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MyLOL Review

MyLOL Review
About Site
Active Audience 78%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 13-19
Profiles 400 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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MyLOL is one of those college dating websites dedicated and designed for teenagers. This is not a traditional dating site, but a social network and a dating related avenue for teenagers. This site was created for teenagers between 13 and19.

Teenagers can make new friends, interact, and meet after knowing each other. Although this site claims to be a dating site, most teens join to make new friends. The MyLOL website aims to bring together teenagers around the globe to talk about their interests, find new pals, chat, and share pictures.

MyLOL attracts a lot of teens because of its sleek and fun features. Most features are free, but certain functions are only available for paying users. Most teens have no way to afford these services.

This site claims to be 100% free for all its members; however, this is not entirely true. The site does not vet its members, so there is no way to know whether you are chatting with teenagers.

How Many Languages Will You Find on MYLOL?

Although MYLOL does not support many languages, you can use English and French languages, which many people worldwide understand. MYLOL is one of the top teen sites in Canada, Australia, the UK, and the USA, where these languages are commonly used.

Who are the Owners of MYLOL?

This site is owned by Anthony Lipari and was created for teenagers to make new friends, create profiles, add pictures, and blogs. Anthony Lipari was a teenager when he made this app; this means he understood teen minds.

Where are MYLOL Headquarters?

MyLOL is currently based in Quebec in East-Central Canada.

What Year was MYLOL Founded?

The MyLOL is a famous teen dating site launched in 2010 to connect teenagers across the world. Unlike in previous years, teenagers have a place where they can interact and make friends freely.

Is MYLOL a Worldwide Site?

MyLOL is available worldwide; this allows you to meet and make friends from different cultures and backgrounds. This is a global teen social network to interact with like-minded teenagers.

What Age is Eligible for Registration on MYLOL?

This site’s services were designed for members who are 13 years or older. Also, individuals who are over 19 years are forbidden to use this site.

Is it Possible to Use the App on My Computer?

There is currently no computer application for this site; however, you can access it through the desktop version. The features in the app are similar to those of the web version of your desktop.

How many Global Members are Registered on MYLOL?

This site claims to be one of the best teen dating platforms in the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, and Australia. There are over 300,000 worldwide members.

Website Design and Usability

This site’s design is cool and trendy, which is exactly what teenagers are looking for. Both the app and website have sleek and stylish; this is precisely why more members are obsessed. The site understands that most teenagers cannot afford to splurge. This is why most basic features are available to free members.

Free and premium memberships are almost similar, but paying users access to a few other features is the difference. The app and desktop site all work the same and the same features.

Do All Browsers Support MYLOL?

Popular browsers used today like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera Web Browser support this site. MYLOL is a simple site; it works with many browsers.

How can I Use the Camera on MyLOL?

The MyLOL camera is easy to use; you can take pictures and videos. It is just like using your phone camera with added features. Click on the image icon to take photographs and the video icon for recording videos.

MyLOL Website Design and Usability

Special Features

This site offers its members several special features, and according to most MyLOL reviews, they make interaction and navigation more exciting. These features include;

  • Blog – The site allows its members to write blogs about whatever topics they want as long as they follow its terms. Members can also comment and share on the blogs they like.
  • Votes – Members can vote for the member they think an individual should be on the “Popular Members List.” The user who gets the most votes is featured on the site’s homepage
  • Shout – This feature allows you to post messages that are visible to all online members. This sounds like fun, but only users with verified pictures can use this feature
  • Chat Room – This is MyLOL’s community chat room. This is where members interact with other uses.
  • Photo Moderation – The site monitors all the uploaded photos to ensure that no one posts obscene or inappropriate pictures. This site was designed for teenagers, and it is meant for fun interactions.
  • Forum – Allows you to join or create conversation threads with other users. You can talk about different ideas or issues. This allows you to share your honest opinions with other like-minded individuals.
  • Suspicious Keyword Detection – Designed to detect any inappropriate or illegal activities. This improves the site’s security and allows members to interact without worries.
MyLOL Special Features

How does MYLOL Work?

The MyLOL website works by connecting teenagers with new friends in their localities and those around the world. This is a platform to chat and exchange pictures. The site encourages teens to interact and meet.

To use the site, you are required to register. There are many features you can use to communicate and discuss various topics. This is a social dating website for teens. The best part is there are many features, and most of them are free.

Are there Ways to Message Someone?

MyLOL is popular because communication is free for all users. This is useful because many teenagers cannot afford to pay for many features. Every member can send, read, and receive messages on this site.

The site requires you to have a profile photo if you want to send messages using the desktop version. However, the app does not have any restrictions; you can send messages even without having one.

Can You Send Messages for Free?

This site was created for teenagers; this means they cannot afford most of the services. Every member on this site can send and receive messages for free. This is why you will never miss a MyLOL review talking about this feature.

