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AfroIntroductions Review

AfroIntroductions Review
About Site
Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 23-36
Profiles 2 300 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 7.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site offers safety and members are very welcoming
  • The prices are reasonable
  • The registration procedure is quick and easy.
  • The site seems old and outdated
  • The site is somewhat boring.

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There are different sites out there that focus on individuals’ ethnic background, and one of them is AfroIntroductions. The site is an African based website that offers a platform for African singles to look for and find love. The site has got a couple of exceptional features that favor this particular group. The AfroIntroductions website offers the members a couple of ways to communicate as well as a good atmosphere on the site. Read on this AfroIntroductions review to find out more.

How Many Languages Does AfroIntroductions Offer?

The site was originally developed in English but it now offers a couple of different other languages that will help different individuals to easily communicate. These additional languages include French, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, Finish, Spanish, Danish, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hungarian, etc.

Who Owns and Runs AfroIntroductions?

The owner of the AfroIntroductions website is Cupid Media Pty Ltd and it is the same company that runs the operations and monitors the activities of the site.

So Where is AfroIntroductions Currently Situated?

If you’re interested in getting to the site’s head offices to either address your issues or raise your concern, you better head to the headquarters located in Level 5 2502 / 5 Lawson Street Southport QLD 4215 Australia.

When was AfroIntroductions Launched?

This site has been in existence since 2000, and from then, it has been serving the members diligently.

Is AfroIntroductions Available Internationally?

This site has been serving members from different parts of the world in countries in Africa and other continents.

How Old Should You Be to Sign up for AfroIntroductions?

The minimum age required for one to join the site is 18 years old. As for the distribution of ages, most of the site members range between 25 and 34 years. The numbers fall as the ages 35 – 44 come second in the number of members and the ages 18 – 24 and 45 – 54 ties at 3rd and the 55+ group has the least number of members.

Can I Access the Site Using My Laptop?

The site allows members to use their PCs to access the site, and this can quickly be done using the desktop version. The version offers a great design and the bigger screen view is just appealing to the users. The desktop version allows users to enjoy all the features offered on the site, such as registering for an account, creating your profile, using the site’s communication features, and enjoying all the unique features. This site is available on Windows and MacBook.

How Many Members are on the AfroIntroductions Website All Over the World?

The site records north of 4.5 million and about 500,000 of the members are from the United States. There are over 100,000 active members every week and 5,000 daily logins. The members are from all continents are the cultures are so different that makes the interaction so interesting since there is a lot that you can base your conversation on. The ration of male users to female users is 7:3 which is unequal, but you never know who she will prefer.

Can I Access the Site Using My Laptop?

Website Design and Usability

The design of the site is somewhat outdated. The general view is quite dull as you are welcome to the site with a photo and all the other parts of the website are made of bold colors and formal fonts. Compared to the other sister sites, this site has a rather poor performance when it comes to attracting members from the design it presents. Nonetheless, the site makes up for the design with usability. Navigation in the site is very simple as all the instructions are clearly stated and directions are clear. The language used is simple as well making the understanding of every feature easy.

Which Browsers Support the AfroIntroductions Website?

You need to go for the best browsers if you aim at getting the best experience on the site. Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, and Google Chrome will give you quality in terms of the speed involved, saving the space of your PC, as well as securing you from malware or hackers.

How Do I Operate the Camera on AfroIntroductions?

You can use the camera if you enjoy the instant message, which includes a video chat. Once you find a fellow online member, you can make contact with them using the video chat option, which of course would require your camera to have a clear view to get a good video quality. You can also take snaps from the camera which you can post on your profile and also send to matches who you have interest in.

Special Features

The uniqueness in sites is what makes them amazing and also stand out. This is one of the main reasons why the members choose where they will get an account. So what do AfroIntroductions offer?

  • Cupid tags – These are tags that you can include on your profile to bring out your good character. These tags will be considered when other members are searching for matches.
  • Blocklist – As the name suggests, this is a list that comprises of the blocked members. If you are upset about how someone is conducting themselves during your conversations or using abusive language on you, you can move those profiles in your block list to deny them not to contact you or view your profile.
  • Verify accounts – You have the optional choice of verifying your account by uploading your identification documents to the site or sending them to the support team for them to improve your authenticity.
  • Instant messenger – This feature usually targets online members to communicate on the live chat features. The live chat includes audio chat and video chat as well.
Special Features

How Does It Work?

