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AngelReturn Review

AngelReturn Review
About Site
Active Audience 74%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 28-36
Profiles 594 300
Reply Rate 75%
Ease of Use 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a lot of fun features to use
  • Webcam availability for group chat or person to person chats
  • Many active participants at the same time
  • Its privacy system is superior
  • Too many men versus woman
  • You cannot chat with people outside of your zone unless you are a paid member

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AngelReturn is a dating site that allows single men to find love, relationships, and marriage. Women who are also looking for love can join the site. The site is an international dating site, and anybody can join and meet other people from different backgrounds from all over the world. It is 100% free to join.

Languages available on AngelReturn

The site has 16 languages that you can use to be able to make a match.

Site ownership

AngelReturn.com is owned by Mehmet Ali Kara.

AngelReturn base area

It is located in Ukraine.

Year founded

It was founded in 2013

AngelReturn global presence

AngelReturn has a global presence, and you can make a match with anyone you wish from anywhere in the world. It allows you to choose your matches depending on your proximity.

Minimum age to join the website

To register, you need to be 18 and above. The website does not verify its users’ identity, and anybody can join.

Can you use a desktop for accessing AngelReturn?

You can access the app by using your smartphone and also your computer.

Worldwide membership

AngelReturn has over 1.5 million members socializing on the platform. There are over 10.000 active members. Today you will find at least 3000 members online. Members are international, ranging from the US to France.

Ease of use and Design

Ease of use and Design

When it comes to this aspect, the website is simple and easy to use. It does not require one to be good at using the computer. It has a lot of features that you can play around with. The design is simple yet exciting to use.

What browser is AngelReturn accessible on?

AngelReturn.com requires the latest version of your internet browser. You can use any browser to be able to access the site.

Camera Support

You can upload photos on your profile. In addition to this, you can send your photos to other users while messaging. The site also has a webcam function that you may use to have live chats.

Special Features

AngelReturn allows you text and video messaging, the latter being one of the world’s most popular features on a dating website. These being said, the site’s most popular features include real-time chatting, video messaging, and webcam calls. Users can also Livestream a video and show off their personalities by using different filters. They can also share their screen with other users.

Site usage

Site usage

You first have to register and fill in all the details in your profile. You can then go through the site to see which features they have. Then you can start to chat with anyone you wish. It is easy to end chats should you feel that you are not happy with the person you are engaging with. Sending messages is free, but some features require that you pay for VIP services.

Sending messages to someone on AngelReturn

You can start sending messages to other users immediately without matching them first. Should you match, then they may send you a message back. As a standard member, you can browse all the profiles, provided that they want to be visible to you. You can communicate by sending interest to members, send messages to members, read messages from premium members, and use Instant Messenger with premium members.

Reasons you might not be able to view the AngelReturn website

It is not uncommon to find that some governments will block certain websites. When this happens, it may prevent you from being able to access the site. However, there may be other reasons related to that. It could be that your network is not at its peak at that particular moment. It may also be because you have been blocked from the site. You are encouraged to contact support for assistance.

If you get banned

Members can be banned if they are suspected of being scammer or abusive to other members. While chatting, you can block a person immediately from the chatbox, and you never have to hear from them again. The site also bans the following:

  • Proxy and VPN users
  • Distributing email and phone numbers
  • Sending spam messages (same message to many people)
  • Using adult photos and annoying people
  • Using fake photos and profile
  • Requesting money

They encourage the website to be used only for dating and marriage.

Reactivating banned accounts

To reactivate a banned account, you need to write to the site to inform them that you have been wrongly judged. They will then assess your claim and unban you.

Deleting a profile

There is an option to delete your profile should you not be happy with the services. There will be no refund according to the terms and conditions.

Disabling the “Show me on AngelReturn ” option

Should you choose to disable the “Show me on AngelReturn” option, you will remain anonymous and be able to enter and leave as you wish. Nobody will be able to see your profile so, that means nobody can match with you.

Finding matches

Finding matches appeared to be quite easy on AngelReturn. Anybody can message you, and if you like them back, you will make a match. You can message a lot of people at the same time. The messages will appear in your inbox.

Who sent me a message?

You can see who sent you a message in your inbox. The inbox is easy to get to as it is on your first page. It is always visible, and you can see all the messages as they are coming in.

See which users you liked

The members’ profiles on AngelReturn are not hidden, so it will be possible to see the members you liked. They will remain in your inbox until you have them removed.

AngelReturn spy mode

The company is focusing on privacy and security. Therefore you don’t need to worry about being spied by anyone on the platform.

Editing a username on AngelReturn

You can go to Edit profile from your menu, answer all the questions from the page, and then click on the submit button at the bottom of the page. You can change any details that you wish to change, and they will take effect immediately.

