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MatchOcean Review

MatchOcean Review
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 74%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 1 100 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 7.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • All features are completely free;
  • Availability of mobile application;
  • Ability to communicate using audio and video chat;
  • The ability to play 3d games
  • The mobile application is not available for Android;
  • The presence of fake profiles, trolls, and only inadequate personalities;

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A completely free adventure dating service is MatchOcean. Therefore, if you do not want to pay for dating, then the MatchOcean website is suitable for you. It is easier for most modern women and men to start communication on the Internet. It is not surprising that the MatchOcean dating site for a serious relationship has gained extraordinary popularity. The first rule of success is the correct setting of goals. It would help if you answered honestly the question of what is expected to be obtained from communication on the MatchOcean website. To find a soulmate for a serious relationship at MatchOcean, you should immediately decide what to take in as a partner. The search tactics themselves depend on this. To do this, you need to evaluate the mass of profiles on MatchOcean. Another essential aspect that will help to establish a serious relationship on the MatchOcean website is sociability. For example, on the site described in this MatchOcean Review, this is quite simple. You can select your future partner (gender, age, height, weight, etc.) in the MatchOcean search engine, and the site also offers daily matches for you. On the MatchOcean website, you can register and view profiles, like people who like your photo (in case of mutual likes you get a notification), chat, upload photos and videos, and all this for free. MatchOcean fraud, fanning, harassment, or any other harmful behavior on the MatchOcean will be punished by deleting your account. However, not only should the behavior be correct: there are MatchOcean rules that apply to the design of the profile.

MatchOcean Review in 2020

Prohibitions apply to:

  • Photos of an intimate nature;
  • Creation of a new questionnaire on MatchOcean if the user has been removed from the site;
  • Search for women for third parties;
  • Group pictures in profile;
  • Multiple MatchOcean profiles

The main distinguishing feature of the MatchOcean website is its simplicity. It is impossible to get confused in its use due to a perfectly thought-out interface and the lack of congestion with additional content.

It is worth noting the notification system on the MatchOcean site. It works perfectly, and you simply will not have the opportunity to skip any new activity in your MatchOcean profile. Also is available a mobile application for Android, which is ideally adapted for smartphones; the MatchOcean user receives stable notifications by email. MatchOcean is an excellent, effective online platform for finding love, friendship, and merely exciting experiences. MatchOcean aimed at successful, independent people who know what they want from life.

Does MatchOcean Support Other Languages?

In addition to English, the dating site MatchOcean is accessed in another 52 languages:

German, Russian, Chinese, Georgian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Spanish, etc.

Who Owns MatchOcean?

Dating platform MatchOcean is founded by MatchOcean Inc.

Where Is MatchOcean Based?

MatchOcean dating site is based in Washington, DC, United States

When Was MatchOcean Founded?

The dating site MatchOcean was founded in 2003.

Is MatchOcean Available Worldwide?

The MatchOcean dating site is available in many countries and cities worldwide, even if you are looking for asexual dating.

Age of Registered Members on the MatchOcean?

The age of registered members on the dating site MatchOcean is from 38 to 45.

Desktop Version on the MatchOcean

The dating site MatchOcean is available on any platform connected to the Internet. Except for a computer, the MatchOcean site can be used on both a tablet and mobile phones. You can’t download the MatchOcean application if you do not want to occupy the memory in the device.

Members of MatchOcean

On the niche dating site, MatchOcean mainly registers those who are looking for a serious relationship, want to start a family and have children. The MatchOcean site mainly registers people looking for a serious relationship, wants a family, and has children. The MatchOcean site does not welcome fleeting acquaintances for one night, if you want to have fun, you have nothing to do.

Members of MatchOcean

About Website Design & Usability

The MatchOcean site’s interface is not overloaded with unnecessary functions: here on the MatchOcean site is required for successful acquaintances and comfortable communication. The functionality of the MatchOcean dating site is well laid out and relatively balanced. There are not many MatchOcean options that complicate the process of dating and communication. At the same time, there on the MatchOcean is everything necessary for the comfortable use of the site. The purpose of usability is to make the MatchOcean site as convenient as possible so that MatchOcean takes the necessary actions, remains always satisfied, and regularly comes to the site.

Which Browsers Support MatchOcean?

