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Naughtydate Review

Naughtydate Review
About Site
Active Audience 52%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 750 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Millions of users are using this platform, which is a significant plus point as a new user will come across different people at the same time.
  • One of the fantastic platforms to date that asks for no registration fees. Moreover, signup on this website is easy for a new member.
  • Naughtydate provides the most accessible platform for interracial dating and lesbian dating.
  • There is only an online mode of payment on this website.
  • You will come across fake, which is not that transparent in terms of their picture and information.
  • The free membership comes in with very few features.

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Naughtydate comes with a super cool interface to cater to your hunt for naughtiness. This site good for introvert dating. Even an introvert will be able to make most out of it by reaching their perfect match. It is a one-stop solution for all the singles to end their search. The website has an ideal working mechanism that gives satisfaction to its members.

As per the user’s recommendations and the popular Naughtydate reviews, it is evident to be a genuine dating platform. The exposure is mind-blowing even for the newcomer profiles, and its vast network ensures the high success rate for every valid search. The community is expanding to cover every nook and corner of the globe to discover an ideal match as your fantasy partner.

Your dating experience can be overwhelming when you try this excellent platform.

If you are ready to redefine satisfaction with new and exclusive exposure, Naughtydate is the perfect solution. It is a unique dating site to experience where the new tools are proactive in taking care of their members’ security. The minimum entry age is 18, which ensures the blocking of encounters with underage individuals. On this Naughtydate, searching for a casual relationship as well as long term bondings are very much happening. The article will rediscussion is going to be around the features and other attributes of the website and discover the site’s contribution as a premium dating platform.

How Many Languages Does Naughtydate Support?

How Many Languages Does Naughtydate Support?

According to the Naughtydate reviews, Naughtydate provides services in multiple languages, thereby giving premium services to its users. People from all around the world can use these services.

Who Owns Naughtydate?

Not Found

So Where Is Naughtydate Based Now?

The website NaughtyDate.com is based in Canada. It has its headquarters in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. The whole operations and the working of this fantastic dating website initiated in Canada, and after that, there is no lookback.

When Was Naughtydate Founded?

This dating portal got initiated in the year 2016. Since 2016 it has started its operation and is running successfully till then.

Is Naughtydate Available Worldwide?

Yes, this erotic dating portal is available worldwide. It has about 750,000 registered members worldwide who are enjoying the lovely services offered by the website.

Minimum Age To Register On Naughtydate?

The minimum age to sign up on this dating portal is 18 years old. Both males and females should be 18 years old to enjoy the services of this dating website.

Can The App Be Used on Computer?

Can The App Be Used on Computer?

This web portal is a web page and not an application. You can use this application on your desktop.

How Many Members Does Naughtydate Have Worldwide?

According to Naughtydate review, Naughtydate is one such online dating portal providing a communication platform for singles to find their partners either for hookups or for making long term relationships. Approximately 750,000 registered members are enjoying this platform.

Website Design & Usability Of The Site

The website possesses a very user-friendly platform with an easy user interface. This adult dating website has a clean and modern interface. The users who are using the site for the first time can easily create the account in five minutes. It is very hassle-free signup. After signing up, there would be an email verification code. Also, users enjoy active consumer support in case of any issue regarding the working of the website. There is hardly any issue that the users face in the operations of this website.

Which Browsers does Naughtydate supports?

Naughtydate website is a very safe and secure website supported by almost all web browsers—a few of the famous Internet Explorer, Safari, and google chrome.

Using Camera On Naugtydate

As the website possesses a feature of video calling your connections, the camera turns on automatically. You just need to approve the notification that pops up your screen which states permission to use the camera and the microphone.

Can The App Be Used on Computer?

Special Features Of This Amazing Dating Website

This dating website that is Naughtydate is not a casual dating website portal providing you just the basic features. This portal is more than that and provides you with better features for better user experience.

  • Making your page Unique: The website helps you to make your page unique from others by personalizing your profile, thereby highlighting your best qualities on the pattern.
  • Easy Navigation: Naughtydate website provides with the best user interface by categorizing preferences. Users can easily navigate through the website with advanced filter features.
  • Easy Compatibility Check: Users can quickly check their compatibility on the website with their fellow connections.

How Does It Work?

