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TS Dates Review

TS Dates Review In 2020
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Active Audience 74%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 1 875 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 8.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You will have the best sexual conversations and dates to satisfy all your desires and demands.
  • You will find people from all over the world on your Website.
  • They offer the option to select what kind of members or people related to your tastes you want to share and talk about.
  • You will have the best sexual fun and entertainment at your fingertips.
  • You can enjoy your account and connect at any time and from anywhere.
  • If you cannot pay for your Gold membership on this TS Dates Website, you will have certain limitations for your sexual entertainment.
  • The TS Dates Website may present problems in its operation due to a large number of users.

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For people who want to share sexual experiences, talk about their tastes and preferences, and meet like-minded people, this web dating site is the best alternative. As a website created for a diversity of sexual tastes, it has extensive content and offers variety and entertainment without limits.

With its online chat services, videos, adult movies, and much more on its Website, you will have the fun you want. The best, in this TS Dates Review, you will know the options it offers to interact with people from all over the world, from gays, bisexuals, homosexuals, transgender people, and many more. Also, you will have access to its Website at any time and from anywhere while enjoying great security and privacy of all your data and activity on the Website.

In this TS Dates Review, we will introduce you to the best of their Website, the options, and facilities it offers, as well as the freedom and peace of mind to satisfy all your fantasies on a safe dating site on the web. Without a doubt, being able to have the best of their services at your fingertips guarantees you fun, entertainment, and pleasure in all your sexual fantasies.

How many languages  do TS Dates support?

How many languages ​​do TS Dates support?

The TS Dates website supports English and Spanish languages, so you will surely have no problem chatting with many users that are part of its community.

You can also choose the language of your preference according to your location so that you feel comfortable and can function in their private chat rooms or within the extensive content of the Website. Undoubtedly, you will always have the greatest comfort to enjoy your experience on this Website, and with TS Dates Reviews, rest easy.

Who is the owner of TS Dates?

Its owners, known as Ventorn Enterprises, have teamed up with Alt.com and AdultFriendFinder to offer this online dating platform or Website. With all the successful platforms they have, they joined forces and concentrated the best of their experiences to provide this online dating site known as TS Dates.

With a 20-year history in service, they have been able to refine and improve everything they offer, standing out in the world of adult entertainment.

Where are TS Dates located today?

TS dates are located in the United States.

In what year was TS Dates founded?

The TS Dates Website has more than 20 years of experience as a dating site founded in 1996, which undoubtedly gives it a predominant online dating position. Its content has highlighted and been part of the fun and sexual excitement of different generations with so much history.

Is the TS Dates Website available anywhere in the world?

Is the TS Dates Website available anywhere in the world?

The Website is available to everyone; that is, no matter where you are, you can access its adult sexual entertainment services. Gays, bisexuals, or heterosexual couples looking for fun and excitement anywhere, will be able to enter their Website from wherever they are and join this great community with the variety and diversity that you are looking for your satisfaction.

What is the age required to join and register on the TS Dates website?

At the time of registration, the Website clearly expresses compliance with a minimum age of 18 years to complete your registration on the Website. In this way, they guarantee access to adults who seek only to have fun and fulfill their fantasies and comply with the laws and restrictions of this type of dating sites on the web.

Is it possible to use your application on a PC?

Although the Website does not have an application to download on mobile devices, its Website can be opened from your computer without problems since it is compatible with many operating systems. That way, you can always access your privacy with your laptop or from your personal computer with access to the web.

How many people or members are registered in TS Dates?

According to TS Dates reviews and reviews, an estimated 88 million people worldwide use TS Dates services for their sexual excitement and fun. With an estimated 3 million people on its Website daily, you will always have the possibility to talk and go to the site’s private chat rooms, participate in its public chats and interact with people from all over the world without problems.

Design And Usability Of The TS Dates Website

It is very easy to handle a website with content for adults, with a large amount of information at your fingertips just by entering. There, you can have different filters in its configuration so that you can customize all the content of your Website at the time of entering. In this way, if it’s wide scope in terms of different sexual content, it may be limited to only showing you what you want to see on its main screen.

Like other websites used today, such as Facebook, it has many tabs and options so that you can locate what you are looking for. With its screen design on a white background with letters in different colors, you will have no problem handling it and quickly understanding its operation to your satisfaction. Undoubtedly, you will have a great availability of sections where you can enter if you wish or hide them so that they do not appear within the content offered by the Website.

What are the browsers compatible with TS Dates?

What are the browsers compatible with TS Dates?

To access, you will enjoy an easy and fast opening from your browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla, Yahoo, and many more. In this way, opening the TS Dates Website will not be a problem, and you will have the quality and easy handling you need to have the best sexual fun on hand and meet people from different parts of the world who like you want to have fun and experience to the fullest.

