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Zoosk Review

Zoosk Review
About Site
Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 60%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 126 000
Reply Rate 96%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 6.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Flexible for both long term and short term relationships.
  • Available for both android and iOS users.
  • High member activity.
  • Registration is effortless and quick.
  • Easy to buy digital gifts for other members.
  • Connecting with members over the chat is very simple.
  • Premium membership is a bit pricey.
  • Profile photos are visible to everyone over the network.
  • Cannot search for members based on interests or keywords.
  • Only the members with a profile picture can use the
  • Carousel Feature.
  • The auto-reply system is a bit annoying.

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Zoosk is a dating application accessible worldwide that is utilized to search for like-minded people, whom you can date and confine your love interest. The individuals who are looking for short-term hookups and those who need to discover genuine connections make this platform a better place to get their ideal match. Rather, it vows to unite like-minded singles who are both after something very similar.

For over 12 years of giving a dating application to single clients in more than 80 nations around the world, Zoosk has stayed to be one of the favored dating destinations up to this point. Since its launch, it had 40 million singles joining the dating platform and has created a position in a few lists, for example, The Next Big Thing of The Wall Street Journal.

Rather than requesting their individuals to complete a character test forthright, Zoosk’s Behavioral Matchmaking algorithm starts analyzing the user’s usage pattern over their website. The matchmaking feature SmartPick utilizes the information that you give, and based on what is provided; it will start looking for an ideal partner for you. This information can be seen on the ‘Dating Insights’ page in case you’re interested in knowing how Zoosk tries to make a match with someone over the network.

How many languages does Zoosk support?

How many languages does Zoosk support?

Zoosk application supports more than twenty-five languages in around eighty countries. The languages available in the app are as follows: English, Espanol, Deutsch, Italiano, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Dansk, French, Nederlands, Magyar, Portuguese in Brazil, Romania, Suomi, Turkish, etc.

Who owns Zoosk?

The Founders of the Zoosk are Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr, who ran the organization until December 2014. After battles that year, Kelly Steckelberg turned into the organization’s new CEO. In July 2019, Zoosk turned out to be a part of Spark Networks SE. They are both Iranian immigrants who relocated to the US to proceed with their higher studies.

So where is Zoosk based now?

Fremont, California, is the place where Zook is established. But the HeadQuarters as of 2020 is in Berlin, Germany. In 2014, Zoosk ranked 1660 on the list of fastest-growing companies in the US.

When was Zoosk founded?

Zoosk application was found in the year 2007 December by Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr in Fremont, California. Zoosk dating is known for its broad network of individuals, where the greater part originates from the United States.

Is Zoosk available worldwide?

Though the Zoosk application is based out of Germany, it is available both as a website and applications worldwide. It can be downloaded from both the app stores and users can utilize the features for free.

How old should you be to register on Zoosk

You should be eighteen years old to register with Zoosk. No one lesser than the minimum age limit can register with them. Most of the members in their network are between 25 and 34 years old, but there is a good percentage of all age groups.

Can I use the app using my computer?

Zoosk has its official website where users can sign up and start using their network. It is also available as an Android and iOS application downloaded from the respective stores for free. But the app cannot be used on the computer but can be browsed using any latest browsers.

How many members does Zoosk have worldwide?

There are around 20,00,000 users from the USA, with around 1,60,000 daily logins approximately, and there are around 40 million members worldwide. Gender distribution is closely proportional, where 45% of them are female, and 55% of them are male participants. Most of these members look around for some serious and long term relationship.

Website Design & Usability

Zoosk Website Design & Usability

Zoosk is easy to understand dating site with clear search and coordinating tools. The information exchange process goes very quickly, particularly if you join through Facebook. And Zoosk doesn’t expect clients to finish their dating profiles before using the site. However, doing so is supported because clients with photographs and full profiles get more consideration on the site. You can compose an auto-greeting to send to any individual who shows enthusiasm in you while you use the site. Something basic like “Hello, I’m searching for somebody to converse with. What are your hobbies?” can help get pave the road towards the destination, and individuals would begin visiting rather than essentially swiping through potential matches.

Which browsers support Zoosk

Which browsers support Zoosk

Almost all the browsers like Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge supports Zoosk. But the resolution and the clarity of the website depends on the quality of the device we use to sign in. It is also supported in mobile browsers. But the navigation to the other screens would differ from the desktop version.

How do I use the camera on Zoosk

You can make a video call with other members when they are online. The video icon that appears on the profile is enough to start any video conversation with the users. Apart from this, Zoosk requires a good camera for member verification. During Signing up with them, Zoosk identifies the fake profile through face recognition via their phone camera.

