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Yubo Review

Yubo Review
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Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 23-25
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It's relatively straightforward to create your profile.
  • You generally get a relaxed feel when using this social media app, plus it's aimed at making novel friends.
  • Uploading plus sharing of pictures on this social app is easy. Members are permitted to display five images. The photos which you don't want to showcase anymore can be removed.
  • You only need to swipe to add an individual to communicate with.
  • Since this app is primarily for teens, they could also encounter adults disguised as teens. Humans can be quite evil at times, so you could meet creepy individuals who could be predators. The terms and conditions state that members ought to be over 13 years; however, it is easy for them to lie about their age. Rather than have a system where someone can just key in a fake age, more security features could have been included in this app for age verification.
  • This app is not that popular, particularly with parents. It has been on the receiving end of bashing from parents plus sensationalist journalists.
  • At times members in a given locality might be few; thus, you might become frustrated. For instance, you might set your radius at 30 miles, only to swipe through a few users before you finish.

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Before we dig deeper into what Yubo entails, here are several pros and cons of this social app.

So what is this app all about? Formerly called Yellow, Yubo is a social media app that allows people to create profiles, share their location, and browse other members’ images within their locale. Either you may browse live streams that are current or browse different profiles of users through swiping. You swipe left for those you do not fancy or swipe right for those you fancy. Think of it as a mix of Snapchat plus Tinder.

The Yubo website describes it as a platform that helps individuals make friends, converse with users similar to you, and create a community-centered on what appeals to you. On the other hand, most people have described it as basically a social application for teens to make contact with strangers online. For more information regarding this social app, go through this Yubo review that we prepared.

The Number of Languages Supported by Yubo

Yubo Review in 2020

It’s available in 8 languages.

Who Owns this App?

Yubo is owned by TWELVE APP.

Where is Yubo Located?

It is based in Paris, France.

The Date of Establishment?

This app was launched in 2015.

Is Yubo Available Globally?

Yes. Members can access this dating website from all over the world.

What’s the Minimum Age for One to Join Yubo

At first, it started with a minimum age requirement of 12. However, it, later on, was increased to 13. Kids between 13 and 17 are not permitted to utilize this app without permission from parents.

Is It Accessible on a Computer?

There isn’t any official desktop version of this social media platform. However, you can still use the app on your computer. All you need to do is to install an android simulator of your choice, then, in turn, use it to install this app.

How Many Individuals have Registered Accounts with Yubo Globally?

There are 20 million individuals who have registered on this app worldwide.

Design plus Usability

Yubo Review in 2020

This application is well designed, plus its layout is simple; thus, individuals will have an easy time learning how to use it. Once you’re done signing up for an account, you’ll be ready to delve into this app’s various features, such as live stream and other members.

Which Browsers can be Used Together with Yubo?

To use this social media platform, you’ll have to download an app. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, you have to download an android emulator to use it on a computer.

In What Way Can You Utilize the Camera on Yubo?

Users can utilize the camera for live streaming purposes. In case you wish to turn it off while you are live, you simply tap the symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Once the live settings menu pops up, you just select the ‘Disable Camera’ option, and it will immediately turn off. If you select it again, the camera will turn on.

Special Features

Yubo Review in 2020

This Yubo review provides information on this app’s special features. They are;

  • Chat – As the name suggests, this feature allows people to converse with other people that they have matched with.
  • Swipe – Assisted by location tracking, users will have the ability to meet individuals from different corners of the globe through swiping either left or right on their photos. You get to swipe on the pictures of other users to establish if you would be interested in befriending them. In case you want to befriend them, you swipe right. In case you don’t want to, you swipe left.
  • Find a social community – This feature enables you to locate other users with whom you can fit in the same social community. For instance, if you’re into yoga, you can belong to a community of yoga enthusiasts.
  • Play – You will have the chance to play Yubo’s games like ‘To Be Honest,’ ‘Let Them Guess,’ plus ‘Would You Rather.’ “To Be Honest” involves one user being selected randomly then gets to answer a question about themselves within 30 seconds. Let Them Guess is a novel version of the “Heads Up!” game. “Would You Rather” enables members to discover novel friends that have the same interests as you.
  • Live stream – It is a special feature which enables users to go live, and this live broadcast can be viewed by any user who’s on your friend’s list. Together with your ten friends, you’ll have the ability to even initiate a live broadcast simultaneously.
  • Share – This feature enables you to get rewards for recommending your friends to be part of this platform on Snapchat plus other social media platforms. Moreover, through live broadcasts, you’ll be able to also communicate with other members.

