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BBPeopleMeet Review

BBPeopleMeet Review
About Site
Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 24-36
Profiles 2 300 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Video and audio conversations
  • Unlimited number of members
  • More than 9,000 daily unique visitors
  • Fast and free sign up
  • Simple and easy to use website
  • Mobile application for Android and iOS
  • Reasonable subscription charges
  • There is a safety policy
  • Privacy policy
  • Fewer incentives contrary to most dating websites
  • Does not offer much since it concentrates on a specific niche
  • Somewhat outdated user interface
  • Lacks advanced features for free users
  • In order to contact another user, you must pay the subscription fee

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BBPeopleMeet (Big Beautiful People Meet) is a dating site dedicated to curvaceous singles. The site has several abbreviations used on dating sites. Examples may include TDH, WTR, IRL, among many others. But if you are looking to meet individuals who can best be described by acronym such as BBW (Big Beautiful Women/Woman), FFA (Fat Female Admirer), BB (Big Beautiful), FA (Fat Acceptance/Admirer), SSBBW (Super-Sized Big Beautiful Women), BHM(Big Handsome/Hunky Men/Man), SSBHM(Super-Sized Big Handsome Men), then BBPeopleMeet is the best site for you. If you are a plus-sized individual seeking to date or merely looking for a BB (Big Beautiful) partner, join this website today.

Does BBPeopleMeet Support Other Languages?

Since its inception in 2002, BBPeopleMeet operates within the United States and Canada. It makes it primarily for English speakers. Therefore, BBPeopleMeet does not support other languages apart from English.

Who owns BBPeopleMeet?

BBPeopleMeet falls under People Media that is owned and run by Match.com, an operating firm of IAC.

Where Is BBPeopleMeet based?

BBPeopleMeet is a niche dating site that is based in the United States and Canada.

When Was BBPeopleMeet Founded?

BBPeopleMeet was founded in 2002 as part of People Media that is controlled by Match.com. Since then, the platform has addressed the needs of different kinds of people looking for plus-size partners.

Is BBPeopleMeet Available Worldwide?

No, though BBPeopleMeet draws a global membership of over 500,000 active members worldwide to sign up, one must be residing from the United States or Canada.

How Old Should You Be To Register On BBPeopleMeet?

You must be 18 years of age or older to sign up for BBPeopleMeet. Images of unaccompanied minors are restricted from the site by the management team. If a member wishes to post pictures of their children, then he or she must appear in the photo as well.

Can I Use BBPeopleMeet App Using My Computer?

Yes, you can log into the mobile site through their personal computer by filling up the right membership details required.

How Many Members does BBPeopleMeet Have Worldwide?

Since its inception in 2002, BBPeopleMeet boasts of above 500,000 active members globally.

How Many Members does BBPeopleMeet Have Worldwide?

Website Design & Usability

Adorned with simple colors, designs, and fonts, BBPeopleMeet is not as captivating to the eye as other dating sites. The features are not sophisticated, and it only takes a few minutes to understand everything. Despite the lack of complexity, the site works well for its niche by cultivating a welcoming atmosphere for its community.

Which browsers support BBPeopleMeet?

BBPeopleMeet is supported by the latest versions of Internet Explorer (Windows), Edge (Windows), Firefox (Windows and Macintosh), Chrome (Windows and Macintosh), Safari (Macintosh and Windows).

How do I use the camera on BBPeopleMeet?

By agreeing to allow BBPeopleMeet App permission to access the camera on your device, you can take pictures directly through your camera to the site and upload.

BBPeopleMeet Special Features

BBPeopleMeet offers unique features such as “I’m Interested” and “Today’s Matches,” which present a profile for you to respond with a simple yes or no before the next profile comes up. “Who Do You Like?” is another exciting matching feature on the site’s home page, which pits two profiles against each other, calling for a vote. The “Views” feature allows you to look at other people’s profiles and find out who has been looking at yours. However, it is essential to note that any form of communication, including chat, messages, or flirt, can only be accessed by those who have subscribed to a plan. Searching for other members is free, and you can narrow your search results by filtering gender, ethnicity, location, among other preferences.

How Does The Site Work?

First, you need to sign up as a member. Then create your profile and display your hobbies to potential matches. You can also navigate the search page to find matches in your locality or age range etc. The results will be displayed as a list or gallery and arranged in the order of distance, activity, new members, and members currently available online.

How can I message someone?

If you come across someone who has caught your eye on the site, you can break the ice by sending them instant messaging, chat, flirt, or mail. But to do this, you must upgrade to a premium plan. This has been necessitated by the need to protect members against fraudsters. Since it is free to view any profile, there is a need to restrict messaging to guarantee each member’s privacy and safety within the community.

