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Dating4disabled Review

Dating4disabled Review
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Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 71%
Popular Age 27-35
Profiles 115 000
Reply Rate 95%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Many communication tools are available including chat, blogs and forums.
  • This site is straightforward to navigate and provides several processes for new users.
  • All the photos and media are sorted by site members and that reduces the amount of fake profiles.
  • Asks for too many details before login.
  • Only minimum countries and cities could register and download the application.
  • The registration process takes too long.

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This dating site dedicates to disabled people who are seeking for a long-time relation. When the creators of the website volunteered their team to build the(D4D), they understood that dating for disabled could present challenges. This site provides users with a friendly atmosphere and easy navigation.

How Many Languages Does Dating4disabled Support?

There is no option for changing the language on the official site. So currently on the World Wide Web basis Dating4disabled site only supports the English language.

Who Owns Dating4disabled

This information is not available.

Is Dating4disabled Available Worldwide?

It is a UK based company. Website’s creators made it exclusively for disabled people. They can either find a date or seek a long-term relationship. The application is available on the Play Store and app store, but the availability of the site is only in selected countries.

Launch Date Of Dating4disabled

The site was founded in January 2006 by ‘Interdate’, an Israeli IT company. The company specializes in website building, Internet marketing and online community portals. This free online dating site is for those who are disabled and seeking partners. This fastly growing community is becoming popular very quickly among physically challenged people.

Regions Where Dating4disabled Is Available

Yes, it is a globally open website. This site is becoming popular among physically challenged people from all over the world. In the site, there are people from the US majorly.

Only Adults Can Sign Up On Dating4disabled?

You should be at least 18 for registering on the site. While doing login, the site will ask you for the date of birth.

Mobile App Available For Use On Computer

Application is available in the Play store and App store for the Android and IOS users. If you would like to run the app on the PC, you can. You have to install the app from your App Store, and then you can run it after doing log in. Even when you don’t want to download the app, you can still run it on your internet devices. You must type the name of the site then you can click on the link and can run it.

Members On Dating4disabled Around The World

The site gets visitors from England, Bulgaria, Canada, Sweden, South America, China, Australia, Russia, Germany, Japan and France. Over 8600 people share resources through instant texts, blogs and group chats. That’s how members are able to make friends and have unique social ties.

Aesthetically Appealing Design And User-Friendly Interface

Aesthetically Appealing Design And User-Friendly Interface

The design of Dating4disabled website is effortless and easy to understand. The functions are evident with their terms. The overall experience is delightful due to secure navigation system. People from any age will surely become very familiar after using it once or twice.

When you open the site, you see the home screen where you can read some necessary information about the website. After that, when you proceed to the login process, it asks you about yourself: your age, name, and email address. It has other options for logging, like Facebook and Google accounts.

All Browsers Support Dating4disabled

The site is straightforward to use as an app. Also, you can run it into your desktop too. Just have to search the name of the site on your Google Chrome or Internet explorer search bar, and the page will take you to the official links. Once you click, it will take you to the homepage of Dating4disabled website. After this, you come on our login page. Just need to login, and then you’ll be able to use the website.

Using Device’s Camera On Dating4disabled

With many apps developing cool features, we have also added the camera feature into the website. Now you can upload a photo or send a picture to somebody and also you can video chat with your partner. In your chatbox, you will find out the camera feature. With that, you can take any live picture and also you can capture any video and send it.

Special And Interesting Features to Browse

Special And Interesting Features to Browse
  1. Advanced search: While you login in the app, it will ask you too many questions regarding your choices. This process helps to filter people for you in the best way possible. After the filter transition, the app will only show you those people who are fit for you according to your preferences.
  2. Additional communication options: In this app, you will find out there are other communication options available such as private texting and video chatting.
  3. Share your thoughts: Site has another facility for their subscribers which is blog writing. You can also share your experience and your ideas by using that feature.
  4. Account improvement: At the first step, you will find out basic communication options and other basic features. Then you will move on for the premium paid versions, where you’ll be able to access additional benefits too.

Working Of The Site

Working Of The Site

After completing your login process, you get on the profile page. There you will see other users, who are filtered according to your choices. First, you have to add them as your friend. Then if the other person also finds you attractive, he/she will accept your request, and this is how you both will become a match. After the matching, you can text each other. You can send emojis, stickers, pictures and videos too. If you both agreed on the video chat, then you can also do that by the video chatting facility. Whether you are straight, bisexual, lesbian or gay, you can find a partner for yourself. Your relationship status doesn’t matter; the only thing that matters is what kind of relationship you want. You can tell by the Dating4disabled reviews how convenient this is for all races.

Tips To Message Other Users

After completing your login process, you will see other users similar to your choices. You can add them to your friends if you like. They will accept your request, and this is how your communication will begin. After the match, you both would be able to chat with each other.

