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Three Day Rule Review

Three Day Rule Review
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 79%
Popular Age 27-39
Profiles 190 000
Reply Rate 80%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 6.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Personal, professional matchmaker and dating coaching sessions.
  • High level of safety – your profile and personal details on the Three Day Rule website are only for the service’s private database.
  • Focus on serious long-term relationships.
  • The service is only available for U.S. citizens in a limited number of major cities.
  • Three Day Rule does not offer online matching on the website.
  • No options to browse for matches or message other users.
  • Hefty price for the Premium package.
  • No background check for clients.

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Three Day Rule is a matchmaking company that offers the unique opportunity of finding a partner for a serious relationship with the help of a professional matchmaker. The service operates in the United States and provides personalized, offline matchmaking services to people in several major cities. Three Day Rule is a prestigious option for those who do not want to waste time looking for the right person on numerous online dating websites. You can rest assured that the service will select your match based entirely on your personality and preferences.

Languages Available on Three Day Rule

The Three Day Rule website is only available in English.

About the Owner

The owner of Three Day Rule is Talia Goldstein, who is an American entrepreneur. Goldstein is both the founder and the CEO of the company.

Where Is the Three Day Rule Website Based?

Three Day Rule is based in Los Angeles, United States. The company also has offices in several major cities, including San Francisco, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Chicago, and several other locations.

How Long Has Three Day Rule Been Around?

Talia Goldstein founded Three Day Rule in 2010. The service operates since 2013.

Is It Local or International Dating Service?

Three Day Rule is not an international dating platform. The services of Three Day Rule are specifically tailored for United States citizens. Moreover, only some major cities have Three Day Rule offices. The reason is that Three Day Rule offers a much more guided and personalized matching than many dating websites do. The brand works as a real-time agency, and the matching process involves personalized, offline meetings with matchmakers.

Minimum Age for Three Day Rule Membership

To register on the Three Day Rule website, you need to be of legal age. Therefore, only users above 18 can become clients of Three Day Rule.

Platforms to Access Three Day Rule

Three Day Rule does not provide an official application for its clients’ use. You can use your computer to access the Three Day Rule website. Alternatively, use a mobile version of the website on the phone.

Number of Users Internationally

Three Day Rule does not disclose the number of its clients. Moreover, since the brand does not offer online matching on the website unless you are a citizen of the United States, there is not much you can gain from the Three Day Rule membership as an international user.

Three Day Rule Website: A Web Design Eye-Candy

Three Day Rule Website: A Web Design Eye-Candy

The design of the Three Day Rule website is one of the brand’s strongest points. Images and text are cleverly and proportionately put together and create a modern and innovative look for the website. The interface is simple but extremely convenient; the fonts and the colors are coordinated well as well. The website’s homepage contains just enough details and visual elements to intrigue the potential client without overloading them with information. Alternatively, you can easily find all the needed information about Three Day Rule in the navigation menu.

Browsers Best Suited to Use Three Day Rule

You can access Three Day Rule on any browser that supports the latest web design technologies. Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, and many other browsers are sure to be sufficient for a comfortable experience with the service. The Three Day Rule website may not, however, work as well with outdated browsers.

Using Camera on the Website

Three Day Rule website does not offer any options that involve using a camera.

How Unique Is Three Day Rule?

How Unique Is Three Day Rule?

The most interesting special feature of the Three Day Rule dating service is its main operating principle. On Three Day Rule, you receive a personal matchmaker who guides you along in your dating experience. This person first reaches out to you to learn in detail about your personality, interests, and preferences in dating partners. For this purpose, Three Day Rule matchmakers normally set an in-person meeting with you. Afterward, you will receive continuous guidance and feedback from your matchmaker as you start meeting with your matches.

Another unique feature of Three Day Rule is that the service combines technology with professional human experience. Equipped with progressive facial recognition software and represented by knowledgeable matchmaking experts, Three Day Rule aims to remove all the stress of looking for the right person and do it for you.

Get to Know the Basics of Three Day Rule Services

Basics of Three Day Rule Services

The process of becoming a member of Three Day Rule is simple. You only need to register an account on the Three Day Rule website and fill out a brief profile, complete with information about you and a few photos. After you have completed these two simple steps, you can wait for your matchmaker to contact you and match you to other members of Three Day Rule. You can register your account for free and become part of Three Day Rule’s database of matches. Like this, they may offer your candidature to Premium members. Only users with Premium Membership can access the services of the personal matchmaker and receive personalized matches. You cannot find or contact any of the service’s other clients before you get matched with someone, even as a Premium member. You can find the cost of the Premium Membership and the options it provides you with if you continue reading this Three Day Rule review.

