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TasteBuds Review

TasteBuds Review
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 74%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site offers a free standard membership
  • There is a great matching system in the site
  • The site insists on low commitment relationships.
  • The site doesn't offer serious relationships
  • The matches aren't always around the same region.

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Online dating sites have gained popularity over the years to connect individuals with their life partners. The sites all come in different forms, designs, and their uniqueness. TasteBuds is among the unique sites in the market as it offers its members the opportunity to connect with people who share a common taste in music preference. Whether you’re one who enjoys classic, pop, rap, reggae, rock, or jazz, the site has just the right matches for you. Aside from the music-based matching system, the TasteBuds website offers several unique features as well. Read on this TasteBuds review to find out more.

How Many Languages Does TasteBuds Support?

The primary language of the TasteBuds website is English, and it is the one desired for communication as well. However, you can still drop some slang during a conversation if your partner is familiar with what you have sent.

How Many Languages Does TasteBuds Support?

Who Owns TasteBuds?

The TasteBuds website is a product of the brainstorming of both Alex Parish and Julian Keenaghan. The operations are run and activities managed by a company named TasteBuds Media Ltd.

So Where Are The TasteBuds Offices Based Now?

If you’re interested in dropping a personal mail to the site or visiting their offices to see how things are run and all, then the address to look for is 33 Inkerman Road, Kentish Town, NW5 3BT, London, UK.

Which Year Was TasteBuds Launched?

This music dating site has been in existence since 2010, and from then it hasn’t looked back in terms of quality service delivery.

Is TasteBuds Used Worldwide?

This site is available to users from all parts of the world. The site has members from each continent, making interaction adverse and exciting.

How Old Should You Be To Sign Up For TasteBuds?

To attain membership in an account on the site, they have to be 18 years old+. The site records most of the members ranging from 25 – 34 years old, and the number is slightly lower in the bracket of 18 – 24 and 35 – 44 years old. Members from 45 – 55+ have the least population on the site.

Can I Use The Site From My PC?

The site has got a browser version from where members who prefer using their PCs can access the app. Whether you own a Windows or a MacBook, you can still access the site. The desktop version allows users to register for an account, create a profile, get the match suggestions, and enjoy all the special features. This version is most ideal for the members who enjoy a relaxed vibe and working from their computer as they get a bigger screen view and an actual keyboard to better their communication.

How Many Users Does TasteBuds Have Globally?

The total tally of the site members is over 500,000 globally, and 100,000+ are from the United States. There are about 70,000 active weekly members, and the male users are more than the female users as the ratio is around 3:2. Most of the members are music lovers, and each one of them has the purpose of being in the site; either for looking for folks to go to concerts together with, buddies, or simply to get to know the latest music released.

Website Design And Usability

The design used in the site is definitely music related. The background is one to admire since there are photos with folk jamming to music in a concert and appealing to music lovers. The general design also consists of the color incorporated to synch well with the background, and it does have an amazing view altogether. The other aspect brought to the website is the perfectly executed layout, as each section is well represented and positioned. There are also icons and fonts involved to make the overall look a success.

Which Browsers Support The TasteBuds?

In terms of the browser to use for your TasteBuds access, you need to go for the quality. The right browser is one that will give you the best speed, keep up with the design of the site, save on the device’s space, and also keep you aware of hackers and malware. The best browsers for this job are either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera.

How Do I Use The Camera On TasteBuds?

The site has no video chat, but you can still make good use of the camera offered. You will need photos to complete your profile, and this is a chance to use the camera. You should put on your best outfit, get a conducive place to take photos, and smile for the camera. You can use these photos to either post them on your profile, or if you have a member that you are getting along well, then you can send them as well (especially in cases that you need to confirm that you attended a concert).

How Do I Use The Camera On TasteBuds?

Special Features

The special features are what separate the best sites from the rest. These are features that make sites unique and draw users to it. So what does TasteBuds offer?


This feature helps members of the site come together and hold a common discussion. Like chat rooms, the site allows members to create their topics (which have to be within the terms of use) and give their views. This is a place to explore, and you can choose which topic is appealing to you and join it then make your contributions there.


