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Ferzu Review in 2024

Ferzu Review in 2024
About Site
Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 100 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration for an account is free.
  • Creating a profile is simple.
  • The site offers both global and local newsfeed.
  • The site has a resemblance to social media sites.
  • There are several unfriendly furs.
  • There is a lot of drama happening on the site.
  • The administrators are quite lazy.
  • There is favoritism of the transgender group.
  • There are several feminists in the site.
  • Poor performing messaging features.
  • Members get banned due to little issues.
  • Persistent requests to upgrade to VIP.

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Well, it is funny how people out here love their toons characters, but they get misjudged because of that. However, as much as people refer to them as weird, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to find partners with similar interests and live together to enjoy their common interests. Ferzu is an online dating platform that offers members that like furs characters an environment to interact with each other and get the best out of the communication. Read on in this Ferzu review to find out more.

How Many Languages Does Ferzu Offer?

The site was developed in English, and that is the primary language offered for communication. The site grew with time, and after several upgrades, additional languages were included and they are Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Who Owns and Runs Ferzu?

This site is owned by Grokio LLC, who also happens to be managing the operations and the activities on the site. The other party involved in coming up with this site in the Furry Community

So Where is Ferzu Currently Situated?

There is no exact location issued out by the site to a state where their headquarters are. So you better be sure when making purchases since you cannot trace their offices. Nonetheless, you must note that the company is situated somewhere in New York, USA.

When was Ferzu Launched?

This site has been into existence since 18th June 2016.

Is Ferzu Available Internationally?

The site is available in different countries all over the world. Members from different continents are brought together with a common interest in furs and looking for a partner.

How Old Should You Be to Sign up for Ferzu?

The minimum age required for you to be part of the Ferzu website is 18 years and above. The age distribution indicates that most members are in their 20s and 30s, and they are the most active.

Can I Use the Site on My Laptop?

Yes, you can. The desktop version is available on the Ferzu website as it is compatible with both MacBook and Windows users. The desktop version offers the members features from registration of an account to the creation of your profile, using the communication features, and enjoying the search filters. The version gives users a wider screen view and a solid keyboard that influences the typing speed when replying to messages. This version best suits the members who prefer using their PC.

How Many Members are on the Ferzu Website All Over the World?

There is no exact data offered to the public on the statistics of members on the site. However, different Ferzu reviews suggest that the members are about 100,000, and the men are more than women. Most of the members are situated in the United States, and they are the most active in the site.

Ferzu Review

Website Design and Usability

The design used in the site is simple and neat. The site as a dominant blue color and a blend of white as well. The layout is perfectly executed as well, since all the sections are positioned in perfection. The fonts used for the details on the site are also obvious and well-aligned. The site is also user friendly, making any use of any knowledge to be able to go through the site at ease. Generally, the design and navigation of the site are made conducive for every user.

Which Browsers Support the Ferzu Website?

Choosing the right browser has been the concern, according to many Ferzu reviews. It is because the site brings a lot of graphics as well due to the furs used. In this case, going for the best browser will serve you well and make your experience enjoyable. Choosing either Google Chrome, Opera, or Mozilla Firefox will increase the speed, help block hackers and viruses away, and save on the space of your device.

How Do I Operate the Camera on Ferzu?

Unfortunately, there is no video chat on the site. It isn’t to discourage you to opt-out since you can still utilize the camera by considering the other options. It would help if you had profile pictures, and also you can send photos and videos to fellow members, and these snaps can be taken from your camera. Clean up, dress up, look for a great background and conducive lighting, pose and smile for the camera. What you will decide to do with the photos is all up to you.

Ferzu Website Design and Usability

Special Features

Special features are what draw users to a particular site. The uniqueness in the teaching site is what makes them stand out from the rest. So let’s take a look at what Ferzu has to offer to its users;

Newsfeed – These are a form of a review of the full info in a particular profile’s walls. The information contained in the news feed includes the personal info or your body appearance

Flirt – This is a choice of messaging feature that members can use to express their interest in another member. It works well as first impression messages.