Can I Chat Here?

On Three Day Rule, you cannot find the profiles of other users or message them. To come into contact with another member of Three Day Rule, you first need to be matched with them by your matchmaker. When it gets to setting up a date, you are free to communicate with them by phone or any messenger that both you and your match find convenient.

Should I Pay for Communication?

Before you receive a match from your personalized matchmaker, you cannot message any of Three Day Rule’s other clients. The goal of Three Day Rule is to connect you with the right person. You do not have to pay specifically for messaging people that the service matched you with. Of course, you still need to pay a formidable fee for Three Day Rule Premium Membership.

Initiating the Communication Process With a Match

To start messaging with someone you meet through Three Day Rule, you have to first buy the service’s Premium Membership. Secondly, you have to be matched with another client based on the details you provide about yourself and your dating preferences.

Concerns Relating to Access to the Website

You can access the Three Day Rule website globally, although do not expect it to operate like a regular online dating platform. The service is based in and oriented at a U.S. market. It caters specifically to the people residing in the United States, and it operates in several major cities.

How to Ban a User?

If a user violates Three Day Rule’s terms of use, the service reserves the right to suspend the account. Three Day Rule does not specify whether you have the chance to restore a banned account.

How to Restore a Banned Account?

There is no information available on whether you can reactivate a banned account on Three Day Rule.

Terminating the Account: You Can Come Back

On Three Day Rule, you can delete your profile if you no longer want to receive the website’s services. You only need to go to your profile page and click on the option to deactivate the account. Note that Three Day Rule does not delete your account completely – you can restore it whenever you would like to.

Does the Website Have a “Show Me on Three Day Rule” Option?

There is no such option on Three Day Rule.

Where to Find Your Matches?

After the matchmaker finds appropriate matches for you, they present these people’s profiles to you. You can then review them and decide if you want to meet with them.

Finding Other Users’ Messages

Three Day Rule website does not provide the messaging function for its customers. The brand contacts a newly registered member directly by phone or email to start the process of matchmaking. All communication with matches is also done by phone calls or text messages.

Viewing Profiles of Three Day Rule Members

Viewing Profiles of Three Day Rule Members

With Three Day Rule, you can see another client’s profile only if you match with this person. Both you and the other person have to meet at least three basic criteria. Every client of Three Day Rule describes their idea of a dating partner to their personalized matchmaker. This may include such things as age, ethnicity, income, etc. Based on these preferences and the shared interests, the service will show you the Three Day Rule members who are potentially a great match for you.

Is There a Spy Mode on Three Day Rule?

Three Day Rule does not have a spy mode function.

How to Change Your Username?

You can change your name on Three Day Rule website by going to your profile page and clicking on the option to edit your info under your name.

Accessing the Website: Possible Issues

Usually, visitors of the Three Day Rule website do not report any issues concerning not accessing the site.

Search Options on Three Day Rule

Three Day Rule does not give you the option to look for a match yourself. The matchmakers put all of the profiles into the website’s database of clients and use an algorithm to match them based on criteria and preferences.

Signing Up: A Quick Process

Signing Up: A Quick Process

The sign-up process is unbelievably easy on the Three Day Rule website. You can register with your email and phone or use a Facebook account to sign up. Fill in the information about your birthday, occupation, zip code, and how you found out about the service. Now you have successfully signed up for Three Day Rule.

Email Verification Process: Is It Simple?

On Three Day Rule, you do not need to verify your email upon registration. Your personalized matchmaker will contact you either by email or phone to initiate your membership on the website. Until then, the service sends you an introductory email with a confirmation that your matchmaker will contact you within a short time.

Signing up With a Facebook Account: Convenience or Risk?

By registering with a Facebook account, you provide Three Day Rule with a chance to view your personal social media account. Like this, the matchmakers can find out more about you as a person to have a clearer idea about the best dating partner for you. However, this Three Day Rule review warns that the service is known to reach out to people on Facebook to offer their services. Therefore, the brand can use your Facebook profile to broaden its client network by reaching out to your friends and acquaintances.

How to Become a Member of Three Day Rule

Joining Three Day Rule is quick and easy. Simply click on the sign-up option on the website’s homepage to create a personal profile.