The site is simple to operate. Just a few steps and you will be good to go. You will need to register for an account and fill in the details to complete your profile creation. After so doing, you will search for the matches to get the person that will be your ideal partner. When the search results are out, you will consider the options and choose your best selection. Communication will follow after us you will choose the messaging feature that will work well for you to start the conversation on a high note.

How Can I Message Someone?

Messaging someone is very much comfortable and also depends on what approach you want to take. You have three options to make contact with someone;

  • Instant messaging – This is a feature that captures the online members as you can either choose to voice chat or video chat with the member. This option is more personal than other means.
  • Direct messaging – The feature is one that is more settled and straight forward. This will require you to bring you A-game in terms of creating the first impression. Give your best ice breakers to ace your communication.
  • Chat room – For the members interested in listening to other people’s views and participating in open-minded conversations, this is the right feature. The chat rooms are ones that contain different topics where members interact and say their opinions on them.

Is Sending Messages Free?

The only thing that you can send on a free subscription is your interest.

How Can You Start Messaging with Members on AfroIntroductions?

The first step to making your contact is to get the right person to send your message. The way to go about this is to use the search features included in the site to narrow down the options to get the right match for you. Once you get the right person, it is up to you to use the right communication means to express your interest in that match.

Why Can’t I Get Access to AfroIntroductions?

The main reason people can’t access the site is that they don’t have an account. This can either be that your browser is not compatible with the site or that your mobile phone doesn’t support the app. The other commonly reported reason according to the AfroIntroductions reviews is the issue of poor internet connection.

How Long are the AfroIntroductions Bans?

The site gives bans to members who have violated the terms of use in the site. There are two types of bans offered. The first one is the temporary ban, which is issued due to using offensive language to your fellow member and usually lasts for about a month. The other ban is the permanent ban, which is generally issues of severe offenses such as fraud and scam and they typically have an indefinite period.

How Long are the AfroIntroductions Bans?

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

Reactivation of the banned accounts takes two tolls which depend on the bans that you are under. For the members on a banned account, they will have to be patient until the period of the ban is over. As for the permanent bans, the site will require a member to appeal to the review and reopen the case. This will trigger further investigations, and the thing is, you will be in a better position to get your account back if you provide evidence to back your claims. If you win the case, you will get your account back and also compensation in some cases.

Is there an Option to Erase Your AfroIntroductions Profile Page?

The site offers users the opportunity to delete their accounts if they are fed up with the site or if they find a match and no longer need the services. The procedure to follow is to go to the account settings and proceed to the other settings to finalize the process. The deletion of your account will also see you get all your data in the profile erased, and the process is not reversible.

What Happens If I Disable The “Show me on AfroIntroductions” Feature?

This is a feature that’s enabled on the site. The procedure generates from your Facebook account’s privacy settings where you will change the audience of your linked accounts to nobody. The idea here is to make sure that your friends and followers in the social media accounts will not see the details of your AfroIntroductions profile.

Where Do I See My AfroIntroductions Matches?

The AfroIntroductions website matches are usually listed on your search result since the site doesn’t have a precise location to put them in. This should tell you that the matches will alter when you play around which the filters.

How Do I See Who Contacted Me on AfroIntroductions?

You can see the members who have made contact with you in the messages section. Regardless of the communication option that they have used, they will just be divided into sections to be differentiated, and those are the subsections in messages. The section will give you info on who has sent the message, the actual content, and ways to reply.

Is it Possible to See the AfroIntroductions Users Who I’ve Liked?

This will be possible for members who end interests in their matches by merely going to the inbox section and checking the people that they have sent interests to.

What is AfroIntroductions’ Invisibility Mode?

This is a feature offered in the AfroIntroductions website that allows users to hide their profile and go through other profiles anonymously. This is best known to be used by members who are stalkers or secret admirers.

How Do I Change My Username on AfroIntroductions?

You cannot change your profile’s display name on the site since it serves as your identity. Nonetheless, you can choose to include a profile tag as an alternative or open up a new profile and name it again.

Why Am I Having a Hard Time Entering the Site?

