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SugarDaddyForMe Review

SugarDaddyForMe Review
About Site
Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 78%
Popular Age 19-24
Profiles 3 300 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • There are a great number of users to communicate with
  • The profiles show last seen of members
  • There are many activities offered
  • There are a couple of communication means offered
  • You can go through the website without membership
  • There are available gifts to be sent to matches
  • There is no limit to uploading photos.
  • The profiles are rather shallow
  • No matching system
  • Most of the features are paid for.

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This online dating site provides young ladies who seek well-established men for a relationship with benefits. The inclusion of gifts and favors is the extra thing they expect apart from the normal relationship. On the other hand, sugar daddies seek them to have a great time with. There are a couple of different features offered by the, and that is why this site has ladies flooding there. So how would you know all that? Keep reading this SugarDaddyForMe review to find out.

SugarDaddyForMe Review in 2020

How Many Languages are Offered in SugarDaddyForMe?

The SugarDaddyForMe website was developed in English, and that is the only language offered on the site. As for communication, if you and another member can fluently speak a different language, then that is allowed.

Who is the Owner of SugarDaddyForMe?

Gautam Sharma founded this amazing sugar daddy website. The site is under the company, Website Development Services LLC, which manages the operations.

So Where are the SugarDaddyForMe Headquarters?

If you have any personal concerns that you feel cannot be raised via the customer care desk. You better visit the head offices of SugarDaddyForMe headquarters in 382 NE 191st Street #25664 Miami, Florida 33179-3899.

Which Year was SugarDaddyForMe Founded?

The SugarDaddyForMe website has been around since its launch in 2004.

Is SugarDaddyForMe Available Worldwide?

The platform allows people from all corners of the world an opportunity to find themselves a sugar partner.

How Old Should You Be to Sign-Up for SugarDaddyForMe?

The website is quite strict in terms of their age requirement. For those individuals who are below 18 years of age, the SugarDaddyForMe website is a no go zone for them. As for the age distribution, most of the sugar babies are in their early 20s while the sugar daddies are 30+ (this depends on how long it took them to become successful).

Can I Access the Site Using My PC?

Definitely! There is a desktop version for the site that most people prefer to use. For all Windows and Mac users, the site is accessible. The desktop version features include viewing profiles with or without membership.

If you’re a member, searching, and enjoying all forms of communication features. The version offers a wider range of results when searching and as well a bigger screen to do so. You’ll also utilize the bigger handy keyboard on your PC to help keep up with conversations during typing messages.

Can I Access the Site Using My PC?

How Many Members Does SugarDaddyForMe Have Globally?

The platforms hold millions of users with no SugarDaddyForMe review coming clear on the number of members globally. The number of users in the United States is about 4 million, which is considered the largest proportion of users. The site also registers 500,000 users who get online each month. There are 2,000 daily logins each day and the same number of newly registered users.

Website Design & Usability

Well, different SugarDaddyForMe reviews have a different take about the general design. Some claim that the presentation is quite ancient and outdated because of the display of photos and banner layouts. On the other hand, others believe that the color blend and display of the design are quite fancy. The bottom line will be your taste and the comparison with what other sites bring to the table. To be precise, the general design scores average because it doesn’t meet all the modern cuts to qualify for the fancy designs used in fellow sites. However, the usability makes up for the design claims as you can easily find your way around the site even when you visit for the first time. Navigation is made simpler by the available instructions and clear fonts used to put them across.

Which Browsers Does SugarDaddyForMe Support?

Any browsers developed in the 2000s can be used properly. It is important to opt for the best ones for the market to get good speeds, save on your space ad also avoid any virus attacks or malware. To do this, install Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera Mini to get the best results.

How Do I Use the Camera on SugarDaddyForMe?

Unfortunately, you cannot use video chat with your sugar partner on SugarDaddyForMe. Maybe this was a way to save the sugar babies the disappointments of failed calls as we know the sugar daddies like to keep themselves rather private. However, you can upload unlimited photos, and you can make good use of your camera for this. Get some good lighting, a clear background, and take your snaps to beautify your profile.

How Do I Use the Camera on SugarDaddyForMe?

