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Chatroulette Review

Chatroulette Review
About Site
Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 9 650 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 4.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Help meeting people all over the world.
  • Best application for the introverts as it clears all their Inhibitions.
  • Free of cost and no premium membership features.
  • Easy navigation and the website is simple and straight forward.
  • There is no age limitation to join the website.
  • There might be some obscene content at times while surfing their network.
  • No extensive features to filter out the matches and search for the partners.

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Chatroulette was one of the first and major roulette-matching websites that came up in 2009. It offered content, video, and sound visit for a wide range of clients. Coded and designed by a 17-year-old Andrey Ternovskiy, Chatroulette was a great hit. Even without any kind of promotion, Chatroulette got renowned worldwide. Only four months after its launch, it bragged about 1.5 million day by day dynamic clients.

Since it was a great hit, even the celebrities started joining the platform in large numbers. Clients have shared screen captures of their Chatroulette encounters with these celebrities, like Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, and others. Others additionally tried their gimmicks, like, playing comedy piano for their partners or wearing cosplay to engage with the strangers with whom the pairing takes place.

Due to this extraordinary fame, companies and studios used Chatroulette as a platform to promote their services and movies. One of them was The last exorcism in 2010, which had a notable promotion event through the application.

What Languages Are Available On Chatroulette?

Chatroulette website predominantly Supports only the English language. Though it doesn’t support multiple languages, it is very easy to understand the features and use the website.

Who Owns Chatroulette, Really?

Andy Ternovskiy Chatroulette in Moscow, Russia, on November 16, 2009. The site initially had only 20 members. Then it has increased gradually due to its continuing popularity.

Chatroulette Headquarters?

Chatroulette’s headquarters are in Moscow, Russia, the same place where it was invented initially. Though all the operations take place from Moscow, the platform has attracted many people across the world. Even a few of the celebrities are big fans of their network.

Chatroulette: When Was It Founded?

Chatroulette entered the market in the year 2009 by Andy Ternovsky in Russia When he was 17 years old. Chatroulette is a video conversation platform where you can meet strangers over the network and have a chit-chat with them.

Is Chatroulette Available Globally?

Chatroulette is available only as a desktop version. It is accessible across the world in all countries. Basic internet connectivity is more than enough to visit their website.

What Is The Minimum Age On Chatroulette?

Chatroulette doesn’t encourage registering with them, or there is no process of signing up in their network. So a person doesn’t need to be 18 years old to join their platform. There is no age restriction to use Chatroulette.

Can I Use The Application Using A Desktop?

Chatroulette is available as a desktop version, which means that you can access the website through a browser. But, you cannot download the app version on the computer and use it.

How Many Users Are There On Chatroulette, Globally?

Initially, Chatroulette had over 80,00,000 people joining their site and enjoying the services. Over 1.5 million daily active users made use of the network effectively. Out of this population, 55 % of them were Female members, and 45% were male members.

How many users are there on Chatroulette, globally?

Website Design and Usability

The design of the website is effortless and straightforward. It doesn’t involve any complex steps for registration or filling out any form to give all the personal details for matchmaking. Chatroulette works only on video calling. Initially, it had a chat feature, but later the designers removed it to make the site simpler to use. All that you need is a working camera on your desktop or your smartphone. You will just have to give your gender, allow permission to use your system’s microphone and camera, and start chatting with anyone online on the platform. There might be some chances where people can flash just their photographs and join their website. Through the webcam, the system identifies your gender, and you will have to smile for authorization. This is just to avoid any fakeness while joining them.

Which Browsers Actually Support Chatroulette?

Almost all web browsers, including Opera, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc., support Chatroulette. There are also no restrictions on using it on mobile browsers. You can also use it on the mobile version on these website browsers.

Using The Camera On Chatroulette

Since Chatroulette works on Video chatting, you need to turn on your computer’s camera. Initially, the device will ask your permission to turn on the camera and microphone when you access the website on your desktop or mobile browser. You should select “Always Allow” to permit the website to use your device’s camera. Turning on the camera is vital in Chatroulette since it identifies the members using a face recognition technique.

Special Features

Chatroulette is straightforward and easy to use. It is very straight forward and doesn’t come with many fancy features. The designers of Chatroulette rolled out Channel features back in 2010 and named them Local Chatroulette and Channel Chatroulette. Local Chatroulette will identify your device’s IP address and join you to the channel with the people from your area. Channel Chatroulette will redirect you to the list of pre-defined channels that are available on their network. You can join any of those channels and discuss the topic that interests you more.

