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Mixxxer Review

Mixxxer Review
About Site
Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 2 300 000
Reply Rate 81%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 7.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Available as an app
  • Free sex and hookup services
  • You can hide your location or identity
  • Affordable membership
  • Hookups around your locations
  • Fast registration
  • Swingers-friendly
  • Complicated registration process
  • Lack of social features
  • Not suitable for dating

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Mixxxer is similar to the Tinder app, and it connects individuals looking for sexual encounters rather than long-term or serious relationships. This site helps you quickly find a partner for casual adult fun without boring conversations.

This impeccable hookup app allows you to find casual sex partners and local swingers. The site does not scrutinize your background details. All that matters is that you need a casual hookup. Mixxxer has unique features that allow you to quickly connect with other members for a sexual encounter. Some of the services on this site are accessible for free, while others require you to pay for a subscription.

Although Mixxxer has declared itself a “Mobile Sex App Finder,” you can easily access the site through your laptop/computer or your Smartphone’s browser. This site connects you with members from your locality. This is more than an app. It is an upgraded mobile website like acts like an app.

Mixxxer Review in 2020

Languages Supported by Mixxxer

The Mixxxer website supports the English language.

Mixxxer’s Owner

Michael Manes is the founder of Mixxxer.

Mixxxer’s Headquarters

Mixxxer is based in Wyoming, and its physical address is 1603 Capitol Ave, Suite 310 A130 Cheyenne, Wyoming 8200.

Mixxer’s Launch

The Mixxxer website was launched in 2015.

Worldwide Availability

You can access this website from anywhere in the world.

Age Eligibility

Mixxxer’s website was designed for adults and casual sexual encounters. You should be at least 18 years; however, in areas where 18 is not the majority age, you should be 21+.

Using the App on Your Computer

You can easily access and navigate the website via your computer. The lack of an app makes the site more convenient and easy to use.

The Number of Worldwide Members

There are a lot of members on the site, and many more keep signing up. There are currently 1,523,939 members. Positive Mixxxer reviews convince more people to join the site.

The Number of Worldwide Members

Website Design and Usability

The user interface on the website is manageable; however, some of the features don’t work as well as they should be because it is a website designed to act like an app. It also lacks some features available on regular hookup sites. However, the site is easy to use, and there are plenty of members to connect with for a casual encounter.

Unlike other dating sites, the Mixxxer website is straightforward about its services. It is an exclusive site for hookups and casual sex. You don’t have to search through various profiles for members who want the same thing; everybody is here for an encounter.

Browser Support

Most browsers today support this site. You can even access this site using your phone browser; however, you will not miss a Mixxxer review from an android user claiming that he has problems accessing the site through his phone.

How to Use the Camera on Mixxxer

The camera on this site is easy to use; there are icons to guide you on where to click.

Special Features

Mixxxer website has many unique features to help members connect with like-minded adults. These features are;

  • You can try your luck by playing the mixxx. This feature is similar to Tinder’s, but this is much better. You can easily find a match by playing.
  • Upload sexy pictures
  • The “Find Fun” feature allows you to see members who are around your area.
  • The “Black Book” feature allows you to add various members who you can view later. This allows you to view their status, and only people “your favorites” appear here.
  • You can send a send to a member if you like her.
  • Access to members’ contact details
  • Members can chat privately and share intimate pictures
  • You can see users who have recently viewed your profile.
Special Features

How It Works

Mixxxer website allows you to connect with other individuals looking for hookups and nothing serious around your locality. Although Mixxxer does not reveal members’ locations, it uses data from their devices to give you an idea of where they are located.

Active members around the same location are encouraged to connect by sending sexy photos to each other. Although sharing photos is not the only way to communicate on this site, it is the main way most members, especially standard subscribers use. This way, they can connect, send pictures, and get together for a no-strings-attached relationship or casual sex.

A standard subscription is free; this way, members can try and enjoy some of the site’s benefits before upgrading. Premium members, on the other hand, have access to many features and enjoy various services on this site.

