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SwingLifestyle Review

SwingLifestyle Review
About Site
Active Audience 50%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 24-35
Profiles 350 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is legitimate with many active users
  • A large number of users with detailed profiles
  • Great features for paid membership
  • Hook up possibilities for a free member are limited
  • No video chats
  • Finding a partner sometimes takes time

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SwingLifestyle reviews state it is not a dating site for everyone. It is a non-conventional relationship site for people who want to switch partners, experience orgies, and have a threesome. Are you looking forward to starting your sexual revolution? Then look no further because SwingLifestyle caters to your every passion and unending fantasies.

Most online communities consist of likeminded people. On SwingLifestyle, swingers get to meet other users, join various groups and forums, explore sexual and other relationships strictly for open-minded individuals. Should any of these appeal to your fancy, then endeavor to read to the end, as we have put together a compilation of resources to answer all of your questions about the SwingLifestyle website in our SwingLifestyle review.

How Many Languages Does SwingLifestyle Support?

At the moment of writing this review, SwingLifestyle supports only the English Language.

Who Is The Owner Of SwingLifestlye Website?

Who is the owner of SwingLifestlye website

The ownership of the site belongs to Dashboardhosting, Inc., and we found out that DashBoardHosting provides SwingLifestyle.

Where is SwingLifestyle Located?

The site is currently based in the United States of America, but can also be found in European territories. Interestingly, most users of the site are from the USA.

When Was SwingLifestyle Created?

SwingLifestyle was founded in 2001, and it is the oldest thriving swingers site.

Is SwingLifestyle Available Worldwide?

Although SwingLifestyle does not yet have a global presence, it is a popular site in European territories like Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, Wales, and the USA, amongst a host of other countries.

SwingLifestyle Special Features

SwingLifestyle Special Features

The site offers the most exquisite features to its premium members: keeping members glued for life. With the free account which offers only basic features on SwingLifestyle, your search opportunities are somewhat limited. The most advanced features for improving your bonding and connection experience is restricted to the premium accounts. Some of the features are briefly discussed below.

Hot Date

On the hot date feature, users can plan meetings with other swingers. It functions like a public calendar where you find and fix dates with available swingers for hookups. Cool right? Yeah!

Search for Swingers

Search for Swingers

Search for swingers is another feature that allows you to filter your search by using gender, age, sexual interest, and location to find perfect hookups on SwingLifestyle. It is available to both kinds of membership status.


SwingLifestyle runs a travel agency known as Topless Travel. It is specially arranged for members to cruise around destinations of choice and experience orgies of every kind, without losing the thrill that comes with these adventures.

Chat Room

Are you bothered about breaking the ice? Then you should join a group or forum to find like-minded folks on SwingLifestyle website today. Here you can have conversations, read, and create discussions around topics of interest to you.

Block and Friend Options

Are you feeling stalked by a person you do not like or no longer wish to continue communication for a swinger? Use the block feature to prevent them from knowing your whereabouts, or contacting you. This feature is, however, exclusive to premium users. To become friends with anyone, open their profile, click on the “friend” option, and you are friends. Easy!

Audience Quality

Audience Quality

SwingLifestyle takes enormous pride in her over 15 million users and aims to connect people by making the site a one-stop place for all swingers. SwingLifestyle commonly abbreviated as SLS is the oldest dating site for similar-minded individuals. It is the place to satisfy all of your sexual fantasies.

This threesome dating website displays the statistics of online swingers, new members for the week, new pictures for the week, and the number of chat rooms groups and membership groups available on the site. Besides, the site has a moderate geographical reach with the majority from many states across the USA. It also airs an online radio service for those that care to know “what’s up” on swingers street. If you enjoy the “swinging” lifestyle, then this is the place to hook up.

Age Distribution

You must be an adult, at least 18 years to be eligible for the SwingLifestyle.

Fakes and Scammers

So far, we have not heard any case of a SwingLifestyle member being scammed. However, the site has a support team that scouts for fake users and have laid a reliable system that protects her users from scammers.

