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Caffmos Review

Caffmos Review In 2020
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 500 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Pair up with gay people around the world
  • You can use it for free
  • All profiles are verified and authorized
  • 100% respectful community
  • You can join the groups to have varied conversations
  • The cost of your membership can be high
  • Your interface may need to be updated.

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If you have same-sex tastes, you must know the Best Caffmos Review to join a brilliant community. With this dating website, you will be able to make friends, find love, or a casual encounter in search of sexual activity. You must thoroughly know this online community, its characteristics, and the benefits that joining their matchmaking system brings.

Caffmos Review In 2020

How Many Languages ​​Does It Support?

The system is amazing so much that you can see how it accepts more than 35 languages, mainly Spanish and English. This gay community is very large, and you can join it even if you speak Japanese or Latin.

Who Owns Caffmos?

The dating site belongs to Contacts and Friendship For Meno see Sixty or Caffmos, this is a legendary community. The company has been operating for years; it has good popularity despite having two decades of work since its inauguration.

Where Can I Find Caffmos?

You can find it by visiting its official Website, it does not have an application that you can download, but it is still useful. The Caffmos Website has a good interface, everything in order, and unique qualities for online dating.

When Was Caffmos Founded?

Its launch goes back to 1998, making it one of the oldest gay communities on the entire internet. With two decades in the making, this dating interface has earned admiration and respect for you to visit now.

Is It Available Worldwide?

Yes, although there are certain limitations in Arab countries, China or India, the likes for people of the same sex are disapproved. You can use a private network or VPN in your country in case the dating site is blocked.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Register With Caffmos?

You must be over 18 years old to join Caffmos without problems or restrictions. You can meet members of your age or higher that you can date in real life. The members’ age is varied; you can meet older or younger gay men who have just rediscovered their tastes.

Can I Use The Application With My Computer?

There is no mobile application for you on the dating website; you can access it with a reduced desktop version. The web adapts to your phone screen, giving you a similar or better experience than with the desktop version.

Caffmos Review In 2020

How Many Members Do Caffmos Have Around The World?

The Caffmos review marks that more than 80 million gay members are looking for a partner under this system. You can see that 70% of the members are from the United States, 17% from Latin America and 10% from Europe, and 3% from other countries. You can talk to members aged 18 to 30 who finish 60% and 31 and over 40% with this figure.

Website Design And Usability

There are mixed opinions about the gay dating website; on the one hand, it is great, and on the other, it needs updating. You should see for yourself how the interface works and make your conclusions about its usability.

In the layout, you can see a white background, simple profiles, easy registration mode with the opportunity to place a lot of data. In matchmaking, you can feel that the web works well as it yields the desired results. You can locate a gay person from your country or internationally who covers characteristics in their appearance.

You can feel very good in usability since there is no bullying between members; this is paid for with sanctions. You can join a slightly toxic gay community looking to boost your tastes with different online features.

What Are The Browsers Compatible With Caffmos?

With the Caffmos Reviews, you can see how compatible the web is spanning Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

How Do I Use The Camera In Caffmos?

You must have your webcam connected to your computer, look for a member to chat and click on the video call icon. This system is very stable; it has some unique features for you to include in the video call.

Special Functions

Caffmos is characterized by having special functions to match people with similar tastes:

  • You can join the group chats of your country to make very fun meetings or parties
  • You can find a partner or a member looking for a casual date
  • Communicate with members who want to travel the world; this is an opportunity to make friends
  • Most of the members are an active, very respectful community.

How Does It Work?

The community has very stable support with which you can start your dates looking for a friend, partner, or sex. Caffmos meets the goal of matching you with good people; with two decades working, it already has many subscribers for dating. It works amazingly; each member must register and verify their profile, limiting the use of bots or fake profiles.

Caffmos Review In 2020

How Can I Send A Message To Someone?

You should only locate a member according to your tastes or attract you because of the profile image. There are three modes for you to communicate with online messages, video calls, or voice notes.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Yes, although you will be limited to starting a conversation with a Premium member at Caffmos until that person writes to you. You cannot initiate a conversation with the free account; you must purchase a membership.

How Can You Start Messaging Someone At Caffmos?

As long as you have a Premium account, you can send messages to many members in your country or internationally. Perhaps this is a disadvantage in Caffmos since you will not enjoy conversations until you pay for membership.

