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CharmDate Review

CharmDate Review
About Site
Active Audience 59%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 18-34
Profiles 182 341
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Sign-up is free, and the site can take several registrations at a go
  • The CharmDate interface is easy to use
  • There are plenty of members to choose from
  • The support team gives excellent customer service
  • There is member verification while signing up
  • There are different options to communicate
  • The safety tools are quite sophisticated
  • A translation service is available.
  • There's a potentially high risk of fraudsters
  • Most of the advanced features are paid for
  • It's difficult to make a choice considering the much options you've got
  • Having direct contact with the beauties is disallowed
  • Difficult to post your adverts
  • The women are only from Russia or Ukraine.

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CharmDate is an online dating website that has been around for a while now. This site has members who intend to find a spouse to put a ring on their finger and share vows. As for the group of people it targets, CharmDate has many Russian and Ukrainian ladies waiting for a match to ask them out. A little here, a little there, unique features and success stories that glare. All these are what you’ll find in this CharmDate review, read on to find out.

How Many Languages are Offered in CharmDate?

In terms of languages, the site is designed in English. However, there are options to change the language to Dutch or French. It helps international users to access the site easily. There is also a translator in the app that helps with communication if you have any language barrier with a lady that cannot speak your language.

Who is the Owner of CharmDate?

CharmDate is owned and managed by a company going by the name QPid Network. It has a couple of other professional dating sites.

So Where are the CharmDate Headquarters?

If you’re interested in visiting the CharmDate offices, for any inquiries, then you can go to their headquarters located in Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands, MH96960.

Which Year It Founded?

As earlier mentioned, CharmDate has been around for quite a while. It was founded in 1998. The site is one of the first online dating sites to be launched.

Is CharmDate Available Worldwide?

It is available worldwide. It can be rather different depending on the gender in question. As for the ladies, it is limited to Ukraine and Russia. As for the guys, they can join from all over the world.

Is CharmDate Available Worldwide?

How Old Should You Be to Sign-Up for CharmDate?

The age requirement for one to join the CharmDate website is 18 years old and above. The site has its records on the age distribution with many CharmDate reviews indicating that most members lie between the ages of 18 and 34. As for the share in gender, the male members are 90%, and the women are just 10%.

Can I Access the Site Using My PC?

A desktop version is available for those who’d prefer to access the site using their computers. The desktop app offers all the features from signing up, logging in, messaging, and all interesting features. It also gives you a glimpse of the kind of ladies on the site, with a list of profiles lined up just below the registration section. The version is available for both Windows and Mac users.

How Many Members Does CharmDate Have Globally?

No CharmDate review is clear on the exact number of users that the CharmDate website has, but the estimate is about a million. To break it down, the members from the United States are about half of that figure. The most appealing fact is that around 400,000 members are active weekly. As for the success stories, the site boasts of the rapport of 15,000+ members meeting their match on the platform.

Website Design & Usability

Although CharmDate has been around in the industry, it comfortably races with the modern designs that other sites come up with. The design used is simple yet fancy. It has some neatness that allows the functionality by members quite comfortable. The first thing visible after searches is the photos of profiles as your interest is drawn from a member’s appearance, and to know more, that’s where you’ll click.

The site has a variety of features, but the winning factor is how organized each factor is. That is what members enjoy since navigation is made simpler by how organized the site is. However, the pop-ups that arise whenever a member wants to contact you can be quite annoying. Overall, the developers did quite a commendable job on the website.

CharmDate Website Design & Usability

Which Browsers Supports CharmDate?

Getting the best browsers available at the moment would be the best option for you to go. They will save on your space, enabling fast browsing, and have features of work well on your PC. The top recommendations would be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera Mini.

How Do I Use the Camera on CharmDate?

