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Ohlala Review

Ohlala Review
About Site
Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 1 650 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free account creation and photos uploading
  • You get to make your intentions clear from the start
  • The ability to go on paid dates for women
  • You pay for unlocking every single chat you want to initiate
  • Not available on Google Play or App Store
  • You cannot keep chats open for long or add people to Favorites

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Ohlala is a one-of-a-kind online matching platform that features paid dating services. From the very outset, this brand has initiated some heavy debates on its concept and true intention. In general, it allows men and women to go on a date where men are paying for women’s time. Some would say that the Ohlala website is similar to those online escort platforms; however, Pia Poppenreiter, the founder of the site, seems to have a different opinion on that. She says that the monetary incentive helps people to meet in person faster and more efficiently. Besides, it’s also clearly stated on Ohlala that escorts aren’t welcome here. Compared to many dating services where you need to spend some of your precious time getting to know members and figuring out what they actually want, you can speak about your desires and preferences right away. Since the conversations on Ohlala are limited and foresee some money influx, people tend to spend less time beating around the bush and discuss their offer. Read on this Ohlala review to learn more about what to expect and who may become a frequent user of this service.

Ohlala Review in 2020

Can Ohlala Be Translated Into Other Languages?

You can browse the Ohlala platform in two languages, English and German. You can switch between these in your profile. First, open your page and go to the Settings section. There you will find the Account icon, click on it, and select the language. To save changes, tap on the Save button. After you click on the preferred option in the language selector section, the page will be reloaded and show you all information in the chosen language.

Who Is The Owner Of Ohlala?

This app is headed by Pia Poppenreiter, CEO and co-founder. She has also created a service called Peppr, which is an application for romantic entertainment bookings.

Where Is Ohlala Located?

Ohlala is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

How Long Has Ohlala Been Around?

Ohlala started its operation in August 2015.

In What Countries Is Ohlala Used?

Before 2016, the OhLala website was only introduced to Germans (Germany is a country where prostitution is legalized). Later, OhLala has spread to the American market, with the most coverage falling for New York.

What Is The Minimum Age Of Ohlala Members?

Since the services offered on Ohlala are considered ‘mature,’ the platform has set a respective age limit that is somewhat higher than on other similar venues. So, people who are 21+ are welcome to join.

Is There A Desktop Version?

To start using the site version that looks like an app, you should enter the Ohlala mobile site through your browser. First, visit app Ohlala.com and follow the instructions on creating an account or logging into an already existing one.

How Many Users Have Registered With Ohlala?

Ohlala has gained tens of thousands of members so far (currently, 200,000+ members are reported worldwide, with 1,500+ dates being arranged every day).

How Many Users Have Registered With Ohlala?

Website Design & Usability

The site looks very straightforward and easy to navigate. Based on Ohlala reviews, it can be said that there are no distracting ads, and the interface looks clean and user-friendly. Anyone can enjoy it for free, and the program is compatible and optimized for most smartphones.

What Browsers Can Open Ohlala?

Ohlala can be opened in pretty much all browsers, including Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.

Is The Camera Option Available On Ohlala?

Unfortunately, there is no opportunity for members to use the camera, as well as to send photos or videos in the chat. This is due to the impossibility to overview all the content being spread on the platform by Ohlala admins. Besides, this may lead to prompting male users to pay money prior to going for a date, which contradicts the site’s principles.

Special Features

Female users of Ohlala have the perfect opportunity to browse profiles and remain invisible until they accept the dating request of a man. The visits of male users will be shown to the profile holder. However, men can enjoy an amazing feature that allows you to publish an invitation to a date. Thus, you can appoint meetings on your schedule and with women who truly like you. Just agree on the convenient place, suitable time, indicate your budget, etc., so that your future companion can completely understand and visualize your plans.

And the chat room is a cherry on the pie of the Ohlala website. This communication channel allows you to break the ice between you and another person and establish some kind of connection with people you like. Besides, the final requests and details of your meeting can be discussed there too. If you like to plan things in advance, you can point out your wishes in the request. For instance, you can mention a dinner or drinks, which gives your partner a clear understanding of your desire to spend time in a restaurant or bar. Pay attention to the “Ohlala” feature if you are a spontaneous type and want the program to plan the date for you.

Special Features

How To Interact With People?

The communication between OhLala users is initiated when a female responds to a date request from another male member. After that, they can continue to interact in the online chat, where usually the final payment for the date is being negotiated, as well as the time and place of the meeting and some other specifics.

How To Write A Message On Ohlala?