Naughtydate website is an adult dating platform which provides adult all around the world with a plethora of choices. It is a dating portal that gives preferences to all the communities, whether interracial, lesbians, gay or straight. It is a very user-friendly platform. After users get the full membership of the Naughtydate website, users get access to all aspects of the site. After the signup, the user is active on the website for interactions and sending unlimited messages to there fellow connections of there choice. Also, after signup, users can see a plethora of options on the portal; they can use the filter feature to set up the preference to access the member of your choice. Photos and information of all the members registered on the portal are available in a very transparent mode. After registration, you are free to access other users’ information and pictures.

Can The App Be Used on Computer?

Messaging Service

It is an effortless way to message on this dating platform. The user can send a message to other users registered on the portal directly by visiting their profile and clicking on the ‘Message’ button. You can view the incomings on the ‘Messenger’ tab in the top menu of the site page.

Is Sending Messages Free?

After the user registers on the naughty date website and creates an account by taking the premium features, you can access a free message to all users registered on the portal.

How To Start Messaging With Someone On Naughtydate?

To get in touch with other singles, you just need to upgrade to the premium features on the Naughtydate website. After this, you are free to communicate with whosoever you want to.

Restrictions On Access At Naughtydate?

The main reason for the denial of access to the Naughtydate platform is not adhering to the terms and conditions. User safety is of utmost importance on this dating platform; therefore, it discards any wrong information provided by someone, and they face denial of access due to the same reason. If someone has not cleared the email verification process, they cannot use it.

Find the match Options?

How Long Are Naughtydate Bans?

As already mentioned, this dating platform is user-specific, and the security of users is a priority. Any kind of abuse, spam, being found on the website, will be banned. Also, if anyone is involved in suspicious behavior will be prohibited by the site until necessary.

Reactivating Banned Account?

The Naughtydate website bans users’ accounts only if the user is involved in any suspicious activity. For reactivation, the user has to prove his innocence and his non-involvement in that suspicious activity by writing the mail to the website.

Deleting the Naughtydate Profile

There are few ways to delete your account on the Naughtydate platform. The first one being is to write a mail to the company for the deletion of the account. Next is a self option where after you log in to the account, select options where you can remove your profile, and all the personal information present on the platform.

Relevance Of Disabling The “Show Me On Naughtydate” Option?

After you disable this feature on the Naughtydate website, you will no longer be visible to anyone. Your profile will not show in the search option to any user.

Find the match Options?

After you signup on this dating platform, you can see a plethora of choices to select from. Here you can choose your match and make a connection with him/her.

How To See Incoming Messages On Naughtydate?

You can locate all your messages in the chat rooms. All the names of the people who messaged on the Naughtydate platform will be visible there.

Is It Possible For A Person To See The Naughtydate Members Whom He/She Already Liked?

Yes, It is possible to check the profiles that a person has already liked. The particular members he/she can get from his shortlisted member’s option. Remember that it is a premium service, so available for premium accounts only.

What Is Naughtydate’s Spy Mode?

There are different modes on Naughtydate website like Spyware, but there is no mode like spy mode.

How To Edit Username In Naughtydate?

Changing names on a Naughtydate website is a straightforward process. You first have to click on your avatar, which is present on the top right corner of the website. Then select “Profile Change,” which you will find in the “Section” field. Then you must choose “Change screen name” in the “Subject” field.

Why One Can Have A Hard Time Entering The Site?

Entering the website may become difficult in certain situations, like entering a wrong username or password. Also, sometimes there are chances that your web browser blocks cookies. Or a prevalent one is when the Naughtydate website prevents your account for reasons like not adhering to the terms and conditions of the dating portal.

The Naughtydate website accounts for the best features of the search. You can easily categorize your search features by applying the filters. You can use who you want to date filter, where you can choose the type you want to date like if your preference is a lesbian community or a straight one. You can apply the filters accordingly.

Sign Up Process

Sign Up Process

There is a hassle-free signup process on the Naughtydate website. It is a five-minute process in which the website asks for your personal information like your gender, location, and preferences. Then the user needs to upload his or her picture, after which the email verification process initiates. After you accept the confirmation link, it completes registering your account on the Naughtydate website. But you do not have a Facebook signup option available on this portal.

How To Verify Email?

After you complete uploading your picture and other personal information necessary for registering the account, the last step involves the verification of the mail. In this step, the Naughtydate website sends you confirmation mail on the email you have linked with the dating portal.