Why Can’t I Access Caffmos?

You must verify that all the access data you entered are correct, you can try to recover the password. You may have forgotten your username or password, and therefore, the interface does not provide your access.

How Long Do The Bans On Caffmos Last?

Caffmos has aggressive bans for all those members who are racist or verbally affect another user online. If you break the rules, you may spend one week suspended or a lifetime with the account blocked.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

There is no trick or technique with which you can activate your blocked account. You just have to wait patiently. If you want to be hopeful about your censored user’s recovery in Caffmos, you can check with the provider.

Caffmos Review In 2020

Is There An Option To Delete Your Caffmos Profile?

Yes, you can delete your free or Premium account whenever you want just by entering your profile and clicking on the option. The dating site gives you free will to delete your profile if you don’t like the service.

What Happens If I Deactivate The Option “Show Me In Caffmos”?

If you deactivate this option, you will not enjoy individual conversations with each member or in chat groups. You can implement it to observe member posts without being available to write to you. To enjoy 100% in the dating service, you must reactivate the button “show me in Caffmos.”

Where Do I See My Matches?

You can do smart searches on the Caffmos Website and get lots of matches on members according to your taste. You can put the age, country where you reside, tastes, height, sexual fantasies, among other unique qualities. You have the opportunity to find a gay person who fulfills your ideals in appearance or sexual desires.

How Do I See Who Sent Me A Message In Caffmos?

It’s easy; you can view notifications for each message you get from members who want to interact with you. You must be courteous and reply to his message immediately; this is useful if you have a Free account. With how much Premium, you will not have to wait for a Premium member to write to you but rather start a conversation.

Is It Possible To See The Caffmos Members That I Liked?

For both types of profiles, free or by membership, you can see the members’ profiles with whom you chatted. You can see all those gay people you like the company that I lend you by video call or traditional messaging.

Caffmos Review In 2020

What Is Caffmos Spy Mode?

The spy or incognito mode on the gay dating site is that you can visit a member’s profile without being detected. With this option, you can see the member’s photos that you would like to formalize a friendship or relationship. Spy mode is only available to Premium users; you must purchase a membership to enjoy it.

How Do I Edit My Username In Caffmos?

You must go to your profile on the web, go to your settings profile, and press the option to “change the content.” You can put a nickname or real name; there is no limit for changing the user.

Why Is It Difficult For Me To Enter The Site?

You may suffer from a bad internet connection, and therefore, you are having a hard time entering the gay dating site. You can restart your LAN connection modem or mobile device to find out if the problem is solved. You can take the feedback from the Caffmos server as a last resort by restarting its web page and logging back in.

What Are The Different Search Options For Caffmos?

Among the smart search options that Caffmos provides for your Premium account are:

  • Search by country
  • Age
  • Colour
  • Height
  • Sexual tastes such as masochism, serious relationships, casual relationships, friendship, marriage, etc.
  • Special qualities such as: playing an instrument, singing, dancing, dancing.
  • Dreams in travel, economic, sexual.

All these search options are for the Premium account; they do not apply to a free user profile.

Registration Process

To join the Caffmos Website, you must go through this registration process:

  • Visit the official Website
  • Go to the option “register” and click on it; it is in the upper right part
  • You must indicate a username, email that can be verified, date of birth, and photograph. All these data are essential; you will not have a successful registration if you do not comply with them as indicated.
  • You must enter the activation code that was sent to your email on the dating website.

This whole process of registering with the best gay dating website does not take 5 minutes; you must do it now. After checking your email in the registry, you will not have to do it again in the future.

How Do I Verify My Email?

You must place an active email in the registration interface, access it from your computer or phone, and enter the code sent. This verification code has six digits; you can copy it or memorize it to enter it on the web.

Caffmos Review In 2020

What Happens If I Register With My Facebook Account?

If you take this alternative, you can save a lot of time and frustration by not checking your email. All the personal data you gave in your Facebook profile will be sent to Caffmos to make your account.

How Do I Join Caffmos?

You should only ensure that you visit the official gay dating site and not a pirate site with similar characteristics. To join this community, you only have to indicate some personal information; its use is free without setting deadlines.

Can I Use The Site Without Registering?

You can do a Coffee Review without registering, although the ideal is that you do this process to enjoy its features. You cannot miss this opportunity by joining the gay community in your country or internationally.

