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Woosa Review in 2023

Woosa Review in 2023
About Site
Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 83%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 2 640 000
Reply Rate 78%
Ease of Use 8
Popularity 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Woosa is a highly competitive online dating service that offers its aid to people looking for their perfect match.
  • The website is suitable for people of any gender and all sexual orientations.
  • Woosa user interface is rather simple, so that anyone can register and start looking for their date.
  • Woosa offers a high level of protection and privacy, so there is no chance for a scam.
  • The database on Woosa is quite large, which, in turn, multiplies user’s chances of finding a partner.
  • Algorithms of matching are very advanced, so that anyone who had created a personal profile can privately have a chance for instant success.
  • Essential features are quite limited for all regular users of Woosa.
  • Even though the privacy of all Woosa users is assured, every profile is public, so any unregistered visitor can see the user's page.
  • Sometimes competitiveness on Woosa is too high, which is why many users need to be more active to get their perfect match.

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Woosa is an all-inclusive dating platform that allows users from any country in the world to sign up and start matching. Woosa review allows one to see that it is easy for any user to create a personal profile with a detailed description and put in the main preferences data. As it has already been indicated, Woosa offers a high level of protection to all of its customers, as it also ensures that privacy and data safety is well taken care of. Every user of their service can get a paid membership, which is also quite affordable. On the whole, Woosa is well distinguishable from the background of its competitors. In contrast, its main benefits conclude in rapidness, high probability of a match, inclusivity, and a rather large base of profiles.

Woosa Review in 2020

Are There Any Other Languages Besides English Available on Woosa?

Be that as it may, the primary language initially set up on Woosa is undoubtedly English. Nearly every other region in the world is available, which is why people can meet partners throughout the globe. For this reason, the Woosa dating service offers a multitude of languages for its customers. At the same time, all users can manually or automatically indicate their country, whereas the Woosa service is accessible worldwide.

Is There Any Official Owner of Woosa?

Woosa dating service is run by the Woosa Dating web domain. When referring to any physical or jurisdictional owner of Woosa, there are certainly both. An official platform of Woosa Dating is already a legal entity that represents the jurisdictional rights of its physical owners. Woosa website does not give any references to any individual entrepreneur as physical entities.

What Is an Official Location of Woosa Headquarters?

Concerning the Woosa review, there is a need to mention that it is an American dating platform. For this reason, an online dating platform prevails in popularity in the North American continent. It only comes to be somewhat reasonable that the Woosa platform is an American owned and based social dating service. At this point, the service is operable from the territory of the United States.

Since When Does Woosa Exist?

Woosa dating is not one of the oldest dating platforms that exist online. An official “About Us” page on the Woosa website says that their service runs online since April 2013. Ever since then, already for seven years, Woosa has known its ups and downs, yet, it still does exist as a legitimate online dating platform that welcomes every eager person who looks for a perfect match.

What Other Countries Beside U. S. Have Access to Woosa?

Initially, when the Woosa website was first launched, it was foreseen for the U. S. exclusively. Woosa review particularly mentions that its services include many languages of other countries. For this reason, during a registration process, every user must choose a country of one’s location and set the personal preferences of a potential partner.

Does a User Have to Be Over 18 to Register on Woosa?

It appears to be one of the main rules on Woosa that no minor can have access to its services. Each user has to put in a personal age during the process of registration and creation of a personal account. Considering an availability to log in with an already existent Facebook, Twitter, or Google account, the Woosa system automatically detects an age of a person. For this reason, in the Woosa review, one must claim that it appears to be impossible for a minor to use its services. Even if a person were to trick the Woosa website and be able to log in while under 18, every other partner on another side of their connection could report a minor.

Is It Possible to Use Woosa Mobile Application From a Computer?

The main version of the Woosa website is its desktop version. Nonetheless, one of the main benefits of the Woosa online dating service is that it offers a convenient and very user-friendly mobile application. Woosa application can be downloaded from Android’s Google Play or Apple’s App Store. However, it is foreseen to be used on a mobile device only. For this reason, it comes to be impossible to use a mobile application of Woosa on one’s computer. A full version of Woosa services is available in a desktop format. Any computer browser can open a full version of the Woosa website, but a mobile application is unsuitable for such devices.

What Is the Number of Woosa Global Customer Base?

Yes, Woosa has been initially started as an American service only. In 2013, when Woosa has first been launched, it was able to rapidly gain popularity among the American audience. Considering their official website for Woosa review, it comes to be apparent that there are thousands of users in Northern America. The same number of users would refer to its global customer base, if one were to believe their website. Nevertheless, there is no exact number of users mentioned anywhere on the web.