Process Of Registration Using Facebook Account?

Unfortunately, there is no registration with a Facebook account on the Naughtydate dating portal. Although you can register using other accounts!

How To Join Naughtydate?

It is a straightforward and cost-free process to join the Naughtydate web portal. You can easily register by signing up on this platform by adding your information and photos. After registration, you are free to make new connections for dating or a long term approach.

Can Anyone Use The Site Without Signing Up?

There is no feature available on a Naughtydate website where you can use this dating portal features without signing up for the same.

Users Profile Quality

Users Profile Quality

Naughtydate is an adult website for making a connection that can turn into causal hookups or even long term relationships. But this website in no way has any pornographic content. If you are a standard member on this dating portal, you will not be able to view the photos of other connections in full size. If you compare the website profile quality, it is much more conservative than other dating portals of the same niche. The website has strict photo guidelines. Overall you will witness a good profile quality adhering to all terms and conditions of the website. Users can easily communicate with other singles waiting to mingle on this dating platform.

Mobile Applications

Naughtydate dating portal does not have any mobile application. However, you can use this portal on your mobile phone by opening it on a web browser. You can access it through any web browser on your mobile phone.

Membership Price And Other Payment Method

According to the Naughtydate reviews, two services are available on the Naughtydate web portal; one is the free one that includes Account registration, Search function, Viewing messages in public chat rooms, Send Flirtcasts, Winking at other members, viewing friends, and feed sections. In the paid service, this dating portal provides you with premium services like unlimited chats, viewing big pictures of connections, detailed information, extended search facilities, premium support, and sharing of photos and videos in chat.

For Premium Membership users have to pay the following fees:

  • 1 Month
    • 39.00 USD / Month
    • 39.00 USD
  • 3 Months
    • 21.90 USD / Month
    • 65.70 USD
  • 6 Months
  • 17.70 USD / Month
  • 106.20 USD

Free Membership Features

The free membership feature of the Naughtydate dating portal includes the following.

  • Account registration
  • Search function
  • View messages in public chat rooms
  • Send Flirt Casts
  • Wink at other members
  • View friends and feed sections

Is Naughtydate Free?

Yes, a few Naughtydate dating portal services are free, including search functions, account registration, sending flirty casts, etc. But the premium features are not free.

Can A Free Member See Others On Naughtydate?

Yes, you can see if someone likes you on the Naughtydate dating portal.

Premium Membership Features

If you want to get in touch with the advanced features of this web portal, you can surely opt for the premium membership, which includes features like.

  • Unlimited access to chats with anyone on the web portal
  • With premium features, you can view bigger photos of everyone.
  • Detailed information about other users you are interested in.
  • Extended search facility with extra filter coverage
  • Premium support available for users.
  • Secure Sharing of photos and videos in chat

Does Naughtydate Offer Premium Membership?

Yes, the Naughtydate web portal provides you with a premium membership. You just have to pay to access the premium membership.

How To Cancel Naughtydate Membership?

You have to follow specific steps for canceling the membership at Naughtydate website, which is as follows:

  • Firstly you need to login to your account and click on the avatar at the top-right corner of the site.
  • Select setting in the dropdown menu, scroll down a bit, and here you will find a remove account link.

Is Naughtydate Membership Auto-Renewed?

During the time of subscription, the auto-renewal feature is preselected, so the membership gets auto-renewed automatically.

Is There Any Refund For Unused Time?

There is no refund policy on this platform; for more information, you can go through the terms and condition page.

Is “Support” To Naughtydate Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Yes, it is automatically renewed based on the plan that you choose to opt for.

If One is Not Satisfied With The Naughtydate, Is There Any Money Back?

There are times when you don’t get people of choice on the platform that they can link with, but having patience is the only solution as there is no refund policy.

How The Naughtydate Support Appears on credit card bill?

On your credit card bill, your Naughtydate support will appear in the same name to secure your payment.

Is It Possible To Provide Support To Other Naughtydate Members?

No, you do not have access to any such feature on the Naughtydate platform.

Is It Possible To Send Support For Just A Month?

You can buy the premium services for yourself but cannot get it or gift it to others even for a month on the Naughtydate platform.

Is Naughtydate Really Safe?

