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Meet an Inmate Review

Meet an Inmate Review
About Site
Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 25-36
Profiles 1 230 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can get to see the photos of the member
  • As an inmate, you can register for free and create your profile
  • You can communicate with the member via different means.
  • There aren't many details on the profiles
  • Only inmates can register for an account.

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Online dating platforms! There are many wonders that these sites have shown us, from matching individuals in different places and having different beliefs to now matching inmates and free guys. The Meet an Inmate website, is a unique brand of the platform that helps you get to know the fantastic inmates who are good looking and willing to interact. The site offers several features that you can utilize and also contribute if interested. Read on this Meet an Inmate review to find out more.

How Many Languages Does Meet an Inmate Support?

The site has only one language offered, which is English. Nonetheless, you can check out the nationality of the inmate and if you are familiar with the language that they speak, then you can communicate with them using that particular language.

Who Owns Meet an Inmate?

Arlen Bischke founded this site that provides inmates with an opportunity to interact with pen pals.

So Where is Meet an Inmate Based Now?

If you’re interested in taking your issues to the site’s head offices, maybe if you want to check on the case of the inmate you are communicating with or something, you got to head to the headquarters based in PO Box 845, Winchester, OR 97495-0845.

When was Meet an Inmate Founded?

This unique site was launched back in 1998, and since then, it has matched a couple of inmates making then have someone by their side when they come out.

Is Meet an Inmate Available Worldwide?

The site is somehow international though the prisons are based in the United States meaning interaction will be more when you communicate with the inmate.

How Old Should You Be to Register on Meet an Inmate?

The minimum age requirement for one to be part of the site is usually 18 years old. The age distribution is entirely even as the site records members from all age brackets.

Can I Use the App on My Computer?

Yes, you can, and it is the only way for you to get access to the site. This can be accessed from either a Windows or a MacBook. This version offers members to post their details (since inmates are the only ones on the site). It also allows the pen pals an opportunity to search for the inmate they are interested in, and again, this is where you will get their information and a profile photo. There are communications details there as well.

How Many Members Does Meet an Inmate Have Worldwide?

The site records about 400 members in total as there aren’t many members who would like to interact with guys outside. Some of the inmates had families already when they were being arrested, so that is another consideration. Female users are slightly more than their male counterparts. The female inmates record the most interactions as well.

How Many Members Does Meet an Inmate Have Worldwide?

Website Design & Usability

Oh no! The website design is one that is not to be admired at all. It’s all plain and very outdated. It simply looks like a magazine rather than an actual website. But well, that will work well as the sole purpose here is to get a friend from the outside, right? The background is white, and all the writings are made in black. There is an alteration of fonts, which is cool but not enough for viewers to ignore the poor design. Nonetheless, the site makes up for the design by having clear instructions and well-positioned sections, making the site’s usability very simple. You can easily navigate from profile to profile at ease since the directions are well indicated.

Which Browsers Support Meet an Inmate?

Any available browser can support this site. But just for quality sakes, you should choose the best browsers out there to get the best performance for your experience on the site. Browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox will give you the speed you need in loading the pages, keep you away from potential hackers or malware, and save on your device’s space.

How Do I Use the Camera on Meet an Inmate?

The camera has no use on the site since there isn’t one. The individuals’ profile photos are taken by the wardens or provide a personal photo for it to be posted on their profile.

Special Features

The uniqueness of sites keeps the site more attractive to the members and helps the members’ general experience become enjoyable. So let us take a look at what Meet an Inmate has to offer;

  • Postal address – The members’ profiles provide a postal address where you can post your letter to them and express your interest, and you two are interacting.
  • Email address – Some prisons allow their users to engage in email communication with their pen pals, which digitalize the communication path.

How Does It Work?

Let’s get into detail and make this one of the best Meet Inmate reviews out there.

The operations of this site are elementary, unlike how many online dating sites work. You have to key in the proper URL on your browser to get to the correct website. After so doing, you should go straight to read the terms of use since you don’t want to mess things up because the rules are different. After so doing, you can search for the match that is more appealing to you, and you take the point to view the details of the one you are interested in. You will move forward to making contact depending on the presented ways on the profiles and wait for your response.