How Simple Is Their Design and Interface?

Woosa website is quite user friendly, and is very simple to use. Starting from their homepage, Internet users can acquaint themselves with key features of their service. An interface changes one’s user logged in. There are many hints and guides available throughout every page of the Woosa website, which is why any user can figure it out easily. After signing up and logging in, Woosa users can see the navigation of their profile and the main features of the search. Despite the popularity of one’s profile, there are already suggested profiles that pop up following the main parameters of their search. Woosa website is built within considerations of significance and simplicity, so anyone can start matching effortlessly.

Can Woosa Be Used From Any Browser?

As a matter of fact, yes, Woosa can be used from any browser that can be installed on a computer. There is Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and even Tor browser. At the same time, Woosa online dating services are available from mobile devices, whereas the browsers that they use might differ. There are many stock browsers on such phones like Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, Samsung, and many more; yet, all of those browsers do support Woosa services.

Does Woosa Endow Its Users With a Possibility of Online Video Chatting?

Woosa is known for the fact that its users have access to numerous multimedia content. Woosa customers can upload many personal pictures to boost their profiles in terms of popularity. Those pictures can be uploaded from their devices, or they can also be taken with their cameras. People can use cameras on their computers, tablets, and phones to take pictures and upload content on their profiles. Because there is no live video chatting available on Woosa, people can also use their cameras in other ways. The website allows its customers to upload short videos right onto their profiles to add to their descriptions and character. This way, despite the absence of online video chatting possibilities, people can still use their cameras to create and upload content.

What Distinguishes Woosa

There are many special features on the website that should be mentioned in the Woosa review. For example, on Woosa, its users can create their galleries and manage their privacy. People can block other users in cases when those are being too intrusive or simply annoying. Woosa users can boost their rating for free by getting as many likes as possible from other users, or they can order such a function by having subscribed to a paid membership. Some of the most interesting features on Worse include the ability of its users to check their visitors and likes so that they could build a perfect strategy to enhance the online dating performance.

Woosa Review in 2020

What Are the Main Essentials of Its Functioning?

Woosa online dating service has a simple user interface that can effortlessly create a personal profile and start matching. Indeed, it appears to be quite simple to use the Woosa service in the first place. The main principle of Woosa functioning concludes in the fact that the personal preferences of each partner on both sides of communication have to align. With this, people can find perfect partners following their demands of physical features and sort their partners by interests, age, location, gender, or sexual orientation. Another interesting feature of the Woosa website is that its users can choose a night mode, so that an overall interface would become fully black.

Who is Available via Chat?

Once having registered and created a personal profile, every user on Woosa can start messaging other people. In the Woosa review, it does also appear to be quite essential to note that all messaging is protected because only registered users can start messaging with one another. Messages on Woosa are also sent as private emails. An advanced algorithmic system on Woosa speaks of the fact that people whose interests and preferences do not intersect would not have an ability to text one another.

How Much Does It Cost to Send a Message to Someone?

Woosa review must mention that messaging on Woosa is ultimately free. Indeed, every user can upgrade their profile to a premium membership; Messaging remains to be completely free once a person has found a potential match for the chat. Yes, premium membership on Woose does give its customers extended possibilities of chatting; however, messaging as a core function of any online dating services remains to be free of charge.

How to Send a Message on Woosa?

For a user to start chatting with a partner on another side of their communication, every Woosa visitor must be registered and logged in. Both of the partners who want to start chatting have to be logged in. All messages would be authorized and protected by the terms of privacy. To send a message, a user needs to simply click on a message icon under the profile picture of their partner or choose the messaging option available through the icon in the upper right corner.

Is It Possible That Woosa Can Be Unreachable?

Due to the number of daily visitors, and people who register on Woosa, it might be possible that their website does not work. At this point, all users need to reload the page or try again later typing in woosa.org in their browsers.

For How Long Can Someone Be Banned on Woosa?

Woosa allows its users to ban people who are too annoying or intrusive. It is up to the users whether they would ban someone only for a particular period, or until they decide to unban those intruders.

Is It Possible to Revive a Blocked Account?

Once an account has been blocked by someone on Woosa, a user will not be able to contact them until they remove the ban. In case a user were to be banned by Woosa administration, they can refer to support and start a dispute, so that their account would be reactivated.

How to Deactivate a Profile on Woosa?

Opening their profile page, Woosa users get access to an extended set of options. Among the options available in the setting of a personal profile, Woosa users can effortlessly delete or deactivate their account, which will be enduringly eliminated.