It is indeed the safest platform for singles to find their mates. The Naughtydate platform is against fake profiles and scammers. Any suspicious account or activity noted or reported on the spot, leads to a ban on the particular account. So you can, without doubt, signup on the platform and make new friends.

Are Naughtydate Forums Threads Moderated?

No, the threads on the Naughtydate website are not moderated, but yes, the users have the option to block or report the person who is not adhering to the security guidelines.

How Can One Filter Who Can Message Them On Naughtydate?

There is a safety feature that you can apply on your profile, which allows you to stop all the flagged profiles on the platform from messaging you.

What Security Features Does Naughtydate Have?

According to the Naughtydate reviews, Naughtydate web portal is the safest place for a perfect dating experience. Users initially undergo a verification procedure by verifying their mail. Also, there are other security features, like banning the account of people who are not following the terms and conditions of the website and indulging in frivolous activity.

How To Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

You can easily block or report any alleged profile on this platform by clicking on the block button on the user profile you want to say.

What Will Happen To A Member Who Uses A Naughtydate Account To Solicit Money?

The website blocks the member who uses a Naughtydate Account to solicit money at the very moment. His account is deactivated forever. This is to protect other users for the safety of there information.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be There In Someone’s Naughtydate Account?

Some highly confidential information like the phone number of the user and the user’s address should not be there on the Naughtydate account for privacy concerns.

Are Naughtydate Chats Encrypted?

There is no such revelation regarding the concern of encryption of chats on the Naughtydate account.

Can Naughtydate Track One Down?

When you log in to your account on Naughtydate, the website asks you for your location. The location is picked up by the site if GPS is on in your device. But it still cannot track the exact location; neither can any user track your location. They are just aware that you are at this much distance due to the distance filter on the portal.

Can Naughtydate Be Traced By The Police?

It is better to meet security concerns in public places than in private places with your contacts on Naughtydate. Also, there is no such provision where police can trace your location.

Who Should One Contact While Having Questions Regarding Privacy In Naughtydate?

For any matter concerning your privacy, you can contact them through email to [email protected] or call on 18008582113. These are the links to the customer support portal of the Naughtydate website.

Can One Delete The Information That Has Already Submitted?

You can surely edit the information you have saved while registering your profile on the Naughtydate platform. Edit your profile, make changes, and then click Save.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On Naughtydate?

Naughtydate platform is one of the safest platforms for online dating; there might be some fake accounts on the website. But as soon as the support gets to know, they can suspend the account right away.

Contact Information

Naughtydate team can be contacted through the following ways:

  • Company: Naughtydate
  • Address: P.O Box 146, Trident Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
  • Phone: 18008582113.
  • Email: [email protected]
    • Alternatives To The Website

      Similar websites are offering the same features in terms of healthy dating experience, which are as follows.

      • EbonyFlirt
      • Adultfriendfinder
      • Ashley Madison
      • Flingster

      Real Life Review

      According to the real life naughtydate reviews, as every coin has two sides, the opinion of people differs according to their experience. Mostly if you see public reviews on the website, they are on the positive side. It is upon you what you take. But most users have experienced better dating experience as they are so many choices of people to choose from. You can easily choose your connection and start with the dating experience.

      Is Naughtydate The Best Dating Site/App?

      Yes, it is one of the leading dating websites which has helped many people find their best connections. Many of these connections have made it long while some ended up to casual hookups. It is up to your luck if you find the desired match for you or not. But with so many options open up at your end, you will enjoy this experience.

      Can Unmatch An Naughtydate Member?

      Yes, on the Naughtydate platform, it is a free will option for the users to like or unlike someone. If, after matching someone, you think you have no connection with that person, you are free to unmatch that connection.

      Is Naughtydate A Hook-Up App?

      It is upon you how you take it. Some people come on the platform for casual dating experience but end up at making long term relationships. While there are cases where people who come for making long terms connections end up at hookups. So it is a website open to all kinds of relationships.


      You will surely have one of the best dating experience on the Naughtydate website. The website provides a plethora of options for all the people who are single and are looking for partners, be its gay community, straight people, or lesbians. It is open for all for a wonderful experience of flirting, dating, making long term connections. According to the Naughtydate reviews, all the singles from all communities who are looking forward to a perfect dating experience an finding the love of there choice this is the website for you.

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