Is sending a message on BBPeopleMeet free?

To unlock messaging services, you have to upgrade your membership to premium status. It is important to note that free members cannot send, read, or receive messages on the platform.

How can you initiate contact with someone on BBPeopleMeet?

You can only message someone on BBPeopleMeet once you have upgraded your account.

Why can’t I access my BBPeopleMeet’s account?

Services may be withdrawn and access denied by the management when you act contrary to set terms and conditions.

How long will my BBPeopleMeet account stay banned?

You may face a temporary or permanent suspension, depending on the magnitude of the offense.

How can I reactivate my BBPeopleMeet banned account?

You can contact customer care directly for directions regarding a suspended account and inform them of your intention to get back.

Is there a way to delete my BBPeopleMeet account?

Yes, go to the Settings drop-down menu and click My Account, then look for Account Status and click the View Account Status link. Select More Account Status Changes and then click Remove My Profile.

What happens if I disable the “Show me on BBPeopleMeet” option?

You will not be able to see the automatic matches generated by the platform.

Where do I see my matches?

On the “Matches” feature. It is important to note that you cannot message a match unless you have subscribed to a plan.

How do I see who messaged me on BBPeopleMeet?

To read sent messages, you are required to avail of a plan.

How do I see who messaged me on BBPeopleMeet?

Is there a way to see a user that I liked on BBPeopleMeet?

Yes, once you are subscribed, you can view profiles and photos of anyone you have liked and commented on.

What is BBPeopleMeet’s incognito mode?

It is a feature that enables you to hide your profile from other members and operate discreetly to some degree. However, it disables the functionality of all other features.

How do I edit my username in BBPeopleMeet?

Click Settings, then My Profile, on the drop-down menu. Select User Name, then click Edit. After making the changes, click Save.

Why am I having a hard time entering the site?

The apparent reason may be slow internet speed. Alternatively, if your account has been suspended or terminated because of flouting the rules or only because it has been dormant, you may encounter difficulty when attempting to log in.

BBPeopleMeet provides a convenient and easy way to search for a perfect match. Right from the onset, during the registration process, you are presented with a menu that contains search profiles with picks such as man seeking women, woman seeking men, man seeking men, or woman seeking women. Then to the next menu with the options of your country or locality. After these, you are required to input your date of birth. All this information can either narrow your search by age, location, ethnicity, etc., or embark on a general search without filtering the results.

What is BBPeopleMeet’s Sign-up Process

In order to create a login on the platform, there is a sign-up box that appears. You are required to submit your gender and the gender you’re looking for, location, username, password, and email through the box. Then you will proceed to the “About Me,” and “I’d Like to Add” sections, where you will give little details regarding your looks, habits, and beliefs. You will also give details of what you prefer in a partner. It is advisable to fill all sections if you wish to get the best matches. You can also sign in using your email or social media handle.

How do I verify my registered email on BBPeopleMeet?

The site sends a message to the address you have used to sign up. The contents of the message allow options to either verify or close the account. The move is intended to discourage anyone who attempts to register to BBPeopleMeet using your details without consent.

Can I register to BBPeopleMeet using my Facebook account

Yes. However, you will be required to log in using that account each time you want to get into the site.

How do I join BBPeopleMeet?

Joining BBPeopleMeet is free. You just need to complete the sign-up process and create a profile in line with service terms on the site.

Is it possible to use the site without signing-up?

No, to commence viewing the site, you must register first. Access is granted through membership.

Is it possible to use the site without signing-up?

BBPeopleMeet’s user profile quality

Profile viewing is open to all either on free and premium service. Although free users cannot see the last login details or talk directly to the profile they are viewing but can see when they are active online or off. You are required to list details in your profile that include standard identifiers and as well as what you seek in a potential partner. The information helps the user quickly identify their match. In case you have a privacy concern or have come across a fake profile, you are required to immediately alert customer service.

Mobile Application

BBPeopleMeet offers mobile Apps for both Android and iOS. The applications can be downloaded from the Google play store or App store. The software offers free and premium services to the members. The mobile apps provide an excellent way to chat while on the go.

What Is The Membership Price and Other Payment Methods That Are Available on BBPeopleMeet?

BBPeopleMeet charges $0 for a free membership and from $14.99 monthly for premium service. Members can pay the subscription fees through their PayPal account or from their credit or check card. The site also accepts payments made through money order. The website holds all the rights to change the subscription rates without giving any prior notice in line with the service’s set terms. Therefore, members who wish to upgrade their subscriptions are advised to check the site prior.

