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TrueView Review in 2024

TrueView Review in 2024
About Site
Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 18-28
Profiles 7 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Friendly, easy, safe
  • Mobile app for innovative dating
  • No membership, no fees
  • Great hallmarks for search
  • Trust Score and Community Rating
  • No website available4

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Unlock a dating service you can fully trust. This TrueView review will showcase the amazing UK dating awarded app of recent years, and present the honest space for discovering new faces. The matchmaking app is prevailing in the UK. Simply visualize the 7M followers within the country to estimate the distribution scale. The service does not possess a desktop version. It is open only as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. That is mainly a British service, though it holds a strong strategy to level up for the USA market as well. An amazing blend of dating and social media perks will make your dating genius. No more dishonesty, fake profiles, or pre arranged photos. Use only the TrueView app to seek your love affair.

How Many Languages Do The TrueView Hold Up?

Capture the adorable experience of honest dating using your handy language. Install the language extension app on your phone, in case of an extra call.

Who Is The TrueView Owner?

The TrueView LTD Company indicates the ownership of a British startup today and remains the only info holder posted on the app feed.

What Is TrueView’s Current Location?

The current office dwelling of this honest matchmaking company is in London. The address is 37 Heneage Street, London, E1 5LJ.

When Was The TrueView App Launched?

Share your latest everyday moments with your friends using this kind of micro-blogging dating app. Since the outset in 2012, the matchmaker empowers you to seek for a perfect match and showcase the most all-embracing life events together.

Is TrueView On Tap Worldwide?

The so-called Facebook service among dating apps is not yet on tap globally. It is popular and widespread in the UK.

How Old Should You Be To Join The TrueView App?

You must be at least 18 to turn a member of this location-based app. Other age categories below the line remain pending adulthood. By the way, the highest point of sharing likes is not set.

Can I Apply The App Using My Machine?

Check out your matches on the way using your phone as the TrueView website is not accessible to apply. Download this free service from Google Play or iTunes to post your recent activities and share it with the love alternatives within reach.

How Many Users Does The TrueView Support Worldwide?

The award-winning app does not yet produce global coverage. The compelling bulk of 7M users today arise from the UK and EU countries.

Website Design & Usability

The heart icon is a symbol of this handy app connecting singles by location. Connect this honest matchmaking community to discover love effortlessly. It is fully mixed with social media and enables you to carry out your daily actions at ease. The trendy layout, focus on integrity and bloom, the efficiency of synergy connecting seekers is something that fascinates. TrueView is further than just dating. That is, creativity, freedom of feeling, and dating offline. Clear text blocks, expressive photos, and shots of every minute of your life are also among the hallmarks of this romantic app. Check out your potential matches nearby.

TrueView Website Design & Usability

Which Browsers Open TrueView?

Stay natural and manage a preferred browser to start the service home page. Download the app on Google Play and iTunes free and experiment with arranging a location filter to locate your love nearby.

How Can I Make Use Of The Camera On TrueView?

Capture a tiny flash of your exceptional day applying the camera on your phone. Post these stories to your feed and encourage other members to tag it. Stand out with fresh ideas and personalize by putting yourself in the heart of the search.

Special Features

Are you eager to find more about the unique features of this like a Tinder dating space?

  • Available, free, and safe. These are the three pillars of this genuine app.
  • The trust score has an impact on your matches’ nature. Obtained by the content you post and the badges you gain
  • Community Rating. That is a notification system for other members confirming your good status.
  • Swiping left or right to fix the interest or to skip

TrueView Special Features

How Does It Work?

TrueView reviews encourage interesting and honest dating and offline encounters with members nearby. Reveal your temper in this hot and honest service by sharing meaningful life stories—the profile awards to upload any content to start communication with others. The matchmaking system interprets your activity, location, search filters, preferences, and submits the most thriving alternatives for the match. Swipe profile to the right if the user is attractive. Proceed to the left, if you are not interested. Get involved by your social channels and meet your true love offline.

