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SeniorFriendFinder Review

SeniorFriendFinder Review
About Site
Active Audience 82%
Quality Matches 81%
Popular Age 45-55
Profiles 1 460 000
Reply Rate 75%
Ease of Use 7.4
Popularity 7.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • All the members have access to chats and messages.
  • At SeniorFriendFinder, it is possible to use special points for upgrading subscription.
  • Only those who have filled all the lines of their profiles can write messages to other members.
  • Members of SeniorFriendFinder can contact the support department at any time of the day.
  • There are lots of active users.
  • There is an advanced search filter at SeniorFriendFinder.
  • Members of the community have to face dozens of irritative advertisements.
  • The page at SeniorFriendFinder is not organized to good: sometimes, it is challenging to sort the information there.
  • For obtaining more opportunities, it is always necessary to upgrade subscription.
  • The smartphone application is not available for Android users.

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SeniorFriendFinder is a dating service website designed for older categories of population. Here, seniors can find new friends and romantic partners for further relationships. There is a low level of fake profiles on this platform. That is why the number of active users is always high. SeniorFriendFinder review demonstrates that it is a narrowly specified community where members belong to one age category. At the same time, SeniorFriendFinder is a part of a large group of FriendFinder Network, which has several similar platforms. A great advantage of their approach is that they try to verify all the profiles and their photos to minimize the chances of scamming activity among the members of the community.

The SeniorFriendFinder website concentrates its attention on seniors over 60 years old. The main difference of this dating website from other senior dating platforms is that it is not for only dating. Often, people gather there to have fun and have a pleasant time. Also, people try to find new friends there, which is extremely difficult in senior age. But the website facilitates this. The service was launched in 1996 and is successfully functioning till now. This fact underlines the reliability of the SeniorFriendFinder website to serve people and their needs.

SeniorFriendFinder Review in 2020

Languages on Which SeniorFriendFinder Is Functioning

The SeniorFriendFinder website is functioning in the United States territory. That is why the main language there is English. However, it is the only language on this website. SeniorFriendFinder does not offer the option of choice. But taking into account that English is an international language, residents of other countries and continents can be members of this community.

The Owners of SeniorFriendFinder Community

From the SeniorFriendFinder review above, it becomes clear that this community belongs to the FriendFinder Network, which has several such services with a similar interface and purpose. To be more specific, it is necessary to underline that this dating service also belongs to the Various incorporation.

The Location of SeniorFriendFinder’s Main Office

The main office of Various Incorporation is located in the United States, California. There are an exact address and phone numbers to which it is possible to call at the official website of SeniorFriendFinder at the link Contact Us. The members can call from Monday to Friday at the working hours from 9 am till 5 pm.

The Date When SeniorFriendFinder Started Its Existence

As a part of the FriendFinder Network, the SeniorFriendFinder website started its existence in 1996. Since then, along with the development of the Internet, the number of members is continually growing. At the same time, it underlines the respectfulness of this community.

Countries That Can Find Matches At SeniorFriendFinder Website

The SeniorFriendFinder website is available worldwide. Although the majority of members are residents of the United States, the representatives of other countries also demonstrate their activity. Also, it is necessary to take into account that a small percentage of the members meet in reality. The majority of them want to communicate with someone and meet pen friends. That is why meetings of representatives from different continents are frequent phenomena.

An Average Age of SeniorFriendFinder Member and Minimum Age for Registration

As in other dating services websites, the minimum age to register at SeniorFriendFinder must be 18 years old. However, it is almost impossible to meet here such persons because this website serves older categories of population. An average age of the community’s members is 60 years old. They perform the greatest activity in searching for a new friend and even romantic partners.

The Way To Use a Website With a Help Of Computer

From the very beginning, SeniorFriendFinder functioned as a desktop version. For finding the website, it is enough to write its title in any search engine. The first link will be the SeniorFriendFinder community. It is a user-friendly website because the developers have taken into account the age of the potential users. That is why it must be as simple as possible.

