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Sweet Pea Review

Sweet Pea Review
About Site
Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 19-31
Profiles 20 000
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a conversation-based dating app.
  • Long-term and healthy relationships occur when couples bond over.
  • It is available on iOS and Android.
  • There are no likes and flirts to send. Instead, you have to either begin a conversation or invite to talk.

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While there are so many dating applications out there, there is one question that you will honestly ask: “What is so special about Sweet Pea that I must get on with it?” The answer is quite simple. While most dating applications and websites are struggling to get the couple for a date somehow, Sweet Pea is dramatically different. The algorithm is the best, and it matches people extremely well, but the more exciting is that it attempts to live up to its promises. This online dating website good for introver. If you are introverted and do not quite understand people from their profile picture alone, here is a website that you have been waiting for. Sweet Pea allows you to have actual conversations before you can decide for yourself if you two can move on!

Sweet Pea does its best for prospective couples to make meaningful conversations. The philosophy believes fervently that two individuals will know each other only if they talk. The dating app has been operating for approximately 3 years, but it has already made so many people happy and helped them express themselves.

How Many Languages Does Sweet Pea Offer?

The application is available in English only.

Who Is the Owner of Sweet Pea?

Peas and Love Corporation owns this service.

What Is the Location of Sweet Pea?

There is no information on the Web.

When Was Sweet Pea Founded?

The dating application was launched in April 2017.

Does Sweet Pea Enjoy Worldwide Popularity?

Yes, the Sweet Pea website is available worldwide.

Can Minors Join Sweet Pea?

You have to be a minimum of 18 years to be able to register on Sweet Pea.

Can I Open the App on My PC?

Sweet Pea is available for download on iOS and Android devices. You can go to your apps store and download it on your computer.

Sweet Pea User Base

There are roughly one billion users of Sweet Pea.

Website Design & Usability

The Sweet Pea website boasts a uniquely modern design. The importance is given to the emphatic conversations between members and does away with the drama of likes and hearts. The layout is simple and easy to use by anyone. The features are well designed and arranged logically so that people do not waste time searching for them.

The site is optimized for mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. The layout is flexible and automatically adjusts to the screen size of the device that you are using. The interface is clean, there is absolutely no clutter, and the mobile internet connection works like a charm. The download is quick, and even with weak Wi-Fi, the app lets you experience no downtime at all. It is one of the most reliable and trustworthy dating platforms in recent times.

Sweet Pea Website Design & Usability

Is Sweet Pea Compatible With All Browsers?

The application is supported by Internet Explorer (Windows 7, 8, and 10).

Can I Use Camera on Sweet Pea?

Sweet Pea allows you a maximum of nine photos on your profile. If there is anything less than 9, you can upload more pictures.

  • First, go to your profile page
  • Click on the header that says Profile Photos
  • You will see a plus sign in a circle. Click on it
  • there will be the menu; press Add a Photo, then Pick from Photo Library or Pick from Facebook
  • Select the source from which you like to upload the photo
  • A menu will appear. Click Choose.
  • Your picture will be uploaded. Repeat this if you want to keep adding more.

Special Features

Sweet Pea is not your regular swipe-right-swipe-left-kind of a dating application. It sincerely believes that long-lasting relationships happen only when the foundation is based on empathy and healthy conversations.

  • There are no likes on Sweet Pea. There is no way to send a flirt or a heart icon if you like someone. So, what do you have instead?
  • Icebreakers! There are a host of icebreaker questions available on Sweet Pea that you can choose and send to anyone you are interested in. It is understood that a lot of people become tongue-tied when it comes to beginning a conversation. An icebreaker question comes in handy because it tells the other person that you want to converse with them rather than look at their physical attributes.
  • You don’t want to send an icebreaker question? No problem. You could invite someone to start a conversation with you. If the member is in, they will respond to your invitation; otherwise, you will not hear anything.
  • Show your personality: there is a profile section where you can be as creative as you want in explaining who you are to fellow members.
  • Family sharing allows up to 6 members using Sweet Pea simultaneously.
  • Wingmate: this awesome feature allows you to invite a friend and get their endorsement.

Sweet Pea Special Features

How Does It Work?

Sweet Pea is a dating application that can be ideally called a potpourri of many apps that you may have used. There are video sharing and texting features that help gauge the personality of a person right from the first chat. Icebreaker questions can assist you in initiating a dialogue with any person you like. The app pays a lot of attention to match filters and discovers settings. It searches for activities and locations and comes up with suggestions for conversation topics before you are all set to meet someone offline.

