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Wildbuddies.com Review

Wildbuddies.com Review
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Active Audience 78%
Quality Matches 61%
Popular Age 26-40
Profiles 160 000
Reply Rate 97%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Wildbuddies.com offers an unobtrusive and pleasant atmosphere.
  • There are ready-made greeting templates.
  • The dating website has a though member moderation.
  • User data is safe and secure.
  • The dating platform introduces profiles of only people who are looking for hookups.
  • Wildbuddies.com provides free registration.
  • There are free shipping stickers.
  • Service payment packages are available.
  • You must pay for messages.
  • The only payment option available is a credit card.

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Currently, you can choose from a myriad of dating websites, like Wildbuddies.com. They can offer a bit different features, premium packages, and cater to specific audiences. Thus, it is important to learn as much as possible about a dating website you are going to use.

Wildbuddies.com website aims to bring back the fun to online dating. The dating platform can make it easier for fun-loving males and females to get to know each other by creating a relaxed, fun, and safe environment. This online dating service belongs to the Traditional online dating category. The good part is that people of any orientation can get registered and find what they are looking for.

In this Wildbuddies.com review, you will find all information you may want to know before signing up. Hence, it will be easier for you to understand whether this online dating service is good for you.

Is the Wildbuddies.com Website Available in English Only?

This online dating service caters to the English-speaking audience in the first place, so Wildbuddies.com is not available in other languages.

Who Is the Owner of Wildbuddies.com?

Wildbuddies.com is owned by Together Networks. It is a network that operates many other brands. They are all different and cater to different audiences.

Where Is the Wildbuddies.com Company Based?

The Wildbuddies.com website is based in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Despite that, it is popular in many other countries around the world.

When Was the Wildbuddies.com Website Launched?

The Wildbuddies.com online dating service was started in 2011. It means that it has existed for nine years so far. During this period, the dating platform has managed to help numerous people find what they were willing to find.

Is the Wildbuddies.com Platform Available Around the World?

As mentioned above, the Wildbuddies.com website was founded in Tortola. Despite that, the online dating service is widely used in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. Thus, it obtains an extensive user database, so it is easy to find a perfect match quickly.

How Old Do You Need to Be to Join Wildbuddies.com?

According to the Wildbuddies.com review, you must be at least 18 years of age to get registered. Still, the online service welcomes people of different ages. At the same time, the bigger part of its members is from 25 to 45 years old.

Is It Possible to Use It on a Computer?

The good part is that you can use the Wildbuddies.com website on any computer or laptop. Meanwhile, you should make sure that your browser is updated. Thanks to this, you will have a better online dating experience.

How Many Wildbuddies.com Members Are There?

The online dating service has millions of members around the world. At the same time, the bigger part of the Wildbuddies.com website`s audience comes from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The dating platform is mainly focused on males, females, and couples who are willing to realize their wildest fantasies.

What Are the Website Design and Usability Like?

What Are the Website Design and Usability Like?

According to the Wildbuddies.com reviews, the registration process is extremely easy and efficient. The dating platform itself happens to be quite entertaining and straightforward when it comes to usability. To sum it up, the online dating service is extremely user-friendly.

Although the dating website is relatively new compared to other dating platforms, it has become popular. Due to some Wildbuddies.com reviews, the online service applies modern technology to choose the most suitable partners for you. Every member of the community is highly likely to pick up someone because there are the wildest, diverse, and most passionate profiles of hookup members.

What Browsers Do You Need to Use Wildbuddies.com?

If you are willing to access the Wildbuddies.com website, you can use any browser, including Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. However, make sure to update it to improve your online dating experience.

How Can the Members of Wildbuddies.com Use Their Camera?

The members of the Wildbuddies.com community can use their cameras for chat. In this case, they will see the person they are communicating with. It is great that the online dating service provides such an opportunity because users can make sure that the person they are talking to is genuine.

Are There Any Special Features?