How Yubo Functions

You simply download the application then set up your profile. With the swipe feature, you can decide to accept or decline to connect with another individual dependent on their profile picture. You can also add friends while on a live broadcast. You will be able to make contact with other users based on location.

How Can One User Message Another?

Yubo Review in 2020

The chat feature comes in handy here. You can send messages to your matches, and vice versa. You can even take part in group chats.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Yes. Users can send messages to other users for free.

In What Way Can a User Begin to Chat with Another Yubo User?

After setting up your profile and it’s time to meet novel individuals, you can go through the user list by swiping. Once you see someone you’re interested in, you swipe right (right swipe entails liking that user). When that other user reciprocates, you’ll be matched, and thus free to begin chatting.

My Access to this App has Been Restricted. Where Could the Problem be?

Access to this app could be restricted because of several reasons. There could be a problem with your internet connection, or your account may have been banned. Bans from accessing this site could result from the following;

  • You incited someone to commit suicide.
  • You participated in the distribution of pictures depicting child pornography or pornography in general.
  • You encouraged/advocated for terrorism.
  • You encouraged the distribution of violent messages. You may have encouraged the spread of messages that promoted minors’ participation in games, which might put them in physical danger.
  • You shared material that promoted discrimination or hatred against an individual or a group of individuals based on disability, sexual orientation or sexual identity, or origin.
  • You reproduced or distributed Yubo elements without the express authorization of its owners (TWELVE APP).
  • You posted unsolicited commercial communications.
  • You posted messages that were discriminatory, racist, or defamatory, which infringed on third parties’ rights.
  • You gathered members’ information or data without their permission.
  • You utilized someone’s name or image without their consent.
  • You somehow modified or altered Yubo app operations or prevented users from accessing it.
  • You utilized a fake profile.
  • Apology for or denial of crimes against humanity

What is the Exact Length of a Ban from Yubo?

The exact length of a ban on this app isn’t clear. Nonetheless, the length will depend upon the reason why you were banned initially.

The Process of Reactivating a Banned Account

You will have to get in touch with the app’s managers. However, in cases where you violated major rules, your account might not be reactivated.

Can I Delete My Yubo Profile?

Yubo Review in 2020

Yes. This platform offers users the option of deleting their profiles.

In Case I Disable the “Show Me on Yubo” Option, What Will Occur?

Unfortunately, Yubo reviews available do not provide information regarding this.

Where Can One See their Matches?

Once someone has shown interest in you and liked you back (after swiping right), you will eventually be matched, and then you can begin communication. You can share your Snapchat and Instagram usernames.

In What Way Can a User See who Messaged them on Yubo?

They will receive some kind of notification of a new message from either a new friend or old friend (someone you matched with earlier).

Will the Users that I Liked be Visible?

Yes. You will be able to see those you like.

What’s Yubo’s Spy Mode?

Unfortunately, the Yubo reviews available don’t provide proper information on this subject.

The Process of Editing My Username in Yubo

Unfortunately, a user can’t edit their username. The only exception is when it presents a safety concern, or it is unbefitting. You ought to be careful when deciding on a username. In case you feel like your username might present safety concerns, send an email to [email protected].

I’m Finding It Difficult to Enter the App

You might encounter difficulties because of your internet connection or being banned from accessing the site due to violating Yubo regulations.

What are the Various Search Options on Yubo?

One is swiping left or right on a user’s profile photo (left if you are disinterested in being friends and right if you are interested in being friends). The other search option is searching for an ideal social community that you’ll fit in.