Are you finding it difficult to enter AngelReturn?

If you’re finding it hard to enter the website, check your Internet connection, check the browser settings, and also make sure that dating websites are not banned in your country or state. If you cannot log in, send a message to the customer support representatives – you might need to find out whether or not you have been banned.

You can search easily on your mobile phone and your desktop.

Registration on AngelReturn

Registration on AngelReturn

Registering on the website is pretty straightforward. The site doesn’t even require you to include a photo of yourself. You can choose not to, but that obviously decreases your chance of meeting someone. Once you have registered, you can sign in at any time using your mobile app and computer. Registration methods required are only to supply your name, email address, and password.

Verify your email

The site does not ask you to verify your email. They don’t seem to chase after anyone to be an active participant. You do not even need to verify your profile by any form of identification.

Using the Facebook account to sign up

You are not able to use your Facebook Account to use AngelReturn. This would be for the best as your Facebook may be full of spam messages as anyone can message you. You at least have control of blocking, reporting, and even logging out if you feel uncomfortable on the site.

Join AngelReturn the simple way

You can join by registering and signing in through a straightforward method. Membership is free but will limit your interaction proximity as you need to be a VIP paying member to chat with more people from further away.

Entering AngelReturn without registering

You may use the site as a free member without signing up. However, you have to register to be a member.

Members’ Profile Quality

Some users make sure that they have good quality pictures of themselves. The user can upload multiple photos to give themselves a better chance of making a match. It actually has quite a lot of quality for a free site compared to some similar sites.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Members use the mobile app to navigate, search, match with others. Members can use their smartphones to log in while they are away from their desktops.

Membership costs & How to pay

For VIP membership, here are the fees:

  • 1 Month VIP – $12/Month
  • 3 Months VIP – $8.00/Month
  • 6 Months VIP – $6.67/Month

You may use the following payment methods.

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash
  • Other methods used by different countries to make payments more comfortable and safer

Free Membership Features

Most features are available on the free membership. It appeared that the site allows for most interaction.

As a free member, you get the following benefits:

  • It allows for webcam chats and video messaging between members.
  • Members can use the video conference system to talk to other people at the same time.
  • It is possible to share your screen and display photos without sending them to other members.

AngelReturn uses a map system and allows its members to set their location on the map. Therefore, it is possible to view the members who live in a specific geographical region.

AngelReturn free to use site

For the most part, the site is free to use as some of the features are paid for but not expensive. It doesn’t take away from the experience of being able to chat for free.

Check who likes you

You can see if someone likes you on AngelReturn as a free member. They will send you a message and chat with that person. You can choose to chat with one person or multiple people at a time.

Premium Features

The site does not use a pay-to-chat or a premium model that you’ll find on other international dating sites. Members do not need to subscribe, upgrade, or buy coins to access AngelReturn’s features. They’re free to all. You can sign up for free, chat for free, and meet someone special for free.

The Premium Membership Offer

AngelReturn offers VIP membership that has the following benefits:

  • Sending and reading unlimited messages
  • Searching members from different countries
  • Sending meeting requests to travelers
  • Sending unlimited gifts

Membership cancelation

You can terminate your membership at any time that you wish. You do not have to send an email of your cancellation.

Renewing your membership automatically

AngelReturn membership is auto-renewed, and you will remain a member until you decide to cancel. Because it is a free service, you can keep your membership for as long as you wish.

There are no refunds for unused time

AngelReturn does not give refunds for unused time. You pay at your own risk. The amount is so small that it may be inconsequential to you to want a refund.

Is support actually renewed every month?

Support is always provided, and as with any renewal, it may be given at your request.

No money back guarantee

If you are not happy with the service, you will not get your money back. The cheapest VIP membership is $6/month.

How does the AngelReturn support appear on the credit card statement?

The exact format of the billing name appearing on your credit card statement is dependent on your credit card provider. However, in most cases, it will appear as “AngelReturn.com.

Can you send support to other members?

You are free to do whatever you want with your money, and you can choose the people you want to send support to. However, make sure you find users who you can trust.

Support for just a month

Yes, you can send support for only a month.

AngelReturn’s safety

AngelReturn’s safety

AngelReturn has taken all precautions to make sure that your supplied details are safe. However, the interaction between members is up to them to use common sense to stay safe.

The site also blocks the following:

  • Proxy and VPN users
  • Distributing email and phone numbers
  • Sending spam messages (same message to many people)
  • Using adult photos and annoying people
  • Using fake photos and profile
  • Requesting money

Are forum threads moderated?

The AngelReturn forum threads are not fully moderated. It doesn’t appear that they closely monitor the site. With over 1.5 million users for a free site, they do not do badly when it comes to monitoring the threads.

What about filtering messages?