Sweet Pea How Does It Work

How to Message Another User?

Sweet Pea is perhaps the only dating app where members cannot like each other! Then, how do you show interest in someone?

You can simply answer the icebreaker question and send it with a thought-out reply. The website is compelling proof that the best way to make friends with someone or show them that you care is to start a healthy conversation.

Can I Send Texts for Free?

Sending and receiving messages is completely free of charge.

How to Initiate a Conversation With Someone on Sweet Pea?

There are no likes, flirts, or heart reactions to send on Sweet Pea. The best way to message someone on this revolutionary application is to either make up a thoughtful reply for the icebreaker question or invite people to talk with you.

Why Do I Have Issues Accessing Sweet Pea?

There may be a lot of reasons why you cannot access Sweet Pea:

  • Check your internet connection. If it’s Wi-Fi, check its stability and reception. If you are using mobile data, make sure you have enough bandwidth and MBs.
  • Update your operating system to the latest version. The same goes for Sweet Pea.
  • There may be a loading error. Force quit the app and reopen it. If the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall Sweet Pea.
  • It could be a bug that the software needs to fix; thus, it is suggested earnestly that you mail and inform the support team.

How Long Are Sweet Pea Bans?

Sweet Pea has no history of banning its members.

Can I Reactivate My Banned Account?

Since the application does not seem to ban any of its members, there is no need to reactivate the account.

How to Delete Sweet Pea Profile?

You may delete your account by clicking on the Delete Account button on the About Me page. If you want to take a break instead, you could choose to deactivate it temporarily. Click on the Deactivate Account button on the Settings page.

Can I Disable the “Show Me on Sweet Pea” Option?

The feature is called Discoverable on the Sweet Pea app, and it allows you to switch off your profile from being viewed by others.

Turning Discoverable off

  • Hides your pages from the community
  • No one can message you.

Where Are My Matches?

You can see all your matches in the inbox under the Conversations or Invite to Conversations.

Is It Possible to See Who Texted Me on Sweet Pea?

Those members who have answered your icebreaker questions or those you have invited to start a conversation will show up in the part of your inbox called “New Messages.”

When you want to continue communicating with the person, swipe right or tap on the message in the inbox to reply. Let’s say you are not interested in their icebreaker question or invitation; all you need to do is to swipe left. This action will delete their message, and you won’t see any more texts from those users, as well as their profiles.

The conversation that you are currently following will be shown at the top of the inbox under the label “Conversations.”

Can I View My Favorite Sweet Pea Members?

All Sweet Pea members you liked or sent an invitation can be seen in your inbox’s chat history.

What Is Sweet Pea’s Spy Mode?

The spy mode is called Discoverable. You can turn it on, and no one will see you or message you on Sweet Pea.

Can I Edit My Username on Sweet Pea?

To edit your information, such as your username, simply go to your profile and tap to select a username to change it.

I Cannot Open the Site. Why?

  • Ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is stable
  • Quit the app and try to reload it once again
  • Update your operating system
  • Update Sweet Pea to the latest version
  • If the problem persists, call the customer support team and sort it out with them.

Are There Different Search Option on Sweet Pea?

Sweet Pea has no options for searching like other traditional dating services. There are no search filters or advanced parameters as such. But there are icebreaker questions, and you can ask an icebreaker to any person you want to begin a healthy conversation with. There is a feature called Discover that helps connect people through searchable conversation topics. You can look for interesting members based on their:

  • zodiac signs
  • common interests
  • activities
  • location

Signup Process

Registration is a piece of cake. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to sign up and create your account.

The only information that you need to provide is:

  • Your first name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Your gender
  • The gender that you prefer

You could choose to sign up using your Facebook account, too. This will help both you and Sweet Pea because all your personal data will automatically be imported from Facebook.

Sweet Pea Signup Process

Email Verification

Sweet Pea will send you a link to the email you have specified during registration. Once you click on the link, your account will be automatically verified.

Facebook Registration

Registering using Facebook is a great idea because all your data will then get automatically synced with the Sweet Pea application.

How to Join Sweet Pea?

Joining Sweet Pea is very easy.

  • Download the Sweet Pea mobile application (currently, it’s only available on iOS).
  • Sign up.
  • You may opt for Facebook or simply enter your phone number, first name, last name, age, date of birth, email, and gender.

