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DateMe Review

DateMe Review
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Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 22-26
Profiles 2 600 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 7.5
Popularity 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • DateMe supports more than 30 languages from the over the world and this makes the platform popular at a regional level too.
  • The site offers an easy registration process.
  • Unlike most other dating platforms, DateMe does not have a paid membership program that able a new user to make their profile for free.
  • The site gives free access to sending and receiving messages within the website or mobile application.
  • It asks for the users dating preferences and automatically finds and notifies on detecting people with mutual interests.
  • The option of advanced search helps in getting much better results.
  • DateMe does not have any restrictions regarding the number of images that any user can upload.
  • The website avails the users the option of deleting an account any time according to the user's choice.
  • The website does not provide any information regarding its developer, team, or their geographical location.
  • One can contact the owners only through email and they do not provide a quick reply to the inquiries made.
  • Most of the DateMe reviews suggest the presence of fake profiles.
  • This website does not give equal space for people of all sexual orientations to have an account compared to some other popular online dating platforms that welcome people of all sexualities.
  • The site has limited privacy on the website as anybody can access the private photos of any user.
  • The website does not provide an ad-free browsing experience.

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DateMe is a user-friendly popular dating platform that provides free subscription and unlimited access to people around the globe. Millions of users around the globe use this dating website. On this website, a member can find the right match on this website by describing the interests online and searching according to one’s preferences. The website can be accessed anytime, anywhere through laptops, desktops, or even through mobile phones. To analyze the aspects, if this account is worth the time for the users, below a brief DateMe review will be discussed.

DateMe Review in 2020

Languages Supported on DateMe

The DateMe website supports more than 30 languages from the world over. The accessibility of both the website and the mobile application in various languages makes it convenient for people from different parts of the world to use this platform. This multi-language support system has led to its popularity even at a local level.

Owner of DateMe

Ian Isherwood is the owner of this website and application. He’s known to be one of the country’s top matchmaking entrepreneurs.

Location from Where DateMe Operates

This website operates from Nairobi, Kenya.

Launching Date of DateMe

The launching date of DateMe website was in the year 2013. Since then, this matchmaking website is growing tremendously.

DateMe is Available Worldwide for Use

Yes, DateMe is an available worldwide website for dating. Anyone from anywhere in the world can easily access the website, open an account, and look for a perfect companion.

Minimum Age Required to Be a Member on DateMe

DateMe is a dating website, and only people above the age of 18 can open an account. The website also draws an upper age-limit to have a profile, which is 99 years.

Usage of App Using the Computer

There is no specific computer application for DateMe. However, a member can access the website through a web browser from anywhere in the world.

Member Base and Popularity of DateMe

If you read the expert’s opinion on DateMe reviews, you will come across that this online dating website has worldwide popularity and has a member base throughout the globe creating. A large number of members here fall within the range of 18-35 years of age. Since the website does not require a paid membership, many users find this platform economical, which has helped DateMe website gain worldwide popularity.

User Friendly Website Design & Easy Usability of DateMe

The website design and usability of DateMe website are quite easy to understand and access. The signup processes are quite simple as it only requires name, email, age-limit, and profile picture of the user. However, the website provides very little information regarding the founders or the technical team working on DateMe.

It is much easier to create a profile. One has to provide a username and some basic details like email id, date of birth, gender, age preferences, and profile picture to open the account. Once the account is created, the website provides access to search for people as per the user’s choice, and the user can edit and update the profile according to their interests. The site supports multiple languages, and this makes it a more convenient platform among its users.

The website is simple to use and has a convenient mobile version for mobile users apart from the normal desktop or laptop versions. The website clearly states their terms and privacy policy and also has a contact section, where one can register complaints or put up their queries regarding website usage.

The DateMe website is supported by almost all the popular web browsers like Google Chrome, UC browser, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Using Camera on DateMe

One of the best features is that this website allows easy access to the camera to take live pictures to upload in a profile picture and do video calling.

Using Camera on DateMe

Special Features

The DateMe website is an open-access website compared to other dating platforms. The users can either create a new profile with a username of their choice or else sign-in using the Facebook account. Any user can upload images in public and private categories; however, others can have access to both the public and private images uploaded. It gives its users unlimited access to send or receive messages within the website or mobile application. Most of the DateMe reviews by users point to this limitless messaging as a benefit of the website.

