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Swingtowns Review

Swingtowns Review
About Site
Active Audience 83%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 2 100 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Its monthly membership is affordable
  • It has an online community outreach with real-life encounters and parties
  • It has a genuine community for polyamorists and swingers
  • It has an interface that resembles Facebook.
  • It can be confusing to conduct a standard search
  • Some individuals might find its features not pleasing since they're similar to a social network
  • Those on free membership won't have access to communication features
  • The profiles on this platform are not detailed.

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Over the years, the term swinging has gained popularity globally. You can join this way of life (if you’re interested) in several ways. Over the internet, you’ll come across several websites that are dedicated to swinging and terms associated with it such as polyamory. Swingtowns is one of these websites. It’s amongst the most popular dating platforms for swingers.

The swingtowns website states that it’s the world’s biggest non-monogamous community for open-minded individuals, swingers, kinksters, and those fascinated by polyamory. It has users who are friendly. Those interested will feel at ease with everyone on this platform once they join it. Being at ease with those you encounter is the initial step to having a rewarding experience. Before joining this site, you may want to read various swingtowns reviews. Our review has information on subjects such as the site’s owners, the minimum age for anyone to join this platform, the site’s design, membership, and security.

The Languages Which are Supported by Swingtowns


Who Are the Owners of this Website?

Swingtowns.com is owned by a company called Street Ink Corp.

What is Swingtown’s Location?

Street Ink Corp, which owns swingtowns.com, is based in Florida, United States of America.

Its Date of Inception?

This dating platform has been bringing swingers together since 2001.

Is Swingtowns Available Internationally?


The Minimum Age for joining Swingtowns

Those who are 18 years old and have attained the age of majority in their country are allowed to join this site.

Can an Individual Use a Computer to Access this Website?

Yes, they can.

The Total Number of Registered Users on this Platform

This website has many members worldwide. However, the swingtowns reviews available (plus the website) don’t provide the exact number.

The Total Number of Registered Users on this Platform

Swingtowns.Com’s Design and Usability

This swingtown review will provide information on its design and usability.

Some people have stated that this website’s interface looks like Facebook. Once you’ve registered, you will find it easy to navigate this platform. A member’s page contains a profile photo plus header. You’ll have the ability to add extra photos, and they’ll be showcased in your profile.

The Browsers that Support Swingtowns

Users can use of any browser to access this website, for instance, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

How to Use the Camera when on Swingtowns

Users can make use of the camera to take photos that can be used as profile photos. Moreover, they can take photos that they can upload to their profile pages.

Swingtown’s Special Features

You can search for users based on regions, thus you can easily find a partner in your locale. Private chat is another special feature.

How the Site Works

This swingtowns review will shed light on how this site works.

First, you’ll have to fill in the necessary fields to register on the swingtowns website. After that, users can search for potential partners by search options like gender, location, and age. Moreover, users can upload a profile video that will assist in making their profiles conspicuous. You’ll also have the ability to chat with other users privately.

Messaging another Swingtowns User

Similar to Facebook, you can search for and add friends. These friends will appear on the timeline. You’ll be able to see those who are online. Akin to Facebook news feed, you can decide to follow your friends to see their updates in your ‘Action Feed.’

Furthermore, you can look for potential partners via the polyamory and threesome finder. You’ll be able to contact them via messages, instant messages, video chats, and comments on status updates.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Yes, it is.

How You Can Begin Sending another User Messages

Exchanging messages can be done after matching. The mailing option will appear once you and another user like each other. You’ll be able to send ‘likes’ and message requests, then wait until the other member accepts or declines.

How You Can Begin Sending another User Messages

Why I Cannot Access Swingtowns

The main reason for not accessing this platform is your account might have been terminated or suspended. This might come about due to the following;

  • Pretending to be another member.
  • Soliciting money from other members.
  • Using other members to conceal the source or destination of money or products acquired unlawfully.
  • Harassing or stalking another user.
  • Posting your kids’ pictures
  • Abusing other members
  • Uploading obscene content
  • Spamming members
  • Carrying out unlawful activities on the swingtowns website
  • Collecting other members’ usernames or email addresses then sending unsolicited emails.
  • Sending of content with viruses or any files can destroy other users’ computer hardware or software.
  • Usage of robots, website retrieval application, or any manual procedure to retrieve or reproduce this site’s content or its navigational structure.
  • Disrupting the normal functioning of the swingtowns website.
  • Using code, metatags, or other devices that contain references to swingtowns (or the site’s trademark, slogan, or logo) to direct any individual to another site for a particular purpose.
  • Modifying, sublicensing, reverse engineering, or selling any segment of the site or software utilized for the site.
  • Posting or distributing content acquired from this site other than only for your use of the website.
  • Forging of headers to conceal the source of info sent to or through the swingtowns site.