Sign up Process

All you have to do is go to the play store or app store to download the app. Once downloading is complete, the next step would be to sign in. In the spaces provided, key in your first name, date of birth, and your gender. Then you set your preferred profile photo. The next step is to provide your username and password. After you’ve provided your username and password, key in your phone number, a verification code will be sent to that number (it’s used to verify every individual’s phone number). Once the number is verified, you’ll agree to the terms and conditions.

How is Email Verification Done?

With Yubo, verification of a user’s phone number is done by them sending a code to their number.

If I Do the Registration Using My Facebook Account, What Will Happen?

There’s no option for registering using a Facebook account.

How Does One Join Yubo?

Yubo Review in 2020

Joining this social media platform is easy. Simply download this application, then follow the instructions on registering, and you’ll be good to go.

Can a User Use this App without Registering for an Account?

No. Signing up for an account first is a must.

Profile Quality

Your profile needs personal info, which entails your real name, gender, mobile phone number, and profile picture that reveals your face. After profile set up is complete, you’ll have the freedom to add novel friends and communicate with them individually via chats or live stream or group discussions. Also, there’s the option of verifying your profile (it will have a yellow tick to show that it has been verified).

Does this Platform have an App?

Yes, it does operate via a mobile phone app. Android users can download it from the Play Store, while iOS users can get it from the App Store. In case you want to operate it on your computer, you will have to download an android emulator first.

Membership on Yubo App

You won’t be charged any fee to download the app plus access the standard features of this social app. Nonetheless, you’ll have to pay for extra features.

Free Membership Features

It’s free to download the app, it’s also free to set up a profile, plus you’ll get to make use of the special features, such as a live stream, chat, plus swipe.

Is Yubo Free to Use?

Yes, it is free to use Yubo. However, there’re some features you’ll have to purchase.

For Free Users, Will they have the Ability to See If Another User Likes Them?

Yes. Free users will be able to see if another user likes them.

Features of a Premium Membership

Even though setting up a profile is free, there are some other features that you can purchase (subscription package called Power Pack). They include;

  • Boosts – When you boost your live stream, it will be pushed to the summit of the lives feed. Eventually, more Yubo members are going to see it and join it. For your live broadcast to be boosted, open the side panel in your live broadcast and select the boost button.
  • Turbos – When you utilize turbo, your profile will be boosted on swipe for half an hour. Your profile will be more visible, and the chances of meeting more users will increase. Simply go to profile, select the turbo button, then select Start Now.
  • Spotlights – Using the spotlight will enable your profile to be featured on top of the online segment. Other users will send you lots of messages; then, from there, you’ll select whom you want to add as a friend. Just go to the chat screen or live, then tap on the spotlight icon in the screen’s top-left side corner. Then select the start spotlight.

Unfortunately, the Yubo reviews available don’t provide much info regarding the costs of these features.

Is Premium Membership Offered by Yubo?

Yubo Review in 2020

It doesn’t offer a premium membership per se. Downloading the app and setting up a profile is free. Nonetheless, as explained above, there are features you will have to pay to use them.

Can I Cancel My Yubo Membership?

To cancel a subscription, you’ll have to go to the settings on Play Store or App Store (whichever you use). Apple plus Google mentions that you can cancel any subscription before the date of renewal. It will guarantee that you won’t be charged for any renewal.

Can the Subscriptions on Yubo be Renewed Automatically?

Yes, they can, if you did not cancel them in time.

Will I be Refunded for Unused Time?

You won’t get refunds for subscriptions or in-app items bought. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to ask for a refund via your app store provider.

Can the ‘Support to’ Option on Yubo be Renewed Automatically Every Month?

Unfortunately, there’s no adequate information on this matter.

Will I Be Refunded If I’m not Contented with the App?

Since there’s no paid membership per se, this is not applicable here.

In What Way Will Yubo Support be Seen on My Credit Card Bill?

Unfortunately, there’s no adequate information on this matter.

Can a User Provide Support to Another Yubo User?

Unfortunately, there’s no adequate information on this matter.

Will I Be Able to Send Support for Only One Month?

Yubo reviews don’t mention anything about this.

Can Yubo be Considered Safe?