The site has the additional feature that allows the user to keep track of those who have checked their profile or who have added the user to their favorites list. It also has the notification feature, and every user will be notified automatically when they spot mutual attractions. Yet another specific aspect of the site is that it gives the facility of adding people to a favorites list and also allows one to follow another user as a fan.

The advanced search feature in DateMe also helps in filtering the searches according to ethnicity, body type, eye color, hair color, star sign, or sexuality. One can also specify the age range while searching for a match. The location-based search on the DateMe website helps in finding people who are geographically closer to each other.

Options are also available to block any particular users or keep the notifications of messages or visitors off. At any point of time, one can change the username, email id or password or even delete it as per wish.

The Way This Website Works

A new user can find members easily on this dating website and can start chatting with the messaging feature available in it. The website allows enabling location access that shows the members to search who are near to them and can easily contact them. A DateMe review will surely tell us how successfully the network works with chatting. The website also comes with a primary filter search that narrows the search results by including sexual orientations, types, ethnicity, body type, hobbies, and so on.

Ways to Message Users on This Website

Under the profile picture, you will come across two options of like and chat. Click on the chat option and use the option to contact the user.

Send Messages for Free on DateMe

To have a quick conversation, a text message feature is essential to have for any dating app. In such cases, DateMe allows its members to contact other users freely without any charge.

Send Endless Messages on DateMe

When the user logged into the user account, it shows people from neighboring areas. Clicking on the accounts, it has two options, and one of them is the message. This message option will help to start messaging that user.

Reasons Why DateMe Denies Access to You

There are plenty of reasons on which this site may deny access. The most potential reason can be due to the failure of complying with the rules of the sites. Such reasons may include filling out the wrong information, inability to qualify verification tests, and so on.

Reasons Why DateMe Denies Access to You

Termination Time of Your DateMe Account

The ban timing is undefined.

Ways to Reactivate Your Banned Account

In case the site reserves an authority to ban your account, you can contact the site by requesting them with a query to reactivate your account back.

Delete Your DateMe Profile

You can delete your profile from the site by following the below simple steps:

  • Click to “profile” that is placed on the extreme right corner
  • Go to “My setting options.”
  • Click to delete your account

Hide Your Profile By Disabling the “Show Me on DateMe” Option

You can hide your DateMe website profile by disabling the “show me on date me.” The feature will allow you to hide your profile on the app for others and secure it until and unless you turn on this disabled option.

Check Matches on This Dating Site

A member can see matches on the front page of the DateMe website. By choosing the extra features as per the user’s choice, the member can search by filtering the options given there. According to nature and choice, one can select the perfect match to start chatting with them.

Steps to Check Who Messaged You on DateMe?

If anyone messaged you on DateMe, you could see that either in logged-in email or on this notification.

Steps to View Members You Like on DateMe

Yes, you can see and like people on this dating app. It can be seen on the home page option where you have liked a user as well as you can also see how many people like your profile.

DateMe’s Spy Mode

No such feature is available on this website.

Editing Username on DateMe

According to the DateMe reviews, this website allows the members to edit their screen name after the registration process is over. This can be done by moving on the home page by clicking settings, and from that, it has account settings where one can change their username by editing it anytime without any worries. It will update on the user account as soon as the user changes it.

Reasons Why Entering to This Website is Difficult

There can be several reasons through which you might have quite a hard time while entering to the site. It may be related to network problems or due to the site glitch or can even be due to the error in email or passwords.

Different Search Options on DateMe

DateMe provides a convenient search for its members. It allows having a basic search with the help of phone contact, based on our location, liked people, age groups, and genders. The website updates its features with advanced levels of messaging, which is free for users. Notifications feature is another major aspect that allows us to know the match results.

Different Search Options on DateMe

Sign Up Process

To sign up, a new user has to go to a further process. At first, the member has to download or sign up with a Dateme website or app. It requires a mail id or Facebook account of the users to sign up. It doesn’t require any codes to confirm the user account, but it requires confirmation from the user mail. Along with mail, it is necessary to fill the fields such as date of birth, gender, and password of the email. If all these fields work properly and match with the profile, then it agrees to sign up in DateMe. This process takes just two minutes to finish it.

Verification of Email Address

Once the registration is complete, a confirmation link will be sent, which has to be clicked for registration.

