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LatinoMeetup Review

LatinoMeetup Review in 2020
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 20-49
Profiles 1 255 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Many entertaining features are onboard.
  • High trust score on third-party resources.
  • Welcomes guests with different sexual identities.
  • Both basic and extended searches work for you.
  • You'll see many profiles of beautiful and exotic women.
  • No unregistered user can access your profile
  • The LatinoMeetup website's owner hides the identity through a paid service.
  • The service lacks an application for mobiles.
  • The registration form could have been shorter.

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The LatinoMeetup review highlights the features of the well-known hispanic dating platform to let the readers evaluate their potential prospects and the website’s quality. It will be interesting for people that ascribe meaning to ethnicity.

The LatinoMeetup, latin dating website welcomes singles and love-seekers of Latin American Spanish-speaking origin and their admirers. The platform is loyal to the LGBT community, but it still focuses on straight dating at the same time. Besides, it tries to meet the needs of both casual daters and those who look for long-lasting relationships.

The portal doesn’t feature multi-million communities since it limits its virtual boundaries with the ethnicity and location. The service looks decent in the terms of both web design and content. The data below clarifies the nuances and offers people a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the platform.

Which languages does LatinoMeetup Support?

Which languages does LatinoMeetup Support?

The platform is available in either English or Spanish. If a user doesn’t know any of them but speaks any other language, it’s quite problematic to interact with the website since the latter doesn’t support the auto-translation.

Who Holds LatinoMeetup?

The owner’s registration is private, so his or her name is not on the public record. Formally, the product belongs to Reto Global solution from Spain. The company operates in the sphere of IT, dating, and startup. It is small since only 12 employees work there.

Where Is LatinoMeetup Currently Based?

Officially, the company’s location is in Spain. However, its share is only 2% when the USA is involved in the set up with 7%. The rest of the ownership belongs to the unknown country. Besides, it’s impossible to identify the website server’s region and city.

When Did the Company Launch LatinoMeetup?

The platform is a relatively new player in the American dating market. The company appeared in 2013, but the current website started its work in 2015.

Can You Join LatinoMeetup from Anywhere in the World?

Can You Join LatinoMeetup from Anywhere in the World?

The service is accessible in the USA only. It allows searching love and life partners in every state of the country.

What Age is Suitable for the LatinoMeetup Membership?

As the website includes a piece of adult content and the private chat feature, the registration on the platform is possible for 18 years old and older customers.

Does the Site Work on the Computer?

There is no problem communicating with other users and looking through their full-sized photos from home and on the large screen. The LatinoMeetup website is compatible with desktop devices, including both PCs and laptops. The specs and features of electronics are not crucial, since the platform works well on any computer.

How Many Members Does the LatinoMeetup Club Comprise?

There are several hundred thousand registered members across the USA and Latin America, but the number of active users is more important than that of formal figures. So there are 14,000 members online every day averagely, as LatinoMeetup displays on its home page.

How Friendly and Usable Is the Website

How Friendly and Usable Is the Website

LatinoMeetup has a clear layout and a structure of a landing page. The front page has several screens, where the visitors can read the basic information about the portal’s mission. The website can boast some other pros:

  • The color scheme is bright but not obsessive.
  • The application form is on the first screen.
  • Real reviews are onboard.
  • The list of available areas is on the website that allows choosing the desired region in a click.
  • Quick links and widgets are in the footer to access the necessary section or the portal’s social media account.

LatinoMeetup has developed a blog to provide users with tips, news, novelties, and other dating-related information.

Which Browsers Are Compatible with LatinoMeetup?

The site looks and operates well, regardless of the browser you use. It deals with both Microsoft, Android, and iOS software. There is no need to download something special or use extensions to enjoy the interaction.

Is It Possible to Use the Camera on LatinoMeetup?

You can activate your web camera during the private chat if you click the relevant icon on your video-chat screen or through your computer settings. The video option is possible only with the consent of both partners.

Curious and Helpful Options

Curious and Helpful Options

  1. Advanced search allows choosing a specific criterion to find a partner (physical appearance or hobbies, for example).
  2. The “near me” search filter works correctly.
  3. You can send the invitation for a private chat.
  4. Blog is full of high-quality posts that are easy and interesting to read.
  5. You can create a private photo gallery and give exclusive access to your favorites.
  6. The Matchmaker will pick up partners for you based on location.
  7. You can place an ad in the specific category of the LatinoMeetup website to promote yourself.
  8. There is an upgraded continuously list of members who have their birthdays on this day.

How to Start Interaction?

The LatinoMeetup website works like the majority of the dating portals worldwide:

  • Enter the website and find the application form on the first screen of the front page.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Verify your account via email.
  • Create a profile and attach photos (up to 5 MB).
  • Find a partner using the available filters.
  • Message and chat.
  • Move to offline dating.
  • Enjoy love and communication.