Are there Ways to Start Messaging Someone on MYLOL?

You can easily start messaging with someone in different ways. You can send a “Shout” to send your message to online members at that particular time. You can also join or create forum threads to chat with other members. You can message any member you like and send stickers, photos, and GIFs.

Is there a Reason Why I Can’t Access MYLOL?

You might not access your account because of technical errors, a weak internet connection, or because the site has banned or deleted your account. MYLOL will delete your account if you conduct any suspicious activities like trying to solicit funds from members.

How Long Should MYLOL Ban Last?

MyLOL bans are permanent; if you create a fake account or somebody reports you, this site will permanently ban your account. Keep your account by following the terms of use and reading the privacy policy.

How can Members Reactivate Banned Accounts?

Once your account is deleted or banned from the site, you cannot reactivate it. This is to prevent suspicious or fake members from continuing with their shady agendas. Adhere to the terms of use and don’t ask for favors.

What are the Options for Deleting MYLOL Profile?

If you no longer wish to continue using the site, you can delete your profile. You can delete your account through the following ways:

Through the Website

  • Go to the MyLOL website through http://www.mylol.com/contact.asp
  • The site redirects you to the “Contact Us” page where you are required to fill your email address, name, and city
  • Type your sincere reason on the message box explaining why you want to delete your profile
  • Click the “Send” option.

By Sending an Email;

  • Open the email address you used to register on the website
  • Click on “Compose.”
  • Enter the site’s email address [email protected]
  • The subject line should be “Request to Delete My Account.”
  • Compose your message and request for your account to be deleted
  • Click “Send.”

What are the Consequences of Disabling the “Show Me” Option?

If you want your profile to remain private, you can disable the “Show Me” button.

Where can I See My Matches?

If you want to see your matches, go to the search function and enter the gender or location of the people you want to chat with. You can search within your area or country, male/female, and other physical attributes.

Are there Ways to See Who Messaged Me on MYLOL?

It’s very easy to see when another member has messaged you. The site shows you a notification icon whenever a member sends you a message. When you click on this icon, you can read and see who sent it.

How can I See Members I Like?

You can see members you like by searching for them using different search filters. You can find people from a specific region, gender, age, and physical features.

Does MYLOL Have a Spy Mode?

This site does not allow you to browse anonymously; only registered members can enjoy all MYLOL features. This reduces the chances of scamming on the site and all kinds of shady people.

What Steps Should I Follow to Edit My Username on MYLOL?

This site allows you to edit your username by;

  • Logging in to your account
  • At the top right corner of your user page, there is a display of your name
  • Click the icon next to your name
  • Click “Settings.”
  • Click the “Login” icon, delete your current username, and enter your new user name.

Why Do I Find it Hard to Enter the MYLOL Website?

If you’re having a hard time entering the site, it might be because you are banned, or your account was deleted from the website. It might also be because you are using the wrong password or username.

What Search Options are Available on MYLOL?

You can search for people you would like to see using different search options like their age, location, gender, etc. Although this site does not have many search options, many members find friends worldwide.

How does MYLOL Work?

The Signup Process

The registration process is very easy and straightforward, and it only takes a few minutes. You can sign up using your email, Facebook, or Twitter account. Only individuals between 13 and 19 years can register on this site. You can skip some steps like the verification process; this is why several fake accounts are on the site.

Signing up requires a few details like your username, password, email address, date of birth, gender, city, and area. You can also click on “Sign up with Facebook” or “Sign up with Twitter.” After registration, you can start filling up your profile.

Make your profile as descriptive and comprehensive as possible; this will win you many friends. MyLOL allows you to include detailed information about yourself, like hobbies and interests. You can also add pictures, videos, quizzes, add wallpaper, and even link to your YouTube channel.

What Steps Should I Follow to Verify My Email?

Verifying your account is very beneficial because it helps you to reset your password when you forget it. After signing up, the site sends a link to your email address to verify your account. Click on the verification link to start using the site.

What If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

This site allows you to sign up with your Facebook account, email address, or Twitter account. If you choose to use your Facebook account, it means that you can skip all the steps required when registering with your email account.

You also don’t have to enter your password whenever you sign into the website. Facebook also keeps your information private and does not share it with third parties or with your friends or followers.

How can I Become a Member of MYLOL?

To become a member, you have to register on the website. Signing up is free, and both free and premium members can interact freely. Unlike other sites that require you to pay to join, MYLOL is for teens, not financially stable, so it is free.

Is It Possible to Use the Site without Signing Up?

You can access the site’s “Terms of Use” and the “Privacy Policy” pages without signing up. This helps you to know exactly what to expect when you register and become a member. However, you need to sign up to become a member; this is the only way to interact with other users and make friends.