How to use the camera in TS Dates?

If you want to interact through a webcam with the person, you have to open a private chat room to activate your camera and meet and send or receive videos. With this option, you will only have to let your imagination fly. Without problems, you will be able to send and receive hot videos or talk about your favorite sexual topics while they manage to see each other through the camera of your personal computer.

What Kinds Of Special Features Does The Website Offer?

Another attraction of this dating website on the web is based on the special options and functions that they offer to their members belonging to their memberships.

In this TS Dates Review, we mention its best special functions such as: tracking or following what other users of the site do, allowing you to read their status and updates to know what activities they perform and if they are available to take a call.

It allows you to have different communication types to interact with other members and have a better experience. If you want to chat directly, its private chat rooms allow you to connect your cameras and send and receive videos, transmit images, and share whatever you want with the other person.

Also, you can preview users who are broadcasting live and choose if you want to connect or not. Even models on the Website offer shows and moments of enjoyment of their nudes, and you can see who they are and what they are offering for your pleasure or sexual entertainment.

Your user account will be able to configure and enjoy certain improvements whenever you want, as well as having at your disposal an advanced search alternative with which you can specifically filter what you want to see and search on this Website. You will also be able to see who is online or connected, so you can choose which of them you want to start a conversation with.

How Does The TS Dates Website Work?

How Does The TS Dates Website Work?

Once you enter their Website, you will see a large amount of content for all tastes and sexual preferences. There, you can enter any of its chat rooms divided and classified by categories so that you can choose the type of content and users with whom you prefer to talk and interact. With this, you will enter public chat rooms, where many users seek to connect with people from all over the world for the best sexual entertainment.

There, you will see which of your participants are online and available to join a conversation. In this way, you will select the person you want to chat with and send them a message to respond to you on the group chat screen. If you manage to synchronize with this person, you can open a private chat room where they will have the intimacy and privacy they want to meet and enjoy the best sexual fun options at your fingertips.

From photos, videos, chat, and much more, they will be at your fingertips easily whenever you want. Easily, you can see the different alternatives and start enjoying the best content with the person you chose for your fun.

What do I have to do to send a message to someone?

Just by selecting the name of the person you want to talk with, you can directly write your message. You can also be available without problems in the public chat room you have on this Website at your fingertips. Thus, with the people you want, and in an easy and personalized way, you have the best conversations at hand and the possibility of meeting users who want to have fun and experience to the fullest.

Can I send free messages?

Sending messages to other website members is free, so you can chat and share content for free in their public chat rooms within their Website. Thus, you will meet people, and if you wish, by canceling any of your memberships, you will have more alternatives for fun and interaction without inconvenience.

How can you start messaging someone on TS Dates?

How can you start messaging someone on TS Dates?

If you want to start sending messages to people connected in the public chat group, you have to select the name of that person, and after one click, writes the message you want to send. It’s that simple; you can begin to interact and send messages while they meet and decide to move towards a private chat room on this Website.

What if I can’t access TS Dates?

To access the TS Dates Website, you only need a computer or PC and place the web address of this Website in your favorite browser. Also, entering the Website is simple, and sees all the content it offers and the different alternatives they place at your disposal. If you wish, you can join by completing the necessary membership steps so that you have the fun and entertainment you are looking for at any time and from anywhere.

How long does the TS Dates ban last?

The prohibitions of TS Dates regarding access to the different services and advantages of its users are directly related to the type of membership you want to obtain or looking for a free service with which you can have certain functions. Without a doubt, before buying any of their plans, you should make sure to choose the one that best suits what you want so that your fun is varied, intense, and complete so that you can feel satisfied.

How do I reactivate my banned account on this Website?

To reactivate your account once the Website has banned it, you must contact the customer service center of the Website and request its reactivation. In this way, they will indicate the steps to follow, and if possible, the activation of your account, complying with all the requirements included in this Website for the safety and satisfaction of its customers and users.

Is there an option to delete your TS Dates profile?

Of course, you can delete your account within the TS Dates Website at any time you want. To do so, you will only have to find your account on the Website or its link and enter the manage account section.

You will find the alternative to close an account, and later you must mark delete the account so that you will be redirected to a website where you will have to type your password to access the Website. In this way, the elimination process is carried out, and you can be sure that the Website does not store the activity of its users, photos, or any a record after using this option.

What happens if I deactivate the option “Show me in TS Dates”?

If you deactivate this option, your name will not appear available within the public chat rooms of the Website. To interact, you will have to use the other means of messaging, such as email, to start a conversation with another of the website members and have the fun and sexual pleasure you want.

Where do I see my matches?

When entering your user account, the TS Dates Website is responsible for filtering your search for users with whom to connect so that you can find those who meet the specific characteristics according to age, tastes, preferences, and more. According to your activity, you can start to earn points that will allow you to have a list of fans, with users who can meet your expectations and fulfill your wishes without inconvenience.

