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PalTalk Review

PalTalk Review
About Site
Active Audience 60%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 8 700
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Using PalTalk is free
  • Accessible in different platforms
  • Has a broad network
  • Poor customer service
  • Lots of ads

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In the world of popular online dating, only a handful of sites offer video conferencing, and PalTalk is one of them. Let’s learn how you can find and connect with friends in this PalTalk review.

Languages Supported by PalTalk

Many users from different parts of the world have influenced the PalTalk website to deliver their services in multiple languages. Some of these languages include; Arabic, Dutch, Filipino, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

Who’s the Owner of PalTalk?

The sole founder is PeerStream Inc.

Where It is Currently Based

The headquarters of PalTalk are in Jericho, New York.

When was PalTalk Founded?

The PalTalk website has been in existence since June 1998, and for these years, it has diligently served its users ever since.

Is It Available Worldwide?

Yes! There are PalTalk users from all over the world, with each continent well represented.

Age Requirements for one to become a Member

The minimum age that will qualify you for membership is 13 years. However, if you’re above that and below 18 years, you’ll be under adult supervision.

Can You Access PalTalk via a Computer?

It is possible to do so since there is a PalTalk desktop version, whether you’re using iOS or Windows computers, from where you can log into your account.

Number of Members

Several PalTalk reviews report 100 million+ users of this site as per PalTalk reviews back in 2015. Furthermore, the PalTalk website records 100,000+ members online in a day.

Website Design and Usability

The design used by AVM developers to formulate PalTalk is quite modern. Whether you’re accessing the site from the app or the website, operations run fast in terms of speed. The desktop version offers room for you to control the appearance of your windows; this includes opening multiple tabs if you have different chatrooms that you want to follow up on or opting for a compact mode where you access one chat room at a time. Information is presented in big blocks on the homepage where a section is indicated e.g. conversation, unlimited video cams, and cross platforms where some additional information is issued on the same block. This makes it easy for a user to navigate through the site without any difficulty. At the top right corner of the PalTalk website, there is a taskbar that indicates different sections where you can locate the site’s features, members, chatrooms, and products offered by the site. The clear indications make it easy for a user to operate and find their way through the site.

Website Design and Usability

Browsers that Support PalTalk

Most of the available browsers are compatible with the PalTalk website. Whether you have Mozilla Firefox or Opera Browser, you’ll be good to go. However, Google Chrome cut ties with Flash, making it impossible to access PalTalk through the world’s most popular browser.

How to Use the Camera on PalTalk

It’s quite simple to video chat; the only thing you need is some adjustments here and there. You first have to activate your camera (you can go for an external camera if yours isn’t of good quality or seek extra features like filters and themes), and you’ll be good to go.

Special Features

PalTalk has improved the quality of its services by introducing a couple of unique features that aid users in getting the best results from the site. These features include.

Special Features

Voice Chat

Having a microphone in your PC will make this possible as you can make your contributions via voice-overs instead of using video and interact with individuals who prefer the same.

Group Chat Rooms

You can come up with a chat room for your preferred individuals where, as the administrator, you can set rules and regulations that you want to be followed.

Virtual Gifts

You can send a computerized gift to a new friend or in a chat room to kick start a conversation. The funny part is that you can send yourself one as well!

Multiple Webcam Viewing

You can follow a couple of broadcasts in a chat room all at once, and having your webcam on isn’t a necessity.

Sticker Packs

These are to decorate your messages’ general view depending on how you like the appearance, whether cute or graphical.

How PalTalk Works

Getting an account is a primary step here; afterward, your interaction will come. So as for getting people who you prefer, searching is as easy as specifying the gender, age bracket, and area you’d like to make friends from. Making contact isn’t a big deal as well since there are clear indications for that.

How PalTalk Works

How to Make Contact

Making contact is as simple as first finding a member you’re interested in and getting on with it. You can either go for private messaging, video chat or start a chatroom.

Is it free to Send Messages?