The MatchOcean website is accessible from all the popular browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge;
  • Opera;
  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Vivaldi;

Using Camera on Dating Site MatchOcean

The MatchOcean dating site has a video communication function. Of course, the site user will need a camera to chat with the person from the MatchOcean site in real-time and see him/her on the monitor of the site computer or phone screen.

Special Features

Any registered MatchOcean site member will be able to use the unique functions of the site:

  • Ability to send gifts;
  • Play exciting 3d games;
  • The ability to see the participant in video chat as well as in audio chat;
  • The ability to wink at other participants

How Does The MatchOcean Work?

A site like MatchOcean is an extremely positive development for modern society. MatchOcean makes it possible for people to communicate from various social circles and geographical locations. Go through easy MatchOcean registration, answer several main questions, and use the site. On the MatchOcean dating site, you can communicate unlimitedly in video and audio chats, and enjoy new acquaintances.

How to Get in Contact With Another User?

Go to the site MatchOcean profile of the participant you like and hover over the profile photo, select the “Write message” button in the MatchOcean pop-up window, then enter the appropriate text and send it to the addressee. Also, on the MatchOcean site is available video chat and audio chat.

Are Messaging Functions Free?

Yes, the function of sending messages on the dating site MatchOcean is free, as well as chatting.

Communication Process on the Dating Site MatchOcean

Communication on the MatchOcean site occurs through the sending of personal messages, and the MatchOcean dating site also offers its users to communicate via chat.

How Long Are MatchOcean Bans?

The MatchOcean works without any interference. If you notice any slowdowns on the site, be sure to inform the site moderators about it.

How Reactivate Banned Account?

If your MatchOcean account is blocked, you can contact the MatchOcean dating site’s support team and try to solve the problem.

Is There Any Option to Delete MatchOcean Profile?

If the MatchOcean user wants to cancel the account on the dating site, he will need to create a new profile to return to the MatchOcean dating site. For delete MatchOcean site profile, you need to go on the “Settings” find “Change account status” and after click “Delete MatchOcean account.” Your profile will be deleted instantly.

Is There Any Option to Delete MatchOcean Profile?

Is It Possible to Disable the “Show Me on MatchOcean ” Option?

This option isn’t available on the dating site MatchOcean.

Where See «My Matches» on the MatchOcean?

Every day the MatchOcean dating site will provide your matches, which you can see in your notifications.

How Edit Nickname on Dating Site MatchOcean?

To change your nickname on the dating site MatchOcean, go to your account settings, find the “Username” section, and click “Change.” After that, enter the new MatchOcean nickname and save the changes.

Where Can Member See Who Messaged Him on MatchOcean?

If someone writes to you in the MatchOcean chat or message, you will know this with a notification which will be displayed in your profile.

What Is MatchOcean Incognito Mode?

The MatchOcean dating site does not have this model.

Having a Troubles With Entering the Site?

There are many reasons for this if, unlike other computers, the MatchOcean site does not open on your computer. If there is a breakdown on the MatchOcean site itself, wait. There are problems with the computer or network if the MatchOcean site does not open on your computer.

Search Filter on the Dating Site MatchOcean

After you enter the MatchOcean site, you will have the opportunity to introduce or select data in the search window to help you find your soulmate. To do this, you must choose:

  • Gender
  • Age range;
  • Location;

MatchOcean site system will offer you all the options that will suit your taste.

Sign Up Process

Registering on the MatchOcean site is very simple. You need to indicate your gender and who you are looking for. It would help if you also came up with a MatchOcean username and password. Then enter your email. In the end, indicate your age and your location. After that, answer a few MatchOcean questions and you can also describe yourself, write about your interests, hobbies, preferences, etc.

Is There Email Verification?

There is no verification of your email on the MatchOcean site.

How Can Member Join MatchOcean?

Joining the dating site MatchOcean is free and easy. Simply click on the sign-up option on the website’s homepage to create a personal profile.

Is It Possible to Use the Site Without Signing Up?

No, you will need to sign up for your MatchOcean account. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the site.

Is It Possible to Use the Site Without Signing Up?

