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Girlsdateforfree Review in 2024

Girlsdateforfree Review in 2024
About Site
Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 18-26
Profiles 100 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free trial available for three days.
  • Most of the site's features are free, and there is no advertisement at all.
  • The individual can create a very dynamic profile that is going to engage many.
  • Comes in with a hassle-free registration.
  • Communicating with other members cannot happen without payment.
  • There are a lot of scam profiles out there.
  • Some of the profiles can have duplicate pictures attached.
  • Canceling the membership can be difficult, and so is removing the profile.

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It is a very common saying that girls do not need anything to date. It is a very exclusive site with some fantastic features to look forward to. The specific Girlsdateforfree website is going to be male-centric and is suitable for youngsters looking for casual relationships. If anybody is looking for a serious relationship, this is not the platform, but having some fun moments on this website is never going to harm.

It is quite easy to join on this website, and the search function is quite efficient. It will be entirely free for the girls to enter and use the exclusive services of the website. All the men can make the most out of the site within the three-day free trial period, but after that, they have to choose three different subscription types.

One will be able to come across many features like sending smiley’s and messages as well as have customizable mail backgrounds. Signing upon this website is going to be a matter of minutes, and any member can start with the necessary information. One can add 20 pictures on the website on their own very own profile and change the privacy settings according to their convenience.

Languages Supported By Girlsdateforfree

The language will never be a barrier when someone is trying to have a conversation on the Girlsdateforfree website. One can choose from 10-12 languages and even can find members with the same language efficiency.

The Pioneer Behind The Website

It is a website that comes under the company named Amour, and there has been no looking back for them since the day of its launch.

Girlsdateforfree The Pioneer Behind The Website

Current Basis Of Girlsdateforfree

It is a premium quality online website that did not have a proper place because of its global venture. But Girlsdateforfree has its headquarters in London, which is why one can find a lot of members from the US and the UK.

Foundation Date For Girlsdateforfree

This website was founded in the year 2012, and its application got a lot of up gradation in August 2012. The current version of the app is 2.8.16 and has top-rated reviews by its members.

Availability Of Worldwide

It is a website that is available globally, and one can find active members worldwide.

Minimum Age To Be A Member

A person should be at least 18 years of age before he or she can get registration on the Girlsdateforfree website. It is done to ensure that underage individuals can’t see all the adult content on the site.

Usability Of The Application On The Desktop

It will be a bit difficult to download the application directly using the computer, but with the help of the APK download system, downloading the Girlsdateforfree app will be more comfortable.

Number Of Members And Popularity On Girlsdateforfree Worldwide

There are about 100 thousand members who are registered with this website globally.

Website Design & Usability Of Girlsdateforfree

This website has a considerable appeal as far as the website design and usability is concerned. It comes absolutely without any cost for women, yet it looks quite different from the others. All the users will be able to check out all the profiles and messages without any hassles. It will be a delightful communication platform to meet and greet all the other members of Girlsdateforfree. The font and the icons are big and neat, so the users will not have to look twice for any specific feature.

Website Design & Usability Of Girlsdateforfree

Reputed Browsers Which Support Girlsdateforfree

This is a very compatible website, which is why every browser will be able to support it. No matter what browser you have, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and the others will be able to support this forum. Even the people who do not have the application can check out Girlsdateforfree on their mobile with the help of the mobile compatibility feature.

Working Mechanism Of The Camera

Using the camera on Girlsdateforfree is going to be easy, and it will be required on the group video chats and the one-on-one group sessions. If there is any shortlisted profile with which the member wants to interact, they have to click on the video chat option. The camera will automatically pop up on the laptop, and there will be a webcam option for desktop users. After that, the members will be able to make any adjustment that they want the camera angle to have a better view.

Special Features Associated With The Website

Just like any other dating website, Girlsdateforfree also has some unique features to look forward to. The brief Girlsdateforfree review in this section will encompass all the special features a member can get from the website.

Girlsdateforfree Special Features Associated With The Website


This is an exceptional feature of the website, and in this feature, one can send winks as a flirty symbol to each other. It is a very entertaining feature, and this comes with a single click option.