This app has many users who have registered with it. A big number of them are teens. Even though they might enjoy the experience of meeting new friends, things might go wrong with regards to their safety. In their website, the app’s managers state that they’re devoted to ensuring youngsters’ safety while using the app. They are committed to assisting users in dealing with possible challenges.

When it comes to safety, the app takes a 5-step approach: the sign-up process, profile settings, community guidelines, technical tools plus moderation, and blocking and reporting.

Do Forum Threads have Moderators?

Yes. Forum threads on Yubo are moderated.

How Can Users Filter Other Users Who Can Send Messages on this App?

Only those whom you’ve matched with are going to have the ability to send you messages.

The Security Features Found in the App

Yubo Review in 2020
  • This social app prides itself on being among the first social applications to provide education regarding safety over the internet to its members via real-time intervention. For instance, whenever a member joins a live broadcast, a safety advice pop-up is provided. Notifications are normally sent when an individual is deemed to have broken the app’s community guiding principles. The individual is warned if that which they’ve done might endanger them or another individual.
  • This app comes with what is referred to as a Safety Center plus a Safety Guide, which is downloadable, for parents and guardians. This guide helps them comprehend the way youngsters utilize this app, offers information regarding online safety, and simplifies reporting any concerns. Also, there’s a teen guide called “Staying Safer on Yubo” that teens are encouraged to read.
  • The presence of human moderators.
  • A distinct community for those between 13 to 17 years plus for adults
  • The option of hiding your location through selecting “Hide my city.”
  • Verification of phone numbers to prevent people from setting up fake profiles
  • Ability to restrict friends to find you on the app via your phone number
  • Ability to restrict who can communicate with you by selecting either ‘girls,’ ‘boys’ or ‘boys and girls.’

Blocking and Reporting Scammers

If you want to block a suspected fraudster, go to their profile and tap on the shield symbol with an exclamation mark at the top right corner. Several options will appear, amongst them is ‘block.’ If you wish to report that fraudster, repeat the same process, but when several options appear, you select ‘report.’ You’ll have to give a reason (choose ‘fake profile’).

When a User Uses their Account to Solicit Money, What Will Happen?

That user’s account will be blocked.

What Isn’t a Yubo Member Supposed to Post in their Account?

  • Unsolicited commercial material
  • Pornographic material.
  • Information that promotes racism, violence, defamation, or discrimination

Are Chats on Yubo Encrypted?

The information available doesn’t shed light on chat encryption.

Is Yubo Able to Track You Down?

Yes, Yubo handlers can track you using the information you provided during registration.

Are the Police Able to Trace this App?

Yes, police can trace this app.

Whom Can a User Contact If They Have Questions About Privacy?

The app’s managers. There’s an email address provided ([email protected]), or you can fill up a form located in the ‘contact us’ section.

Can You Delete the Info You’ve Already Submitted on Yubo?

Yes. Users have been provided the option of deleting the info they had provided on this platform.

Is there Presence of Fake Profiles on Yubo?

Yes, there are. Just like other dating platforms, you will come across fake profiles.

Contact Information

Company: Twelve App

Address: 8 rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris, FRANCE

They can be reached via [email protected], or you fill in the contact form on their website.


  • Bumble
  • Meetup
  • Taffy
  • Hinge.

Real Life Review

Yubo Review in 2020

My daughter makes homeschooling and experiences difficulties making new friends. Yubo has helped her meet other kids and be social. I completely trust this site because it is safe. Thanks, Yubo. – Kristen3658

Can Yubo be Termed as the Best Dating App?

Some have termed it as amongst the best social media apps out there. Then again, other people have bashed this app, urging parents not to permit their kids to join it because of the risk of meeting predators and privacy issues.

Is Unmatching Possible on Yubo?

Yes, it is possible to unmatch another user. When you visit another user’s profile, you’ll come across the unmatch option.

Can Yubo be Regarded as a Hook-Up App?

No, it can’t. Nonetheless, it has been said that some teens have used this app for hookups.


This app is ideal for individuals who want to meet novel people, whether they are from within their area or not. They’ll also get to chat with friends they match with and create a social community with those they share the same interests. However, Yubo is not for those looking for lasting relationships. We do hope that this review has provided you with the necessary info.

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