How Can I Send A Message To Someone?

React to the daily activities experienced and posted by members. Tap on the bubble-like messaging tab and start messaging your comment. Commenting posts triggers private interaction.

Is Messaging Free?

Sending comments is free on this micro-blogging dating platform. Point your interest and react to posts of users you liked, commenting on them.

How Can You Initiate Messaging On TrueView?

Send a request to the user you fancy by clicking on the heart icon. The conversation will open if it is confirmed. The second option is commenting on posts.

TrueView How Does It Work?

Why Can’t I Run The TrueView App?

The reliable and award-winning dating service is stable in operating. However, if you face entry hassles, check out the status of the Internet connection or the Wi-Fi signal. You will also have a hard time entering it if you are under 18.

How Long Does TrueView Ban?

The TrueView service takes care of members and strives for a mutually respectful connection. Any abusive or insulting activity or content may rise in a ban and the account termination. The span turns on the severity of your breach.

How Do I Recover My Account From The Ban?

The right to enter will renew immediately in the passing of your temporary limit. In case of misunderstanding and termination of your account, contact the Support by emailing them to [email protected].

How Can You Delete Your TrueView Profile?

Limit your profile activity smoothly. Turn off your visibility to disable it in other members’ feeds and keep your chance for return. If you feel like the service is not proper for you, delete your account permanently. Move to the Account Status page and click to Delete Account, then confirm your action.

What Will Happen If I Change The Visibility On TrueView?

Control your privacy issues independently. Turn off the visibility of your profile in the matches feed to take a break and enjoy the latest dating experience. Move to My Profile tab and continue to Account Status. Next, push the green button and hide your profile briefly.

Where Can I View My Matches?

Enjoy the most select alternatives in your match feed. The system analyzes your behavior, habits, interests, and activity to submit fitting partners nearby for offline connections. Mark the user as liked ones to create a mutual match.

How Do I Know Who Messaged Me On TrueView?

Set up and obtain a system notification of each account change or update. After getting a notification regarding a new comment or conversation request, tap on it to open and find out who messaged you.

How Can I See The TrueView Users Who I Liked?

Browse profiles in a TrueView matching feed generated to your likings. Customize your preferences in the Matches tab, simply adjusting it. When you mark a user as liked, he or she will get a notification sign and may like you back or reject it. Check them out on your favorite list.

What Is TrueView Anonymous Regime?

That is the most reliable service for real dating appreciated for the secret mode. Control and adjust your privacy settings to make your profile invisible in the match feed. You may still log in and run the app anonymously as a spy.

How Do I Change My Nickname On TrueView?

Update and edit any personal information field. Tap to refresh the data about the name, profession, height, or age. Overall, as you may notice, you are empowered to refresh almost any data you pick. Move to My Profile and click on the gear icon. Save new lines after successful completion.

Why Am I Having Trouble Accessing The Site?

The TrueView website is not accessible for use. This trendy service for connecting young and energetic singles appears as a mobile app. If you log in is challenging; most likely, you have a weak Wi-Fi signal.

What Are The TrueView Search Alternatives?

Make sure your phone’s GPS is switched on. That is a crucial requirement to generate matches. Customize search filters by location, increasing or decreasing the distance. Change age and gender preferences to locate the most accurate alternatives.

Sign Up Process

Download the app from Google Play or iTunes and unlock on your mobile device. Join the true community using your Facebook account. That is fast and amazing if you previously turned 18+. The service ships basic data and photos from your social channel. You may edit it at any occasion. Verify your phone number. That is standard care to guarantee only real users flow and make sure their intentions are genuine. Fill out your profile while interacting. The awesome dating service goes like a micro-blog. Act as in the customary social media, posting about the moments you feel to share with the members of the feed. Commenting originate conversations and offline dating later.

TrueView Sign Up Process

How Do I Confirm My Email?