How Long Can You be Banned from Accessing Swingtowns?

The duration of a ban is dependent upon the regulation a user violated. It’s however not clear from the various swingtowns reviews the exact duration of a ban.

The Process of Reactivating My Banned Account

In order to reactivate your banned account, you’ll have to contact the website’s administrators. Once you’ve contacted them, you’ll have to wait for their response.

Can I Delete My Swingtowns Profile?

Yes. You can decide whether to simply deactivate your profile for some time or permanently delete it. You can reactivate your profile whenever you feel like it after you deactivated it. On the other hand, if you decide to delete your profile, everything will be lost. Deleting your profile is a permanent action. When you want to rejoin swingtowns, you’ll have to register all over again.

What Will Happen when I Disable the ‘Show Me on Swingtowns’ Option?

It’s not clear from the different swingtowns reviews what will occur when that option is disabled.

Where Can a User See their Matches?

Through the standard and premium search options, uses will be able to see different profiles. Though profiles you see and the users who can see you, they will all be found in the segments you select at Contact preferences.

Ways of Seeing Users Who Send Me Messages

The mailing option will emerge when you and another user like each other. Both of you will have the ability to send ‘likes’ and message requests to each other.

Can I See the Swingtowns Members Who I Liked?

Yes, it is possible.

What’s Swingtowns Spy Mode?

This website doesn’t permit those who haven’t signed up for an account to view any profiles. Users have the option of adding private photos of themselves and choose those who can view them and those who can’t. Nevertheless, you need to remember that swingtowns members cannot conceal their pictures. Therefore, once an individual signs up for an account, they’ll have the ability to view all your profile’s content.

Editing Your Username

Unfortunately, it’s not clear from the swingtowns reviews available how to go about editing your username.

Reasons for Encountering Difficulties with Entering the Website

You might be encountering difficulties due to problems with the browser you’re using or your internet connection. Moreover, your ISP (internet service provider) might also be encountering some issues.

The Various Search Options on Swingtowns

They include;

  • Nearby – Searching for users who are near you.
  • New – Searching for the newbies (those who signed up recently).
  • Travel and events – events in your locale or in other areas where you intend to travel.
  • Location – Searching for members from particular locations.
  • Clubs, groups, and pages – Browsing the various groups, pages, or clubs that other users created to find possible partners.

Moreover, swingtowns reveals to you the user profiles which might interest you. If you and another user like each other, you can initiate communication.

The Various Search Options on Swingtowns

Registering an Account

Signing up is quite an easy and fast process. On the first page, you are required to choose whether you’re a single, couple, polycule, or page. Once you make your choice you select register now and you’ll be taken to the next page. There, you will provide your username, a unique password, your location, who you are (a single, couple, polycule, or page), gender, sexual orientation, body type, and height.

Then you’ll be required to choose amongst four options that best answer the question “What type non-monogamy best describes what you want.” Then provide your date of birth, email address, an introduction about yourself, then click on “I agree to the terms of service” then register now. There’s a section after the introduction that is optional that requires you to fill in details about who referred you to the site.

The Procedure of Email Verification

You’ll receive a welcome email from swingtowns; however, you won’t have to verify it by clicking any link. You confirm your account by uploading your photo.

What’s Going to Happen If a User Signs up Using their Facebook Account?

The swingtowns website does not have the option of letting a user sign up using their Facebook account.

The Process of Joining Swingtowns

Using your browser of choice search for swingtowns.com. You can use the desktop version or the mobile version of the site. Moreover, there’s also an Android app for swingtowns. Once the site has opened, you can register with them (as explained in the sign-up process above).

Will I Have the Ability to Use the Website without Registering?

