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Localmilfselfies Review

Localmilfselfies Review
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-28
Profiles 2 600 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Localmilfselfies has detailed profiles.
  • The pages load fast.
  • The number of users is impressive.
  • Most members are real.
  • The audience is rather active.
  • The Localmilfselfies chat system is a bit outdated.
  • Some of the users are not MILFs.

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Localmilfselfies happens to be a place where full-grown males and females meet and get engaged in adult sexual activities. It can be sexy chats, cybersex, or any kind of sexting with MILFs. It is a website for hookups that hosts courageous females who will engage you in visually captivating videos and images. This type of conversation is likely to encourage a steamy interaction that will get you laid on the platform. The Localmilfselfies, local dating service for singles happens to be perfect for a male who is not afraid to kick off sexting. Note that the dating website welcomes individuals with straight sexual orientation.

If you decide to join the community, you need to learn as much as possible about it. Thus, this Localmilfselfies review should be extremely helpful. It contains all the information you may want to know.

Localmilfselfies Review in 2020

Localmilfselfies Supported Languages

The Localmilfselfies website mostly caters to the English-speaking audience. That is why the platform itself does not support other languages.

Who Is the Owner of Localmilfselfies?

It is barely possible to figure out who the owner of the Localmilfselfies website is because this information is not revealed. Still, the platform carries the name of the number one MILF Selfie Dating Website, according to the Localmilfselfies review.

Where Is the Localmilfselfies Dating Website Based?

Localmilfselfies happens to be based in Anguilla. It is a territory in the Caribbean, and its official language is English.

When Was the Localmilfselfies Website Launched?

The Localmilfselfies website was started in 2014, so it has existed for six years so far. It means that the platform is legitimate, as scam online dating services are short-lived. It also explains why there are so many users.

Is the Localmilfselfies Website Accessible Worldwide?

According to the Localmilfselfies review, the dating platform is available in many countries around the world. Although you may not be able to meet someone from this website in real life, it has a lot of things to offer. It implies that you can join the community and enjoy it, no matter where you live.

How Old Are the Users of Localmilfselfies?

The Localmilfselfies requires that people must be at least 18 years old. Note that in some jurisdictions, the age must be at least 21. As the online dating service caters to MILFs, the bigger part of the users is from 30 to 50 years old.

Is It Possible to Use the Online Service on a Computer?

The members of the Localmilfselfies website can use the platform on any laptop or computer. The good part is that it runs smoothly, while its pages load fast.

How Many Localmilfselfies Users Are There Around the World?

According to the Localmilfselfies reviews, the straight dating apps has thousands of members around the world. At the same time, the bigger part of users comes from English-speaking countries, such as the United Kingdom and the United States.

Website Design and Usability

The interface of Localmilfselfies is rather simple and elegant. You will see beautiful pictures of sexy users on the main page and the invitation to get registered immediately. The Localmilfselfies,milf dating website requires newcomers to define their gender, along with sexual preferences. Only after that, they can access the content page. Although the design of the desktop version may seem a bit outdated, it is extremely user-friendly. It means that even not so tech-savvy Localmilfselfies members will find it easy to navigate. It is a great advantage that attracts numerous users.

What Browsers Does Localmilfselfies Require?

Most modern browsers support Localmilfselfies, including Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. Still, it is better to make sure that you update the one you have. In this case, it will operate more smoothly.

How Can Members Use Their Cameras on the Localmilfselfies Website?

According to the Localmilfselfies review, its members can access video chat. It means that the customers of this online service can use their cameras to talk to other users face to face.

What Browsers Does Localmilfselfies Require?

Special Features

The Localmilfselfies online dating service has several features that make it outstanding. They are:

  • Video chat
  • Who`s Hot
  • A guarantee to be laid
  • Private chat rooms
  • Favorite list
  • Advanced search filters

Thanks to these perks, user experience is great. At the same time, most features are available to premium members only.

How Does the Service Operate?

As mentioned above, you are going to see a registration form when you enter Localmilfselfies. It offers to join the community free of charge. When you finish the registration process, you can start searching and communicating with other users. The online dating service allows engaging in private chats and intimate conversations. The good part is that there is “near me search” available, so you are free to choose a location, an age interval, photos only. If you decide to buy a Localmilfselfies premium membership, you will avail of the advanced search.

Available Communication Options

One of the most important and helpful features of an online dating service is communication. Localmilfselfies offers several options you can use to reach other users. Sending chat messages is the most direct way to get in touch with members. Still, you must buy a premium membership to text. The good part is that Localmilfselfies allows exchanging videos and selfies that can improve your online dating experience. It is also possible to send emails and gifts to express your feelings.