If we speak of many features, your camera can come in handy when it comes to using them. There is a video chat feature that enables members to interact while seeing each other. It makes the conversations more intimate as members can share their opinions ‘face to face’. That is where your camera comes as it offers you the chance to enjoy this feature. For those who are shy, you can exploit your camera by taking quality photos that you’ll end up posting on your profile to give your matches something to see. The site offers members the opportunity to send pictures and videos, and all these can be captured from your camera.

Special Features

That is where the CharmDate website stands out with the lots of uniqueness that it brings on board. Let’s take a look at what its users enjoy;

Admirer Email

This is a feature that is used by members as a first move. Someone who has viewed your profile might send an admirer email to show interest in you. The emails can be read freely but replied upon purchases of premium membership.

Live Chat

It is a form of instant message that enables users to chat with other online users to receive fast replies. However, this feature is to be activated using credits that usually last for minutes. It can be costly, but worth it.


It is a form of video chat that allows users to chat with each other, and again, for a fee.

Call Service

This is a feature that allows you to call another member. There are versions available:

Scheduled calls – For this call to be completed, you need to first schedule your call by making a reservation. It will be followed by a request sent to the person to receive the call, and upon acceptance, you can get the caller ID to use for the call.

Instant calls – This type of call is done immediately, provided a member is available for the call.

Call me – This form of a call is a type of request where you send your contact to make a call to you at a scheduled time. The request part is free, but the call needs to be paid for.

CharmDate Call Service

Gifts And Flowers

You won’t get this feature anywhere else. It is a feature that connects the member who intends to send an actual gift or flowers to their lover to a local vendor and make all the arrangements to ensure that they reach the recommended destination. This feature stands out because it is more personal, and even though you are miles away, you can still ensure that you love getting your gifts on their doorstep.

Virtual Gifts

You can buy a member you are interested in e-cards with bears, hearts, or graphic flowers for any occasions, and send them to other users.

How Does CharmDate Work?

The operations in CharmDate are quite simple; all you need to do is follow a couple of steps to ensure success. Getting an account is the first thing, then logging in (all these will be instructed on later in the article – so read on), search for your match, and if you get on, make contact with them in the way you prefer. You can choose the multiple ways of messaging that the CharmDate offers to do so. As you interact further, you can send them gifts as you wait to meet in person and explore your relationship further.

CharmDate How Does CharmDate Work?

How Can I Message Someone?

There are different ways to communicate with a member, although all of them are paid for. You may decide to send them a direct message or wait for one who is online to send them an instant message via live chat; you can as well use the video call feature to ensure communication gets some depth. You also have the alternative of sending an admirer email to make a good first impression.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Unfortunately, none of the messaging features are free. However, you can enjoy reading messages send, although replying will cost you money.

How Can You Make Contact with a User on CharmDate?

You first need to pay for a premium membership for you to make contact with any member. After doing so, you can choose the alternatives that you have to start messaging with them. The most important thing, though, the search of the person is worth all these hassles.

Why Can’t I Access CharmDate?

You better check a couple of things, such as your computer’s virus protection, your internet connection, or malware availability.

What Periods Do Bans Last?

Bans from the website are usually permanent. If you violate any policy in the site’s terms and conditions, then you are liable to such a ban. However, temporary bans on pending investigations upon a case delivered at the customer care desk can be applicable but on small issues.

CharmDate What Periods Do Bans Last?

How Do I Overturn a Ban?

The only way to overturn a ban is by appealing to the site’s management. It can be done if there was false information given against you that led to the ban. It will take a while since investigations will come before such a decision can be met.

Are You Able to Erase Your CharmDate Profile?

If you feel that you can no longer dwell in the CharmDate website, either if you didn’t realize your goal in the site or are fed up already, you can terminate your account. The process to follow requires you to visit your profile’s settings section, specifically at the account. Follow a short procedure, and you will bid goodbye to the site. This process is irreversible!

What Happens If I Disable The, “Show Me on CharmDate” Option?

You cannot do that.

Where Do I See My CharmDate Matches?