As was mentioned above, the chat feature between two site members becomes available after a woman accepts a paid offer from a male, and he opens a chat to get to know each other better.

Is It Free To Send A Message?

No, the chat option on Ohlala does not come free of charge. Men can unlock it by paying coins for every chat they initiate with ladies.

How To Start Messaging Ohlala Members?

So, you need to have coins to open a chat with someone on the Ohlala website. A chat costs 25 coins, and it will be available until you go on your first date. As a welcome bonus, you will get 25 coins to test the platform for free upon registration. Take the first step and open your first chat with an Ohlala user. The bonus will be charged as soon as you open it. If you like this feature, you can later get yourself more coins in the Buy Coins section. You will find various packages there. Note that there is no subscription-based membership available. You only commit to the services you use on Ohlala.

Why There Can Be Troubles With Accessing Ohlala?

Ohlala reserves the right to block the user’s access to the website on a permanent or temporal basis if they violate the policy or current law. This might happen if the indicated username contains elements such as a phone number, address, email, links to social networks, as well as notions related to body parts, sexual acts, prostitution, and so on. If you happen to choose a username with such elements, you will be required to change it. If you find yourself in this situation or have other issues with logging in on Ohlala, feel free to contact the support team at [email protected].

How Long Can Accounts Be Banned On Ohlala?

Depending on the severity of the case, the platform’s service team will notify you of temporary or permanent account blocking via email, indicating the duration of the ban and ways to lift it.

How To Reactivate The Banned Page?

You can write an explanatory letter to the Ohlala team at [email protected] and get your questions answered based on the nature of your misconduct.

Is It Possible To Delete Ohlala Profile?

Yes, you only need to send an email to [email protected] and let the Ohlala team know about your decision to stop using the service and profile altogether. Remember to mention your username and the email you have attached to your Ohlala page, and the site representatives will deactivate your account as soon as they get your request. You will receive a confirmation letter about the successful deactivation.

How To Use Ohlala And Remain Invisible?

As long as you don’t log in and post a dating offer on the website, you won’t be visible on Ohlala. Any female member can anonymously go over profiles of men who posted their requests. In turn, visits of male users will always be visible to women whose accounts they open.

How To Use Ohlala And Remain Invisible?

Where Are The Matches Displayed?

The matching system on the Ohlala website works the following way: female users can only see the paid requests posted by men who are located within a close reach to them. Each of these paid requests remains visible for a lady within 21 minutes. It allows the offers shown to stay active and fresh. Once an offer gets expired or is satisfied by another female, the man’s profile leaves the scene until the next date request is posted.

How To See My Interlocutors On Ohlala?

As explained above, women first see all the dating requests posted on Ohlala by men and have some limited time to react. Men can look at the user’s profile of a female who responded and send a message that will be displayed in the chat section. This way, before and after accepting the request, women can look at the page of the man they want to date.

How To See My Favorite Ohlala Members?

On Ohlala, you cannot add people to Favorites; the whole concept of the venue is built on the speed and compatibility of your desires with those of others. The only way to keep a person you like in your life is to accept his dating request (for women) or to choose the perfect female as soon as she responds to the offer (for men) and switch to chatting and discussing meeting in person.

Is There An Incognito Mode On Ohlala?

The so-called incognito or spy mode is only available for females on Ohlala, allowing them to look at a man’s profile and understand whether they like him.

How To Change A Username On Ohlala?

On Ohlala, you can make adjustments to your profile information whenever you want. Simply go to your profile page and open the Settings section. Your new profile information will be published after you save the changes.

Why Some Users May Experience Difficulties With Entering Ohlala?

First of all, remember to check whether your internet connection is stable. Also, remember to follow the link in a confirmation letter sent to you upon registering an Ohlala account. If you don’t see it yet, check the spam folder. Besides, you need to make sure to upload only the most current personal photos that don’t look inappropriate or offend other members. Your account may also be suspended if you disseminate pornographic content or promote violence, illegal acts, etc. In any case, contact the website at [email protected] to get assistance with your issue.

How To Search For People On Ohlala?

The search options on Ohlala are not so varied and basically available to women only in the form of browsing through paid offers posted by men. The gentlemen just get to see women who have accepted their offers.

How To Search For People On Ohlala?

How To Sign Up

The registration process is fast and almost effortless. For starters, you need to provide your email and phone number. These should be valid so that you could verify your account. After that, you’ll have to follow a link or enter a code received from Ohlala admins. Another important step is indicating your gender because depending on the chosen gender, you’ll have a different experience with the Ohlala website.

