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Wantmatures Review

Wantmatures Review
About Site
Active Audience 82%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 50-65
Profiles 2 160 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • As a paid member, you can send multiple messages at the same time.
  • With a full membership, you can send an unlimited number of messages to an unlimited number of users daily.
  • All read messages are kept in your history.
  • Free membership has certain limits on messaging. You can send up to 5 messages a day to different users, and no more than one message to each user.
  • With a free membership, all unread messages are kept for 24 hours only.

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When you grow older, you may find that dating becomes difficult. It may be difficult to find love because you are too busy with work and children. With Wantmatures.com, you can find someone that you can date who has all the interests that you find attractive in them.

It is for the more mature people who want to date someone who is also mature. Maturity doesn’t only come with age. Some people can start being mature from the age of 18. This site also caters to seniors up to 78 years old.

It is never too late to find love.

Number Of Languages Supported By Wantmatures

According to different Wantmatures reviews, this website is in English, but as some Europeans have found it useful, they can communicate with their matches in their choosing language. The site is international; therefore, any language is used, but support is in English.

Site Ownership

Northlock Holdings Ltd is the operator of this website. They operate many social, dating, lifestyle, and entertainment sites, including mobile applications/apps, through their group of companies and partner sites.

Wantmatures Base Area

Wantmatures website is based in the British Virgin Islands.

Year Founded

The year of foundation is unknown.

Wantmatures World Presence

It is available worldwide and can be used by anyone with excess to a computer or smartphone.

Age Of Registration For Members

Members on Wantmatures range from 18 to 78. It is a website designed for mature people. As we all know, maturity is not based on age, and that is why 18-year-old users are allowed.

Computer Usage To Access App

You can use the app using your computer and mobile to excess Wantmatures.com.

Worldwide Membership

The website has over 3 million members at the time of writing with a worldwide membership.

Website Design & Usability

Website Design and Usability is not complicated. As the website mainly has senior people as their members, they need to use the website with ease without running into technical difficulties. The website doesn’t have too many pages to negotiate through. As it is for the matured, who may not be too technically savvy, it is quite easy to use.

Website Design & Usability

Browser Support

Wantmatures website is suitable for all modern browsers, including IE9+ and beyond, Safari 3+, Chrome, and Opera with standard default browser settings. You also need JavaScript enabled to use the site.

Camera Support

You can use your camera to upload your photo. You can also enable your webcam to be able to take a live photo of yourself. Authentic images are required. They should meet the specification. Otherwise, your profile may not be approved.

Special Features

These are the special feature on Wantmatures:

Know Who Is Online

You can see all the time who is online, and you can use that advantage to go after a member that you wish to interact with.

Intelligent Searching

You can use the filter to choose the type of person you want to match based on their age, ethnicity, hair color, etc.


If you are lost for words, you can send a wink instead.


You can cast the net wider by sending prior written messages that can go out to many people at a time. It will improve your chances of getting someone in the pool of people you desire.

You can add videos to your profile to increase your chances of a match, and people can see that you are authentic.

Site Usage

To start using the site, you have to register first using your email. You will then get a verification code sent to your email address. This code will be used to verify your account. You may have to wait for 5 to 10 minutes before this email arrives. Once you have verified your account, you will be requested to log in and fill out your profile. You can choose any filters at this point. You can then start liking and messaging people.

Wantmatures Site Usage

Messaging Someone

To begin messaging someone, you need to be a paying member. Although the site is free to use, non-paying members will be limited from interacting with others. The ‘Like Gallery’ function will be available for your use, and you will be able to check your messages in a public chat room. It means that you cannot take your chat privately.

However, paid members can message users and also get notifications of likes and other messages.

Free Messaging

Free messaging means that you can register, then set up a profile. The Extensive search button will be for free. You can also use the ‘Like Gallery function and check your messages in a public chat room. There is also a 3-day trial you can sign up for to check other functions. You can only use the trial once.

Start Messaging Someone On Wantmatures

Start messaging someone right away, but as we have already established, you will have to be a paying member to message someone. With that being said, you can use the 3-day trial and see if the site is for you. If you are happy, you can start using the extra premium offerings available. You can then start messaging someone privately. You can also have chats on a public chat area. This area should not be used to share personal information that may endanger your life or make you fall prey to scams.