There is no specific feature to enable you to see your matches, according to several CharmDate reviews, but you can still do that. Visiting your inbox to see all the people you’ve contacted. However, while browsing, the option of smart matching is given, and you can cram the names of matches you see there.

How Do I See Who Contacted Me on CharmDate?

It is simply done by checking your notification section for any kind of new messages or any kind of requests made to know all about who messaged you.

Is It Possible to See the CharmDate Members Who I Liked?

No single CharmDate review is clear on the issue of how to see your likes. But, we investigated this question and ready to answer: – No, you cannot.

What is Website’s Spy Mode?

There is no spy mode around in the CharmDate website, so stalkers better stay away! Although you can view different profiles, you cannot do so anonymously.

How Do I Edit My Username in CharmDate?

There is no single online dating site that offers such a feature. Edits can be made depending on what you’d like to change, but this particular one should be done before you submit your sign in detail.

Why am I Finding it Hard to Enter the Site?

You might have used incorrect login credentials.

The CharmDate Search Options?

In your free package subscription, both the basic and advanced search options are available to the CharmDate website members.

Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process is quite easy and takes you a few minutes to get done. The kind of information you’ll need to issue out includes; first and last names, gender, date of birth, email address, and, finally, your chosen password. After the process is done, you’re required to fill in a couple of things that make up the accurate match. Information like their age, education level, hobbies, and kids are what you might include to narrow down the options. All these details will eventually reflect the matching system to get you the best results.

CharmDate Sign-Up Process

The Email Verification Process?

Verifying your email is perceived to block scammers and fake accounts from the site. The process entails visiting your email inbox for a message which will be presented as a link. It is the link used to acknowledge that the email is functional and lead you to the account.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

No such option is available. The only way to register for CharmDate is via email only.

How Do I Become Part of CharmDate?

It would be made possible by visiting the CharmDate website and creating an account to get a membership.

Can I Explore It Without Signing Up?

Unless you’re a member, then it’s impossible. Nonetheless, the desktop version offers you to read about the services, their policies, and requirements as a convincing point to join as well.

Users Profile Quality

The profiles are detailed. You might not see much, but there is always a lot going on. The basic info will show, which is quite something since it showcases a couple of attributes about you. Photos for profiles can freely be viewed. There is also a section called ‘about me’ that contains your own written description about yourself, so for the ones good in writing, you can put your skills to the test. Generally, there isn’t much to take from the profiles, but it’s just enough.

Mobile App

Luckily there’s a mobile app for the CharmDate website for those who are always up and down thus don’t have time to settle on their PC and enjoy their dating experience. The mobile app is offered for free on both Google Play and Apple Store. The app has the advantage of you to access several QPid sites, and CharmDate is one of them. It achieved thousands of downloads due to the user-friendly layout used in the design. It also contains all the features that are available in the desktop version, and despite the screen that you are working with, the design uses fonts that are visible to help you out with screening.

CharmDate Mobile App

Membership Costs and Other Payment Methods

The many features in the CharmDate website come with different types of costs as well. Some of the CharmDate reviews term them as ridiculous but let’s find out if indeed they are. These payments include;

Live chat: 0.5 credits for 5 minutes (chatting), one credit for 5 minutes (one-way video chat), and 0.3 credits per message (voice message)

Cam share: 0.6 credits per minute, and 0.3 credits per message

Emf mail: 1 credit for a mail

Call service: 1 credit per minute

Gifts and flowers: depends on the vendor’s price

As for purchasing these credits:

  • Two credits go for $16;
  • 16 credits for $96;
  • One hundred credits for $400.

All payments for the credits are made through your PayPal or by using your debit/credit card. These payments, compared to other sites, are quite high.

Free Membership Features

There are some features that you’ll enjoy free such as:

  • Creating an account and filing the profile
  • Using both the basic and advanced search suggestions
  • Uploading your profile photo
  • Viewing profiles of different users
  • Experiencing great customer service
  • Making use of the security features.

CharmDate Free Membership Features

Is CharmDate Free?

