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be2 Review

be2 Review
About Site
Active Audience 79%
Quality Matches 79%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 2 460 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 6.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • There are no fake profiles on the be2 website.
  • It has an extensive user database.
  • You can blur your picture on the be2 website.
  • There is a mobile application available for the be2 users.
  • be2 uses the results of a scientifically developed personality test to suggest the most compatible matches.
  • All the essential communication methods on the be2 website are available only for the premium users.
  • be2 premium membership is quite expensive.
  • Few members use the premium membership.
  • Chatting function is not available for be2 mobile application users.

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be2 is one of the most popular dating websites that is popular among the singles who enjoy online dating experience. be2 uses a matchmaking algorithm to suggest the most optimal matches for its users. However, all the contacting features are exclusively accessible for the premium members. Standard users can only browse potential matches, and most of the users’ pictures are blurred. be2 uses this strategy to encourage its users to subscribe to the premium membership.

be2 Review in 2020

What Languages are Used on be2?

Although be2 is available in many different countries, the website uses only English. English is considered as an international language, and the choice of the language of be2 website is not an accident. English is a required language for many professions, and more and more people learn it as a foreign language. Therefore, be2 also uses it as a website’s language, trying to walk with the world hand in hand.

Who Is the Owner of be2?

The idea of the foundation of be2 belongs to two entrepreneurs – Robert Wuttke and Andreas Etten. They are from German, and the be2 website started in that country, later on adding more services available for other countries’ citizens.

Where is be2 Located?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph of this be2 review, the website started in German. Two entrepreneurs founded the be2 website, which, step by step, gained more popularity in many various countries. Nowadays, be2 is available in 38 countries and is considered one of the leading dating websites in Europe.

When Did be2 Started Operating?

be2 started operating in 2004 by German entrepreneurs. The same year, it expanded its services, making them available in Spain and Italy.

Currently, be2 website operates in 38 countries worldwide. It is considered as one of the most popular dating websites that singles prefer to join.

Is There an Age Restriction to Register on be2?

Like other dating websites, there is an age limitation for the be2 users as well. To be able to register on the be2 website, you should be above 18.

Is the App available for Computer Users?

be2 users can use the mobile application as well. The mobile application is available for both Android and iOS users. You can also download the app on your computer to have quick access to the website.

The Number of be2 Users Worldwide

be2 is available in 38 countries, which means that the website has a larger user database. According to be2 reviews, the website has over 700000 users from different parts of the world. There are 15000 users from the USA.

Design and Usability of the Website

be2 has a straightforward and linear design. It is quite user-friendly, and there are not any unusual features to start with. be2 website has no clutter, and has only three primary tabs at the top of the homepage; Contacts, Mailbox and Who’s online. Underneath those tabs, you will find My Matches, My Visitors, and My Favorites. However, only My Matches is available for the standard users. You can find the suggested matches for you in this section. If you get a notification, you will see a red bubble next to the icons.

be2 website’s coloring is also straightforward; only white, pink, and grey are used for the design. The simplicity makes be2 easy to use even for the people who have basic computer skills.

How to Have Access to be2 with Different Browsers?

You can have access to the be2 website using any browsing system on the Internet, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Just type the name of the website on the search field, and the system will show you the link of the official website.

Photo Verification on be2

If you want to be viewed by the other gender representatives more frequently on be2, uploading photos is essential. Only 3% of the other users visit the profiles that do not have a photo. There are some photo restrictions for the be2 website users. The photo should not contain sexual content, contact data. The photo should be yours, and if you do not want to reveal it, you can blur it. The photo should be 10Mb, and only jpg and png formats are acceptable.

Special Features

be2 has some special features to make your experience with the website more enjoyable.

Just Ask

The system suggests you to choose any pre-texted question from the list. If you are afraid to initiate a full conversation or make the first step, you can use it. Just click on one of the questions and wait for the response. The conversation will flow naturally without any problems.

be2 Index

Before starting using the be2 website, the registration requires to answer psychological test. The test includes questions that may help the system identity your personality features to suggest the best matches.

be2 Index

How Does the Website Work?

be2 working system is based on a matchmaking algorithm. The registration process requires to fill the personality test questions. Then, the results are analyzed by the be2 website system to find the most optimal matches. The suggestions are refreshed every 24 hours. `

Communication Methods

You should purchase the premium membership of be2, if you want to communicate freely and limitless on the site. You can read and send messages to other be2 users and add them to your “Favorite List.”

be2 has two ways for matchmaking. The first one is based on a compatibility level. Through analyzing your personality test answers, be2 the system suggests the most compatible matches every 24 hours. Each suggestion has a circle next to the profile, which shows how compatible you are. Green color shows the similarities, while the red one represents the differences. The number inside the circle is your compatible score, and the higher the number, the better for you.