Do They Need to Pay to Send Messages?

According to Localmilfselfies reviews, you must pay to message people. On the one hand, some users might be unhappy with this fact as similar services provide for at least a limited number of texts. On the other hand, it helps to make the environment safer.

How Do They Send a Message to Other Localmilfselfies Members?

If you are willing to send a message to other Localmilfselfies users, open the person`s profile. You will see the “message” bubble, and you need to click on it. After that, a chat window will appear; type and send it.

Why Can They Find It Hard to Access Localmilfselfies?

Some countries have strict policies when it comes to sex-related websites. It can be a reason why you cannot access Localmilfselfies. That is why you should check the laws of your country beforehand.

For How Long Can Localmilfselfies Ban Its Users?

If the Localmilfselfies website notices something suspicious, the service can suspend such an account. If fraudulent activity is confirmed, the user can be banned forever.

Is It Possible to Reactivate a Banned Account?

If your account on the Localmilfselfies dating platform has been banned, and you believe that it is a mistake, there is something you can do. You can contact customer support to solve this problem.

Is It Possible to Delete a Localmilfselfies Account?

If you are not willing to use the Localmilfselfies online service anymore, you can delete your page. For this purpose, log in to the service, open your Account Settings, and select Remove My Profile. You should remember that this action is permanent, so you cannot undo it.

Is It Possible to Delete a Localmilfselfies Account?

What Happens If Localmilfselfies Users Choose “Not Viewable to All Members” Option?

Localmilfselfies recommends using this option if you are willing to stop using the website for some time but want to continue later. If you activate it, other people will not be able to access your profile, and it will not appear on their search results.

Where Can They Find Their Matches?

The Localmilfselfies offers a matches list based on one’s preferences. It means that you can look through them and start communicating if you find someone you are interested in.

Can They See Who Sent Them a Message on the Localmilfselfies Website?

Only paying members of the Localmilfselfies website can see who texted them. Thus, free users cannot exchange messages. A significant fact to make them pay.

Is It Possible for Localmilfselfies Users to See Whom They Liked?

According to the Localmilfselfies review, the online dating service allows its members to add others to the favorites list. It means that you can always open it and access these people immediately. Thanks to this, there is no risk that you may lose someone.

What Is Localmilfselfies`s Incognito Mode?

The online dating service allows its users to hide their profiles. If you do that, other members of the Localmilfselfies platform will not be able to text you, see your page on their search results, or reach you in any other way. Thanks to this function, you can browse the website anonymously.

Can Localmilfselfies Users Edit Their Usernames or Passwords?

The Localmilfselfies dating platform does not allow any changes to usernames. At the same time, you can make up a new password, which is an easy thing to do. You just need to log in to your account and select the Account Settings button. You are going to find the Change My Login Password link there.

Why They May Fail to Enter the Dating Platform?

If you cannot enter the Localmilfselfies dating platform, you might be using the wrong password or username. The thing is that the email address you provide is not your username. That is why you need to check your signup confirmation letter sent by Localmilfselfies if you cannot remember your username. Look for an email from domains, including safely-secure.com, iverificationsystems.com, or securejoins.com. Note that it can be in your spam folder.

What Search Options Does Localmilfselfies Offer?

The Localmilfselfies online dating service offers a basic search that includes:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Online Now
  • With Photos Only

Besides, there is an extended search that obtains more specialized criteria. It contains extra filters for ethnicity, orientation, hair color, body type, eye color, and whether users have videos and photos on their profiles.

What Search Options Does Localmilfselfies Offer?

How to Get Registered

The registration is another important part of any dating website. It should be as easy as possible. Hence, every online service does its best to make it simple and fast. Keep on reading the Localmilfselfies review to learn more about this process.

How Do They Get Their Emails Verified?

The Localmilfselfies website requires its new members to get their emails verified. Moreover, they get their usernames on their email addresses. For this purpose, you need to open the letter you get from the online service and follow the provided link.

Is It Possible to Use a Facebook Account to Sign up?

Localmilfselfies does not allow its newcomers to use their Facebook accounts to join the community. On the one hand, it could make the signup process even easier and faster. On the other hand, it is good in terms of privacy concerns.

How to Join the Localmilfselfies Community?

If you are willing to get registered and obtain full access to the Localmilfselfies platform, you must be at least 18 years old. The first thing to do is to get a username. If you want to be anonymous while using Localmilfselfies, you can do so because the screen name does not need to be your real name.