There is no obligation to confirm your email. You will receive a demand to verify your phone number. Follow the tips step by step to complete the procedure. That is an obligatory step to ensure the partakers are true and to prevent scam or abusive behavior within.

What Will Occur If I Log In Using My Facebook Account?

The registration process on TrueView using your social media page is preferable and the exclusive to join this true community of singles nearby. The system will automatically list your basic data, including photos, and create an account.

How Do I Get In TrueView?

Turn into a member of this safe service by downloading the app on your phone. Perform your registration using your Facebook account instantly. Congrats, you are now a mature partaker of this location-based dating platform.

How Can I Use The Site Without Registration?

Actually, you can’t. The guest mode is not afforded and is not harmless for members. Register using your social media to get access to this matchmaking service for finding love and connection.

Users Profile Quality

If you are an enthusiastic social media partaker and crazy about check-in, then this dating service will engage you surely. A youth-looking and smooth profile layout empower you to turn into the heart of the feed at any time. Fill out your profile slowly, sharing your amazing life moments with others. The profile possesses a complete size. Your essential data will appear as open to other users. That is your username, age, location, appearance. By posting stories about your hobbies, skills, experiences, and daily activities, you will self-present to other members and boost your dating choices.

TrueView Users Profile Quality

Mobile Applications

A trendy-designed service connecting singles by location and engagement score is possible as a mobile app exclusively. TrueView website comes with an informative charge and does not allow equal functions with the app. Download the app on your Android and iOS device and start it to grow as a service member of this service for discovering your love alternatives nearby. It is fast and free. The app is friendly to members of the varying age distribution of 18 years. Join transparently using your Facebook account. Activate your phone GPS to adjust a search filter. Keep posting engaging ideas and your actions during the day.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

The price may oftentimes push off and grow the principal motive for denying service. This will not appear here. TrueView is always free. The dating platform, comparable to your preferred social media, is a chilling mix of dating and chatting at the same time. That is true and amazing. After all, it focuses on the real connection of singles within reach. The system suggests matches by interpreting your activity on the app. The operating principle of this affordable service is logical and outspoken. The more genuine and more active you are, the higher the loyalty rating you own. There are no specific membership fees to pay monthly. Just join the dating community, have fun, and keep dating.

TrueView Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Free Membership Features

Initiate your love hunt free with this chilling matchmaking service. What are the most amazing hallmarks you may benefit from?

  • Joining and personalizing your profile
  • Search by location, age, other preferences
  • Fast, transparent, and 100% safe
  • Only real members are involved
  • The similarity to natural social media
  • Trust score and Community rating for honest dating

Is TrueView Free To Use?

By parsing data from many references while formulating this TrueView review, we positively assert the service is open for use without any payment fees. That is an all-embracing discovery for all members with a limited budget and those being uncertain.

How Can You See Who Likes You On TrueView?

Keep up to date with those members who like you on this faithful service. Check out who liked you or left a comment under the post by seeing the notification icon. All changes in your profile are immediately displayed there.

Premium Membership Features

The members of this online dating platform hold the same shots for interaction. The priority membership is not available, and it will not improve your rating score here. Join for free and enjoy applying the broad array of services to have fun.

Does TrueView Submit Priority Membership?

The online service serving to discover a partner who also fancies posting every step online does not allow priority membership. Uncover fresh faces nearby and interact reasonably in this amazing place.

How Do I Delete My TrueView Association?

Cancel your membership in the TrueView app permanently. Proceed to the Account Page Status and select the Delete Account link. Once you confirm your decision, you can no longer log in. By deleting your account, you cancel your membership on this matchmaking platform.

Is TrueView Subscription Auto-Refreshed?

This minute-by-minute free service does not allow extended membership for extra money. Join freely to partake in the love hunt. Your support will not come fresh in auto-mode. Just log in to renew your game.

How Can I Get Money Back For The Remaining Time?

Stay in touch with new mates and stay to chat free as long-drawn as you wish. It is ever more free and open to community members. Access restrictions concern mainly age and behavior issues. You will not get a refund, as you do not pay for services.