All features present in terms of messaging are free.

How to Start Messaging with Someone on PalTalk

Depending on the first impression you want to make, there are different approaches to this. You can decide to begin a conversation by sending a virtual gift, being kind enough to buy someone a sticker pack, sending it to them, sending a voice message, or going for the video chat. All these, of course, depend on the preference of the user.

How to Start Messaging with Someone on PalTalk

Having Trouble Accessing PalTalk?

PalTalk reviews have mentioned a couple of users finding it difficult to access their accounts in PalTalk. This can be as a result of your poor internet connection, which you can fix. Servers might also be working on maintenance, which makes it impossible to access the site.

The Duration Bans Last

Bans in PalTalk last for a particular period e.g. the bounce takes only 24 hours. As for the complete deletion of the bans, PalTalk reviews suggest that it happens every 30 days.

How to Reactivate Your Banned Account

Here is a way to unban if you found yourself in such a shoe. The steps include: disconnecting your device from the net, opt for another access number, then try to connect to the internet again, confirm if the IP address that you’re using in not similar to the one banned, then reconnect to the chatroom.

How to Reactivate Your Banned Account

Can You Permanently Delete Your PalTalk Profile?

There is no way that you can get your PalTalk account deleted completely from the server. However, the best you can do is deactivate the account where you can’t access anything or contact anyone when done so. This can be done by requesting an admin to do so, but about what will happen to your personal information and chat history is still uncertain.

What Happens when you disable the ‘Show me on PalTalk’ Option?

This is done by not linking your social media accounts with your PalTalk profile; that way, the feature won’t be present. It’s all available in the settings section.

Where to See Your Matches

After searching by the specifics, your search results and matches appear in a list of profiles. Just by clicking to one, you can see their information and make contact with them.

How do I See Who Messaged me on PalTalk?

On the site, depending on the platform you’re using, you just go to the messaging section and click it. You will be able to see the new messages that you have and whom they are from too.

Is it Possible to See the PalTalk Members Who I Liked?

This can be done when exploring different profiles. Clicking a particular profile you’ve liked will indicate that you liked it around their profile somewhere.

What is Spy Mode?

No PalTalk review has mentioned that PalTalk has spy mode as an extra feature.

How Can You Edit Your Username on PalTalk?

Unfortunately, there is no means of editing the personal details that you filled in while registering for PalTalk. If you’re not comfortable with the current details, or if things have changed and you need to change the information you gave, then you better visit the PalTalk website and start up a new registration all over again.

Why am I Having a Hard Time Entering the Site?

There can be different errors that can result in one not being able to access the PalTalk site. One of the most common ones is having internet issues that make it difficult to navigate to the site.

Search can be customized depending on your preference. You can decide to use gender: male, female, or both. You can opt for age, and the range is from 18 – 99. You can also choose to use the country, either specific or worldwide.

Sign Up Process

The sign-up process can be done through the mobile app or the desktop version. The process will take you a couple of minutes only. You are required to fill in your nickname, then an email (the one condition you should note is that only an active email will get you an account), and finally, a password. After doing all these, you will be waiting for verification to finalize your registration.

Sign Up Process

How Do I Verify My Email?

After indicating your email during your verification, you will receive a confirmation email that will help you finalize your registration process. An email in the form of a link will be sent that will take you directly to your profile.

What Happens if I Register Via Facebook?

You are not able to register for PalTalk using any other way rather than through email. However, you can link your PalTalk profile with Facebook to get additional features.

How do I Join PalTalk?

You need to take into account several factors before you can think of opting to join PalTalk. You have to own an active email, you have to be familiar with one of the languages offered in PalTalk. All you need to do is visit the site, read the terms and conditions, and register for a profile.

Can I Use The Site Without Signing Up?

Yes, you can, but there isn’t much that you can do until you create a profile. The privileges you can enjoy include searching and viewing the results of the profiles after your search. You can see the photos and a little bit of the profiles, but that’s as far as it can go. You can further be able to look for chatrooms, and the results will be: their names, category they are in, the number of likes, number of members, and the photos. However, there is no way you can participate in them.