Those who have not registered can only access that section of the site that everyone can see. Moreover, those without swingtowns accounts won’t have a profile or be able to upload anything. To do this you will need to register.

What Constitutes a Swingtowns User Profile?

Our swingtowns review provides details on a user’s profile.

This platform allows you to come up with a profile that is either detailed or contains fewer details. Through the creation of a profile, other users get to know more about you. Your profile will contain details about your fetishes and kinks that you relish.

Moreover, you’ll state whether you’re a single, a couple that wants to swing, or a couple that wishes to add to your polyamorous circle. It’s important to have several photos in your profile. Having several pictures is crucial, especially in a platform such as swingtowns. You’ll be able to set one photo as your main profile picture. The other photos will appear as a post, and those who follow you or visit your timeline will be able to view them.

Mobile Apps for Swingtowns

There’s no app developed yet for Android or iOS. However, with mobile phones, users can make use of the mobile version of the website.

Membership Prices and Other Payment Methods

This swingtowns review will look at the features of free and paid memberships.

Swingtowns has both options of membership: free and premium.

Features of a Free Membership

The features which a free member has access to are;

  • Registration
  • Profile creation
  • Viewing other users’ profiles
  • Creating favorites listings
  • Sending of friend requests
  • Browsing user profiles
  • Sending emails to registered users
  • Receiving matches suggested by the swingtowns website
  • Rating of photos.

Can Swingtowns be Considered Free?

This website is not free per se. Those with free memberships can access a limited number of features. To have access to more features, you’ll have to opt for a paid membership.

Can Swingtowns be Considered Free?

Will I be Able to See if Another User Likes Me if I’m on Free Membership?

No. You will have to be a paid member to see those who liked you.

Features Accessible to a Paid Member

Apart from the features, those on free membership can access additional features accessible to premium members, including viewing private photos and seeing if another user likes you. Others include reading emails from both premium and free members, replying to instant message char requests, starting instant messaging chats, checking whether emails were read, and accessing chat rooms. Moreover, premium members can access blogs and forums and also have access to additional data storage.

When it comes to costs, the following are the payment plans;

  • 1-month plan – $15.95
  • 6-month plan – $8.16 per month
  • 1-year plan – $5.75 per month.

Does Swingtowns Have the Premium Membership Option?

Yes, it has that option.

The Process of Canceling a Premium Membership

If a user wants to cancel their paid membership, there are profile settings in the menu where they can do so.

Is My Membership Automatically Renewed?

Yes, it is. Once you become a paid member, your membership will be automatically renewed for an equivalent period until the time you decide to cancel it.

Can I be Refunded for Time not Used?

No, there are no refunds for unused time.

Can a User’s “Support” to be Renewed Automatically Each Month?

The swingtowns reviews available don’t provide enough information on this matter.

In Case I’m not Satisfied with Swingtowns, Will I be Given Back My Money?

According to Swingtowns, once any purchases are made, you won’t be refunded. You’ll have to wait for the subscription to end, then opt not to subscribe for it again.

How My Swingtowns Support Will be Displayed on My Credit Card Bill

Unfortunately, it’s not clear how support information will appear on your credit card bill.

Can a User Give Support to Another Swingtowns Member?

No. When you opt for a premium membership, that membership is only for you. You can’t purchase for or transfer to another swingtowns member.

Will I be Able to Send Support for a Month?


Will I be Able to Send Support for a Month?

Is It Safe to Use Swingtowns?

The site is always on the lookout for fake profiles or scammers. Members are encouraged to report these fake profiles to the site’s administrators so that they can take the necessary action. Those with premium membership can browse privately. However, the swingtowns website doesn’t carry out any criminal background checks on its members.

Do the Forum/Threads Have Moderators?

Yes, the forums are moderated.

The Procedure of Filtering Those Who Can Send Me Messages

You’ll be able to exchange messages with the ones you have liked (they should likewise have selected you back).

Swingtown’s Security Features

  • A support team which is ready to tackle any security concerns.
  • The swingtowns website has entered into a partnership with an organization known as ASACP. This is a non-profit organization which is devoted to protecting children online.
  • Privacy policy that is enforced.

