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The League Review in 2024

The League Review in 2024
About Site
Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 24-26
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Caters exclusively to incredibly ambitious people.
  • Does efficient matchmaking in terms of preferences.
  • Deletes flaky matches within 14 days.
  • Features authenticated accounts only.
  • Facilitated smart blocking.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Limited availability.

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The League is an elite dating site that caters to highly ambitious people with a bright background. The website believes it’s okay to be picky about who you want to date – for example, you might want your partner to be well-spoken or from a good background. Hence, it authenticates background information before registering a potential member.

How Many Languages Do The League Support?

The League Review in 2020

For now, this website only supports English.

Who Owns The League?

Amanda Bradford owns the League.

So Where Is The League Based Now?

The League is based in San Francisco Bay Area as of now.

When Was The League Founded?

The League was founded in the year 2014.

Is The League Available Worldwide?

The League is available in select cities as of now.

How Old Should You Be To Register On The League?

Although The League exclusively caters to successful working professionals with a good background, you have to be at least 18 years old to register.

Can I Use The App Using My Computer?

The League app has been specially made to be used on your mobile.

How Many Members Does The League Have Worldwide?

The exact number of members of the League is not known as of yet. As per information, currently, there are a whopping 4,20,000 profiles on the waitlist!

Website Design & Usability

The League Review in 2020

The website’s design is soothing to the eyes and offers adequate information about what you are in. It uses different hues of blues, black and white, which is perfect for any presentation. It provides all the guidelines and has a separate blog featuring tips and tricks to get into the dating world.

The website discusses why you should be a part of The League community very efficiently and has jotted down their information in a manner that would make you want to sign up for it almost immediately.

Which Browsers Support The League?

All the major browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer support The League.

How Do I use the Camera on The League?

The League app lets you video call your date rather than swapping numbers. It’s very simple – all you need to do is click on the video button after you fix a time and then sit back and enjoy conversing with someone you are interested in.

Special Features

  • Three dates, 9 minutes: This app saves a lot of time as it lets you match with the perfect and choicest of people near to you in the blink of an eye. You will be matched with three people every Sunday at 9 pm according to your preferences, and you can have live face to face video calls with them.
  • 1:1 Video calling: This app lets you video call each other rather than swapping numbers. It allows you to look at how your potential date might be like before you take a call without divulging your personal information as this app takes care of everything from its end.
  • Adding videos on profile: Many times, your date might turn out to be very different. Hence, this app insists that users add their videos on their profiles – doing so would automatically get you more priority.

How Does It Work?

If you want to become a member of The League, first and foremost, you will bypass the waitlist. This app has an extremely stringent registration process, and only investing money will not help you become a member. You will have to link your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles along with 349$ for an annual membership.

The League app even tracks the popularity of the applicants you have referred to, i.e., your referral quality, and they need to be “Majors” or “All-Stars.”

The official app requires you to fill out necessary information like ethnicity, location, age, height, a brief bio or introduction, interest, and 6 photos. This app also allows you to add a 10-second video on your profile, which will fetch more popularity and recognition.

In case you wish to edit or hide a piece of particular information about yourself, you will have to upgrade your membership to a more feasible plan and become a League Member, along with which you will be required to pay a monthly fee.

How Can I Message Someone?

The League Review in 2020

You need to be an approved member of The League app to be able to message someone.

All you need to do is go over to your match’s profile and tap on the chat icon, and you will be all set.

Is Sending Messages Free?

No, you cannot send messages for free in The League app as this is an exclusive member-only application available for members only.

How Can You Start Messaging With Someone On The League?

Once your profile gets matched with someone, all you need to do is go to your match’s profile, click on the ‘send a message’ option, and compose your text.

Why Can’t I Access The League?

There might be a lot of factors for not being able to open the app. In case you face difficulties while opening the app, check your internet connectivity at first. Check with your network provider and find out if there has been a hindrance to your connectivity. Most of the time, the app does not open due to low internet connectivity.

How Long Are The League Bans?

The League bans a profile depending on the decree of actions. Once a profile has been banned, it is always at a high risk of being banned permanently. It means that a profile can be prohibited from anywhere in between a few days to weeks to being banned permanently. If a profile is repeatedly reported for several reasons, The League will take stringent actions against the profile.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

Your profile will get automatically reactivated after the banned period is surpassed. You can also log in manually by providing your login credentials again after the banned period is over.

Is There An Option To Delete Your The League Profile?

Yes, definitely. The League app considers its members’ preferences very seriously and allows its users to delete their accounts whenever they want.

What Happens If I Disable The “Show Me On The League” Option?

If you disable the “Show me on The League” option, you will be invisible, i.e., you will be able to check others’ profiles without receiving any notifications about you. Though, this feature is reserved for The League members only.

Where Do I See My Matches?

