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BBWDesire Review

BBWDesire Review
About Site
Active Audience 50%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Simplicity of the registration process.
  • Text messaging is available on BBWDesire.
  • It’s possible to opt either for a paid subscription or credits to unlock premium features.
  • The 12-month subscription comes with plenty of extras.
  • No hidden fees.
  • The community is quite responsive.
  • Webcam-based communication is possible.
  • It doesn’t suit for building long-lasting relationships.
  • The gloomy design seems irrelevant to the theme of the BBWDesire website.
  • The lack of personality verification decreases profile quality.
  • Limitless opportunities for women since the female audience prevails on the portal.
  • No mobile application.
  • Tons of fake profiles undermine confidence.
  • Many ads take too much space on the web page.

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The BBWDesire review draws the attention of avid daters to one of the most popular portals for casual meetings with curvy babes. It will be interesting to know the details of this virtual space for hookups if you dream of over-sized beauties.

The BBWDesire website features many options and opportunities to find the match that corresponds to your dreams and tickles your fancy. Puritans and those looking for soulmates better choose another dating resource since BBWDesire exists for flings and passionate encounters.

Does BBWDesire Support Multiple Languages?

The portal is available in English only. It doesn’t support other languages, and the auto-translation feature is not the advantage of this website. However, it’s not a big deal since the platform generates traffic mostly from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The share of the audience comes from Colombia and the Philippines. Still, the majority of the population in these regions speaks English fluently.

BBWDesire Review in 2020

What Is a Parent Company of BBWDesire?

BBWDesire hides the name of an owner of a parent company either on its website or on third-party resources. The place of its registration is Kirkland, near Washington (USA). The company provides only PO BOX instead of the postal address that doesn’t produce professional business image. Besides, those using the services of FedEx or UPS cannot send mail since only the USPS carrier is accessible.

What Is the Location of BBWDesire Now?

BBWDesire is the online resource without the postal address, meaning the lack of a physical office. In the majority of cases, it means that moderators, managers, and developers operate and support the website from home.

When Did BBWDesire Appear on the Market?

No BBWDesire review displays information about the resource’s “date of birth.” The company’s official website didn’t develop the “About Us” web page where this data would have been available. All that the visitors can see is the last update of the privacy policy info.

Does BBWDesire Cover the Countries Around the Globe?

The bbw and bhm dating website is easily assessable worldwide, meaning that any user can register on the platform regardless of his/her region. There isn’t a list of restricted countries on BBWDesire. However, it’s better to know English to use the interface trouble-free.

What Is the Minimum Age to Qualify for Registering on BBWDesire?

The portal is a semi-adult service, and it displays a lot of explicit content on its web pages. The BBWDesire website works within the law, allowing people of 18 years old and above to join the community.

What Is the Minimum Age to Qualify for Registering on BBWDesire?

Is the Website Compatible With the Desktop Computer?

BBWDesire is supported by personal computers and laptops. Its text content and visuals feature the same decent quality on any model of the device despite the resolution of the monitor and operating system.

How Many Members Does the BBWDesire Community Host Worldwide?

It is one of the largest dating platforms with a multimillion community. According to Alexa, the website generates over 242,000 visitors per month and 2,000 members online every day.

UX Design and Navigation

BBWDesire comes with an awful color scheme but quite friendly navigation. The design is outdated and messy, and the third party makes things worse. However, even a newcomer can access any of the sections in a click. Unregistered users can look through the quick links at the bottom. At the same time, the club members can toggle between the section, view the profile, and test the platform before the upgrade.

Which Browsers Work With BBWDesire

You can enter the website through any browser, including Apple’s Safari. It’s also possible to use browsers on your mobile phone to open the mobile version.

How to Use the Web Camera on BBWDesire?

There is no video chat option on the website, but you can go to the “Cams” section to browse live girls sex cams at home. To that end, it’s necessary to upgrade the account up to Silver, Gold, or VIP membership. The limited paid 3-day trial cannot unlock this feature.

How to Use the Web Camera on BBWDesire?

Helpful Features

In their BBWDesire reviews, users note several appealing tools:

  1. Virtual gifts help attract attention (only for paid members).
  2. Adult movies provide fun without going to dedicated porn websites.
  3. The “Quickie” game allows you to look through the suggestions and click the “Yes” or “No” buttons, depending on whether you want to contact with this match or not.
  4. You can add friends to your network and create a list of Favorites.
  5. It’s possible to enjoy live shows via a web camera.

How to Succeed on the Website?

Once you’ve registered on BBWDesire, start your preliminary search and browse the profiles. You can also choose one of the top members or recently registered participants. Besides, it’s possible to go to the “Quickie” section and select someone from the offered matches. Note that the suggestions are not random but based on your location, search history, and profile info.