Users Profile Quality

As many PalTalk reviews suggest, there isn’t much that you can grasp from their profiles to know much about a member. The profile is quite shallow with a few photos (which is optional) and a few details here and there. A short bio can give you the ability to say a little about yourself. Age, gender, and residence should also be indicated. The answers to all those details are filled in easily, and it will be used when people are doing their searches. The little info on profiles will require you to get to know the individuals well during your communications, especially if you prefer communication through video chat.

Mobile Applications

PalTalk website services are also accessible on a mobile app which is available on both Apple Store and Google Play. This allows you also to read a couple of PalTalk reviews as you await installation to keep you on tabs of what goes on in the app. The app is quite smooth to use as you can set up a profile, search, get matches, participate, or make your chatrooms, send virtual gifts, and sticker packs if you’d have purchased them. You get the advantage of walking around with your details, making constant communication with fellow members easy.

Mobile Applications

Membership Price & Other Payment Methods

If you’re interested in upgrading your subscription, then you’ll be required to chip in some amount and get those extra features. So the subscriptions available include:

  • Plus subscription that goes for $48 (12 months)
  • Extreme subscription; 1 month for $10 and 12 months for $60
  • VIP subscription: 1 month for $20 and 12 months for $108
  • Prime subscription: 1 month for $40 and 12 months for $180
  • Credits: 25 credits for $2, 110 for $5, 250 for $10, 520 for $20, 1530 for $50, 3250 for $100, 5000 for $150, and 9080 for $250
  • Gifting a subscription (individual plus) – 1 year for $48
  • Gifting a subscription (individual extreme) – 1 year for $60
  • Gifting a subscription (individual VIP) – 1 year for $108
  • Gifting a subscription (individual prime) – 6 months for $180
  • Gifting a subscription (group deluxe); 1 month for $85 and 1 year for $425
  • Gifting a subscription (group ultimate); 1 month for $230 and 1 year for $1150
  • Gifting a subscription (group elite); 1 month for $580 and 1 year for $5000.

Free Membership Features

This basic subscription offers the following:

  • Access to chat rooms
  • Ability to send messages
  • Befriending members
  • Creating a profile.

Is PalTalk Free?

Yes, it is from the registration to communication and limited features as well.

Can You See If Someone Likes You on a Free Subscription?

It is only possible on a paid-for subscription.

Premium Membership Features

After paying for a subscription, your experience will be upgraded by:

  • Getting colored budgies
  • Purchasing and sending premium stickers
  • Accessing virtual gifts
  • Getting high-quality videos and exclusion of adverts
  • Starred colorful nicknames
  • Seeing members that went through your profile.

Does PalTalk Offer Premium Membership?

Yes, indeed, purchasing a paid-for subscription gives you a ticket to premium features.

Does PalTalk Offer Premium Membership

How to Cancel My Membership

Cancellation of subscriptions is initiated at a preferred time; the decision came to your mind. However, the cancellation will eventually be implemented when the already running subscription has expired.

Is PalTalk Membership Renewed Automatically?

If you’re a member of the premium subscribers, you should not worry about making purchases every month for the subscription will automatically be updated upon the expiry date.

Can You Get a Refund for Unused Time?

Not possible; once payment is made, there’s no refund of the money used. Whether you made good use of the subscription fully or you didn’t utilize the cash spent, you’re not liable for getting back your spent money.

Is My ‘Support’ to PalTalk Automatically Renewed Every Month?

The purchases you make for the paid-for subscriptions have a dollar going to donations for a charity by the name ‘Rise Against Hunger’ that is responsible for packaging foods and distributing them to the less fortunate nations. As your subscription renews, so does your support.

I’m not Satisfied with PalTalk, Can I Get a Refund?