Are There Any Special Features?

According to the Wildbuddies.com review, the online dating service does not provide any unique features. In addition to the basic features, the users of the website can send winks to others and add them to their Friends lists. They can also watch live shows by members and models. The users of the dating platform get notifications to learn about the latest news and activities in the community.

How Does the Online Service Operate?

How Does the Online Service Operate?

When people enter the Wildbuddies.com website as registered members, they are greeted by their member`s page. It is that section of the platform where they can access their profiles, add photos, and provide information about their physical attributes.

Note that you will not get any reminders regarding your profile. It means that the Wildbuddies.com dating platform does not care much to what extent profiles are completed. The thing is that the more information you provide, the better matches you receive.

If you are a free user of the Wildbuddies.com community, you will not be able to access the most available features. Thus, members tend to purchase a premium membership plan. When you find someone you like, you can start interacting.

How Do They Contact Others?

When you find a Wildbuddies.com user you would like to communicate with, you can send a message to him or her. If you are too shy to do that and want this person to send a message to you first, you can send a wink. In this case, the person can start messaging, and he or she is interested in you.

Can Free Users Send Messages?

Although some other dating platforms allow their free members to communicate with premium users or see messages, Wildbuddies.com does not allow that. It means that if you are a standard user, you will not be able to send messages to anyone. That is why you should be ready to pay for a premium plan.

How to Send Messages to Other Wildbuddies.com Users?

When you come across a Wildbuddies.com profile that is attractive to you, you need to open it. You are going to see a Message icon. You need to click on it, and you will see a chat window. It is where you can write your message. When you finish, you should click on the Send button.

Why You May Find It Hard to Access Wildbuddies.com

Some countries do not allow people to access dating websites. That is why you need to check the laws of your country if you fail to enter the Wildbuddies.com dating platform.

For How Long Does Wildbuddies.com Ban Its Members?

If a Wildbuddies.com profile behaves suspiciously or violates the rules of the service, the dating platform can suspend it. If fraudulent activity is proved, the online dating service can ban suspend the account forever.

How Can You Reactivate an Account?

If your Wildbuddies.com account has been banned for some reason, and you are sure that there is an error, there is something you can do. You can reach customer support to solve this issue. If there is a mistake, indeed, the online dating service can reactivate it.

Is It Possible to Delete a Wildbuddies.com Profile?

The members of the Wildbuddies.com community can delete their profiles. Optionally they can hide it for some time. It is not hard to delete your profile, and you can easily do that from your Account settings. Note that if you do that, you cannot reactivate it, which implies that if you decide to use the dating platform again, you will have to create a new account.

What Will Happen If You Hide Your Wildbuddies.com Profile?

According to the Wildbuddies.com reviews, it is possible to hide your profile. In this case, other members of the community will not reach it. It means that they will not see your profile in their search results or send messages to you.

Where Do They See Their Matches?

If you are willing to see your matches on the Wildbuddies.com website, you can open your list of matches. This list is automatically generated by the online service due to your preferences. Moreover, it appears on the bigger part of the website`s pages.

Can You See Who Messaged You on the Wildbuddies.com Website?

If you are a premium member of the Wildbuddies.com online dating service, you can immediately see who messaged you. At the same time, free users of the platform cannot see who sent messages to them. Thus, you must pay if you want to read messages.

Is It Possible to See Who Visited Your Wildbuddies.com Profile?

Some dating websites allow their users to see who has visited their profiles. On a number of dating platforms, this feature is available to paying members. When it comes to the Wildbuddies.com website, no one can see who has visited their profiles.

What Is Wildbuddies.com Incognito Mode?

This feature has been mentioned above. Incognito mode means that you hide your Wildbuddies.com profile so that it is not visible to other members. It can be a temporary thing if you do not want to delete your profile.

How Do They Edit Their Details on the Wildbuddies.com Website?