Endless Messaging Is Not A Free Feature

In the free version, you can see other users, and you can make them your friends. After that, you can also send them limited amount of messages. After that, when you switch from free trial version to premium paid version of it, you get access to all other exciting features such as video chatting and others.

Tips To Begin Messaging Someone On Dating4disabled

After you finish with the login process, you come on the first page, which is the profile page. Then you must find your match. Once a member gets matched with your requirements, you will be able to send messages to them.

Reasons For Being Unable To Access Dating4disabled

The reason why you can’t access the website is maybe that you have violated some rule. If you have gone against the law and harassed another member, your account will be banned from the site.

Duration Of Ban On Dating4disabled Account

If you show any misbehavior, which is not according to the terms and conditions, the site takes action against you. And you get blocked by them. It can be temporary or permanent depending on the reason behind banning the account.

Reactivating The Account After the Ban

To recover your banned account, you must contact the customer care service authorities of the official website.

Is there an option to delete your Dating4disabled profile?

Yes, there is, if you are not satisfied with the site you can delete your account. You have to click on the icon in the top of your profile page that will lead you to your profile. In your profile you will see there is an option “my account” in which you will find the delete your account option.

Hide Your Profile By Disabling “Show me on Dating4disabled” option

If once you click on the disable icon you won’t be able to see other members on your profile page. Neither other people as well will be able to see you.

Steps To View Your Matches

Once you get your match, you will get the notification on your notification bar. Dating4disabled will tell you about your matches. You can click the notification and it will take you to that person.

Checking Your Messages On Dating4disabled

If you have the application of the site, it will keep notifying you if somebody messages you or not. If you don’t have the app and you are running the website on the computer, then you have to keep checking the site whether there is any notification or message.

Yes, of course! You can see it. There is an option for looking at the members whom you like, and also it will show you to the members who liked you.

Spy Mode On Dating4disabled

There is no such kind of mode available at the moment.

Steps To Edit Username On Dating4disabled

Just go to the account settings and then you will get the access to edit everything you want.

Finding It Difficult To Enter The Site?

The only reason why you possibly can’t access the website is because of your slow internet. Another common cause is your location. If the website still doesn’t open, just turn on the VPN and try again.

Diverse Search Parameters On Dating4disabled

There is a standard search bar and also an advanced search bar. By those you can search people who are available in the site. You can either put the username of a particular person or search according to your requirement and filters.

Easy And Straightforward Sign up Process

Easy And Straightforward Sign up Process

At the sign-in process, the application asks you for your details, such as your name, email address, and preferences. It helps for filtering other people who are having the same taste as you. After putting the required details in, the app asks you to confirm your email address. Then you have to go on your email page and open the email. It will show you a confirmation link, you have to click on it, and that would be the last step for registration. Once your email gets confirmed, you will become a member of our Dating4disabled community. Apart from that, you can sign up with your other ids such as Facebook, Google account, etc.

Steps To Verify Your Email Address

After you finish with your login process, the application will send a notification on your registered email address. That notification is for confirming your register mail ID. You have to go to your email and open the mail. In that mail, you will find the option “confirm your mail”. After clicking on that option, your email verification process will be over.

Is There An Option To Register Using Facebook Account?

Yes, you can register with your Facebook account, Gmail and even with your Google account.

Ways To Join Dating4disabled

You can join the dating site by downloading it from your App Store, or you can search it on any browser.

Signing Up Is The Only Way To Explore The Site

No, you can’t use the site without signing up.

Profile Quality

Profile Quality

The profiles on the site are precise and informative. The registration process has to be followed by all users. It asks you about your sexual choices and desires too. Most of the profiles are with the photos and little bit of description about the person. Also, you can check out the expectations of another person. And all of the profiles are verified by the site, so that any fake person should not threaten you.

While filling out the profile, you enter your full name, marital status, occupation, children if any. Also, it asks you for your habits relating to smoking and drinking. And then the site will tell you to write a few words about yourself. There is a Dating4disabled review section you can see to know more about secure profile development. Other than that, you can also fill interests and what kind of relationship you are looking for.

Mobile Application Is Not Available?

Mobile Application Is Not Available?

The mobile application is effortless and user-friendly. Just have to download it on your iOS or Android devices. Once you have downloaded it in your device, you can proceed for the login details.

The membership plan is available of two kinds.

  1. The one is the free trial version where you can access unlimited messaging, search for matching, and blog writing.
  2. And in the premium paid version you will get access to other options such as video chatting, and media sharing.

For the premium version prices are different:

  • $14.95 For 1 month
  • $39.90 for 3 months
  • $69.90 for 6 months

List Of Free Membership Features On The Site

When you finish your login process, the site provides you with a free trial version. You can get access to unlimited messaging, search matching, blog writing and other benefits.