It‘s not possible to get your money back once you upgrade to premium membership. If you’re not satisfied with the feature, you’ll wait until it expires and opt-out of the subscription.

How Will My PalTalk Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

Your PalTalk membership will automatically bill on the credit card as a subscription.

Can I Give Support to the Other PalTalk Members?

Yes, you can choose a gift of subscription for a fellow member if you want them to enjoy similar features as you are and better their experience altogether. You might as well purchase a gift for a chat room so that every member will enjoy premium services.

Can I Send Support for Just a Month?

There are monthly subscriptions that you can gift another member or buy one to get the one dollar for charity.

Is PalTalk Really Safe?

Information given during the registration is confidential, so no one can access it and use it against a member. Users can block a user if they suspect them of being scammers. There are minimal fake accounts, thus lower chances of scamming.

Are PalTalk Forums Threads Moderated?

The administrator of a group chat room has the responsibility of setting policies that will govern a particular forum. Anyone who violates the rules is liable for expulsion from the chatroom, and if you’re not interested in the group, don’t join it at all!

How Can I Filter Who Can Message Me on PalTalk

No PalTalk review mentions this feature; the thing is if you’re not interested in someone who just contacted you, you don’t have to answer back.

What Security Features Des PalTalk Have?

Power is given to the member as they can report and block a nagging member. The fact that you have to verify your email to complete your registration keeps of any non-serious individuals.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

Get to the intended profile, slide down, and you’ll see a listing. Click on the blocking feature and further click to confirm that move.

What Happens to a User Who Uses a PalTalk Account to Solicit Money?

Upon realization of such a profile, the user will definitely be in hot soup. PalTalk website is willing to give out your details to and cooperate with the authorities to ensure that justice is served to the individual lured. No hesitation in giving information on your privacy for investigations will be made if a strong claim is made.

Which Information Shouldn’t be Posted in Your PalTalk Account?

You shouldn’t post sexual content material in your profile according to the PalTalk website’s terms and conditions.

Which Information Shouldn’t be Posted in Your PalTalk Account

Are PalTalk Chats Encrypted?

PalTalk has a personal algorithm that purposely encrypts any info about you, including your chats.

Can PalTalk Track You Down?

With the information they have on the IP address and your location, it is possible for them to give them a reason.

Can PalTalk be Traced by Police?

Unless there is a warrant for allowing the police to access the servers from the headquarters, it is almost impossible for them to access anything for PalTalk. This can happen if PalTalk violates the restrictions rights.

Who Should I Contact if I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy?

There is a customer service spot where you can address your issues and expect excellent results as well. If not able to, then contact the authorities to help you out.

Can I Delete the Info that I’ve Already Submitted to PalTalk?

Many PalTalk reviews are clear on the issue of deleting information from your profile – no, you can’t! If you want to change your info, open another account altogether.

Are There Fake Members/Scammers?

It is almost null, to be exact, since email verification is a step you can’t escape and reporting and blocking is very much possible if found.

Contact Information

  • Company: PeerStream, Inc.
  • Address: PO Box 326. Jericho, NY 11753
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Phone number: 212-520-7000


If you don’t feel like PalTalk will work for you, you can go for Flingster, Adultfriendfinder, or Ashley Madison.

Real Life Review

It’s a wonderful app. I made new friends, and without PalTalk, I would hardly have them otherwise, as they live worldwide. It’s cool to learn more about new people and countries! – Jasmin, 22

Is PalTalk the Best Dating Site?

Well, according to the PalTalk reviews, it has a fair spot amongst the best online dating sites.

Can I Unmatch a PalTalk Member?

Yes, you can from the match section.

Is PalTalk a Hook-Up App?

Fairly yes, since it is more based on a friendship point of view rather than a more advanced relationship.


You have to try this out if you’re a fan of video calls. This online dating site is ideal for someone who is after mingling and making friends and probably optimistic about finding a partner. Have you tried online dating sites? Would you go to PalTalk? Leave a comment!

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