Special Features

There are a couple of features that make dating sites draw members to them. As for SugarDaddyForMe, there is the only one that is different from the rest, and that is:

Weekend planner – This is a feature that helps you share your schedules with other members. It helps with the communication since members will see when you are busy and which time is appropriate for them to initiate contact with you. The different schedules run from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening.


Favorite list – This is a section where you list the people’s profiles you have liked. It is an easy way to track them since you don’t have to search them all over again.

Profile notes – These are words that you put down as comments on a profile.

How Does SugarDaddyForMe Work?

There is a path to follow in terms of operating the SugarDaddyForMe website. The manner it works is that you have to qualify for the qualification first to do anything. Since there is no matching system, the option you are left with is to search for a member depending on the specifics that you will narrow down using the filters available. After finding a member you’re interested in, then choosing the communication you are comfortable with is the next step to take. Conversations and chemistry are all that it takes for you to be successful in the site.

How Can I Message Someone?

You can use the direct message to make the message a member you are interested in since that is the only means available. You can either send a simple message or decide to send a gift if your relationship has advanced. There is an option in the profiles for sending a mail or a kiss. The latter is a good first impression to an interested party.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Sending messages to any user is free and enables users to easily communicate with the interested parties.

How Can You Make Contact With a User on SugarDaddyForMe?

The only way to make contact with a user is by sending them a message. There are no other features to spice up the interaction basically because maybe the developers felt like the sugar daddies need straight forward individuals and not some random ladies.

Why Can’t I Access SugarDaddyForMe?

You better check your internet connection if it is stable since it may majorly affect you not getting to the site. Another thing might be the browser you are using. It may not be compatible with the website. One more issue may be your device’s general operating system that may lead to multiple malfunctioning, making it impossible to do so almost everything on it.

What Periods Do Bans Last?

Permanent banning is the punishment to get when you violate any policy of the site. The site is persistent with the issue of sexual approached by any members that are the possible leading factor for banning. However, for smaller issues, one might get a temporary ban that lasts according to the weight of the issue at hand.

How Do I Overturn a Ban?

The only way to make a ban get uplifted is to appeal to the site for reviewing your case. That is, of course, if you are sure that it was a misunderstanding. Upon the confirmation of your appeal and further investigations were done on the case, you might get your account back.

Are You Able to Terminate Your SugarDaddyForMe Profile?

Yes, there are two ways of doing this. The first approach to make is by contacting the customer care to do that for you. The second one is by deleting the account on your own. It can be done through the settings section. The specific place is the account section, and you can follow a couple of steps to finalize the procedure. Deleting an account will clear all your information in the profile, and the process cannot be reversed.

Are You Able to Terminate Your SugarDaddyForMe Profile?

What Happens If I Disable the “Show Me on SugarDaddyForMe” Option?

There is no option of logging in via Facebook that will enable you to disable this feature.

Where Do I See My SugarDaddyForMe Matches?

No feature enables you to see your matches directly. The only thing is by going to your message inbox so that you can see the people you are communicating with since they will be the ones you’ve probably matched with.

How Do I See Who Contacted Me on SugarDaddyForMe?

It’s easy to know the people who have contacted you. You will get notifications on the new messages that members have sent you at the inbox section.

Is It Possible to See the SugarDaddyForMe Members Who I Liked?

Unfortunately, you cannot see the people who you’ve liked since even the liking feature is not available. However, the favorite’s list is a form of liking people. The list can easily be accessed in your profile.

What is SugarDaddyForMe’s Ghost Mode?

No feature enables you to go through profiles unnoticed. Similarly, you cannot even see who has viewed your profile since it is not available on the site.

How Do I Edit My Username in SugarDaddyForMe?

There is no way that you can edit your username in any single online dating site. SugarDaddyForMe reviews instruct on filling your details well; this is to avoid any concerns later on. The only single way you can solve this issue is by getting yourself a different account using the new alias you feel appropriate for you, of course, after deleting your current profile. However, be ready to lose everything.

Why am I Having a Hard Time Entering the Site?

It can be an issue with the credentials that you have used during the login process. Although the site encourages the members to use strong passwords, they should not be too much until you forget them. Access can be denied if you have already deleted your account since information is already deleted from the server. Similarly, if you have received a banned from the site, your details will not give you access to the site.

There are a couple of ways that you can search for the members you are interested in.

