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IamNaughty Review in 2024

IamNaughty Review in 2024
About Site
Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 18-34
Profiles 3 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • IamNaughty allows a quick and easy registration for any user.
  • It is not an exclusive dating website for heterosexuals.
  • The website gives the users a free trial membership with five free chats possible and also allows taking a look at a limited number of images on site.
  • Geographical location-based search is possible on IamNaughty, which helps a user to connect with closely located people.
  • As per the preferences and interests added by a user, the website automatically gives suggestions for the right match.
  • The email verification system, while creating a profile, validates the website to an extent.
  • Users can delete or remove the accounts permanently at any point in time.
  • The IamNaughty website is not very successful in removing fake profiles in it.
  • It requires a paid membership to connect and interact with others.
  • The site can get access to the user's account on any other social networking website as well.
  • IamNaughty provides a mobile application only for iOS users and not for Android ones.
  • The website does not provide ad-free browsing.
  • Most of the IamNaughty reviews suggest the poor quality and detailing of the user profiles.
  • The free trial does not give access to view photos largely or send unlimited messages.
  • The website membership can be canceled as per the user's choice but cannot be done in the middle of a subscription period.

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IamNaughty is a casual dating website for all the single people looking for partners in their lives. This dating website assures its members of having tons of options for any casual or long-term relationships. The website has a simple registration procedure to create a free profile, while at the same time, it also offers a paid premium membership for better searching and interacting experience. Any user can update likes and dislikes on their profile, making it easier to find a perfect match. The website is better suited for singles looking for casual relationships rather than any long-term relationship. The premium membership on the website offers unlimited personal messaging and access to view photos uploaded by others.

Languages Supported By IamNaughty

Being an international dating website, IamNaughty supports more than 35 languages like British English, U. S. English, French, Italian, Chinese, and Hindi from countries across the globe. This multi-language support system increases the availability of the website for people at a local level too.

Owner of IamNaughty?

The IamNaughty website is owned by Bulova Invest Ltd, a British company. The company is a part of a larger organization that operates various lifestyle, dating, and entertainment websites. The company sites were initially accused of conducting spams, but in recent times they have improved and corrected the spams, and they provided a better experience to its users.

Location From Where It Operates

The IamNaughty website, which is owned and managed by Bulova Invest Ltd, is currently based in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Foundation Date Of IamNaughty

The IamNaughty dating website was founded in 2007 and has marked its name as one of the naughtiest websites.

Availability In Worldwide

The dating website is accessible at a global level to anyone above the age of 18. Intending to widen IamNaughty across the world, the website’s operators provide more than 35 different languages. Developing a mobile application and a mobile version of the website has led to international popularity and increased accessibility.

Age Requirements To Be A Member

Since IamNaughty is an online dating space, minors cannot register and create a profile on the website. The website only admits people belonging to the age group of 18-78 to create an individual profile.

Use The App Using Your Computer

IamNaughty is prominently a dating website, and the owners have recently developed an application that suits iOS alone. On desktops and laptops, however, the online platform can be accessed only through web browsers.

Members Base Of IamNaughty On Worldwide Base

IamNaughty is an international platform with people coming together, but a large number of its members, approximately 500,000 are from the United States. Moreover, around 70% of its members are males falling within the age range of 18-34. Despite the site being open to people of any sexual orientation, most of its members are heterosexuals.

Website Design & Usability

IamNaughty website has a simple and convenient website design that makes things easier for any new user. The website provides details regarding its operator and also the company’s privacy policies, all updated in January 2020. It also has a user support system that helps the users contact the operators to clear any doubts or to report any spam directly through messaging. The IamNaughty website has a mobile version that makes it easier for mobile phone users to access the website without any application.

IamNaughty Website Design & Usability

Browsers Support On IamNaughty

Most of the popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, UC browser, Microsoft Edge supports the IamNaughty website. This encourages the worldwide usage of IamNaughty as a casual online dating platform and expands its growth.

Know The Usage Of Camera

Camera usage is quite simple on the website. Users are provided with a direct camera option to take photos or videos to upload on the profile. The camera option for uploading pictures is largely useful for mobile phone users.

Special Features On IamNaughty

Special Features On IamNaughty

Allows Sending Videos And Photos

IamNaughty premium membership allows its users to send videos and images and make the dating experience much easier and more interesting. The website also helps the user keep track of people who have browsed or liked the user’s profile. Users can easily search for people of their choice for free and add them to the favorites list.