MyLOL The Signup Process

Users Profile Quality

MyLOL user profile is sleek, stylish, and trendy, just the way teenagers like. The site makes it simple so that you can make your profile descriptive and unique. The profile contains necessary information like;

  • Photos
  • Interests
  • YouTube channel
  • “About Me.”
  • List of Friends
  • Quiz
  • What you are looking for
  • Wallpaper
  • Other necessary details.

The MyLOL website is big on pictures. The site has many photo albums with plenty of pictures; many are provocative. All users can view the folders and react to all photos. Reactions include “Cute,” “OMG,” “WOW,” and “HOT.”

Mobile Applications

MyLOL has a mobile app that has similar features and functions to its desktop version. The app allows you to make friends and interact with teens around the world on the go. You can interact with your friends wherever you are; no need to wait until you can use a computer.

MyLOL Users Profile Quality

Membership, Price, and Other Payment Methods

MyLOL allows you to enjoy all the services if you are a premium member. Payment can be made using Paypal or credit card. Membership is affordable and divided into the following categories;

  • 1 week – $3.95
  • 1 month – $9.95
  • 3 months – $20.85 ($6.95 per month)
  • 6 months – $29.70 ($4.95 per month).

Apart from being a premium member, you can also use credits to unlock some special features. You can get credits through any of the following ways;

  • 5 credits for every quiz you answer (limited to 5 quizzes daily)
  • 5 credits every time you vote (limited to 5 votes per day)
  • 5 credits every time you log in
  • 5 credits for every match (limited to 5 matches per day)
  • 10 credits every time you reply a message
  • 15 credits for uploading a new photo every day
  • 50 credits for tweeting the site
  • 50 credits for sharing the site
  • 50 credits for “liking” the site.

All prices translate into US Dollars, and the total membership amount is taxable in your area. You can find promo codes on MyLOL social media pages and websites. This site allows you to cancel your membership whenever you want.

Free Membership Features

Free members enjoy various features on the site like;

  • Adding Friends
  • Sending messages
  • Posting “Shouts.”
  • Writing blogs
  • Joining forums
  • Using the search option.

Is MYLOL a Free App?

Registration on the MyLOL website is free, and free members can interact with all members. However, to enjoy all the features, you have to upgrade and become a premium member. The good thing is that you can pay to use premium features for a week.

It is Possible for Free Members to See If Someone Likes Them?

Unfortunately, free members cannot access all the site’s features; this includes viewing who likes your profile. However, you can upgrade and enjoy premium features.

Premium Membership Features

Premium members enjoy all free membership features as well as these additional services;

  • Viewing those who visited your profile
  • You can see individuals who would like to meet you
  • Higher ranking on the search option
  • See when another member reads your messages.

Is there a Premium Membership Package on MYLOL?

This website provides very affordable premium membership options. This site makes it possible for teenagers to afford membership perks. This includes;

  • 1 week – $3.95
  • 1 month – $9.95
  • 3 months – $20.85 ($6.95 per month)
  • 6 months – $29.70 ($4.95 per month).

How Can I Cancel MYLOL Membership ?

This site allows you to cancel your membership whenever you want. To do this, follow the following simple steps;

  • Log in to your account
  • Click the wheel-like icon next to your username on your home page
  • Click on the “Payment” tab
  • Under the “Renewal” option, select “Cancel.”

Does MYLOL Auto-renew Membership?

Membership is automatically auto-renewed; this means that your membership is automatically renewed at the end of the membership term. This happens unless you cancel your membership before the expiry of the membership period. You can also renew your membership whenever you want.

Is It Possible to Get a Refund for Unused Time?

If you cancel your membership, you can continue to enjoy the membership perks until the end of that term.

The site does not provide refunds; however, you don’t have to worry because you can use up your subscription even if you cancel your membership.

Does MYLOL Automatically Renew My Support Every Month

Your support is renewed every month, just like your subscription.

How to Get My Money Back if I am not Satisfied with MYLOL?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get back your money if you’re not satisfied with the site’s services. You can cancel your membership or delete your profile and deactivate your account.

How Will MYLOL Support Bill Appear on My Credit Card?

Your credit card will be charged depending on the support you choose. The bill will show why the amount was charged and where it was paid.

Is it Possible to Give Support to other MYLOL Members?

The MyLOL website does not provide a way to send support to other members. Many sites don’t have this feature. If you have questions about this, you can consult the customer service team.

Can Members Send Support for Just a Month?

You can give support for just a month. You can cancel your subscriptions and continue to enjoy the site’s features until the end of the subscription term.

MyLOL Membership, Price, and Other Payment Methods

Safety on the MyLOL Website

The site claims to update its security regularly. However, the site is not really safe because it lacks a verification feature. There is no way to whether you are chatting with genuine members. It might shock you to find out that your 16-year-old friend is a guy in his mid-30s looking to scam teens. Although the site is known to have many fake profiles, scam members and those who violate terms of service are deleted.

