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MenChats Review

MenChats Review
About Site
Active Audience 75%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 26-35
Profiles 2 650 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is available for free with no hidden fees and premium memberships
  • Serves gay, bisexual men and couples only
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Guest mode for a secret visit and trial login
  • You can register as a single, group or couple
  • Fresh design and loft-like layout
  • Exciting features for your best interaction
  • Women are not welcome as members of this gay community site
  • The service does not submit a mobile app

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Discover more features of exceptional free gay and bi community scrolling this MenChats review. This is not a place to find a partner for a lifetime, and certainly, there is not a single woman here! It is a hookup platform for adult fun, greeting single guys with a specific sexual orientation. The free webcam community members are seeking carnal pleasures for one-night-stand sex and fresh hot adventures. This awesome site with a focus on homosexuality and casual meetings connects gay people worldwide.

How many languages does MenChats contribute?

Gay meeting site supports 3 language variants for your comfort – English, Russian, and Spanish. If your option is not listed there, make use of an online translator.

Who is the possessor of the MenChats?

The owner of this online base for gay and bi male singles is VS Media, Inc.

Where is MenChats grounded now?

A hookup site for individuals and couples with an exceptional sexual orientation resides at 4607 Lakeview Canyon Rd. # 338, Westlake Village, California 91361.

When was MenChats founded?

The MenChats website started in 2003 as a free chat platform. Now it has converted into an online platform with a focus on webcam dating.

Is MenChats grabbing members worldwide?

The site connects gay and bisexual men globally and, without exaggeration, is an online geek service for instant meetings with great odds.

What is the min age to register on MenChats?

Given the character of the adult services you may encounter there, the members should be at least 18 years old to get the signup right. A higher age limit is not important. You may join this gay dating community even, hitting your 80 birthday!

Is the app possible to enjoy with my computer?

The site is mobile friendly. So you don’t need to cut off your webcam streams and manage the service for on-the-go dating. Open your daily browser to run it promptly.

What is the actual member share of the MenChats worldwide?

The gay and bi members’ support of MenChats online service is umpteen enough seeing the service holds global coverage. If we talk about the gender ratio, then it is completely a male one.

What is the actual member share of the MenChats worldwide?

Website Design & Usability

The site was a bit old-school earlier and didn’t have a chance for a tech fresh look, as many of MenChats reviews stated. The brand-new design refreshed the impression. When you open the home page now, you find it looking great. Sky-blue framework and full-sized info sections are awesome. Using the guest mode or basic entrance, you go to the actual service page. It is designed in a minimalistic style. Handy navigation, nice harmonious colors, and fonts, clear menu buttons are just some reasons why we estimate this service as great looking.

Which browsers will cope with MenChats?

Run your daily browser to fool around with new fellows and spend time riving off. Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer will start the service and will not wreck your foretaste.

How can I benefit from the camera on MenChats?

The camera will grow your ideal dating device in this adult service. Turn on the camera and enter one of the hot rooms to chat.

Special Features

What special features make this site worthy to join? You will be curious about this issue, so we proceed:

  • Awesome layout
  • List of rooms. Choose any for hookup interaction
  • Private messaging tab. This sector enables you to send intimate messages to other users in private
  • Camera. Activate it and start a video chat with the liked member. You can be naughty in real-time

How Does It Work?

MenChats focuses on audience engagement. Register an account or start your visit in guest mode. There are loads of entertaining rooms you can join. Send intimate instant messages to especially active guys. Here you can do a lot of things, one-night meetings, communication only, and even find a partner for a lasting period. If you do not mind getting experience with a couple, then why not, try it. Use the camera for your hottest dating and chatting.

Can I message someone on MenChats?

Messaging is the foremost way of interaction on this online platform for single and mature gay and bi men. Talk about the most secret dreams using the messaging tab found at the bottom of your homepage.

Is messaging option free?

Gay dating service caters all services for free. You do not need to pay for messaging. It is free of charge. If someone asks for a fee for any service within this site, it is probably a scam.

How can you get going messaging with someone on MenChats?

Determine the message type you want to get going sending first. Is that for one or multiple members? If you are for privacy, then go down the page and use the messaging tab.

Why can’t I get at MenChats?

If this is your first entry and it turned out to be troublesome, perhaps you are in a blacklisted country for display. If you are in the right place, then clean the cookies and browser cache, and retry.

How long can MenChats put a ban on you?

The MenChats website asks to comply with certain rules when having fun. It can ban you for breaking them. The ban terms will depend on the severity of your fiasco and may last from 12 hour to 1 year.

How can I bring back my banned account?

The site possesses guidelines for various circumstances. The ban expiring time will depend on the severity. The account will be recovered in auto mode once your punishment is over.

How can I remove my MenChats profile?

Go to https://www.gaymeeting.com/users/login. After accessing your account, find the My Account menu button on the upper left and choose it. Then click Yes link to complete.

What happens if I put the “Status on MenChats” option out of action?