SwingLifestyle Mobile App and Website

SwingLifestyle Mobile App and Website

SwingLifestyle has a well-designed website and mobile App that are easy to navigate with an excellent user interface. Both are arranged in a grid layout and are pretty straightforward. To find out more about the website and App, be sure to follow carefully.

SwingLifestyle Application

The mobile App can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple stores. It is suitable for all Android and IOS Phones. SwingLifestyle App is easy to navigate and has a great design. Download the App and stay connected to your swingers no matter where you are.

About SwingLifestyle Website

SwingLifestyle can be accessed through two different websites. The original site has a simple design with an itemized list of options like the swinger’s club, groups, parties, etc. below the login panel on the left of the page. The site offers a beautiful blend of blue colors to set up your perfect mood. It is user friendly and effortless to navigate even for first-timers. The alternative website has a more modern display with a less cumbersome feel about it.

Can I Use The App On My Computer?

Yes, you can. Simply go to Google play store, search for the SwingLifestyle App, install and then log into your account, and you are good to go.

Which Browsers Work With SwingLifestyle Website?

The site opens swiftly on any popular browsers without any glitches. Just ensure your internet connection is intact, and that is all.

Why Is It Hard To Enter The Site?

The site is always available; troubleshoot your internet connectivity in case of any problems. Otherwise, you should contact SwingLifestyle’s support team for prolonged unexplained connectivity issues.



You do not have to be technology savvy to understand the interface. If you prefer to use the original website, which is a little bit old fashioned, its interface is friendly and very convenient. Even an octogenarian visiting the site for the first time would find it easy to navigate through. The alternative website is aesthetically pleasing to behold and designed to set prick your interest.

Registration Process

The first step in the registration process is to visit SwingLifestyle.com or the alternative site SLS.com. On the home page, click on “create an account” or “join for free” depending on which of the links you open. Enter your preferred profile name and password, re-enter the password to confirm, choose an account type (couple, female or male), select your age (must be 18), enter the numeric value displayed, read the terms and conditions to ensure that you’re satisfied, then check the box to agree. Finally, hit the create account option.

You should be directed to the final step that requires your name, email, and location zip code. This Information is necessary for the SwingLifestyle to serve you better.

Can I Unfollow A SwingLifestyle Website Member?

Sure, at any point when you no longer desire to be friends or hook up with them anymore.

How Old Should You Be To Join SwingLifestyle?

You have to be at least 18 years old before you can register on SwingLifestyle: this is a place for just adults. Oh yeah, adults only!

How Can I Verify My Account?

Before you can start using a new account, it must be verified and confirmed by SwingLifestyle. The account is verified by email, the photos are checked by the staff of the site.

What Is The Way To Verify My Email?

A link would be sent to the email you provided while registering your account. Click the link, and your email would be verified on the SwingLifestyle website.

Can I Register By Facebook?

Well, no one registration process works for all sites because, in this case, you do not get the option of using your Facebook to register. Not to worry, SwingLifestyle registration is straightforward.

Can I Surf The Site Without Signing Up?

Interestingly, on the original website– “swinglifestyle.com” — you could visit the site, peruse basic features, and get basic information. Still, you cannot find a swinger like yourself until you sign up. However, the alternative site does not permit user interaction without logging in or signing up.

Profile Set-up

Profile set-up

Setting up a SwingLifestyle profile is not a difficult task, but you need a good profile, one that is thoroughly designed to help you find your swing partner and hook you up in no time.

Can I Delete A SwingLifestyle Website Photo?

Of course, you can delete a photo that you uploaded to the site anytime you like.

How Do I Change My SwingLifestyle Username?

Sorry, you can not edit your username. Trying this may result in you losing the account.

Is It Possible To Delete Your SwingLifestyle Profile?

The answer is simple, and it is yes. You will find the “delete your profile” option on your account page.

What If I Can Not Use The “Show Me On SwingLifestyle” Option?