Yes, it is, as from getting an account and enjoying a couple of features, is totally in the basic subscription.

Can You See Your Likes on a Basic CharmDate Membership?

You won’t be able to see your likes either as a free or paid-for member.

Premium Membership Features

After you pay for the premium membership, the additional features will include:

  • Extra points for sending love letters to your matches
  • Notification on newly arrived members and an opportunity to chat with them
  • Freely go through the photos of users
  • Fast response from the support team
  • Ability to send gifts and flowers
  • Communication through video chats, live chats, and calls.

Does CharmDate Offer Premium Membership?

The premium membership version of CharmDate is through purchasing credits, which you’ll use to do pretty much anything as you make internal purchases for special features using the credits.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Cancellation of premium memberships is made manually through the profiles of members. All you gotta do is access the premium upgrade section and follow instructions on going about it. However, your timing should be precise before the subscription is renewed. The other way is by approaching the support team to do that for you through their servers.

Is Premium Membership Auto-Renewed?

Automatic renewal of credits is done upon expiry, and there is a notification that comes for that.

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Time in CharmDate?

Once any purchases are made, there are no refunds, regardless of the reason given.

Is My “Support” to CharmDate Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Donations on the site can be advised upon and clarified by the customer support and guide you through. About renewal, that’s dependent on the deal struck between the two parties.

I’m Not Satisfied with CharmDate. Can I Get My Money Back?

The only way to solve that issue is to unsubscribe from the package since you cannot get your money back.

How will My Donation Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

The company name is what you will be seen on your credit card bill, and that is QPid.

Can I Give Support to a Fellow CharmDate Member?

There isn’t any clarification of that from the site yet.

Can I Send Donations for Just a Month?

Yes, as long as you agree with the site’s officials.

Is the CharmDate Website Safe?

It is completely safe considering the email verification and users’ control over their security.

Is the CharmDate Website Safe?

Are Forums/Threads Standard?

There are no forums in CharmDate since all conversations are face-to-face based.

How Can I Filter Who Should Contact Me?

The only power you have over communication is deciding whether to reply to a message or not.

What Security Features are Available in CharmDate?

There is the ability to report fishy users, instant customer care, and banning offensive members.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

Blocking a member is so possible through their profile or a conversation between the two of you.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Uses It to Solicit Money?

That will go to the police department because it’s against the law.

Which Information Shouldn’t be Posted in Your CharmDate Account?

You mustn’t post any information that will violate the terms and conditions of the site.

Are CharmDate Chats Encrypted?

The CharmDate site uses a specific algorithm to encrypt and verify mechanisms to avoid alteration, leaks, or misuse of personal member’s information, including chats.

Is It Able to Track You Down?

It is dependable on the reason.

Can CharmDate be Traced by The Police?

Police can trace CharmDate only if they have a court order.

Who Should I Go to When I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy?

If you have any questions about your privacy, you should contact the support team.

Can I Delete the Details That I’ve Already Submitted to CharmDate?

Editing of specific information is much possible if you do it by the book.

Are There Scammers?

Almost null because the security measures deployed are quite harsh on that.

Contact Information

Company: Qpid Networks

Address: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands, MH96960

Email: [email protected]

Phone-Hotline: 1-800-931-5079

CharmDate Contact Information


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Real Life Review

It is a great dating site. I registered on this website one year ago, and I found a girl a month later. We are going to get married. So, I recommend entirely CharmDate. – Helon H.

Is CharmDate the Best Dating Site/App?

To some degree, it is considering the target group.

Is Possible to Un-Match a CharmDate Member?

A simple turning down the messages is enough to do so.

Is CharmDate a Hook-Up Platform?

Not really, it’s a platform to seek marriage partners.


If you’re seeking a spouse from Ukraine and Russia, then this is your site. If you seek to enjoy multiple features, get your account in CharmDate, and you’ll do so. Have you tried CharmDate before? How was your experience? Did you get a match? Leave a comment!

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