Users can add a filter from their profile.

You can then choose a criterion of members you wish to message or get messages from. Messages you don’t wish to see from the filter you have created will automatically go to your Filtered box. You can choose the types of people you wish to interact with.

AngelReturn strives to keep all members’ information secure. They do not sell information to unauthorized parties. All transactions are secured by SSL encryption. You can also block a user from contacting you via your profile.

Report or block suspected scammers

You may block and report a suspected scammer from your chatbox. It will give you a dropdown with the option to choose why you wish to have a person blocked. There is an array of reasons that you can choose from.

Other users who ask for money

AngelReturn discourages members from giving money to other users before they get to know them. If a user suspects a scam, they can report and block from their profiles. It is often easy for people who seek love to be taken advantage of, especially when they think you are desperate. It is essential to use caution and common sense not to fall victim to a scam.

Protecting account information

You mustn’t share your personal information such as your telephone number, email address, where you live, banking details, etc. You are encouraged to get to know someone first before sharing your telephone number. AngelReturn discourages people who send each other emails and telephone numbers. This is obviously meant to keep the conversations within the app.

Safety and security when it comes to chatting

The chats are encrypted between member to member. All transactions are secured by SSL encryption. You can also block a user from contacting you via your profile.

AngelReturn track and trace

AngelReturn does not track or trace users by default. If some members do commit crimes, the company behind AngelReturn might need to provide access to data that can be used to track down the criminal.

Police tracing

The policy does not track the activity on the website. However, they might ask for information or data that can help their investigations related to users on the website.

Should you need to contact AngelReturn regarding your privacy questions, go to angelreturn.com.

Removing personal data from the website

You can delete your information that you have already submitted to AngelReturn by going to your profile page and selecting The option to edit your data. You are also able to delete the profile permanently.

Fake or scam members

As with any brand, there will always be people who try to scam other members. AngelReturn does not vet its members, so; it is up to members to be vigilant and use common sense. The ultimate communication will be between the users. They need to use discernment to guard against scammers.

Contact Information

Contact Information

  • Address
  • Lesi Ukrainky Boulevard, Building 3
  • 01133, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Email

[email protected]
[email protected]


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Real life review

Real life review

“Good enough”

I use this site for a few months now. I have to admit that the profiles look real, which is a must for me, as I’m here not to play games! The interface is rather old but understandable to use.

AngelReturn is the best dating site

AngelReturn is considered one of the best in its category for free online dating. It has quite a large number of members because it is also international and caters to a lot of men and women. It has many features and filters to choose from to enable you to make the best match possible.

Unmatching members

You have an option to unmatch a member if you are no longer interested in talking to them. You can stop a chat and delete it from your inbox. Once you have done so, you have an option to select a reason why you want to unmatch someone. There are a variety of reasons that you can choose from.

AngelReturn is not just a hook-up app

AngelReturn offers more than hooking up but is mainly for hooking up. You will get a lot of messages with requests to send photos during a live chat. Some members choose to go in for a bit of fun, some for love and some for enjoyment. Men seem to be more active than men on the site.



AngelReturn.com is a website suitable for anyone who wishes to find love or marriage. It is also used for people to flirt with each other online. You can even have group chats via instant messaging and also through a webcam. The site has an option to only look at photos without the profiles. That is different from many other paying sites.

The site caters to both women and men who seek fun, relationships, and friendships. The site is free to use but have some limitation for free users. There is a VIP membership as well.

The site seems quite popular as it can have over 3000 members online at the same time. This increases the chances to make a match, but that may also make it difficult to sift through the good from the bad. However, with the functionality to filter, you can choose who you interact with.

AngelReturn has many functions to choose from. For a free site, it truly gives one a lot to work with. Although the design and functionality are good, it still has a lot of promoted content and advertisement. That provides the site with a cheap look but can be overcome by ignoring the content.

You can block all people except those that you have already made contact. You can also choose to only be contacted by VIP members only.

This platform is definitely for people who don’t mind sifting through many messages as one can get a lot of messages even without having a picture. It is a free app to be enjoyed by everyone from anywhere in the world.

Some members can be aggressive. It felt like they were not even considering what a profile picture had but merely wanted a hook-up. This site is mainly for hooking up, but others have claimed to have found love from it. The site has more men than women, limiting the number of successful matches you can get. It is always advisable not to give all your information on a platform like free online dating.

For a free site, it delivers what it says it will. That is a lot of content that a member will have to go through.

This site is suitable for people who are lonely and seek companionship. We live in a time where meeting someone at a bar is no longer that possible. People don’t trust anymore and hope for a platform that will allow them to meet someone without making that full commitment before getting to know them properly. The app will enable people to mingle and choose someone closer to what they would expect in an almost perfect partner.

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