How Does It Work?

How Can I Message Someone?

Communication is quite an old school and very personal which is a great aspect considered here. The means of communication offered are three depending on where the inmate is kept. These methods include;

  • Postal letters – This is the most commonly used method as most of the prisons allow this as their main means of communication between the inmates and their pen pals. You will handwrite your letter and post it on the address given on the inmates’ profiles. You can explore with drawings and thoughts, poems and pieces of writing all to your abilities.
  • Emailing – This is limited to specific audiences, so you have to confirm if the inmate is registered with http://www.jpay.com for them to access the email services. You got to know that the site is quite complicated to operate and confirm if your match is available for such services. With this in mind, you have to start with the letter and ask if they are just for you to get clarity.
  • Calls – Again, this is one of the features that are not available in all the prisons. Usually, calls are limited to family members or close friends at most. You should confirm with the inmate if it is possible for a call with them so that you can know how you will organize for a session.
  • Meetups – This is the ultimate option when the inmate has been close to you over time. You have to exercise caution though, since you can’t know what to expect from them. The thing here is, you should be registered on the visitors’ list, and there are limitations and requirements to that too. Some of the prisons allow this.

Is Sending Messages Free?

For the part of the email, it is free but you’ll have to pay for the call and the postal letters, and whether you have your car or you’re taking a bus to the correctional facilities for a visit will cost you.

How Can You Start Messaging with Someone on Meet an Inmate?

The most important part of it all is to know the kind of inmate you are dealing with. You have to search and choose the one that you admire. After so doing, you can move forward to ensure that you get their criminal details, which some states give for free, or use your instincts to judge the character of the person from their description and photo. After getting that information and still want to move on with the communication, you will confirm the means of communication enabled by the prison that the inmate is in to initiate contact.

Why Can’t I Access Meet an Inmate?

This issue hasn’t been raised before since the site is free to access, requires no logins, and you need no account. But in this case, it can be an issue of not feeding the correct URL on your browser that can lead you to a different website altogether.

How Long are Meet an Inmate Bans?

If an inmate violates the terms of use on the site, this is usually reported by the pen pal who they have contracted with. Then they will get a permanent ban from the site (there is no compromise). These bans are permanent and they last for as long as the site is functional.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

Reactivating your ban from the site is not possible on the site. This is because dealing with inmates is quite tricky, and you need to take proper caution to ensure the safety of the pen pal wannabe. Unless the one who addressed the case confirms that there was a misunderstanding and proper check is done, then the site will be cleared.

Is there an Option to Delete Your Meet an Inmate Profile?

Inmates can opt-out of the site if they feel like they don’t belong anymore, and this can be done through the management. All the inmate needs to do is to express their intentions, and the profile will be brought down immediately. As for the pen-pals, closing the website page is enough for you to move from the site since you have no profile.

What Happens If I Disable The “Show Me on Meet an Inmate” Option?

Since the site is outdated and very restricted there is no such feature that can enable this option. This option is done for sites that offer members the opportunity to sign in using their social media accounts to ensure that the social media audience does not view their profiles.

Where Do I See My Matches?

Funny, but you will see your matches from the postal box where you will receive your letter. Since the site approaches the old school method for security purposes, the site doesn’t allow the members to use the site since none of the correctional facilities offer inmates freedom. The letter may be included with a photo of yourself (which is the only common way that the members can see their matches). The other way is when you turn up for a visit or send an email (both of these methods are restricted).

How Do I See Who Messaged Me on Meet an Inmate?

You cannot get direct information unless it comes from a third party since the only way that you can know if someone has contacted you is via the wardens who will either tell you that you have a letter, you’ve received a mail, or someone is there to see you.

Is It Possible to See the Meet an Inmate Members Who I Liked?

Yes, you can. This is done by going to the official site and going through the profiles and locating the one you are pleased with (you can save the name if you want to, for future references). As for physical contact, it all depends on the facility that holds the inmate.

Is It Possible to See the Meet an Inmate Members Who I Liked?

What is Meet an Inmate’s Spy Mode?