The other matchmaking method uses “Picture Voting.” On the right sidebar of the matches page, you will roulette-type matching button. A picture of the match is shown, and if you like the person, click on the thumb-up button. The system will send a like to that person. However, if you do not like the person, you are supposed to click on “X.” The system of be2 website will automatically bring the next suggestion.

Is Contacting Other Users Free?

All the communication methods are available only for be2’s premium users. Standard users can only browse on the be2 website. Therefore, you are encouraged to upgrade your standard membership to the premium one if you want to like someone and want to initiate a conversation.

Messaging Other be2 Users?

As mentioned earlier in this be2 review, the contacting features are only available only to the premium members. However, as a standard user, you can receive messages from the other be2 users. To be able to read the messages, nevertheless, you need to upgrade our account. If you have a premium membership, you can enjoy the advanced communicating functions available on be2. Just click on the user’s account, and next to the profile picture, you will see the messaging icon. However, if you are afraid of making the first move, or initiate a conversation on your own, use the “Just Ask” function. Choose one of the pre-texted questions from the list suggested by be2 website, and the conversation will flow naturally without any great efforts.

Access Limitations for be2 Users

To be able to use be2, you should be 18 years old and above. Moreover, you cannot access the be2 website, if you have violated any Terms of Use. Lastly, the final step of the registration requires email verification. If you have not verified your account through the email address, you cannot use be2 features. If you still have a problem with logging to your be2 account, check whether the browser is optimized for the be2 website.

When Can You Start Using be2 After Bans?

be2 has a rigorous and straightforward Terms of Use. If you violate any of the rules, the system may out bans on your account. You will be given 14 calendar days to fix the issue, and if you do not do that within that period, your account will automatically be terminated. Moreover, the be2 website does regular checkups, and the profiles that were not active during the last 6 months, will be completely removed from the site’s database.

How Do Reactivate Banned Account?

If you face some technical issues or your profile has been banned, it is recommended to apply to the Customer Support Service of be2. They will contact you and give further instructions on how to deal with certain problems. However, if the account is terminated, the only way to have access to the website again, is to register once more.

How Delete Your be2 Account?

be2 is a free platform and you can delete your account anytime you want. If you have already decided to remove it, first of all, make sure to cancel your Premium Membership if you have. Then, send an email to [email protected] with a request to delete your information from the database. Once your message is confirmed, your account will be permanently deleted from the be2 website.

”Show me on be2” Function

Unlike other dating websites, be2 does not have “Show me on…” which enables you to appear at the top of search results.

Where Can Match List be Found?

Your matches list is shown on the homepage of your be2 profile. Click on the “Contacts,” and underneath it, you can find the “My Matches” button. Here you can find the suggested matches.

How to See My Messages on be2?

If you are a standard user of be2 website, you still can view who has sent you messages. However, you cannot see the content of the message. To see them, you need to purchase the premium membership.

How to See My Messages on be2?

How to See Who Liked Me on be2?

Unfortunately, you cannot see who likes you on be2 if you are a free user. You will get notifications of your likes, once you upgrade your account to the premium one.

Spy Mode on be2?

You can access the be2 website using Incognito Mode. Anyway, you will be able to see all the features that are available on the website.

How to Edit be2 Username?

be2 allows you some personal information that you have provided to the website like hobbies, interests, email address, and so on. However, you cannot change your username on the be2 website.

Difficulties with Logging in be2

One of the access issues may be connected with the browsing system that you use to log in be2. Check whether that system is optimized for be2 or not. be2 website is available on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Partner Search on be2

Searching engines of be2 is free for all the users. The system automatically suggests your new matches every 24 hours. You can also search using the “Who’s online” feature. There are some basic and advanced searching criteria for free of charge.

Sign Up Process

The signing process on be2 is impressively easy and linear. First of all, you are supposed to provide some basic personal information, including your gender, the gender you are interested in, and so on. Later, you will be asked to answer the personality test questions. Bearn in mind that the accuracy of your answers is essential if you want to find the most optimal matches.