What Does Email Verification Look Like?

It doesn’t take a long time to verify your email. Just always provide the complete and correct information and make sure that the contact data is valid and belongs to you only. You’ll get a confirmation email from the Ohlala team, and in case you don’t see it there, go to the spam folder.

Is It Possible To Register With A Facebook Account?

It is not yet possible to get registered on Ohlala through Facebook.

How To Join Ohlala?

Only a few clicks separate you from registering with Ohlala and enjoying your stay here. You only need to provide your email, phone number, and gender.

Is There An Opportunity To Use The Site Without Registration?

No, you need to sign up first and create a personal profile.

Users Profile Quality

Your profile on artist dating Ohlala is a section where you can only provide brief facts about yourself. Of course, this helps not to waste lots of time filling in countless boxes since your main aim is to find partners for quick and quality dates. Other users will only see your username, the country and the city you are in, age, and smoking habits.

Mobile Applications

Ohlala looks like a web application. That being said, the Ohlala app is not available for download through Google Play or the App Store. This adaptive version of the platform is good and free to use on any gadget.

Prices And Payment Methods

The only feature that requires users to make payments from time to time is the chat option. To start a conversation with a female who responded to your dating offer on Ohlala, you can buy the following coin packages:

  • XS (40 coins = 19,99 EUR)
  • XS/S (75 coins = 34,99 EUR)
  • S (115 coins = 48,99 EUR)
  • S/M (185 coins = 73,99 EUR)
  • M (285 coins = 97,99 EUR)

For women, there are such coin packages offered:

  • S (80 coins = 10 EUR)
  • M (245 coins = 25 EUR)
  • L (550 coins = 50 EUR)

The payment options offered by Ohlala include credit cards, Direct Debit, and American Express.

Free Membership Features

Free services on Ohlala include creating an account, viewing profiles, and uploading unlimited photos. Women can also look at the requests available and apply for them, while men can post such requests.

Is Ohlala Free?

After registering, you will receive 30 coins as a gift. This amount will help you give a test ride of the chat feature. However, it is impossible to feel the joy of using the Ohlala website without buying extra coins and having a separate budget sufficient to pay for a date.

Can Free Members See If Other Users Like Them On Ohlala?

Men can only see a full profile of the female who shows her interest and responds to his date request.

Can Free Members See If Other Users Like Them On Ohlala?

Premium Membership Features

Well, the only paid feature on Ohlala (apart from the date itself) is seemingly the access to the chat. Unlocking this function means opening a chat with one woman only and not the general feature availability. So you’ll have to unlock (and pay) a chat individually for the people you’d like to interact with.

Does Ohlala Offer Premium Services?

You can acquire different coin bundles to chat, and you’re not required to get a subscription or membership.

Will There Be A Refund For Unused Time?

In case a person does not log into the chat, Ohlala claims to refund coins deducted from your account.

Are Ohlala Subscriptions Automatically Renewed?

No, there’s no such thing as membership or subscription on Ohlala, as you only pay to communicate in each chat separately.

Is It Possible To Get Money Back On Ohlala?

Any user complaint will be handled by the site team via [email protected]. However, based on their policies, you can only get your coins back on balance when your interlocutor doesn’t answer your message.

How Ohlala Services Are Indicated On Bills?

Ohlala will not be mentioned at all on your payrolls. If you opt for a direct debit with SEPA, you can rest assured that your data stays encrypted, and the transfer is direct. The company will be displayed as Spreefang GmbH. The credit card users (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) will see Spreefang GmbH on their payroll.

Is It Possible To Pay For Other Ohlala Members?

Currently, such an option is not envisioned on the platform.

Is There A One-Month Subscription?

No, Ohlala doesn’t limit your use of its services with any kind of memberships but offers you to pay for what you use instead.

Is There A One-Month Subscription?

How Safe Ohlala Is?

The site creators strive to ensure that each and every member is satisfied with what they see in another user profile and could trust this information. For that purpose, they conduct a preliminary check of the potential members before they can use the platform. So, during the registration process, any member has to provide a confirmation image that needs to be up-to-date, show the full face, as well as an Ohlala sign in the photo. You just need to hold that sign in your hand when you take a photo of yourself; both your face and the Ohlala sign should be visible. This way, you won’t meet any robots or fake profiles here.

Are Ohlala Forums Moderated?

Currently, there are no forums on Ohlala.

How To Set Filters For Messages On Ohlala?

A female user can ‘filter’ communication with other OhLala members by responding only to the paid request from men she likes.

