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CasualDates Review

CasualDates Review
About Site
Active Audience 92%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 18-34
Profiles 15 000 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A huge user base
  • A free premium trial
  • Females can use the site for free
  • Easy registration process
  • Most of the profiles are detailed
  • The design is magnificent
  • Some profiles have few details
  • No chat room
  • Men can send messages only if they buy a premium account
  • You must pay to enjoy all functionalities of the app

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CasualDates is a fast-rising hookup site for people with similar interests. It was launched a few years ago, and it has managed to gain a good reputation. With its effective set of features, this site has helped thousands of users find partners for their casual sex encounters.

It has two types of plans. They are free trial and premium plan, which users can leverage. It is one of the sites that give women the privilege of browsing for free. Its matchmaking scheme helps male users find women on the site who have similar interests.

CasualDates Review

Site Overview

Since its launch a few years ago, CasualDates has become an excellent app for casual sex seekers. It is a site that receives more than 25 000 sign-ups each day and has over 36 million users. The highest percentage of its users are entrepreneurs and professionals. While using the site, expect to meet users from Germany, Brazil and Switzerland.

The site’s primary objective is to match casual sex seekers with other users seeking the same. The system uses the details provided by the users during the sign-up process to match them. As a guarantee, the vast number of users is a huge perk that you cannot underrate. This is because you cannot just run out of matches as long as you create a stunning profile. This CasualDates review delves deep into the details of the site. Stay around if you want to learn more about the site’s features, special features, cost of membership or subscription, its design and ease of use, details about the mobile app, helpline, and much more.

How does CasualDates work?

There has been an increase in demand for affairs with no strings attached. In fact, many entrepreneurs or even corporate workers find it hard to start and cultivate relationships meant for the long term. They are now going for affairs with zero commitments. They find one-night stands and other casual sex encounters worth their attention. Besides, such kinds of relationships do not need much time. They can just have a casual sex encounter and proceed with their daily endeavors as if nothing happened. Learn more about the site from this CasualDates review.

A lot of people have found the CasualDates app to be their favorite site. This is an ideal casual sex site where they can find people with similar interests. Here, everyone has a simple goal of getting a sex partner. Therefore, you will not end up offending anyone since you both understand the objective of the site. Thus, bear in mind that casual hookups and quick one-night stands are the services offered on this site by its vast user base. Do not expect to find true love on this site. If that is your goal, kindly look for a different platform that offers such dating services. Save yourself from embarrassment.

Now that you have learned what the site is all about, you should check the details on how it works. You are required to become a member by registration. Once you are in, create a stunning profile, upload photos, pay the subscription fee, and find matches. The site has a matching algorithm that uses the details on your profile to find another user that suits you.

They use the e-mail to deliver your matches to your inbox. Male users are expected to pay the fee. On the contrary, females are allowed to register and use the site without paying anything. Upon paying the fee, you can use all its features and find matches without limitations.

Registration at CasualDates

The sign-up process on this platform is straightforward. You will be expected to fill in details about what you are looking for, who you are primarily attracted to. Additionally, you may add your current location (city), current age, the status of your relation, how you look, e-mail address, password, and reveal how you came to know CasualDates.

All this info will be utilized in creating your profile. The system will send a confirmation link to your profile, and then you should click on the link to verify your e-mail. You should now opt to use the free trial or just buy the premium plan. But females become premium users immediately after they confirm their e-mails. This is because the site does not charge them anything. On the homepage, you will be able to view as many matches as you may need. Also, you should remember that the site has to approve your profile photo before posting it on your page.

The site shows the users who are online at the time you are using the app. It will also show you the users who recently joined the service. Thus, you can contact the new users since you will have joined together or closely in the month. You are all seeking the same casual encounters. You can use the search feature to find the type of partner you want.

Communication with other users

Before we start, here are several features of this site you should consider:

  • The site shows matches each time you log in;
  • Premium users can reach out to matches proposed to them by the site;
  • The site does not have a quick chat option;
  • Women can send messages for free;
  • Male users must be premium users to contact other members.

Your profile will show several lists of matches that you can reach out to show interest. The lists contain the ‘Now Online’ users. These are the users who are currently logged in to their accounts and the system generates them. If you reach out to them, there are high chances that you will get a response within minutes or even instantly.

‘My Matches’ is the list that follows. The site’s matchmaking algorithm generates this list. They are usually matched to you as per the list of preferences on your profile. Thus, if you want to get the closest or perfect matches, you should seriously take the profile creation step.