The identical algorithm comes in handy when the users have already had the online dating experience, and now, they don’t have to rack the brains.

How to Communicate with Other User?

How to Communicate with Other User?

Choose a profile and click the “letter” icon beneath the preview. However, it’s better to study the full-fledged profile first and then use the same icon near the member’s photo. The dedicated window will appear to let you type in the message and send it to the user you’ve liked.

Is It Possible to Sending Messages and Not to Pay?

You can unlock messaging and chatting after you’ve upgraded the account and bought the paid subscription. The free membership gives the right to get and read emails but not to respond to them.

How to Initiate Communication with Someone on LatinoMeetup?

You can rely on the Matchmaker and accept the suggestions or find the partner independently. When someone catches your eye, send him/her a flirt and give a “like” to the profile. You can write an ice-breaking message to cause the counter-interest. Besides, you can comment on posts on the LatinoMeetup’s social media accounts and attract other users’ attention. Send greetings to the birthday boys and girls is also a good idea for the first contact.

Why Does LatinoMeetup Restrict You from Entering the Website?

The unregistered visitors can enter the website despite the regions where they live. If the registered member cannot access the LatinoMeetup website, it means the ban. The portal could close the user’s account if the latter broke the website’s rules. It’s crucial to read the terms of the portal to avoid such troubles.

What Is the Duration of LatinoMeetup’s Bans?

What Is the Duration of LatinoMeetup’s Bans?

The service doesn’t set time frames for its ban. It means that they might close your account forever if you don’t solve this problem through the support service.

How to Make the Account Work Once the Service Has Banned It?

You should send emails with explanations to the client support and ask to unblock your account. If you don’t succeed, it’s possible to create a new account based on another IP address.

Is It Possible to Remove Profile from LatinoMeetup?

There is an option of deleting your profile from the platform. You should be sure of your intentions since it means the complete removal rather than temporary deactivation. Go to “My Account” and select the “Delete user membership completely” link from the menu. Please point out the username, password, and the reason for such a decision. Then, all that you need to do is just to click the “Confirm data” button.

What Happens If You Hide the LatinoMeetup Profile?

What Happens If You Hide the LatinoMeetup Profile?

If you hide the LatinoMeetup profile, it becomes invisible to other users. In other words, they won’t see it in the search results. However, your account will still be active.

Where Are the Matches Visible on the Website?

You can find the matches on the personal dashboard within your account. If you are not online at the moment, LatinoMeetup will notify you via email. You’ll see the corresponding message in your mailbox.

How Can You See the Senders on LatinoMeetup?

There is the inbox section on your dashboard. Note that the system stores no more than 40 messages. Then, it deletes other emails.

Where to Find the Users You’ve Liked on LatinoMeetup

All the members you’ve liked on the website are available within the list of favorites.

Is the Spy Mode Available on LatinoMeetup’s?

The spy mode usually implies the opportunity to browse other members’ profiles anonymously. On LatinoMeetup, they are available only to registered users. If you look through the premium users’ profiles, you’ll be visible for their owners. You can only keep your photos hidden from the public and send a password to the chosen users to see your gallery.

How to Change the Nickname on LatinoMeetup?

How to Change the Nickname on LatinoMeetup?

The service doesn’t recommend changing the username to avoid confusion. However, it is still possible if you send the request to customer support.

Why Can’t You Entering the Website?

The problem might lay in the wrong username or password you’ve provided. Try to repeat the login procedure and check your data to remove the mistake. Make sure your VPN is deactivated.

What Search Filters Does LatinoMeetup Offer?

The LatinoMeetup website’s member can base his/her search on the location, sexual orientation, appearance, and hobbies. Besides, it’s possible to find a partner according to the type of dating you need – whether it is about casual sex, flirting, soul mates, etc. Moreover, it’s possible to focus on swingers, mature users, and some other kinks.

How to Join the Website?

The LatinoMeetup portal offers to fill out eight fields of its registration form that is a bit too much. You should provide the service with the following information:

  • Your gender and sexual identity.
  • The date of birth.
  • ZIP code.
  • Email
  • Username and a password.

Note that you should be a resident of the USA to have the right to complete the registration. Otherwise, the service will see your data as a “wrong request,” even if you use a VPN.

How to Confirm Your Email’s Validity?

How to Confirm Your Email’s Validity?

The email verification is obligatory on the LatinoMeetup website. Once you’ve completed the registration, you should enter the personal mailbox, find the email from the service, and click the link to verify the email you’ve provided.

Can You Sign up through the Facebook Account?

LatinoMeetup has no option to register through the Facebook account, using your current password.

How to Become a Part of the LatinoMeetup Team?