How Does Chatroulette Work?

The way Chatroulette works is very easy and straightforward. All that you require is a system or device with a working camera. Unlike other websites, Chatroulette doesn’t ask you to fill up any complex forms getting your details, and begin the matchmaking then. Instead, it works only with the camera. You will have to permit the website to use your system’s web camera and microphone. Once you allow, you will be connected to their platform. You may encounter new people or find someone interesting and start a video conversation with them when you see them. There is no registration required or any verification needed. The system will just recognize your face and detect your gender or select your gender that pops on the screen’s left side.

How Can I Message Someone?

Initially, texting someone on Chatroulette was available. Later on, Andrey himself removed the feature and started making the Video calling feature predominantly. This is to make sure that no fake profiles get floated on their network.

Is It Free To Send Messages?

The text chatting feature is unavailable on Chatroulette, and only video chatting is available on their website. When they had the feature at first, it was free to use and accessible for anyone who joins with them. The aim of Chatroulette is quite simple. It aims to connect with people directly and no beating around the bush.

Messaging On Chatroulette

The text messaging was initially available with Chatroulette. But they scraped out the feature to keep the aim of the website very simple. Individuals can encounter strangers on the network and start having a conversation with them right away, rather than exchanging their details and following the traditional matchmaking procedures.

Having A Hard Time Accessing Chatroulette?

Chatroulette makes sure it is accessible for all the members who visit their website. You should permit the website to use your camera and microphone. Sometimes, if you missed to permit it, you will not be able to access their network and start a video conversation as well. This might be the reason why you cannot access Chatroulette. The other reason could be due to any network issue; their platform might not be accessible.

Chatroulette Bans: How Long Are They For?

Since there is no registration process with them, there is no chance of restricting someone from using their services. But you can still report someone if you find their behavior much suspicious. You can mail it to their support team, and they could investigate what can be done further.

Reactivating My Banned Account

Chatroulette doesn’t ban anybody’s account since it doesn’t enforce on registering with them. So it is an individual’s responsibility to know with whom they are talking over the video chat and make sure to be cautious while having a conversation with them to avoid any unrelated arguments or incidents.

Terminating Your Chatroulette Profile

The situation of deleting your Chatroulette profile never arises because you don’t have to sign-up with them with all your details. Chatroulette is free to use without any complex procedure of registration. The process is very simple and basic. You can very well withdraw from their platform if you ever feel to do so.

Disabiling The “Show Me On Chatroulette” Option

There is no such feature of disabling Show me on Chatroulette. You can just turn off your camera or disable it if you feel like you want to end a conversation. Once you do so, you will not be visible to others.

How Can I Check My Matches?

The Russian Roulette game was the inspiration for Chatroulette. Hence, there is no typical matchmaking process, or there are no pre-written algorithms that identify a perfect match for you. You will meet strangers on their website, start an immediate video call with them, and share your likes and dislikes.

You can either continue to chat with the same person or find someone by swiping the left of the screen.

How can I check my matches?

Checking Who Messaged Me On Chatroulette

To make their platform more secure and straightforward, there is no text messaging feature available in Chatroulette. You can directly meet a person over the video call and start chatting with them. Initially, they had the chat text feature, and the developers removed it recently to keep their network intact.

Can I Check The Chatroulette Users Who I Liked?

It is not possible to see the Chatroulette members who you liked. Instead, you can choose with whom you can chat. At first, the website will connect you to a stranger. You can either continue to chat with them over the video or swipe left to ignore them.

Chatroulette’s Spy Mode

There is no spy mode in Chatroulette. The whole workflow of the website runs on turning on the web camera. So there are no hidden features to spy on someone or know what they are up to. The site is plain and simple.

Editing My Username On Chatroulette

Since Chatroulette doesn’t involve registering with them, the situation never arises where you need to give the username and make a video chat with someone on the internet. Hence it is not possible to edit the username in Chatroulette.

Difficulty Entering The Platform?

The only main reason you might not access Chatroulette is not permitting a camera or microphone access. These both are essential features necessary to have a video call over the network. Failing to give permission will not allow you to enter the site.