Manage your site status the way you prefer. Activate Status Online so that other members could see your activity. Choose Status Offline to hint that you are not here. And Status Busy is to show that you are having fun now.

Where do I spot matching members?

Not having a separate Matches section, check out your love alternatives in the Watching Me part. It is arranged at the top right below the camera icon.

How will I know who sent me a message on MenChats?

You will recognize who sent you the message. The avatar and author username is displayed above the text message in the overall chat.

How can I view the MenChats members who I fancied?

Add the members you liked to the Favorites List. Friends list is also open to you. Send all likely for-fun-members there, but having the friend status so far.

What is MenChats’ secret mode?

Stay anonymous while having adult fun on the MenChats website. Create and use a made-up username and do not share out your real private info.

How do I modify my user nick in MenChats?

There is no chance to edit your username. If you made up a new username and want to be associated with it, you must create a new account.

Why am I having a rough going entering the site?

Follow the guidelines from the FAQ section to recover your access. The first way is to use your email address instead of the username for the login. The second way is to update your password. If both methods failed, submit a ticket to the support.

What are MenChats search alternatives?

You have two search alternatives. First is to take a look around, which is browsing. And a more advanced option, the use of specific filters to narrow the results.

What are MenChats search alternatives?

Sign up Process

Log in to the site in two ways. Guest mode will not drop a trace about your dating surf. Confirm that you are over 18 to join in this way. The second way is the general signup, where you will show age, create a made-up nickname, password, and specify your location. As you can see, everyone can access the site in just 1 minute.

How can I confirm my email?

MenChats does not demand extra confirmation to approve your account. That implies you do not need to have a Facebook profile, verify by email, or by phone.

What will go if I sign in using my Facebook?

The site does not provide and does not require registration using any of the social networks, including Facebook.

How do I go into the MenChats community?

Become a member of this gay and bi platform for men by joining it in regular or guest mode. Registration will require 1 minute only since you do not need to share a lot of private details.

Can I run the site without registration?

The site allows an anonymous login for a trial. The guest mode is advantageous; you can enter and quit online adult service at any time.

Users Profile Quality

Profiles on the site are not wordy. It is not a surprise, but members are watching something more interesting than reading. The profile carries basic information about birthdate, gender, username, and location. The most powerful and engaging are the photo and audio files. Each member may enhance the profile with 5 pieces of materials. A profile with no photo will not take part in adult pleasures as it is not clear who is hiding there!

Mobile Applications

The site does not have a mobile app, but you can still meet on-the-go. The MenChats website is phone friendly. Simply load the homepage with your phone or tablet, and proceed. The camera will run even in this mode. Choose the Safari browser if you keep Apple devices. It puts a block for the rest one. The service can’t have control over that.

Mobile Applications

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Online homosexual dating service is free to benefit. Anyone can join it without having to unblock any premium memberships for a more reliable search. You also cannot donate or transfer money for other unknown reasons. If you get a payment request, then that is probably an act of scam. Report this by submitting a ticket to the Support.

Free Membership Features

Being free, the site is still well-tooled with services.

Main upper switches:

  • Private. Select a color to enable or disable private chats. Green color means active, red means not active
  • Camera. The same color principle. Green color will turn on your video broadcast.
  • Sound. Turn the switch green to hear chat sounds


  • You can change the background color of the page
  • Choose the size, style, and color of your text

How can I use MenChats for free?

Chat community for homosexual gentlemen and couples renders services for free. There are no hidden fees or extra products that the site will ask to pay later.

I am a free member. How can I recognize who fancied me on MenChats?

Be ready that one or even some guys may like you. You can get a Whisper as a liking sign and a hint for being asked out.

Premium Membership Features

MenChats website does not charge for the meeting online services and submits them for free. There is no premium membership at this platform at this time. Will it appear later? Who knows?

Does MenChats offer a premium subscription plan?

This site gives a shelter for real-time video streaming, pleasing time for mature gay and bi singles, one-night carnal joys, and chatting about sex for free. There is no membership other than a basic one.

How do I annul my current MenChats membership?

All members within this chat community are acting free and have no other memberships except the standard one. You can delete your membership only by canceling your account on this site.

Will MenChats subscription for membership refresh automatically?

The site spreads only two visit options. That is a free membership and a guest mode. There is no other premium membership that will renew automatically.

Can I have a payback for the remaining time?

You cannot get payback for unused time. The site offers free services only. It does not ask and does not admit any payments and donations.

Will my MenChats subscription update every month in auto-mode?

MenChats is a free platform catering to the interaction of gays and bi singles. Registering once, you do not need to renew your membership every month. You will remain the community member until you cancel your account.

I don’t want to stay with the MenChats. Can I get a refund?

You may choose how long to continue as a part of this gay community. The site does not make any refunds. All services are available and free to use.

How will my MenChats payment turn up on my credit card statement?

You are a lucky guy! You are running this online service without any fees. Log in to start your amazing on-the-go dating.