Blocking and Reporting an Alleged Scammer

This website allows members to block or ignore other members if they wish to. Blocking another member can be done by going to the member’s profile and clicking on the settings symbol located close to the username, then select block. Members are in charge of handling their block lists.

If a User Uses their Account to Ask for Money, What Will Happen?

That user will be banned from accessing this platform.

Information Which User Should not Post on Their Swingtowns Accounts

The info which members are not supposed to post on their accounts include;

  • Obscene content
  • Spam
  • Material that is gotten from the site other than only for your consumption
  • Pictures of your kids
  • Content which is abusive towards others.

Are Chats on Swingtowns Encrypted?

Yes, they are. Data on this website is usually sent through an SSL connection. As a result of this, users won’t have the ability to intercept messages.

Is Swingtowns Able to Trace Users?

Yes, it can. If it concerns security or if swingtowns.com has been provided a reason, it will then track you via the information you gave out while registering for an account.

Can the Police Trace Swingtowns?

They cannot unless the website’s administrators authorize it.

Who Can I Contact in Case I Have Queries Concerning My Privacy on Swingtowns?

Whenever you’re concerned about your privacy on swingtowns, you can contact the website’s administrators via [email protected]

Can Information that I’ve Submitted to Swingtowns be Deleted?

Unfortunately, the swingtowns reviews available do not provide clear information regarding the deletion of submitted information.

Are Fake Profiles or Scammers Present on Swingtowns?

Yes, they are present. On swingtowns, users do not need to confirm their email addresses for them to use accounts. As a result of this, users aren’t safeguarded against the creation of fake accounts, which in turn gives rise to fake profiles.

Moreover, a moderator is supposed to approve all photos before they can be seen on the website. Doing this thwarts uploading pictures that are not of the user, pictures such as a dog, car, etc. In case you suspect a profile to be fake, all you have to do is report that profile to the website’s handlers.

Ways of Contacting the Site’s Handlers

For all comments, feedback, and requests, you can send an email to [email protected].

In case of any privacy issues, you can reach the site’s admins via [email protected].

If you suspect that another individual has accessed your account, report that account to [email protected].

Ways of Contacting the Site's Handlers

Similar Websites to Swingtowns

They include;

  1. OkCupid
  2. Swing Lifestyle
  3. FriendFinder-X
  4. 99flavors
  5. Kasidie.com.

Real-Life Reviews

I must say Swingtowns didn’t work for me. Probably I’m hard to please or there are not many users from my locality who are on this site since I’m looking for those who reside close by. I’m not for long-distance relationships, regardless of the type of relationship. When I want to look for partners, I do not look for those who reside far away from me. I can’t say that I met individuals for hookups; I only chatted with them. Perhaps I should opt for another website of this kid. – Charles

We realized that swingtowns is amongst the best swinger websites out there. We’ve interacted with several awesome and friendly swingtowns users. We want to recommend this website to any individual who is swinging or pondering joining this lifestyle. The members here are not pushy, therefore creating a friendly environment for members to interact with each other. – Mwc_looking66 from Florida.

Can Swingtowns be Termed as the Best Dating Site?

Some individuals have regarded it to be among the best dating platforms online. It has been in existence for the last 19 years and its developers have managed to create an ideal place for individuals to enjoy themselves and meet new partners. Everyone is welcomed here, regardless of their sexual orientation. Once you’ve found your ideal partner or partners, you can chat with them privately or even organize for real dates.

Is it Possible to Unmatch a Swingtowns Member?

Yes, it’s possible.

Can this Site be Termed as a Hookup Site?

Swingtowns users have specific interests and searching objectives. It would be futile to search for hookups or conventional monogamous relationships. Individuals on swingtowns are open-minded. They’re into swinging, kink stuff, and polyamory. You’ll have the opportunity to hookup if you adhere to the same objectives.

Can this Site be Termed as a Hookup Site?


This dating platform is an ideal place for swinging and polyamory fanatics and interested in being part of these lifestyles. Sign up for an account (it’s free), and once you’ve set your profile, you’ll be ready to search for your preferred partner.

Swingtowns uses its matching algorithm to match you with other users with whom you share similar interests. Connections can be done with those who live within your area or even from other countries. We do hope that our swingtowns review has provided you with enough information to help you decide whether to become part of this site or not.

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