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Dating For Seniors Review

Dating For Seniors Review
About Site
Active Audience 77%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 40-45
Profiles 2 300 000
Reply Rate 75%
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Dating For Seniors has a neat design that is simple to use.
  • A variety of available languages makes it an international dating platform.
  • Supports the LGBTQ community’s rights.
  • The audience is too narrow.
  • People of different ages can register on this website, which may confuse other members.

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Dating For Seniors is an excellent service focused on a senior audience. People from all over the world can use this platform to find their perfect match. It also supports the LGBTQ community’s rights and allows them to interact and converse. An audience of Dating For Seniors is rather limited, but it means that the focus is put on a particular category. Search and profile customization are manageable, and there is also a possibility to switch to a paid membership. People from all over the world can join Dating For Seniors using their email address, Facebook or Apple accounts.

Is There More Than One Language On Dating For Seniors?

After registration, Dating For Seniors gets access to the user’s location and switches to the appropriate language. Yet, there are many options available as it is an international portal.

Who Is The Owner Of Dating For Seniors?

Dating Media Group is an official representative of Dating For Seniors in the US. Non-US residents refer to ODS Online Dating Systems LTD, another official representative of Dating For Seniors.

Is There A Physical Location Of The Dating For Seniors Website?

Dating Media Group is located at 6919 W. Broward Blvd. #270 Plantation, FL 33317, USA. International Company ODS Online Dating Systems LTD is located at Dimokratias 31, 2nd Floor, Office 201 8028 Paphos, Cyprus.

Dating For Seniors Review in 2020

Is There A Date Of An Official Dating For Seniors Foundation?

Dating For Seniors has been online for quite a while. Nonetheless, there is no official date of its creation.

Can A User Access Dating For Seniors From Anywhere In The World?

Dating For Seniors is available worldwide, and it also supports nearly all languages.

Can Minors Join Dating For Seniors?

Dating For Seniors is meant to be used by elderly members who are over 50 years old. Underaged people cannot join it. The Dating For Seniors review clarifies that there are members in their early adulthood and mature individuals. Only seniors will benefit from using Dating For Seniors, and the profiles of young people will most likely be reported.

Is Their Service Available On A PC?

Dating For Seniors can be used on computers and smartphones. There is no app because its features would rather be limited in comparison to the desktop version of the Dating For Seniors website.

An International Audience Of Dating For Seniors

Terms of Use of the Dating For Seniors website specify that thousands of worldwide users make up a user base. Yet, there are no official stats or exact numbers of their audience.

Website Design & Usability

There are many different sections on the site, which makes an inexperienced internet user a little confused. There are too many blocks that are not that readable, especially for an older generation. Registration itself is rather simple, as users can log in using their Facebook account or Apple ID. Dating For Seniors,senior dating website navigation has too many features and functions, which can be too complicated for the community.

Can Dating For Seniors Be Used On All Available Browsers?

The desktop version is compatible with nearly all computer browsers. There is also a mobile version that works on PCs. The main browsers that support Dating For Seniors are Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and even Tor.

Can People Do Live Video Chatting On Dating For Seniors?

Many Dating for Seniors reviews suggest that the website does not support live video chatting. Yet, all users can use their video cameras to take pictures and upload them to personal profiles. Thus, browsing gets more efficient as people add many pictures.

Special Features

Despite being an exclusive dating service that unites seniors from all over the world, Dating For Seniors also has many other advantages that make it outstanding. People specify their data as they fill out profiles, but they must also indicate their preferences for a partner to stand higher chances. Navigating the Dating For Seniors Website, users can adjust and filter their search, browse photos, edit their profile, and many more. It is also possible to upgrade their profile to a premium one. Dating For Seniors’ homepage also suggests switching to a mobile version and using it from a computer, which is more convenient. Suggested profiles are to be liked or disliked so that it would be easier to find a person to chat with. There are personal navigation features in the left menu, where people can see blocked members, who’s viewed their profiles, total users online, and many more. There is also a Rapid Match tool that allows Dating For Seniors’ members to see all available pages and communicate with some of them in case of mutual liking.