Ideally, the whole site operates on a spy mode. This is because the inmates cannot access their profiles, that is one, and all the potential pen pals can view any of the profiles that they want without having to register on the site (which the site doesn’t allow). A spy mode offers members the opportunity to hide their profiles (which in this case the pen pals can’t have one) and go through other profiles anonymously.

How Do I Edit My Username on Meet an Inmate?

There are strict rules on your identity on the site. You basically cannot edit any information on the site. There is no option of changing your name, in which you should write one word and the real name as well.

Why am I Having a Hard Time Entering the Site?

There is no actual reason you can have difficulty getting to the site since you cannot log into it. The issue that can arise in the communication part may be paying a visit, but it is just smooth on the site.

You have the freedom to choose the kind of inmate that you would like to interact with and probably make a friend out of them. The only search feature offered in the age bracket. From this feature, you can choose the ages from 18 – 23, and the rest are specific until the 40s, where there are similar brackets, but the 50+ group is structured collectively.

Sign up Process

It’s important to note that the inmates do not make these profiles on their own but with either a friend or family member. All you need to do as an inmate is give the details you’re comfortable with and the individual will include them on your profile. The sign-up process will need you to fill out details such as:

  • the names of the one submitting the ads form their email address,
  • the subscription that they would want to buy,
  • names of the inmate, their age, gender, the number of the inmate, the correctional facility,
  • a physical address where the mails will be posted and the 2nd one in line,
  • the city the inmate comes from, the state, zip code,
  • a short personal bio to say something about the inmate, their race, the date of birth, height, religion, education level,
  • earliest and maximum release dates, if the inmate would prefer a letter from either of the genders if the inmate can receive emails from the pan pal,
  • the service involved and if they’ll be able to reply to them, where the inmate used to work before they were detained, and the kind of activities that they take part in the prison.

You will also have to upload a photo(s) for the pen pals to see who they will be dealing with.

How Do I Verify My Email?

There is no email verification on the site. However, all these details of the inmate, especially the sensitive info, will countercheck with the site’s management. There is a need to provide the correct, especially the facility, to maintain transparency and be traced if there is an issue coming up from the interaction.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

There is no option of registering on the site with Facebook or any other social media platforms whatsoever. However, if there is nowhere else to source the photos from, you can download some from the user’s Facebook account (if they had one before being detained).

How Do I Join Meet an Inmate?

Well, for starters, only inmates can be part of the site. Joining will be by getting an individual, whether a friend or family member, to register an account for them and create a profile. All they need to do is to provide the information required, and the ball will be in the other guy’s court.

Can I Use the Site without Signing Up?

Definitely yes. That is actually how the site works. Only the inmates have accounts on the site, and their info is posted there for the potential pen pals to come along and view. All the accounts are freely accessible, there are no worries for logins and registration, and you have to do is check which one is best for you and initiate contact.

Can I Use the Site without Signing Up?

Users Profile Quality

The profiles offer very little information about the inmate, and it is a pity that some of the inmate’s details are not in the few sections offered. The quality of the profile is poor, no doubt, but you are only making a friend write to, so no worries. The presentation of the info is well arranged and it is in order too. You can also see the photo(s), which is the basic attraction of the profile. The most important thing offered is the facility number where the inmate is held, which is very important if you have any issues or concerns that you want to raise.

Mobile Applications

The site does not offer a mobile application.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

There are two different ads that you can post on the site; featured and standard ads. All these ads are paid for but you cannot pay for a single website since the payments are inter-joined with those of the Jailbabes.com website (this is an offer for the ladies). So let’s take a look at the prices involved here;

  • $35 standard ad renewal for 12 months
  • $70 featured ad renewal for 24 months
  • $50 standard ad renewal for 12 months
  • $90 featured ad renewal for 24 months.

As for the offers given to the ladies, the charges are;

  • $60 for 12 months standard ad on both MeetanInmate.com and JailBabes.com
  • $90 for 12 months featured ad on both MeetanInmate.com and JailBabes.com

These payments are fixed and do not alter. The payment methods are PayPal or credit card.

Free Membership Features


Is Meet an Inmate Free?

The site is only paid for.

Can You See If Someone Likes You on Meet an Inmate If You’re a Free Member?

There’s no free subscription, so this is not possible.