What are the free features that are available on BBPeopleMeet?

The free membership features include:

  • Search options
  • Profile completion and uploading of photos
  • Viewing of accounts that viewed your profile
  • Today’s Matches
  • I’m Interested
  • Who Do You Like

Is BBPeopleMeet free to use?

BBPeopleMeet is not entirely free. Although free membership is available, it has limited or restricted access. However, it allows you to view all the platform profiles, receive daily matches, and upload photos, among many other exciting features.

Can you see other user’s profile on BBPeopleMeet?

Unfortunately, not, this feature is only available on the premium service plan.

Premium Membership Features

The premium features include;

  • Send and receive private messages
  • Favorites which allows you view who has clicked you as a favorite
  • Flirts function that enables you to see who has flirted with you
  • Yeses to Me giving you a glimpse of who has said ‘yes to me’ on I’m interested game
  • Likes and comments that allow you to see who has liked or commented on your photos

However, to access these features, you are required to enroll for a plan starting at $14.99 per month. There are three available plans offered by the site. The $14.99 monthly service is also known as a full-price service. There is the standard price service, which costs $35.76 payable in six months and the best value plan, which goes for $42.00 payable in six months. Both the standard and best value plans are required to be paid for on an upfront basis.

Premium Membership Features

Is there a premium membership plan on BBPeopleMeet

Yes, you can enjoy a premium membership and unlock all the advanced features. You can start with $2.75 a week, which is billed as a single payment of $14.99 per month. If you choose the Standard plan, which costs $35.76 for six months, you can save up to $54.18 and enjoy all paid features and full mobile access. The best value plan goes for $42.00 the same period as the standard plan and saves you up to $47.74, translating to a 61 percent discount. It comes with all fee-based services, full mobile access, and a profile highlight. The highlight will give you a chance to be one of the priorities in matchmaking and other services offered on the site.

How do I delete my BBPeopleMeet’s account

Go to Settings, then click on My Account from the drop-down menu. Once you have located Account Status, select the View Account Status link. Next, click on More Account Status Changes. Finally, select Remove Automatic Renewal. Though canceled, note that your account will not be fully terminated until your current subscription expires.

Is the membership auto-renewal?

To prevent any interruptions on your ongoing communication with other members, your plan automatically renews every month after your subscription expires.

Can I get a refund if I didn’t use any of the features?

As per the terms and conditions of service, the site is not required to give refunds for any reason in terms of money or any other compensation for unused virtual items if an account is closed voluntarily or involuntarily.

Is my membership to BBPeopleMeet renewed each month?

Yes, every time upon the expiry of your subscription.

I’m not happy to be a member on BBPeopleMeet, can I get a refund?

In case you choose to cancel your subscription at any given time, the site offers a money-back guarantee as per the terms and conditions of service.

How will BBPeopleMeet’s payment appear on my credit card statement?

It will appear as a charge on your credit card through your bank statement. However, if you need to confirm, you may view your account’s transaction history on your page only by clicking on Settings and My Account from the drop-down menu. Then locate account status and click on the View Account Status link provided. Finally, click the More Account Status Changes link then the current status of your account will appear along with the payments or transaction history.

Can I help other users on BBPeopleMeet?

Yes, as long as they have consented and you have a consensus.

Is my “support” to BBPeopleMeet automatically renewed every month?

Yes, every time upon the expiry of your subscription.

Can I help other users on BBPeopleMeet?

Is BBPeopleMeet truly a safe dating website?

BBPeopleMeet places great emphasis on user satisfaction. Their customer service is available at all times, and the most practical and easy way of contacting the site administrators is by completing a web form. Queries are categorized into No Value, Upgrading, Account Information and Settings, Cancelling, Events, Member Communication, and Matches & Searching. A strict mandatory verification process is undertaken to screen new members to eradicate fake profiles by the site management. A FAQ page is available on the site, while dating safety is also sufficiently addressed.

Are the forums in BBPeopleMeet moderated all the time?

No, communication is not systematically moderated. However, there are set rules you should adhere to when conversing. If you are found in violation of engagement terms, you stand facing a ban from the site.

How can I set who sends me a message on BBPeopleMeet?

You can choose to block those you do not wish to chat with simply by clicking the block icon on the page.

What are BBPeopleMeet security and safety features?

BBPeopleMeet offers several security features to ensure the safety of members. Starting from the tight verification process undertaken to screen users and remove fake profiles from the site. There is also the option of Blocking and Reporting any suspicious activity on the site to a full-time customer service team for a quick response.