What Security Measures Are Implemented On Ohlala?

The user accounts are thoroughly checked before granting them access to the venue and after they start their on-site activity.

How To Report Or Block A Scammer On Ohlala?

On the Ohlala website, you can easily report abusive or rude users. Just send a complaint to [email protected] and wait until the case is examined. Afterward, such users may be excluded from the website or, alternatively, they’ll get a chance to correct their misconduct.

What Is The Policy Regarding Members Using Ohlala To Blackmail?

Ohlala is a rather effective site created for matching people who are going on a date based on a previous financial arrangement. Therefore, demanding funds before the actual date happens is prohibited and can be reported to the admins. Such conduct may lead to the exclusion from Ohlala.

Which Information Is Inappropriate On Ohlala’s Page?

Ohlala users are recommended to abstain from posting names with phone numbers, addresses, emails, links, or sexual content. Besides, the profile image should comply with the verification requirements and shouldn’t show nudity, sex organs, or objects like sex toys.

Are Ohlala Chats Encrypted?

The site doesn’t provide any information about the encryption. However, all the user data is kept well protected as per their Privacy Policy.

Can Ohlala Track You?

Upon the user’s consent, Ohlala can collect, process, and use the location information of the person when the date is in progress. Also, you can make your location visible in a chat. Ohlala will never share the location data with third parties unless a site member activates this option. The date request can be accepted, and all the further steps can be taken without any determination of user location data.

Can Ohlala Users Be Traced By The Police?

Of course, the company itself can be found and joined by the police officers who share the same views as all other Ohlala members. However, the law enforcement authorities cannot examine any user account without warrants being issued and a criminal investigation initiated.

Can Ohlala Users Be Traced By The Police?

Who Is Responsible For Privacy Matters On Ohlala?

You can always address the Ohlala team via [email protected] to get the needed support. The site pays increased attention to the efficient handling of user data and adheres to the respective data protection norms and rules. For further details, you can familiarize yourself with the privacy policy on the Ohlala website.

How To Delete The Information Submitted To The Platform?

The information indicated on your profile can be changed, updated, or deleted at any time. It can be done in the Settings section. Your details will be refreshed after you click on Save.

Are There Fake Accounts Or Scammers On Ohlala?

Luckily for the site and its users, there were no cases of fake accounts reported based on Ohlala reviews recently. This is possible due to a deep photo compatibility procedure conducted by the administration. Scammers are rare here too.

Contact Details

You can send your general questions to [email protected], inquiries concerning your account to [email protected], and media inquiries are accepted at [email protected].


If you’re interested in hookup dating sites (whatever you call it), you may also pay attention to the platforms such as AdultFriendFinder, BeNaughty, or Elite Singles. They help find a match based on principles similar to those of Ohlala.

Real Life Review

Here goes a fresh Ohlala review from a person who seems to like it here: “I’m not into a serious relationship right now. Actually, it’s been like this for quite some time, and that’s when I’ve decided to give Ohlala a try. I find it amazing to be able to spare lots of time and pay some money to get connected with women who understand what I need. A good talk or having a drink in a relaxed atmosphere is all that I need sometimes. Besides, people on Ohlala are straightforward and clear about their wishes. I’m happy to find this app and will use it for now.” – Finn Mueller.

Can Ohlala Be Called The Best Dating Platform?

What can be said about Ohlala is that it is unique in its niche and is easy to use. Moreover, you will not be confused about the true intentions of its members, while female users can also benefit significantly from going on romantic meetings and getting money for that.

Is There An Unmatching Function On Ohlala?

Compared to other dating platforms where you can browse through presented matches, on Ohlala, only women can search anonymously through the male profiles visible to them based on location proximity. These men should be offering dates somewhere nearby.

Can Ohlala Be Considered A Hookup App?

Yes, it is a hookup site where men pay women for dating.


Hopefully, this Ohlala review has helped you understand this service’s true nature and decide whether it is good for you. Ohlala will not surprise with some unique functionality as its core peculiarity lies in its concept. In general, anyone can find their way here. All in all, this is a paid and instant dating as it is. So, if you are open to new and spontaneous experiences, then OhLala will definitely cater to you and become your constant dating spot. Even though the app coverage is still limited, it can be said that it is already making an impact on the online dating (aka hookup) market and has big potential to become a serious market player. If you are in Germany or NYC and up to a casual meeting with no strings attached (involving monetary reward for females, don’t forget!), you should seriously consider Ohlala for your next dating adventure.

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