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Willow Review

Willow Review in 2020
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Active Audience 92%
Quality Matches 82%
Popular Age 18-44
Profiles 3 769 000
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 7.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free to register;
  • It has a user-friendly interface, and it's simple;
  • The app is continuously updated;
  • You don't have to provide your picture to get a date. Willow wants to make a dating world where your ideology matters, not your body or face.
  • Available in only iOS store;
  • No one can provide their original profile picture, which makes it creepy sometimes.

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Willow is a dating app where you matter, not your look! It is a social site where people meet new faces to make friendships and not just hookups. They use the locations to set you with new people who can be your true friend. The best part is they do not have a profile picture; instead, they use avatars that match their personality. You can upload pictures, but that isn’t visible to everyone. It can be viewed only when you want others to see it.

The dating app is only available on iOS and mobile. They don’t have a website. This app is majorly used in the United States and by African Americans and Latinos. You make an interest in people by initiating a conversation, not by your sexy uploads. Willow is even featured on Elle, MacWorld, Mtv, ECS, TIME, and Techcrunch.

Willow is not the usual dating app. It is far from the concept of a regular dating app, where the members connect with the other users based on the appearance shown on the profiles.

Willow does not have an algorithm to match the appearance, as well as the information provided. The matches are based on the ways the users connect.

After a question is answered, the messaging option gets unlocked for both the members. The inbox helps in chatting, as long as you want. The questions can only be answered if there is an intention of doing so. There is an option of not choosing to answer, as well.

In which languages is Willow available?

In which languages is Willow available?

Although the site can be accessed worldwide, it is only available in English.

Who is the founder of Willow?

Micheal Bruch, who was 24 years old when he founded Willow. He is an alumnus of New York University.

Where is Willow based now?

Found in almost every country, Willow is trying to get to the global market soon.

When was Willow founded?

Willow was founded in 2014.

Is Willow available around the world?

Yes, it is available worldwide.

How old should you be to get registered on Willow?

As in every dating site, you have to be 18 years or above to register with Willow.

Can I use the app via my PC?

Willow can be used only on mobile phones. They don’t have a website. If you are an iOS user, you can enjoy friend shipping with Willow.

How many users does Willow have overall?

Willow is a top-rated app, and the number of users is growing daily, but the exact count is yet to be given by the organization itself.

Website Design & Usability

Website Design & Usability

The Willow website serves as an advertisement for the Willow app. It provides a link to the Apple store and gives the general information about the app.

Which browsers can be used for Willow?

Willow does not have a website. It can be used only on iOS operated mobile devices.

Can I use the camera option on Willow?

You can start using the camera from the settings option.

Special Features

Willow doesn’t have a premium account, and therefore it doesn’t have unique features. The app itself is a special and unique one with all its special features.

  • One of the unique features this app has is the faceless, judgment less foundation. No one can judge you by seeing your profile picture or your body. You will not be judged by any means. People will like you based on the information you provide on your profile.
  • After completing the signup process, you will be able to unlock the messaging feature. You can also see which members have asked you those particular questions and if you wish, you can make a match with them.
  • When answering the questions, if you don’t want to skip a particular question, you can press X and skip it.
  • When the profiles are revealed to you, you can press the chat button present under the profile and start interaction when they accept your request.
How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Willow works particularly in a different way from other dating sites. Willow is not even a dating site. It is just an app that connects people from all over the world to meet and make friends or create a romantic relationship based on true nature and not lust.

You sign up with Willow by using your Facebook account or your phone number. When you are done with it, you will be asked some basic personal questions. You have to answer a set of questions, and then you can unlock the messaging feature and other features as well with it. You can now start to enjoy using Willow.

Let us have a quick look into some of the features:

  • Willow can only be downloaded as a mobile app.
  • It is a dating app that is capable of matching the expectations of the users by starting conversations.
  • Most of the subscribers for Willow either look for romance or friendship.
  • Most of the members are from the United States.

How can I send messages to other users?

After you compete for the registration process and answer all the questions, you will unlock the messaging feature. You can message someone you like while surfing the site. Also, when you unlock the messaging feature, you will be able to see who put those questions on; you can message them and start your ride with Willow.

Is sending messages a free option?

Yes, sending messages is free.

How to start chatting with someone on Willow?

The Messaging feature is not available until you finish the signup process. When you finish filling up the necessary details and have answered all the questions put up by members, you will unlock the messaging feature. Then you can start chatting, interacting with members of your choice. As there is no profile picture, you have to interact with the person by seeing their description.

Why can't I get access to Willow?

Why can’t I get access to Willow?

There are times when Willow logs you out from the account for security purposes. If you are logged in for a longer time, then Willow will do the necessary for the protection of the members from scammers and fake accounts, and most importantly, hackers.

How long do Willow bans last?

When a profile is banned, it generally lasts for a couple of minutes, hours, days, and some are permanent. Permanent bans befall you when you breach the rules and regulations Willow has set for you.

How to reactivate Willow account?

