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Ourteennetwork Review

Ourteennetwork Review
About Site
Active Audience 82%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 19-25
Profiles 55 600
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a very easy registration
  • It is quite a popular dating website worldwide
  • Has a variety of special characteristics
  • User-friendly interface
  • It has a free forum for you to share various topics as members
  • Website lacking updates
  • Ads on the interface sporadically

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If you are looking for love from home, you need to register and start using Ourteennetwork to meet your ideal partner. This dating website is very good, and you can find a mature person who is willing to share a relationship. In the interface, you will be filled with special features so that you can talk with your prospect to partner as very easily; visit it.

This online dating site is dedicated to teens looking to find the love of their life between the ages of 13 and 19. It is a very safe website that allows young people to start a very important relationship or friendship. As a parent, you can feel very safe knowing Ourteennetwork thoroughly to let your child register on the interface.

How Many Languages ​​Does The Ourteennetwork Interface Support?

There are more than 40 languages ​​available on the Ourteennetwork website for you to register from wherever you are. The dating website is responsible for matching people from all countries; no problems are translating their conversations.

Who Owns Ourteennetwork Currently?

This dating website was created in 2009 to provide a dedicated website for teens looking for new friends. With its headquarters in New York – USA, you can see that Ourteennetwork is legitimate and complies with fundamental regulations. It is a website that stands out above the rest since American teenagers and outside the country are looking for a friendship or relationship.

Who Owns Ourteennetwork Currently

So, Where Can I Find Ourteennetwork?

You can find Ourteennetwork by visiting the official website from your Windows or Mac computer from now on. It is a very simple interface to locate since its popularity has broken boundaries in recent years.

When Was It Founded?

2009 was when Ourteennetwork emerged, changing the perspective of online dating, dedicated to teenagers. Just as there are adult dating websites today, you will have access to online dating for young people from all over the world.

Is It Available In All Countries?

Its availability is total worldwide, and for now, there are no signs of blocking or censorship in a specific country. You can enter the interface no matter where you are; Ourteennetwork has a URL that is not blocked. This dating website meets all the legal bases to work with young people and provides all the guarantees to take care of it.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Access Ourteennetwork?

The age range is 13-19 for you to register on this teen dating website. All profiles are verified, their photos and documentation to verify that the person is real. There is no danger in the interface for you to expose your best photos shared from the computer.

Can I Use The Application From My Computer?

As it is a web page for computers, you can enter it without problems and enjoy its features. It does not have an application available but the desktop version that adapts to your mobile phone’s proportions. You can access Ourteennetwork from any operating system and default browser that you have at your fingertips.

How Many Members Does It Have Around The World?

At the time of Ourteennetwork Reviews, it has more than 80 thousand registered users in its interface worldwide. Of that percentage, 60% are men and 40% women or adolescents looking for new friends online.

Website Design And Usability

It has a simple design but meets the necessary specifications to know how to use it without a problem. Since its interface is from 2009 and has not been updated, you can see a simple design with a white background. The profile is the one that takes on the most value on the dating web due to its special features for uploading paired photos from Snatchap.

In usability, you can see that the web is simple and meets the objective of matching you with people your age. Its smart search makes your experience of meeting new people pleasant and very comfortable. You may be amazed at the level of security the interface has, all of this preventing teens from being hurt in any way.

Website Design And Usability

What Browsers Does Ourteennetwork Support?

You can access the web from your computer with a Windows or Mac operating system, depending on which you have. In browsers, you can have access from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, among others. For both devices (computer and phone), there are no limits for you to enter the dating interface; it fits your screen.

How Can I Use The Camera?

There is a simple setup for you to use the camera since it is the website’s priority. You can see a huge icon in the center of the screen at the bottom to click. This icon will always be present no matter what you do on the web from your mobile or computer to export images.

Special Functions

The Ourteennetwork Website has some special functions after your online registration:

  • Matching by tastes in “chemistry calculation.”
  • Polls “sexy or not” where you decide on a photo
  • Online forums for self-help or start a group conversation
  • Smart search according to the type of person you are looking for
  • Options for a “3D city” for detailed searches
  • You can link your social networks like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram
  • You can post on photos, videos, or writings on your profile
  • Their forums have varied topics in dating, parties, anime, movies, and series.
Special Functions

How Does It Work?

This teen dating website works similarly to adult online dating. Only it has more security. You can see how the interface keeps track of potentially fake profiles to avoid damage among its members. Despite being created over a decade ago on Ourteennetwork, you can have quite simple online conversations.