Using Facebook Account to Sign-Up

Yes, the site offers an option to sign up using a Facebook account. Instead of using a mail, the user can use their Facebook account to sign up.

Easy Join in Process in DateMe

Firstly, create an account on the Dateme website by filling down all your necessary details. You can sign up through the Facebook account or you can also verify your email address. The Dateme website will ask to fill your gender, location, sexual preference along with the password you need to set in for your account. Next, you need to complete your email verification. Then, add your details to complete your profile by uploading your profile picture.

No User Can Use This Website Without Signing Up

If there is any thought to use this site without signing up, you must know that it will never work out. Signup is a must if the user has to use this website.

Users Profile Quality on Dateme

For a user, it is required to maintain a quality profile that shows the user’s abilities and qualities. All these things can be shown if the user has a detailed profile. While filling a profile requires a photo, a specified name, age, gender, sexual preference, and location. A user must give a keen look to make the profile as authentic as possible so as to get better match results.

Download the User- Friendly Mobile Applications

It is a bit difficult to search the DateMe website and log in whenever a user requires it is interested in it. To avoid all these difficulties, DateMe is available as a mobile application download from the play store on smartphones. It is enough to log in for one time and use it all the time until the account is logged out. It works the same as the DateMe website. However, an extra or advanced level messaging feature will be available on it. This includes DateMe reviews, information, updates of the app, and blog feature.

Download the User- Friendly Mobile Applications

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

As per the Dateme reviews by the experts, the website does not ask for any money. However, there are some small additional features that a user can take if they wish too. The usage of this app and website comes with various features that offer to chat for free for everyone at any time. It also has membership plans like subscribing to the VIP plan by the payment method. This VIP plan will give us another level of Dateme usage. Many new options are available in this membership plan. To enjoy those things in a new way, one should get a subscription plan. Also, a member can pay for their additional features by paying through Paypal or credit cards.

Free Membership Features

DateMe app provides free membership to date and chats with our loved ones.

DateMe is Free

If you are a single person, then it will require you to meet different people and know about them perfectly. With these DateMe free features on their app as well as on the website, you will be able to do a lot of things. Even if you are a free member, you will be able to see who liked your profile so that you can go for further steps. The DateMe app is absolutely free for everyone who uses it.

Know If Someone Likes You On DateMe If You Are a Free Member

With chatting and dating features for free members, they can also check if someone likes them on the app or not.

Premium Membership Features

No premium membership features are available as everything comes under the section of free signup. This is a pro point of Dateme app as it does not ask for any money where a user has to pay to get hold of some amazing features.

DateMe Does Not Offer Premium Membership

The application does not offer premium membership.

DateMe Does Not Offer Premium Membership

Cancel DateMe Membership

If the user is not happy with their services and wishes to discontinue the user DateMe free membership, the user can easily cancel the user membership by following the below steps. Log in to the user account, head on to the profile section, and then click on the delete the account button. Then click on it, and it will ask for the user confirmation, press yes if you wish to cancel. After this, the user account is deleted.

DateMe Membership is Auto-Renewed

The application does not provide any membership fees.

No Refund is Possible for the Unused Time

Since premium membership is not available, the users do not have to pay for anything.

DateMe Does Not Renew Support Every Month

The support for this application is not available.

Getting Back Money is Not an Option, If Not Satisfied With Services

The user will not be paying any money to use this application, so there is no chance to pay or receive any.

DateMe Support in the Credit Card Statement?

The premium membership is unavailable for any impact to be on the credit card statement.

Send Support to Other Members on DateMe

No, the user cannot support other members.

Send Support for a Month

No, the user cannot support other members.

Send Support for a Month

Safety of Users on DateMe

The brand has not made the necessary information public. One cannot find the parent brand, CEO, or the name of any of the DateMe employees. Moreover, if the user tries to log in using the user’s Facebook account, the user won’t be able to do so. Without this basic informations, the brand can’t be trusted. According to the privacy policy of the brand, the user’s general information to this dating site when submitting the user profile can be viewed by other users of DateMe.

DateMe Forums Threads Moderators

There are no specialized forums for the site. The Facebook page is also inactive, and there is no option to discuss or ask for any help.

How Can a User Filter Who Can Message Me on DateMe?