Sending Messages

The main way of communicating on this app is by exchanging sexy pictures. Members looking for casual encounters are allowed to send an unlimited number of seductive photos to other members they are talking to. To communicate, you just need to swipe on erotic images.

Searching for potential hookups requires you to swipe on the “swipe and fuck screen” on several photos. The site has no restrictions on the number of photos or content you can share. Premium members have an advantage over standard members because they can take their message a notch higher to sending text messages.

After you’ve swiped on various pictures and finding a match around your area, sharing seductive pictures increases your chances of getting a hookup. Unlike other hookup apps, Mixxxer utilizes several features to make communication more enjoyable.

The “Black Book” allows you to save your favorite members and view their status and last messages. You can also send a “tease” to make the other person feel wanted and increase your chances of meeting.

The Cost of Sending Messages on Mixxxer

Free members have no access to the messaging system. Premium members, on the other hand, can send text messages and “tease” each other.

How to Start Messaging with Someone

When you find a potential hookup partner around your locality, you can either send a “tease” or a text message. Also, don’t forget to include steamy photos to increase your chances of getting an encounter.

Why You Can’t Access Mixxxer

One of the reasons you might find it hard to access your Mixxxer account is if you’ve forgotten your password. Click on the “Forgot Password” button and the site will help you set a new password.

Also, it could be because your internet connection is weak. If you’re having a blank screen or the site is not loading properly, you can try to reload or clear the cache. You might also be terminated from accessing the site if you do not follow the terms.

Mixxxer Bans

When the site conducts an investigation and finds that you have violated their terms, you are banned from the site permanently.

How to Reactivate a Banned Account

There is no way to reactivate a banned account because you have been terminated from enjoying their services.

Deleting Your Profile

You can delete your profile whenever you want. You can completely delete or temporarily disable your account. To do this, go to your account, search for “Account Settings,” and then select “Account Details.” Choose the “delete” or “disable” option.

Disabling the “Show Me” Option

Mixxxer website values privacy. That is why they designed the “Privacy Filter.” If you activate this feature, it covers your profile picture, hiding your profile, but still allowing others to see your “physical qualities.”

Where to See Your Matches

You can see your matches by searching for your preferences. Swipe through numerous pictures to find a potential partner around your area.

How to See Who Messages You on Mixxxer

When members send you messages, you will receive a notification. To view this, click on the message icon, this will show you the sender. You can read and reply to the message if you are interested.

How to See Who Messages You on Mixxxer

How to See Members You Like

You can see members you like by utilizing the “Black Book” feature. This allows you to save your favorites’. This way, you can easily view their status and last messages. You can also contact them at any time.

Mixxxer’s Spy Mode

Mixxxer does not spy on its members; neither does it disclose their locations to other members or third parties.

How to Edit Your Username

The site makes it easy to edit your username, and you can this whenever you want. Log in to your account, click on settings, choose “Edit Profile,” click your username, write your new username, and save.

Why You’re Having a Hard Time Accessing the Site

Sometimes, you might experience difficulties accessing the site like blank or frozen screens. If this happens, try refreshing your browser; this fixes your problem immediately. If the site is not loading correctly on your mobile browser, clear your location, caches, and cookies from your browser.

Different Search Options on Mixxxer

There are various search options designed to help you locate a match effortlessly. You can find your matches by searching for their sexual preferences, age, mood, ethnicity, and distance.

Sign Up Process

The sign-up process on this site is very straightforward. Although you can easily create your account on the website, you can only use it on your phone. This site aims to connect individuals for hookups and sexual encounters, so it does not require much information to sign up.

It takes less than 10 minutes to register. First, you are required to enter your gender and identify the gender of the members you wish to meet. The next step involves entering your email and password. You can decide to pick a username at this stage.

Then describe yourself in a few words that let other members get an insight into who you are and what you like. The last step requires you to enter your location and birthday. This site uses email verification; this means it requires you to verify your email address to be allowed to log in.

How to Verify Your Email

After signing in, the site sends a verification link to your email address. You cannot log into your account before verifying your email.

Click the link sent and start using your account.

