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Wing Review

Wing Review
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Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 20-31
Profiles 1 024 968
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 6.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Wing is an incredible application to meet people who want serious relationships
  • All profiles are verified
  • Total security
  • Various chats for video call communication
  • Free use
  • Very good interface
  • Smart searches
  • Effective pairings
  • The information in the profiles may be limiting
  • You don't have a website to go to
  • Available for latest generation mobiles

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You must act on your singleness and change it completely using the wing website from now on. If it is the first time you use the dating websites, your first choice should be Wing above the rest. It is a very good mobile application that you can download and use at no cost to meet the love of your life.

The Wing is a very effective impulse for love with which you will find a partner according to your tastes. You can relieve stress by meeting and talking all day with that ideal girl or boy who lives near your city or country in general.

Wing Review

How Many Languages Do They Have In Wing?

There are 32 languages; it seems enough for you to use Wing from your phone regardless of the country where you are located. It is an extensive application in languages with which you can make translations to speak with foreign people.

Who founded Wing?

Niewkraup is Wing’s partner company with whom they have operations from 2014 to the present.

Where can I find Wing right now?

You can search the application in the Play Store or iTunes depending on the device you have at the moment; it is very light. The App is free to download and use, so you will have no excuses to get it now.

When was Wing founded?

2014 is the year Wing started; at first, it was only available for iPhone, but today you can download it on Android.

Is Wing available worldwide?

Yes, you can download the application from any country where you are located, without unnecessary costs or advertising.

How old do you have to be to register for Wing?

You must have the minimum age for online dating sites, which is 18 years old; you can register without problems from there.

Can I use the application with my computer

Yes, you can download a program that allows you to have mobile applications installed on your computer.

Can I use the application with my computer

How many members does Wing have around the world?

Today, Wing has more than 40 thousand registered people, comprising 61% male and 39% female members. The country with the highest number of registrations in the United States comprises 53% of members, 31% in Europe, and 17% in other countries.

Website Design And Usability

With Wing Reviews, there is a huge thrill when you see the interface working. The design is genuine, and you will feel a very pleasant atmosphere to talk with people from your country or foreigners. It has a light color, blue specifically, with some logos focused on imparting love between its members.

In design, the dating application is perfect, and this you will take with you from the home page to the personal profile. You will notice that Wing has everything you need to match you with the girl or boy you want in usability. All the results are perfect, so you will have the opportunity to chat with a person who will understand you.

You will enjoy a free website with the best online dating results for mature people for your maximum protection. It is very good to create an optimal profile to receive the match you want with a person in your city.

What Browsers Does Wing Support?

You can get the dating app up and running using your android phone or IOS devices. For computers, you can download emulators like Bluestacks to install the App.

How do I use the camera in Wing?

You must grant the app administrator permission for you to use the camera in chat or posts.

Special functions?

The wing has some special features that you are sure to love for online matchmaking, among them you have available:

  • Pairings for culinary tastes

You can locate members who share your culinary tastes, even chefs, for delicious meals. You can indicate your favorite dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and look for a member with the same description. Food can bring people around the world together, and Wing shares that for you.

  • Chats by calls

For a more fluid and entertaining conversation, you can make video calls to meet the person you are talking to. The use of this service is very stable; you have to have a good camera that captures your face well.

  • Emoticons

You can send emoticons in the chats to express emotions in happiness or displeasure by what that person says. You must use the correct emoticon or sticker to indicate anything to the person you are talking to.

All the special functions you have at your fingertips in Wing will be available from the moment you register. The application is 100% free, so you will not pay a penny for these interesting services.

Special functions?

How does it work?

In Wing Review, you see that in operation, the application is very easy to use today. You get an interface with plenty of information to get the most out of your online dating potential. Wing’s matchmaking is based on what people have in common regarding tastes in food or fashion.

You can meet a person according to what you like, things in common form good relationships. The Wing results also add the people close to you by city or country where you live.

How can I send a message?

You must locate the member or person you want to talk to and click on the “chat” option. When you press this option, online chat with its built-in chat functions will automatically open.

Is sending messages free?

Yes, you can send messages on Wing as many times as you want without problems getting new friends or serious relationships.

How can you start messaging someone on Wing?

You just have to find that person in your country or internationally who meets your expectations and write to them now. You must enter the online profile; near your photo, you will see the option “chat” press it.

Why can’t I access Wing?

You must verify your internet connection, close and reopen the application to enter your profile.

How long do Wing bans last?

If you have a lock or ban on Wing, it may take 24 to 72 hours for your profile to be released.

How do I reactivate my banned account?

You can contact technical support to make payments in case your Wing account was banned for no reason.

How do I reactivate my banned account?

Is there an option to delete your profile from Wing?

You should contact the provider to remove your Wing profile in case you don’t like the online dating app.

What happens if I deactivate the “Show me in Wing” option?

You can use the “disable chat” option when you do not intend to speak to anyone at this time. For you to start conversations, you have to reactivate this service.

Where do I see my matches?

You have to go to the magnifying glass icon to do your matching searches by likes and country where the members reside.