Reasons You May Struggle To Access The Site

You may struggle to access the site based on several reasons. It may be that you are having technical difficulties based on the site’s functionality. If that is the case, Wantmatures suggests that you send them a screenshot of the problem. Once you have done so, they will look into your query and help you resolve it. You may also want to see if your browser supports the site. In other cases, it may be because your government may block certain sites that they do not approve of based on their ethics code.

How Long Can User Be Banned On Wantmatures?

Wantmatures will ban anyone who has been found to transgress the site rules. Anyone who advertises on the site will be banned. They will vet profiles based on your credit card information, and if they find you to have committed a felony or are registered as a sex offender, you will get banned. They also ban people on the site in such situations:

  • people who are under 18
  • people who share personal details
  • people who use celebrities’ pictures as their profile pictures
  • a photo that has no people
  • group photos
  • violence (drugs, death, weapons) as a profile picture
  • offensive gestures

Reactivate A Banned Account

To reactivate an account, you will have to write into Wantmatures and state how you believe your account was banned in error. An investigation will be conducted, and it is found in your favor, your account will be reinstated.

Option To Delete Profile

Please switch to the website’s web version to cancel your subscription and repeat billing and perform the following actions:

  1. Press your avatar in the upper-right corner of any site page.
  2. Choose ‘My Settings’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. Press the ‘Billing History’ and then ‘Deactivate subscription’ buttons.
  4. Follow further instructions.

Disabling “Show Me On Wantmatures ” Option

Wantmatures has an incognito mode that you can use, but it is for paid members only. You will be able to search the profiles without being seen.

Finding My Matches

In the Match feed section, you can update all of your potential matches from the last 30 days. Use this tab to find new friends and soulmates.

Who Messaged Me?

You will be able to see who messaged you when you go to read messages. You will be able to read, archive, or delete the message. You can also simply ignore messages. You will go to the ‘Read message’ button, and there, you will be able to access your messages.

Visibility Of Members You Liked

You will have visibility of users that you liked by going to the ‘Like Gallery’ section. There, you can see who you liked and who liked you. You can also see who matched with you in that ‘matches’ tab. You will have a better chance of being liked if you put your photo in your profile. Profiles that don’t have photos don’t do as well as the profiles with photos.

Wantmatures Spy Mode

The site is made for the comfort and ease of their clients. The messages are encrypted from end to end. Therefore, there is no reason to fear to spy.

Edit Your Username On The Site

To change your username, press your avatar in the upper-right corner of any site page and choose ‘My Profile’ from the drop-down menu. Press the ‘Edit’ icon, amend your screen name in the appropriate field, and press the ‘Save’ button to save the changes.

Difficulty Entering The Site

You may have a hard time entering the site, depending on the country’s laws. You may want to check if Wantmatures is allowed in your country. You may also need to check your cookies are enabled or use the latest internet browser on your computer.

You can search for Wantmatures on your mobile phone or computer using any browser.

Sign Up Process

The signing up process is easy in that you just go to register with your email and password. You will be sent a verification code that you need to add to verify your email. Once that is done, you can enter the site and sign in.

Wantmatures Sign Up Process

Verify Your Email

Email verification is done through a code sent to the email address that you have provided. Once your email has been verified, you may now use the site.

Register Using A Facebook Account

Although the site is available on your mobile, you cannot use your Facebook account to access the site.

Join Wantmatures The Easy Way

Registering is free and can be done easily by providing your email and password to the site. It is easy to join, and you can be verified in a matter of minutes.

Log In Without Signing Up

You cannot log in without signing up for free membership. You need to have an email and a password to be able to do so.

Profile Quality For Users

The profiles on Wantmatures seem to be of high quality, and they are displayed in a manner that is easy to see. You can start messaging, but you are limited to 5 messages as a free member. The site is of high quality but can have minimum communication tools compared to other websites.

Wantmatures Profile Quality For Users

Mobile Applications

There is no mobile app available, but you can use your mobile to access the site. It will appear as it would on your desktop.