Can a Person Hide on Woosa?

On Woosa, all users might decide to make their accounts be hidden from other users. With this, they would still be able to perform certain operations with their accounts, and look for matches, but other users will not see them being active. All users can disable “Show me on Woosa” in their profile settings.

How to View and Access Matches?

All user’s matches are available on their homepage, and their profile pages. To view all matches, Woosa users need to click on “Matches,” after doing which they would be able to send messages and communicate with one another.

Does Woosa Notify Me About New Messages?

In the upper right corner on the Woosa home page near a personal profile symbol, there is notifications and messages indicators. When a user receives a personal message, there would be a red dot indicating a new message. By clicking on the “messages” indicator, a user would be able to access personal messages.

How to See Whom Have the Likes on Woosa?

Another distinguishable feature of the Woosa service is that users can like each other by clicking on a “heart” symbol on other user’s profiles. With this, every user can see who has liked them in “my likes” on their profile. They can also check whom they have liked by accessing “People I liked” in a menu on the left.

Is There an Anonymous Status on Woosa?

Woosa online dating service makes all of its registered profiles to be public. It means that anyone can see information about other users who have made it to be public. For this reason, there is no possibility to be a “spy” on Woosa, because all its members must be authorized to be protected.

How to Change Username on Woosa?

Every user can change their name on Woosa in personal profile settings by clicking “edit” in the upper right corner.

Is There Any Reason Why Its Site Could Be Unavailable?

Woosa remains to be a popular service worldwide, which is why, because of a massive inflow of users, its services might sometimes be unavailable.

How to Filter the Search on Woosa?

The main search criteria on Woosa include age and gender. People also need to put in their height and hair color. The same criteria are referable to their potential partners.

How to Filter the Search on Woosa?

How to Create an Account?

Internet users can sign up using their Facebook, Google, or Twitter Accounts. A regular registration procedure requires them to put in their username, email, and passport. There is no need for a code verification, but Woosa users must verify their emails.

How Is an Email Confirmed?

Through every signup process, Woosa sends its users an email verification. Users need to simply click on a link in their verification email, and their addresses would be confirmed.

How to Sign Up via Facebook?

Woosa allows its users to register with Facebook. Registration would redirect website users to the Facebook authorization window, where all users will need to click “confirm.” With this, Woosa will receive access to all Facebook information of its users.

How to Register on Woosa?

All Woosa reviews indicate that the registration process allows its users to login with social media accounts. Users can also join using their email address for the registration.

How to Use Woosa Without Registration?

Every user must be registered and verified to start messaging on Woosa.

Personal Profile Description

Without registration, all users can see featured profiles on Woosa. To start messaging, they need to create profiles themselves. Part of a profile is filled out during registration when users need to put in their essential characteristics such as age and gender. Registered users can edit their profiles by opening them and adding to “basic” and “looks” descriptions.

Do They Have an App?

There is a separate Woosa mobile application. It can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store. The app interface is quite simplified but still contains all of the essential features.

Free And Premium Membership

Besides regular membership, there is also a premium one. Premium plan is paid weekly $8, Monthly $25, Yearly $250, and lifetime $500. Payments are processed with PayPal.

What Can They Offer Without a Subscription?

Free membership on Woosa allows its users to have access to matching, messaging, and liking. Those features are extended with evidence of premium membership.

How Much Does Woosa Cost?

Woosa service is essentially free, as it gives its users all of the essential features with no charge. There is also an extended version – Woosa Premium.

Do Free Members on Woosa have Access to Their Likes?

Woosa offers its users free access to their likes without a need to have their premium membership.

Premium Membership Features

Woosa premium offers its users more stickers, a possibility to be shown on “premium bar,” and to see notifications of their likes. Getting discounts, being displayed first in matches, and on top of other users, and a possibility to narrow their search to a particular country is also possible.

Is There Premium Woosa?

Woosa offers all of its users a premium membership, which extends the basic features of free participation.

How to Cancel Woosa Membership?

Woosa users can cancel their membership at any time. The membership will be refunded by their support service. To cancel their premium membership, Woosa users need to access their “premium” menu, or refer with a query to Woosa support.

How to Renew Woosa Membership?

Woosa membership is not auto-renewed, as it only works for a purchased amount of time. To keep on their membership, Woosa users need to refill their balance weekly, monthly, or yearly.

How to Get a Refund If the Membership Was Unused?

Woosa does not provide refunds for inactive members, however, paid for and registered. Customers may start a dispute, but support will present them with a full description of the Woosa policy.

How to Get a Refund If the Membership Was Unused?