Developers of this site invented this feature to keep people busy. This feature offers members a list of questions that allows users to answer basically on many different topics, but most of which are related to music.

Are You Bored?

If you thought you knew it all, then this feature will blow your mind. The site can get assistance from users who are willing to help them eradicate the fake accounts. This usually happens by heading to the more section, and you will have access to all the profiles where you should identify a particular profile photo that looks fake, and you can send that to the support team for further checkup.

Are You Bored?

How Does It Work?

Let’s try and give an in-depth overview to make this one of the best TasteBuds reviews.

The site works by first getting an account. This will be followed by creating your profile and completing the account settings. You will then proceed to view the match suggestions given by the site and select which is more appealing to you. After getting so, you will proceed to make contact with the individual that you are interested in. If this process isn’t for you, you can opt to use the search feature to get to the profiles directly. The search filters will help you narrow down your options and get the ideal one for you. After making contact you can proceed with the conversation and see where the conversation will lose.

How Can I Message Someone?

Making contact is simple. There are two ways to approach this. One is to send a direct message that is done from the members’ profiles as an open option given. You have to ace in your approach by dropping your best ice breaker to start things off on a brighter note. The other way to follow is to search for the chat room that looks interesting to you, join and start participating in the discussion topic by giving your thoughts and getting to learn what other members have to say.

Is Sending Messages Free?

The site has a feature called the ‘message bomb’ that allows users to send a message to 8 matches that have interested them for free.

How Can You Start Messaging with a Member On TasteBuds?

To begin the messaging process, it is important that you first get the member who will best suit the process that you will go through in contacting them. First, you have two alternatives; one is to wait for the ‘get lucky’ feature that will directly get you to a profile of a member who is a possible match for you or can choose to search for the members yourself using the filters available. You will have to weigh your options to see which profile best suits you. You will proceed to consider the best options that you have in terms of communication to get you the best first impression on the member’s side.

Why Can’t I Access TasteBuds?

This must be an issue with either your browser not being compatible with the site or of your phone not supporting the app. One important consideration is that you cannot access the site if you don’t have an account. You should also check on your internet connection because it might deny you access to the site if it is poor.

How Long Do TasteBuds Bans Last?

The bans on the site are usually a result of violating the terms of use or invading another user’s privacy. The bans available in the site are temporary (these are bans issued for cases such as using abusive language on a user during a conversation) and permanent (which are bans that are given as a result of serious offenses such as scam and fraud). The temporary bans last for about two weeks while the permanent bans have indefinite time.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Profile?

Reactivating a ban on your account will depend on the kind of ban that was imposed on you. The temporary bans are usually the simplest to handle since all you have to do is wait until the ban’s period is over while the permanent bans need some action to be taken. You will have to appeal for a review of your case, which will trigger further investigations and a verdict made after. The best chance for you to win is to present evidence to defend you so that you can get your account back and compensation if you were in the premium membership.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Profile?

Is There An Option To Terminate Your TasteBuds Account?

The site’s privacy policy assures members that there is a way of terminating their account if they have a reason behind that decision. The steps to be followed to achieve this goal all start from the account settings. There are guidelines to finalize this process, and the success will also see your info from the account erased from the site’s database. This process is not reversible as well.

What Happens If I Disable The “Show Me On TasteBuds” Choice?

This is a feature that shows your linked accounts on social media platforms. The site allows users to sign in their profiles using social media accounts and this will help disable the feature. This is done through logging into your Facebook account and heading to the privacy settings. You will need to change the audience of your linked accounts to only you to hide that information from your friends on Facebook.

Where Do I Locate My TasteBuds Matches?

The matches on the site are placed at the match suggestions section or the search results.

How Do I See Who Has Contacted Me On TasteBuds?

The messages on the site are located on the messages inbox section where you can see the person who sent it, the content, and replying.

Is It Possible To See The TasteBuds Users That I’ve Liked?

The site doesn’t offer such a feature.

What Is TasteBuds’s Ghost Mode?

You can hide your profile and go through other members’ profiles anonymously using the spy mode.

How Do I Change My Display Name On TasteBuds?

You cannot change your username on the site since it is your identity.