Live chat – This is a form of communication that allows users who are online to hold a conversation expecting fast responses.

My network – The section helps out a user track their members and the activities they take part in and posts uploaded.

Ferzu Special Features

How Does It Work?

The site is quite simple to use and excel in your goals. The first thing you need to do is become a member of the site to know how it works. After that, you can begin searching for members who you feel they best suit you, and when you make up a list of them, you can get on to communication. The feature offered for messaging is several, so it is easy to make contact depending on the plan’s approach.

How Can I Message Someone?

Messaging someone is quite simple and has different approaches to it as well. The options include;

  • Sending a direct message to a user (this will require you to be good with words)
  • Instant messaging, which is usually through the live chat
  • Sending a flirt to a member to show your interest
  • Sending photos or videos o spice up a conversation
  • Commenting on someone’s profile to give them your impression
  • Commenting on users’ news feeds.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Sending and receiving messages on the site is free.

How Can You Start Messaging with Members on Ferzu?

The first and most important step to kick-start your journey to an excellent conversation is to make sure that you begin getting the right person to send these messages. You need to put the search features into good use by narrowing down the options to get the accurate match suggestions. After finding your match, you then choose your best ice breaker or any available communication features to make a good first impression.

Why Can’t I Get Access to Ferzu?

You better check the kind of browser that you are using since it might not be compatible with the site. The other issue can be for mobile phones where the app cannot be supported. You can also check on your internet connection that denies you access to the site. The other common issue, according to the Ferzu reviews, is not getting to the right website, meaning you should indicate the right URL on your browser.

How Long Are the Ferzu Bans?

The bans on this site are rather weird. Bans are usually issues when a member violates any of the site’s policies. The types of bans in the site are;

i>Temporary bans – These are bans issues for minor offenses like using abusive language or posting something offensive. The bans usually last for at most a month.

Permanent bans – These are bans that come from serious offenses such as fraud or scamming fellow members, and they last for as long as the site still runs.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

To achieve a lift of your ban, you need first to consider the kind of band you’re in. The temporary bans don’t need much to be done or complained about since when the time is over, you will get your account back. As for the permanent bans, you need to issue an appeal to the site’s admins for them to reopen your case and make further investigations on the same. This process takes time, and when the results come out, you will get your account back if they favor you.

Is there an Option to Erase Your Ferzu Profile Page?

You can easily delete your account, depending on the reason that you have. Most of the Ferzu reviews have stated that members are fed up with the services delivery and response of the support team, so they delete their accounts. This process is accessible from your account and specifically from the account settings. You will proceed with a couple of steps offered, and in no time, you will have terminated your account. Note that this process is not reversible, and upon deleting the profile, all your data is also erased.

What Happens If I Disable The “Show Me on Ferzu” Feature?

The sites that allow users to use their social media accounts to sign in the site are a feature offered by the sites. Nonetheless, the Ferzu website does not offer such conditions, so the option isn’t available.

Where Do I See My Ferzu Matches?

The matches in the Ferzu website are readily available in the followers’ section. There is no specific feature that shows the matches of members, and neither is there a matching system, so users rely on their searches. Logically one will communicate with the member who is their potential match and thus the conclusion.

How Do I See Who Contacted Me on Ferzu?

The people who have contacted you will be seen in your inbox section. It is a spot where all the messages are places both old and new, so it is easy to trace your progress with a match.

Is it Possible to See the Ferzu Users Who I Have Liked?

So the site offers members the ability to send flirts to different members. Well, to be precise, any member you have ever send a flirt is someone that you liked, and since conversations are made in the inbox section, then that is the go-to session.

What Is Ferzu’s Invisibility Mode?

The spy mode is a feature that allows users to hide their profiles and go through profiles of members without being noticed. This Ferzu website does not offer this feature.

How Do I Change My Username in Ferzu?