User Profile Quality

A Caffmos profile is very simple but has unique characteristics that meet the goal of matching you with other gay men. The priority is your profile photograph, and therefore, it has a large size on this Website, then in the lower area of your information. You can select the personal data visible to members who follow your profile; the rest are not.

As profiles for free or Premium accounts, you will notice a big difference between the amount of information. With a Premium account, you can have a complete profile where members see all your tastes. You can put basic data in the free user account to follow you and interact when they like.

Caffmos Review In 2020

Mobile Apps

Although many users demand it, there are no reviews of Caffmos and an original mobile application from the web. You can access it from your mobile, but in the desktop version, of course, it adapts to the size of your screen. Without an App for this legendary dating site, this can be a huge disadvantage that takes points away from its operation.

Membership Price And Another Payment Methods

You can get a membership to optimize your dating website profile for searches and interaction with new members. From the moment you register, you will enjoy a free profile that you can use for as long as you want. You must decide to buy a membership at a reasonable price and with unique characteristics for your profile.

Free Subscription Features

The free Caffmos account is good, and you can enjoy features like:

  • Conversations with Premium members (they must write first)
  • Viewing of free and membership profiles
  • Simple search in gay members
  • You can access the forums that share various topics

Is Caffmos Free?

You can enjoy a free account after registration, but this dating site focuses on the Premium account. Caffmos makes you invest your money in a good way under a system that will help you find a partner.

Can You See If Someone Likes You If You Are A Free Member?

Yes, but simply, you will not see the details about that pairing until you buy the membership. A free profile on Caffmos has many limitations, and one of them is the details to find a partner.

Premium Membership Features

Switching to a Premium membership on the Caffmos Website is what you must do to enjoy all its features. In this paid account, you will enjoy a profile with:

  • Smart searches
  • You can start conversations with other Premium or free members
  • You have access to video calls, send photos, videos, voice notes.
  • You can join and start conversations in group chats
  • You can enjoy additional services such as gay porn groups, among others.

Does Caffmos offer Premium Membership?

This is the foundation of the dating interface; it is affordable, and can get it or discard it whenever you want. You can buy a membership and get a refund whenever you want if you don’t like it. You have the freedom to have an opinion on the interface and all the features you gain at a low cost.

Caffmos Review In 2020

How Do I Cancel My Caffmos Membership?

You must contact the provider, justify your claim, and receive your refund according to the days you consumed. The Website stipulates that if you spent two days or one week in a Premium account, the money for that day would not be refunded.

Does The Caffmos Membership Renew Automatically?

Yes, you can pay in advance or on the exact date to make the next payment; this whole process is simple. You only have to enter your data from your TDC or PayPal account; all this is handled safely.

Can I Get A Refund For Unused Time?

With the Caffmos Review, you will notice how responsible the company is, granting you a refund for the unused time. You can buy a membership, give your own opinion and get a nice refund if you don’t like me.

Is My “Support” Automatically Renewed Every Month?

This service is automatically renewed when you make the required payment for the Gay Dating Premium account. You will not have to worry about paying extra money; it is a fully covered service.

I Am Not Satisfied With Caffmos. Can I Get My Money Back?

You could get all your membership money back if you had a bad experience with the gay dating website. It would help if you did not have to be scammed in this interface; they are very legal in their payments or refunds for each member. You can complain to the provider and receive an immediate response and the solution to that problem.

How Will My Caffmos Support Appear On My Credit Card Bill?

In the invoice, you can see the name Caffmos.ca which at first glance does not stipulate the service for which you pay. If you use and visit your partner’s hidden gay dating site, you should not fear retaliation because it is undetectable.

Caffmos Review In 2020

Can I Support Other Members Of Caffmos?

You can do whatever you want within the Caffmos Website because it has very good security for each click. If you feel that a member has emotional, financial, or other problems, you can easily support them.

Can I Send Support For Just One Month?

When you decide to pay your membership, you can do it for as long as you want; the Website does not stipulate for several months. If you want to pay your Premium account for one month, you can do it; with this, you will try it at a low price.

Is Caffmos Safe?

With Caffmos Reviews, you will no doubt that this interface for gay dating is very safe. You will not suffer from bullying, discrimination, racism, or any other form of denigration towards your life and tastes. The web is special for gay men who seek to be loved and respected equally regardless of their age.