How to Send Messages to Someone?

Sign in to the BBWDesire website and go to the “Search” or “Quickie” block to choose an account. Find the relevant icon above the profile photo and click on it. Write a message in the field and send it to your potential partner.

How to Send Messages Without Paying a Dough?

This feature is accessible only to paid users. You can send unlimited messages being a Silver, Gold, or VIP user. If you choose the 3-day trial, you can send up to 10 messages a day.

How to Initiate Messaging With Someone on BBWDesire?

Click the “Add Friend Request” link to get in touch with more users. The community is quite responsive so that you can expect the reply. You can start by sending a gift/flirt to initiate interaction.

Why Can’t You Enter BBWDesire?

The BBWDesire website has no limits for different locations. If you cannot enter the platform, the problem is likely in the wrong username or password. The same relates to the application form. When you cannot complete the registration, check the info you’ve provided to correct the mistakes.

Why Can't You Enter BBWDesire?

For What Period Can BBWDesire Block the Account?

There is no “Block” button on the website. You can report any violations, and the moderators will ban a scammer or a harasser if they deem it right.

How to Recover the Blocked Account?

The user should contact the support team with the request to unblock his/her account. If the system rejects, you’ll have to create a new page from scratch.

Is It Possible to Remove My BBWDesire Profile?

There is an option to delete the BBWDesire account. Open the website and select the “Account Settings” option. Find the “Delete My Login and Profile” link at the bottom of the webpage. Click it and read the warning about the permanent removal of your data. Then, press the “Delete My Login” button to confirm the action.

What Happens If You Cancel Profile Visibility on BBWDesire?

When you enter the account settings, select the “Not Viewable to All Members (hidden profile)” option and click the “Set” button. Other members won’t see your page in search results. So, nobody will be able to reach you.

Where Are Matches on the Website?

Enter the BBWDesire website and find the “Quickie” section in the main menu. Go to the web page to see 10 and more suggestions. Use the Tinder-like option to decline or like the match. The most active members with complete profiles and premium packages get more daily suggestions.

Where to Look Through the Messages You’ve Got on BBWDesire?

Log in to the website and access the personal dashboard. You can find the “Message” section in the main menu on the top. Click it to enter, and you’ll see the Message Center in the upper left corner of the web page. There, you’ll find the Inbox, where messages from other members will appear. The dedicated links lead to the pages with received gifts, flirts, and sent emails.

Where to Find the BBWDesire Users That You Deem Attractive?

Once you’ve registered on BBWDesire, you are free to start the search and create your list of Favorites. For this purpose, click on the “star” icon above one’s profile photo to put him/her in the Favorites list. The latter is always available at the “My Favorites” link in the “Friends/Favorite” section of your dashboard.

Where to Find the BBWDesire Users That You Deem Attractive?

What Is BBWDesire’s Incognito Mode?

The option means the opportunity to browse anonymously while looking through other profiles. This way, you get the necessary information, but, at the same time, avoid unwanted attention. Note that only paid users can take advantage of this feature.

Can You Change the Nickname on BBWDesire?

It seems that BBWDesire doesn’t allow you to modify username since it only offers the “Change My Login Password” link in your account settings. It allows you to change a password only but not the nickname.

Why Does the Website Fails to Load?

If you have trouble getting a website to load, check your Internet connection first and try to visit another site to compare the results. You can also try to open it in another browser. The BBWDesire website is legit and encrypted, so no browser can hardly display any malicious errors.

There is the “Search” section on the website to let you manually choose friends and partners. Besides, you’ll get partners based on your profile data. Premium members can expect excellent suggestions. In their BBWDesire reviews, users appreciate the service’s powerful search engine that makes them happy with the precise matches.

How to Register on the Website?

One can sign up for BBWDesire in a minute since the latter requires a small piece of information to let you join the club: username, password, and email. No promo codes, other links, or fees are necessary to activate the account. You might add a photo and the rest of the data later. Moreover, all the fields are optional, and you can skip any of them.

How to Pass the Email Verification?

Once you’ve completed the registration, check your mailbox for the BBWDesire link to click it for your account verification. In this way, the algorithm will consider your email valid and your account real. The verification process takes just a second to be finished.

What Does the Registration Through the Facebook Account Mean?

This method implies no time-consuming forms to fill out and the necessity to remember strong passwords. Even though this type of authentication is becoming popular, the BBWDesire website doesn’t offer this option. It’s not a drawback since the logging in via your Facebook account may cause phishing attacks.

How to Become a Member of the BBWDesire Community?