Basic filters

People can search online on IamNaughty by applying basic filters like age group, location, etc. and can also do an advanced search based on sexual orientation, ethnicity, eye color, hair color, tattoos, or body piercings. Profiles can be updated anytime, providing personal information like hair color, ethnicity, or body type. Apart from personal information, the website features sections that give some additional information, which includes education, height, income, religion, body piercings, and also interests in drinking and smoking. Any user can ask another member to add more details to their profile for better understanding. This feature is helpful with IamNaughty as the profiles created in it are less detailed.

Safe Mode

The site also has an additional feature of safe mode for every user on their profile, with the help of which the user can decide whether to allow all members or only verified members of the site access their profile. This unique feature of the platform is praised by the users in most of the IamNaughty reviews.


The flirtcast is yet another feature on site that helps the user to have a well-planned message beforehand, which can be sent to any other user with a matching profile. Messages sent to a profile will get deleted automatically if they do not read or show interest in the messages. A match feed section on the site notifies the user with all the probable matches. Premium users can make use of the status section to share their thoughts at any time.

Notifications Feature

The notifications on the website can be customized according to the user’s wish at any time, and the notifications can be SMS alerts, emails, or push notifications. Users can also block any other profile, which will stop them from sending messages.

Working Mode Of IamNaughty

The application is available as a website and an application supported by Apple users. This does support Android mobiles, but Android users can use it on their mobile browser. Both of the platforms have the same features. For using the application, one needs to sign up, verify through the mail, and start using it. The features available to free and paid users are almost similar.

Working Mode Of IamNaughty

Ways Of Messaging Other Users

According to the IamNaughty reviews, sending a message is pretty easy on the application. Under every profile, a user visits there is a button called ‘Chat”. One needs to click on the Chat option to send a message. Once the user clicks on the option, a new message box pops up. One needs to just type the message and send it.

Send Messages For Free

Yes, sending messages on the application is free of cost. Once a user signs up, it becomes applicable to send messages to their choice, but a free person can only send messages to 5 profiles under a free membership. To send as many messages as they want, a user needs to upgrade and become a paid member to the site.

Initiating Interaction With Other Users

The user has to click on the profile and use the message option to contact the other user.

Know The Reasons Why IamNaughty Denies Access

It is because either the account has been banned or the net connection is too slow.

Ban Of Accounts In IamNaughty

An account can get suspended only when the developers find that the account is fraudulent and is faux.

Ways To Reactivate A Banned Account

The ban would keep the account permanently deactivated, and there are no ways of reviving the account.

Ways To Delete The IamNaughty Profile

The IamNaughty account can be deleted in two distinct ways. One is through the email option or directly using the website for doing the same.

To delete the account through Email, one needs to send an email through the registered email ID to the address ‘[email protected]’. The subject of the Email should be ‘request to delete my account’. The user can reason out why they want their account to be deleted and send the mail.

The other way to remove the account is to make the cancellation by one’s self. Open the website and click on the profile picture. Then, click on ‘My Setting’. There is an option ‘Remove Account’ on the bottom of the page. After clicking on the option, the user should enter their password. Now, options would appear to clear all the personal data and profiles. User needs to click on that and then click on continue. After that, the site would ask for a reason, and the user can put up a reason they find the most suitable. After the confirmation, a confirmation code would be sent to the registered Email. After entering the code, one’s account gets deleted permanently.

Disable The “Show Me On IamNaughty ” Option To Be Invisible

The user will no longer be seen by other users on the portal.

See Your Matches In The Feed Of IamNaughty

To keep track of all the user’s potential matches, the site has a feed solely dedicated to this. The feed would help find all the matches in one place. The feed called the ‘IamNaughty Match Feed’ records all the matches that took over the past 30 days. This tab could be used to find the best match.

See Who Messaged You In Chat Room

The IamNaughty website has a tab called the chatroom, where one can see people messaging them and reply to the messages they have received. One is free to get messages as soon as they sign up after verification, and they can respond to the chats, but the limit is only five messages per day.

Steps To View Members You Like On IamNaughty

There is no special way to see the members you like, but if one wishes to keep track of the people who intrigued them while surfing, they can simply start a chat, which would be efficiently backed up there in the chatroom. Yet, there is a like gallery where one can send notifications to the other person by liking their pictures. This gets recorded in the ‘Like Gallery.’

What Is Spy Mode?

There is no spy mode on the website.

Ways To Edit A Username In IamNaughty?

According to the IamNaughty review by the existing members, editing the existing username of a particular account is not possible at present. There might be future developments by the developers that would help in editing our present usernames. This is to safeguard the site from any fraudulent entries that are just for some timepass, leading to the defamation of the site.