Is Meet an Inmate Free?

Premium Membership Features

The thing is, all the features on this site are paid for. These features include;

  • Registration for an account
  • Creation of a profile
  • Uploading of photos
  • Viewing of account
  • Access to contacting means.

Does Meet an Inmate Offer Premium Membership?

The Meet, an Inmate website, only offers a premium account, and only after paying is when you can enjoy all the features involved.

How Do I Cancel My Meet an Inmate Membership?

The subscription cancels itself when the period of the current package is over.

Is Meet an Inmate Membership Auto-Renewed?

No, the site does not offer auto-renewal services to the profiles. The charges for renewing your subscription are;

  • $30 standard ad renewal for 12 months
  • $60 featured ad renewal for 24 months
  • $50 standard ad renewal for 12 months
  • $80 featured ad renewal for 24 months.

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Time?

There are no refunds given on the site, whether the subscription was effective or not.

Is My “Support” to Meet an Inmate Automatically Renewed Every Month?

There are no clear indications on the site that talks about donations.

I’m Not Satisfied with the Meet an Inmate. Can I Get My Money Back?

You are not liable to get your money back according to the terms and conditions of the site.

How Will My Meet an Inmate Support Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

The payments on the site will read as the site’s name.

Can I Give Support to Other Meet an Inmate Members?

Yes, that is the basis of the payments. The inmates do not pay for the subscription. But rather rely on the person registering for their account to pay for their package. This is primarily because the account isn’t created by them as well.

Can I Send Support for Just a Month?

No indications state that donations are given on the site.

Is Meet an Inmate Membership Auto-Renewed?

Is Meet an Inmate Really Safe?

The site is very much safe since you don’t get direct engagement with the members, and also, the site offers different security policies.

Are Meet an Inmate Forums/Threads Moderated?

The site does not offer any forums.

How Can I Filter Who Can Message Me on Meet an Inmate?

There is no way that members (inmates) can control who they can be contacted with. This is because they do not have control of their ads as well. The only thing they can wait for someone to contact them is to choose whether to get back to them.

What Security Features Does Meet an Inmate Have?

  • Issuing the number of the inmate
  • Giving the facility where an inmate is arraigned
  • There is a linked website where you can confirm if the inmate is genuine
  • Monitoring the communication and giving restrictions on what to and what not to send.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

There is no particular feature to block the inmate. The only thing you can do is to report them to the site and correctional facility if they show any offensive responses or threats to you.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Uses a Meet an Inmate Account to Solicit money?

This isn’t possible since the inmates cannot use their accounts at all.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted on Your Meet an Inmate Account?

Any information that is not included in the sections provided during registration or when writing the description, anything that violates the policies of the site.

Are Meet an Inmate Chats Encrypted?

There are no chats in the site thus no encryption. However, the calls made to the inmate and mails sent are confidential.

Can Meet an Inmate Track You Down?

Yes, the profiles contain your number and facility that you are in which is easily accessible.

Can Meet an Inmate Be Traced by The Police?

Definitely yes. These are the guys that caught you so they have all the inmate’s details.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy on Meet an Inmate?

There is an option to contact the site’s official website.

Can I Delete the Information that I’ve Already Submitted to Meet an Inmate?

You can make edits on your profile, though limited when renewing your subscription.

Are there Fake or Scam Members on Meet an Inmate?

Yes, inmates can be quite tricky to handle, but there is a security verification done.

Are there Fake or Scam Members on Meet an Inmate?

Contact Information



JailBabes, LoveAPrisoner, and WriteAPrisoner.

Real Life Review

Out of the many responses I’ve gotten, I’ve made a few real friends. Thanks to your site, I have a more fulfilled life and have learned some lessons that taught me how to be a friend – Jacob H

Is Meet an Inmate the Best Dating Site/App?

The site is among the best for inmates.

Can I Un-Match an Meet an Inmate Member?

There are no matching features on the site.

Is Meet an Inmate a Hook-Up App?

It is more of getting a friend to communicate with.


This site is best for individuals who are seeking a friend who is detained. The site enables individuals to interact with inmates and help them not to feel lonely in the end. Have you tried the Meet an Inmate website before? How was your experience?

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