The registration is not enough to become a fully-fledged user of the BBWDesire website. Free membership allows you to get on board, but the system limits you in contacts. You have to buy a subscription and tokens to use 100% of the portal’s functionality and find ideal partners.

Can You Use the Platform Without Registration?

You should sign up to access even free options. However, BBWDesire allows unregistered visitors to explore “Terms of use” and “Privacy Policy.” There, people can learn the rules and conditions before they make a final decision on registration and membership.

Can You Use the Platform Without Registration?

Is the Profile Quality Decent?

The users’ profiles contain just general information. There are a few fields and tabs on the web page, and, besides, people have the right to skip any of them. A complete page includes:

Physical attributes:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body type
  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Age

Personal attributes:

  • Marital status
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Religion
  • Education
  • Annual Income

The last category implies your expectations and desires towards the potential partner. You can describe his/her appearance and just a few character traits. You can also zoom in someone’s photo to get a better view of the face and body. By the way, there are no faces on many pics. You can often see naked bodies or even their intimate parts in a close-up.

You can also find the paragraph where a person describes himself/herself and the desired partners, but only paid users can access it.

You should always stay out of empty profiles where you can see neither a decent photo nor information. It deals mostly with fake accounts or scammers.

Are Mobile Applications Available?

The BBWDesire website cannot boast a mobile application despite the popularity of using phones for online dating. However, the portal comes with a responsive mobile version that is very convenient and user-friendly. All the functionality of the desktop version is available as well.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Standard membership is free, but most of the perks require fees. The pricing on the BBWDesire website looks as follows:

  • Limited trial membership: 3-day trial for $2.97/day ($8.90).
  • Gold membership: 6 months for $11.65/month ($69.90).
  • Silver membership: 3 months for $16.65/month ($49.95).
  • Monthly VIP membership: 1 month for $29.95/month.

Once you’ve upgraded your account, BBWDesire rewards you with free tokens. You can buy tokens and subscriptions using your credit card.

Are Mobile Applications Available?

What Is Available for Free?

BBWDesire allows you to create an account for free, as well as to search through the profiles, explore your account settings, opportunities, options, etc. You can also see the newest members and people who liked your page.

Do You Have to Pay for BBWDesire?

The BBWDesire website is a freemium portal. It positions itself as a premium-quality platform and offers paid subscriptions to let you unlock advanced features and use communication tools.

Are People That Like You on BBWDesire Visible for Non-Paid Members?

Yes, the service is generous enough to make this option free. There is the “Who Likes Me” area on the website, where you can see users that have added you to their lists of Favorites, as well as your friends and new matches.

Premium Membership Opportunities

Each paid package has its set of available options:

  • 3-day trial: 10 profile views and 10 sent messages daily.
  • Silver membership: unlimited messaging and profile views.
  • Gold membership: unlimited messaging, profile views, and full support via phone.
  • VIP membership: all the features above plus live cams and unlimited porn movies.

Does BBWDesire Offer Paid Subscriptions?

The BBWDesire website has flexible pricing, offering several types of premium membership. The cheaper plans are suitable for people planning to communicate with partners only. Those looking for adult entertainment should opt for the high-end VIP plan. If you use the site just from time to time, it’s better to buy tokens when needed.

How Can You Stop My BBWDesire Paid Membership?

It’s possible to cancel the subscription and account via email support. Send the relevant message, and the service will stop your membership in a couple of hours. Gold and VIP users can call the support team. You’ll find the contacts in the “Terms of Service” section.

Does BBWDesire Automatically Renew?

The premium membership on BBWDesire comes with the auto-renewal feature, meaning that the system renews your monthly charges. For this purpose, you authorize the website to charge your bank card for recurring membership fees.

What Is the Refund Policy of the Website?

The reasons for interrupting the membership before its expiration might be quite different. That’s why BBWDesire tries to solve this issue manually, asking people to send the request to the given email address.

Are the “Donations” to BBWDesire Automatically Renewed Monthly?

The auto-renewal tool is valid for all levels of the paid membership on BBWDesire. You don’t have to make payments every month since the system will withdraw money from the bank account regularly.

Is It Possible to Get the Money Back If You Are Not Happy With BBWDesire?

The BBWDesire service doesn’t provide its client with a money-back guarantee. You can contact the support team to explain your position and discuss the appropriate solution.

What Will Be the Name of the Transaction for the BBWDesire Services?

The BBWDesire platform doesn’t promise a completely discreet online dating. You’ll probably see the website’s name in your bank statement, but this point is mostly dependable on your payment provider.

Can You Please Other BBWDesire Users?