The interface’s advantage is that it has many forums to feel comfortable talking with other people. More than love, the web is dedicated to finding your friends because of their tastes or special qualities that they have in common.

How Can I Send A Message To Someone?

To send messages and start a new friendship, you only have to locate the member who catches your attention. This search can be done intelligently by finding people in your country or your community to make friends. You should look for their profile, click on “start conversation,” and stand out by writing to that person you want as a friend.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Yes, you can send messages on Ourteennetwork whenever you want, within the online chat, there are other features. You can have a fluent conversation through video calls, voice notes, send photos, or videos with the chat.

How Can You Start Messaging Someone On Ourteennetwork?

It’s simple; you have to locate that member from your country or by the likes they have in common, visit their profile and start a conversation. By viewing their profile, you can also verify that this person is the one you are looking to socialize according to your tastes.

How Can You Start Messaging Someone On Ourteennetwork

Why Can’t I Access Ourteennetwork?

Your failure to access the dating website may be due to the internet connection you have now. You should check that your computer or mobile phone has a good internet connection for stability and speed. If that problem is ruled out, you can reload the online page to solve that bitter access problem.

How Long Does Ourteennetwork Ban Last?

It all depends on the charges charged within the interface; there is a severity in each of them. You may receive a complete Ourteennetwork ban for speaking the wrong words or exporting the wrong photos. This website’s support is very good and complies with the monitoring characteristics that every teenager deserves to prevail on the web.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

Activating a sanctioned account is not done manually, but you must wait for the days of blocking to pass. A mild penalty can have an account lockout within 24 hours or even a week, depending on the issue. Unfortunately, suppose you have a “blocked” mark. In that case, you lose your profile and total access to Ourteennetwork for not complying with the rules.

To find out about the sanctions and their different types, you can consult with the web provider at this time. Contacting technical support can be made directly from the interface or by email, you decide.

Is There An Option To Delete Your Profile From Ourteennetwork?

Yes, you can contact Ourteennetwork support with the default email to cancel your online profile. It is the same procedure if you want to block a member you feel violates the web’s rules. All the problems that you have with the platform can easily be solved by contacting technical support.

What Happens If I Deactivate The Option “Show Me On Ourteennetwork”?

If you change this option of your online chat, you will not have access to your new friends’ conversations in the interface. You can use this incognito mode when you have no intention of talking to anyone; keep it active for the rest.

Where Do I See My Matches?

In the smart search, you can see their matches with your country, musical tastes, topics of interest, among others. You have to search for a member who has the greatest matches with you to have a special connection while they speak.

How Do I See Who Sent Me A Message On Ourteennetwork?

As in several social networks, the Ourteennetwork website has a notification system for the moment the messages arrive. You will have a characteristic chat sound that will be kept active by that member who wishes to write to you. You must decide to write to her or let that conversation pass for another day.

Is It Possible To See Ourteennetwork members That I Liked?

Yes, you can see all the members you liked on the web just by locating their profile from the chat or independent search. You can view your posts, export photos, videos, and even start a conversation; it’s all simple. Each chat has special features for you to avoid emoticons, photos, videos, make video calls, among other things.

What is Ourteennetwork’s Spy Mode?

Unfortunately, this dating site does not have a spy mode for you to view profiles without being detected. Something similar is that you can disable your online chat to do smart searches with new members. The only bad thing is that the member and you, as a user, will know which people visited your profile.

How Do I Edit My Username On Ourteennetwork?

After registration, you enter a default name that you can change by visiting the settings that are in your profile. In addition to giving you a pseudonym or real name, you can change basic information visible on your profile. You have to go to your access profile and look for an icon with three vertical dots; it’s in the upper right.

Why Is It Difficult For Me To Enter The Site?

The internet connection is essential for you to enjoy the features in Ourteennetwork without it. You will not have access. You should remove the limitations that your phone or computer has that interrupts your connection to the dating website.

What Are The Different Search Options For Ourteennetwork?

Options include:

  • Searches by city
  • Search by likes

  • Matching people by a simple algorithm
  • Themes of interest
  • Age
  • Musical tastes

It is a fairly extensive smart search with which you can find new friends or a future relationship.

