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ArabLounge Review

ArabLounge Review
About Site
Active Audience 50%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 24-35
Profiles 2 300 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Neat design and straightforward navigation ensures a seamless online experience.
  • Detailed profile pages help with a sketch of ArabLounge users.
  • Accurate matches correspond to the user’s personality.
  • Just a few fake accounts allow establishing contact faster and justifies the paid membership.
  • You can view the profiles’ photos and send flirts free.
  • The registration is a bit time-consuming process.
  • A small percentage of the audience is always active.
  • The website doesn’t have much in common with religion, regardless of the portal’s name.
  • The club is not large, considering the worldwide extent of the platform’s services.

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The ArabLounge review highlights the critical options and the slightest nuances of the portal for “Muslim dating,” as the company declares. In practice, the project also works for secular Arabs. According to the numerous testimonials, most of the community overlook religious matters. It isn’t a hookup ground for flings and kinks, but it is a portal for love seekers. Its mission is to connect Arabian men and women that live in different countries, including the European region.

Is ArabLounge a multi-language Resource?

Since ArabLounge is an international platform, it supports the most common languages in the areas with the largest Arabian Diasporas. So, the visitors and regulars can use the website in the Arabiс, English, German, and French languages.

Whom Does ArabLounge Belong?

The ArabLounge website is a World Singles Network’s product whose slogan is “We make love.” It has managed to launch over 100 ethnicity- and location-based projects. The company is registered in Los Angeles (USA), and now, near 50 employees manage its websites.

What is the location of ArabLounge?

The portal is not an independent company but a part of the World Singles family whose headquarters work across the USA. A publicly accessible postal address is 65 Enterprise, Aliso Viejo, California 92656 US. A publicly accessible postal address is 65 Enterprise, Aliso Viejo, California 92656 US.

What is the location of ArabLounge?

When Did ArabLounge Come into Being?

It hit the market in 2001. It was the dawn of online dating, and just some years later, hundreds of rivals flood the market. Nevertheless, ArabLounge could stand the competition and has managed to launch over 100 ethnicity- and location-based projects since then.

Which Regions Does ArabLounge Capture?

The platform is available worldwide since Arabs inhabit dozens of countries. The vastest ArabLounge audience comes from the United States, Kuwait, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, and the UK. However, people from other regions also have the right to register on the website.

What Is the Minimum Age Required for ArabLounge?

According to the law, people from 18 years old are eligible for using the service despite the absence of adult content on the portal. The moderators specify the corresponding rule in the “Conditions” section. Besides, the applicant should be single or separated from the spouse.

According to online analytical tools, the ArabLounge’s audience is quite young compares with many other similar platforms. The average age of users is from 25 to 45 years old.

Is the Platform Accessible from the Computer?

ArabLounge can boast good responsiveness and cross-browsing features; that’s why the software operates flawlessly on personal computers and laptops. You can use any model of the device regardless of its capability, storage capacity, screen size and resolution, and hardware.

How Large is ArabLounge’s Community?

The ArabLounge club comprises over a million members worldwide, but almost half-million members are the USA residents. The company declares about 4.5 million connections they’ve managed to make for all operating time.

How Large is ArabLounge’s Community?

Website Design & Usability

The ArabLounge website stand out of many dating platforms due to its modern and neat design. The portal is easy to navigate and access any piece of content; that’s why it ensures meaningful and relevant experiences to users. The online product is not only usable, but it also provides pleasure, efficiency, and fun. The website features functionality, flexibility, and aesthetics.

The number of menu items is as limited as possible, and there are all the necessary quick links in the footer.

What about Cross-Browser Compatibility of ArabLounge?

The platform uses online analytics to see which browsers the visitors use to enter the portal. That’s’ why the ArabLounge website saves its quality regardless of the browser you use. However, the latter should be valid since outdated browsers don’t allow for proper interaction.

How to Arrange Video Conference on ArabLounge?

The ArabLounge website comes with the video chat option for premium users, meaning that you can activate your web camera to communicate with other users.