The other is the ‘Visitors list’ which details the profiles of the users who have opened and viewed your profile. There is also a list of favorites. This list carries the names and profile photos of the people whose profiles you visited.

‘My Likes’ is another list that shows users who liked your profile. However, it is only female members who can like your photos. Thus, most of the likes on this list will be from women. Generally, this site has a unique matching approach. It matches you with fellow members using the data you provided during the sign-up. What you prefer, as stipulated on your profile, is what the matching algorithm uses. The site sends daily match proposals to your e-mail. You can always check them out and see if you like them.

CasualDates Review

Quality of users’ Profiles on CasualDates

First, let’s see some peculiarities of profiles on CasualDates website:

  • Many profiles are quite detailed;
  • Your newly uploaded pictures will undergo approval;
  • Only premium members can view full photos;
  • Free users of the site cannot view full profiles;
  • You are allowed to describe your erotic type by adding five images;
  • You can change the info on your profile later.

The quality of your profile is essential. It has various crucial parts that many people neglect, such as smoking, body art, profession, and even education. Therefore, you have to put effort into completing your profile after you have created your account. You would also have to make your nickname unique. However, if you are the type of person who does not like much publicity, you can opt for the ‘ask me personally’ option. The users will have to request info if they want to know more about you.

The photo is approved shortly, and it appears on your profile. All users will be able to view your picture and even your profile. You can also add four more photos to your profile. You can also fill in more details on the “About Me” page. Make sure you indicated precise information about your personality, attributes, looks, etc. Use the visual representation feature to showcase your erotic type. You can choose to be wild, romantic, conventional, or even adventurous.

How to stay away from spam Profiles

You should always be on the lookout for spam profiles. On this site, there are no fake profiles because of the verification process. The process is intended to make sure that all users of the app are real humans. Thus, you should use the site, bearing in mind that you are interacting with real people.

Besides, do not tolerate any shady profiles on the CasualDates app. If you find out that a profile does not look real, you should avoid it. You can also report any fake profile to the customer care team, who will look at it and give detailed feedback. They can even delete it if they find out it was not a real user. Make efforts to read the safety tips on the site. They will help you navigate the app with ease and caution.

An ease of use and layout of CasualDates

Purple and white are the primary colors of the site. Both colors give it a mature look and a sexy vibe. The site’s layout is modern. It has a dropdown menu that makes it easy for all users to access all features with ease. The top of the homepage has an icon that gives alerts whenever you receive a message, like, or anything from another user.

Also, the page is designed to show a list of users who are online at the same time as you. The app is designed the same as the CasualDates website. Generally, the site is unique. It has an overall layout that is sexy, and all pages load fast. The site does not experience lagging.

CasualDates mobile app

Here are some features of the app:

  • The app’s design is super sexy;
  • It is also modern;
  • It can be downloaded from various stores;
  • It has tabs that are easy to access;
  • It is similar to the site when it comes to functionality;
  • In select countries, the app is available for both iOS and Android users.

The Casual Date mobile application boasts similar functionalities to the site. It has a sexy modern vibe. It has an erotic design that makes adults feel the intimate vibe and want to stay using the site. Some countries cannot access the app on the Google App store and even Apple App Store. However, users from such countries can still get the app from APK Pure. Besides, the site can be accessed using a mobile browser.

Generally, the CasualDates app is fantastic. It has tabs that show all the lists. The list of online users, those who liked your photos, and those that are your favorites, your likes, help, and even your profile tab are well-displayed.

CasualDates Review

Special Features

    Special features give a site a competitive edge over other sites. Here are the features that are unique on this site:

  • Contact Proposal. The site uses the info provided during the registration process to get the matches. Once they have a list of matches, they send the contact proposal to your e-mail. The proposal specifies the age, sexuality, preferences, family status, looks, location, and much more about the match.
  • My Erotic Type. This is a unique feature that allows users to reveal their erotic type using pictures. The images that you choose will determine your erotic type. The results of the erotic type test are displayed on your profile for everyone to see.
  • Photo Release. You can decide to blur your photo so that other women will not see it. They will only be able to see the picture upon your consent. They can always request to see it, and once you allow them, they can view it.

CasualDates Membership Costs

This table shows the current membership costs on CasualDates.