Special Features

Zoosk Special Features
  • Carousel: The Carousel is Zoosk’s principal matchmaking highlight. It presents you with Zoosk individuals through a roulette, who you can send across flirt messages or skip in case you’re not into them.
  • Smart pick: When you do things like sending messages, accepting the connections, or expressing interests in someone, Zoosk’s behavioral matchmaking engine will learn a lot more about your preferences. It will then help you introduce yourself to the people you are interested in.
  • Super Send: Super send allows you to send across flirt messages to anyone in the network at a single shot. For this, they already have a set of pre-defined messages that users can choose rather than thinking to make the first move.
  • Boost: It is a paid feature that boosts your profile so that other members can see your profile more often on the platform.

How Does It Work?

Zoosk How Does It Work?

Zoosk utilizes an exclusive “Social Matchmaking” algorithm and procedure that gives the clients better matches through their activities. It takes into account who you’re loving, informing, and winking at, so you don’t need to answer a long series of inquiries to figure out who you may like and who may like you back. Also, this implies more proposals for matches that you’re really into, regardless of whether you’d have no clue about how to answer what your “type” is in the question section.

How can I message someone?

Reaching out to other Zoosk individuals through messages might not be easy if you are not a premium member. As a free user, you can just visit the profiles and send them across flirts. The individuals you send these tease signs will have the option to see them, yet if they are additionally a free user, they wouldn’t have the option to answer. Same with digital gifts — you could purchase utilizing Zoosk coins and send them as you wish; however, they need a premium ehaviour to allow you to answer.

Is sending messages free?

No. Sending messages to the other individuals or reading the messages from someone who needs premium membership. You can only send Flirt signs to the other members if you are an under free membership.

How can you start messaging with someone on Zoosk

There are a variety of approaches to contact somebody you’re keen on Zoosk. When you’ve discovered somebody you like, go to their profile. Then you can communicate and send a specific message, a smile, or like their profile. To communicate something specific, basically begin composing your message in the white message box in their profile and send it.

Why can’t I access Zoosk?

There are many reasons why you cannot access Zoosk. It might be due to the downtime of the app or due to any backend activities. It might also be due to any network issue from your side, or if the account gets canceled due to any security issues, the app might not be accessible.

How long are Zoosk bans?

If Zoosks find a user abusive or getting blocked or reported due to any offensive action, they permanently disable the user and ban their account from their network so that they cannot sign up again with their same email id.

How do I reactivate my banned account?

You cannot reactivate the banned Zoosk account, but you can reactivate the deleted account in the future. This is because Zoosk is very much concerned about the security of its members. Once banned due to offensive acts, it is difficult to get back to the same account again.

Is there an option to delete your Zoosk profile?

You can delete a Zoosk account by clicking on the profile picture on the top right corner of the application. Then choose Account Settings. In the Account Status section, click edit and choose the deactivate option. In the next step, it will ask for the reason for leaving the site. Give an appropriate selection and click on “Continue” This will permanently delete your account from the Zoosk network.

What happens if I disable the “Show me on Zoosk” option?

There is no exclusive “Show me on Zoosk” option, but you can temporarily pause or hide your profile from other members. Click on the profile picture on the top right corner of the app. Choose “Edit” in the “Account Status” section. Choose “Pause Account” and click Continue. This will hide your profile from everyone in the network.

Where do I see my matches?

Smart pick feature allows you to see the ideal matches based on your activities like sending out messages, sending a wink, being flirty, etc. This algorithm will list out all the people who will be your perfect partner based on the ehavioural pattern of yours over the platform.

How do I see who messaged me on Zoosk?

You can check the incoming messages on Zoosk from the inbox. There is a “Messages” folder on the left side of the screen. Click on the folder to read all the messages sent to you by the users.

Is it possible to see the Zoosk members who I liked?

You can always like a member based on their interests or their detailed information available on their profile. Click on the “Heart” symbol to add them to the Liked list. You can revisit the list later on to check whom you liked.

What is Zoosk’s spy mode?

There is no spy mode in the Zoosk application. However, there are other security features available in the network that keeps you safe. The Zoosk’s team is very stringent that any malicious activities will be cleared away once for all if reported.

How do I edit my username in Zoosk ?

It is effortless to edit the username in Zoosk. “The Basics” option under “Edit Profile” in the Zoosk profile screen will have the “Zoosk Name” information where you can edit the username as per your wish.

Why am I having a hard time entering the site?

Zoosk makes sure to be up and running all the time. Sometimes, there might be some network downtime due to technical activities. But it is always stable enough for the users to have a great time with them. Users might need to check their connectivity and storage space in their phone to sign in without hindrance.