It is a general rule across all online dating platforms that none of the members can change their display names. It is because usernames are the members’ identity, and once altered with, then the site won’t be making any progress in tracking the procedures in the site. If one is persistent in getting a new name, they might as well open up a new account and name it.

Why am I Having a Hard Time Entering the Site?

It is majorly an issue of using the wrong credentials while logging into the Ferzu website. The good approach to tackle this problem is to save your password in the browser or choose the option of always being kept logged in. The other causes of difficulty accessing the site include members with banned accounts or those who deleted theirs trying to get into the site.

Ferzu has a couple of search filters that can help you narrow down the options of your searches. There are a simple search and an advanced search with the latter having multiple features from body appearance to personality that helps you get the best results of match suggestions.

Ferzu How Does It Work

Sign up Process

The procedure of registering for an account is short and simple. There are a couple of details that you need to fill in to clear the first step. These details include your username, email, date of birth, gender, and the specifics of the person you will be interested in. The process is finalized by proving that you are not a robot and accepting the site’s membership agreement.

Once you’ve completed the first stage of registration, you will proceed to create your profile. The first step would be to include photos on your profile and choosing the fur character that will be your icon. The other details that you will consist of are the age, BMI, height, and weight ranges of the person you seek, your location, how the other members will identify you as, your relationship status, what you are looking for in the site, body type, facial and body hair, languages that you speak, etc.

How Do I Verify My Email Address?

The site disappoints since it does not take the profiles through the email verification process. It is a significant concern to many as it provides a loophole for scammers and fraudsters.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

There is no option to sign in the Ferzu website using your Facebook account. The email approach is the only available method of registering for the site.

How Do I Join Ferzu?

Joining the Ferzu community will require you to either get to the website or download the application, depending on the device that you choose to use. After so doing, you need to register for an account by following the necessary steps offered. The last phase will be creating your profile that contains a lot of details. Once all of these are done, you will be good to go, and you can begin your dating experience.

Can I Use the Site without Signing up?

The only things that you will be able to access as a non-member are the home page of the website (where there are a couple of details on what the site contains), the privacy policies, the terms and conditions, and the blogs of the site. All the features are only accessible to the members.

Users Profile Quality

The Ferzu website has excellent and presentable profiles. The fact that you have a fur character as your display icon and a name that you’d like to be referred to clearly shows your personality and preferences concerning those choices. The profiles also indicate the number of posts, the number of photos, the list of networks, and the members who have followed that particular profile. The profiles also offer an online status and a detailed list of information about the user. It makes the Ferzu profiles quite explicit and conducive while searching since it gives you a lot of info about the member.

Ferzu Sign up Process

Mobile Applications

The site offers a mobile application that is available in the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store. This application is well designed and neatly presented by the developers. The mobile application is offered for free, and it also doesn’t take much space. The app has all the features available in the desktop version but gives a better view of the profiles and details compared to the desktop version. The app is appropriate for users who are always up and down as long as they can access an internet connection, and they still want to keep in touch with their network.

Membership Price and the Payment Methods

When you’re tired of the limited features offered in the essential subscription, you can always go for an upgrade, and for this particular site it is known as Ferzu+. There are a couple of extra features that are included when you pay for a premium subscription as well. As for the prices, we were not able to find them on their website (you can drop the figures in the comment section if you are familiar with this info). However, the Ferzu reviews claim that they are fair compared to sister sites, and methods used to pay is with a credit card.

Free Membership Features

There are several features that you can enjoy as a standard member;

  • Registering for an account
  • Creating and editing your profile details
  • Posting on your wall
  • Commenting on other member’s photos
  • Viewing a particular number of user’s photos daily
  • Sending and receiving messages to users
  • Send flirts.

Is Ferzu Free?

The site is free as it offers a registry of an account and a couple of cool features all under the standard subscription.

Can You Notice When Someone Likes You on Ferzu If You’re on a Basic Member?

Yes, you can since they will send you a flirt, and a free member can receive messages as well.