A link will be provided on your phone number or your email account to reactivate your banned account. You have to open the message and follow the link. It’s easy and simple.

Can I delete my Willow profile?

Please, visit the customer care section for further details about it. Or you can check out their terms of service and privacy policy section.

Can I use “Show me on Willow” option?

There is no option similar to this. You are already an anonymous account without a profile picture or any valid information.

How can I see the list of my matches?

The first instance of matches will be when you answer the questions on the profile tab. You will unlock the messaging feature and will be able to see who asked what questions. You can make a match based on their questions and bio. Your match notifications will be given to you on your mobile if you opt for notification during the signup process.

How can I see who sent a message to me on Willow?

You will get a notification about who messaged you. If you don’t do the necessary ticks when signing up, you won’t see any notification. But when you open the message section, you will see a waiting list for messages that need to be replied to.

Is it possible to make a list of Willow members who I liked?

Yes, you can create a favorite list and add members you want.

What is Willow’s spy mode?

There is no spy mode for Willow. Willow doesn’t have a premium account, and all the profiles are anonymous. You don’t get to see any profile picture.

Can I edit my username on Willow?

You can edit the username from the settings section.

Why is it not possible to enter the site?

Sometimes due to slow connectivity, you might not be able to login to Willow. If you are banned from the site, you will have a hard time entering the app; we would suggest you check your messages and drop an email if banned.

Search filters use gender, age, marital status, character descriptions, location, etc.

Sign up Process

Sign up Process

The signup process is quite easy because you don’t have to provide any specific information. The sign up can be done from your social media account, Facebook, or your mobile number. If you choose a mobile number, a verification code will be sent to your mobile number. Use it to verify and get started with the process. When you use Facebook to sign up, Willow will automatically use the information from Facebook, and you will be logged in and redirected to the information page. This page contains basic information like your name, age, gender, etc. Providing an Email ID is not important either because it’s your concern. After you have gone through the last process, one remaining step will ask you whether you want to receive a notification on your mobile.

How to verify my email?

Email verification is not required in Willow as it uses your social media account name, Facebook, or your phone number to register.

What happens if a member registers using Facebook Account?

Willow uses Facebook to register. Also, you have an option to register using your phone number. When you register with Facebook, the details are automatically shared from Facebook to your new account on Willow.

How to join Willow?

Joining Willow is one of the easiest because you install the app, add your preferred registering medium, namely, Facebook or your phone number, and you are in. Personal details are not necessary to mention. Even Willow does not encourage using profile pictures because they believe in love that comes from within. Instead of a profile picture, they have avatars designed as per human characteristics. You can choose the one that suits your personality.

Can I use the dating platform without registration?

No, Willow does not allow that. You have to register your account, and only then will you be able to use the site.

Users Profile Quality

There is no chance to know if an account is fake or real because users don’t have any picture uploads, nor can you see it without requesting it. All the profiles will look fake, but some are real for sure. Willow does not allow using profile pictures; instead, you can use an avatar that is preinstalled, and all the avatars contain certain characteristics that can match yours. Anyways, when you choose an avatar, your profile theme and pictures are set to that.

The first tab contains personal information about the profile holder. The questions are divided into three sections, namely,

  • Traits: there’s a pre-listed traits section, and you have to choose characters from it that fit you.
  • School: this asks you about your schooling. You can choose your school name from the provided drop-down menu.
  • About me: write something about you that can attract viewers to your profile.

The send tab contains some questions set by other members that were posted on the question tab. When you answer the questions, you will unlock the messaging feature and also be able to message the embers who put up questions on the tab.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Willow only has a mobile app. The app is quite smooth and free to download.

The app is simply easy and very attractive. When you open the app, it will redirect you to their homepage, where you will see tabs that feature “global,” “local,” and “popular” questions that willow members post.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Membership is free on Willow.

Free Membership Features

  • Voice calling
  • Unlimited text messaging
  • Contacting persons you wish to talk to.

Is Willow a completely free daring platform?

Yes, Willow is free to install and surf.

Can I see if someone likes me on Willow being a free member?

Yes, you will automatically get a notification about that.

Premium Membership Features

They have no premium membership option.

Is there an option of premium membership on Willow?

Willow does not offer premium membership.

Can I cancel my Willow membership?

You don’t have to because there is no premium membership.

Is Willow membership auto-renewed?

Willow doesn’t have a paid membership. Everything is free.

Is it possible to get a refund for unused time of the subscription?

No, because they don’t have any membership value.

Is my “support” provided to Willow automatically renewed monthly?

No, there is no support value for Willow.

Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with the service?

Willow does not charge anyone because everything is free.

How will my Willow “support” be shown on my credit card bill?

It wouldn’t be shown as the service is completely free, so you don’t need to pay for anything.

Should I give “support” to other Willow members?

There is no support money for Willow. For further information on your end, check the privacy policies and terms of use.

Can I pay for just a month?

There is no need because Willow does not require any membership money.

Is Willow Really Safe?