Membership Fee And How To Pay

Membership fees:

  • Premium Dater – R5.71 per day
  • Extra Security – R3.21 per day
  • Chataholic – R3.93 per day

Members can pay via:

  • Let’s Encrypt
  • SSL
  • Visa
  • Verified by Visa
  • MasterCard SecureCode
  • Amex
  • Diner’s Club international
  • Discover

Wantmatures Fee And How To Pay

Free Membership Features

Free membership includes being able to keep your messages for 24 hours in your messenger. You can use your free membership to register a profile, use free extensive search, and like other users.

Free To Use App

Wantmatures’ users can use it for free. However, to have the full experience, one needs to be a paid member. You also have an option of a 3-day free trial. Should you be happy with the trial, you can subscribe to a premium membership or continue as a free user.

You will be given five chats for free, which you can use to greet a few people to spend it on one person.

See Who Likes You On Wantmatures

You can see who likes you by going on your messages, and there, you will find a tab that says ‘who likes me.’ It is straightforward to locate once you go to your avatar to see which other notifications you have.

Premium Membership Features

As a premium member, you will benefit from the following features:

  • Full HTTPS encryption
  • Browse incognito
  • Auto History Cleaning
  • Top in messenger
  • Higher in search
  • Get read receipt
  • Get seen by x5 more people

Wantmatures Premium Membership Features

Offer Of Premium Membership

Subscription for full membership allows you access to the whole site plus chat, messaging, and features that may not yet be available. You can send unlimited messages, view all search results, access all members’ photos, and see them in full size. You can also contact popular members and freely check the profile info of any user.

Membership Cancelation

Membership cancelation is simple in that you can go to a tab that allows you to cancel your membership. The cancelation will be effective immediately. For paying users, they would need to make sure they also cancel with their credit provider to avoid being charged again.

To cancel your subscription and repeat billing, you will need to switch to the website’s web version then follow these instructions:

  1. Click your avatar in the upper-right corner of any site page.
  2. Choose ‘My Settings’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. Press the ‘Billing History’ and then ‘Deactivate subscription’ buttons.
  4. Follow further instructions.

Membership Auto-Renewal

Wantmatures will auto-renew your membership until such time that you request them to stop. There is also a function on the site that allows you to cancel auto-renew.

No Refund For Unused Time

Wantmatures guarantees a 100% money back refund should you wish to cancel at any time. They claim that if you are not happy with their service, they will refund you for the month that you canceled.

Support Renewed Monthly

Support is given and is renewed monthly.

Not Satisfied? No Money Back Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied with the services of Wantmatures, there is a 100% money-back guarantee. You will have the option to just deactivate the paid services and become a free member. However, you will lose the benefits of being a paid member.

Appearance Of Credit Card Bill For Wantmatures Support

Purchases will appear on your credit/debit card statement as Fairpt.com 1-800-894570. It guarantees anonymity and to help members not to feel ashamed of having been on a dating site. Some people like to keep their “affairs” private.

Support From You To Other Members

It is up to you how you wish to give support to other members. It is always advisable to be careful and not fall prey to scammers and con artists.

Sending Support For A Month

Sending support for only one month is entirely up to you, provided you are vigilant at all times and can trust your match.

Wantmatures’ Safety

Wantmatures gives its users a guarantee that they will be safe while using the app. They discourage members from sharing their details, such as telephone numbers and emails to people who profess to love you in a short time of having just met you. You can also pay extra towards your membership for added security. The safety measures include full HTTPS encryption, browsing anonymously, and auto history clearing and cleaning.

Users must use vigilance and trust their instincts when dealing with other users. The site verifies emails by sending you a code via your email to ensure that users are not bots.

Wantmatures Safety

Forums Threads Moderation

The Wantmatures forums threads are always moderated to ensure that their members don’t fall prey to scams. There is also an added cost for extra protection on your profile.

The site uses high security and tries, by all means, to make sure they can root out the bad profiles.

Filtering Messages

You can filter messages and only see messages you wish to see. This function is for a paid membership. It allows you to use filters that free membership doesn’t allow.

Available Security Features

Wantmatures encourages its members to use vigilance when dealing with other members. Also, the site has end to end encryption and considers itself highly alert on safety.