The app has a burger option on the top left. Click on the burger option and then go to the second option, ‘Matches.’

How Do I See Who Messaged Me On The League?

All the messages that you receive will get accumulated in your inbox.

Is It Possible To See The League Members Who I Liked?

Yes, all you need to go is browse through your browser history.

What Is The League’s Spy Mode?

The spy mode allows you to visit others’ profiles without them being notified about you.

How Do I Edit My Username In The League?

Unfortunately, The League does not have any provision for you to be able to edit your username.

Why Am I Having A Hard Time Entering The Site?

One of the biggest reasons you might not be able to open the app is that you might be entering a wrong email id or password. Always save your profile credentials while logging in to an app or a website. Sometimes, while you opt for changing your password on the app again, it does not get updated in your system. Always use the ‘Remember Me’ option without fail to attain smooth accessibility to the app. Opt for ‘Forgot my password’ option in case the issue still exists.

The League has an exciting search option for you to find your Miss/Mr. Right! You can search according to ethnicity, location, age, height, and interests.

Sign Up Process

To sign up on The League app, you need to download the app from either Google Playstore or the iOS Appstore.

Once done, you need to fill out your primary information like your age, height, birthday, a small introduction, etc. Once this is done, you need to bypass the stringent waitlist, along with which you are also required to link your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts with your League account.

How Do I Verify My Email?

Once you register on The League, they will send you a verification mail on your respective email id. You need to go to this email id, open the mail, click on the link, and automatically get your verification done.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

Linking your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts is mandatory if you want to be a full-fledged member at The League. The application features your work-related information on your profile so that it is easier for you to find a match accordingly.

How Do I Join The League?

Once you register in The League app, you will be hauled into a waitlist while the app gathers additional information about you as a member is a stringent vetting process. However, you can surpass that by opting for an annual membership. After this process is done, you will be required to fill in necessary information like your age, height, ethnicity, a short bio or data, city, etc. Post this, you will also be required to link your social media profiles to get started.

Can I Use The Site Without Signing Up?

No, you cannot use the application without signing up as it is an elitist dating app that is membership-centric exclusively.

Users Profile Quality

The League Review in 2020

The League app user profiles are of exceptionally high quality as this app is exclusively meant for highly ambitious people. Not only is every profile authenticated, but users are also required to opt for membership if they want to reap the benefits of all the facilities that this app offers.

Firstly, every user needs to surpass the waitlist to be a member of The League. As per current studies, the application has a whopping 4,20,000 profiles on the waitlist already. Each pattern is authenticated stringently so that the quality of every profile is maintained and members can find what they are looking for.

The League app understands that time is very precious, and it firmly believes that time is valuable in today’s world. Hence, it ensures that the quality of the user profiles is in no way compromised. It understands that when someone goes for a date, they have a bandwidth of expectations out of the other person, and this application lives up to it by matching you with someone you are most likely to hit it off with.

All user profiles are authenticated using their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles so that the application has enough information regarding your background, thus matching you with someone likely to be at par with what you bring to the table.

Mobile Applications

You can download The League app from either Google Play Store if you are on Android or App Store if you are on iOS.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

The annual membership comes for 349$ and 29$ per month. Opting for a yearly membership helps you to get your waitlist expedited with enhanced quality in matches. There are high chances that you might be wanting more benefits after you’ve joined The League.

Upgrading to a League Membership includes free League tickets that expedited your matching progress.

A six-month membership costs 199$ annually and 39$ monthly.

Owner plans include 999$ annually, which gives you 990$ and roughly comes around 83$ monthly, gives you 300 tickets, and 199$ monthly, which provides you with 166$ every month and 50 tickets.

For further queries, kindly get in touch with the customer support for the premium membership rates.

Free Membership Features

The League Review in 2020

The League app is an exclusive member-only application as it caters to highly ambitious people.

Is The League Free?

No, the League app is not free, and you have to be a member to reap the benefits this app has to offer. Though, you can get guest access by authenticating your profile via LinkedIn.

Can You See If Someone Likes You On The League If You Are A Free Member?

You cannot be a free member of The League app as it is an exclusive member-only dating application.

Premium Membership Features

The Premium Membership features include an array of added benefits in addition to the annual membership. You can be an Owner or an Investor in addition to being a member.

As a member, you get a lot of benefits like five matches every day, 3 dates League Live Party ever, and a couple of tickets to buy matches. You will also be able to customize your profile and choose privacy according to your needs, see when other members read your messages, review your profile stats, and many more.

As an Owner, you get added benefits like six daily prospects, power moves where others see you as soon as they match with you, unlimited rematches, know if someone has already liked you, send across six friend requests every day, and undo your X’s for free.

Investors get even more enhanced benefits that include a whopping seven prospects daily, watch who likes them daily in real-time, forward openers to any members in your daily herd, choose higher levels of privacy like being only seen by the ones you like, block users you don’t gel with, get Concierge support by an executive to help you find that special someone and send seven friend requests every day.