The Chatroulette Search: How Does It Work?

Unlike other websites, Chatroulette doesn’t have the option of searching for an ideal match using any filter options like name, age, gender, interests, etc. When you go to their website and turn on the camera and microphone, you will see the list of strangers to talk with. You can connect with whom you like and communicate over the video call.


Chatroulette is a casual dating website that is different from other dating sites that involve a traditional way of signing up with all the personal details. There will be an algorithm that connects people based on their interests or any particular filter. But Chatroulette works in a very undemanding way. You visit their website and start your conversation with whom you meet first on the list. This way is very convenient because you choose with whom you would like to talk.

How Can I Verify My Email?

As there is no registration process with Chatroulette, you don’t have to get your email verified to check the authenticity.

Registering With A Facebook Account?

There is no option for registering using Facebook or any other social media accounts. It also doesn’t require signing up with an email. Joining their network is easy and hassle-free.

How Do I Join Chatroulette?

You can just visit their official site. It has just a page interface that will ask you permission to switch on the camera and microphone. The moment you give permission, you will be one of their members.

Can I Use Chatroulette Without Registering?

Yes, You can use their website without signing up with them. A good working Web camera is more than enough to access their platform and connect with the people.

Users’ Profile Quality

Chatroulette is as easy as pie in terms of usage, and there is no minimum age limit to join their group. It doesn’t even require registration. So anyone who likes to meet people and chat with them can join Chatroulette. It is one of the best places to learn about culture, tradition, and languages since you connect with so many people from different countries. Though few fake profiles spoil the environment sometimes, you can eliminate them from the network by reporting them. It is more time saving and leaves everything to the choice of the users. Almost everyone who joins here is for casual dating and spend time expanding their friend circle.

Mobile Applications

Chatroulette doesn’t support mobile applications. It doesn’t have an option to download from Android as well as iOS devices. It is available only as a desktop version and accessible using almost all web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Mobile Applications

Membership Costs and Other Payment Method

There are no Premium membership plans with Chatroulette. Their services are free to use. Their primary revenue is from the advertisements and frequency of visits. This is one of the added advantages though it doesn’t offer fancy features because it becomes less important to give your credit card details, set up auto-renewal features, etc.

Free Membership Features

Chatroulette doesn’t come with extravagant features. Their services are pretty uncomplicated. They have a video chatting facility, Joining desired channels to have a discussion, pairing with strangers online. These features are necessary yet most important for any dating platform.

Is Chatroulette free to use?

Yes. Chatroulette is 100 % free, and there are no hidden charges as well. There is no need for upgrading your membership or pay an extra penny from your pocket to utilize their services.

Is it possible to check if someone likes you on Chatroulette if you are a free user?

Even though the feature is not yet available, the website is entirely free to use, and there is no premium membership. You cannot see if someone likes you on Chatroulette; it provides the basic features that are necessary for a dating site.

Premium Features

Since Chatroulette is 100 % free to use, members can utilize their features and services without paying extra.

Does Chatroulette provide a paid membership?

Chatroulette doesn’t offer premium membership since the website is free to use without paying them anything. The revenue of their site depends upon the advertisements over the network and the number of hits.

How do I terminate my Chatroulette membership?

Chatroulette is not a paid website. Hence there never comes a chance of canceling the subscription or membership from them. It offers the required features that are most necessary for any dating site.4

Is Chatroulette membership auto-renewed?

There is no option for Chatroulette membership to auto-renew. This is because there is no premium membership with them. You can find the ideal partner online for free.

Can I get my money back for unused time?

The feature is not applicable to the website since it doesn’t involve any registration or buying the application for extra money. Since it is a free network, anyone can access it for any period.

Is my “support” to Chatroulette automatically renewed monthly?

Few applications include supporting the application and autorenewing it. During that time, you will have to give the Credit card details for the renewal. This sounds a little scary due to the possibility of the personal and account details getting leaked. Chatroulette has never introduced this feature to avoid all these complexities, which is a great boon to the members.

I’m not satisfied with the Chatroulette. Can I receive a refund?

Chatroulette has no money guarantee feature. One reason may be due to the unavailability of premium membership. But the major reason is that those who join them will never leave dissatisfied and hence a refund wouldn’t be necessary.

How will my Chatroulette support appear on my bank statement?