Every visitor might travel around the website’s sections, but one will hardly want to be the detached observers for a long time. You should sign up for LatinoMeetup to access basic features and purchase a premium membership to unlock 100% of the website’s functionality. Try to create a vivid and unique profile and be active to gain popularity and get more matches.

Are the Website’s Options Available for Unregistered Visitors?

You can enter the website and check the quality of its design and content. It’s also possible to read the blog posts and dive deeper into online dating on LatinoMeetup through the “Dating” section. Besides, the users’ ads are at your disposal. The service allows you to read the previews, but it blurs the photos.

Members’ Profile Quality

The profile page includes typical for dating resources information. It deals with the users’ tastes, their expectations, face features, and, of course, photographs. Besides, you should specify the key features of your personality in the tag format (#sensible, #romantic, #tender, etc.). When other people use the same tag as the filter, they will see your profile in the search results.

When you register on the website and access the full profiles, you’ll see the impressive diversity of people’s intentions and preferences. For example, some of them want to find love, and others look for friends with benefits. Of course, you won’t escape facing fake profiles like anywhere else on the Web.

Application for Mobile Devices

LatinoMeetup hasn’t developed a mobile app to date and offers the members to pay attention to the mobile version of the site. It’s very responsive and features full functionality. The buttons and fonts are large enough to click and to read the content effortlessly.

Pricing for Premium Subscription

  • The 3-day trial costs $5.
  • One month – $19.99.
  • Three months – $39.99.
  • Six months – $59.95.

The paid plans are not expensive, which allows testing the website without ruining the budget.

If you’re going to upgrade your account, click the “Upgrade my membership” link and choose the duration of the package. Another window will appear to submit your payment by credit card. Fill out the form and click the “Buy Membership” button. Check the data’s relevance once more and complete the purchase.

Free Membership Features

  • Look through the members’ profiles, including photos.
  • Top-notch privacy settings.
  • Send and receive messages from other members.
  • It has advanced search filters.
  • Place ads on the public board.

Is LatinoMeetup Free of Charge?

The registration on the LatinoMeetup website and some other basic features are free. They aim to help you present yourself in front of the audience and know about other users’ desires and expectations. The communication tools require a premium subscription.

Can Free Users See If Someone Likes Them on LatinoMeetup for Free?

You can see other members’ likes, but you cannot respond to them and send a message without the premium membership. Besides, you can see the “likes” but not the persons that stand behind them.

Prospects for Premium Subscribers

The LatinoMeetup portal packed the paid plan with such communication tools as messaging and chatting. In other words, you can interact with other people via emails ad audio/video chat. Besides, you can create a private photo gallery and make it visible for those who deserve your credit and frankness.

Does LatinoMeetup Have Premium Plan?

The LatinoMeetup service has developed four durations of single premium membership. It offers a 3-day trial, and 1, 3, and a 6-month subscription to enjoy the interaction with the website and its users.

How Can You Terminate the LatinoMeetup Membership?

For this purpose, enter your account’s main menu. If your subscription is active, click the “Cancel premium membership” link.

Has LatinoMeetup Subscription the Auto-Renewal Feature?

Yes, it is partially renewed automatically; that’s why you should cancel the 3-day trial up to 15 minutes before expiration. The 1-month and 3-month plans require 72-hours, and the 6-month package is not recurring.

Can You Get the Money Back for Unused Time?

It’s necessary to apply to the Consumer Support Department and solve the issue individually.

Does the User Pay to LatinoMeetup automatically Every Month?

The members of LatinoMeetup should pay monthly only for the 1-month subscription. If it deals with the three and 6-month plans, the service requires the new payment once the duration expires.

Is It Possible to Get the Money Back If LatinoMeetup Lived down Expectations?

The website’s policy doesn’t imply the money-back benefit, but it reserves the right for you to apply to the customer service for the discussion.

How Is the LatinoMeetup Payment Visible in the User’s Bill?

The company doesn’t disclose the way of specifying the name of the club in your bank statement, by giving your provider the option of either hiding or displaying it.

Does LatinoMeetup Allows Supporting Other Users Financially?

The LatinoMeetup website is not a dedicated resource for sugar dating, but, at the same time, it doesn’t interfere with the communication between two partners. They are free to discuss and types of relationships in their private chat.

Is It Possible to Support for Just a Month?

You can buy a 1-month plan to pay for it once and then to opt for another plan or cancel the membership. However, if you choose the three or 6-month plan, it’s necessary to pay for the entire subscription period in a single payment. If you want to support the website and a user, you can do this as many times as you like.

Is LatinoMeetup 100% Safe?