Special Features

How Does It Operate?

Dating For Seniors is an exclusive online dating service that specializes in matching senior people. Its working principle is quite simple. People fill out their profiles, indicating the information about their partners and preferences. All Dating For Seniors users can see people who are online, nearby, and those matching their preferences. To begin a chat with someone, choose one of the options: send a direct message, flirt, or ask if they are interested.

How To Begin A Chat?

To message someone on Dating For Seniors, a member needs to choose a suggested profile and click on the messaging icon. Chatting can also start from flirts or utilizing the “See If They Are Interested” option.

Do Users Need To Pay For Messaging?

Chatting is available for free on Dating For Seniors. There is no need to pay for a premium membership to message someone.

How Does Messaging Start On Dating For Seniors?

Messaging can be initiated by you, as well as another person interested in you. People can see new message notifications in their mailbox. If you have been chatting before, and you want to text that person again, select a corresponding chat window so that the conversation will continue.

Why Dating For Seniors Could Be Unavailable?

Sometimes there could be some maintenance works, which is why Dating For Seniors could be unavailable. The website could also be down because it is overloaded with user requests. Certain people would have problems accessing Dating For Seniors due to some registration errors.

If Someone Is Banned, How Long Will It Last On Dating For Seniors?

All users can ban and report people who are either too importunate, have fake accounts, post inappropriate content, or use offensive language. Bans can be permanent and can also lead to accounts being deleted, or users can specify the duration of how long they ban someone.

Can A Person Recover A Blocked Profile?

If you have blocked a certain person, that individual will no longer can message you. If an account has been banned because someone has reported it, it can be recovered after contacting the support department.

Can A User Permanently Remove Their Profile From Dating For Seniors?

It is possible for all registered users of Dating For Seniors to remove their pages in settings.

How To Disable An Online Status On Dating For Seniors?

There is no chance to hide a user’s activity on Dating For Seniors because all matching and chatting is an open matter on their service. Accordingly, there is no spy mode.

How Do Users View Their Matches?

All personal matches are available in the left navigation menu. People can also open their matches on Dating For Seniors by accessing their mailboxes with ongoing conversations.

How Do Users View Their Matches?

Where Are All Messages Kept On Dating For Seniors?

Every incoming message appears as a notification in the mailbox window; you can open and view it.

How To Open All “Liked” Profiles On Dating For Seniors?

All profiles that Dating For Seniors’ member has liked are available in the Favorite Members section in the left menu.

How To Access A Spy Mode on Dating For Seniors?

There is no possibility to browse anonymously on Dating For Seniors because all profiles are made public and must be open for communication.

How Can A User Edit The Username On Dating For Seniors?

All personal data, including usernames of Dating For Seniors users, can be managed, changed, deleted, and edited. You can find these options in the “My Profile” section.

Is There A Reason Why Some Users Cannot Access The Site?

Problems with registration and login data are the main reasons. Users also could use certain add-ons and plug-ins, which is another reason why Dating For Seniors could be unavailable.

How Is A Search Option Managed On Dating For Seniors?

Dating For Seniors search can be refined according to personal requirements. All members need to specify their location and age, as they must also define their search using the same criteria. All users are to indicate the gender of their expected match, age, location, and photo preferences.

How Does Registration Process Work?

All members can register using their email address. In this case, it will be necessary to confirm it with the help of a letter sent to it. There is also a possibility to use either Facebook account for registration or an Apple ID. During the registration process, you must specify your height, ethnicity, and blood type.

How Are Emails Verified?

To verify an email, a person needs to indicate the address. Then Dating For Seniors will send a verification letter with the link. By clicking on it, an account will be automatically verified.

How To Join With Facebook?

Dating For Seniors’ users can join using their Facebook account. They would also need to share their social media data with this website, which is protected under privacy policy.

How To Register On Dating For Seniors?

To join Dating For Seniors, all users need to mention their email addresses, personal data, and preferences for their match. Registration can be done with Facebook or Apple ID.