Options on the Website Without Registration

Before you sign up, you can browse the site to learn more about the company and its services. Three Day Rule offers comprehensive information about the founder, Talia Goldstein, as well as each matchmaker that works with the brand’s clients. Additionally, you can browse through testimonials of satisfied clients and the press releases about Three Day Rule. As stated earlier in this Three Day Rule review, the website does not provide online matching services like many other online dating platforms do.

Profile on Three Day Rule: A Personal Dossier

Profile on Three Day Rule: A Personal Dossier

The website gives you a small questionnaire to provide details for your profile, such as ethnicity, height, religion, education, and income. Three Day Rule also asks you to state your gender and the gender of your match. After your matchmaker contacts you, you provide further details in a personal meeting.

Note that nobody apart from the administrators, moderators, and matchmakers can find your Three Day Rule profile. The information about you is only for the service to use to find you a perfect match.

Access on a Mobile App

Three Day Rule does not have any mobile applications.

The Price of Three Day Rule Professional Matchmaking Services

Three Day Rule offers several paid membership options. A standard package of premium paid services starts at $6,100 for a three-month contract. Apart from this, Three Day Rule offers a six-month contract for $9,300 and several types of VIP memberships with a starting price of $16,500. Continue reading this Three Day Rule review to find out more about the brand’s premium membership features.

Things You Can Do as a Free Member

The two things that are entirely free on Three Day Rule are the registration and the introduction to your matchmaker. If you only want to continue as a free member, you can become part of Three Day Rule’s database of matches to be offered to premium clients.

Three Day Rule: Is It Free?

Three Day Rule is known for the high cost of the services they provide. To get matches and guidance from Three Day Rule matchmakers, you have to pay the costly fee of a contract.

Finding Out If Someone Likes You on Three Day Rule

You cannot see if another client likes you on Three Day Rule. If your matchmaker finds a match for you, you can review their profile and bio to decide whether you want a date with them.

Premium Membership Features

Service Cost
Three-month Premium Membership (3 matches) $6,100
Six-month Premium Membership (6 matches) $9,300
Six-month VIP Membership starting $16,500

Premium Membership Options on Three Day Rule

Three Day Rule mainly works with premium members on three-month and six-month contracts. For a three-month Premium Membership, you get three matches suggested by your matchmaker. You also get a few dating sessions and a photoshoot to prepare you better and make your candidature more appealing to potential matches.

Cancelling a Membership on Three Day Rule

You can cancel your membership if you want to stop using Three Day Rule’s services. However, as you will find in this Three Day Rule review, the brand’s refund policy is quite strict.

How to Renew Your Membership

You can extend a three-month contract with Three Day Rule for another three months and three matches. Three Day Rule does not renew your membership automatically.

Getting a Refund: A Strict Policy

The company has a strict no refund policy, and many reviews claim that they asked and did not receive a refund for unused time or unsatisfactory matching and dating experience.

Monthly Support on Three Day Rule: Is Automatic Renewal Possible?

Apart from the continuous free membership on the website, none of your paid subscriptions with Three Day Rule get renewed automatically. You decide to renew or discontinue your membership consciously by bringing it up with your matchmaker.

Refund Options in the Event of Negative Experience

There is a no refund policy at Three Day Rule. Many reviews claim that the service is unlikely to give refunds even if the issue lies in the company’s matching efforts. However, Three Day Rule profoundly cares about its reputation and the experiences of their customers. This is why the company reviews each case individually and can issue a refund if your experience was highly negative for reasons that the brand itself is responsible for.

Three Day Rule Support: Good or Bad for Credit Card Bill?

Three Day Rule does not openly disclose payment options, although PayPal and other payment systems are likely available.

Offering Support to Other Members

It is impossible to give support to other members of Three Day Rule.

Dividing or Extending Support to Three Day Rule

As stated previously in our Three Day Rule review, you can only provide payment for the brand’s clearly defined services.

Your Safety on Three Day Rule: Online Security but Offline Risk?

Safety on Three Day Rule

Three Day Rule can be considered one of the safest dating services on the market. Why? Firstly, given the high price of the service and the way it operates, you are highly likely to only meet people with serious intentions and outlook on dating and relationships. Profiles on the Three Day Rule website are only accessible to the brand’s administration and matchmaker. Therefore, you can rest assured that nobody can find you on Three Day Rule and steal your personal information.

On the other hand, this Three Day Rule review also draws your attention to a definite drawback in the way Three Day Rule approaches the security of its users. The service does not perform a background check on its clients to determine whether they have been involved in criminal activities or sued. As a result, there have been cases of clients being matched with people who had serious criminal records. Given the brand’s claim of carefully vetting candidates, the lack of background check – especially with such formidable prices for services – is a reason for concern.