How do I see who sent me a message on TS Dates?

To check who sent you a message in TS Dates, you will only have to visit the user profile who writes you. Either through the site’s public chat rooms or using a private chat directly, you can always check who it is a person who wants to connect with you or accept your friend request.

Of course, the ability to see the complete information of profiles, photos, and more of the other users is related to the type of membership you cancel for yourself.

Is it possible to see the TS Dates members that I liked?

Of course, by marking those users you like, or even sending them a flirtation or friend request, you can start having your list of members of this Website with what you want to have fun and know in-depth. Of course, the friend request you send must be accepted by the other user, who will decide if they want to chat and have fun with you.

What is TS Dates spy mode?

To spy on your preferred members, you can see their status and activity that they publish within the Website so that you are aware of what they do and can see when they are connected and ready to have fun with you without limits.

How do I edit my username in TS Dates?

To edit or change your username, you have to look for an alternative to manage the account directly in your profile. Once there, you will be able to edit your email, username, and make the changes you want without inconvenience. Easy, fast, and at any time, you will be able to obtain the username you prefer and continue enjoying the fun and entertainment services of this Website.

Why is it difficult for me to enter the site?

Why is it difficult for me to enter the site?

On some occasions, the Website presents problems to access due to many users who use its services daily. With more than 3 million members connected daily, there is no doubt that they can make moments where access is not as easy and fast as we wish. However, these moments are usually very brief, and upon entering, they guarantee the speed and functionality you want for your enjoyment.

What are the different search options for TS Dates?

To make your search easier, you can use the different filters that are at your fingertips. Here you can see who is online. The options are available for new parties with which you will have the members who meet your selection criteria and other alternatives. VIP members are there who are well known and active on the site. The website also has the ability to search for users from all over the world with its advanced search options, so you can start enjoying the activity of this online dating website for Adults.

How Is The Registration Process?

To register on this Website, you must know the steps to be taken to see how easy and fast it is to join this Website. First, to register, you must go directly to the TS Dates website from the browser of your personal computer or any other device with internet access. There, you must look for the alternative of joining or registering so that you begin to fill in the information they request, and you can specify your gender, sexual preferences, what content you prefer to see, and much more.

The Website even allows you to register couples, groups, or individually so that you can have subscription alternatives. Once you have specified all the information, you must go to the confirmation phase of your account. For this, you will receive a link directly in your email, through which you can confirm your subscription and accept all the security policies of the site.

Upon completing the verification step, the Website will indicate the membership and subscription offers they have to choose the one you prefer and have your account fully active and ready to enjoy your options without problems.

How do I verify my email?

To verify your email, you have to open the confirmation email that you will receive from the Website and give it the option to confirm the subscription. Your account and email will automatically be confirmed so that you can start enjoying all its services.

What happens if I register with my Facebook account?

If you register with your Facebook account, nothing happens, you can always enjoy its services and unlimited sexual fun within this Website, and the best thing, you will not have dangers of theft, information extraction, or that the site publishes some activity without your authorization on other websites such as Facebook. This gives you the privacy you’re looking for to have fun, meet people, and date adults completely online.

How do I join TS Dates?

To join, you have to enter the Website and complete the subscription steps with which you can begin to enjoy all the benefits of entertainment that they place at your fingertips.

Can I use the TS Dates Website without registering?

Yes, it is possible to access this Website for free, visit the options they offer or even enter their public chat rooms where you will see other users’ conversations. However, to start interacting within the Website and enjoy its services, you must easily and quickly join or create your user account.

User Profile Quality

User Profile Quality

To have a quality profile, you must make sure to fill in all the information they request at the time of subscribing, filling in all the boxes such as gender if you are a single person, a couple, or a group looking for fun.

In the same way, you can specify what type of users you want to synchronize, what type of entertainment you are looking for, and want to have access to this Website.

With its more than 88 million users on the site, rest assured that you can get what you want since they have a great diversity of users classified according to their preferences to have the results and fun you want.

From public and private chat rooms, email connections, and much more, you can have fun without any inconvenience.

Does The Website Have Mobile Applications?

This Website does not have a mobile application; you can only access it from any internet browser by placing your name quickly and easily, also, with any device where you can access from common browsers without problems.

Membership Price And Another Payment Method

By joining, you will be able to select between different types of membership options with which you will have the variety of functions you want for your entertainment. With paid and free options, you can choose the payment of your subscription for the time you want, which can be one month, three months, and up to a year. You can also choose the Gold membership payment with unlimited access to all the advantages of this Website.

Free subscription features

With the free functions, you will be able to access the activity of the members of this Website, comment, give them likes and even publish on the profiles and user sites of this Website, post sexy photos and videos, and much more.