  • Searching using Advanced Filters – You can search for the matches using basic information like age, location, or advanced filters like religion, body type, height. Etc
  • Chat with people available online now- You can chat with random people over the network who are online at the moment.
  • Matching before Chatting- The Carousel feature displays the list of members who may say yes or might show interest in you. You can choose any one of them and know the full details before you start chatting with them.
  • SmarPick- SmartPick algorithm displays the list of members based on your interests and other information given on your profile.

Sign up Process

Zoosk Sign up Process

Joining Zoosk dating is a speedy and simple procedure. You simply need to fill out the personal details over an online form, revealing your sexual orientation, gender preference, birthdays, email address, and postal district. Zoosk distinguishes VPN, so you need to join utilizing any postal district from the nation where you live.

After giving your required individual details, a link for activation will be sent to the email address you gave. When you click on that connect, you can get to the site freely. However, your access is restricted unless you approve your record by giving a number and entering the code sent to that number. You will likewise be urged to increase your profile validity by associating your Facebook and Twitter records to your Zoosk dating profile

How do I verify my email?

After signing up with Zoosk by giving all the necessary details, an activation link will be sent to your email. You need to click on that link to activate the account. This will allow only limited access to the account. To get complete access to your profile, you need to verify your mobile number as well. This is done to verify if an individual is genuine.

What happens if I register using my Facebook Account?

On signing up, Zoosk gives an option of registering with them using Facebook or Twitter accounts. You can select the Facebook option to register with them. When you do so, Zoosk automatically pulls in all the basic details from your Facebook profile, making it easy to use the application.

How do I join Zoosk?

Zoosk is one of the leading dating sites across the world. You can either use their site to join them or the mobile application that is available both in the Play Store and Application store for Android and iOS devices, respectively. Zook needs a sign up before using their platform.

Can I use the site without signing up?

No, you cannot use the platform without signing up with them. This is to make sure to eradicate all the fake profiles from the site. This even enhances the security and safety of the members on the network.

Users Profile Quality

Zoosk Users Profile Quality

Overall, the quality of the profiles on Zoosk is excellent. It is effortless to get the details of a user’s personality just by taking a look at their recorded interests, which any member can see unreservedly.

Most profiles are very straightforward and, to some degree, complete, making it simple for you to decide if the record you are seeing is a match or not. Approval of profile is likewise required in Zoosk—you can see from the profile view how the individuals confirmed their identities.

Mobile Applications

Zoosk’s mobile application has the same highlights as the site partner. The main thing missing on the mobile application is Dating Insights include. Even then, Zoosk’s mobile application gives a consistent client experience to those who have on go tendency. All its reaching and search highlights are effectively available from the symbols found at the base of the screen. The plan of the portable application is additionally straightforward—it fundamentally utilizes the hues blue and gray.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Below are the details of membership costs for using Zoosk

Duration / Coins Period Period
Monthly Membership
1 Month 29.95 USD / Month 29.95 USD
3 Months 19.95 USD / Month 59.85 USD
6 Months 15.00 USD / Month 89.98 USD
50 Coins 0.10 USD / Coin 4.99 USD
250 Coins 0.08 USD / Coin 19.99 USD
750 Coins 0.07 USD / Coin 49.99 USD

Free Membership Features

The following are the free membership features available with the Zoosk network.

  • Registering the account for free.
  • Creating a profile.
  • Sending out smiles and hearts
  • Accessing the Carousel.
  • Viewing full profiles.

Is Zoosk free?

Yes, Zoosk is free to register and use it. However, few exclusive features are available for the premium members only. Zoosk provides those features at a reasonable price that all the users can afford to buy.

Can you see if someone likes you on Zoosk if you are a free member?

No, Seeing who liked you on Zooks is a premium feature. This is not available for the users who registered for free. However, Zoosk’s price is affordable such that you can buy a premium membership to get this feature to enjoy hassle-free service.

Premium Membership Features

The following are the Premium membership feature available with the Zoosk Network.

  • Sending messages
  • Complete access to Smart Picks
  • Browsing in Incognito Mode
  • Using the chat feature
  • Seeing who likes you

Does Zooskoffer premium membership?

Yes, Zoosk offers premium membership features at an affordable price. Premium membership comes along with some exclusive features that can be used to enjoy complete service with them.

How do I cancel my Zoosk membership?

To cancel the Zoosk membership, go to your profile and click on three dots on the top right corner of the screen. Select Account Settings on the drop-down menu and Chooses a subscription. On the next page, you can select “Cancel Subscription” and confirm the same.