Disabling the “show me on SwingLifestyle” option makes you unseen by other members when searched. Simply put, you become invisible.

Can I Delete The Submitted Information On SwingLifestyle?

Not at all! You cannot delete the information you already submitted on SwingLifestyle.

Member search allows swingers to search for potential hookups. It is important to note that premium membership access would give you more results than free membership option.

Can I See The SwingLifestyle Members Who I Liked?

Yes, you can, but this access is fully granted only when you are a premium member.

What Are The Alternative Options Of SwingLifestyle Search?

Options of SwingLifestyle search enable you to search by age, location, sexual orientation, preference, and other filters.

Can A Free Member See Its Likes On SwingLifestyle?

As a free member of SwingLifestyle, you would not be able to see when someone likes you.


This is a feature available to both free and premium members. It is a vital means of interaction between swingers, but free users can only send a limited number of messages daily.

How Can I Send A Message To Someone?

You can do this by sending private messages to a budding swing by viewing their profile and hitting the message option to begin your interactions.

Is Messaging Free?

Messaging is a free feature, but to enjoy unlimited messaging access, step up by becoming a premium member today.

How Can I See My Messages On SwingLifestyle?

This is simple; you receive a pop-up notification alert that tells you there is a message, view it, and you will know the sender.

How Do I Use The Video On SwingLifestyle?

SwingLifestyle does not support video calls, but you can share pictures and nudes.

How Should I Filter My Message List On SwingLifestyle?

Do this by entering a detailed profile and describe your preferred match. This way, whoever sees your profile knows whether you meet their requirements. Truthfully, this is not something you can determine as anyone can message you provided you have not blocked them.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

The benefits accruable from the premium membership far exceeds the costs of each plan. It offers unrestricted access to every available feature on the site. SwingLifestyle’s premium membership follows the listed price model: a single month plan costs $14.95 per month, a three-month plan totals $ 29.95 at the rate of $9.98/month. Other plans are the 6-month plan, which goes for $49.95 at $8.33/month and the 12-month plan for 69.95 at $5.83/month. Swingers can also pay $149 for the lifetime membership plan.

Users have the option of paying either through their credit cards or by writing a cheque. Whichever option you choose, the safety of your details is assured, and you get value for your money.

Free Membership Features

Once you sign up on SwingLifestyle, you have access to basic features. Free swingers also enjoy the following limited access:

  • Send up to 5 messages daily,
  • view a maximum of 50 profiles in a day
  • Search for a limited number of swingers.

Premium Membership Features

Become a premium member without over-stretching your current credit balance to gain additional features that make the site come alive. Premium membership offers swingers the opportunity to:

  • Send an unlimited number of messages daily
  • Unrestricted views and upload of nudes
  • Create threads and discussion forums
  • Upload private photos
  • Approve new members etc.

Does SwingLifestyle Offer Paid Membership?

SwingLifestyle offers premium and life membership. As stated earlier, flexible options are available to swingers without threatening their bank balance.

How Do I Stop SwingLifestyle Membership?

This is more like deleting your SwingLifestyle account. From the menu bar on the left of your home page, click on “tool,” then select “delete your profile” option, confirm your choice in the next prompt, and your membership is gone.

Is SwingLifestyle Membership Auto-renewed?

SwingLifestyle does not automatically renew the subscription status of its premium members, except they choose the option while registering.

Can I Get My Money Back?

No, SwingLifestyle does not provide refunds for the unused duration of your subscription. To derive maximum benefit from your premium plan, only subscribe when you know you are available to utilize and enjoy the full benefits of your subscription.

Is My “Support” To SwingLifestyle Automatically Redone Every Month?

Your support for the site comes from a place of benevolence: SwingLifestyle does not automatically deduct from your account.

I Am Not Happy With The SwingLifestyle, Can I Get My Money Back?

There is no place in terms of the agreement that states that you can be refunded because you are not satisfied, hence the essence of this review.

How Will My SwingLifestyle Support Appear On My Regular Payment?

It would appear as support if that was how you described it while making payment.