Special Features

ArabLounge has some things to please its members, to help them track their activities, to know more about dating, and get other love-related information. Let’s look through the websites outstanding features:

  1. News Feed
  2. This option allows seeing the members in your location and their activities. The feature is convenient and timesaving since you can see who is online and ready for interaction.

  3. Activity Story
  4. The special section on the dashboard displays the users that have sent winks to you or liked you. Besides, people that have responded to your interest and have looked through your profile are also in your sight.

  5. Photo Slideshow
  6. The option is a derivative of Tinder’s swiping, allowing you to either approve or decline the offered photo. If you like the suggestion and click the relevant button, the system will notify the respondent about your interest.

  7. My Mood
  8. The ArabLounge website offers you to share your emotions and mood via dedicated icons. You can choose from

  9. ArabLounge Magazine
  10. It deals with a blog, where the ArabLounge’s authors publish reviews, posts, articles, and other content to entertain the members, provide them with tips and other useful information. Besides, you can learn much interesting about Arab traditions and culture.

  11. Charity
  12. ArabLounge collaborates with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund and helps them to collect money. Each user of the website can donate some dough if he/she considers it necessary. It’s possible to donate money anonymously or to specify personal data, and the corresponding badge will appear on your profile page.

Special Features

How Does It Work?

The ArabLounge website has an algorithm similar to other dating portals:

  • Enter the website and fill out the registration form.
  • Create a profile and add a photo.
  • Start browsing other members, and get matches.
  • Choose your favorites for interaction.

You can manually look through the profiles or rely on the suggested matches. Don’t forget to upgrade the account to unlock the messaging feature.

How to Send Messages on This Platform?

Log in to the website to access a personal dashboard and choose the user you would like to send a message. There is a dedicated icon on each of the profiles. Click it to open the text field and type in the message.

Are Free Messages Available?

Only premium members are eligible for messaging. You should upgrade your account to unlock the communication tools and other features of the ArabLounge website.

How to Start Communication with a Potential Partner on ArabLounge?

Once you’ve completed the profile, look through the previews with members’ photos, and choose some of them to access the full version. If you like somebody on ArabLounge, send him/her a wink or a greeting message. You can exchange unlimited messages with the user who has responded to your interest. Besides, you can select someone from the offered matches within the Photo Slideshow.

Why Can’t You Log in to ArabLounge?

The system might ban you for unappropriated content or behavior on ArabLounge. You should study the website’s rules to escape their violation. However, a poor Internet connection or outdated browser might become the reason for the restricted access too. Check your computer and software to clarify the problem. If it is not about the technical problems, contact the support service for help.

How long Does ArabLounge Ban last?

The ArabLounge doesn’t set any terms for the blocked accounts. You should build a new presence from scratch to continue your search on the website. If you are fully confident in the ban’s injustice, get in touch with the support services to make things right.

How to Make Banned Account Active Again?

Contact the support service to fix the situation or create a new account. In the latter case, consider thinking of the new IP (the system blocks users from specific IP addresses), email, and username.

Is It Possible to Delete Your ArabLounge profile?

If you mean data replacement, you can edit all points anytime and create a completely new personality. However, if you want to leave the website forever, it’s necessary to apply to the client service with a dedicated request.

What Are the Consequences of Making Your ArabLounge Account Invisible?

First, you should note that your profile is not visible to other members by default until you provide a photo. If you want to hide your profile for anonyms browsing, you are better to look for other platforms since this option is not available on ArabLounge.

Where Does the Website Send Matches?

You can see matches on your dashboard once you’ve registered on the ArabLounge website and built a full-fledged profile. The relevant option is on the main menu in the header of the web page. Besides, the closest online suggestions appear on the homepage. It’s possible to send winks to any of them, but you won’t be able to message one of them until you buy the subscription.

Where to See the Received Messages on ArabLounge?