Reasons Why A User Has A Hard Time Entering The Site?

There would be difficulty in entering the website due to only two reasons primarily. The reasons can be overloading of data on the server at the same time or the user experiencing a bad internet day. Slow internet connections might cause such problems.

The application provides a variety of searches based upon what preferences and information you have filled out in the information section. The app is primarily about finding casual dates; thus, the questions are accordingly. Studies say that the app has the youngest, middle-aged people over it.

Sign Up Process To Get Into IamNaughty Website

According to the IamNaughty reviews by the experts, the signing up into the website is a pretty easy process. It would take less than 15 minutes for an individual to sign up for the website. To sign up to the site, one first needs to open the site and should disclose basic information like age, gender, the gender they are looking for, address, Email, location, and password. But, one cannot use the site without verification through Email. The code sent to the Email should be entered to start using the application. Then, the user needs to update their picture, and the picture is screened so that it does not cross limits and is friendly.

Sign Up Process To Get Into IamNaughty Website

Ways To Verify Your Email

Verification of a user’s Email can be done in two ways. The first way is entering the code in the space provided and activating the account. There is also an activation link sent to the mail. By clicking on the mail, one can verify themselves.

Ways To Register Using Their Facebook Account

No accounts can be registered by using social media handles.

Join In The IamNaughty Dating With Easy Steps!

Once the sign up is complete, there is a personality quiz that needs to be answered, so that perfect matches are found. The personality questions can also be skipped if the user does not wish to answer a question. Then the Email has to be verified to make sure that you are an authentic user. Just after this, the website will ask for some additional details that will include adding your age, gender, sexual preference, and opinions about having a partner. After filling out all the necessary details, you will be allowed to join in.

Ways To Use IamNaughty Site Without Signing Up

According to the IamNaughty reviews, The website has been made secure and safe by making users verify their profiles before using the site. This makes it impossible to use the website without signing up.

The Users Profile Quality On the site

The users on the website are up for casual dates and hookups. Nobody on the website is looking for a long committed relationship. The questionnaire subjects only such questions that are related to kinky experiences, hookup dates, and so on. Also, the person’s interests and life, in general, are just asked. A person can fill out his profile through third-party applications, but there are no bots.

IamNaughtyThe Users Profile Quality On the site

Know About The User Friendly Mobile Applications

The IamNaughty app is supported on android and apple phones. The application need not be verified or authenticated again if the account has been verified already through the browser. The mobile applications have all the features that the browser provides and users have rated the app to be mobile-friendly.

Membership Price And Other Payment Methods On The Site

A three-day trial subscription is provided for all users who sign up. Then there are paid subscriptions accordingly for different periods. The membership prices are as follows: 28.80 USD for a one-month subscription, 48.60 for three months, and $79.20 for six months. The payments are accepted to different wallets and credit cards. The credit card is the best option.

Free Membership Features To Explore On The Site

The paid members get a whole range of new features like sending unlimited messages to a lot of people, having 24/7 technical support, viewing photos in complete size, sharing pictures and videos through chat, and many more. The extended filters also get unlocked with a paid subscription. But, a free member can send limited messages, view pictures, and get likes and send likes. The application could be used for free, but the functions are highly limited. One can send only five messages per day, that too only to five different chats. They are only allowed to see small photographs of the profiles.

IamNaughty Is A Free Dating Website?

The IamNaughty website is not completely free, but the users need to get a paid subscription to avail of all features on the site. They can use basic features without getting a paid membership.

Know If Someone Likes You On IamNaughty For Free

Yes, likes notifications are received without having a properly paid subscription.

Premium Membership Features You Can Explore

Paid membership always gives extra features for us. IamNaughty also provides extra features such as unlimited chats, available of large photos, info about others, extended search options, to share videos and photos in chat, and premium support.

IamNaughty Offer A Premium Membership Plan

It offers premium monthly plans for users per day. For 3days trail, it costs AU$0.99/day, for 1month AU$31.49/day, for 3months AU$20.99/day, and 6months AU$0.48/month.

Cancel Your IamNaughty Membership

You can cancel membership at any time you want. For this, you can visit on the payment option you have selected, for example, if it’s from PayPal, you can deselect the renew process from there.

IamNaughty Membership Auto-renewed Process

Yes, IamNaughty membership is auto-renewed whenever you cancel your membership.

Know About The Refund For Unused Time

According to the IamNaughty reviews by the members, you don’t get a refund for it.

IamNaughty Automatically Renews Support Every Month

Of course, your support for it will automatically renew every month. It basically helps every person in this stage to renew the account automatically.