You can send online flirts and gifts to your Favorites to express your admiration. You should discuss real presents or financial help during private messaging. It’s no secret that many users offer intercourse as a reward on the hookup and adult dating websites.

Can You Provide Support for Just a Month?

The frequency of the website’s support depends on the duration of the subscription. For example, you should pay for 3 days in a single installment and make a full deposit for a 3-month package. There is no opportunity to pay for each day or month separately on BBWDesire. Still, you can buy tokens to access a specific option for several days.

Can You Provide Support for Just a Month?

Is BBWDesire Secure for Users?

The BBWDesire website is a legit platform that will keep your computer, data, and transactions safe from cyber-attacks and undesirable interference. The service accepts complaints and reports about the scam, providing its customers with relevant help. The portal uses reliable GoDaddy, MacAfee software, and SSL encryption to protect the community from data breach and fraud.

Does BBWDesire Moderate Posts on Forums?

BBWDesire is the adult website for hookups where people usually use quite explicit vocabulary. However, it’s not a reason for deleting the post. The service doesn’t track the member’s activity and relies on users’ understanding.

Is It Possible to Restrict Some People From Messaging Me on BBWDesire?

The registered paid members can press the “Block This Member” button to prevent him/her from contacting you. Enter the account settings and select the “Member Block List,” where you can look through the list of blocked visitors.

Does BBWDesire Have Any Security Features?

The BBWDesire website comes with a decent level of security that is typical for many other dating services. Note that the platform reserves the right to disclose clients’ personal data to any member of the company’s group network and advisers.

How Can You Block and Report an Annoying User?

Choose the “Intruder” and click the block button in his/her profile. The system automatically puts this person in your list of blocked members.

What Punishment Might Face the Member Who Blackmails on BBWDesire?

The members of the BBWDesire website can ask you for money, but you can reject or block them, and file a complaint. Then, the system will delete his/her account. If someone acts against the law, you can appeal to the legal-protection agencies.

Which Data You Shouldn’t Disclose in Your BBWDesire Account?

You should keep your financial data, family details, normal routes, and other personal information in secret. No one needs routine info for hookups.

Do BBWDesire Chats Feature Encryption?

The BBWDesire uses the standard SSL encryption to protect chats from leakage. It helps maintain privacy even if you use unprotected Internet connection in the café or any other public space.

Can BBWDesire Monitor Your Activity?

BBWDesire connects its service to online analytical tools that collect information about the visitors’ activity. It is about how much time they spend on the website, which web pages they visit, etc. Besides, members’ location, browser type and version, operating system, and device are visible.

Can the Police Trace BBWDesire?

Cyber-police does its job, but it cannot access your personal information on the website or track your messaging.

Where to Address to Solve Privacy Issues on BBWDesire?

Contact BBWDesire’s Data Protection Officer at [email protected] to reveal the nuances related to your data and privacy.

Can You Edit the Information Provided to BBWDesire?

Every user can edit his or her profile anytime to keep it valid and ensure more accurate matches. For this purpose, enter the account settings and click the “View/Edit My Profile Link.”

Are There Scammers and Fakes on BBWDesire?

There are many fake accounts and scammers on BBWDesire. Still, they are easily identifiable when they display irrelevant photos and empty profile tabs.

Are There Scammers and Fakes on BBWDesire?

Contact Info


Kirkland, WA 98083


(800) 564-9432


There are some other platforms with curvy hotties on the Web:

  • BBWCupid works for those who look for love rather than for hookups.
  • LargeFriends is well-known for tons of features for communication and entertainment.
  • BBWRomance is a versatile service to help people find love, sex, and friends.
  • BBWDateFinder attracts with its highly accurate matches.
  • On ChubbyBunnie, you can send and respond to Gold members’ messages for free.

Real-Life Review

The real BBWDesire review should stress the most attractive and tempting stuff on the website. It is about hundreds of big gorgeous women that are accessible on the platform. Besides, the girls can always find men that admire their body type. They know it for sure, and it saves them from fear of abuse.

Is BBWDesire the Premium-Class Dating Service?

BBWDesire is just a decent platform that lacks transparency and security. Its value depends on your expectations. If you look for an all-in-one dating app for hookups and fun, this portal will be quite suitable.

Can You Cancel a Match on BBWDesire?

You can change your mind and stop messaging the member that you’ve approved before. The undo option in Quickie is not implied.

Is BBWDesire Just for Flings?

The website does its job for people who want to score hot and steamy hookups and explore their wild side.


BBWDesire creates a friendly environment for over-sized women and their admirers. If you want to get laid tonight, have a wild weekend, or a passionate online interaction with hot partners, it will definitely meet your expectations.

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