Registration Process

To register in Ourteennetwork, you must follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of Ourteennetwork from your computer or mobile phone.
  • Click on “register”; it is located in the central part
  • You must indicate your data such as name and surname, email, date of birth, gender, nationality, and what your tastes are.
  • You must export or take a photo to include it in your profile; this is mandatory.
  • You must verify the email you indicated to verify your identity and nationality by IP address
  • Set a secure password that you can easily remember to access your profile in the future.
Registration Process

Registration is very fast, and you can do it in just 5 minutes; all instructions are marked for your understanding.

How Do I Verify My Email?

With Ourteennetwork Review, you should know how to verify your email in the interface since it is a priority. Before following the steps, you must post your email; it cannot be from your parents or friends who are older.

  • You must place an email with quick access; you can place the one associated with your mobile phone.
  • When Ourteennetwork asks you for single email verification, you must run to the application and look for the code.
  • This code comprises six digits that you can copy and paste into the dating site’s verification bar.
  • This process is instantaneous, and you will not have to do it again in the future.

What Happens If I Register With My Facebook Account?

If you register with your Facebook account, you will not need to verify your email because all your data will be exported between networks. This option allows you to save a lot of time in the email verification process; you can also use it for photos.

How Do I Join Ourteennetwork?

Everything you need is on the official website of Ourteennetwork; you have to visit it and start your registration. This dating website does not have an official App, so if you find one, it may be spam, it is not legitimate.

Can I Use The Site Without Registering?

No, you must register to enjoy all the features indicated in the Ourteennetwork Review at this time. You can fully know the interface to make that important decision to join the community finally.

User Profile Quality

All profiles are public; in Ourteennetwork, you can see all the members’ information in detail. This quality makes parents a little concerned about the safety of their registered children. As a parent, you can instruct your child to give basic information about his life on this dating interface.

Mobile Apps

For now, Ourteennetwork does not have a mobile application that you can download for use other than your computer. You can enter its official website from the phone; the interface adapts very well to the device’s measurements.

Membership Price And Another Payment Methods

In Ourteennetwork Reviews, you can see that teens’ online dating service has no membership. You can register and use the entire interface free of charge for as long as you want.

Free Subscription Features

As it is a 100% free service, you will get all the functions for online chats with other countries’ members. You can meet many teenagers in your country or outside of it who share tastes in different subjects. Being free does not mean that the interface is insecure; on the contrary, Ourteennetwork is committed to taking care of each member.

You can have access to online chats and their different features like video calling or photo sharing. You can make publications, visit profiles, look for matches between people your age; it is a website without spam.

Is Ourteennetwork free?

Yes, completely, you can enjoy the entire system without making a payment after registration.

Can you see if someone likes you on Ourteennetwork if you have a free profile?

Yes, you will enjoy all the unique features that the teen dating interface puts at your fingertips.

Premium Membership Features

You will not be able to enjoy Premium membership functions in Ourteennetwork since its use is free.

Does It Offer Premium Membership?

No, the entire interface is free for you to register now.

How Do I Cancel My Ourteennetwork Membership?

You can cancel your free account as there is currently no membership you can get.

Does Membership Renew Automatically?

The free account will never cause problems, although some members complain about the interface’s eventual publications.

Can I Get A Refund For Unused Time?

The best thing about the web is that you will not pay money and therefore you will not get a refund if you do not like it, use it without obligation.

Does My “Support” For Ourteennetwork Renew Automatically Every Month?

This feature is not available on the interface; its built-in functions will never go down as long as you don’t cancel your profile.

I Am Not Satisfied With Ourteennetwork. Can I Get My Money Back?

If you are not satisfied with the free dating website for teens, cancel your profile, you will not lose your money.

How Will My Ourteennetwork Support Appear On My Credit Card Bill?

You do not have to use credit cards to register and use the online dating interface.

Can I Support Other Members Of Ourteennetwork?

Yes, you can provide emotional support to other members of Ourteennetwork; another form of monetary aid is exempt upon registration.

Can I Send Support For Just One Month?

You can use the Ourteennetwork Website with lifetime support that will not cost you a single cent when you sign up.

Is Ourteennetwork Safe?

Yes, the interface is very safe and has all the conditions for you as a teenager or parent of the child to let you register. All profiles are verified; if a member does not meet the age of 13 to 19 years maximum, they will be blocked.

How The Site Protects Users From Information Leaks, Bots, And Scammers?

You can give little personal information in your location or places you frequent in your country for maximum security.

Our Conversations On Forums Moderated?