How Well Moderated Are Three Day Rule Forums?

Three Day Rule does not have forums. You can address any concerns and issues to the website’s support or your matchmaker directly. Alternatively, you can communicate with other members of Three Day Rule at specially organized offline events.

Filtering Messages Options

No one can directly message you on Three Day Rule. The only person you are in contact with before any matches is your matchmaker.

Technical Security of Three Day Rule Website

Three Day Rule seems to use a standard to low-security elements on their website. When you register, you do not need to go through a verification process or complete a CAPTCHA. On the other hand, no one outside of Three Day Rule’s administration can view your profile on the website.

Scammers and Suspicious Accounts: How to Block?

As there is no online matching and dating on the website, you only communicate with people selected for you by your matchmaker. If, after talking to your match over the phone or meeting them, you suspect that they have dubious intentions, you can report your concern to your matchmaker and the company’s support team.

Policy of Dealing With Scammers on Three Day Rule

Three Day Rule has a good reputation when it comes to its clients’ security. So far, there have been no Three Day Rule reviews describing issues regarding scammers. However, the service itself advises its customers always to be careful when communicating and meeting with their matches. Three Day Rule also warns that they do not carry any responsibility for how the relationship develops beyond the period of their guidance.

Sharing Information on Three Day Rule: How to Protect Yourself?

Registering on Three Day Rule, you only indicate the necessary information about yourself. Your assigned matchmaker will collect further details about your personality and preferences in dating during a personal meeting. Three Day Rule insists that they will never disclose any of this information to a third party.

Private Community: Who Can Access Events

Three Day Rule is an extremely private community. Moreover, any event organized by the company for its clients will require a personal invitation for safety purposes.

Three Day Rule: Does It Track You?

No Three Day Rule reviews reported concerns about the brand tracking them down.

Three Day Rule and Police Tracking

Three Day Rule actively cooperates with law enforcement and will have to disclose information to the police if legally required.

Contacting Staff of Three Day Rule About Privacy Matters

Regarding any matters relating to your privacy, you can either report to your matchmaker or the website’s customer support at [email protected].

How to Remove Personal Information From Three Day Rule?

You can change information on your profile at any point. You can also personally ask your matchmaker to delete any information you no longer want the service to have.

Forget About Fake Accounts and Scam

The chance of encountering fake or scam members on Three Day Rule is meager. The company’s private system of customer service and the cost of membership ensure that only serious paying clients are part of the community.

How to Contact Three Day Rule

Company: Three Day Rule, Inc.

Address: 11845 W. Olympic Blvd. Ste 1100W

Los Angeles, CA

Phone: (323) 426-4656

Email: [email protected]

Best Alternatives for Three Day Rule

As a professional matchmaking company that provides top-notch matchmaking services and offline dating, Three Day Rule has several competitors, including CoffeeMeetsBagel, It’s Just Lunch, and several others.

What People Say About the Service

What People Say About the Service

There are many testimonials on the Three Day Rule website, including video interviews. Reviewers are generally delighted with the service. Many clients end up marrying their match.

Three Day Rule: Best or Worst Dating Experience?

Three Day Rule can be considered an elite matchmaking service, praised by many. However, in terms of online dating services, you need to look for another platform to use.

How to Refuse a Three Day Rule Match?

You can accept or refuse candidates suggested by your matchmaker. If you do not want to meet with a match after looking at their profile, they will not be able to contact you. However, many Three Day Rule reviews claim that the service often insists on meeting the matches they have selected for you anyway. The matchmakers want you to at least give it a try. Note that a match you reject will still count as one of the 3 or 6 matches included in your paid contract. This is often the source of customers’ dissatisfaction with Three Day Rule.

Three Day Rule: Good or Bad for Hook-Ups?

Three Day Rule is most definitely not a hook-up service. The prestige of the company’s services and their price is evidence that the brand is for people looking for a serious relationship only.



Three Day Rule is an elite matchmaking company that focuses on finding you a life partner. This is not an online dating website where you have to continuously search for a date and deal with scammers, fake accounts, and people looking for a simple hook-up. At Three Day Rule, you will be in the hands of dedicated professionals who will do all the searching and matching. The service comes with a hefty price, but those who aim at a serious long-term relationship with someone who will fit their preferences ideally might just find Three Day Rule completely worth it.

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