Period Cost for a month Total
3 months 79.90 USD 239.70 USD
6 months 59.90 USD 359.40 USDD
12 months 39.90 USD 478.80 USD

Payment Options

You can use your credit card to make your payment.

CasualDates auto-renews subscriptions. They do this at the end of their chosen term. However, if you cancel your subscription, they will not auto-renew.

Basic Membership

As a basic user of the site, you can perform the following:

  • You can explain your erotic type;
  • Receive contact proposals via e-mail;
  • Receive messages;
  • You can receive notifications via e-mail about discounts, promotions, offers, and news feeds.

Premium Membership

The premium membership requires you to buy any of the plans revealed above. Upon successful purchase, you will be able to do the following:

  • Send and receive messages;
  • You can get unlimited proposals;
  • View pictures and the erotic gallery;
  • You can include more users in your list of favorites.

CasualDates Discount Coupons

The site does not have any coupons at the moment. Besides, they do not offer such. However, in case they launch any offers, you will be among the first people to know. Just make sure you have allowed them to send you promotion notifications to your e-mail. Do not hesitate to take up any offers that they present on the table.

Verification process at CasualDates

There is a verification step that every new user must undergo. This step is geared towards ensuring all users are real people. Thus, you should always use the site, bearing in mind that you are being matched with real people. However, you should always report any spam profiles that you come across while using the service. The site has terms of use on its website. Make sure you read them once and again. Also, you have to read the privacy policies on the CasualDates website. It will help to use the services in the right way.

Is CasualDates a scam site?

No, this site is not a scam. CasualDates has been in operation for many years. Many people have used it to get casual hookups. Most CasualDates reviews on the web present it as a super dating site with a vast user base. Generally, the site proves legitimacy by its unique services, various praises, and mentions from the media. Its large membership proves that the site has established itself as a useful one, thus attracting millions of new users from various parts of the world.

Is CasualDates legitimate?

Yes, this is a legitimate casual dating site. It is fully licensed by the government. It has offices in various countries. But if you want to confirm, you can always contact its helpline to ask a few questions that will help you learn about its legitimacy.

Is CasualDates quite anonymous?

You can stay anonymous here. If you prefer anonymous browsing, you can opt for the same type of profile on this site. Once you activate the anonymous type, other users will have to request more details.

CasualDates Review

The Main Problem with CasualDates

The problem with this site is that its app is not available in various countries. That way, it is hard for users from such countries to enjoy the convenience of the mobile app. This is the only issue that is currently affecting users from the countries where the app is locked.

Helpline Reliability

This site has a reliable helpline. In case of any issues, you can always reach out to the customer care team. They are quick to respond and give detailed and useful feedback that will help you. They are always willing to help you whenever you ask for help. Thus, contact them via phone or e-mail when you come across any problems.

Apps Similar to CasualDates

The alternatives of this site are:

  • Grindr;
  • NoStringsAttached.com;
  • Pure.
CasualDates Review


Read the answers to your queries.

What is Casual Date suitable for?

It is used for hooking up people with interests in casual encounters. It is only ideal for anyone looking for affairs with no strings attached.

Is CasualDates a true site?

It’s a real hookup app. It has a vast user base, according to many CasualDates reviews. All the users on this site seek casual hookups. Thus, if you need a casual hookup, you should join this site. It has more than 36 million members with similar interests.

How do I delete a CasualDates account?

You should contact the reliable customer care team when you intend to close your account. They will help you close it. If you want to use the site in the future, you will have to create a new account and undergo their verification process before allowing you in again.


Company: Interdate S.A.

Address: 13 rue du Commerce, L-1351 Luxembourg, Luxembourg

E-Mail: [email protected]

Register at CasualDates today

Casual sexual encounters have been made simple by this site. It is user-friendly and encourages anyone seeking quick hookups to join. Its huge memberbase guarantees new users that they will get a match soon. It has a free trial that new users can use to test the functionality of the site. The free trial does not last long, though. Also, it does not serve you well since you will not be able to use some features of the CasualDates website. The premium users have access to the complete set of elements, including the special features. It has a mobile app, but it is not available in all countries. However, users in the countries where the app is unavailable can still use the mobile version to find casual hookups. The CasualDates app is a great app that makes it easy to find a partner for a nightstand. You should join the site, enjoy the trial plan, and even make an upgrade once it expires. There is no need to get bored due to loneliness during your business trip when CasualDates has made hookups easy.

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