This is a very exclusive feature that is good for Girlsdateforfree features. In this feature, the members will be able to send concise and engaging messages to the other individuals on this website. It will enhance a healthy flirting option, and the members will be able to spend unlimited amounts of ice breakers. All the members will be able to give replies, but only if they are a premium member. It is a perfect way to start a conversation, especially if the member is introvert.

Fast Flirt

This is an excellent way of flirting with the shortlisted profiles that the account holder has. They can send a flirt with only a single click, and the person can send any message they want as per their convenience.


This feature of Girlsdateforfree offers a lot of entertainment, and the members will be able to chat with both men and women. The group members will be able to chat with each other and indulge in healthy flirting to help with the matchmaking process. After the group sessions, if there is a perfect mental match, you can be ready for one on one conversation. If any profile is annoying, there is always an option to ignore or block the same. The public chatroom is also suitable for audio-video sessions as well as an instant messaging service.


This is an exclusive feature of Girlsdateforfree because the mail service is going to be top-notch. After a mail is sent, there will be a specific copy in the sent mail folder. But a member has to be a part of the paid membership option to send and receive emails.


Instant messaging service is something that you would never regret on this website, and you just have to start by clicking on the text chat option.

Working Mechanism Of Girlsdateforfree

According to the Girlsdateforfree review, this website has a pretty good working mechanism, and it does not take much time as well. After the registration process, the member must go for the search option. One can also choose the search filters to narrow down the options based on gender, sexual orientation, and age, and location. After shortlisting some of the extended options’ profiles, you can start texting and sending winks to them right away. It will help in initiating the conversation and breaking the ice.

Method Of Messaging Other Users On The Site

Messaging someone is going to be extremely easy, especially on this website. All you have to do is to go to the profile and click on the text chat option.

Sending messages will not be free for the free account members, but they will be able to reply to any messages that come their way.

Initiating Conversation With Others

Once the member has been able to access the premium account, they can select any profile from the options. They will get the option known as text chat, and start the conversation immediately.

Problems In Getting Access To Girlsdateforfree?

There might be a lot of problems in accessing Girlsdateforfree, especially if you belong to the country where Girlsdateforfree is not granted. Or if there can be a problem in the browser, so one cannot get access to the website.

Girlsdateforfree Bans- Specification On Time Period

In general, a profile can be banned for about 24 hours and can stay until a week. There will be certain reasons given for the ban, and one can try to resolve the issues with the customer support to lift it.

Method Of Activating The Banned Account

Once the member is fully aware of the reason for having a banned account, they have to seek customer support. If the member can make them understand that they are not at fault, the customer support of Girlsdateforfree will reactivate the account.

Method Of Deleting The Profile

According to the Girlsfordate review by the existing members, deleting the profile can be a little bit difficult when it comes to Girlsdateforfree. Still there is an option to delete the account where a user can click.

Become Invisible By Disabling The “Show Me On Girlsdateforfree ” Option

Disabling the “show me on Girlsdateforfree” will make the member invisible to all the other members on the website. Even if the member is stalking someone’s profile, he or she will not be able to notice it.

Methods To Check Out The Perfect Match On The Website

According to the Girlsdateforfree review, one can see their potential match on the home page itself. In the case of the application, the homepage will comprise of the ‘your matches’ option, and one just has to click on the same.

Ways To Check Out Who Sends Messages On Girlsdateforfree?

In the homepage itself, there will be a messaging icon, and clicking on that will give the members a view of who messaged him or her.

Steps To Check Out The Members You Like On Girlsdateforfree

There is a matching option on all the profiles, and there will be a separate chart for all the people that a member liked. One just has to check out the shortlisted profiles to understand whom he or she liked.

Enabling The Spy Mode

The Spy mode is something quite interesting and unique on this website. In this feature, one can remain invisible while spying on all the other profiles. But this is a feature that is only available to all the premium members.

Ways To Edit The Username

If a member wants to edit the username in the Girlsdateforfree website, it will be easy for them to do so in the settings option. On the profile settings, one can easily edit the user name as well as some other credentials if necessary.

Potential Problems While Entering The Site

There can be a lot of reasons why people are having a hard time entering the site. For example, the website might not be compatible with the browser that the member is using, and even there can be some problems regarding the cookie options.