This is usually because members are using the wrong credentials for the login process. The solutions to this are;

  • Ensure that they save their passwords in their browser or on the app
  • Use the ‘forgot my password’ option to go through the password recovery process
  • Use Facebook to sign in to save yourself from the password issues.

The search filters used to find yourself a match are age bracket, gender, location, interests and hobbies, body appearance, and character. These are enough to get you started in finding the ideal person for you.

What are the Different Filters Used on the AfroIntroductions Search?

Sign up Process

The procedure is quick and straightforward. You will fill in your details; a username, gender, gender you are looking for, age, email address, and password. You will finish by agreeing to the terms and conditions of use. You will also upload a photo that will pass through a verification process that almost takes a day to be confirmed. You will proceed to complete your profile by filling in all the details asked of you.

How Do I Verify My Email Address?

The site doesn’t offer email verification.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

Signing in with Facebook will help in ways such as;

  • Saving time during registry
  • Importing your profile details from the Facebook account
  • Uploading photos from the Facebook gallery
  • Saving yourself the hassle of cramming passwords since you get direct entry.

How Do I Join AfroIntroductions?

Joining the site is as simple as getting the app or going to the website. You will then need to sign-up for an account and proceed to create your profile. After completing all that, you will have access to enjoy all the features available since you will be a member.

Can I Use the Site without Signing up?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the site without having an account. However, you can still access information such as the general view of the site’s features, terms and conditions, policies, and contacts from the official website.

Users Profile Quality

The profiles of users are ones to be admired since they are quite detailed and informative of the member. The information arrangement is also a bonus, although the design takes off some points to this. There are personal, character, activity, and appearance details in the profiles. The profiles which are filled are fancied compared to the others, and the photos are also verified.

Mobile Applications

There is an app on which you can access the site. The app is only available on Google Play, and your device should have an Android version 5+. The ratings show how good of an app it is as it displays the details and features perfectly. The app is also easy to operate and offers all the features available on the desktop version. This version is more usable by the younger generation as they are always up and down going about their businesses.

Membership Price and the Payment Methods

If you want to enjoy a couple of extra features then you need to chip in something to pay for the premium membership. The site also offers two types of packages and the costs that you might incur include;

  • Platinum membership – $35 for a month, $70 for 3 months, and $150 for 12 months
  • Gold membership – $30 for a month, $60 for 3 months, and $120 for 12 months.

These prices are considered to be average compared to the sister sites. The means of payments include bank transfer, a credit card, PayPal, or a Paysafecard.

Free Membership Features

There are a couple of features that you can enjoy on a free subscription, which include;

  • Getting basic matches
  • Sending your interests
  • Communication with the premium members
  • Adding cupid tags to your profile
  • Using the basic search filters offered on the site.

Is AfroIntroductions Free?

The site is free to register as well as enjoy a couple of features.

Is AfroIntroductions Free?

Can You Notice When Someone Likes You on AfroIntroductions If You are a Basic Member?

This can simply be done by accessing the members who you sent an interest to.

Premium Membership Features

The extra features that you get when you pay for a premium membership include;

  • You will be able to communicate with all members
  • You can enjoy the live chat using the instant messenger feature
  • You can activate the spy mode
  • Your profile will have a top spot during searches
  • You will get a VIP highlighting on your profile
  • You will be able to browse without adverts
  • You can double the size of your profile
  • Using the exclusive searching filters
  • Enjoying the advanced matching system
  • Translation of messages to the language that you prefer.

Does AfroIntroductions Offer Premium Membership?

The site offers a premium membership, which also comes with additional features.

How Do I End My AfroIntroductions Membership?

Cancellation of your premium membership is usually made from your account settings. If you find any difficulty in so doing, you can always contact the support team for assistance.

Is AfroIntroductions VIP Membership Auto-Renewed?

The renewal of subscriptions on the site is automated once the current package has expired.

Can I Get a Refund for Unutilized Time?

You need to properly utilize the time you get on the premium subscription since the site doesn’t offer refunds for times not well used.

Is My “Support” to AfroIntroductions Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Donations in the site are usually dependent on the terms agreed on and if the automatic renewal was part of the deal then it will be made effective by the site.