How can I block and report any offensive behavior and scammer?

Click the block icon displayed on the site and contact customer service in the event you wish to register your concern for appropriate action by the website administrators. To report inappropriate conduct of a member or suspicious activity, just click on the “Report a Concern” icon on your profile page.

What happens if a user asks you for money on BBPeopleMeet?

Such a member will face a ban from the site.

What type of information that I shouldn’t share on BBPeopleMeet?

Any information that has been prohibited and that seeks to undermine the set terms of service should not be posted.

Are BBPeopleMeet chats encrypted?

BBPeopleMeet complies with the standard encryption practices that safeguard users’ data in line with the site’s privacy policy.

Can anyone on BBPeopleMeet find you?

BBPeopleMeet cannot track you down as it does not reveal details of your exact location, such as GPS coordinates.

Can the police track your activity on BBPeopleMeet?

Since the information provided cannot be validated as accurate, the police may find it challenging to trace somebody using BBPeopleMeet. Also, given that some members may divulge false information or use outdated account details, then tracking cannot be viable based on the application.

Who should I contact if I have further questions about BBPeopleMeet?

Contact the customer service desk by clicking on the “Report a Concern” icon appearing on your profile page.

Can I edit and delete any information that I’ve shared on BBPeopleMeet?

Yes, you can delete or edit details on the site through the settings.

Are there fake or scam members on BBPeopleMeet?

Yes, just like on all social platforms, there are always those targeting innocent users. Therefore, it is advisable to be on the lookout always.

BBPeopleMeet Contact Information

There are multiple ways to contact BBPeopleMeet, including:

Company: PeopleMedia, Inc.

Address: PO Box 12627 Dallas TX 75225 USA

Customer Service Number Hotline: 1-866-727-8920

Fax: 214-853-4309

BBPeopleMeet Contact Information

What are BBPeopleMeet alternatives

BBPeopleMeet lacks certain free features such as messaging that is essential during the dating process. Below are a few sites to look out for that can rival BBPeopleMeet.

  • Match.com

Launched in 1995, Match.com has been around for a long time earning it more members than other dating sites. You can sign up for free and start enjoying features like messaging and wink at no cost. Match.com is available in 38 languages and has an active user base in 28 countries globally. The site brings together people of all ages, orientations, and backgrounds on this global dating platform.

  • Zoosk

The site started in 2007 as a Facebook app and later transformed into a dating site with membership ranging in millions. A unique factor about this App is its ability to integrate with mainstream social media sites seamlessly. Zoosk serves members who are either seeking casual dates or serious relationships. The registration process is fast, primarily through Facebook.

  • BeNaughty

The site provides matches for those who are looking to establish relationships rather than hook up. They offer free sign up, browsing, and profile creation, just like on BBPeopleMeet. However, messaging is also free for women. Their gender ratio is near evenly split, with 52 percent of members being women compared to 48 percent men. The success rate stands at 89 percent.

  • SingleParentMeet

SingleParentMeet is a niche dating site offering services to single parents who are looking for a potential partner. Their gender ratio is at 55 percent of users are women compared to 45 percent male. The site is only available in the United States and Canada. It is popular with middle-aged men and women who are well established in life and know what they want in a relationship.

BBPeopleMeet Real-life review

BBPeopleMeet is an excellent platform for plus size singles to find their match and fall in love. It has an easy and quick sign-up process, a simple, straightforward user interface, at a price well placed within reach. However, the site consists of limited membership, so you may consider expanding your search to more famous sites. Another issue is the duration it takes for the site administrators to approve photos. All in all, the site gives an excellent example of a website serving a niche area of dating.

Is BBPeopleMeet the best dating website?

There is no perfect or best overall universally acceptable dating application or site. All apps serve a specific niche. What guides the best site for an individual are his preferences. BBPeopleMeet is, therefore, a good app for those seeking Big Beautiful partners.

Can I unmatch on BBPeopleMeet?

Look out for the matches on your profile, then select and click unmatch.

Is BBPeopleMeet a hookup site?

BBPeopleMeet is not primarily for hook-ups. It is a site for those who are seeking long term relationships that are defined by love and not merely casual sex.

Is BBPeopleMeet a hookup site?


BBPeopleMeet offers an excellent platform for Big Beautiful people who are ready and willing to date. Unlike other dating sites, it is affordable and has a broad user base that makes it easy to find a perfect match. The site offers a money-back for those who have canceled their membership in line with their terms and conditions. The site aims at matching users who seek serious relationships that can grow into love. The features on the website make functionality more convenient for users. The members provide useful information and details on their profiles that enable them to find perfect matches.

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