The users exchange messages through the unique website’s system that ensures privacy. You’ll see the received message in the inbox on your dashboard. Besides, you can look through your message history, another interaction in the “Activity” tab. The profile displays your previous contacts with all the members of the ArabLounge.

Where to See the Received Messages on ArabLounge?

How to See the ArabLounge Users Who liked?

If you like the user, click the “heart” icon on his/her profile to show your interest. You can see all the members you’ve liked in your “Favorite list” available for free. Besides, mutual interests are visible in the “Connections” list.

Has ArabLounge a Spy Mode, and What Does It Mean?

The ArabLounge website guarantees the privacy of your messages and anonymous donations. However, it lacks the spy mode, meaning the impossibility to browse other members’ profiles anonymously. Instead, you have the right to hide the demographic information from other users.

How to Change the Username on ArabLounge?

Of course, each member of the community can reconsider his or her nickname. There is no dedicated button or link on the platform to change the username automatically. For this purpose, it’s necessary to contact the customer services and send them a request. You’ll get an answer to a personal mailbox.

Why Might the Website Block the User’s Attempts to Enter It?

As mentioned above, the service can ban a user for his or her unappropriated behavior or any other nuances that don’t correspond to the ArabLounge website’s terms and conditions. Besides, you might make a mistake with your password or username. In this case, you’ll see the relevant notification (“The login info you entered is incorrect,” for example) within the form.

How Do Search Filters Work on ArabLounge?

There is an average set of search options on the ArabLounge. First, you should point out some filters in your “Match Criteria” section to get appropriate suggestions from the service. Then, it’s possible to view photo galleries and choose some profiles to learn the information about their owners. You can also search by location or username. Premium users can count on the advanced search options while free members access only basic ones.

Signup and Login Nuances

When you enter on ArabLounge website, the application form is already in front of your eyes. You should provide the operator with the following information:

  • Your and your desired partner gender.
  • Your country and city of residence.
  • Date of birth.
  • Email address.
  • Password.

Click the “Continue” button to automatically accept the website’s terms of use and move to the ArabLounge survey. This stage is crucial to provide the portal the information that is essential for relevant matches. No promotional codes exist to qualify since the registration and basic features are completely free.

How Does the System Check the Email’s Validity?

There is no email verification on the ArabLounge website. It other words, you don’t have to go to your mailbox and click the link to enter the website and log in to it again. Once you’ve provided your email and so other data/ the service directs you to your dashboard. This approach doesn’t mean the platform’s lack of attention since its team checks your profile to either approve or decline it.

The Website Offers Registration through the Facebook Account. What Does It Mean?

It is about the fastest process of registration on the website. You can use your Facebook account as a gateway to avoid creating a new username. In this case, it’s necessary to provide your phone number/email and a Facebook password. Note that the service won’t use your Facebook data, posts, and photos for marketing or any other purpose.

How to Join the ArabLounge’s Community?

You have to register to join other members of this club. First, you are better to create a profile and with for its approval. Secondly, you have to leave your free membership for the premium status to ensure full interaction with the community.

Is it Possible to Travel Around the Website without Registration?

You might start with being just a visitor on the ArabLounge website to study its terms and privacy. However, other sections are not available for unregistered users. It’s necessary to sign up for the website to use its functionality.

Is it Possible to Travel Around the Website without Registration?

Building a High-Quality Profile

Once after registration, you should answer the ArabLounge’s questions (it offers 11 different rounds!) since your answers will be the foundation of the profile. What data should you point out?

  • Body type (small, athletic, etc.).
  • Height, eye, and hair color.
  • Occupation, income, education.
  • Drink and smoke habits.
  • Religion and politics
  • Whether you like or want to have kids.
  • Family roots and ethnicity.
  • Preferred language for communication.
  • Favorite music.

If you want to skip the question, just choose the “I’ll tell you later” variant. Then, add your selfie and go to your dashboard. You can add personal information later, but you cannot view full profiles (only previews are available) until you complete your own. Over 1,700 members are online daily on ArabLounge, providing you with excellent opportunities to outreach your potential soul mate. Besides, it’s possible to outreach the members of other World Network’s projects.