Users Profile Quality

To start using the MatchOcean site, you must first visit it. You will need to provide a little information about yourself, answer the questions that the MatchOcean site has prepared for you. With these answers, the MatchOcean site will search for a couple for you through the MatchOcean profile matching algorithm. The more information you write about yourself, the higher the chance that the MatchOcean site will pick the right pair for you, and your time will not be wasted. Also, special attention should be paid to the MatchOcean profile photo should be perfect. A profile photo of a girl with a deep neckline increases the number of contacts of the participants of the MatchOcean, but only those photos in which people do something exciting cause active correspondence on the site. The MatchOcean profile pictures where women drink or pose with animals are the worst of all. Follow all these rules, and you will not be left unnoticed on the MatchOcean site.

Mobile Applications

The mobile application of dating site MatchOcean is available only for the iOS operating system, which you can download to your iPhone or iPad from the App Store. You can use the MatchOcean mobile site if you do not want to fill out your device’s memory card. Mobile site MatchOcean has the same functions as in the application. On the official site of MatchOcean, the primary condition for the site to work well on your phone is a connection to high-speed Internet.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Membership on the dating site MatchOcean is free; you don’t need to pay to start dating and conversation on the site.

Free Membership Features

All functions on the MatchOcean site are free; for this, you will not need a membership. The MatchOcean Reviews provides a small list of free site features:

  • Registration.
  • Ability to view MatchOcean profiles and photos of any participants.
  • View information of any site member.
  • The ability to find out who has viewed your profile.
  • Ability to view and rate daily MatchOcean matches.
  • Free from sending messages.
  • Free MatchOcean app.
  • Ability to call a participant via video call and many more exciting features.

Is MatchOcean Free?

Yes, the dating site MatchOcean is free. To start using the site, you need to register.

How to Understand Who Likes You on MatchOcean Dating Site?

You will receive a notification on your MatchOcean profile that you are of interest to someone. You can view the profile of this member, and start getting acquainted.

Premium Membership Features

All unique and exclusive functions of the MatchOcean dating site are free, and you do not need a Premium membership for this.

Does MatchOcean Offer Premium Membership?

The MatchOcean site has no membership. Here, any member becomes a full member of the site. All registered members on the MatchOcean dating site are equal and have the same rights and privileges.

How Cancel MatchOcean Membership?

Membership on the dating site MatchOcean cannot be canceled.

Can User of MatchOcean Get a Refund for Unused Time?

The user will not receive a refund because he did not pay anything on the dating site MatchOcean.

Is the Payment on MatchOcean Automatically Renewed Every Month?

No, the subscription is not renewed because the dating site MatchOcean is free.

How to Get Refund From Dating Site MatchOcean?

The dating site MatchOcean will not return anything because you do not have to pay on the site.

MatchOcean Support: Good or Bad for Credit Card Bill?

Dating site MatchOcean users don’t need to enter credit card details because membership on the site is free.

How to Give Support to Other MatchOcean Users?

It is impossible to give support to other members of the MatchOcean dating site.

How to Give Support to Other MatchOcean Users?

Can User Purchase a Subscription for Just a Month?

You don’t need to buy a monthly MatchOcean membership, because the subscription on the site is free.

How to Understand That Someone Is Trying to Trick You?

In this MatchOcean Review, you will learn how to protect yourself from scammers. A dating site MatchOcean is often used for virtual entertainment. Especially scammers love newcomers on the MatchOcean dating site. First, the scammer on the MatchOcean is rubbed into trust, and he will offer to move closer to a closer relationship. If you sent intimate pictures from your MatchOcean profile, he would begin to blackmail you, threatening to show photos to your relatives and friends. To avoid this MatchOcean, will take all measures to protect you. Of course, it’s better if you do not enter into trust with a person on MatchOcean whom you do not know very well.

Does MatchOcean Encrypts Chats?

The MatchOcean site does not have the right to encrypt on your correspondence. It is a violation of the privacy policy of the MatchOcean dating site.

Can Dating Site MatchOcean Track You Down?

No, dating site MatchOcean reported concerns about the brand tracking them down. You can easily register on the MatchOcean site; no one will follow you.

Can MatchOcean be Investigated by the Police?

If you are a victim of psychological abuse by a MatchOcean user, you are being blackmailed or deceived; you should contact the police. You will need to provide evidence from MatchOcean – screenshots of correspondence to start an investigation.

Questions About Privacy on Dating Site MatchOcean ?