A User Can Get Their Money Back On This Site

If you are not satisfied with the dating app, then you can get back your money. Not a full refund is possible in this case. But the partial refund is possible by sending details to the Email of the site, including your credit card details.

Effect Of IamNaughty Support In The Credit Card Statement

When you subscribed to your premium membership IamNaughty support will appear on your credit card bill.

Support Other Members Of IamNaughty

Giving support for others is really an excellent thing on this website. So to enable this thing in IamNaughty you can support IamNaughty members with a big heart.

Send Support For A Month

In fact, it is a great deal for others if you send support for them. And yes, you can send support to your liked ones for just a month, which means a lot to you.

The IamNaughty Dating Website Is The Safest

Using IamNaughty website is completely safe. It follows guidelines and secures all the members from the privacy leakage problem. Believing in this brand without any worries keeps you enjoying it all time.

The site has high equipped servers to protect users from leakage. If any changes occur in the site, it informs users to be protective of leakage. They work hard to protect it from scammers.

The IamNaughty Dating Website Is The Safest

Forums Threads Are Moderated

Yes, IamNaughty Forums threads moderated by professionals where it seems to be a priority.

Ways To Filter Message’s On IamNaughty

You can filter it by searching in the options and setting it through settings on this IamNaughty website. One can filter according to their choice and options from sexual preference, gender, and age.

Security Features Of IamNaughty

Safety and security are the big priorities for IamNaughty to give users the best thing. For starters, this site filters all the fake profiles from their platform. It also suspends and bans if any suspicious activities are noted by the developer team as well as by the members. With this, the website gives power to the users by either blocking or reporting to the customer care.

Block And Report A Suspected Scammer

You can block the scammer as they mentioned as a person in it. You have the option in it to report about their work. Or else you can report the scammer through the mail and bring awareness for everyone.

Suspends The Member Who Uses Account To Solicit Money

The person who tries to solicit money from others gets banned from the site and reports a complaint against them. They will never be allowed to use this account after this report.

Information That Shouldn’t Be Posted In The IamNaughty Account

According to the IamNaughty reviews, it is recommended not to post your details, which include credit card details, reports of your details, which give information for scammers.

Chats Are Encrypted

Yes, IamNaughty chats are safely encrypted and never send this information to others.

IamNaughty Can Track A User Down

Yes, it can track you down as the users have access to your location. In case if you don’t want to share your location, then you can always disable it by going to the settings.

IamNaughty Account Can Be Traced By The Police

At times of problems, it is required to trace your account by police. The account enables location access, so it is easy to take your IamNaughty account by police.

Contact If There Are Any Questions Regarding The Privacy

IamNaughty chat box is available for everyone to chat with them about your privacy and other things you require. Or you can contact through IamNaughty Email, which can also be helpful to you.

Delete The Information That Have Already Been Submitted To IamNaughty

You can’t delete the information that you have submitted to IamNaughty. But a few details will be able to change according to your profile management.

Fake Or Scam Members

Everywhere you see, there will be fake members available in it. Similarly, on the IamNaughty website, too, there are scam members where you should take care and protect yourself.

Contact Information

  • Address: Road Town Tortola in the United Kingdom
  • Email id: [email protected]
  • Call: 1800 865 4158


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Real life Review Of IamNaughty By Its Members

IamNaughty website provides a great service for everyone. One of the IamNaughty reviews says that it really has effective making for matches to date with them personally. For playful singles, this site is very active. Profiles in this IamNaughty website are manually checked. Chatrooms in this app or website are quite free to join and chat with others. With many safety measures for everyone, it is quite interesting to take a role in it.

Real life Review Of IamNaughty By Its Members

IamNaughty Is The Best Dating Site/App

Undoubtedly, IamNaughty is the best and a great app/site for today’s youth or singles. To involve in conversations, and to play online seduction games IamNaughty website or app is helpful. Use it to enjoy every essence of life with lovable people.

Know The Way To Unmatch A Member

Yes, you can unmatch an IamNaughty member. It is all about the mood, time, choice, and option. Every single member has its priority to match or unmatch a member in it by seeing their profile.

Is IamNaughty A Hook-up App?

IamNaughty is an in-app version. And it is a hookup app that anyone can enjoy.

Final Verdict

IamNaughty website is a casual dating platform which is best for horny singles. It will give a chance for every single to hook up and chat at night. For naughty dates, enjoy web experience, or explore own bisexual connections, this app will be useful. To flirt with a person, it will give a free chance for them and will also give a chance to form serious relationships.

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