Does The League Offer Premium Membership?

The League Review in 2020

Yes, The League app does offer a premium membership that gives you exclusive benefits.

How Do I Cancel My The League Membership?

Please get in touch with customer support, and you will be assisted accordingly.

Is The League Membership Auto-Renewed?

Your membership gets auto-renewed unless you wish to cancel it manually, so you have to do so at least 24 hours prior.

Can I Get A Refund For Unused Time?

There is no provision for a refund in The League app as of yet. For more information, please get in touch with customer support.

Is My “Support” To The League Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Yes, your “support” in The League app will get renewed automatically every month unless you wish to cancel it manually.

I Am Not Satisfied With The League. Can I Get My Money Back?

The League Review in 2020

There is no provision for refunds as of yet in The League. You may get in touch with the customer support for further information.

How Will My The League Support Appear On My Credit Card Bill?

Please get in touch with the customer support for this information, and you will be assisted accordingly.

Can I Give Support To Other The League Members?

There are no features available to support other members in The League app as of now.

Can I Send Support For Just A Month?

Yes, you can send support for a month under monthly subscriptions.

Is The League Really Safe?

The League app is one of the safest dating apps, unlike other apps in the market. This app not only features highly authenticated profiles, but it is also exclusively dedicated to highly ambitious people who are looking for something concrete rather than a waste of little time.

Are The League Forums Threads Moderated?

There are no live forums in The League app that are to be moderated.

How Can I Filter Who Can Message Me On The League?

You have to be either an Owner or an Investor in The League app to do that. These are premium memberships, as mentioned earlier, under premium membership features.

What Security Features Does The League Have?

The League Review in 2020

The League app is a highly secured application as it features an array of authentication procedures. The user will initially have to bypass the waitlist and be an annual member. A user will further have to authenticate their respective Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for the app to gather enough data about them and match them according to their backgrounds. Hence, you are safe while using the app as you will be linked with people with solid backgrounds rather than flaky ones.

How Can I Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

The League app lets you block, flag, or expire your matches and gives you a note field where you need to explain why you chose to do so. They require this information for internal use, and your text gets further routed in a Slack channel that is dedicated to their staff to monitor. This entire process is anonymous, and the team takes care of your complaint accordingly.

What Will Happen To A Member Who Uses A The League Account To Solicit Money?

The League takes the privacy and security of its members very seriously and shall take strict action against atrocities like soliciting money.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted In Your The League Account?

Although The League is an extremely safe and secure dating app, it is always better to be safe. Hence, please refrain from divulging personal information like your phone number or exact home and office addresses.

Are The League Chats Encrypted?

The League chats are highly encrypted from both ends.

Can The League Track You Down?

Yes, The League can track you down using your computer’s IP address or the IMEI number of your device.

Can The League Be Traced By The Police?

Yes, The League can be traced by the police if any illegal activities are discovered.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy In The League?

You can send in your questions at [email protected] and mail to: [email protected].

Can I Delete The Information That I’ve Already Submitted To The League?

Yes, you may edit or change your privacy settings as a premium member in The League.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On The League?

Although The League is a highly secure and authenticated application, there are always chances for one or two members with malicious intentions. The League is very particular about its services and the protection of its members. In case you don’t feel safe about a profile, you can report or block it and provide the reason behind it in the note box, which will be further monitored by the team.

Contact Information

Company: The League

Address: https://www.theleague.com/

Email: [email protected]


Some of the best alternatives to The League are Channels, OkCupid, Feeld, and Tinder.

Real Life Review

The League Review in 2020

Hailey is a successful 29 years old entrepreneur who has been searching for the perfect partner. She has always been very particular and is a known perfectionist. She has tried many apps to date, but unfortunately, her time was wasted most of the time. We all know how precious every moment is on today’s date. Hailey finally opted to become a League member, and she got to go out for dates with likeminded people. Still, she also went on to form a real relationship with Edd, who happens to be an entrepreneur himself.

Is The League The Best Dating Site/App?

The League is undoubtedly one of the best dating sites in the market.

Can I Unmatch A League Member?

Yes, you can unmatch a League member. All you need to do is go to their profile and click on the report or block option. A small message box will appear where you are required to explain your reason for the team to monitor and voila, the person will be blocked forever!

Is The League A Hook-Up App?

The League is way more than a hook-up app. It is an elitist application that is exclusively dedicated to ambitious people with authenticated backgrounds.


The League is one of the best and most secure dating applications in the market. It is not only very promising, and the application knows how to respect people’s time and privacy. It believes that it is indeed okay to be picky about your dates and matches you with someone worth your time and effort so that you never have to be stressed or disappointed with your dating life again. In conclusion, The League is an obvious choice if you are looking for genuine dates and relationships.

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