Free services include:

  • Sending messages
  • Searching for matches
  • Creating a free profile
  • Posting on blogs and forums

Dating4disabled Is A Partially Free Site?

Yes, it is free for download, and also you will get access to the free benefits of a trial version.

See Who Likes You For Free On Dating4disabled

Yes, of course, you can see those people who liked you as you will receive a notification.

Features That Premium Members Get To Use

The prime account gives you access to unlimited messaging and searching for other members. With this, the most crucial feature that you get is you can read and text back to the other members. You will also get gift options with premium membership.

Members On Dating4disabled Can Upgrade To Premium Membership?

Yes, it offers three plans for three different memberships.

Ways To Cancel Dating4disabled Membership?

You can’t cancel the premium membership once you got to activate it. Premium membership has different policy according to the time duration. Wisely choose your premium membership.

Dating4disabled Membership Is On Auto-Renewal?

No, it never automatically renews on its own. But it will notify you before your membership ends up.

No Refund For the Time You Do Not Use On Site?

No, you can’t get any refunds for the unused time in the site.

Dating4disabled Makes Recurring Payments For Support?

No, it doesn’t renew every month.

Requesting Customer Support For Money Back on Dating4disabled is not possible?

No, once you activate the premium membership, you won’t be able to get the refund.

Dating4disabled Support Record On Credit Card Bill

It will appear in the name of the website on the credit card bill.

Gifting Premium Membership To Other Dating4disabled Members?

Yes, you can do that. If you are feeling like supporting somebody you can buy a membership for them.

Sending Support For A Month?

Yes, you can buy a membership for anyone as a gift.

Safety Of Users On Dating4disabled

Safety Of Users On Dating4disabled

This site is safe for the users. Unless you didn’t share your details with somebody, nobody would be able to see it. Also, the verification process stays the same for every user, so that no one should not face any fake profile.

No Moderators On Dating4disabled Forums?

There is no information about chats moderation in forum threads.

Steps To Filter Users Who Can Message You On Dating4disabled

There is no such option available at the moment.

Important Security Features On Dating4disabled

Members can freely use the website and feel relaxed all the time as their privacy is the top priority of Dating4disabled. None of the private information or chats shares with any third party without your consent.

Steps To Block And Report Scammers On The Site

You can block the suspected person from your side and report about it to the app. After that, customer care will take action against that person according to the terms and conditions.

Strict Action Against Member Who Uses Dating4disabled Account To solicit Money

Fake people are present on all of the websites, but we can stop them before they harm us. If you are feeling doubtful about somebody, you can block that person from your side and report about the person to the app.

Information You Should Not Post On Dating4disabled?

The app will ask you about your necessary standard information while logging such as your name, email address, and a short description of you. However, it shouldn’t be on your profile as public information.

No Signs Of Dating4disabled Chats Encryption

Your texts are saved but not shared with any third party. The risk of hackers getting inside your profile is down to a minimum.

Dating4disabled Cannot Track You

No, it doesn’t have that ability to track down member’s location.

Police Cannot Trace Dating4disabled

Police cannot trace members of Dating4disabled, although police tracking can occur if the website demands that for some extreme fraudulent activists.

Resolve Privacy Queries On Dating4disabled With Customer Support

If you have any queries or questions regarding your profile or the website, you can contact the customer care of our website. We will be available for you 24/7.

Deleting Information From Dating4disabled After Sign Up Process

Yes, of course, you can delete and also edit the information which you have selected or written during your sign up process.

Few Fake Profiles But No Scammers On Dating4disabled

Not all the members would be the scammers because of the uptight verification process. Users should not be bothered by fake and scammer people as there is a minimum chance of such cases.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

  • Disabled mate
  • Disabled matchmaking
  • Disabled chat City
  • Dating Handicapped

Real life review

‘I have met too many people till now they were all very generous and kind to me. Have been dating with too many people through the site and finally found someone who is perfect for me as a life partner.’-Jessica, 26.

Dating4disabled Is A Stunning Online Dating Site?

The site is very user-friendly. Also, it is straightforward to understand. It is one of the best dating site app for the disabled people who are seeking for date and a long term relationship all over the world.

How to unmatch a Dating4disabled member?

Yes, you can unmatch other members.

Is Dating4disabled a hook-up app?

It is a dating site for disabled people where people search for their life partner or dates. It is all on you how you look forward to the app. The website can help to find a hookup or a relationship by the requirement of members.


The website is the best platform for all disabled people needing someone special. In this platform, you can find a genuine relationship, or if you want just a fling, you can find a hookup too. The Dating4disabled website is perfect for any exclusive member who wants to have some fun in his life.

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