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Chatki Review

Chatki Review
About Site
Active Audience 74%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 25-38
Profiles 952 510
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free website
  • Tons of features
  • Valuable resources
  • Impressive design
  • Huge user base
  • Can’t search for others
  • Mobile app not found
  • Random matchmaking

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Online professional dating sites is now the everyday thing with Generation Z and can even be compared with social media’s fame. So, if there are more than 500 sites to choose from, how do you pick the best? One such good platform is Chatki, an online chatting site with video functionality that enables you to hook up with strangers all over the word online. Chatki is often marketed as an alternative video chat to Omegle, so don’t be surprised if you’ve heard of Omegle before. The same parent company manages both.

Like Omegle, Chatki is free and has a large user base with active members. They keep the focus sweet and simple, allowing as many strangers as possible to meet, chat up, and have sexual and sensual fun.

How Many Languages Does It Support?

The site supports English, Spanish, Italian, German, and French.

Who Owns Chatki?

The Chatki website is founded by Bridgestone International Group, Inc.

Where Is Chatki Based Now?

The site is based in the United States of America.

When Was It Founded?

The site was founded in 2013.

Is Chatki Available Worldwide?

Yes, the site is available for use worldwide.

How Old Should You Be to Register?

You should be over 18 years of age to register.

Can I Use the App Using My Computer?

You can use the mobile version on your computer, which doubles as an app.

How Many Members Does Chatki Have Worldwide?

The service has over a million members worldwide.

Website Design & Usability

Website Design & Usability

This Chatki review has focused on the landing page since that’s where most people will be hooked on to. Anyways, other components of the website, more or less, have a similar feature and design. The overall layout and design of the site have been found comfortable.

It allows for seamless communication and navigation, and even if you’re someone without any experience in online dating, you’ll still feel oddly comfortable. User experience has been enriched with the simplest of layouts. There’s an interesting color palette of a mix of blue, white, and orange, and the overall site gives a modern and professional look. The owners have focused on bringing a friendly atmosphere that can be achieved with design and navigation skills.

If you look at photos’ quality, they give the impression that professionals have retouched them. These small attributes go a long way in providing a memorable experience for a member. The fonts used are large and look good against the background to ensure excellent readability.

The buttons are also crystal clear and match the design of Chatki. You can see that the site allows you to scroll down to get more info about features. Interestingly, there are an FAQ section, videos, and study guide at the top that helps you understand the service better. The Study part gives you an understanding of the techniques you can use when it comes to approaching strangers with confidence. Many funny, insightful videos will help you kill time and educate you on how to stay safe when dating online with strangers.

Which Browsers Support Chatki?

All the major browsers that are commonly used support Chatki.

How Do I Use the Camera on Chatki?

If you wish to avail of this feature, you can contact the support team to help you.

Special Features

Since Chatki is mostly used for webcams and video chatting, it mainly focuses on video communication with strangers. The chat service will purely depend on the type of webcam you process, and within no time, you’ll be talking to interesting strangers from all over the globe.

As video chatting is preferred here, Chatki has put out as many features for video calling as possible. It does not promote any nudity or tolerate adult language, so you need to be careful about its content. Additionally, you won’t come across people below 18 years old since Chatki claims that it’s a strictly 18+ site for mature individuals.

Watch out for the interactions that you can have with different people from many countries. If you wish to talk to Europeans only, you can pick them from the dropdown. Similarly, if you choose to interact with Australians, select Australia from given filters. This allows you exclusive access to talk privately to people of the country of your choice.

How Does It Work

How Does It Work?

On the Chatki homepage, you’ll come across videos and messaging options available at your fingertips. Video chatting is represented with two small buttons in the top-left corner of the page. It may take around 30% of your screen space, so if you feel it’s too small for you, you can always resize it.

Go to the section that has three buttons at the top of the page and just drag it. To start with, click on the massive blue-colored button. Chatki will allow you to match with strangers who’re online at a particular period.

If you don’t have an active account but want to make a new one, you’ll need to punch in your gender. All you are required to do is follow their rules and just start away. To stop, you can press the ‘stop’ button. Keep in mind that the Ladies-Only feature will help in matching with females and not males.