Is My Balance on Woosa Is Renewed Regularly?

To keep their subscription, all Woosa users need to refill their balance weekly, monthly, or yearly.

How to Get a Refund in Case of One’s Discontent With Woosa?

All Woosa users can receive a refund addressing their support department in case Woosa services have left them being unsatisfied. Yet, it is a disputable question, and in such case, all users would need to prove their position to Woosa administration.

How Does Woosa Bill Its Clients Officially?

Every purchased Woosa premium membership appears on the credit card bill of its users as Woosa Dating, an official trademark of Woosa.

How to Donate Other Members on Woosa?

Woosa does not officially allow its members to exchange funds within the service itself.

Does Their Service Allow Monthly Donations?

Woosa charges its clients only for a premium membership subscription. Users cannot send costs to other customers via Woosa dating website.

Does Woosa Assure Secure the Privacy of Its Clients?

Only registered users can be active on Woosa, which means that by signing up, they establish a legal agreement between the service and themselves. All payments on Woosa are secured via PayPal. All messages are decrypted so that even Woosa does not have access to them.

Does Woosa Have Moderators on Their Forums?

Administrator on Woosa does not interfere with personal discussions of its users.

Is It Possible to Refine the Incoming Messages With Filters?

All users can receive messages from other people who have been chosen by Woosa algorithms as their potential matches. Thus, all messages are filtered following initial preferences. At any time, each user can block an unwanted intruder.

Main Security Aspects on Woosa

All payments are well secured with PayPal. Messaging on Woosa is private, and its administration does not have access to its users’ private chatting. Privacy can be assured by blocking annoying partners.

How to Ban a Suspicious User?

After opening a suggested user profile, everybody on Woosa can block and report them by clicking on corresponding icons.

What Are the Consequences for Scammers on Woosa?

All fake profiles on Woosa in case reported will be deleted permanently.

What Shouldn’t be Said on Woosa Account Page?

The leading information on Woosa accounts includes age, gender, height, and hair type. Users should not post any illegal or offensive information because their accounts will be blocked and reported.

Is Messaging on Woosa Concealed?

All private chats are encrypted, and the Woosa administration has no access to them.

Can Woosa Locate Its Users?

To use Woosa, its customers have to grant access to their location. With this, Woosa dating has access to all locations of its users.

Does Law Enforcement Have a Right to Discern Woosa?

Woosa service functions per all legal aspects of the law. In the case of illegal activity, and evidence of disputes and user complaints, law enforcement has a right to detect Woosa.

How to Secure User Privacy on Woosa?

All questions regarding privacy have to be addressed to the Woosa administration via their support department.

How to Edit and Remove Personal Information on Woosa?

In the settings of personal profiles, all users can manage, edit, or delete their private information.

Can Woosa Users Meet Fake Accounts?

Unfortunately, Woosa cannot guarantee that there will be no fake accounts using its service. In case such are encountered, they can always be banned and reported.

Can Woosa Users Meet Fake Accounts?

Feedback Info

There is no email, phone number, or address on the Woosa website. The service can be contacted by clicking “contact us” at the bottom of their homepage, and leaving a message.

Analogous Services

There are many services like Woosa. Among many, there is Chat zozo, mini chat, be2, adbmatch, and LDS singles.

an Honest Impression

Woosa is a satisfactory online dating service. It has many essential features that allow it to be distinguished from the background of its competitors. All accounts are verified and approved, so there is a little chance for the scam. User payments are secured via PayPal. Their service is used worldwide. However, it is most popular in the U. S. For this reason, Woosa user has more chances for a perfect match being located on the U. S. territory.

Is Woosa Distinguishable Enough on the Background of Its Competitors?

Woosa is a top-rated online dating service. Its essential features allow it to be one of the top dating platforms in the U. S.

Does Woosa Allow Its Users to Unmatch Their Partners?

In case a user is dissatisfied with ongoing communication, one can always unmatch, moreover – report and ban their partners. Such an option is available by clicking on the “unmatch” icon near a partners window.

Is Woosa an App for Finding Partners?

On Woosa, every user can find their perfect match by putting in their profile features and preferences for a partner. The service partners can take their communication on different levels, including an offline realm.

How to Sum It Up?

Woosa is an inclusive online dating platform. The service uses a simple interface while offering its users a high probability of a match due to the large database and powerful search engine. Woosa has a premium membership that gives certain privileges to Woosa users. Woosa reviews allow one to see that all messaging is encrypted, user privacy secured, and payments are safe with PayPal. Woosa website functions worldwide, but gains particular popularity in the U. S.

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