Can I Browse the Site as a Guest?

There is absolutely no way you can use the Sweet Pea app without registering first.

Users Profile Quality

Profile quality on Sweet Pea is excellent. Members are very creative in setting up their usernames. The About Me section is the most enjoyable because there are many fun facts about people. You can even see the GIF files they use to describe themselves. The tone is informal and friendly. This is one of the coolest dating apps that a lot of you will get on to. Most relationships begin with couples having been platonic friends, and then it turns into something more. Equally true is the premise that not everyone you are conversing with can become a partner. The experience that you get when you interact with people is what makes it all worth.

The profile has a list of conversation topics that users have to simply tap on to let the interlocutor know what you would like to chat about. They are:

  • Activities
  • Adventures
  • Advice
  • Art
  • Big ideas
  • Books and literature
  • Business
  • Culture
  • Current events
  • Design
  • DIY/Crafts
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Experiences

In addition to the profile picture, there are a lot of details:

  • the name of the member
  • age
  • work
  • educational qualification
  • mutual friends that the two of you share
  • the location that will tell you how far exactly you both are placed on the map.

Mobile Applications

Sweet Pea is a mobile application only. It can be downloaded for free from either the App Store or Google Play Store. You could even get it on your computer and laptop; it works great on both platforms. The navigation and user interface are simple and easy. The buttons and the tabs are very well arranged and make for easy navigation.

Sweet Pea Mobile Applications

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Sweet Pea offers three options for subscription.

One month costs $7. The bigger your package gets, the more money-saving it becomes. So, a 3-month subscription package is only US$15, which is $5 per month. Six months can be purchased for $18, which is only $3 per month!

Free Membership Features

Downloading Sweet Pea, signing up, and creating your account are all free.

Messaging is also free. You may send someone an icebreaker question or an invitation and receive a similar reply, even if you are a free member. You can read About Me pages of other members and also view their pics. You can avail of 15 matches for free.

Sweet Pea Free Membership Features

Is Sweet Pea Free?

Downloading Sweet Pea and registering is completely free. If you want to have the best experience, consider their premium membership called VIPea. Becoming a paid member can help you access additional features like checking your messages’ receipts, accessing advanced search filters for matchmaking, etc.

Can I Check Who Liked Me on Sweet Pea If I Don’t Pay Anything

You can see members that message you even if you are a free visitor.

Premium Membership Features

A member can upgrade to become a VIPea on Sweet Pea by going to the Settings page. The benefits of upgrading are:

  • More daily matches
  • Access to premium filters
  • Being able to set dealbreakers
  • Check when the user reads your messages
  • Ad-free experience

Does Sweet Pea Provide Premium Membership?

Sweet Pea offers a premium paid version called VIPea. It gives its members access to all the premium perks.

How to Cancel My Sweet Pea Paid Membership?

If the user has purchased the subscription via an Apple device or iTunes, you must cancel your subscription through the App Store only on your Apple device or through iTunes on your PC.

  • First, turn off the auto-renewal of your subscription, either through App Store or iTunes.
  • The auto-renewal will ensure that you are not billed automatically for the consecutive period, but you will continue to receive your premium features until it expires.

Does Sweet Pea Membership Renew Automatically?

The VIPea membership is auto-renewed. If you cancel it and want to continue as a free member, you could promptly cancel your subscription or turn off your auto-renewal. It can be done even 24 hours before the current subscription period ends.

Will I Get a Refund for Unused Time?

In the terms and conditions, there is no mention of claiming a refund for unused time.

Is My “Support” to Sweet Pea Automatically Renewed on a Monthly Basis?

If you have subscribed to the VIPea membership for one month, it will automatically renew for another month.

Will Sweet Pea Give Me My Money Back If I’m Not Satisfied?

You can claim a refund from Apple only for your not so happy experiment with Sweet Pea. If you have subscribed to Sweet Pea using your Apple ID, then the proper authority to ask a refund is Apple and not Sweet Pea. For that:

  • Open getsupport.apple.com
  • Tap on Billing & Subscriptions
  • Tap Subscriptions & Purchases
  • Press Request a Refund
  • You may be asked to give reasons for a refund.

How Will Sweet Pea Transactions Appear on My Credit Card?

It will appear as Sweet Pea.

Can I Support Oher Sweet Pea Members?