Is It Possible To Use Dating For Seniors Services Without Having Created An Account?

Unregistered visitors cannot use Dating For Seniors’ services.

Description Of Profiles

Pictures are not obligatory for Dating For Seniors profiles. However, it is preferable. A certain share of a page is filled out when a person puts in their age and gender. There is also a need to indicate one’s height, ethnicity, and body type. The same has to be done in terms of user preferences. Judging by these details, people can assess the possibility of establishing any kind of relationship in the future.

Description Of Profiles

Mobile Apps

There is no mobile application available, but there is a mobile version of their desktop website. It is rather simplified but still contains all essential features.

Besides a free membership, there is also a paid one. The main difference between the two is that the latter offers an extended set of tools.

Main Aspects Of Free Membership

Free membership on Dating For Seniors has already been briefly explained. It includes chatting and matching. All members have access to their likes, matches, blocked and banned profiles. Every account is highly manageable and customizable.

Does Dating For Seniors Work Free Of Charge?

There is no need to buy a paid membership to use Dating For Seniors services. Yet, Dating For Seniors reviews suggest that all visitors must be registered, even though it is free of charge.

Are Likes Visible For Free Members On Dating For Seniors?

You don’t have to go premium to see the likes. You can find them in the left-hand side menu.

How Does Premium Work?

An upgraded account offers an advanced version of the service. One month of paid membership is $23.99, whereas three months are $31.99. One day trial costs $5.99. Upgraded members can avail of live chat, secure and discreet billing, and 24/7 customer support.

Is There A Paid Membership On Dating For Seniors?

Besides using a free membership, every member can upgrade their account to a paid membership that offers more perks.

Can A User Cancel The Membership On Dating For Seniors?

It is possible to annul a paid subscription by adjusting to membership settings or addressing their support department. Canceled plans will be refunded.

Does Dating For Seniors’ User Need To Regularly Refill One’s Membership Balance?

Dating For Seniors is not auto-renewed. All users need to refill their balance according to the terms of subscription they have opted for. Every pack can be paid monthly.

Does Dating For Seniors’ User Need To Regularly Refill One's Membership Balance?

Are Users Eligible For A Refund In Case They Have Not Used Their Upgrade?

Unused time is not refunded, only canceled memberships are eligible for a refund.

Does A User Need To Update Donations Monthly?

There are no official donations or “support.” One can get billed only if they purchase the premium subscription.

Can A User Be Refunded Due To Dissatisfaction With The Dating For Seniors Website?

Dissatisfaction is officially not a reason for a refund, but an issue could be disputed with their support department.

How Are Dating For Seniors Users Officially Billed?

Dating Media Group appears on credit card bills of all American users, and ODS Online Dating Systems LTD appears on statements of international visitors.

Can A Person Send Money To Other Users On Dating For Seniors?

Private donations are not allowed on Dating For Seniors.

Can A User Donate Others Only With A Single Monthly Payment?

Any financial transactions between members are prohibited.

Is Dating For Seniors Trustworthy?

Yes. The platform has implemented strict security measures to ensure its community is safe and protected from most online threats. People are advised not to communicate with suspicious people, and they can look through dating tips to learn more about online dating. However, Dating For Seniors is not responsible for your offline dating, so everyone should use common sense when meeting with strangers in real life.

Are There Moderators On Dating For Seniors Forums?

Dating For Seniors does not feature groups or forum discussions, only private correspondence. Thus, there is no need for moderations to monitor public chats. Yet, all safety questions, including moderations, are directed to Dating For Seniors’ support department.

Can Inbox Messages Be Refined In Accordance With A Particular Filter?

People who fall under a particular category chosen by an already refined search of Dating For Seniors members can send messages to one another. Messaging appears to be already filtered according to users’ preferences. It includes age, gender, and location of their partners. Inbox can also be refined if people report or block their interlocutors.