Can I Support To Other SwingLifestyle Members?

There is no mandatory clause to this, if you choose to support anyone, it is at your discretion, but we urge you to play safely online.

Can I Send Support For One Month Only?

Yes, the support you offer SwingLifestyle is at your discretion and not by any mandate.

Is SwingLifestyle Safe?

Is SwingLifestyle Safe

SwingLifestyle is safe. But ensure that you stay safe and take necessary online precautions to keep being safe.

Privacy in SwingLifestyle

SwingLifestyle is particularly concerned about your online privacy. They ensure that your secret chats with your special ones do not become public knowledge. Ensure you read up for additional details on the SwingLifestyle privacy policy.

Are SwingLifestyle Chats Secure?

As a way of securing the exchange between users, the site uses end-to-end encryption. The simple answer is yes. Chats are encrypted so that your conversations, photos, and all other intimate information transferred online does not fall into the wrong hands. You should feel safe while using your SwingLifestyle account as your privacy is topmost on the priority of SwingLifestyle.

Can SwingLifestyle Track You Down?

Yes, but you do not have to worry about that as SwingLifestyle only tracks down the profile of suspected fraudulent swingers or those found to flout her terms and conditions expressly.

Can SwingLifestyle Be Checked By The Police?

Police can trace the site’s name and certainly find it. They could even join to become members should they share similar interests with swingers. However, the police cannot trace a user’s account unless a case of criminal investigation is instituted, and warrants are obtained. No unlawful infringement would be allowed.

Who Can I Contact For My Privacy In SwingLifestyle?

The customer service support is always available. Swingers are advised to read up privacy policies as contained on the website. Visit SwingLifestyle.com, scroll to the bottom of the page, find the privacy policy, click and read.


SwingLifestyle is, broadly speaking, safe. You do not have to worry as messages are sent via the internal mailing system. The site has put in place necessary measures to keep users safe but ensure you do your part to stay safe.

Are SwingLifestyle Forums Moderated?

Adults do not need to be monitored like children; the site recognizes this. Forum threads are used by grown-ups to share similar views. Therefore, there is no moderation or restriction, only a general monitoring team that effects checks and balances on the site.

What Will Happen To A Member Who Uses A SwingLifestyle Account To Scam Money?

SwingLifestyle frowns upon using her website to solicit for any form of financial exchange. Agreeing to terms and conditions on online platforms is not ceremonial, ensure you read them before ticking the agree button. So, if you are found guilty of breaching terms and conditions aside soliciting money, you would be banned!

Banned account

SwingLifestyle bans accounts of users found to have breached the terms and conditions of the site. Banned accounts are denied admittance as members. A banned user is officially prohibited from using their account.

Why Can’T I Enter SwingLifestyle?

You may be unable to access SwingLifestyle because your network connection failed. The site is always accessible at every time of the day, but you can contact the customer support team if your internet connection is not a problem.

How Long Are SwingLifestyle Restrictions?

The ban lasts for as long as the legal term states. Often, it is a lifetime ban.

How Do I Renew My Banned Account?

Prevention, they say, is better than cure. We believe it is better to do the right things to prevent your account from being banned. However, should your account be banned and you need to reactivate it, contact the support team for further instructions.

Protect Yourself

As much as SwingLifestyle website is trying to protect her members, you also need to protect yourself as there are certain measures you would have to ensure. SwingLifestyle will certainly not make decisions for you, endeavor to make the right decisions when it comes to online dating, and tread carefully so that you are not hurt at the end of the day.

How Can I Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

This is pretty simple to do, though, you can also decide to block a user you are no longer interested in interacting with. All you need to do is: go to their profile, the fifth icon is the block option, click on it to block them.

What I Should Not Mention In Your SwingLifestyle Account?

Generally, it is important to sieve what you put online consciously, that is why we keep reiterating observation of online dating precautions. Highly confidential information, passwords, secrets, bank account details amongst other top information should not be shared with just anybody or anywhere online. We encourage you to be discrete and wise.