The Number of Subscribers of SeniorFriendFinder Throughout the World

The SeniorFriendFinder reviews claim that this website has approximately 600,000 subscribers throughout the world. The majority of them live in English speaking countries, predominantly in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Website Design and Usability

The designers of the SeniorFriendFinder website managed to do it clear and convenient for use. All the necessary information can be found easily because the buttons are titled without equivocation. In such a way, it is easy to use for any age. If the user has some questions, there is a FAQ section. There are answers to 95% of all questions that may arise. Thus, before writing to the support department, it is better to look through the ready answers.

Browsers That Help to Open SeniorFriendFinder Website

This dating website is accessible from any browser, which has access to the Internet. It can be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and even Internet Explorer. This list can be much longer.

The Function of the Camera on SeniorFriendFinder Website

It is not a secret that the camera is used for taking photos, recording videos, and providing video calls. The function of the camera during the use of SeniorFriendFinder is the same. The primary function is to provide live chats, where users can see each other even when they are on different continents.

Distinctive Features Available at SeniorFriendFinder

The SeniorFriendFinder website is open for communication and searching for new and pleasant people who are in their 60th. Apart from the possibility to message individually, there is a possibility of visiting various chat rooms and forums. The website has advanced search options, which may be improved when to buy Silver or Gold Subscription. The service itself functions as a profile-based matching platform. Also, it has an online magazine, which highlights various questions interesting to senior people. The main advantage is that this magazine is free. In general, the SeniorFriendFinder website and its mobile application are user-friendly and easy to use.

Distinctive Features Available at SeniorFriendFinder

SeniorFriendFinder and Its Principles of Work

For finding a friend or romantic partner at SeniorFriendFinder, it is necessary to use an advanced search option, which will find an appropriate person according to various characteristics. Also, it is possible to visit chat rooms and forums and choose a person with whom to continue communication. There, it is possible to understand the essence of the person by how he or she is writing. If members of SeniorFriendFinder have paid subscription, they may provide instant messaging with one another. For free members, such an opportunity is not open.

Ways How to Start Messaging at SeniorFriendFinder

First of all, it is necessary to find or to choose a person with whom to chat. At SeniorFriendFinder, it is possible to look through potential matches and message those people. The number of matches per day depends on the type of subscription: free, Silver, or Gold. It may be 10, 20, or 30, respectively. From these matches, based on profiles, it is easier to choose a potential partner. However, only fee-based members can start communication.

The Price for Sending Messages

At SeniorFriendFinder, sending messages is not free. The member should have a paid subscription to start messaging. The price depends on the type of membership, Silver, or Gold.

The Procedure of Starting Messaging With Other Members on SeniorFriendFinder

All the SeniorFriendFinder reviews underline that it is quite easy to start interpersonal communication here. For this, it is enough to send a message on the email and start sending instant messages. It takes only several seconds. When the sympathy is mutual, communication can last for a long time. With a premium subscription, the singles can start a live chat.

Issues That Prevent an Access to SeniorFriendFinder

As a rule, the SeniorFriendFinder website does not have problems with access to the community. If a user cannot access the website, it is necessary to check on the Internet connection. Also, there could be a situation when the website launches some updates. Then, it is necessary to wait for some time and try to reaccess the community.

The Duration of Ban at SeniorFriendFinder

Among the SeniorFriendFinder reviews, there is little information about bans of the members who violate the terms and policies of the service. The website does not support any scamming activity. That is why it is necessary to write to the support department and report about any fraudulent activity among community members. The administration of SeniorFriendFinder will determine the duration of the ban if such is required.

Is it Possible to Return After Ban at SeniorFriendFinder?

The decision on whether to return the banned profile or not will be taken by the website’s administration. They determine why the profile received a ban and decide whether it is possible to give another chance to the former member of the website.