Main Security Aspects Of Dating For Seniors

All personal data of Dating For Seniors users are well protected according to the law requirements. Their Privacy Policy section explains the main security features established upon mutual agreement between a user and a service provider — Dating For Seniors. All collected data, including personal information from user profiles, location, and payment details, are kept private and encrypted. Dating Media Group and ODS Online Dating Systems LTD have no right to share this data.

Can A User Ban And Report A Suspicious Or Fake Account?

All accounts that seem to be suspicious or fake can be banned and reported by users by clicking the corresponding buttons under a profile of a rule-breaker.

What Are Main Consequences For Spotted Scammers?

If a person is suspected of money soliciting on Dating For Seniors, not only they will be banned and reported, but they will also have their accounts deleted. Such members could also be prosecuted.

Which Data Is Inappropriate To Be Posted In A Personal Profile Description On Dating For Seniors?

Anything illegal, too personal, violent content, nudity, or child porn is prohibited from being posted on Dating For Seniors.

Which Data Is Inappropriate To Be Posted In A Personal Profile Description On Dating For Seniors?

How Is Messaging Protected On Dating For Seniors?

All messages contain private information, and for this reason, must be encrypted. Dating For Seniors does not have access to any correspondence of their users, as they are not officially allowed to share such information.

Is It Possible That Dating For Seniors Can Locate Its Users?

All users must either indicate or share their location with Dating For Seniors. Considering this fact, Dating For Seniors does have access to their location. However, it cannot share it with third parties by any means not to violate the law.

Can Dating For Seniors Be Prosecuted By Law Enforcement?

In case of any illegal activities, a user can be prosecuted by the police, and the platform is obliged to facilitate the investigation.

Who Governs The Privacy Of Their Users On Dating For Seniors?

All privacy questions and issues are referred to Dating For Seniors Support Department.

Can Users Manage And Permanently Remove Their Personal Information On Dating For Seniors?

Every user has a right to customize and manage their profile. Deleting some of their personal data is the right of every person.

Is It Possible To Encounter Fake Accounts On Dating For Seniors?

Nobody is assured of meeting a fake account. Yet, every fake page is blocked and reported so that the owner loses access to Dating For Seniors permanently.

Contact Info

USA Company: Dating Media Group 6919 W. Broward Blvd. #270 Plantation, FL 33317 USA; International Company: ODS Online Dating Systems LTD Dimokratias 31, 2nd Floor, Office 201 8028 Paphos Cyprus.

Alternate Choices

Dating For Seniors brings all seniors around the world together. Yet, in terms of dating alternatives, there are certainly many suitable options: Telegraph Dating, Luxy, Woosa, and ADBLMatch are some of them.

Alternate Choices

An Honest Summary

Dating For Seniors is an accessible option for every 50+ person looking for a match. There is no service alike that offers older people the possibility to chat and meet in real life. Even though their registration procedure is quite simple, website navigation might appear to be too complicated for inexperienced users. All essential features that allow people to search for partners and match efficiently are well presented. On the whole, Dating For Seniors is a useful service designed for the older generation.

Is Dating For Seniors One Of Its Kind?

It can be said that Dating For Seniors is unique. It is the most popular one known to connect mature individuals.

How Can A User Unmatch Another Person On Dating For Seniors?

Unmatching people on Dating For Seniors is rather easy. Click on “Delete This Conversation” or “Unmatch” in the left menu.

Does Dating For Seniors Guarantee Serious Relationships?

Dating For Seniors is an online dating platform that allows people over 50 to chat and meet other users from every corner of the world. Usually, people of this age category are interested in long-term, meaningful relationships.


Dating For Seniors is an online dating platform that focuses on senior dating. At this point, it is an all-inclusive service that allows older people to meet their perfect partners. Dating For Seniors respects the rights of the LGBTQ community. The registration procedure is rather simple and can be done with an email address, Facebook, or Apple ID. Yet, navigation itself is quite complicated, which could be a challenge for inexperienced internet users. There are paid and free memberships available, but it is completely okay to use the website free of charge. Dating For Seniors takes care of the privacy of its community and operates according to the law. You should definitely try it out and test your luck!

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