How do I see who sent me a message on Wing?

The application will notify you of using a sound on your mobile when you have a new proposal for an online conversation.

Can I see the Wing members that I liked?

Yes, you will receive a notification about the members that you may like according to your tastes or residence from time to time.

What is Wing’s spy mode?

There is no spy mode on the Wing website for you to use when entering other people’s profiles.

What is Wing's spy mode?

How do I edit my username in Wing?

You have to enter your Wing profile, go to the settings (they are located in the upper right corner), and change your username. You can make these changes only three times; this is the only limit the system has.

Why is it difficult for me to enter the site?

You have to check your internet network, see if other applications take away your network speed to access Wing. One option is to disable the other apps when you log in to Wing for a comfortable dating experience.

What are Wing’s different search options?

You can do smart searches in Wing with features in:

  • Culinary tastes
  • Tastes in general
  • Country of residence
  • Age
  • Height
  • Sex
  • Sons?
  • Favorite movies
  • Personal tags (#funny, # wicked, #seriousrelationship, etc.)

Registration process

For you to get all the benefits in the Wing Review, you must register now by following these steps:

  1. Download the Wing application on your device
  2. Install the application and allow the services it offers
  3. Click on the registration button and enter these data:
  • Name and surname
  • Birthdate
  • Sex
  • Pleasures
  • Email that you can verify
  • Place a profile photo

It will take you less than 5 minutes to enter these simple data that will allow you to enjoy the entire online dating App. You must verify your email; when authorized, you will have access to Wing and all its functions. You can register with the social network Facebook that will link your data found in your profile.

Registration process

How do I verify my email?

You must access your email after completing the Wing registration process and locating the appointment provider message. You have to copy and paste the code into the Wing registration web and wait a few seconds to complete it.

What happens if I register with my Facebook account?

If you register in Wing with your Facebook account, you will not have to enter personal data, but your link is automatic.

How do I join Wing?

You must download, install, and register with Wing to be a legal member of this online dating platform.

Can I use the site without registering?

No, you have to register to enjoy the entire Wing system in matchmaking for members of your country or foreigners.

Quality of the user profile

The quality of Wing’s profiles is very good, and you will be surprised by the organization of information it has. You have the freedom to add, remove, or modify the information you gave in your profile that will be visible to members. Your profile photo will have a very large size located in the upper left, and below will be your information.

In all the right areas, you can observe and make publications in photos and states that you have in mind. You can place the degree of privacy you want on your profile; it can be public, private, or restricted for some members. The entire system in the Wing profile is optimal, and you will not regret having created your account on the online dating network.

You can obtain a very discreet profile with which you will feel that you fulfill the objective of finding you a stable partner. With Wing, your identity will not be endangered, so you can use a pseudonym that allows you to identify yourself with other members. If you have any doubts about the Wing profile, you should contact support to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Mobile apps

The mobile application emphasizes the wing Reviews since it is the only one available for appointments. You can download the application for your device with operating system IOS 7 onwards for iPhone. In the case of Android devices, you can get the App for an operating system higher than 4.1.1

The entire application is very stable; you can download it at a reduced weight of 29.87 MB from Google Play or iTunes. The App is free to download, and you can easily locate it due to its popularity.

Membership price and another payment method

Wing does not have a membership; you can use it to match people in your country or internationally without paying anything. The application has gained a lot of popularity due to this free service that focuses on finding you a partner. It is time for you to join this matchmaking system that has seen many positive reviews.

Free subscription features

You can use the dating app free of charge and take away many features at:

  • Matchmaking between members: once every three days, you will receive a notification about the people or members you might like. It is important that you review their profiles, likes, publications, and then write to them.
  • Searches on specific tastes: you can search on specific tastes such as sports, gastronomy, cultures, country of residence, etc. You can find the love of your life by placing the things you love for pleasant conversations.
  • Video calls: you can make video calls to talk fluently with members who are located in your country or abroad. You can look at that person in the eye and see that they are sincere with you when they say they love you. With video calls, you will be convinced that the person you are talking to is safe in what he says and speaks.

They are special functions in Wing that you cannot miss for anything globally; they allow you to be successful in love. You can use it at no cost; the whole system is free from its launch, it is optimal and is what you deserve now.

Free subscription features

Is Wing free?

Yes, the entire online dating interface is free; you will not have to pay an expensive membership to talk to registered people.

Can you see if someone on Wing likes you if you are a free member?

Yes, you can see if someone likes you because of the commonalities you have or because they like your posts.

Premium membership features

Wing does not have a Premium membership that you can purchase; all special features are free. In the future, the online dating company may enable this feature for you to pay for an extra dating service.

Does Wing offer premium membership?

No, you will enjoy the online dating service without paying for Premium membership at registration.

How do I cancel my Wing membership?

You will not cancel any membership because originally, Wing does not have a paid subscription that you can have.

Does Wing membership renew automatically?

You do not have a membership to which you have to worry about automatic renewal; the entire appointment system is free.

Can I get a refund for unused time?