If you want, you can specify your age and verify it on Chatki. You’ll also need to allow Chatki to access your camera and mic. If you’re shy to video chat with a member for the first time, you can enable text chatting. Thus, you won’t feel forced into an uncomfortable situation.

How Can I Message Someone?

Once you get a premium membership, you can message as many members for free as you want by going directly to their profile.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Yes, Chatki allows free messages.

How Сan You Start Messaging With Someone on Chatki?

If you just wish to start messaging anyone, you can simply open someone’s page and say hi.

Why Can’t I Access Chatki?

You’ll not access Chatki if your country doesn’t support Chatki or if the site is down for maintenance. It may not work if your server has any local internet issues.

How Long Are Bans?

You should be careful about getting bans from Chatki. It’ll be difficult to get back as the moderators are pretty strict when it comes to a rule violation.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

If you wish to reactive your banned account, you may get in touch with the support team to help you out.

Is There an Option to Delete Your Profile?

You may find an option to delete your Chatki profile by going directly to your account settings.

What Happens If I Disable the “Show Me on Chatki” option?

If you disable it, other members won’t see your page anymore since it’s invisible.

Where Do I See My Matches?

You can view your matches in your profile once you get a membership.

How Do I See Who Messaged Me?

You can see who messaged you by opening your inbox. All messages will be sorted from the latest to the oldest.

Is It Possible to See the Chatki Members Who I Liked?

You can see the Chatki members who you liked after going to your profile and checking your inbox.

What Is Chatki’s Spy Mode?

It seems like Chatki doesn’t have any spy mode; however, if you wish to access the site remotely and discreetly, you can choose the incognito mode.

How to Edit My Username?

You can edit your username on Chatki by logging in to your profile and change it. But ensure you don’t do this too many times because the moderators may not allow it after multiple attempts.

Why Am I Having a Hard Time Entering the Site?

You’ll only have a hard time entering Chatki if your country has banned the usage of dating sites, if the website is down for maintenance, or if your local server has any internet issues.

Various search systems allow you to adjust filters according to your preferred gender, location, and even name. These may not be enough, but the search engine will help you meet the person of your choice when you need it. While gender options will show you the basic ones (male, female, transgender), advanced parameters can open up many other possibilities.

Signup Process

Signup Process

One of the advantages of using Chatki is that it has one of the easiest signup processes. The time it takes to complete the registration won’t exceed more than 3-4 minutes. You can start by going to the homepage and clicking on ‘Sign up.’ The website will ask you basic questions about your personality to rank you on the search bar. They can be related to sex, gender, location, etc. If you wish to, you can even upload a profile picture. This is not mandatory but recommended since it allows you to be higher in the search bar. After that, you can enter some personal details such as personality traits, sexual behavior, sexual fantasies, etc. This will only assist you in discovering people of a particular type you’re interested in.

How to Verify My Email?

You can verify your email by clicking on the confirmation link that you’d have received in your inbox.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

If you register through your Facebook account, it’ll act as a usual registration without any hassle or issues.

How Do I Join Chatki?

If you wish to join Chatki, you can start by logging on to the homepage and clicking ‘Join Now.’ Once you’re on the site, it’s not difficult to find yourself comfortable. It asks for basic information that will be useful in filling out your registration page. This will also help other members make decisions on whether to interact with you or not, based on the details you provide.

Can I Use the Site Without Signing Up?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Chatki without signing up.

Users Profile Quality

Users Profile Quality

The user’s profile quality is of a good standard. You’ll see that the information is neatly stacked up in the corner of the page, with the profile picture being the shiny knight of your dating account. On signing up, Chatki does not ask you for many details except for a unique username or a gender. That’s only to allow the utmost privacy for all the users. After you look at someone’s profile info, it gives you a clear idea of their hobbies, characteristics, and appearance to understand if this is the right person.

Mobile Applications

Unfortunately, there is no app. However, it does not mean that Chatki doesn’t function as an application. The mobile website shares the same look and atmosphere that the website has to offer. The only hiccup you might come across is the slightly smaller screen. But if you resize it, you’ll find it working perfectly, just like the desktop version.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

There are no payment plans since Chatki works completely for free. That’s the best part about it as you can definitely check out all the features and decide whether it’s a fit for you or not.

