suggested by such dating companies. Premium membership offers more advanced features to its users compared with the standard one.

Canceling Premium Membership Subscription

If you do not want to continue using premium membership of Adventist Singles, you are free to cancel your subscription anytime. If you want to cancel your subscription and do not know who does not apply it to the Customer Care team. They will help you by giving proper instructions.

Is Premium Membership of Adventist Singles Auto-Renewed?

Auto-renewal is on for all the premium subscription plans offered by Adventist Singles. However, you can turn on that if you use the Android app or the website with the help of your Account Settings. After turning off, you will get a confirmation email.

Getting Refund for the Wasted Time

Adventist Singles is not responsible for the time that you spend on the website. The registration process requires your agreement to the website’s terms. Once you agree with them, the website is not responsible for any lost time.

Is the “Support” Auto-Renewed

As stated earlier in this Adventist Singles review, the auto-renewal is turned on unless you change the settings.

Can I Get Back My Money, If I am not Satisfied with the Service?

Adventist Singles does not have any hidden costs except the money of the premium subscription. So, like many other similar dating websites, the website does not take any responsibility for the money that you spend.

How Billing Will be Viewed in My Credit Card

To confirm the process of purchasing a premium membership of Adventist Singles, you need to verify your credit card. Before billing the money, you will get a message notification to your phone or email that contains a code. Once the code is approved, you can view the recipe in your payment history as well.

Supporting Other Adventist Singles Users

In terms of your safety, the Adventist Singles advises you not to give money to any other website user. Otherwise, the website does not take any responsibility for the lost money.

Is There a Month Subscription Plan

Adventist Singles offers a one-month premium subscription for its users. However, it is much more expensive compared with the 6-month subscription.

Is the Website Safe?

Adventist Singles has strict safety rules. Any user who does not follow the rules will be terminated. Moreover, the detailed registration process ensures that no fake profiles will be created.

Are There Any Forums on the Website?

Adventist Singles does not organize any forums for the users.

Filtering the Users Who Can Message You

Does the Police Track Adventist Singles?

Adventist Singles does everything to ensure an enjoyable experience for the users. If there is a user that annoys or bothers you, you can block or report. All these necessary features you can find under the profile picture of the user.

Security Features of Adventist Singles

The first and foremost security feature of Adventist Singles is the verification of email addresses. Moreover, the system does regular checkups to find the suspicious profiles and terminate them.

How to Block a User?

If you want to block any other Adventist Single user, you need to use the feature located under the profile picture of the user. Just click on the “Block” button, and the user will not be able to contact or view your profile anymore.

What Will Happen If Someone Wants Money From Another User?

The Adventist Singles website advises not to give money to an unknown user. Although the website ensures there are no fake profiles, users may take advantage of the website and ask for money.

What Kind of Information Should not Be Posted on Adventist Singles?

Adventist Singles is very strict when it comes to the posts on the websites. Everything is viewed and approved by the moderators. You cannot post something offensive or containing a sexual context. All these are against the rules of the website.

Can My Messages be Encrypted?

Adventist Singles has an advanced level of security. It does everything to ensure that your personal information will not be shared with third parties unless you do that.

Can Adventist Singles Follow You?

Adventist Single is a free dating platform, and it does not follow whatever you do unless you do something against the website’s rules. Therefore, you can be sure that your journey with Adventist Singles is safe.

Does the Police Track Adventist Singles?

The Adventist Singles has a common dating platform for singles. It does not have something suspicious that may attract police attention.

What Can I Do If I Have a Question Connected with the website?

Adventist Singles has the “Help” section, where you can find some necessary articles. The articles are organized into categories. However, if you cannot find whatever you need, apply it to the Customer Care team. They are always ready to help you.

Deleting Information from Adventist Singles Database

The information that you provide to Adventist Singles can be changed or removed anytime. Once you delete the piece of information, it will automatically be deleted from the website’s database.

Does the Police Track Adventist Singles?

Are There Fake Profiles on Adventist Singles?

The registration process, as mentioned above of this Adventist Singles review, requires an email verification. Moreover, regular checkups of the profiles ensure that there cannot be scammers or fake profiles.

Contact Information

Here is contact information of Adventist Singles;

Company: Spark Networks USA, LLC

Address: 3300 N. Ashton Blvd, Suite 240, Lehi, UT 84043

Phone-Hotline: +1 (801) 377.6411

Alternatives to Adventist Singles

If you want to join dating websites like Adventist Singles, you can look through Elite Singles, eHarmony, and Ashley Madison. These are good choices as well, but compared with them, the cost of Adventist Singles premium membership is cheaper.

Real life Review

According to one professional Adventist Singles review, the website is the best place for religious singles to find optimal matches. The website is one of the leading and safe ones in the field.

What Are the Advantages of Adventist Singles as a Dating Website?

The Adventist Singles is a platform where Christians may find their most compatible matches near their locations and not only. The advanced features suggested by the website make your online dating experience safe and enjoyable.

Is There a Feature to Unmatch a User?

If you do not want to see a user in your Match List of Adventist Singles, click on the “X” button underneath the user’s profile. The person will be removed from your Match List.

What Is the Aim of the Website?

The Adventist Singles is mainly for the singles, who are looking for a long-term and serious relationships. It is not recommended to use the website for casual hookups.


Adventist Singles is the best online dating platform for Christian Singles. The website may help you by suggesting different optimal matches. The high security of the Adventist Singles website ensures your fun with the website.

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