Since there is no payment involved, the bank statement or the Credit card bill will not have Chatroulette support on them. But if you want to make it offline, you can contact their support team very well and let them know about extending their hands to support them.

Can I actually send support to other Chatroulette members?

There is no specific feature to support other members of Chatroulette. But through the video call and conferencing, you can very well let your support to them personally.

Can I send support for only a month?

You can very well support the other members for how long time you want it to be. You can guide them through the website, lend them support regarding privacy, etc. Since it involves only video conversation, extending support would be an easy one.

Can I send support for only a month?

Is Chatroulette Really Safe?

Unlike other dating websites, Chatroulette is very safe in terms of personal information since it doesn’t get your details or urges you to fill up several forms to store the details. By this way

Chatroulette makes sure that you are in a secure environment. Apart from this, it is the individuals’ responsibility to know with whom they are connecting. Not everybody who is in the network may be good enough. Before making any move regarding a relationship, you need to make sure that the person is genuine.

Are Chatroulette Forum Threads Moderated?

There are no moderators who take care of threads. Chatroulette has two different channels. One is Local Chatroulette, and another one is Channel Chatroulette, where you can join with the other members and have a conversation with them.

How Can I Filter Who Can Message Me On Chatroulette?

The message feature is scrapped out of Chatroulette for making security more stringent. Hence only video chat is available in their network. This is why you cannot filter who can message me on Chatroulette.

What Security Features Does Chatroulette Have?

Chatroulette website itself is very secured that it has no special security features available with them. You can very well block someone or report them immediately if they are so offensive to you.

How Can I Block Or Report A Scammer?

The user interface of Chatroulette consists of only one page, and the Report or Block option appears once you start making a video call with someone. Whenever you feel the person very offensive or sharing any obscene content, you can click on the Report button so that the person will not connect with you again.

Will A User Who Uses A Chatroulette Account To Solicit Money Be Banned?

It is illegal to solicit money by using a Chatroulette account. If found guilty of doing so, you can report the specific member to the support team to take necessary actions.

What Shouldn’T Be Posted In Your Chatroulette Account?

There is no option of providing any personal information or filling out forms regarding your details. This is one of this platform’s greatest assets since your details remain with you unless and you specify it explicitly to other members.

Are Chatroulette Chats Well Encrypted?

In Chatroulette, you can chat only through video calls, and there is no text messaging available. Hence there is no chance for encryption of the chats possible.

Can Chatroulette Actually Track You Down?

Yes. Chatroulette tracks you down through the IP address of your desktop.

Can Chatroulette Be Traced By The Police?

Unless and otherwise, there is a necessity or anything related to an investigation, Police will not trace you. But if needed, they can do so using the IP address.

Who Should I Contact Regarding My Privacy In Chatroulette?

You can drop an email to the support team with the proper issue description and proof of the issues. They will take care of it and revert to you as early as possible.

Can I Remove The Data That I Have Already Submitted To Chatroulette?

There is no information saved on their network, so deleting the information on the profile never arises.

Are There Scam Or Fake Members On Chatroulette?

Yes. There are few fake profiles over their network, and it’s the individuals’ responsibility to make sure with whom they are talking.

Contact Information

Company: Chatroulette

Email: support@ Chatroulette.com


Several other applications that are good alternatives for Chatroulette are Tinder, OkCupid, Match Making, Facebook Dating, etc.

Real life review

Chatroulette is one of my favorite sites among all other dating websites that I have visited till now. I had been an introvert these days and a little hesitant to talk with someone I had never met before. But Chatroulette has given me the confidence to start a conversation and mingle with people of all cultures. Susan, 20, MSK.

Is Chatroulette The Best Dating Site Or App?

Yes. Chatroulette is one of the best dating websites since it allows the members to choose their partner without involving any bots to program algorithms to find ideal matches for the members.

Is Chatroulette the best dating site or app?

Can I unmatch someone on Chatroulette?

Chatroulette doesn’t have an unmatching feature. But if you don’t like conversing with random strangers, you can swipe left to ignore them.

Is Chatroulette A Hook-up App?

Chatroulette is not a hook-up site; instead, it is a place for casual dating.


Chatroulette might not have such attractive features as other dating websites. But with a single webcam feature, Chatroulette can do wonders. If you are an introvert and trying to come out of your cocoon, then Chatroulette would be the best place to explore people, cultures, and traditions.

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