Yes, all conversation topics must be approved by the support and their responses between different members. If you are rude, racist, or verbally harm a member, you will be expelled from the forum, and your profile will be sanctioned.

How Can I Filter Who Can Message Me On Ourteennetwork?

This option is not available on Ourteennetwork, although you can disable your online chat to ignore conversations. You can deactivate the chat for all your favorite members and activate it when you feel ready to make or start conversations.

What Security Features Does Ourteennetwork Have?

You can enjoy Ourteennetwork Review with a complete security system that focuses on:

  • Monitoring and blocking of fake profiles
  • Penalties for members who break the rules by being rude, racist, or degrading to other people
  • Authorization of photographs, not sensual
  • Authorization of topics of interest in the forums

How Can I Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

You should notify the system about a person who intends to scam you or has an unpleasant attitude. The interface will immediately investigate what happened and take the necessary measures in blockages or sanctions.

What Will Happen To A Member Who Uses An Account To Request Money?

It is blocked for life; this action violates the environment that Ourteennetwork wants to give its members. If you suffer from this request, you only have to notify the provider to make the corresponding blockade.

What Information Should Not Be Published On Your Account?

On the Ourteennetwork Website, you must not post:

  • Bold photos
  • Place an aggressive, racist caption that affects a community or group of people
  • Photographs that are nude or have a degree of perversion.
  • Strong photographs showing blood, cuts, or any physical damage to the human being

If you violate this rule of 0 toxic posts, you can be sanctioned for a few days or blocked completely.

Are Ourteennetwork Chats Encrypted?

They are personal online chats that you and the other member can enjoy, no third party use. The only thing that the system guarantees are that the chats are monitored with your consent. It must be approved with the registration.

Can Ourteennetwork Locate It?

If by your IP address, this helps you locate members around you who want to start a friendship or relationship.

Can The Police Track Ourteennetwork?

As it is a teen dating interface, the police have all the disposition to track members from the server. With this advantage, pedophiles or people with bad intentions can be detected on the web.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions About My Privacy?

You can contact the online dating provider by email [email protected] or by their social networks.

Can I Delete The Information That I Already Sent?

Yes, you can modify your profile as many times as you want to add or subtract personal information.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On Ourteennetwork?

Unfortunately, yes, although every day, the interface seeks to reduce the number of malicious members. This number of false profiles is also decreasing with the new verification modality; the registration is more complex.

Contact Information

  • Ourteennetwork is headquartered in New York, United States.
  • The interface’s own company is AD600 in Sant Julia de Loria in the country of Andorra / Europe
  • Email: [email protected]

  • Social networks on Facebook and Twitter, you can locate it as @Ourteennetwork


With the Ourteennetwork Review, there are some alternatives to online dating sites that you should visit:

  • Teenber: is a very up-to-date web and mobile application used to match teenagers in an interface with unique characteristics. You can feel comfortable using it at no cost; it has a superior security level and other online chat qualities.
  • MyLol: A website and application that you can use as a free or Premium member to meet different boys and girls. This dating site predominates for Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Real-Life Review

I can see that real life is mixed regarding its use. So I give 7 out of 10 stars in operation, quality, design, and security that the web guarantees. A disadvantage is that the web is outdated, making it less popular among young people looking for mobile apps. -Steve

Is Ourteennetwork the Best Dating Site Or App?

If you are looking for a simple simple to start safe conversations between young people, this interface is what you need. Ourteennetwork may not be the best dating website, but it just needs an update if you are approaching great potential. In the future, providers may improve their interface and finally launch a mobile application.

No, as it is a free dating site, you cannot link or unlink members from your profile, but you can block it. You have the authority to block those people who treat you badly or have an unpleasant attitude.

Is Ourteennetwork a Connection App?

Since 2009 this online dating site provides a good connection between teens up to 19 years old. You can find your future partner or friend who meets your demands on tastes. The web fulfills the objective of giving you a connection between people of your age; the environment is safe and optimal for registering.


Ourteennetwork is the right online dating website for teens to have a monitored environment. You can join this community if you are 13 to 19 years old, refrain if you do not violate this rule. The entire interface is useful for getting distracted by talking to your new friends or forums with different topics.

The support provided by the web has 24-hour monitoring so that you, as a registered parent or teenager, feel safe. Although the website has inconsistencies due to lack of updates, it is still very popular among members. You can start a new conversation today on Ourteennetwork and start a new friendship with members from other countries.

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