Help and Support

SwingLifestyle prides in her customer-centric services and support system that functions actively to respond to users promptly. The site has personnel that is eager to take your questions and provide you with top-notch support. Reach SwingLifestyle via email at [email protected] or [email protected]

Real life review

We understand that the entire review would be truly authentic when you know what users are saying about SwingLifestyle, here is a recent review from the site’s Facebook page by a member.

“Absolutely the best site for new or experienced swingers! Large variety in age and fetishes. Lots of groups, “hot dates,” and parties to dabble in. The more knowledgeable people on the site are always friendly and answer almost any question you have! Never had a bad situation of any sort with the members. Best thing I’ve done to my sex life since losing my virginity”. Kristin Tylor Dethlefs

Is SwingLifestyle The Best Choice?

We may be unable to give a perfect response to this question, but we surely know those things that make SwingLifestyle stand out from other sites in this niche. The site has privacy policies that protect user’s information and guides against fake users through her support team. The support team investigates swingers’ profiles to keep members safe and secure. Its high-quality services ensure that new members are added daily without losing old active swingers. Feel free to make up your mind on a suitable rank for SwingLifestyle, but we do believe it is the best dating site out there.

Is SwingLifestyle Safe?

Yes, the SwingLifestyle is safe. But then, safety does not mean you should be negligent or care-free. You should observe online safety measures to remain safe.

Is SwingLifestyle a Hook-up App?

Call it a dating site or hook up, SwingLifestyle is what it is. A place where likeminded people connect without fear, shame, or condemnation. Perhaps you desire to hook up or date a swinger; this is the place for you.

Is SwingLifestyle Totally Free?

Registering on SwingLifestlye is free. However, you would have to upgrade your memberships to the premium version to enjoy advanced features like messaging, as many times as you want daily.

How Does SwingLifestyle Function?

Of a truth, the number of online dating sites has greatly increased over the years, but they do not all function the same way: different sites have various peculiarities even when they are in the same niche. So, how does SwingLifestyle work? Interestingly, there is nothing complicated about the way the site functions. You just have to be an open-minded person with non-traditional sexual flairs.

The site has free and premium users. To access top-notch features, one would have to opt-in for the paid membership to enjoy unlimited benefits with no restrictions. Available on the site are; single males, females, and married folks willing to explore sexually. Get a good profile, upload your photo, and start searching– this is how you get hooked up on SwingLifestyle.

We stated the niches audience earlier, so long you have the same orientation as other members, you are going to find your swing partner. Sometimes, it requires patience, but it surely happens: you will find that swinger that would satisfy you in every way you have ever desired. Give SwingLifestyle a try today.

Are There Scammers On SwingLifestyle?

People visit numerous sites for reasons best known to them; what we know for sure is that SwingLifestyle has put in place all that it can to guarantee your safety as a user. The support team ensures that profiles are examined; we encourage that members observe all the online dating precautions they know and make it a responsibility to play safely in the online space. But as a team, SwingLifestyle is doing all that it can to ensure there are no scam or fake users on the platform.

Alternative sites like SwingLifestyle

SwingLifestyle is the oldest sought-after online dating site for members of this community. SwingLifestyle has an alternative site which is SLS.com, other sites that offer similar services like SwingLifestyle are:

SDC. Com

Contact Information

Company: Dashboard Hosting, LLC
Address: 6100 Glades Rd STE 205 Boca Raton, FL 33434-4300
Phone: (754) 242-7440
Email: [email protected]


Thus far, we have been able to establish this SwingLifestyle review as perfectly suitable for swingers and those that enjoy non-traditional forms of relationship. It is the place to connect with swingers close to you as members are constantly on the increase.

Get a premium membership that grants you access to great features that makes the entire experience worthwhile. The site rewards you with value for your money compared to other swingers’ sites online. Fulfill your aspirations to hook up with a swing partner by signing up on SwingLifestyle.com for a dating experience second to none. We do hope to hear from you soon. Enjoy!

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