LatinoMeetup protects your privacy and cannot damage your computer with malware or something like this. The service doesn’t share personal information with outside portals, organizations, and individuals. The moderators ban fakes and scammers if they see the inappropriate behavior or get the users’ reasonable reports.

Does LatinoMeetup Moderate Forums’ content?

The portal has no forums, but it has a blog where real professionals post their articles. The administrators cannot see what the private messages are about, according to the privacy policy.

How Can You Sort Out Who Can Message You on LatinoMeetup?

When you are a newcomer on LatinoMeetup, you might get many messages from the admirers. However, you can start communication with any of them. If you don’t respond to others, they won’t bother you anymore. You have the right to block too intensive and aggressive members. Choose the profiles you like and send greeting messages. Generally, whether to reject or accept other user’s offer, it’s up to you.

Can LatinoMeetup Provide the Security?

The LatinoMeetup website ensures the basic security level through the SSL certificate that allows using the Internet in public places and making transactions trouble-free.

What to Do with the Suspected Scammer?

You can either block or report the potential scammer. In the latter case, it’s crucial to attach a copy of the suspicious content to make your complaint reasonable. You can block other users directly from your account. There is no need to apply to the support service for this purpose.

What Is Awaiting for a User Who Solicits Money on LatinoMeetup?

The LatinoMeetup website bans fraudulent accounts. Moreover, it reserves the right to convey information to law enforcement.

What Content is Inappropriate within Your LatinoMeetup Account?

No one can use his or her account to solicit money, to abuse and humiliate other members of the website, and to jump into harassment. It is forbidden to promote goods, place commercial links, and conduct business on the platform.

Are LatinoMeetup Chats Secured?

All private messages and chats are private and unavailable for other people, including the website’s administrators. No cyber-attacks or hacks haven’t happened yet, and no data breach hasn’t harmed the LatinoMeetup website.

Can LatinoMeetup Keep an Eye on You?

LatinoMeetup cannot follow you during private interaction with other members. It only accesses the information you’ve provided in your profile.

Can the Police Follow LatinoMeetup?

The police have no right to track the website’s activity until they officially institute criminal proceedings.

Whom Do You Contact About Privacy on LatinoMeetup?

It’s possible to contact the LatinoMeetup support service, but, still, it would be less time-consuming to read the terms and privacy policy of the website, as well as its “Questions and Answers” section. That information is available even for unregistered users.

Is It Possible to Remove the Information You’ve Already Submitted to LatinoMeetup?

You can delete the profile info, but it’s crucial to replace it with new data. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find a partner. If you are going to delete email and username, it means the loss if your account.

Do Fake or Scam Users “Live” on LatinoMeetup?

The LatinoMeetup email verification helps reduce the number of fake accounts, but they still exist on the website. However, in their LatinoMeetup reviews, people rarely complain about fakes of scammers.

How to Get in Touch with the Company

DomainsByProxy.com, 14455 N. Hayden Road, 85260, Scottsdale, Arizona, US.


[email protected]

Similar Platforms to Bear in Mind

  1. LatinoPeopleMeet.com is not a standalone project like LatinoMeetup but a part of the People Media network. It is available in both the USA and Canada.
  2. eHarmony Hispanic Dating is a portal for singles looking for long-term relationships and marriage. It features 66 million users in over 200 countries worldwide, and a good set of free features.
  3. Amigos.com is a member of a FriendFinder dating family, and it helps folks find a soul mate and a life partner with the aid of an accurate matchmaking engine.
  4. LatinAmericanCupid.com is remarkable for exclusive matchmaking features and a high level of security.
  5. Match.com Latino is noted for its Match events where you can meet partners in your location.

Real Reviews from Users

In their real-life LatinoMeetup reviews, the website’s members prove that the platform makes the search for partners easier and safer. Here is one of the testimonials:

“I have been using the LatinoMeetup website for a couple of months looking for no-string-attached dating. I’m happy that now my weekends are full of fun and hot girls who often contact me. The community’s members are friendly and free of prejudices. I like those meeting folks is so simple here that I can even set a date at work.”

Can LatinoMeetup Qualify for the Best Dating Portal?

LatinoMeetup is not a top-notch but quite a decent multi-purpose platform. It lacks transparency and security to compete with some larger and well-known rivals.

Is it Possible to Unmatch a LatinoMeetup User?

You can block any user and file a complaint to the support service if it deals with a scammer. Besides, you can just stop responding to the messages to let the user know about the end of your online romance.

Is LatinoMeetup a Hookup Platform?

The LatinoMeetup website is a multi-functional service that targets a diverse audience, including swingers, gays, and other “eccentrics.”


LatinoMeetup is a whole universe where both love and sex seekers can find their place. If you have a strong focus on Latinos and are ready for experiments and fun, this platform is an appropriate place to start your search of true love, new friends, and passionate lovers.

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