Is My TrueView Support Automatically Reopen Monthly?

The TrueView website and the app nevermore block access and do not ask to refill membership regularly. It always works.

I Am Not Happy With The TrueView App. Can I Get A Refund?

If you are not happy about the service, then simply look around for alternatives. You are not bound by financial obligations and may quit at any time. However, take the decision carefully.

How Will My TrueView Payment Issue On My Credit Card Statement?

Grow a part of this trendy dating service for seeking love nearby. It is free for everybody. You do not require refreshing your support monthly and thinking about your anonymity status.

How Can I Pay The Other TrueView Member Support?

That is infeasible as the service is not giving advanced services and is not asking for hidden amounts. The most suitable you can do for other members is to post an engaging story or promote the service to other people.

How Can I Pay For A Month Only?

You are not eager to pay for support of any span, as all the amazing services inside are accessible and free.

Is TrueView Really Safe To Use?

It is safe and handy. Compare your matches in the feed to find out the nearest one and ask him or her out.

Is TrueView Really Safe To Use?

Does The TrueView Moderate The Forum?

The meaningful app for real dating monitors the behavior of users of the match feed to eliminate impoliteness and abuse.

How Can I Choose Who Can Write To Me On TrueView?

Choose the user whom you want to message and send a request for accepting messages from your side.

What Safety Points Does TrueView Have?

Verifying by phone number, log in using Facebook, and the applying of a Trust score rating makes the TrueView app safe to run.

How Can I Block Up And Tell Of A Scammer?

Scroll down the bottom of the suspicious profile and click the Report for Abuse link.

What Will Occur If A TrueView Member Solicits Money?

If another member solicits money, report it. The service will block the profile and remove it from the match feed.

Which Info Is Not Allowed To Post In Your TrueView Account?

You shouldn’t post your data and confidential info in your account, not to undergo scammers’ actions.

Are TrueView Chats Ciphered?

This, similar in operating with the Facebook dating app, protects user messages by encrypting them.

Can TrueView Find Your Location?

Surely, they can. You turn on your phone’s GPS and allow tracking your location.

How Can The Police Hunt Down The TrueView?

The police can track the service for dating and operates only in the legal field.

Who Can I Contact To Ask Privacy Questions In TrueView?

Go to the FAQ area; the link is at the very bottom of the TrueView website. Or email them at [email protected].

Can I Delete The Info From TrueView?

If you need to remove the message, Press the Chat tab, then Swipe left, and Press Delete link. Delete personal info by going into My Profile.

Are There Scammers On TrueView?

Scammers and fake profiles are uncommon thanks to the anti-spam measures they actively apply.

Contact Information

Company: TrueView LTD

Address: 37 Heneage Street, London, E1 5LJ

Email: [email protected]

TrueView Contact Information


Choose more alternatives for the more genuine dating and find out more about the most trusted connecting apps like Tinder, MeetMe, or Grindr.

Real-Life Review

I can’t wait 10 minutes out of checking my friends’ Facebook. I think the TrueView enthralled me by association with social media and ease of action. These are true people here who I can spot nearby. I am crazy about posting my minute-by-minute activity and swipe profiles in the match feed. (Ann, 21)

Is TrueView The Number One Dating App?

It is real, safe, amazing, and inspiring. The TrueView review marks the app with such epithets. That is surely number one of dating apps now.

How Can I Unmatch A Member On TrueView?

It is simple to achieve. Go down to the footer of a member’s profile and click the Remove link.

Is TrueView A Connecting App?

This award-winning app connects singles nearby and is absolutely the number one hookup app.


The amazing app caters to singles to seek love and moods nearby. Sign up easily and get involved in the matchmaking process. Stylish design, vibrant blends, smooth navigation, and an idea to act as social media enrolled young users in the UK. The innovative dating service will drive you crazy. TrueView for real associations is worth experiencing.

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