Email Verification

Email verification is important to have access to the be2 website. Just provide the email address, and the verification link will be sent to it.

Is Facebook Registration Possible?

Unlike many other dating sites, be2 does not allow to log in through Facebook account. If you want to start the journey with be2, you should register as a user.

Joining to be2 Website?

You can start using the services that the be2 website offers only if you register on the site as a user.

Is It Possible to Use the Website Without Registration?

Unfortunately, you cannot have access to the be2 website if you are not registered as a user.

Profile Quality

Profiles on be2 can reveal a lot of information depending on whether the user has filled his or her profile or not. There is an “About Me” section, where you can find more detailed information about the person. The information is organized in different categories like Music, Sports, Reading, and so on. On the right sidebar of each profile, you can find the number that shows how you are compatible with the other be2 user.

Profile Quality

Mobile Application of be2

It is good news for the be2 users that the mobile application is available. The app is compatible with all the devices and can be used by both the Android and iOS users. Moreover, signing up with the mobile application is easier and faster. be2’s mobile application has all the features that the be2 website offers. However, since the screen is smaller than the desktop counterpart, and the profile pictures take the whole screen, you need to scroll down to see the information about the users.

The Cost of Premium Membership and Payment Methods

The cost of the be2’s Premium Membership is quite expensive, and few active users have it.




3 Months (Basic)

57.95 USD / Month

173.85 USD

6 Months (Classic)

34.95 USD / Month

209.70 USD

12 Months (Committed) 

31.95 USD / Month

383.40 USD

To purchase the Premium Membership, you can pay through credit card or PayPal.

What Does Free Service Offer

be2 website’s free users have the following features;

  • To register on the website.
  • To create and complete a profile.
  • Upload pictures.
  • See your daily matches.
  • Search for other users.

Is be2 Really Free?

The registration and the profile creation are entirely free on be2. Moreover, you can freely browse other members’ profiles and see whether they are compatible or not. However, for the be2 website’s contacting features, you need to but the Premium Membership.

See Who Likes You on be2 As a Standard User

To be able to see who likes you on be2, you should upgrade your account to the premium one. As a standard user, however, you can like the other users’ profiles.

Fee Based Services

be2 offers the following features for its premium users;

  • Send messages to other users and read their messages.
  • View other users’ photos.
  • See who viewed your profile.
  • Add users to your favorite list.
  • Vote pictures.
Fee Based Services

Does be2 Have a Premium Subscription Plan?

be2 offers three premium subscription plans with three-time limitations; basic (3 months), Classical (6 months), and Committed (12 months). The Premium Membership cost is expensive; however, exclusively all the contacting features are available for the Premium Membership users.

Cancel Premium Subscription on be2

If you do not want to continue using be2, you can cancel your subscription plan anytime you wish. You need to go to the billing setting and choose the “Cancel my membership” button. If there is some time left until your subscription is over, you can enjoy the perks that come from your membership plan.

Is Paid Subscription on be2 Auto-Renewed?

The premium membership on be2 is auto-renewed, except for the citizens from California, Oregon, New Mexico, Connecticut, Virginia, and Louisiana.

Is Lost Time Refund or Not?

be2 website does not take any responsibility for the time you spend on the website. If you think that the website is just a waste of time for you, you can cancel membership or remove your account from the database.

Is Premium Membership Auto-Renewed?

Premium Membership of be2 is auto-renewed for all the subscriptions, except for some places mentioned earlier in this be2 review.

Can I Get My Money Back If I am Not Satisfied with be2 Service?

If you have subscribed for one of the Premium Memberships of be2 website, you can cancel it anytime. However, once the money is billed from your account, the website does not give you a chance to get your money back.

How I will See My Payment on be2?

To purchase be2 premium membership, you can pay through PayPal or credit card. To complete the premium subscription and to bill an amount from your account, a security code will be sent to your email or personal phone number. Later on, when the subscription is confirmed, you will have a chance to view the recipe on your bank account or send a message notification to your phone.

Giving Money to Other be2 Users?

Although be2 guarantees that there are no fake profiles on the website, you would rather not give any personal information or money to the other users. They may be scammers who may use the features of the be2 website to contact you and ask for some money.