Can the Users Download the Mobile App

Currently, the ArabLounge platform lacks a mobile app, making the members use the mobile version of the website. The latter is quite convenient, responsive, and offers the same set of options as the desktop portal.

How Much to Pay for the Membership? What Are the Allowed Payment Methods?

The premium subscription is called Platinum Membership on ArabLounge. It features several packages based on the difference in their duration:

  • One month – $39.99/month.
  • 3 months – $29.99/month ($89.97).
  • 6 months – $24.99/month ($149.94).

So, the longer is the duration, the less money you spend monthly. However, you should make a one-time payment for the entire period. For this purpose, it’s possible to use Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, and Amix. The system also accepts PayPal payments and e-wallets. Besides, you can pay via phone.

Which Features are Available for Free?

The ArabLounge website offers a limited set of free options:

  • Registration.
  • Profile creation.
  • Looking through other members’ profiles.
  • Sending winks to display interest.
  • Toggle between the sections to get more information.
  • Access FAQs and support services.

Is ArabLounge a Free Platform?

The ArabLounge platform is a “shareware” product, meaning the opportunity to start your activity on the website for free. However, you should move to further upgrades to interact with other users.

Are Your Admirers Visible on ArabLounge Without Paying a Dough?

You can see who has looked through your profile, liked you, or sent you winks. However, you ought to upgrade the account to respond to them with a text message.

Are Your Admirers Visible on ArabLounge Without Paying a Dough?

What Does Platinum Membership Promise?

  • Exchange with the messages.
  • Get matched based on more advanced search filters.
  • Unlock video chats.
  • See whether an addressee has read your message.
  • Rank higher in search results.

Has ArabLounge the VIP membership?

The ArabLounge offers a paid subscription that is called Platinum membership on the website. It features a fixed price without commissions and hidden fees. The entire functionality is available within the package, meaning no necessity to buy credits to unlock some options.

How Can You Stop the ArabLounge Membership?

The system will withdraw money from your account once your subscription ends. Enter the account settings to switch this function off in a couple of clicks.

Does the Auto-Renewal Work to Extend Your ArabLounge Membership?

Yes, the subscription renews each 1, 3, or 6 months respectively automatically. This feature allows you to not bear in mind regular payments and to escape the ArabLounge services’ unwanted interruption.

Is There Any Money-Back Guarantee if You Don’t Use the Time?

The company’s refund policy doesn’t imply money-back in 100% of cases. However, you can fill in the form and send a request to the support service. The service usually responds within 48 hours; that’s why you are better to ask for a refund beforehand.

Do Donations for ArabLounge Have Monthly Auto-Renewal?

If you want to support the ArabLounge charities, you can do it anytime, but the payment won’t be regular. Any donations are voluntary and doesn’t renew automatically.

Does ArabLounge Refund the Money If You Are Not Satisfied with the Service?

Although some dating portals return the money if a user hasn’t found a partner within a particular period, ArabLounge doesn’t feature such generous offers. However, you may apply to support service and try to settle a matter in your favor.

What about the Payment Discretion on ArabLounge?

Your billing information doesn’t disclose the name of the website, but it makes the company’s name visible. Once you’ve paid for the subscription, the word “WORLDSINGLES” will appear In your payment appointment.

Can a Member Financially Help Other ArabLounge Users?

You can support any member of the website and provide them with gifts or money. However, you shouldn’t make hasty decisions and think about possible scams before you send the check.

Can You Donate Just Once a Month?

You should upgrade your membership regularly and pay for the entire package at once. You can help other users or support the website’s charity any time you want.

Can You Donate Just Once a Month?

Is ArabLounge Safe?

The ArabLounge portal is safe for both your computer and personality, but you should consider the factors below to decide whether the website meets your requirements in terms of safety.

Does the Service Moderate the ArabLounge Chats?

The service tries to keep the content within the rules; that’s why it may ban the user for unappropriated posts and other publicly available information.