No, you cannot. Currently, there is no feature that allows you to support other Sweet Pea members.

Is Sweet Pea Really Safe?

Sweet Pea is completely safe. There is nothing to worry about unless you are careless with giving out very personal details like your bank accounts and unique PINs.

Sweet Pea Is Sweet Pea Really Safe?

Does Sweet Pea Moderate Forums?

There are no forums on Sweet Pea. Consequently, there is nothing to moderate.

Can I Specify Who Can Message Me on Sweet Pea?

You can swipe left on the messages if you do not like to start a conversation with someone. This action will erase the text from your inbox and stop that page from showing up again on your homepage.

Sweet Pea’s Security Features

Sweet Pea is extremely safe. It is a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone. The service goes the extra mile to ensure that the data you provide is protected. They will never sell it to any third party, and the deletion of accounts ensures that all personal information is removed from their server.

  • The messages are end-to-end encrypted.
  • The payments are encrypted for added security.

Sweet Pea Sweet Pea’s Security Features

Can I Block People With Bad Intentions?

  • Tap on the tab in the top right corner of someone’s profile photo and select Report. You will have a list of the reasons why you want to report the page. Select the one and leave a note of further explanation if you feel a need.
  • Alternatively, you could contact the responsive customer care by email at [email protected].

Can People Use Sweet Pea to Blackmail?

The application does not tolerate any member soliciting cash from others.

What Shouldn’t Be Posted in My Sweet Pea Account?

Some details are personal, and you must never disclose them on any online portal for your safety.

  • Never give out information about your address or workplace
  • Never spell out your bank account details or your credit card pins and passwords
  • Keep your social security number confidential at all times!

Do They Encrypt Chats on Sweet Pea?

The chats on Sweet Pea are end-to-end encrypted. There is no way someone can be eavesdropping.

Can Sweet Pea Track You Down?

Sweet Pea has enough personal data to be able to track you down.

Can Police Trace Sweet Pea?

The police can trace Sweet Pea if needed.

Who Is Responsible for Privacy Issues on Sweet Pea?

The application’s customer care and support team are incredibly proactive and responsive. Shoot a mail to [email protected], and they will resolve the issue in less than a day.

Can I Delete My Information From Sweet Pea?

You can delete any info that you have provided whenever you wish.

Can I Come Across Fakers or Scammers on Sweet Pea?

There are very few fake profiles on Sweet Pea. It’s possible, though, but highly unlikely.

Contact Information

Company: Peas and Love Corporation

Email: [email protected]


  • Bae

This is a web application that was made exclusively for people of color. Although this may sound exclusionary, ascribing to people with black skin, Sweet Pea has absolutely no intention to exclude anyone. It gives them a safe space to date meaningfully online.

  • Pure

The only difference between Sweet Pea and Pure is that the former believes in conversations. Pure is a random dating site, and most matches are made based on the profile picture.

Real-Life Sweet Pea Review

Shania loved to talk, and if there was one trait that she wanted in her prospective partner, then it was a gift of the gab. One day, when she was browsing the internet, she came to know about Sweet Pea. Shania, all of 22 years, tried the dating application and has become a perpetual fan. She firmly believes that conversation, either small or long, is the bedrock of a healthy and lasting relationship.

Real-Life Sweet Pea Review

Is Sweet Pea One of Its Kind?

Numerous Sweet Pea reviews and positive testimonials across the internet are solid proof that Sweet Pea is a brilliant dating app.

Is It Possible to Unmatch If I Don’t Like That Sweet Pea Member?

If you lose interest in a person after sending them an invitation to start a chat or vice versa, you can simply swipe left. You will stop seeing their profile, and their messages will be removed from your inbox.

Can Sweet Pea Be Used for Hookups?

Sweet Pea is a dating app that believes love thrives where conversation thrives. The developers promote friendship, talk, and love. It is not merely a hookup site.


The conversation-based dating app is a big hit with all its members, as using words is the best tool when you hope to establish meaningful relationships. Sweet Pea creates real-life chemistry. The icebreaker questions are a unique way to express yourself and encourage others to open up. Don’t waste your time and register today! Let’s see what the future holds!

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With the help of Laura, you can find yourself again and evolve into an inspiring individual who can be an example to others. Laura strongly believes that growth is an ongoing pursuit you should have in life. She gives her clients the necessary tools to control their emotions, improve communication skills, and internalize their values.
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