Why Am I Finding It Hard To Enter The TasteBuds Site?

You might be having issues with the login process due to using incorrect credentials.

What Are The Different Filters Offered On The TasteBuds Search Feature?

You can search for a member by their age, gender, locations, and profile info.

What Are The Different Filters Offered On The TasteBuds Search Feature?

Sign Up Process

The registration process is short and consists of details such as an email address, username, password, city, age, gender, and agreeing to the terms and conditions of use.

How Is Email Verification Done?

The site does not offer email verification for profiles during the registration process.

What Happens If I Sign In Via My Facebook Account?

Signing in using Facebook will save you a lot of time. The benefits of making this move are;

  • Getting direct access to the site
  • The details on your profile will be imported from the Facebook account
  • You can upload photos from the Facebook gallery
  • You will save yourself the hassle of remembering multiple passwords.

How Do I Join The TasteBuds Community?

Joining the site is easy, as it only involves a couple of steps. You first need to get to the website or download the app to have access to the site. You will proceed to register for an account and complete the creation of your profile, after doing all that you can start to enjoy the features available on the site.

Can I Access The Site As A Non-Member?

Unfortunately, the site only welcomes the members to enjoy its features, meaning all the non-members are left out. You can see details from the website, which include the terms of use, policies, how the site works, an explanation of the features, and ways of contacting the site’s officials.

Users Profile Quality

The profiles of individuals on the site are not that detailed. Nonetheless, you can access plenty of information from then that is enough to set the basis of a friendship. The photos are visible if you search for a particular profile; most of the details are related to your music preferences and have a good structure to present the information. The details on the profile are editable upon feeling like you should do so, and you can view the profiles of members for free.

Mobile Application

The site offers a mobile app for members who prefer using their phones not to be left out of the fun. The mobile app is available only on iTunes. It is also important to note the chat rooms are offered on the app alone and all the other features on the desktop as well. The app has a great design that is easy to navigate through. Members have the chance to link their app to their Spotify playlist and their iPhone library. The app is for the members who are always up and down but are still interested in enjoying the site’s services.

Mobile Application

Membership Costs And The Payment Methods

For you to be a part of the premium subscription, you have to chip in something from your account. So let’s take a look at the costs that you will incur;

  • $10 for a month
  • $20 for 3 months
  • $30 for 6 months.

Free Membership Features

The features offered on the basic membership include:

  • Registration of an account
  • Creation of a profile
  • Searching for matches
  • You can access the soapbox feature
  • Take part in the ‘bored?’ feature
  • Enjoying the ‘questions’ feature
  • Using the message bomb.

Is TasteBuds Free?

The site is free to be a part of, and you can also enjoy a couple of features as well on the basic membership.

Can You See If Someone Likes You On TasteBuds As A Free Member?

You will not be able to see the likes on your free membership.

Premium Membership Features

Once you have decided to upgrade from the basic membership, your payments will trigger additional features as well, and these features include;

  • Send and receive private messages unlimitedly
  • Removal of ads from your dashboard
  • Ability to see the online status when you are on the incognito mode
  • Using the spy mode.

Does TasteBuds Have A Premium Membership?

The site offers a premium membership that comes with additional features upon subscription.

How Do I Cancel My TasteBuds Subscription?

Cancellation of the premium membership can be done at any time, and they are done through your account settings, or you can contact the support team if you cannot do it on your own.

Is TasteBuds Premium Membership Auto-Renewed?

The subscriptions on the site are automatically renewed upon the package’s expiry that you are currently using.

Can I Get A Refund For Unused Time On The Site?

You have to utilize the time given for the premium membership. This is because if you don’t do so, you are not liable for refunds.

Is My “Donation” To TasteBuds Automatically Renewed Each Month?

The site’s donations are usually agreed upon and if you were comfortable with the auto-renewal, then that will be included in terms of that contract.

I’m Not Satisfied With The TasteBuds Premium Membership. Can I Get My Cash Back?

You need to either request a trial period or consult with members of the premium membership for you to get accurate information on what is offered. This is because once a subscription is purchased, you cannot get your money back.