The Possibility of Deletion of the SeniorFriendFinder Profile

When a member of the website does not want to be a member of the community, he or she may ask the administration of the website either to delete some information or to delete the profile itself. For this, it is necessary to email the administration by sending a letter-request to the following address: [email protected].

The Way How to Switch Off the “Show Me on SeniorFriendFinder” Option

At SeniorFriendFinder service, there is no such special button, which allows us to hide the user’s profile from search results. However, the community member can ask the support department to make the profile hidden. As a result, nobody will be able to see such members when searching matches with the help of a search filter.

The Place for Controlling the Matches Statistics

All the users of the SeniorFriendFinder dating website can see their main stats on the website’s main page. This information is rather straightforward and does not require specialized knowledge in navigating the website. On the left side of the page, members can see their matches and flirts, which they received from other members.

Tracking All the Received Messages from Other Profiles on SeniorFriendFinder

All the received messages, as well as matching statistics, are on the left side of the page. On the rights side of the screen, the users see communication statistics in groups, blogs, and other posts.

Tracking All the Received Messages from Other Profiles on SeniorFriendFinder

The Way How to Save Profiles, Which Were Liked

When the user likes other members, he or she can send flirts to these profiles. All such profiles at SeniorFriendFinder can be found in a favorite list. In such a way, it is possible to postpone communication and send messages later when it is comfortable for both.

Do Not Track Mechanism at SeniorFriendFinder

At SeniorFriendFinder, there is no option of spy mode. Instead, there is a “do not track” mechanism, which will secure the personal information from access by third parties. When to switch on such mode, the user’s profile will be excluded from the search results.

Edition of Personal Information at SeniorFriendFinder

After the registration procedure at SeniorFriendFinder, the user may change the profile information, such as email, location.Especially, the website’s administration encourages to change passwords to minimize unauthorized access to personal information periodically. At privacy policy and SeniorFriendFinder reviews, there is no information about changes of username. It prevents the activity of fake profiles.

Problem Issues With Entering the Site

The primary possible reason, which prevents from entering the SeniorFriendFinder website may be incorrect username or password. In case of such issues, it is necessary to contact the support department. Also, it is needed to check the Internet connection.

Search Options at SeniorFriendFinder Dating Website

At SeniorFriendFinder, search options depend on the type of user’s profile. When the member has paid for Silver or Gold membership, the user receives more robust options, which will facilitate in finding an appropriate candidature.

Registration Process at SeniorFriendFinder

For successful registration, the user will have to enter the email address and confirm it by following the link which will be sent in the letter. Also, it is possible to register via a Facebook account. Then, the registration time will be faster because the main information will come from the Facebook profile.

Email Verification Procedure at SeniorFriendFinder

After the registration, the website sends the confirmation letter to which it is necessary to answer by following the sent link. This is enough to confirm the user’s identity.

Registration With the Help of Facebook Account

On the upper side of the SeniorFriendFinder page, there is a link to the Facebook website. It means that the user may register using the information already present in the Facebook account.

The Way of Becoming a Member of SeniorFriendFinder

For becoming a member of this dating website, it is necessary to pass registration by entering the user’s date of birth, gender, username, email, password, and other information. There is also an option to register as a couple and to look for a couple.

The Chance to Use Website Without Registration

Unfortunately, there is not a possibility to use a website without preliminary registration. It may be a free membership, but the signing up process is obligatory. With free membership, the user obtains limited features. For getting more opportunities, it is needed to switch to fee-based membership.

The Quality and Design of Users Profile

At SeniorFriendFinder, filling the profile information is possible after registration. The design of the user page is quite simple and clear. An average member must not experience difficulties with navigating the website. For increasing the chances to find matches, there is a recommendation to complete the profile fully. It will facilitate matches. People are looking both for friendship and romantic relationships here. For this, they can chat with the help of messages and even live chats. Although, these opportunities depend on the rank of the membership.