How The Site Protects Users From Information Leaks, Bots, And Scammers?

The web monitoring is incredible, and for every click that you give in the interface, it is verified by all the technical support. Behind the web, there is a whole professional team that approves or disapproves of the movements you make after joining.

Our Conversations On The Caffmos Forum Were Moderated?

All conversations in photos on the Caffmos Website are monitored, go through a verification process. With this security, the provider provides a forum for its interface that does not offend the members.

How Can I Filter Who Can Send Me Messages In Caffmos?

You have an inbox at your fingertips to see who writes your messages today or in the past days. This well-organized message tray sits at the top and has an icon of a sheet of paper.

What Security Features Does Caffmos Have?

  • Monitoring in forums
  • Profile verification
  • Approval of posts or personal messages between members and groups

With these three security features, you acquire the best dating site for gay men worldwide.

How Can I Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

You must locate the member’s profile to block, go to their settings, and click on the option that is at a glance. To make an incredible gay community, you can help the provider by making this type of blocking or reporting.

What Will Happen To A Member Who Uses An Account To Request Money?

If the web provider detects that a member uses the interface to scam and ask for money, they will be blocked immediately. This is a gay dating community and not an area for members to profit monetarily.

What Information Should Not Be Posted On Your Account?

You can post almost anything on your profile on the Caffmos Website, including sexy images that excite other members. You should limit yourself to posting personal information on a credit card, debit, or e-wallet accounts.

Are Caffmos Chats Encrypted?

For your maximum experience without offensive members, the gay dating site encrypts the chat to eliminate these people.

Can Caffmos Locate It?

Even though one of the personal data in the Caffmos Review is to give your address or country of residence, the Website does not verify it. You can be very safe knowing that Caffmos only knows your country of origin but not exactly where you are located.

Can The Police Track Caffmos?

No, the whole system for gay people, everything that happens within the interface, is solved by the provider and not third parties.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions About My Privacy?

For questions, suggestions, complaints, or refunds, you should contact the dating web provider from your email. As an innovation, you can add technical support on your social networks to contact.

Can I Delete The Information That I Have Already Sent?

You can delete or modify all the personal information of Caffmos that you gave from your registry. For this modification in your profile, you must indicate your access password for it to take effect.

Are There Fake Members Or Scammers On Caffmos?

There are malicious personnel who want to join Caffmos, but technical support does everything possible to block them. You can help the provider by spotting these toxic members looking to downgrade the gay dating service.

Contact Information

Caffmos (Contacts And Friendship For Men over sixty)

Business ID: 7808-465

Contact Facebook / Twitter: @Caffmoscommunity

Contact email: [email protected]


With the Caffmos Reviews, you have some alternatives if you didn’t like the gay dating website:

  • Daddy Hunter: gay dating site focused on young men; it’s a bit more friendly community.
  • Adam4Adam: you can feel good in this community of American origin that expands around the world
  • Man Hunt: it is a very good gay dating app; you can use it without paying a penny.

Real-Life Review

Caffmos Reviews are varied, and in symbology, you can see that it has 3 out of 5 stars in performance and quality. This community for gay online dating is good, but it may be better than that; it lacks updating. With two decades in the market, Caffmos expresses that it is in the past, it is not receptive to new gay members.

Is Caffmos the Best Dating Site Or App?

Caffmos is a good dating website but not close to the best since it lacks some interface updates. You may enjoy the web, but it is very easy to replace it with other dating websites because of its inconsistencies.

You can unlink a member in the interface whenever you like as long as the complaint is well justified. You should have a response to this complaint that Caffmos support will review and take action.

Is Caffmos A Connection App?

The entire Caffmos Website is connected to the internet for your computer or mobile phone. You must have a stable connection that allows you to converse with other country members or internationally. A good connection makes you have a good experience, find a gay partner or friend.


Caffmos has been your solution to find the best gay community in your country or internationally. You may prioritize the interface due to your gay dating experience; you have been with the service for two decades. The interface is very stable, pleasant, and with all the guarantees that you will rock before buying a membership.

The gay dating site for gay men is very popular, and you should give it a chance to meet like-minded people. You have all the guarantees in reimbursement of money or security to navigate in the interface. Caffmos is and will be your best option to join the gay community that focuses on helping each other.

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