How Is It Possible to Decide Who Can Message on ArabLounge?

You might not respond to the other user’s winks and interests to avoid interaction and to reject matches. So, you have the right to choose who will message you.

How Does ArabLounge Secure the Website?

The ArabLounge website has a standard SSL encryption to secure the Internet connection and provide reliable transactions.

How Can the Users Restrict Unwanted Member from Interaction with Them?

If you face a bot, a scammer, or abuse, click the “Report Concern” button at the bottom of your profile web page to report the customer support or block him/her via the “Block profile” button in the undesirable user’s profile.

What Is Waiting for Fraudulent ArabLounge Members Who Make Money on others?

The ArabLounge website watches the users’ activity and tries to prevent attempts to use the platform for illegal business or even in-law lucrative purposes. If the moderators reveal fraudulent accounts, they ban it and take other measures, including civil, criminal, and injunctive redress. No requests for money, extortions, commercial ads, and links are acceptable on ArabLounge.

Which Information Should You Avoid When You Create the Account on ArabLounge?

You shouldn’t publish illegal content, offensive posts, and commercial offers on the website to keep your account active. Please escape to specifying private data to stay safe.

Are ArabLounge Chats Secured?

The service encrypts the chats to provide no leakage of data. Nobody will see your private correspondence.

Can ArabLounge Track Your Activity?

ArabLounge doesn’t interfere in messaging, but the information that you’ve provided during the registration and profile creation is visible to moderators.

Can Police Access the ArabLounge’s Files?

The law-enforcement agencies cannot keep an eye on the website, until it launch an official investigation. Even then, the users’ accounts are untouchable.

Who Can Help Solve Questions Regarding Privacy in ArabLounge?

You should notify the World Singles via email or phone number. ArabLounge discloses contact information in the “Privacy” section.

Can the Users Remove Data That They’ve Provided for ArabLounge?

You are free to edit a profile anytime, but if you delete the entire information, other users cannot outreach you, and the service might “think” that your account is not real. You cannot remove the email or username that you’ve provided during registration.

Can the Users Run into the Scammers on ArabLounge?

According to many ArabLounge reviews, there are a few scammers on ArabLounge. Block or report them to avoid troubles and fraud.

How to Contact the Company?

32565-B Golden Lantern St., #179 Dana Point, CA, 92629 USA, +1 949-743-2535, [email protected].

Contact to solve issues concerning the agreement:

World Singles, LLC, 1601 5th Avenue, Suite 1100, Seattle, WA 98101-3603.

How to Contact the Company?

Similar Portals to Test and Compare

  1. Lovehabibi.com is very similar to ArabLounge, but it gives a 25% discount on your membership fees within the first seven days.
  2. Arabmatchmaking.com focuses on chat and dating rather than on marriage.
  3. Qiran.com is an international marriage site for Muslims that puts culture, race, and religion first.
  4. Iranianpersonals.com helps connect Iranian singles.
  5. Buzzarab.com allows finding new friends, casual partners, and soul mates.

Honest Feedback

Many positive ArabLounge reviews are the happy love stories that tell us how people have met through the platform. They also note its affordable prices and seamless registration. People are also glad not to see annoying questionnaires.

Is ArabLounge the Top-Notch Dating Portal

ArabLounge is a decent but not the perfect niche-dating platform on the Web. It lacks a mobile app and a prominent online presence. However, it’s a matter of poor marketing that the website’s quality.

Can You Stop Interaction with an ArabLounge Member After You’ve Matched Him/Her?

If the online romance has already gone for you, try to end your virtual partner on good terms. As a last resort, you can block the user from outreaching your profile from him/her and making the interaction impossible.

Is ArabLounge Suitable for Kinks and Casual Dating?

ArabLounge is not for hookups but for those who crave long-term relationships.

Few Words for Last

The ArabLounge website fits the needs of Arab people worldwide. It features flexible settings and a positive community. The platform has a standard set of both free and paid options, but it is worth testing due to a small number of fake accounts and scammers.

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