Is Willow Really Safe?

The most important concern of a user is their safety and security. Willow will never compromise on it. That is why they have report and block options on the profiles. You can report a profile or block it when you think they are fake or misbehave with you. Any abusive language will not be allowed, and if you are reported for the very cause, your profile will be banned depending on the type and intensity of the harassment.

Are Willow Forums threads moderated?

Yes, these threads are moderated when you post something against the rules and laws of Willow.

Can change the list of members who can message me on Willow?

You can simply ignore the messages from the persons you don’t desire. The messages will expire after a specific time, and the profile owner will know that you are not interested.

What security features does Willow provide?

They have phone number verification, the gallery is locked, and only when you want to share it with someone can you view your pictures. You don’t have a profile picture; therefore, there is no chance of picture theft. Willow has the report and block options if you face any harassment. If any member misbehaves with you, you can simply report the profile and block them. You will see a button below the profile that allows you to report the profile.

How should I block and report a suspected scammer?

You can report the profile by using the flag button present below each profile. Blocking is simple because you can click on the three dots on the profile and click the block.

What happens if Willow’s admin finds out a member using an Account to solicit money?

Willow will take harsh actions against anyone who tries to solicit money from Willow. Your profile will be banned permanently from the app too.

Which information shouldn’t be provided to your Willow Account?

Any personal information shouldn’t be posted on your Willow account. Also, nudity is not allowed.

Are my chats on Willow encrypted?

No, they are not encrypted even though it is necessary. They are trying to do the necessary ever soon.

Can Willow trace you?

Yes, with all the necessary information you have provided, Willow can track you down.

Can Willow be traced by the police?

Yes, if there is any legal issue, the police can trace Willow.

Who can I contact regarding my privacy issues on Willow?

You have to go to the contact set in your app menu and do the necessary.

Can I delete the information that is already submitted to my Willow profile?

Yes, you can edit the details that need to be edited.

Can I run into fake or scam members on Willow?

There are fake accounts everywhere, and Willow is not an exception. As Willow also does not allow profile pictures, either the members add a proper bio, it becomes hard to distinguish a fake account and a real account.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Company: Willow App LLC

Email: [email protected]


Willow is the best dating app for people searching for friendship and romance. The features and the member base is huge. There are people from various backgrounds who are willing to date people from different cultures, races, and ethnicity to encourage multiculturalism in dating behavior. If you wish to try out similar apps, you should look below for the suggestions we have provided.


It is a location-based dating app with a primary motto of letting people meet and grow friendship, love, and solidarity. It is a cost-free, worry-free, and label-free dating app. They do not demand any email ID or your details. You can wish to opt-out of this information if you want to. Meet people from all over the world and tie knots of friendship.


The app is similar to Willow because they also have a personal space for its users. You don’t have to put up all your personal information if you don’t want to. It’s a location-based dating app that helps people meet new friends, play online games, become flirt for a day, and many more. They have chat groups, chat rooms, video calling, voice calls, etc. The filters are fantastic; you can search by gender, sexual preference, lesbian, gay, etc. Moco is the largest and the most popular dating app among African Americans and Latinos.


Meet new people worldwide, look at the live broadcasting videos, make new friends through it, and many more. You can even conduct your live streaming videos! Save favorites, browse profiles, use filters to find exactly what you want! You can even get updates of the nearby members in your locality, make friends with them, date them and even have a hookup!

Real life review

“I was searching for a friend after my breakup, one of my friends suggested Willow, I had no idea what I was getting into. I thought it would be the same as all other dating sites. Trust me, it isn’t. I made so many friends, and one of them is my husband now!”

“If you want to make friends all over the world, you can join Willow. Do you know the best part? You don’t even have to provide your email ID nor your phone number. Well, another exciting thing for me was not providing a profile picture. You don’t have to give a picture if you don’t want to. I have social anxiety, and this feature was just pleasing to me!”

Is Willow the best dating service?

The features of Willow are pleasing and exciting; therefore, we don’t find any reason not to make it our favorite dating app. It’s best if you are looking for friendship, romance, hookup, or something casual. We won’t suggest this dating app for the one searching for love.

Can I unmatch a Willow member?

Yes, you can. Unmatching someone on a dating site means you won’t be able to see the person on your friend list. You can make the changes in the settings. Please check the FAQ section of the dating site; the process is elaborated beautifully.

Is Willow a hook-up app?

Is Willow a hook-up app?

No, it’s not a hookup app, but Willow does let people hookup who wants to. There is no strict policy. The platform helps people make friends from all over the world. Now, hooking up is a personal choice, and Willow does not breach their own space.


Willow is not just a dating app; it’s like a platform that helps you meet new friends from all over the world and who likes you for who you are. Your profile picture is not visible, and nobody lusts at your body, it’s purely your soul, what they are attracted to. You can share your gallery with someone you like; it won’t be visible to the common mass. The app is free to install and use.

If you are searching for a true friend and a judgment-free website for dating, Willow is your best friend!

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