Various Search Options On Girlsdateforfree

The primary search option is available for all the members who have a free account. But for the advanced features, getting the premium account is essential so that the matchmaking is even more accurate.

Sign Up And Login Process Of The Website

According to the Girlsdateforfree review, the signup and login process is going to be easy, and it will take a maximum of 10 minutes. To say that it is easy is an understatement because one can also link social media profiles like Facebook. The email verification helps in understanding that the account is genuine and takes 5 minutes to do so. There is some necessary information that the member will have to give, like sexual preference and birthday. The location of the member will be detected automatically, and the account creation will be complete.

Girlsdateforfree Sign Up And Login Process Of The Website

Verification Of Email Procedure On Girlsdateforfree

According to popular Girlsdateforfree reviews, email verification is going to be quite easy. On the registration form, one has to put a valid email address, and then a verification link will reach the inbox. The member will have to click on the verification link, and the process will be complete.

Use The Facebook Account For Registering On The Website

If the registration happens with the Facebook account’s help, the members will be able to login by entering the user id and password.

Ways To Join Girlsdateforfree

Joining this Girlsdateforfree website is going to be a matter of minutes. After the email verification process, one has to give some necessary information. After that, a person is ready to join this website.

Ways To Use The Website Without Signing Up

Any individual will not be able to use the Girlsdateforfree website without signing up. Even if a man is trying to check out the exclusive features, they will have to sign up for the three-day trial process.

Descriptive Approach Of The Users Profile Quality

There is an excellent profile quality on this Girlsdateforfree website. The account will have to contain a perfect photo, and there can be as many as 20 pictures. There will be a moderator for every profile verification process so that none of them is a scam. The members will be able to change the profile information later on, and the pictures will be visible to everybody for a better approach. You should have a perfect primary photo so that there is enough potential for matchmaking in the member account. There will be no cause of privacy leakage, and if a member wants, they can also keep the information as well as the photos confined to “my friends.”

Girlsdateforfree Descriptive Approach Of The Users Profile Quality

Availability Of Mobile Applications

Indeed, Girlsdateforfree does not have a mobile application on any of the stores. But the mobile browser version itself is good enough so that the members can remain connected even when they are traveling. It is going to be very multifunctional and comprise all the features that the desktop version has. But even then the mobile version is completely free and easily accessible for all the mobiles in different platforms – Android as well as the IOS.

Membership Price And Other Payment Methods For This Website

For membership of a single month, the total payment of Girlsdateforfree will be 24 USD. For a premium membership of 3 months, the total amount will be 54 USD. Last but not least, for a premium membership of 6 months, the total cost will be 65USD.

Girlsdateforfree Membership Price And Other Payment Methods For This Website

Free Membership Features

The free membership features of Girlsdateforfree comprise of the following:

  • Easy registration
  • Searching and viewing profiles
  • Checking out who is online
  • Wink sending
  • Getting access to the chat room
  • Checking who has viewed the profile

Girlsdateforfree Free Membership Option

The girlsdateforfree website is entirely free for the girls, but there will be a need for payment after the three-day free trial for men.

Check Out If Someone Likes You On Girlsdateforfree If You Are A Free Member

A member will be able to check out if someone likes their profile, but they will not be able to initiate a conversation with them.

Premium Membership Features To Get Optimum Value For Money

The premium membership features of Girlsdateforfree comprise of the following:

  • Sending and reading emails
  • Date cast sending
  • Sending icebreakers without confinement
  • Moving to advanced search
  • Live talking
  • Getting access to instant messaging
  • Full safe mode

Girlsdateforfree Premium Membership Is For Men

This website offers premium membership to men. For all the women out there, it is going to be completely free.

Cancellation Of Membership

Canceling the Girlsdateforfree website subscription is not going to be a lengthy process, and all you have to do is to ask the customer support.

Method Of Auto-Renewal For Girlsdateforfree Membership

There is an auto-renewal process for the website membership, but it is entirely optional.

Refund Policy For The Unused Time

For example, you have a membership of six months, and only three months have been used. Any member will be able to get a refund for three months, or whatever is the extra time.