Free Membership Features

Since Chatki is completely free, all the benefits can be used, from video and text chatting to likes and viewing profiles. Everything is free so that you can get the most out of this service.

Is Chatki Free?

Yes, the site is completely free and allows you to roam around all the functions and features free of cost.

Can You See If Someone Likes You on Chatki If You Are a Free Member?

Yes, you can see who likes you on Chatki if you’re a free member.

Premium Membership Features

Since the site doesn’t have a premium membership, all the tools are free of cost.

Does Chatki Offer Premium Membership?

There are no membership packages available.

How to Cancel My Chatki Membership?

You can get in touch with the support team and ask them to delete your page or go directly to your account settings and do it manually.

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Time?

Unfortunately, you cannot get any refund.

I Am Not Satisfied With Chatki. Can I Get My Money Back?

If you’re not satisfied with the service, you can simply delete your page. Chatki doesn’t offer premium membership.

How Will My Support Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

You won’t have to pay for the service. Chatki is free.

Can I Give Support to Other Members?

If you wish to, you can address this question to the support team.

Can I Send Support for Just a Month?

Get in touch with the support team to get this clarified.

Is Chatki Really Safe

Is Chatki Really Safe?

Many Chatki reviews state that its safety is absolutely top-notch. Users will not be asked to give away any personal information apart from their email. The website also promises not to disclose any data without asking permission from a user. Even though there are concerns with video chat due to its open nature, people can turn off their cams. Overall, Chatki has reliable internet protocols that keep the community safe and satisfied.

Are Chatki Forum Threads Moderated?

Yes, the site is heavily moderated by the 24/7 support team that monitors all the content on the platform.

How to Filter Who Can Message Me?

You can directly filter out who can text you on Chatki in your inbox.

What Security Features Does It Have?

The website has a 256-bit SSL encryption that makes the data and content provided by members completely confidential.

How to Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

You can block and report a scammer in 2 ways. One is to directly talk to the support team and show them the profile. The second one is to open the page of the suspected scammer and click on “block user.”

What Will Happen to a Member Who Uses a Chatki Account to Solicit Money?

The moderators will deal with any person who’s found guilty of soliciting money.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted in Your Chatki Account?

You should generally avoid posting any controversial content that may harm or be inappropriate for fellow members.

Are Chatki Chats Encrypted?

Yes, all the chats are encrypted with a 256-bit SSL encryption that allows complete privacy of all the data and content provided.

Can It Track You Down?

Yes, Chatki can track you down if need be.

Can It Be Traced by the Police?

The police can only track you down if your ISP is out in the open and will do so only if necessary.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy on Chatki?

If you have any questions about your privacy, get in touch with the support team.

Can I Delete the Information That I’ve Already Submitted to Chatki?

Unfortunately, any content entered cannot be deleted.

Are There Fake or Scam Members on Chatki?

This Chatki review hasn’t discovered any scammers but real people only.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Company: Bridgestone International Group, Inc.

Address: United States of America.


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Real-Life Review

‘I used always to wonder where I can find some casual opportunities for flings and one-night stands. I wasn’t happy with the online dating scene until I landed my eyes on Chatki. Since this site entered my life, I’ve been hooked on it and have a feeling of happiness every time I visit it and find whatever I’m looking for. A must-try for singles who’re in search of some casual fun!’ Nate, 34.

Is Chatki the Best Dating App?

Yes, it’s one of the good sites one can ever come across for video chatting with random strangers worldwide.

Can I Unmatch a Chatki Member?

Yes, you can always choose to unmatch any person whenever you feel like.

Is It a Hookup App?

It’s an online dating app that lets you find strangers looking for fun-filled conversations with like-minded individuals.



The Chatki review can conclude that this is a great site to join since, firstly, it’s free. Secondly, the user interface is very convenient. Even though Chatki doesn’t provide a mobile app, its desktop version works more or less similar to the app on smartphones, letting you discover people from various parts of the world.

Chatki is not developed for everyone, especially not for people who’re longing for strong commitments. Since such services require a well-detailed search system to find people nearby, given that Chatki gives you so much more with a total cost of just zero dollars, it’s a great place to dive in. Considering all the advantages, why don’t you try it out yourself?

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