The Quality and Design of Users Profile

Main Features of Mobile Applications

The mobile application is available only for iPhone users. For its downloading, it is necessary to visit the Apple App Store. The app is as user-friendly as the desktop version. The absence of a SeniorFriendFinder application for Android users is the main disadvantage because not all seniors can afford to buy iPhones. The size of the screen is adjusted to the size of the mobile phone. Also, it is possible to download photos directly from the smartphone.

Pricing Policy at SeniorFriendFinder

All the members of the community may enjoy both free and paid membership. At the same time, fee-based membership has two options: Silver and Golden memberships. The higher the price, the greater advantages will be available for the user. The prices are below:

The Duration of Membership

Silver Plan

Golden Plan

1 month



3 months



Free Membership Features

Free members can enjoy the following features:

  • It is possible to create a profile.
  • The user may fill in all the information about whom he or she is looking for.
  • Simple search options.
  • Self-introduction with the help of personal information.
  • There is a chance to upload photos and videos.
  • Chatting and sending instant messages are also available.

The Availability of Free Membership

Yes, the SeniorFriendFinder can be free, but it will present limited opportunities to users.

The Ability of Free Members to See When Someone Likes Them on SeniorFriendFinder

At SeniorFriendFinder, the members can see when someone liked them. But for further communication with this member, it is necessary to have an advanced membership.

The Ability of Free Members to See When Someone Likes Them on SeniorFriendFinder

Main Features of Premium Subscription

Premium features at SeniorFriendFinder depend on the type of membership. Thus Silver subscription offers the following:

  • Premium search features.
  • Contact members and look through their profiles.
  • The profile will be approved faster.

The Golden subscription will allow:

  • All the Silver features.
  • The profile is shown more often in search results.
  • Obtaining the tech support faster.

The prices are several points above.

The Way to Know About Premium Membership

The SeniorFriendFinder always reminds its members about the advantages of premium subscription and new opportunities that will open when to buy fee-based membership.

The Way to Discontinue the Membership on SeniorFriendFinder

At SeniorFriendFinder, the members can stop their subscription on the website. For this, it is necessary to contact the support department and explain to them the reason why to stop the subscription.

Auto-Renewal of the SeniorFriendFinder Subscription

When the member of the community pays for the next months of the website use at SeniorFriendFinder, the membership will be auto-renewed.

Refunds for the Unused Time at SeniorFriendFinder

Like in similar websites, SeniorFriendFinder does not provide any refunds if the member discontinues the membership beforehand.

Automatic Renewal of SeniorFriendFinder’s Support

When the subscription is over, the website reminds its users that it is necessary to pay for further subscription and enjoy all the features of the fee-based membership.

The Availability of Chance to Get Money Back if the Member is Not Satisfied With the Service

When the member of SeniorFriendFinder stops the membership in advance, he or she will not receive any refunds. The member can read the terms of use preliminarily. There are all the conditions for which it is necessary to expect.

The Impact of the SeniorFriendFinder Platform on the Credit Card Bill

The users of SeniorFriendFinder may provide payment for fee-based services with the help of a Credit Card or PayPal. The price of the services is not so high. Thus, the impact on the Credit Card bill is not so serious.

An Opportunity to Share the Subscription With Other Members

At SeniorFriendFinder, it is not allowed to share support with other members because it will violate the security policy. After all, third persons will receive access to the private information.

The Possibility to Send Support for a Month

The member of SeniorFriendFinder can buy a monthly subscription for the services on the website. But it is not allowed to send subscriptions to other members because it will be necessary to share passwords and login information.

Safety Issues at SeniorFriendFinder

The website is safe because the website’s administration cares about safety issues and provides approval of the profiles with the help of email verification. When they notice the activity of bots or scammers, such profiles are banned.

The Control of Forums at SeniorFriendFinder

At SeniorFriendFinder, administration prevents any abusive behavior and often reads blogs and forums to detect any fraudulent activities of aggressive behavior towards other members.