You can freely use your Wing profile and leave it whenever you want; no lies that you lose money because you never pay.

Is my “support” for Wing automatically renewed every month?

Your support on the dating website will never be renewed; you will have it fixed because the service is free for all members.

I am not satisfied with Wing. Can I get my money back?

If you are not satisfied with Wing, you just have to cancel your profile; you will never pay anything for registering in the application.

How will my Wing support appear on my credit card bill?

You will not leave any Wing billing traces because you will not pay anything while using the online dating service.

Can I support other Wing members?

You can support other Wing members outside of the interface; this is completely illegal within the interface.

Can I support other Wing members?

Can I send support for just one month?

You can use your Wing profile for as long as you want per trial until you decide to use it as a priority or discard it.

Is Wing Safe?

The wing website offers a very secure application that you can install on your phone without problems. The interface offers the highest security for you to converse with members of your country or foreigners. All profiles are verified, and you can verify the identity of the person you are talking to when making video calls today.

The wing has incredible technical support to report bugs or breakdowns in the system after registering. The application provider will fix this error as soon as possible for you to enjoy online matchmaking. You can get advice at Wing if you don’t understand some of the online dating system features.

Eventually, the application is updating, although you will receive a notification to your email when this happens. You must be careful to leave space available on your phone in case the update is very heavy. You can get a wonderful experience in correcting interface errors that the whole service can have.

Are conversations on the Wing forums moderated?

Yes, you must go through approval in the subject that you put in the discussion; it should not reflect these aspects:

  • Hate
  • Racism
  • Denigration of a group of people
  • Xenophobia or homophobia

How can I filter who can message me on Wing?

You can mark members in Wing that you don’t want to talk to for any reason due to their attitude.

What security features does Wing have?

Among the security functions available, you can observe that:

  • Wing has anti-toxic support; when it observes improper publications, the platform blocks the member.
  • In the system, you will not see hackers or people who ask for your data or specific address
  • The profiles are verified to make sure that the person you see in the photo is the same person you are talking to.

How can I block and report a suspected scammer?

You must contact technical support using the email [email protected]; your request will be processed immediately.

What will happen to a member who uses a Wing account to request money?

The wing will block all members who use the App to ask for money or run promotions from other dating apps.

What information should not be posted to your Wing account?

You should refrain from posting photos inside or in front of your home to avoid members who are possibly harassers. You mustn’t reveal personal data in TDC, telephone numbers, or address where you work.

Are Wing’s chats encrypted?

Yes, you will only have a private conversation with the member of your choice; technical support will never read these chats.

Can Wing track you down?

No, the application does not have the capabilities to locate you in the country you currently reside in.

Can Wing be traced by the police?

No, the police do not have jurisdiction to access your Wing profile and track your current whereabouts.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my privacy at Wing?

You must contact the Wing provider using the email provided on the home page to download the App.

Can I delete the information I have already sent to Wing?

You are free to delete or modify your information in the Wing profile whenever you want to use your mobile phone.

Are there fake members or scammers on Wing?

No, in the Wing reviews, you can see how safe the application is by removing fake profiles. You can get the most dating results by connecting with real people with proven profiles on Wing.

Is Wing Safe?

Contact Information

Some personal data that Wing provider reveals for you to contact are:

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: @wing

Twitter: @ Wing.ca


Some alternative online dating sites include:

  • Our Teen Network: you can find many European members who intend to form a serious relationship. It is a very popular dating website and application for Europe and part of the world.
  • Huggle: is a somewhat hot dating site that you can contact members who want serious or casual relationships. Huggle encourages its subscribers to have fun with a highly interactive chat service.
Contact Information

Real-life review

“I thought it was a lie that many dating websites, or in this case, revealed about giving you a match between members of the same country until I met Wing. This dating app worked for me, it helped me get out of the loneliness I had for many years, and today I am very happy with my girlfriend, thanks Wing.

“I am 31 years old, and I thought this was the crucial age to find partners; I have been using Wing for more than 15 days, and I have to tell you that it works.”

“It is an application that helps me meet many beautiful girls from my country or even from the city where I live; I have had some dates. Registration is simple, and I am using it from my iPhone, and I have no problems accessing my profile whenever I want.

Is Wing the best dating site or app?

Yes, you should make Wing a priority when deciding to date online to free yourself from being single. You can start a new year with a girl who understands you and is committed to making you very happy.

Yes, you can report or block Wing members that you don’t like for various reasons in their personalities.

Is Wing a connection app?

Yes, this application connects you with many people simultaneously, so you will have a high probability of finding a partner. The online connection is important for this service, so you should check if you have mobile or Wi-Fi networks.


The Wing Review is useful for you to be convinced that this is the solution to your problems finding a partner. You have every chance of finding a girl or boy that you like depending on your demands. You can start conversations that, in the future, turn into marriage with that person that you happened to meet on the dating website.

You can change your status with Wing and the entire online chat system for serious adult conversations. You will not feel altered or endangered in the application since the service it offers is very reliable. You can browse the App for the whole day and get the best of results by matching up with nice people, sign up.

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