Does MYLOL Moderate its Forum Threads?

Forum threads are moderated because this site is designed for teenagers. MyLOL restricts the type of information to be posted on chat rooms and blogs. This ensures that members stick to the terms of use, and users’ rights are not violated.

Is it Possible to Filter Members who can Message Me on MYLOL?

The site allows you to filter members who can message you. To do this;

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the wheel icon next to your username
  • Select the “Security” option
  • Under the “Who can View My Profile” option, enter the age and gender of members who can view your account. Your account will only be visible to these members, so; they are the ones who can message you.

What Security Features Does MYLOL Use to Protect its Members?

The site has several security features to ensure its members are safe;

  • Suspicious Keyword Detection – the private messaging system is designed to detect suspicious sexually-related keywords
  • Site Reporting – members are encouraged to report any user who

behaves suspiciously

  • Photo Moderation – all new photos to prevent nudity, offensive, and racist content
  • User Blocking – you can block any user who makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Forum Moderation – all forums are moderated, and offensive members are immediately banned.

What Steps Should I Follow to Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

You can block a suspected scammer by;

  • Go to the member’s account
  • Click on the symbol that looks like an upside-down arrow
  • On the drop-down menu, click on the “Block” option
  • Give a brief explanation of why you want to block the person on the popup window that appears
  • Proceed to block the account by clicking “Block.”

To Report a scammer;

  • Go to the member’s profile
  • Select the upside-down arrow
  • Click on the “Report” option
  • Explain why you want to report the individual on the popup window

What are the Consequences for MYLOL Members Who Try to Solicit Money?

The site prohibits members from soliciting money from other users. MyLOL deletes or bans any member who tries this act. Report any member who tries to solicit money using the steps above.

Is there Information You Should not Post on Your MYLOL Profile?

When you register as a member on this site, you agree that you will not post;

  • Offensive material like hatred, racism, bigotry, and physical harm
  • Promoting harassment or harassing other members
  • Chain letters, junk mail, and spamming
  • Threats, abuse, misleading information, illegal activities, and defamation
  • Promoting piracy like sending pirated music, videos, or files
  • Pornography/sexually explicit content
  • Providing materials that exploit those under 18 years financially or sexually
  • Advertisements and other commercial activities
  • Instructions on how to engage in illegal activities like buying illegal guns or how to hack another member’s account.

Does MYLOL Use Chat Encryption?

This site uses chats encryption; this means that the messages, videos, and photos you send to any member are safe. Only you and the member you’re chatting with can access your chats. Each chat has a unique security code that verifies that your messages are sent to and received by the intended recipient.

Is it Possible for MYLOL to Track You Down?

The MyLOL website does not trace its members. When signing up, the location you provide is only used to connect you with other users around your area.

Can the Police Department Trace the MYLOL Website?

The police can easily trace this site using its internet activities.

Who Should I Contact if I have Concerns About My Privacy?

If you have any privacy concerns or questions, you can contact the site through [email protected] and ask any questions concerning your privacy and what the site does to protect you.

Is it Possible to Delete Information Already Submitted MYLOL?

You can delete any information any informed you have already submitted by editing your profile or deactivating your account.

Is it Possible to Encounter Fake or Scam Members on MYLOL Website?

There are many fake and scam members on this site; you have to be careful when sharing your information.

Don’t send money and report any member who seems suspicious.

Contact Information

You can contact the site through;

  • Email at [email protected]
  • Mail at 2300 Rue du Barachois Suite 505, Quebec, CanadaG2C 0G3.
Safety on the MyLOL Website


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Real-Life Review

Alameen Karim Merali

April 25, 2020


An amazing dating app for teens that has all the requirements it needs to make friends, hookup, online dating, and even sometimes have a good time chatting. The app has an ability to give users access to higher privileges as well and go to the top of the identification where more and more people can see your profile and text you up. It has a shout-out section as well and very amazing features and background; I would recommend this app for your next usage. Amazing experience!

Is MYLOL Among the Best Dating Sites?

This site is popular among teens. It is a platform to meet new people worldwide and make friends via the internet.

Is it Possible to Unmatch Members on MYLOL?

Unfortunately, you cannot unmatch a member; however, you can ignore him if he is annoying.

Is MYLOL Used for Hookups?

This site is not ideal for hookups, but you can make many friends from a different location, with different or mutual interests.


MyLOL is a social platform for teens to meet and make friends. There are fantastic features, but the site does not screen its members. This is why there are many fake accounts on the site. The site is quite open for pedophiles to interact with teenagers freely. Also, there is an ambiguity to include 13-year-olds on the same site as 19-year-olds who are considered adults.

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