The privacy policy defines how MatchOcean collects, uses, stores, and discloses information received from users on MatchOcean.com. The privacy policy applies directly to MatchOcean and the information obtained through it. It does not apply to any other site.

Can User Delete Submitted Information on the Dating Site MatchOcean?

The user dating site MatchOcean has the right to delete information about himself or change any item in his profile.

Fake Accounts on MatchOcean

The most common situations of fake profiles on a dating site MatchOcean: the user impersonates a person of different age and gender and a different social status. It should seem strange if the MatchOcean user is a candidate of sciences who makes elementary grammatical mistakes. Refusal to continue acquaintance outside the MatchOcean dating site, endlessly postponing or transferring a conversation to other topics for no apparent reason — these are all signs of the MatchOcean interlocutor’s deceit. In an active conversation on MatchOcean, fake users do not have an idea of many simple things for their generation and don’t have sufficient knowledge. Inform MatchOcean site staff about the fake profile, write to the email: [email protected]. Your suspicion will be checked by the MatchOcean site moderators.

Contact Information

Company: MatchOcean, Inc.

Address: Washington, DC, United States

Email: [email protected]


  • Zoosk;
  • Tinder;
  • OkCupid
Contact Information

Real Life Review

“Before, I completely did not believe in online dating. But a couple of years ago, I signed up for the MatchOcean dating site for the sake of curiosity. I was not going to start a relationship with anyone, on the MatchOcean, just talk. But one of the young users of MatchOcean invited me to take a walk, and he was so interested that we began to meet for many years. I think that MatchOcean everything is individual. With the help of this “ordinary” modern method, I found on MatchOcean a person who suits me in everything.”

Is MatchOcean the Best Dating Site/App?

At first glance, it’s not apparent what sets MatchOcean apart from other dating sites or apps. When you complete the registration process on dating site MatchOcean, you will realize that it gathers enough information about you to make reasonable match suggestions on the MatchOcean website, which saves you the time you would spend sorting hundreds of profiles. You can also use most features of MatchOcean without paying. Dating site MatchOcean does not refuse your editorial choice, compliance, with its equally firm profiles and MatchOcean user-friendly interface. Still, it is a reliable alternative for those who are looking for long love.

How to Refuse the Match of Dating Site MatchOcean?

You will not need to refuse the match on the dating site MatchOcean you can ignore the matches offered by the site, and find your partner yourself using the MatchOcean dating site’s search function.

Is MatchOcean a Hook-Up Dating Site?

Dating site MatchOcean positions itself as a service of severe acquaintances, from which real love and strong friendship grow. On MatchOcean, you will not find depraved photographs; if this is found, then the moderators will instantly block your profile.



The growing popularity of modern technology and the extraordinary busyness of people in the race for success and money have made the MatchOcean online dating platform almost the only way to find a soul mate. The first page that a new user sees when entering MatchOcean for the first time is the search page. A lot of attractive profiles that show usernames, age, place of residence. You can not delay acquaintance on the MatchOcean website and immediately write to the participant, add to favorites, or wink. MatchOcean is a dating site designed to search for a specific person if only the goal was clearly stated. The MatchOcean website is looking for life partners, looking for travel companions for relaxation, etc. And another huge plus of the MatchOcean dating site is that you can find a person who meets almost any request. If you don’t want to find an adventure on MatchOcean for one night, but a more or less serious relationship, then be sincere here everything, as in life. It is better to use on dating site MatchOcean your photos in the profile, but only without Photoshop because at dating. You can disappoint your MatchOcean virtual interlocutor. Write about yourself something non-standard and eye-catching on the MatchOcean questionnaire so that there are some understatement and a reason for conversation. By studying users’ profiles on the MatchOcean dating site, you can conclude the similarity of interests, lifestyle, musical and culinary preferences of the future elect from the MatchOcean website in advance. MatchOcean website will satisfy the needs of both those who are in search of a serious relationship. And for those who are just looking for a company for a pleasant evening together. Excellent MatchOcean website design, accessible interface, and a large number of active users make this site one of the best in online dating. MatchOcean is worth a try if only to form your own opinion about it. You probably won’t want to leave after this, as this MatchOcean gives everything you need. And finally, many site users find it easier to start chatting on the MatchOcean dating site with text messaging: less worry and more time to come up with witty answers to the MatchOcean interlocutor’s questions.

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