Is TS Dates free?

Although you can use some of its free services, the main advantages will be available when you choose any of its subscription options.

Can you see if someone likes you on TS Dates if you are a free member?

If you are a free member, you will not be able to see those users that you may like; you will only be able to write and send messages to any member, but without the opportunity to see who wants to connect with you as a priority to meet their tastes and demands.

Premium membership features

The functions of the premium membership are many. In them, you can use the available filters to see only the content and contact users of your choice, create a list of your favorite contacts, use the camera in an unlimited way in their private chat rooms, and much more.

Description of paid features on the site and their cost

To join this Website, you can choose between the subscription alternatives for a few months or the Premium membership that is within your reach. You can even select which services you want to enjoy.

Do TS Dates offer Premium membership?

Yes, the Premium or Gold membership has payment systems of 1 month for 39.95 USD, up to 12 months for 239.40 USD, so you can choose which option is most convenient for you.

How do I cancel my TS Dates Premium membership?

To cancel, you can choose between payments with credit cards, cash, or even checks.

Does the TS Dates membership renew automatically?

If you decide to cancel through your credit cards and check the automatic renewal option, the amount of your renewal will be automatically charged to your account.

Can I get a refund for unused time?

No, the payment of your subscription does not include any refund for this reason.

Does my “support” to TS Dates renew automatically every month?

If you indicate so within your subscription, otherwise, you can deactivate this option at any time in your account settings.

I am not satisfied with the TS Dates. Can I get my money back?

It is not possible, so make sure you can enjoy the service before canceling your subscription. Although we can guarantee that you will never be satisfied with the advantages of the TS Dates Website

How will my TS Dates support appear on my credit card bill?

It will appear on your credit card as a charge for digital services on the web.

Can I support other members of the TS Dates?

Of course, yes, as long as it is what you want, and you agree with the service’s conditions.

Can I send support for just one month?

Heat can cancel the services you want for one month whose rates are specified in this TS Dates Reviews.

Is TS Dates Safe?

Yes, its data encryption system and security mechanisms make your activity and interaction completely safe.

Are the conversations on the TS Dates forums moderated?

To avoid having to spend unpleasant moments or see unwanted content, be sure to set your preferences well so that you can be comfortable within your chat room.

How can I filter who can send me messages on the TS Dates Website?

With the filter options and configuration of your user account

What security features do TS Dates have?

Advanced filters account access settings, personal data and conversation encryption systems, and much more.

How can I block and report a suspected scammer?

In your account options, you will be able to do so without problems and inform the TS Dates Website about this person or scammer who is found as a member.

What will happen to a member who uses a TS Dates account to request money?

You will be blocked and reported, and you will no longer be able to access your registration account or use the services.

What information should not be posted on your TS Dates account?

The information you publish will be to your liking. Still, it is not recommended to publish personal addresses, telephone numbers, or other information that may be dangerous for your safety.

Are the chats on the TS Dates Website encrypted?

Yes, completely, to guarantee your total privacy and security.

Can TS Dates locate it?

No, you specify where you connect and how people from different countries want to have conversations.

Can the police track TS Dates?

No, your system is safe and reliable around the world.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my privacy at TS Dates?

They have a service for their users where you can ask the questions you want.

Can I delete the information that I already submitted to the TS Dates Website?

Yes, whenever you want, you can delete the information you have sent without inconvenience.

Are there fake members or scammers on TS Dates?

Although it is unlikely, there is a minimal risk of getting fake profiles that try to scam some of their users.

Contact Information

You can use their contact form to receive the answers you want to know as soon as possible, without problems.

Address: 910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor, Campbell, CA 95008, USA

Phone: 888-575-8383


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Real-Life Review

¨In TS Dates, I was able to meet many people, talk, and have exciting and entertaining dates without problems. Also, this dating site is very safe and easy to use, so I always visit it and get the fun and sexual entertainment that I need.”

¨Unlike other dating websites, at TS dates, I like how easy it is to configure your tastes and preferences. Undoubtedly, they care about satisfying the tastes of their users.¨

¨I like this Website because I can have fun and meet people from all over the world who, like me, want to have fun and meet new people. Also, it is available 24 hours a day so I can access it whenever I want.”

Is TS Dates the best dating site or app?

With its over 88 million people and members, it is one of the best dating sites on the web for your enjoyment and satisfaction.

You cannot directly block it so that you can’t receive messages or any notification from that particular contact.

TS Dates is a connection app?

It is a dating website for adults, where you can enjoy the fun and sexual entertainment you are looking for with its large number of users from all over the world.


Who is the TS Dates Website suitable for? This site is suitable for people who want to have fun, have the best pornographic content with their movies, meet people, and have intimate and exciting dates privately in their chat rooms, and much more.

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