I'm Not Satisfied With The TasteBuds Premium Membership. Can I Get My Cash Back?

How Will My TasteBuds Donation Appear On My Credit Card Bill?

All the purchases done in the TasteBuds website are indicated as the company’s name on your credit card bill.

Can I Give Support To A Fellow TasteBuds Member?

Unless you suggest this to the office of the site, it is not possible as per now.

Can I Send Donations For Only A Single Month?

The period of sending your support is dependent on you and if you are comfortable with a month then it is possible.

Is Connecting Singles Really Safe?

The site is safe for the members since there are very few scam cases and several security measures.

Are TasteBuds Forums Threads Standardized?

The soapbox feature is usually monitored by the site’s official to ensure the content presented is standardized.

How Can I Filter Who Can Contact Me On TasteBuds?

The only way you can go about this is simply to block a member that you do not want to hear from and won’t be able to send you messages.

What Security Features Have TasteBuds Put In Place?

  • Blocking and reporting a user
  • Chat encryption
  • Counterchecking of profiles if they are legit
  • Involving the members on the security issues.

How Can I Block And Report A Suspicious Member?

You can block or report a member using either of the options that are usually indicated on their profiles. Blocking will ensure a member cannot view your profile nor send you messages.

What Will Happen To A Member Who Uses A TasteBuds Account To Steal Cash?

The member will be tracked down, arrested, arraigned in court, investigations are done, and if found guilty the member will be prosecuted for the offense charged with.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Included On Your TasteBuds Account?

Any piece of info that does not conform to the terms and conditions of use and the site’s privacy policy is prohibited.

Are TasteBuds Conversations Encrypted?

The site works with an algorithm responsible for encrypting all the chats that users are holding and further storing them on their database.

Can TasteBuds Track You Down?

The site can use the location details presented on the site to track you down if there is a reason.

Can TasteBuds Be Traced By The Authorities?

The police can get a warrant to trace the site if there is a case against the state’s laws and restrictions that the site has gone against.

Who Should I Consult If I Have Concerns Regarding My Privacy On TasteBuds?

There is a support time stand by that will attend to all your concerns and address your issues via email and on-call.

Can I Delete the Details That I’ve Already Given Out To TasteBuds?

Editing of information from your account is allowed by the site. However, the editing is limited to information that was not filled in during the registration of an account that is the date of birth, gender, email address, and username.

Are There Any Fake Or Scam Users On TasteBuds?

The site has recorded a small number of fake accounts since the site works hand in hand with the members to ensure that they identify and eradicate such accounts from the site.

Are There Any Fake Or Scam Users On TasteBuds?

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

Hotline: +44 7770 892146


Skout, Hinge, and Smoothie.

Real Life Review


Like music? You will love this! Lovely clear layout Yes the theme is based solely on music and your tastes. You get to personalize your profile truly, and they are adding much more to the site and several shiny new fun features. Not to mention the quirky little emails you get from them from time to time to keep you updated and all in the know. Plenty of chatty people for networking, friends, dating, or Get this! ~concert buddies!

– Leighton R


The site is a complete waste of time and crap. If you enjoy anything that’s not mainstream crappy rock bands then you’re out of luck. The site didn’t even attempt to match me to people with at least a somewhat similar taste in music. It gave me fans of bands that I can’t stand. Then it limits your feed to these people who have terrible tastes, and they’ll be on the other side of the planet too. Isn’t this a dating app!? WTF!? Like I’m going to fly to the damn UK, that’s unrealistic. The site has very few members as well. A complete waste of time.

– Hergy F

Is TasteBuds The Best Dating App Out There?

The site in terms of the target group is among the best sites.

Can I Unmatch a Member On The TasteBuds Website?

This can simply be done by rejecting the math suggestions that the site offers its users.

What Relationships Are Built-In TasteBuds?

The site encourages its users to get friends or people to attend concerts with.



For the folks who want to meet their other music lovers, they should opt for this site. The site offers a couple of features and a good matching system. You can also take part in the site’s security as the site allows you to do so. None of the new music albums will pass you as the site also updates its members of such. Have you tried the TasteBuds website yet? How was your experience there? What music preference do you have?

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