The next thing you should do is provide your valid email address, date of birth, a password, and zip code so that the dating website could identify your location. The last thing is to get your email address verified, and you are free to enter the Localmilfselfies website. After that, you can complete your profile by adding photos, videos, and a short description.

Is It Possible to Use the Dating Website Without Registration?

This online dating platform does not allow people to use the Localmilfselfies website without getting registered. It is one of the security measures taken by the administration. Thanks to this, you can be sure that only verified visitors can view your page.

Are the Profiles Informative?

When it comes to the profiles you can view on the Localmilfselfies dating platform, they are rather informative and detailed. Some of the fields are compulsory, while others are not. That is why you can come across pages that contain quite basic information. However, the online service recommends specifying the maximum facts.

A fully accomplished Localmilfselfies profile includes the following info:

  • Username
  • Location
  • Age
  • Videos and photos
  • Information on who the person is looking for
  • Extra details, such as tattoos, eye color, smoking and drinking habits, education, income, height, and weight
  • Personal info: ethnicity, body type, etc.

Mobile Apps

As the Localmilfselfies review shows, the online service does not provide a mobile application. There is no need to worry, though, because there is a mobile version of the website. It means that you can still access it through your mobile device.

Mobile Apps

How Much Does the Subscription Cost?

Most online dating services offer some basic features free of charge, along with the premium ones. They are usually extremely limited and do not allow people to get full access. That is why members have to get a membership. Keep on reading this article to learn more about Localmilfselfies from this point of view.

Features Available to Free Users

If you are a standard user of Localmilfselfies, you can do the following:

  • You can open a new account
  • You can create a profile
  • You can see who liked you
  • You can access basic search

Can They Use Localmilfselfies Free of Charge?

If you are not willing to pay for a Localmilfselfies premium plan, you should be ready that you will not be able to use it. The thing is that free visitors cannot send messages to others and access most perks.

Can Localmilfselfies Standard Users See Who Likes Them?

If you are a free member of the Localmilfselfies platform, you can see who liked you. Still, you cannot message anyone.

Features Available to Premium Members

If you buy premium membership of the Localmilfselfies website, you can do the following:

  • You can send and receive messages from others
  • You can view pictures and videos in full size
  • You can access advanced search parameters
  • You can share videos and photos in chats
  • You can avail of the video chat feature

What Subscription Options Are on Localmilfselfies?

The good part is that the Localmilfselfies online service offers a three-day trial that costs 8.91 dollars. You can buy it if you are new to this website and are not sure whether you are willing to use it for a longer period. Thanks to this subscription option, you will access all available features and check the service out. It is also possible to purchase a one-month premium plan, which will cost you 34.95 dollars. Another option is a three-month membership, and you will pay 83.97 dollars for it. You can also go for a six-month pack, and it will cost you 119.94 dollars.

Is It Possible to Get Unsubscribed From Localmilfselfies?

If you don’t want to use a Localmilfselfies subscription plan, you are free to cancel it at any time. The dating platform provides multiple options you can use to cancel it. If you want to make it faster, you need to go for the live chat button. In addition to that, there are email and phone support options.

Do Localmilfselfies Premium Plans Automatically Renew?

All premium plans on the Localmilfselfies dating website automatically renew. It means that you need to cancel your subscription in the first place if you ever decide to delete your account. If you do not do that, the process can be more complicated.

Does the Service Provide Refunds for the Unused Time?

You are not likely to get a refund for the unused time. The Localmilfselfies online service may return more for a good reason, indeed. Still, it should be something more significant.

Is User’s “Support” Automatically Renewed on the Localmilfselfies Website?

The Localmilfselfies online service does not provide this option, while some other dating websites do. On the one hand, it might be inconvenient. On the other hand, users have no chances to solicit money in this way.

Can You Get Your Money Back If You Are Not Happy With the Localmilfselfies Service?

Although the Localmilfselfies website provides refunds due to some reasons, you must prove your point first. Thus, the dating platform may give you your money back, but the reason must be strong.

How Does the Charge Appear on Localmilfselfies Member`s Credit Card Bill?

The Localmilfselfies platform offers discreet billing for its users. It means that the description of the statement is not going to match the name of the dating website. Instead, you will see the name of the billing processing company that you can find in your welcome email. For example, it can be WTSETicket.com.

Is It Possible to Pay for Other Localmilfselfies Users?

Localmilfselfies does not provide such a service. Moreover, it encourages users not to do that. The thing is that there can be scammers who try to get your money.

Is It Possible to Get Subscribed for One Month?

The Localmilfselfies online service allows its members to get subscribed for one month. Still, you need to remember that all payments renew automatically when the period ends.

Is It Possible to Get Subscribed for One Month?