I’m Not Satisfied with the AfroIntroductions Subscription. Can I Get My Funds Back?

You should either request for a trial period or consult with other premium members to know what to expect in the subscription. If you don’t like what you find there, you cannot get your money back.

How Will My AfroIntroductions Payments Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

The purchases done on the site will read the name of the company on your credit card bill.

Can I Give Support to Another AfroIntroductions Members?

There isn’t any clear information in all the AfroIntroductions reviews that address this issue, so it is impossible for now.

Can I Send Donation for Only a Month?

Depending on the agreement you had with the site, this option is possible.

Can I Send Donation for Only a Month?

Is AfroIntroductions Really Safe?

The site is not safe since there are any verification processes or a security feature that will ensure members’ safety.

Are AfroIntroductions Forums/Threads Monitored?

The forum’s forum is the chat rooms, which are standardized and monitored to ensure that they address all the site’s policies.

How Can I Choose Who Can Contact Me on AfroIntroductions?

This can be done indirectly by choosing who shouldn’t contact you, and that is possible by blocking the members you don’t want to hear from.

What Security Measures Does AfroIntroductions Have?

  • Blocking and reporting of members
  • Encryption of chats.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspected Fraudster?

Blocking and reporting members is enabled from the individuals’ profiles, where there is a button for each.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Misuses their AfroIntroductions Account by Stealing Money?

This individual will be arrested and arraigned in court where he/she will face the criminal charges. If they are found guilty, then they will be persecuted for the crime.

Which Details Shouldn’t Be Posted on Your AfroIntroductions Account?

Any kind of info that goes against the terms and conditions of use or one that isn’t in line with the site’s policies.

Are AfroIntroductions Chats Encrypted?

The site used an algorithm that is responsible for performing that task.

Can AfroIntroductions Track You Down?

If you have any cases or you went missing, then the site can offer to use your details to track you down.

Can AfroIntroductions Be Traced by the Police?

Since they do have a solid address, then the authorities can get a court order to do so.

Who Should I Go to If I Have Queries Regarding My Privacy on AfroIntroductions?

If you have any concerns with your privacy, you can instantly call the site’s support team through the hotline numbers available.

Can I Edit the Info that I’ve Already Included in My AfroIntroductions Profile?

The site allows users to make edits to their profile details. However, these changes are limited.

Are there Fraudsters or Scammers on AfroIntroductions?

Some AfroIntroductions reviews claim that the site has several scammers on the site.

Contact Information

Fax: +61 7 3103 4000


  • Users from the United States and Canada: 1-800-787-0838
  • Members from the United Kingdom: 0800 056 9427
  • Australian members: (07) 5571 1181
  • The rest of the international users: +61 7 5571 1181


Black People Meet, Black Planet, and AfroRomance.

Contact Information

Real Life Review


To be honest, I am familiar with a couple of online dating platforms but from what I grasped from the sites, AfroIntroductions is one that is adjustable to change. You can have the opportunity of viewing the photos of members on a free subscription. I do acknowledge the fact that messaging in the premium membership is based on messages alone. I’ve been on the site now for a while and I look forward to making payment for the same since I won’t leave here soon. Thanks, afro – Kelly Noela


The AfroIntroductions website has lots of fake accounts. The site presents photos of several good-looking young ladies from Western Africa. On the contrary, these are smart gangs aiming to scam the unaware members. AfroIntroductions don’t have enough security measures to cater to its members. I’m speaking from the point of experience. I wasn’t successful in getting this information to the respective countries’ authorities. It looks like the site the AfroIntroductions site complies with the fraud taking place. Don’t involve yourself with this site – Nick Stone

Is AfroIntroductions the Best Dating Site/App?

This site is the best online dating platform for Africans.

Can I Un-Match a AfroIntroductions User?

Un-matching in the site is simply done by ignoring the suggestions offered by the search results.

Is AfroIntroductions a Long Relationship Seeking App?

The site promotes serious relationships that lead to marriage.


If you’re an individual looking for an African single then you have to visit this site for the best results. This site offers cool communication features and many search filters, making looking for and interaction with members easy. The site also has a good population of members who can interact within the chat rooms on any topic you find appealing. Have you tried the AfroIntroductions website before? What is your opinion on the site? How was your experience?

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