Registering Using Your Facebook Account

Unlike other hookup sites, Mixxxer does not allow you to sign up using Facebook. The Facebook sign up process requires you can opt to register using your Facebook account, especially if you keep forgetting your password. In the sign-up page, select “Register with Facebook.”

The process is quite simple, and Facebook does not share your activities with your friends and followers. After signing up, you can start using your account. Although Facebook does not share our activities with your friends, it makes it easy for somebody to find out your identity.

How to Join Mixxxer

Joining Mixxxer is a very easy and straightforward process. You only need to be an adult looking for a casual encounter. Then the next step is creating an account, so you can connect with other members.

Using the Site without Signing Up

Unfortunately, you have to sign up to use this site. You can sign up as a standard (free) or a premium member.

Using the Site without Signing Up

User Profile Quality

Mixxxer website does not limit what content you can include on your profile, for instance, your contact information. This is why more people continue to join the site even as free members. You will find out that most members have included photos on their profiles; this indicates that they are real and not bots.

Profiles are categorized according to location, sexual preferences, and gender, depending on what you like. The site is accessible via your mobile devices; this makes it easier to navigate various profiles and send messages.

Mobile Applications

Although Mixxxer does not currently have an app, all its features are accessible via a mobile browser. Unlike other hookup sites, Mixxxer claims that it is a web app. You can sign up using your laptop/computer, but you can only use the site via your phone.

Mixxxer is not available on the Play Market or the App Store. However, the mobile site is very easy to use, and it is optimized to function on all mobile devices. Google and Apple have both banned this website because of the explicit adult content it contains.

Membership, Price, and Other Payment Methods

Registration is free, and you can glance at other member’s profiles. However, you need to become a premium subscriber to enjoy all the site’s services. Premium membership is affordable and gives you access to all the site’s features. Payment is made through your credit card. Payment plans include;

  • Standard Membership (free)
  • Premium subscription at $7.99 per month
  • 3-months subscription at $19.99.

Free Membership Features

Free membership features are not as many as those of premium members. You can create an account, but you can’t message other members.

The Cost of Using Mixxxer

Mixxxer standard membership is free. Although premium membership gives you access to many features, you can still score a hookup as a standard member.

How to See if Someone Likes You, as a Free Member

Being a standard member limits the number of features you can use. You cannot see those who like you if you are a free member.

Premium Membership Features

As a premium member, you can access all features on this site, these include;

  • See members who visit your profile
  • Access to all communication features (text messages, videos, and “tease”)
  • Black Book limits don’t apply
  • You can disable banner ads
  • Interact with free members.

Premium Membership on Mixxxer

Mixxxer website offers a premium membership that gives you access to all the site’s features.

How to Cancel Your Membership

Canceling your Mixxxer membership is a very straightforward procedure. You can cancel your membership by sending an email. At the bottom of the page, there is a “contact us” link. This link will lead you to another page where you can write and send your email. You can also contact the customer support team at [email protected].

Membership Auto-Renewal

Mixxxer membership is auto-renewed every month.

Getting a Refund for Unused Time on Mixxxer

If you delete your account, you won’t receive a refund. However, if the site terminates your account for any reason, you will get a refund.

Months Support Renewal

Support is renewed together with your subscription.

Months Support Renewal

How to Get Your Money Back if You’re Not Satisfied

You cannot get your money back if you are satisfied with the site. However, you can delete your account and cancel your membership.

How Support Bill Will Appear on Your Credit Card

This bill will not show Mixxxer’s name. However, the site will send you a notification to confirm the payment.

Giving Support to Other Members

You cannot transfer support to other members on the Mixxxer website.

Sending Support for Just a Month

You can send support for just a month or however long you want.

Mixxxer Safety

Mixxxer website is at the forefront of protecting your private information from unauthorized access, disclosure, and use by third parties and other members. Since the site does not connect to social media pages, your information is safe, and nobody can snoop around and figure out your identity. This site uses top-quality software to safeguard all the members’ privacy.

This site also has a privacy filter that allows you to showcase your best features while keeping your identity a secret. The lack of a mobile app also reinforces your security, because nobody can snoop through your phone and stumble on the app. Mixxxer does not also disclose members’ actual location.