The easy search will ask for: profiles with photos only, online now, country, city names, range in miles, or the zip code.

The filters offered in the advanced search includes profiles with photos only, the last activity, height, country, city name, range in miles, zip code, birthday, marital status, body type, and race.

Sign-Up Process

The process of registration is very quick and easy. You need to fill in the username, password, email address, gender, date of birth, and agree to the terms and conditions to complete the signup process. The options available for the gender are sugar daddy, sugar mommy, sugar babe.

Moving forward, you will update your profile by filling in the information required in the different fields. The questions asked to you include; the gender, your age, the marital status, your race, income you get, your body type, and height. You will proceed to indicate the kind of matches that you will desire.

Sign-Up Process

How Do I Go About the Email Verification?

Unfortunately, there is no email verification done on the profiles, which is a concern for many. It is because several personal SugarDaddyForMe reviews have raised concerns that there are a couple of fake profiles.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

The only option you have to register for the SugarDaddyForMe site is through email alone. Facebook sign-in is not available.

How Do I Become Part of SugarDaddyForMe?

The first step is by getting to the site, make sure you choose the right URL on your browser. Secondly, you’ll need to follow the procedures given to register for an account. After following the procedures, make changes to your profile to best suit your details. Start searching for members and begin to interact.

Can I Use the SugarDaddyForMe Website Without Signing Up?

It is the one aspect that sells the SugarDaddyForMe website. As an outsider, you can see the general view of the profile to the extent of searching for members. You can use both the easy and advanced search features on the website to view profiles that match your details. The views will get you to create your account because the beauties there are stunning. You can also visit the home page, registering page, browse page, contact page, FAQs page, and the login page all for free without membership.

Users Profile Quality

The quality of SugarDaddyForMe is quite fair. However, the view is just amazing. You have the opportunity to locate a couple of necessary information about the members. It is fascinating because you can see multiple photos of the user whose page you are in. The number of uploaded photos is unlimited, and if a user loves their camera, then you are in for a treat. You will also be able to see the type that the member is interested in and know if you’ll match them.

The additional info you can enjoy on the profiles is their last seen – this helps you to know how active they are and when is the proper time to contact them. It also shows the kind of subscription that they are on. You can send an email or a kiss to a user from their profile. There is a limit of 3 photos to be viewed for non-members. You can also share a member’s profile with someone else you know might be interested in.

Mobile App

The SugarDaddyForMe website does not have a mobile application under its name – not yet at least. It is a disappointment for people who are always up and down since they cannot have constant communication with fellow users.

Mobile App

Membership Costs and Other Payment Methods

Chipping in something to the website will ensure a couple of extra features to enjoy, so let’s take a look at the premium membership prices. There are four types of subscriptions each with different costs, and they are;

  • Silver membership – $40 for a month
  • Silver membership plus total access – $55 for a month
  • Gold membership – $45 for a month
  • Gold membership plus total access – $60 for a month.

All the costs are done monthly, making it easier to opt for when you are not interested anymore. All payments are made with credit cards by writing a cheque or sending a money order to the site’s address. When payments are made, all the data is encrypted and stored in the site’s database. All the packages automatically include an administration fee for the premium membership, and it costs $6. If you’re unsure of the outcome of the upgrade, you can take a trail for three days.

Free Membership Features

There are a couple of features that can be enjoyed on a free subscription. These basic features include;

  • Creating an account and filling up a profile
  • Viewing of members’ profiles
  • Seeing the profile photos
  • Sending a limit of 3 pictures to another user.

Is SugarDaddyForMe Free?

Yes, it is. A member can be able to explore limited features for free.

Can You See Your Likes on a Basic SugarDaddyForMe Membership?

Neither is free or paid for subscription lets you see the people who have liked you or the people you’ve liked. Well, because the linking feature isn’t there.

Premium Membership Features

After an upgrade, you will graduate to the higher table, and the features that you’ll have on your menu will include;

  • Highlights of profiles
  • Your approvals will be done more quickly
  • You’ll not have a limit to the mail storage
  • Your profile will have priority during searches
  • You can include profile notes.

Does SugarDaddyForMe Offer Premium Membership?

Yes, it does, and it comes with a couple of extra features as well.