Automatic Renewal Of “Support” To Girlsdateforfree

The support of this website does not get auto-renewed until and unless the auto-renewal option is turned on.

Dissatisfaction With Girlsdateforfree Website And Refund Policy

If anybody is disappointed with this website, there is a money-back system, but only after seeing the genuine reason. Otherwise, there will be no refund, and the money-back policy will not be available on the specific member.

Appearance On The Credit Card Bill

Girlsdateforfree support will appear on the credit card bill in the name of the company, and no other details will show. Therefore the member does not have to be worried about privacy leakage.

Girlsdateforfree Members Support Transferability

The support system is non- transferable to the Girlsdateforfree members, which is why one cannot give support to each other.

Ways Of Sending Account Support For A Single Month

Sending support for at least admin is also not going to be available because the entire process is not transferable.

Safety Concerns Of Girlsdateforfree

Girlsdateforfree is not a scam, and it is going to be safe for all the members. It has an excellent privacy policy, and there will be no confidential breach. There is going to be an excellent anti-scam policy on this website so that none of the members can give out any personal information of any other individual on this forum.

Forums Threads Moderation Policy

Yes, all the website forums are moderated.

Ways Of Filtering Who Can Message A Member Girlsdateforfree

With the help of the advanced filter option, a person can manage who will be able to message them on Girlsdateforfree. Also, one can choose to be invisible so that no member can approach them.

Security Features Of Girlsdateforfree To Consider

The security features comprise end-to-end encryption and HTML encryption in Girlsdateforfree. The security features also take care of the essential and personal data that a member may share with its potential partners through their website.

Ways To Block And Report A Suspected Scammer

If any potential profile seems to be very fishy, it will be easy to report and block the account using the settings option.

Check What Happens To A Member Who Uses This Website To Solicit Money

If any member is using the Girlsdateforfree website account for the solidification of money, the website authority will have the right to condemn the profile once and for all.

Information That Shouldn’t Be Posted On Account

If any member has created an account on this website, they should not share very intimate details and also the bank details. Otherwise, he or she may be subject to fraudulent activity.

Encryption On Girlsdateforfree Chats

All the chats on the website are encrypted, which is why it is not going to be a problem to share all the sexual desires with other members.

Girlsdateforfree Member Tracking Mechanism

Girlsdateforfree website will not try to track down any member until and unless it seems to be suspicious. But yes, it can track you down.

Check Whether Girlsdateforfree Is Traceable By The Police Or Not

In case of any unfortunate occurrence, the police will have every right to take the personal details and track down the profile of a specific member.

Contacting The Concerned Authorities Regarding Privacy

In case a member has any questions regarding the privacy policy in Girlsdateforfree, he or she will be able to ask in the customer care team.

Deleting The Information Already Submitted On Account Of Girlsdateforfree?

Of course, a person can delete the information submitted on the website and even customize it according to their preference.

Knowledge About Fake And Scam Members On Girlsdateforfree

Even after a two-step verification process, there can be some fake profiles on Girlsdateforfree, which is why every user should be careful while having conversations.

Contact Information Of The Website

  • Contact number- 448455280552
  • Email- not available
  • Address: London

Girlsdateforfree Contact Information Of The Website

Alternatives To Girlsdateforfree

Some other websites that are a perfect competitor of Girlsdateforfree as follows:

  • OkCupid
  • Adult friend finder

Real Life Review Of The Website

According to real-life Girlsdateforfree reviews, it is one of the best websites to engage in. It engages users, and it has an excellent success rate as well. It has been able to get a rating of 3.5 out of 5, which is pretty good.

Girlsdateforfree Is The Best Dating Site/App?

It is one among the many amazing dating application for sure, as the Girlsdateforfree reviews by its existing members have come out to be pretty amazing.

Ways Of Unmatching The Member

Yes, one can unmatch the Girlsdateforfree member whenever he or she likes. It is a hookup app, and anyone who is not serious can sign up on the website.


As a final verdict and most of the Girlsdateforfree reviews, it will be suitable for any single out there looking for a casual hookup. It has a unique combination of trendy design and integrated approach, which is why it will be easy to browse through the website. This website is worth at least a single visit, and even more.

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