The Way to Restrict Sending Messages from Other Members

In the setting section, it is possible to restrict some members from sending messages to the profile. Especially, it is possible when members perform scamming or abusive activity.

Care About Security at SeniorFriendFinder

At SeniorFriendFinder, they follow the fraud detection algorithm to secure the personal information of the members. Also, they try to prevent any aggressive behavior towards other members.

The Ways to Block and Report Any Scamming Activity

When someone has noticed scamming activity at the SeniorFriendFinder website, it is possible to write to the support department. Also, at the bottom of the page, there is a Report Abuse button, where it is possible to complain about abusive behavior.

The Consequences When a Member Uses SeniorFriendFinder Account to Solicit Money

For earning money, there is an affiliated program at the website. But when the user performs other illegal activities, he or she will receive a ban.

The Information That Is Not Welcomed in the Profile

At SeniorFriendFinder, it is better not to write about any financial information, income, and direct address. Such an approach will prevent criminal activities toward the member.

The Encryption of Messages at SeniorFriendFinder

All the chats are encrypted in order none of the third parties receive access to the information shared while messaging.

Tracking Down of Website’s Members

It is not the aim of SeniorFriendFinder to pursue their clients. They do not track down the members without reason because it will violate privacy rules.

Police Rights to Trace the Members of SeniorFriendFinder

If a community member demonstrates any criminal activity, the website can share the personal information about this user to prevent any violent activity.

Organ Involved in Solving Privacy Issues at SeniorFriendFinder

When a community member has questions regarding privacy issues at the website, he or she should contact the support department and receive consultation with explanations.

The Ways to Delete the Information That Has Been Submitted to SeniorFriendFinder?

For the deletion of any information submitted to the website, it is necessary to email the website administration. Also, it is possible to do it manually and delete or change any information.

The Presence of Fake or Scam Profiles on SeniorFriendFinder

The SeniorFriendFinder reviews underline that there is a certain percentage of fake profiles, but the administration tries to minimize their activity and delete such accounts.

The Presence of Fake or Scam Profiles on SeniorFriendFinder

Contact Information

The main office is in California, the United States, 910 E. Hamilton Ave, the Sixth Floor

The email is the following: [email protected]

Alternative Websites

Among the main competitors of SeniorFriendFinder, it is possible to name SeniorPeopleMeet.com and Love Again. The focus of these websites is on the senior categories of the population.

What Will Say Those Who Used the Service

Ms. Donah, who is 54 years old, had both positive and negative experiences of using the SeniorFriendFinder dating service. The communication with the first match did not last long. In one moment, the man simply disappeared and was not active anymore. The user thinks that it was either a bot, or scammer. But this experience did not stop her from using the SeniorFriendFinder website again. And her patience paid off. She managed to find a pleasant and kind man. Ms. Donah is from Minnesota, and her new friend is from Illinois. And they decided to meet in several weeks. She does not regret that she has bought a premium account and obtained a chance for happiness.

The Quality of the SeniorFriendFinder Website

Objectively, SeniorFriendFinder is one of the best websites for adult people. It is not expensive. At the same time, it is user friendly. Even the beginner will understand how to use it.

The Possibility to Block Member at SeniorFriendFinder

At SeniorFriendFinder, it is possible to remove the member from the favorite list. Also, it is possible to block the member, and he or she will not be able to look through the profiles of those who have blocked them.

The Type of SeniorFriendFinder Website

Yes, the SeniorFriendFinder community is a hook-up app. For downloading the application, it can be accessed from the Apple App Store. Then, it will be necessary to register there.

Closing Remarks About SeniorFriendFinder

Without any doubt, SeniorFriendFinder is a decent website for seniors to find new friends and romantic partners. The price for the use of the website is affordable. Moreover, it offers free membership, which has limited opportunities. But in any case, it is convenient for some people. There is also an online magazine where members of SeniorFriendFinder can read various compelling articles. In such a way, SeniorFriendFinder is worth being registered at.

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