Forum Threads Moderation

Mixxxer is an adult hookup site for casual sex and no-strings-attached relationships. Unlike other sites, Mixxxer does not know what you talk about or the sexy pictures you send to other members.

How to Filter Members Who Can Message You

There is no way to filter who can message you, but you can make your profile private. Also, if a member is offensive or bothers you, you can stop chatting with him or block his account.

Security Features

Mixxxer website strives to keep all the information and data of its members safe from unauthorized parties. The site has a high-quality security system, software, procedures, and technology to protect your personal details.

How to Block and Report a Suspected Scammer

If a member makes you uncomfortable or creeps you out, you can block him by visiting his profile and selecting the “Block User” link. You can also report an account to the site admin.

Consequences for Members who Solicit Money from Others

Mixxxer website does not allow members to solicit money from others. This is purely an entertainment and hookup web app. If you are found to violate the terms of this site, the team terminates your account. You are banned from accessing your account and the sites’ services.

Consequences for Members who Solicit Money from Others

What Not to Post on Your Account

Although Mixxxer does not restrict what you can post on your account when you register, you agree not to post;

  • Pictures of minors
  • Unlawful, racial, defamatory, tortuous, abusive, or threatening information
  • Information that you have no right to expose under fiduciary relationships, contract, or the law
  • Unsolicited advertising
  • Information that contains viruses

Chat Encryption

Mixxxer website uses encrypted chats; this means only the sender and recipient have access to this information. Third parties do not receive the message; neither can they read it.

Tracking Down by Mixxxer

Although you’re required to provide your location when registering on this site, Mixxxer does not track its members.

Tracing by the Police

Police officers can trace Mixxxer website if they require the personal information of a member, to conduct legal investigations.

Who to Contact if You Have Privacy Concerns

If you have any privacy concerns, you can visit the site’s privacy page. However, if this does not any questions or issues that might be bothering you, you can contact the team at [email protected]. You can also send a mail to:

Socialsoft Networks LLC

1603 Capitol Ave, Suite 310 A130

Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001.

Deleting Submitted Information

You can delete the information you have submitted on this site by deleting or updating your account.

Fake and Scam Members

Mixxxer website has a number of security features that prevent bots and scammers from using the site. However, if you suspect that member is a scammer, you can report him, and an investigation will be carried out by the site’s team. Fake and scam members are usually terminated from the site.

Contact Information

Members can contact the site at [email protected] or send a mail to Socialsoft Networks LLC 1603 Capitol Ave, Suite 310 A130 Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001.

Contact Information

Mixxxer Alternatives

There are various sites similar to Mixxxer you might want to check out;

  1. Ashley Madison – this site exists to connect people looking for affairs, casual sex, and hookups.
  2. You can search for a match using age, appearance, location, etc.
  3. Adultfriendfinder – this website allows individuals to look for hookups. This swingers website continues to grow daily with global members joining the site.
  4. Be naughty – this website allows you to chat and hookup with your matches. You can also search using location, encounter, etc.
  5. Flirt.com – visit this site for chats, hookups, and casual dating. You can search by location, age, gender, orientation, etc.
  6. Tinder – this is a popular app with many features to make your user experience more fun. Many individuals join this site daily.

Real Life Review

SimoHayha: It is a good dating site if you are looking for a hookup. As for me, I have already found a partner here. I am really satisfied with this site.

Mixxxer Ranking

Although Mixxxer is not an app, it allows individuals to meet up for casual encounters, and it also protects members’ privacy. Although this site is in competition with other hookups apps/sites, its performance is above average.

How to Unmatch a Member

Unfortunately, you cannot unmatch a member; however, you can choose not to communicate with him/her.

Mixxxer is a Hookup App

The sole purpose of Mixxxer is to connect individuals looking for casual sex and hookups.


Mixxxer is a mobile platform where adults seeking casual encounters, hookups, or no-strings-attached relationships meet. If you are looking for an encounter with an individual within your area, you can register on this site and start searching for potential matches based on your preferences. This site is safe, and it does not disclose your personal details.

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