Is Zoosk membership auto-renewed?

It is not mandatory to renew the subscription to Zoosk. Instead, you can either turn on/off the auto-renewal feature. You can turn off the auto-renewal feature under the Subscription menu.

Can I get a refund for unused time?

Once the account is in subscription and if you want to cancel it, it is easy to do so. It has to be done before the renewal date. You can contact the customer support team for a refund of the money.

Is my “support” to Zoosk automatically renewed every month?

No. Unless and until specified by you or explicitly choosing the option, the support to Zoosk will not be renewed automatically,

I am not satisfied with the Zoosk. Can I get my money back?

Zoosk is sure to refund the money if you want to cancel the subscription. But according to their terms of service, they don’t provide a refund if you are unsatisfied with them.

How will my Zoosk support appear on my credit card bill?

The bank statement or the Credit Card bill will have details of the Zoosk account and the amount deducted for the monthly bill cycle.

Can I give support to other Zoosk members?

There are Help and Support available for every member of the network. You can support other Zoosk members personally by guiding them through the features of the platform.

Can I send support for just a month?

Sending out support to other members is unlimited. It can be done for whatever time is stipulated by you.

Is Zoosk Really Safe?

Is Zoosk Really Safe?

Zoosk platform is extremely safe for the users since it uses stringent security policies that eradicate all the unwanted activities over the network.

Are Zoosk Forums threads moderated?

There are moderators in the Zoosk community who monitor the threads and discussions on the forum. They constantly keep verifying the posts and remove those which are offensive.

How can I filter who can message me on Zoosk

There is no option for filtering out who can message you on Zoosk. But instead, you can “Ignore” a person’s message if you find it harmful or abusive.

What security features does Zoosk have?

You can “Ignore” a person’s message and “Block or Report” them if you find them so annoying. This can be done by going to their profile and just clicking on the Block or Report option. This way, you can secure your profile from illegitimate users.

How can I block and report a suspected scammer?

You can simply go to their profile and click on Block or Report option to report any suspected scammer. You can also mail the support team about it if you find their activities so annoying. The Zoosk team would review and remove the person’s account permanently if they are found guilty.

What will happen to a member who uses a Zoosk Account to solicit money?

Those who try to misuse the forum for soliciting the money would have to face a permanent ban from the site if found doing something against the law.

Which information shouldn’t be posted in your Zoosk Account?

Any sensitive details or details of your bank account or anything that harm you shouldn’t be posted on the Zoosk account.

Are Zoosk chats encrypted?

Yes. Zoosk uses SSL and Firewalls for security purposes. The messages sent over the chat are encrypted for security.

Can Zoosk track you down?

Yes. Since you turn on the location to find out the matches near you, Zoosk can track down where you are.

Can Zoosk be traced by the police?

Due to any special cases or complaints, Police can track down Zoosk for their investigations.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my privacy in Zoosk ?

There is a special Help and Support team with Zoosk to address all the queries, including the questions about privacy. You can either mail them or contact support over the phone for help.

Can I delete the information that I’ve already submitted to Zoosk ?

You can either edit or delete the information anytime that has already been submitted on Zoosk.

Are there fake or scam members on Zoosk?

There are fake or scam members on Zoosk. However, the team tries to eradicate fake profiles by following strict verification procedures.

Contact Information

Below are the contact details of the Zoosk platform

Company: Zoosk, Inc.

Address: 989 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, 94103 USA

Email: [email protected]


There are several other dating applications like Tinder, Ok Cupid, Facebook Dating, Match, etc., that are similar to Zoosk in functionalities.

Real life review

Below is the real-life review of a member of Zoosk.I had a wonderful time signing up with Zoosk. Initially, I was hesitant to use the system since I was for casual dating. But gradually, the application made me choose some serious relationship over dating for fun. I have found my ideal partner through Zoosk, and we are engaged now. AI,27, NYC.

Is Zoosk the best dating site/app?

Yes. Zoosk is one of the best dating apps that encourages serious and long term relationships.

Can I unmatch an Zoosk member?

You cannot unmatch a Zoosk member, but you can very well ignore the match posted by the algorithm.

Is Zoosk a hook-up app?

No, Zoosk is not a Hookup site. It is exclusively for those who are looking for some long term and serious relationship goals.


Zoosk Conclusion

Zoosk has become the most popular dating site and application with worldwide members. In recent times, the dating stage has pulled in more than 40 million individuals. It helped a significant number of them to build connections online. Zoosk’s trademarked Behavioral Matchmaking framework has made web-based matching considerably more automatic and compelling.

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