How can I pay for other MenChats members?

When it comes to payment, we have nothing to add with it. The site does not supply prepaid services and does not submit premium subscriptions.

Can I pay my membership for just a month?

You may stay as a member of this gay chatting community until you get bored with it. The service will not limit your visits and will not ask to pay for the period to activate the services.

Can I pay my membership for just a month?

Is MenChats Really Secure to Use?

The site tries to grow a 100% safe platform. They have worked out and posted up the Terms of Use and ask members not to break the guidelines. The Support responds to tickets and attempts to fix issues promptly. The site possesses a FAQ section where you can get tips on different difficulties. Scam profiles may still be bothersome. Although the gay meeting platform seeks to get over it by applying certain anti-scam measures.

Do MenChats moderate the topics?

The site guidelines indicate a certain penalizing for breaking the rules. MenChats reviews do not show any claim for the moderation of forum threads. But a severe breach may end in a lasting ban.

How can I pick the members to message me on MenChats?

Members focus on adult fun experiences, small talks about sex, and casual dating. You can choose who will message you and who will not. When you encounter a member that is out of your liking, add him to your blacklist to block.

What security strong points does MenChats possess?

This gay dating site is not safe enough yet. But the owners are filling this gap. Today they are having and actively applying some great safety features:

  • Active Terms of Use
  • Guidelines for numerous circumstances
  • Ability to submit a ticket for support

How can I put a block and report scam actions?

Any scam activity is out of the rules. Report your catch by submitting the ticket to block that member.

What will happen to a member asking money on MenChats?

Soliciting money is outlawed site activity. When you get a similar message, report it to stay safe. Click the Report Spam link underneath the text.

What information is not good to post in your MenChats account?

Refrain from yielding any private info to stay safe. Do not share your real name, address, and confidential details with other members.

Does MenChats code the messages?

Stay calm in privacy issues by doing a personal text or video messages to the fancied member on the MenChats. No one will be engaged in your talks.

Can MenChats find your location?

The site does not implement in-depth questionnaires to fill out a profile and allows a guest option to visit. Hence, member tracking is hardly achievable.

How can police trace the MenChats?

The gay chilling service and the officials act according to the law base of the country only. Any illegal tracing is not possible.

How can I get the support of my privacy issues in MenChats?

Do you face privacy problems and have a shortage of knowing? Check out solutions that make no doubt in the FAQ section. If there is still no solution, then contact the support team.

How can I erase the data I have shared in MenChats?

A gay community member has the ability to change or delete the profile. See your further steps in the Account Questions section of the FAQ.

Are fake or scam members common on MenChats?

Scam and bogus profiles are common in this service for mature fun. For all efforts and measures towards safe use, there are still fraud problems.

Contact Information

Company: VS Media, Inc.

Address: 4607 Lakeview Canyon Rd. #338, Westlake Village, California 91361

Phone-Hotline: 1-800-685-923


Are you feeling a shortage of search features to discover your hot match? This service is not the only one for gay meeting purpose having global coverage. Check out the hottest alternatives like BuddyGays, TransgenderDate, or Adam4Adam.


Real life review

My opinion is that MenChats website is for passing a relaxing time only. Most members are not looking for a match, just fooling around and chatting about sex. Do you want to ask someone out? It is possible also. Long-term relations are not common. I fancied the site layout and camera benefits. I had a great time with new fellows. We chatted about secret moments and could get closer while turning the camera on. Overall, I rate the site as a good one for fun.

Is MenChats the best choice site/app for dating?

The site is deserving of your notice as an online service for homosexual dating. It has a big user database and is spread globally. The site is free and has a fresh user-friendly interface.

Can I change my mind on a MenChats member?

The site encourages chatting amid gay and bi men members. Add your favorite individuals to your Favorites. You can always unmatch by deleting them from the list.

Is MenChats an app for one night date?

MenChats is an awesome online service for casual meetings, on-the-go dating, and one night sex. Homosexual partners looking for adult games, an abundance of characters and sexual fantasies will not let you get bored.


We are enthusiastic about summing up our MenChats review and are ready to share our opinion. The site attracts specific people to join. You will be in the place if you are a gay, bi, or homosexual couple searching for fresh carnal adventures. Flirting, casual dating and spicy interaction, adult games on camera, all activities match the place. The site had renewed the design and usability features. Calm and manageable layout, transparent functionality gives the positive points of the site. Helpful buttons have an accurate arrangement. But, some shortcomings will require your tough attention. There is a lack of a mobile app for on-the-road dating. Member security also needs refinement. The service is already trying to fill out the gap. They settled the guidelines and placed them in the FAQ section. There are some problems with scammers and fake profiles. However, the gay dating service drops no choice and will succeed shortly. Guest mode is one of the benefits that we would like to utter. Stay anonymous and initiate your hot searches instantly. MenChats is a great choice for your awesome homosexual hookup dates.

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