How Do I Cancel My SugarDaddyForMe Subscription?

Cancellation of premium subscription can be made via the settings section precisely on the premium membership section. Another way to do this if you are having difficulty doing it on your own is to contact the support team to assist you in doing so or even guide you through the steps.

Is SugarDaddyForMe Premium Membership Auto-Renewed?

All the purchases are automatically renewed upon the expiry of the package. A notification is sent before expiry to give you a chance to opt-out if you want to.

Is SugarDaddyForMe Premium Membership Auto-Renewed?

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Time in SugarDaddyForMe?

Unfortunately, once a purchase is made to the SugarDaddyForMe website, there is no refund available regardless of whether you utilize the membership or not.

Is My “Support” to SugarDaddyForMe Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Donations to the site are usually made upon request from the members. It follows an agreement between the two parties as they decide on terms. Auto-renewal is an option if it is decided on.

I’m Not Satisfied with the SugarDaddyForMe. Can I Get My Money Back?

You’ve got to just opt-out if you are not satisfied with what the premium membership offers. It is because you cannot get your money back. Another option is to get the trial and see if it worth the purchase.

How Will My SugarDaddyForMe Donation Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

The payments of the SugarDaddyForMe with your credit card will appear on the bills as SCbills.com or RGhelp.com.

Can I Give Support to a Fellow SugarDaddyForMe Members?

No SugarDaddyForMe review mentions about giving out personal support to another member.

Can I Send Donations for Just a Month?

It is dependent on the agreement made between the member and the website.

Is The SugarDaddyForMe Website Safe?

In terms of safety, the SugarDaddyForMe website is strict on its policy and takes harsh measures to the ones who break the rules.

Are SugarDaddyForMe Forums Threads Standard?

There are no forums held on the site because all the conversations are personal.

How Can I Filter Who Should Contact Me on SugarDaddyForMe?

There is no way to do so unless if you just ignore them and fail to reply to their messages.

What Security Features are Available in SugarDaddyForMe?

Reporting can be done on any suspicious account. There are also several security features that a sure can make good use of to benefit them like hiding last seen and blocking.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

It can be done to any nagging users through their profiles or from a conversation you’ve had with them.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Uses a SugarDaddyForMe Account to Solicit Money?

They will face criminal charges in court, and evidence will the released by the site form their database.

Which Information Shouldn’t be Posted in Your SugarDaddyForMe Account?

Any information that is contrary to the terms and conditions of the site.

Are SugarDaddyForMe Conversations Encrypted?

A specific algorithm encrypts all the information presented on the site.

Is SugarDaddyForMe Able To Track You Down?

Yes, depending on the reason presented.

Can SugarDaddyForMe be Traced by The Police?

It all comes down to warrant issues. But it goes as far as the offices but not the database.

Who Should I Go to When I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy in SugarDaddyForMe?

Any issues and concerns should be directed to customer service.

Can I Delete the Details That I’ve Already Submitted to SugarDaddyForMe?

The SugarDaddyForMe allows the editing of specific information in your profile.

Are There Scammers on SugarDaddyForMe?

Yes, this is a claim by several SugarDaddyForMe reviews as they encountered fraudsters.

Are There Scammers on SugarDaddyForMe?

Contact Information

Phone number: (866) 920-9610

Email: [email protected]


SugarDaddyMeet, MillionaireMate, and SugarDaddie.

Real Life Review

Surely any fake sugar babes would be wasting their time as a sugar daddy would soon see through their lies and dump them. A sugar babe would need to fit a certain profile, and a hooker wouldn’t be able to cut it for a wary sugar daddy spending lots of cash – Eric.

Is SugarDaddyForMe The Best Dating Site/App?

For sugar relationships, this can be your go-to site.

Is It Possible to Un-Match a SugarDaddyForMe Member?

There is no match feature, so definitely no un-matching.

Is SugarDaddyForMe a Hook-Up Platform?

Yes, somehow, the relationships developed here aren’t long term.



If you’re a young lady seeking some sugar and everything nice then from a sugar daddy, then this is your place. The site’s incredible services and the no adverts policy make this site stand out in many different ways. Are you looking for a sugar relationship? Have you tried SugarDaddyForMe before? How was your experience there? Leave a comment!

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