Is the Localmilfselfies Online Dating Service Safe?

This online dating service happens to be relatively safe. The thing is that free users can access a rather limited number of features, while others are available only if they pay. Scammers do not usually fork over. In addition to that, moderators check the profiles from time to time. Thus, you can use the Localmilfselfies dating website, but you should always remember basic safety rules.

Does Localmilfselfies Moderate Its Forums?

The Localmilfselfies website has a team of experts who moderate the user base. If they find something suspicious, they suspend such accounts.

How to Set Who Can Send You Messages on the Localmilfselfies Website?

If you are not willing to communicate with someone on the Localmilfselfies platform, you can block them. In this case, a user will not be able to send messages to you or contact you in any other way.

Does Localmilfselfies Apply Any Security Measures?

The dating website has a team of moderators to prevent the existence of fake profiles. In addition to that, all newcomers must verify their email addresses before they can access Localmilfselfies. Furthermore, moderators must approve all photos added by users before they become visible to others. Thanks to this, you are not going to see the pictures that are clearly not of the user, for instance, a celebrity.

Can They Block Suspicious Members?

The Localmilfselfies platform allows its members to block others in case of abusive or suspicious behavior. It also encourages them to report if they notice scammers.

What Happens to Someone Who Makes Use of Localmilfselfies to Solicit Money?

If this online dating service notices that someone is using a Localmilfselfies profile to solicit money, it will ban it forever.

What Information Should They Never Post in Their Localmilfselfies Accounts?

You should never post any personal or financial information on your profile. It is important because providing such details is not safe. Localmilfselfies does not allow adding links to other services as well.

Does Localmilfselfies Use Encryption?

All user data on the Localmilfselfies website is encrypted and protected with SSL encryption software. That is why you can be sure that your financial and personal data will not be obtained by any third party. All transaction details are transmitted through 256 SSL encryption.

Can the Localmilfselfies Website Track Users Down?

The Localmilfselfies platform moderates all member profiles, which means that it can track every user down.

Can the Police Trace Localmilfselfies?

Localmilfselfies does not provide any information about it. Still, the dating platform may cooperate with the police in particular situations.

Who Do You Contact in Case of Localmilfselfies Privacy Questions?

If you have any questions regarding privacy, you can see the Privacy Policy section of Localmilfselfies. If you find that it is not enough, contact customer support to receive answers to your questions.

Can They Delete Details Previously Submitted To Localmilfselfies?

The members of the Localmilfselfies community can change the earlier submitted information. For this purpose, log in to your account and click on Account Settings. It is where you can find links to edit information. Remember that it does not allow changing usernames.

Does Localmilfselfies Have Scam Profiles?

Just like many other online dating services, there are some scam profiles. Localmilfselfies encourages its users to block and report them. The service will check everything.

Does Localmilfselfies Have Scam Profiles?

Contact Details


Phone: 1-310-645-5810 and +1-619-900-1607 (outside the United States)

Email address: [email protected]


Although Localmilfselfies is a user-friendly online service, you may want to look at the following alternatives:

  • MeetMilfy is a dating website that has thousands of users around the world. It boasts features that are similar to the ones Localmilfselfies obtains;
  • Ashley Madison has more than 65 million members, which is an impressive number. It exists since 2002 and is one of the most reliable dating portals;
  • MILFs Hookup can help people live out their sexual fantasies. It offers all the necessary tools so that its members could communicate.

Is Localmilfselfies a Worthy Dating Platform?

Localmilfselfies is definitely a reliable dating platform. It has existed long enough to develop a service that provides safe online dating. Although there are no features that can make fun, it has everything you need to get satisfied.

Is It Possible to Unmatch a Localmilfselfies User?

The list of matches is created by Localmilfselfies due to your interests and preferences. That is why you cannot delete someone from this list.

Can They Find a Hookup on the Localmilfselfies Website?

Localmilfselfies is a dating website where you can find hookups. It means that you can meet members you like in real life. In fact, the aim is to help you find a partner for sex.


According to numerous Localmilfselfies reviews, it is one of the best dating websites where you can meet MILFs. It provides all features you need to get in contact with other members successfully. Note that you will not access it until you get registered. It is great because you can be sure that some random people will not view your profile. Another good news is that all newcomers are verified before they can join the community. Furthermore, Localmilfselfies moderates all uploaded photos before they get visible to others.

If you are willing to access all available features, you need to upgrade your account. The thing is that standard visitors cannot even see received messages. It is good because scammers are not likely to engage in this kind of thing. To sum it up, if you are willing to find MILFs in your area, you should use Localmilfselfies!

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