Block And Report A Suspected Scammer

You can block a member while viewing the profile. It is rather simple as it is in the option represented by three dots. Once you are there on the drop-down, select block, you can also view members that you have blocked by going to settings and see who you have blocked. You have an option to unblock a member should you change your mind. Messages sent previously will still be visible to you.

Money Solicitors Within The Site

On many dating sites, it is not uncommon for people to try to solicit money from you. On Wantmatures, you are encouraged to use precautions and trust your instincts and follow your heart. Money solicitors, once reported, will be banned.

Account Information Protection

Users are cautioned against giving away their information to strangers. You cannot give your phone number, address, or even email address to people that you have just started chatting with. Wantmatures will not give out information you have supplied to any third parties. They also have an option to pay a daily premium for protection. This option allows for full HTTPS encryption Browse incognito and Auto History Cleaning.

Chats Safety And Encryption

With the Extra protection feature, your chats will be encrypted, and you can feel safe knowing that no one will be able to see your chats except you.

Can Wantmatures Track You?

Wantmatures’ admins search for criminal records using credit card information. They will block anyone with a felony, and they also block sex offenders. Should a scammer or would be perpetrator be suspected of any crime, they will be reported to the police. It is the police to track down criminals. The scammer would have obviously used fake details; therefore, the site cannot interfere in police business.

Police Tracing

If the police have reasonable suspicion of any wrongdoing, they would probably be within their bounds to seek permission for tracing. However, this depends on the laws of your state.

Privacy Contact Information

If you have questions regarding your privacy, you can send an email to the support service [email protected] or write them a letter at the following address:

Company: Northlock Holdings Ltd

Address: P.O. Box 146, Trident Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Deleting Information Already Supplied

To delete information already supplied, you can go to your settings, and there you will find where you can delete information. The information will be permanently deleted, or you may just choose an option to edit your information.

Fake Or Scam Members On Wantmatures

Scammers and fake members exist anywhere where there are people deemed to be vulnerable. The site tries by all means to deter scammers and ask that the members use caution when dealing with people that they don’t trust. Should you feel that someone tried to scam you, you should report it, and they will have that member blocked after doing their investigations.

Contact Information

Company: Northlock Holdings Ltd

Address: P.O. Box 146, Trident Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0-800-996-490

Wantmatures Contact Information


For those who wish to find sites similar to Wantmatures, here is a list of sites to try:

  • Cougars69
  • Lovaholics
  • Adult FriendFinder

Real Life Review

I am interested in women who are older than me. So, I am here. I am sure that I will meet my future wife on this site. – Mike, 27

Wantmatures Is The Best Dating Site?

Wantmatures is a site for seniors or mature people who want to find someone to settle with. It may just be the best site in its category compared to others that don’t offer safety features as it does. Still, it’s always best to exercise caution.

Unmatching A Member

You can unmatch easily by going to your profile and going to ‘match.’ There, you will be able to see who matched with you. If, for whatever reason, you no longer wish to keep them a match, you can easily unmatch them.

Wantmatures Not A Hook-Up App

Wantmatures wants mature people to be able to interact in a safe place that is not overtly sexualized. Although it is up to you to decide what you want to get out of the site, it is encouraged that you do so safely and with a clear mind to discern good intentions from bad intentions.


Older people still want to find someone they can settle down with. They may have been previously married, or that life happened, and they never got a shot at love. Wantmatures offers a safe space for people to meet and mingle. Some people are looking for someone mature when they are still young. Some people like the benefit of experienced people to go through life with. This site is suitable for people who are mature and want like minded people.

The site is easy to use with a clear interface. There is not a lot of technological confusion when using the app. It is very much straight forward. Unlike other apps, it uses minimal communication tools so that it is easier to navigate. It is truly a site that the elderly can use without struggling. Everyone deserves love, no matter which age they are at. Wantmatures seems to be a great place to start. We hope that our Wantmatures review will help you!

MS, RD & Writer
Frank is a very intuitive person who has compassion and understanding when it comes to advising about forming relationships with solid foundations. He uses his BS-Psychology degree to help those who are having a hard time coping with the unpredictable behavior of the people around them. He listens to everything before thinking of what advice to give to make sure that he is not making a mistake.
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