The Wildbuddies.com online dating service allows its members to edit the information they provide to it. They can do that at any time, and it is not a hard thing to do. For this purpose, you need to open your Account settings and find the corresponding option.

Why May They Fail to Enter the Website?

If you cannot enter the Wildbuddies.com website, and your country does not restrict access to such services, you need to check your login and password. The thing is that you may have forgotten either of them. You need to contact customer support to solve this issue.

What Search Options Does Wildbuddies.com Provide?

According to the Wildbuddies.com review, it is extremely easy and simple to find a potential partner. Meanwhile, the more information you provide, the more chances there are to meet a perfect partner. The online dating service provides advanced search that has the following options:

  • Education;
  • Place of residence;
  • Occupation;
  • Family status;
  • Weight;
  • Height;
  • Knowledge of languages;
  • Appearance.

This list of criteria is not complete, and it is effective in searching for appropriate profiles.

Registration Process Is Simple

Registration Process Is Simple

The signup process happens to be an important part of any online dating service. The thing is that it is the first step of a new member on a website, and it should not be complicated. People tend to leave services that have too long questionnaires. Keep on reading to learn more about Wildbuddies.com from this point of view.

How Do Their Verify Their Email Addresses?

When getting registered, the new members of the Wildbuddies.com website need to provide an email address. After that, they receive an email with a verification link. They need to click on it to get it verified.

Does It Allow Using a Facebook Account?

Unlike many other online dating services, Wildbuddies.com does not allow its members to use their Facebook accounts to get registered. It could make the signup process even faster. Still, people do not spend too much time to join the community.

How Do They Join the Wildbuddies.com Community?

According to the Wildbuddies.com review, the dating platform requires basic information. You do not need to pay anything to get registered. For this purpose, it is necessary to click on the “register” button and provide all the information about yourself. It will take you only around five minutes to join the community. Wildbuddies.com requires providing the following details:

  • Your name;
  • Birthday;
  • Password;
  • A valid email address.

When you do that, you are going to get an email notification. If the Wildbuddies.com moderators doubt about the filled in profile, they are free to cancel your application. If this happens, you are going to get a notification that will say that “Your profile is blocked.” It implies that you entered the invalid email or failed to pass moderation.

Is It Possible to Use the Platform Without Getting Registered?

The Wildbuddies.com online dating service does not allow people to use the service without getting registered. It is good news because it makes the environment safer. The thing is that random people cannot access user profiles, thanks to this rule.

A Few Words About the Profile Quality

Most profiles on the Wildbuddies.com dating platform happen to be genuine, so these people are ready to meet. They do not contain much information compared to other dating services, but it is enough to get to know a person. They also contain enough photos, but you need to start communicating to learn more things about a user you like.

Mobile Application Availability

As the Wildbuddies.com review has shown, the online dating service offers a mobile application, along with the desktop version. It is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. The good part is that the mobile app provides all the features of the online service available on the desktop version. It is extremely user-friendly, so people do not find it hard to use it.

The Service`s Costs and Prices

The Service`s Costs and Prices

Most online dating services provide a few features free of charge, while other features are paid. They do that to decrease the number of fake profiles and scammers. Thus, Wildbuddies.com follows the same rule, which means that there is a membership. Keep on reading this article to learn more.

Features Available to Free Users

The Wildbuddies.com website does not hide that standard members can only get registered and browse through the user database. Hence, everything related to sending messages and videos, as well as the rest of the features, requires payments. It means that you must pay to access them.

Is Wildbuddies.com a Paid Service?

As mentioned above, the Wildbuddies.com dating platform is not a free service. thus, you must get subscribed to access provided features and communicate with others.

Can Free Members See Who Likes Them on the Wildbuddies.com Website?

According to the Wildbuddies.com review, free users of the dating website cannot access any features except for signing up and browsing through the database. It means that they cannot see who liked them on the platform.