Under the settings section of the user profile, the user gets many options to filter out messages from other users.

Security Features in DateMe

It won’t be wrong to say that DateMe website has an absolute zero level of security. No encryption, no valid email, no confirmation for details entered, and the use of third-party cookies clearly define the worst level of security one can imagine in an app/website.

Block Or Report Suspicious User On The Site

Fortunately, the site gives its users the option of blocking and reporting any account they feel is inappropriate for the platform. Both these options are easily visible on every user page.

Suspending Member Who Uses An DateMe Account To Solicit Money

The site entitles its users to have a copy of any personal information be held by the company, and the right to correct any mistakes. Any query related to anything can only be solved via the contact us form on the website, and to access this form, the user will first have to make an account. Most of the users on the site are fake and are there to rip the user’s pocket off. There is no information about the user’s policy and code of conduct to limit these activities.

Information You Must Not Post On The DateMe Account

No information which can be directly linked to personal information such as home address, credit card details should be posted on this platform.

DateMe Chats Encryption

According to the DateMe reviews, the brand doesn’t give any information about the cryptography techniques used in order to protect the information by disguising or mixing it with noise. No information about the encryption of chat service was found on the website or on the app. This makes us conclude that the site lacks any encryption or decryption method for safeguarding the user’s private messages and anyone with a computer. Some basic computer knowledge and a YouTube tutorial can easily hack into the user account and view the user’s private text and multimedia messages.

DateMe Does Not Track You

DateMe does not pick any location. Also, it does not give any type of authority to the users to

track you down.

Police Cannot Trace DateMe

No, since there is no address, email id, or contact number, it is clear that the police cannot trace a user. The developers have taken care of small details like masking of IP addresses to be untraceable.

Contact Details, in Case of Any Issues on DateMe

The only option a user has is to contact via their website’s inbuilt contact form.

Change the Information You Fill During Registration on DateMe

After completing the registration process, users can change their information, whether its name, gender, age, or sexual preferences, and these changes will be saved on the profile.

Know the Fake or Scam Members on DateMe

As per the DateMe reviews by the experts, DateMe is a new site, and there are still a lot of questions and suspicions from the public.

Know the Fake or Scam Members on DateMe

Alternatives Website to Use Apart from DateMe

Similar sites are as follows:

  • Joingy
  • IamNaughty

Real Life Review to Help You Understand

According to the real-life DateMe review, the DateMe site or app can’t be trusted. The unwillingness of the brand to provide basic information about their company, employees, office, and even their services puts this dating platform under suspicion of many. Anyone and everyone can easily make several accounts since there is no need to verify even the most basic information, including the user’s email. Simply put in random words and just upload a high-quality image to get started.

The website of DateMe is not even professionally made by scaling down the user window, and the site loses its structure. Basic things like contact information, address, membership details are some entities that a user expects from every brand these days. The user experience design of the app is not at all attractive. The home page looks like an outdated adult website. Just from a glance, one can comment that most of the users are fake. The number of ads shown on the website is not properly placed, and it gives an awful first impression on the user. DateMe site/app provides plenty of options to restrict other users from sending the user any message or to unmatch any matched user.

The site still has a lot to go to make it more secure and user friendly. So overall, the app is a scam, and the users should try to keep their hands off it.

DateMe is One of the Best Dating Site/App

According to the DateMe reviews, the DateMe app and website are among the best dating sites available in the dating market. This dating platform has increased its transparency and, as a result, their accountability. It is professionally made and is a well-maintained website and app. Moreover, the platform has been able to build a strong and trustful relationship with its users.

Unmatch a DateMe Member

This is one amazing option on the site that allows listing of people who you like. However, in case you want to unlike a person, the unmatched feature is also there so that you can unmatch easily.

Is DateMe a Hook-Up App?

Yes, it is a hookup site even though it is not advertised as one. Moreover, with most of the users being fake, the site doesn’t fulfill its purpose and hence can’t be regarded as a useful hookup site.

Is DateMe a Hook-Up App?

Summing- Up

DateMe is a dating platform, although not a trustworthy one. The site uses third-party cookies and stores the user information by keeping the privacy intact. The site can’t be further from transparent and has not presented its working model. However, as per the experts’ DateMe reviews by the existing members, this site has proven to give good results and has helped people find loyal partners.

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