Is One Month Subscription Available?

be2 offers three subscription plans with different time limitations: 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. You cannot purchase a month membership since there is not such an offer on the be2 website.

Safety of be2?

be2 uses email verification for the registration process. You cannot start using the website without confirming your email address through the link sent to it. There are some ways that the be2 website makes sure that your journey with it is safe.

Last but not least, the data is sent through an SSL connection, which means that your personal information is protected from any encryption.

Are There Any Forums on be2?

be2 does not organize any kind of forums at all. This means there is no need to moderate them.

Are There Any Forums on be2?

Features Allowing to Block Certain Users from Contacting You

If you have a premium membership, you can message to any other user on be2. The same refers to the other users. However, if you don’t want someone to contact you, you can just block him or her.

Security Features of be2?


If you have an issue with another user or face another technical issue, you can be sure that the Customer Support Service is always ready to help you.

Personal Information

Your email address, phone number, and bank account are confidential, and under no circumstances will it be given to third parties.

Profile information

Before allowing something to post on the be2 profile, the system checks everything in detail. The moderators view everything, and they decide to let post something on the website or not.

Blocking Suspicious Member?

If you find any other be2 user suspicious, you can report about that. There is the “Block the Member” button under the user’s profile picture. Click on it, and the user will not be able to message you or view your profile.

The Outcomes of Asking Other Members to Give You Money?

Like any other dating website for sport fans, be2 is not an exception and may be used by the users who want to earn money. If the system finds such users, it will permanently ban it and remove it from the be2 website.

Information Posting Restrictions on be2?

The information that you post on the be2 website is carefully monitored by the website’s moderators. Your profile should not contain anything offensive or explicit sexual remarks.

Is There Chat Encryption on be2?

be2 website uses SSL (Secure Locker Layer) connection to transfer any data. This means you can be sure that your data is completely protected.1

Is My Data Secure on be2?

be2 has a high level of security. This means that the website is entirely free of any kind of encryption and tracking.

Can Police Trace be2?

be2 is a free dating platform and is carefully moderated by the Support Team. If they find something suspicious, they will terminate the account.

Privacy Issues

If you face some technical issues or there is a question connected with the be2 website, you can apply to the Customer Support Service. The team is always open to answer all the questions that you may have.

Deleting Submitted Information on be2?

If you are free to add or remove any piece of information that you have posted on be2 except your username and personality test answers. The rest is up to you; if you want to update something, click on the editing icon and make the necessary changes.

Are There Fake Profiles on be2?

According to many be2 reviews, there are not any fake profiles on be2. The website system carefully moderates the registration process, and unauthorized people cannot complete it.

Contact Information

You can use the information provided here if you want more information about the be2’s company.

Company: be2 S.à.r.l.

Address: 13 Rue du Commerce 1351 Luxembourg

Email: [email protected]

Contact Information

Alternatives of be2

If you want to find more dating websites like be2, you can go through eHarmony, ThaiCupid, and Ashley Madison. These are also popular and safe dating website for those who are looking for serious and long-lasting relationships.

Real Life Review

According to many be2 reviews, the website has many success stories. One of the users has mentioned in his review that he met his wife due to the be2 website. He also mentions that, initially, he was not sure about purchasing a premium membership, but his colleague managed to convince him. After some months, he met his future wife, and they fell in love.

Is be2 Proper Dating Website?

be2 is considered as one of the leading dating websites in Europe. It is available in 38 countries, which indicates the popularity of the site.

Unfollow a Member on be2?

If you do not want to see a person in your be2’s favorite list, you can just unfollow the user. To do that, you need to click on the thumb up icon, and the person will be removed from your favorite list.

What Is the Aim of be2?

be2 is for everyone who is looking for a casual hookup or serious and long-term relationships. The website does not offer any usage restrictions for its members. You can choose yourself to take the website seriously or not.


Online dating websites are the best choices for those who live in remote places, and their chances of finding a good match are too low. This be2 review was devoted to one of such websites, which may help you to find the ideal match with the help of its advanced filtering functions. The personality test answers are used to analyze your features and characteristics and bring matches similar to yours. However, the advanced features are available for premium users. The be2’s paid membership offers three subscription plans for you. You can choose any of them. They are auto-renewed. However, you are free to cancel the subscription whenever you want. Premium users have the advantage of hiding their pictures from other users and make their personal information private. However, because of be2 website’s high price, there are not many premium users.

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