Features Available to Premium Members

If you are a premium member of the Wildbuddies.com platform, you can do the following:

  • You can get registered and create a profile;
  • You can view other members` photos;
  • You can receive notifications about the latest news and activities;
  • You can send winks to others;
  • You can receive and send messages;
  • You can add other Wildbuddies.com users to your friends list;
  • You can talk with the help of a webcam;
  • You can watch live shows by users and models;
  • You can send surprises and gifts to others.

What Wildbuddies.com Premium Membership Options Are There?

The Wildbuddies.com online dating service offers a subscription plan you can purchase for one, three, and six months. In addition to that, there is a three-day trial membership plan. Thanks to it, you can use the online service to understand whether you like it.

If you decide to pay for one month, it will cost you 28.99 dollars. If you choose to purchase a three-month subscription plan, it will cost you 17.99 dollars per month. A six-month premium plan on the Wildbuddies.com dating platform costs 13.99 dollars per month. As you can see, the longer the period is, the less you must pay. The bad part is that the only available payment option is credit cards. At the same time, it should not be a problem because most people use them to pay for services.

Can They Cancel Their Wildbuddies.com Membership?

All members of the community can cancel their subscription. At the same time, they must do that at least three days before the renewal date. They should do that with the help of the device they used to pay. For example, if you made use of iTunes to pay for your membership, you need to cancel your Wildbuddies.com premium plan via your iTunes Account.

Does Wildbuddies.com Subscription Renew Automatically?

All premium plans on the Wildbuddies.com dating platform renew automatically. That is why you need to cancel your subscription in the first place before you delete your account. Otherwise, the money is going to be taken, even if your account will stop existing.

Is It Possible to Receive a Refund for the Time?

The Wildbuddies.com dating platform does not provide any refunds. It means that you cannot get your money back, even if you were not using your account. That is why it is extremely important to cancel auto-renew before leaving the service.

Does Wildbuddies.com Support Renew Automatically?

Although some other dating websites provide such an option, the Wildbuddies.com dating platform does not do that. Obviously, they do that due to some safety concerns.

Can Users Get Their Money Back If They Are Not Happy With Wildbuddies.com?

As mentioned above, the Wildbuddies.com dating website does not provide any refunds. Moreover, if you decide to reverse your payment, the online service can terminate your account. If the dating service manages to dispute the reversal and get the money back, you will not be able to reactivate your account or use your subscription.

How Does Appear on Wildbuddies.com Users` Credit Card Bills?

The Wildbuddies.com dating platform does not provide information about that. Still, it is likely to appear with another name on your credit card bill. Most dating platforms do that due to privacy concerns.

Can Wildbuddies.com Members Provide Support to Others?

According to the Wildbuddies.com reviews, the online dating service does not provide such an option. It means that you cannot pay for other users. Moreover, the dating platform does not encourage it.

Is It Possible to Pay for One Month?

As mentioned above, there is a one-month premium plan on the Wildbuddies.com website. it means that you can pay for one month. Still, you should remember that it will automatically renew.

Is the Wildbuddies.com Dating Website Safe to Use?

Is the Wildbuddies.com Dating Website Safe to Use?

The safety and privacy happen to be important factors when it comes to online dating services. The thing is that members provide their personal and financial details that should not be obtained by third parties. The Wildbuddies.com dating platform is responsible for the security of user data and will never disclose personal and financial information to other people.

Does the Wildbuddies.com Website Moderate Chats?

The Wildbuddies.com online dating service moderates all information and chat on the website. It means that if there is something suspicious, such an account can be suspended.

Can Members Filter Who Can Send Them Messages on the Wildbuddies.com Website?

If you are not willing to communicate with a Wildbuddies.com member due to suspicious or abusive behavior, you are free to block him or her. In this case, this person will not be allowed to send you messages or contact you in some other way. At the same time, you cannot reach him or her as well. It is also possible to unblock a member if you change your mind.

What Does Wildbuddies.com Do to Make It Safer?