Premium Membership Features

When you decide to reach for your pocket, then there are extra features that you will enjoy on a premium membership. These features include;

  • You will have access to all the special features.
  • Viewing member’s unlimited photos on their profiles
  • Uploading unlimited photos
  • Use unlimited e-notes.

Does Ferzu Offer Premium Membership?

Yes, the site offers the members with a premium membership named Ferzu+.

How Do I End My Ferzu Membership?

Cancellation of the Ferzu+ subscription can quickly be made from your profile. You can go to the settings section and select the account settings; then, you will proceed with the given instructions to finalize your cancellation.

Is Ferzu VIP Membership Auto-Renewed?

The website automatically renews your subscriptions when your current purchase is made.

Can I Get a Refund for Unutilized Time?

There are no refunds issued for unused time in the site, so you better make fair use of your subscription to avoid such cases.

Is My “support” to Ferzu Automatically Renewed Every Month?

The donations to the site are usually under an agreement, and these agreements have terms on which they operate. If automatic renewal was among the contract, then the site will make it useful when the time is due.

I am Not Satisfied with the Ferzu Subscription. Can I Get My Funds Back?

You better ask for a trial period or consult with fellow members to get to know what kind of services are offered in the Ferzu+ package. Otherwise, if you don’t enjoy the subscription after pay, then there is no way that you’ll get your money back.

How Will My Ferzu Payments Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

The purchases made on the site usually appear on the credit card bill as the name of the company.

Can I Give Support to Another Ferzu Members?

There is no clarity in any of the Ferzu reviews or the website regarding this issue.

Can I Send Donation For Only a Month?

Yes, it is possible.

Ferzu Membership Price and the Payment Methods

Is Ferzu Really Safe?

The site is reasonably safe, although there are cases of scammers from a couple of Ferzu reviews.

Are Ferzu Forums Threads Monitored?

The forums in the site are usually carefully monitored by the site’s admins.

How Can I Choose Who Can Contact Me on Ferzu?

You can filter the members you want to contact you by blocking the ones you don’t want to hear from.

What Security Measures Does Ferzu Have?

  • Confirmation of whether or not you are a bot
  • Blocking and reporting features
  • Encryption of chats.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspected Fraudster?

It can be done from the profiles of the members and specifically the bottom after all the details.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Misuses Their Ferzu Account by Stealing Money?

The member will be liable to return the cash or face the criminal charges if not complying.

Which Details Shouldn’t Be Posted in Your Ferzu Account?

Any details that do not conform to the membership agreement.

Are Ferzu Chats Encrypted?

There is a particular algorithm used by the site to perform this task.

Can Ferzu Track You Down?

If there is a reason to, then it is possible.

Can Ferzu Be Traced by the Police?

It can only be done upon issuing a court order.

Who Should I Go to If I Have Queries Regarding My Privacy in Ferzu?

It would be best if you reached the support team for assistance.

Can I Edit the Info that I’ve Already Included in My Ferzu Profile?

Editing of details on your profile is permitted, although also limited.

Are There Fraudsters or Scammers in Ferzu?

Several Ferzu reviews claim there are a couple of scammers.

Is Ferzu Really Safe

Contact Information



Grommr, Feabie, Pupspace, and Chasable.

Real Life Review

It’s a very nice app, and the layout is clean and readable. I think the one change I’d like would be to see your wall posts easier since there’s a little navigation to get to it, but besides that, it’s a very functional app – MrCriticDude

Is Ferzu the Best Dating Site/App?

Not really, there are lots of faults that diminish the performance of the site.

Can I Un-Match a Ferzu User?

Easily un-following an individual can do this.

Is Ferzu a Long Relationship Seeking App?

The site aims at both casual dates and serious relationships.

Ferzu Contact Information


If you’re a fan of furs and you like showing off your favorite character, then Ferzu is the place to be for you. In the site, you can enjoy great communication features as well as several searching filters. The site is still growing and keeps on improving after ever maintenance. Have you tried Ferzu before? What was your fur character? How was your experience?

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