The Wildbuddies.com does its best to protect its users` data, so it never sends messages or letters to its members asking for their password or username. There are also several rules described on the main page of the website. Conflict, rudeness, blackmail, or fraud are not acceptable on the Wildbuddies.com dating platform, so the administration quickly considers complaints from members. The online service removes profiles that belong to negative people.

Is It Possible to Report and Block a Suspicious User?

The Wildbuddies.com dating website encourages its members to block and report members in case of suspicious or fraudulent behavior. The administration of the online service reviews complaints quickly. Thus, scammers are suspended in a short period.

What Happens If Someone Makes of a Wildbuddies.com Account to Solicit Money?

This kind of activity is strictly forbidden on the Wildbuddies.com website, so if it notices it, the service bans such a profile.

What Information Should They Never Post in Their Wildbuddies.com Profiles?

The members of the Wildbuddies.com platform should never post their financial and personal details in their profiles. In addition to that, there should not be URLs, email addresses, or instant messaging details. You can read more about it in Privacy Policy.

Does Wildbuddies.com Make Use of Encryption?

The Wildbuddies.com dating website makes use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software. Thanks to it, all the information provided by members remains safe and secure. That is why there is no need to worry about that.

Can Wildbuddies.com Track Its Members Down?

The Wildbuddies.com online dating service claims that users are responsible for their safety. At the same time, it tracks members` IP addresses if they are using computers to access the website. if they are using their mobile devices, the service makes use of GPS with an accuracy range of up to 100 meters.

Can the Police Trace Wildbuddies.com?

The Wildbuddies.com dating platform does not provide any information about that.

Who Can You Contact in Case of Questions on the Wildbuddies.Com Website?

If you have any questions regarding privacy on the Wildbuddies.com website, you can see their Privacy Policy section. If it is not enough, you are free to contact customer support.

Does Wildbuddies.com Allow Deleting Information?

The users of the Wildbuddies.com website can delete the information they submitted earlier. They can easily do that with the help of their Account Settings.

Does Wildbuddies.com Have Many Scam Profiles?

The Wildbuddies.com website happens to be a relatively safe online dating service. Despite some negative reviews, it has very few scam profiles. The administration moderates all user accounts and suspends the suspicious ones.

Contact Details

Company: Together Networks Holdings Limited

Address: P.O. Box 146, Trident Chambers, VG1110, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Phone: +18004896091 or 1-916-445-1254

Email address: [email protected]

Alternative Dating Websites

Alternative Dating Websites

You can also look at some alternatives to the Wildbuddies.com dating platform, which are:

  • Shameless.com also make use of SSL certificate to provide a safe environment;
  • BeNaughty.com offers people a fun dating experience. It also has a simple and easy to use design;
  • Flirt.com obtains more than one million members around the world. It also provides a three-day trial for a low price.

Is Wildbuddies.com a Worthy Dating Website?

The online dating service is a worthy one, indeed. Wildbuddies.com is a dating platform that offers everything you need to find potential partners quickly. Moreover, it has existed long enough to prove itself to be a good dating website.

Does Wildbuddies.com Allow Members to Unmatch Others?

The Wildbuddies.com online service generates a list of matches you get due to your preferences. Thus, it is not possible to unmatch someone. Meanwhile, you are free to block users you are not willing to communicate with.

Can You Find a Hookup on the Wildbuddies.com Website?

If you are not interested in serious relationships, you can find a hookup on the Wildbuddies.com platform. In fact, this online dating service is focused on the audience that is willing to flirt and meet someone to have fun. That is why this website is not suitable for people who are looking for long-term relationships.



As you can see from this Wildbuddies.com review, the online dating service is a worthy one. It is simple, easy to use, and rather effective. Using it, you can access all the necessary features that can help you to find a perfect match quickly. Note that you must pay to access these features. At the same time, it is common for most online dating services. To sum it up, you should use Wildbuddies.com if you are willing to find a hookup.

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